Vega - A Mysterious Benefactor

Description: Jira Kasagi is approached by a mysterious business man with information that the Southtown schools are being used as part of an experiment and that he works for a man who wishes to offer her anything she desires in exchange for investigating these experiments.

Jira is, at present, enjoying a little snack. A nice cup of tea sitting beside a cup of some brand name soup. She's actually having a small break from it and enjoying the atmosphere quietly, sipping her drink and eyeing the people nearby. Seems swell.

The man who slowly arrives at Jira's table looks like the perfect vision of a stereotypical Japanese mid-level businessman. His head is slightly balding, a pair of bland glasses sit peaked on his nose, and the black suit he wears refuses to do anything more than fit appropriately on his middle-aged frame. This is a man who appears as though he could slip into the background of his own life.

"Excuse me, Miss Kasagi?" His voice is politely inquiring, only loud enough to catch its intended recipient's attention. "If my benefactor's information is correct, you are a volunteer at Taiyo Academy? My name is Satoshi Tanaka, I have some concerning information regarding the current safety and security of the student population."

Jira glances to the source of the voice and sets her drink down, offering a polite smile in return for the appropriately-dressed gentleman. She listens to his question and introduction with a nod, and gives a small bow.

"Hello, Satoshi-san. What kind of information is it that you have? And, why are you coming to me with regards about it?" she asks, maintaining her polite expression and posture.

"There are concerns..." the bland man starts, adjusting the glasses on his face, "...with the fact that the school system is currently infiltrated and controlled by an organization that has motivations regarding the students at most of the major institutions in Southtown."

The man makes a polite gesture at the seat on the opposite side of the table from Jira. "Would it be alright if I joined you here to discus this matter, Miss Kasagi?"

Jira nods at the start, listening intently. "I see, I would have no qualms discussing this with you, Satoshi-san. Please, join me. I will hear you out."

Her smile remains and she shifts into a more comfortable posture, grabbing her soup cup and her hashi and resuming her nibbling, now with an excuse to not openly chatter.

Mr. Tanaka carefully lowers himself down into the available seat, setting his bland briefcase down in front of him. A keen eye may notice that the briefcase is designed to give off an air of unimportance, the actual mechanics of it, especially the hinges and the lock, are surprisingly robust.

"It has taken some time to investigate the situation as far as we have, and what we have determined is that Taiyo Academy is the primary point of infilitration for this organization." He adjusts his tie in a practiced maneuver that appears somewhat anxious. "It would seem that the goal of this infilitration is to perform experiments and gather data on the fighting ability of local students..."

Jira nods at this, slurping her way through another bit. It sounded right, but the suitcase didn't have her attention, she hardly noticed it was even there, and didn't register a response.

%"So, why are you coming to me?" she asks, brow raised.

Satoshi's expression hardly changes from one of polite business, but for a moment his brow hardens. "Because, Miss Kasagi..." he starts as he takes a small key from his pocket to open his case. "You have been having an interesting career in professional fighting, even if you are somewhat of... two minds about it."

He allows that to linger for a moment as he pulls out a small stack of photographs and sets them down in front of Jira. "Furthermore, you are already installed in Taiyo Academy as a volunteer, someone easy to overlook, with no connections that would suggest you're a threat."

Satoshi nods toward the photos in front of Jira, "These are the known agents installed in Taiyo Academy at this time." At the very top of the stack is an image of Isaac Brown, the current principal at Taiyo, underneath that there are images of a few other faculty, including his secretary, and some students. "The man you know as Mr. Isaac Brown is in charge of this operation. He's a dangerous man, avoid confronting him."

Jira nods quietly, and sets her soup down for a moment and adding in a sigh. "What about my friend's activities with the pay-per-view events?" she asks.

"I volunteer for the school, faculty and students. Who are you representing and what would you have of me?" she asks, maintaining her curioous expression.

Satoshi adjusts his glasses again, "My benefactor needs to remain anonymous, I'm afraid. He acts as the head of a global organization that has the world's best interests at heart, but this also makes him a prime target for those who stand against his vision."

"What we would ask of you is to act as eyes for us within Taiyo Academy. We need to determine just what sort of data these people have been collecting and what they are using it for." The businessman glances down at his watch for a moment, then continues onward. "A great deal of the conflict between the student bodies has been inflamed by Mr. Brown's organization, and this tournament is of his design. The examinations that the Atelier units are providing are at minimum data collection... possibly something worse. This organization is heavily involved in genetic manipulation."

Jira seems a little suspect about this, but doesn't voice it outright.. or perhaps it's stemming from something working behind her conscience.

"How would I relay information back? And what would I be looking for?" she asks, quite unsure of how this would work. "I'm not in on this research on the students, I'd be less capable of performing than they without more clear instructions and briefing."

Satoshi reaches into his briefcase again and pulls out a small locker key with a tag reading "#181" written on it and slides it across the table toward Jira. "This key unlocks a locker at the Southtown Village rail terminal. You will be able to drop of data at this location. Currently stashed there is a simple box with a data cable attached. If you are able to gain access to any of the Atelier machines, this box will copy all programs and data stored on the devices. Don't worry about it running out of space."

He moves to close his briefcase now, locking it. "If you choose to assist us, pick up the device within the next two days. If you wish to be rewarded, leave a note with your demands in the locker... it does not have to be monetary, and it is unlikely that you will exceed my benefactor's means. If you take this assignment, my benefactor will have resources keeping watch on you for your safety. With the device will be a small keyring with a single button. If you press it, my benefactor will use his resources to extricate you from any dangerous situation."

He adjusts his glasses again, and suddenly a very grave look crosses his face. "If you choose not to take the assignment, that key will be worthless in three days and we will not contact you further. If you attempt to sell this operation out to Mr. Brown or his colleagues, you will regret it."

Jira Kasagi sighs and shakes her head, before a look crosses her eyes. She accepts the key immediately after the information was given in full.

"Have your superior look into finding the wherabouts of a being known as: Shao Kahn. Should I have any other requests, I'll make them known in the way you've already provided." she replies, and smiles. "Have a nice day, Satoshi-san."

When that name is mentioned, even Satoshi Tanaka's well-trained face briefly shows a hint of recognition and surprise, but it is gone as quickly as it arrived. "Finding individuals is well within my benefactor's reach, Miss Kasagi. I appreciate your assistance in this matter."

Satoshi stands up from his seat, lightly adjusts his suit, and then nods to Jira. "Good day, Miss Kasagi."

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