Hugin - No Time To Bleed

Description: On her way to the hospital after her close call with Skarlet, Hugin takes a wrong turn and runs into the Southtown Syndicate! This day sure is turning out to be great, and wouldn't you know it, Hugin gets her third brush with death! Maybe on the fourth one she can get a free slushie or something.

Dockside's a dangerous place to be a night.

The Harbors of Southtown are quiet. They always were quiet at night. Nobody went down there for a fun time. No, only quiet people slipped down there for quiet things. As a matter of fact, it was almost required that there be a silence. A silence that hung over the harbor.

A silence to be broken.

"STOP!" Was the cry from the small man between the warehouses. "Please, I don't understand, I paid the dues!" He babbles to the 5'8 brute of a man, dressed in a sleeveless black leather jacket and wearing a filthy sneer across his face. A cross-shaped scar tore across his nose and lips. More importantly, the thug is missing a pinkie finger; evidence of just the sort of person he might be. If that was evidence, the tattoos across his arms would seal it.

This was gang activity.

The thug punches the wall, cutting off the man with a clang of metal. Wrapped around his fist, was a section of chain, digging deep into the brick walls of the warehouse. And the thug just leans down to the man, that sneer locked in his face. "New management has come into town. Your old money isn't good. Now if you tell me who you've been paying out to, maybe I'll spin on by there, and get you your money back?" The brute licks his lips, as the small, balding man whimpers. "I don't know! I don't know!" He wails, as the thug, leans back.

"You are pissing me off, little man!"

There's only two people that would dare set foot in a scene like this.

The hopelessly heroic.

Or the hopelessly oblivious.

Hugin Arshe is definitely the latter.

"Maaan, that hurt.." Having had yet another brush with death thanks to the Outworld enforcer Skarlet. Hugin decided to have a walk about town to try to compose all the bleeding injuries she got from the ninja. Her stomach had been slashed repeatedly and according to the paramedics she had lost no less than 43 percent of all her body blood, not to mention punctured lungs. However, even though her fight against the monster from Outworld was just that morning, by the time night comes Hugin seems just fine. Only her torn shirt on both front and back were telling signs of her second dance with death in the same week. This chick recovers fast. "I should probably go to a hospital or something.." She muttered, brushing her exposed scarred abdomen, seemingly not concerned that she was now showing a lot of skin despite that not being her style at all. "But that'll take too long and gets boring in there." Perfectly logical reason to not go, thinks she.

As she's musing this deep in her thoughts, Hugin realizes that she has somehow wandered into the docks and is also late at night. Her wandering having taking her to the exact place where some guy is getting hustled by a brutish gang member.

Just as before, Hugin walks up to the arguing duo and yawns sleepily, peering at the tattooed bruiser. "Hey man, what's your deal?" This girl... there's something wrong with her, and it's not just the purple eyes.

"Excuse me?!"

The little man is suddenly released as the thug steps back from cornering him. The gangster drags his chain on the ground as he turns, glaring at the interruption that has sauntered in. "What's the hell wrong with you? A dirty skank decides to interrupt important business? You must have a death wish you whore!" He seethes, as the little man flees from the warehouse alleyway. The thug casts a glance back, before almost screaming in rage.

"Now look what you did!"

The man begins to unwind his chain, glaring at Hugin with burning eyes. "The name's Liu, whore! And you just made your last fucking mistake. If your snatch didn't smell rotten, I'd fuck you right now! But I'll just settle for beating you senseless! Come on you little slut!" Liu snarls, as he begins to swing the chain in the air.

"I want to hear you cry!"

COMBATSYS: Hugin has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Hugin            0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Liu has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Hugin            0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0              Liu

"Wow, chill out, dude." Is what Hugin manages to reply to the incredibly offensive gangster. The girl sleepily looks up with furrowed eyebrows up to the man and then glances to the shorter guy wisely making a run for it, at least some one here happens to have sufficient survival instincts to not pick fights with every shady person you see totting weapons.

"Way to jump to conclusions." Blinks Hugin as that's about as much offense she can take from being confused with a whore. Maybe she's not all that out there?

Except that she is, at least enough to realize this has now have become a fight and needs to react accordingly. The girl jumps back and quickly pulls her buckler axe out of her back to strap it to her left arm. "Hey, name's Hugin." She introduces herself back just as composed until..

He wants to hear her cry? Well...

"HRAAAAAA!!" The girl roars as she flies straight towards Liu, shield first, to ram the broad side of her weapon into the gangster's face.

COMBATSYS: Liu blocks Hugin's Charging Shield.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Hugin            0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0              Liu

She had an hatchet?

Liu's eyes go wide as she whips out her weapon. The buckler was a mystery to the man; but the axe? The hatchet was all too familiar. She rockets in with a smash of her shield, a buffet straight to the man. But he is ready. As she comes in, the brute jerks his chain down into his other hand, giving a long line to catch the blow. He doesn't stop it dead, but he shifts the impact, making it into a glancing blow against his shoulder instead of his face. All with sharp words from the thug.

"So this is what you want to start?"

Liu was convinced that this was another gangster. This had changed the tables now. This close, he couldn't bring to bear the full force of his chain. But he had something else up his sleeve. As Hugin's recovers from her charge, the man charges himself, lurching in the clinch with a fierce head smash right into her own face. He was going to get space now, that much was sure.

He had to get his chain into play.

COMBATSYS: Hugin endures Liu's Headbutt.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Hugin            0/-------/----===|==-----\-------\0              Liu

Hugin wasn't to give him that space.

The girl stubbornly refuses to give an inch and /smashes/ her own forehead into the incoming headbutt, preferring to take the impact on her forehead than on her nose.

"Hey, you're the one that started it, man." Grumbles Hugin right after butting heads with the brute, a nasty bruise beginning to swell on her forehead even though the somewhat short girl doesn't same to care at all. She's gotten her foot in the door and she's not going to let Liu close it.

Also, as they say, Hugin may not have been that started this but she's going to end it. Still totally oblivious that she might be getting deep on her neck in yet another gang war that doesn't involve her, she closes in again on her Savate kickboxing stance throwing a quick left jab with her axe shield at the man's face, driving the axe blade right on his mouth, to the follow it up to a right hook to his liver.

COMBATSYS: Hugin successfully hits Liu with Shield and Sword.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Hugin            0/-------/---====|====---\-------\0              Liu

Who was this girl?

As she rockets back into Liu with a head smash, the man is stunned just long enough to go reeling. Stumbling backwards, he tries to make space... but doesn't get it. With no space, the woman was already diving on him with her assault. He couldn't attack with his chain.

But he could still defend himself.

Holding the chain still taut, he brings it up as she comes in with the shield. This time, there is no glancing blows. Liu's face it torn open again, as fresh blood comes out. But it is no deep wound; the chain manages to keep it from cutting too deep. The same cannot be said about the liver blow; he grows as she gags, slumping forward a bit from the pain.

"You petty bitch!"

The thug couldn't bring out the full bear of his chain still, the girl keeping the pressure on him. Wiping his bleeding face with the back of his hand, he hurls out a fierce right to her own face, wrapped in the chain. The punch is followed by a two-fisted slam with both hands, attempting to beat her back. He needed his space. And once he got it.

She was going to hell.

COMBATSYS: Hugin fails to interrupt Strong Punch from Liu with Axe Shield.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Hugin            0/-------/---====|====---\-------\0              Liu

Charging head first into stuff was bound to not work at some point.

Hugin kept putting the pressure, refusing to back out from inside Liu's guard. Her recklessness has sometimes gotten the better of her though as she just keeps charging in and doesn't manage to muscle her way through the haymaker like she wanted. Instead the blow drives her back causing her to spit some blood and this time she starts pedaling back and away from the follow up hammer blows to her back, grunting all the way.

"Ngh.. whatever, man." Seems like nothing can phase this girl. Then again, she's technically died twice already, she might be jaded to it all by now.

Finally, he had some space.

Liu finally breaks the pressure from the aggressive woman. And yet, as he beats her back, the thug begins to laugh at her own apathy. "Yeah! Yeah! Fuck you bitch! I'm the king of this harbor!" The arrogant hooligan boldly declares, as he backs up a mark. With space between him and the woman, he begins to loosen his chian.

And it begins to spin.

Whirling the chain overhead, Liu begins to let it pick up speed. Around, and around, it goes, spinning and spinning, whipping and whipping. The chain soon sings, whistling and clinking as it spins in the air. Holding it overhead, Liu looks down across at his victim, and takes a few steps. "You better start crying now! I like it when they cry! Maybe if you cry, I won't make you too battered, huh? Maybe I'll let you date me!' And with that, he lashes out with his chain, letting it snap out at the girl with a swing. The chain lashes out, threatening to just smash against her body.

Before Liu would draw it back into another spin.

COMBATSYS: Liu successfully hits Hugin with Chain Whack.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Hugin            0/-------/-======|=====--\-------\0              Liu

Bah, space. Hugin hated space. So overrated, who'd in their right mind would like it? All spacious and such.

Also it gives people a lot of room to swing chains around and that always sucks.

"Hrgg!" Hugin tries to duck under the incoming chain strikes and curl her upper body while she was at it to brace against the blow, managing only to get battered around on her arms and on the side of her body by the elongated improvised weapon. She doesn't like standing so far away from her opponent, she has to close the distance again and she has to do it /now/.

And yet even in this perilous situation he's still looking kind of bored. "I think you have abandonment issues, dude." She issues with a flat tone just as she sees an opening and dives in, her once sleepy purple eyes wide with alertness.

Ducking to avoid the incoming barrage of chain strikes, Hugin grasps the thug by his neck to stop all this spinning nonsense and pulls him down with a Muay Thai clinch as she starts driving her knees on his face repeatedly.

COMBATSYS: Liu blocks Hugin's Improvised Grapple.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Hugin            0/-------/=======|======-\-------\0              Liu

Liu was just a nobody.

But he was a nobody with a chain.

Smashing the chain across Hugin, he lets out a sharp cackle. "Yeah, you like that bitch!" He snaps, drawing the chain back into its overhead spin. Whirling it around, over and over, he just keeps his standing as she doesn't go down. As she comes rolling in, the thug simply breaks the chain from its spin, catching it in his other hand, and stretches it taught.

Looks like he was losing space again.

Hugin could get the grab easily, but as he is brought down, he just lets the chain take the hits, glancing the blows aside. "That's it?" He scoffs, grunting at the blows managing to wing him. "Come on, you bitch, can't you even fight right?" And with that, he just lashes out with a knee of his own, attempting to stun her long enough to rise back up.

And return to whipping that chain around.

COMBATSYS: Hugin endures Liu's Heavy Kick.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Hugin            1/------=/=======|=======\-------\0              Liu

No sir, Hugin doesn't like it.

Part of the reason why she's going balls to the walls and just diving in again. Sure, that was her /original/ plan, not to mention her only plan when fighting anyone ever, but now the difference is that she really means it.

"HRRG!!" Another grunt comes from her as she simply tightens up her abdominal muscles when the knee is swung up to her stomach, stubbornly refusing to let go of her grip. She's like a tick now, who has viciously latched on to the grubby man and is not going to let go until she puts him down.

Controlling her breathing so as to not have the air violently kneed out of her body, Hugin surges up with her left hand raised going to bring the bottom axe blade of her buckler directly towards Liu's spine like the proverbial guillotine.

COMBATSYS: Hugin successfully hits Liu with Retaliation.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Hugin            0/-------/------=|=======\====---\1              Liu

Why wouldn't she just drop?

The young ladiy's stubborness was beginning to scare the thug. Even as he tries to just knee her, to drive her off, he doesn't wrech her off. Pinned down like this, he was in a hard place. There was no place to break out of, no place to escape. As she clings on to Liu, he realizes that she is going to try and smash the blade straight into his back. With no where to go, he just tries to tough it out.

He fails.

A rather pathetic whimper comes out of the man as the blades drive into him. "Oh, oh no." Was the cry as he goes limp into her hands. The man was trapped, trapped in the hands of the other fighter. He felt his limbs tingle, his body bleeding. He didn't want to go like this. He wouldn't go like this. Attempting to grab the girl, Liu desperately tries to hurl her off, to fling her away. He needed space.

He'd kill for space right now.

COMBATSYS: Hugin endures Liu's Medium Throw.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Hugin            0/-------/---====|=======\====---\1              Liu

Absolutely relentless.

That would be one word that describes Hugin.

Except that its two, but you get the idea.

Once again, the answer to the One Million Dollar question of will Liu be able to untangle himself out from Hugin's clutches turns out to be a NO!

"GRAA!!" Another frenzied snarl comes from the longer sleepy girl who can apparently turn rather ferocious when backed into a corner. She clings hard to Liu, smashing the blade of her buckler axe over and over again and grabbed on to his body still, her heels skidding along the pavement as the man started to trash about to get some room to swing that chain around. How very ironic that considered all this man had said, this might be the first time he's had a girl clinging so desperately to him.

Succeeding in staying close as she wanted. Hugin drives her knees into his gut again and again to keep him in place following it up by bringing her buckler axe down again on the man, this time swinging it towards his collarbone and crack his shoulder.

COMBATSYS: Liu fails to interrupt Shield Bash from Hugin with Gut Punch.

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Hugin            0/-------/---====|======-\-------\0              Liu

This was beginning to go south for Liu.

As he struggles to hurl the girl off him, in order to bring the full weight of his chain on her. But she wasn't letting him. Instead, as she tosses her away, trying to get the berserker-infused woman off of him, she just comes roaring back. He hurls out a single, desperate gut punch, fighting to stop her, to slow her down, to do anything to not let her come back.

But she is too fast.

The shield smashes against his shoulder as he throws out the punch, the man letting out a pained moan as the blow comes. "Sh-Sh-Shit!" He cries out, stumbling backwards as he feels his shoulder sear with pain. He tries to keep his grips tight on the chain, trying to hold it taut to protect himself.

But Liu was running out of options.

If Hugin were any more bloodcrazed, she'd be taunting the man, something along the lines of 'Who's crying now!' followed by a 'Bitch!' probably, maybe.

Thing is that Hugin is just Hugin, and though she was by far the most enthusiastic of the Arshe twins when it came to fist fighting, she shares certain attributes with her sister, such as keeping focused in a fight rather than go into a complete frenzy.

Hugin smacks her lips in distaste with a audible 'tsk' of annoyance when the once proud gangster starts to look like a frightened pig fleeing from the slaughter. She doesn't feel pity though, she just wants to end this guy so she can get on with her wandering. She's supposed to be doing something important now, although it's unlikely she can remember what that is at this particular moment in time.

Kinna busy here beating a guy near half to death, ya know?

"You called it, dude." Hugin's calmness suddenly seems to return just as she grabs Liu by the head and pulls him towards the warehouse where he was hustling the other guy earlier. There, she pulls him by both ears and flings him towards a wall to smash his head in.

COMBATSYS: Liu dodges Hugin's Quick Throw.

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Hugin            0/-------/---====|======-\-------\0              Liu

If Liu was less 'bleeding out' he would be cursing a storm.

"What the hell are you?" Liu sputters, fighting for his life. As he struggles to rise back up, the focused fighter was already throwing herself into the thug. But as she comes in to grab her, he decides to go all out in panick. With a swing, he thrusts his chain upwards, taut between two hands. With a shove, he forces the hands back, forces them from wrapping around him. Slipping away, he gets some distance again.

But he decides not to run.

"The boss isn't gonna be pleased with this!" He blurts out as he lunges back in towards Hugin, the chain still in both hands. Whipping a loop of chain around, Liu just attempts to finish this. The thug attempts to hook the loop around the woman's neck, attempting to wrap it around her. And should she fall within the grasp of the chain, the man would just tighten. He was panicking. He was desperate.

He might not even notice the car pulling up in front of the alleyway.

COMBATSYS: Hugin blocks Liu's Chain Choke.

[                         \\\\\  < >  ///////                       ]
Hugin            0/-------/-======|=======\-------\0              Liu

Hugin is just a nobody.

Hell, has it been mentioned that, for all intended purposes she should be dead?

She can't even say she's something cool, like an anomaly, or maybe 'She who should not be!' or something awesome like that.

Hugin is just Hugin, she's here to exist.

And when all is said and done, she kind of likes existing.

"Guh!" The girl is pushed back from her grab and quickly raises her shield up in between the chain wrapping around her neck to strangle her. "I told you I'm Hugin." She says as she tries with all her might to keep that chain that threatens to choke the life out of her.

And as Liu blurts out his concerns, Hugin's only response is to charge forward, as it seems to be her answer to everything, and struggle to say. "Tell your boss... that he... SUCKS!!"

Her ultimate warcry given, Hugin flies straight at the thug with a left haymaker, thrusting the top axe blade of her buckler forward into his nose, desperately trying to take this guy down with her at least.

COMBATSYS: Hugin can no longer fight.

[                       \\\\\\\  <
Liu              0/-------/=======|

COMBATSYS: Hugin successfully hits Liu with Leaping Shield.

[                            \\  <
Liu              1/------=/=======|

Nobodies were a dime a dozen, in Southtown.

One nobody, a loser named Liu, manages to only get a grip on the girl with his chain, only to keep him from choking her. And yet, the squeezing seems to be enough to break her. Terror falls away to a manic grin, as for a moment, the thug believes he has finally won this fight. Until, of course, she hurls out that final, last haymaker. The man's eyes go wide as he tries to block it himself, trying to deflect it. But as he brings up his arm, there is a sharp jerk stopping it.

His chain keeps him from blocking this time.

The punch lands solidly, sending the man colliding against the wall, the chain breaking from his grips. Liu was bleeding; his face was bleeding, his back was bleeding. Both Hugin and Liu were in the allewyays now, both in questionable condition. The sound of a car door opening is heard, followed by the sniveling and whimpering of a small man.

And down the alleyway, the sound of heavy footsteps are heard.

"Guh..." Hugin doesn't really care that she managed to clock the guy into submission in the end. She's kind of angry at herself right now, for lacking the strength to get back up and leave after all this debacle. There is aimless wandering to be done!

Therefore, the only thing the girl can manage to do at the moment is groan and attempt to drag herself away from the fight site. Are those steps and the sound of whimpering coming closer towards her? Yeah, she should probably make like the tree and leave right about now.

Ooh, Munin would love that one, she better right it down.

"Ng..gimme five more minutes.." But nope, she's not going anywhere right about now. At least Skarlet had the decency to leave her vaguely conscious.

The figure doesn't do anything to stop Hugin from leaving.

No, the looming figure, over 6 feet tall, simply thunders down the alleyway between the warehouses, a little man cowering in front of him. The same balding man, whom which Liu had intimidated earlier. Trembling, he stands to the side, pointing a finger at Liu. "That's him! That's the man who attacked me, he-"

"He doesn't seem to be looking very well."

That was the rumble from the brute of a man, the dark-skinned giant who approaches the downed, bleeding Liu. With a great heave, he lifts him up with one hand, lifting him up by the leg. Holding him high up, the figure focuses on him. "You did well to tell my men, Mr. Cheng." The man growls, his yellow eyes now glowing in the dark. "When I promise you protection, I believe in keeping my word." The little man then looks at his heroine, the woman who had fought the thug. "What about her? Is she-"

"Do whatever you like."

That was the rumble from the stranger, who turns around. Carrying Liu aloft, he takes him back to the car, leaving Mr. Cheng in the alleyway. "If you have any more trouble, Mr. Cheng, don't hesitate to tell us." With a heave, the man hurls Liu into the back seat of his vehicle, and walking around to the other side, soon enters the car itself. As it drives off, Mr. Cheng looks down at the injured, muttering Hugin. "I... I..." He stammers, before finally bending down, attempting to pick her up himself.

"I got to get you to a hospital!"

Hugin only got bits and pieces of that conversation. Despite the fact that she's totally the type who'll wander into incredibly dangerous situations with no apparent concern for her own safety, it's rather hard to be brave when you are down on the ground struggling to just crawl away. Would she be stupid enough to walk up to Duke and ask him what's his deal too if she were in a better condition? Maybe.

Right now in her injured state though that is a resounding 'Hell no'. She just wants to crawl away, man.

Hugin gets about two or three inches away before the exchange has finished and the creepy tall guy with the horned eyebrows or whatever has hauled the thug off. Oh good, they left without her, she was really not looking forward to being stuffed into a car with creepy men.

Instead she gets a nice old little man that helps her to her feet. "Oh hey, thanks dude.." Hugin says as she leans on Mr. Cheng, wrapping an arm around his shoulders to keep herself steady. Then she yawns a bit. "Uh.. yeah, hospital.. funny thing is that I was on my way there."

Mr. Cheng wasn't a nice man, but he was a grateful one.

Heaving up the girl, he can only barely keep her on her feet. "I can't thank you enough, I think you might have, I think you saved my life." Mr. Cheng tries to keep her steady, as he brings her out to the other side of the warehouse. There, he could get into his old sedan, and manage to bring the girl to a hospital. There wouldn't be any blood lost tonight.


Liu slowly wakes up to the sensation of ice cold water being doused over him. Gasping for air, he peers into the bright light beaming down into him. He tries to roll away, but strangely enough, he seemed to be bound down to the chair. Ropes bind his wrists and legs, as he realizes, that he is also lacking his trademark leather jacket. Or any clothes at all. "What- what the fuck is going on?" He stammers, as finally, a shadow moves in front of the bright light. Duke stares down at the man, a massive fist resting in his palm, as the yellow eyed giant frowns slightly. "That is what I am about to find out." The crime boss rumbles. "I am about to find out who you thought you were working for, who you thought you were helping by talking to my clients... but first of all." The crime boss reaches out, gripping Liu by his face. Violet energy surges over his arm, as he slowly, delicately, begins to squeeze. Smothered screaming howls out from under his hand, as Duke just growls.

"Lets find out your name."

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