Kyoko - Fired by The Principal Who Brainwashed Me.

Description: Kyoko Minazuki is called into Raizo's office for a pleasant chat. No, not really. Schemes abound within the halls of Justice!

For how savage the battle was, Kyoko would have found she recovered quickly; the serum she had been injected with apparently dealt with most anything major, leaving only soreness and bruises. Immediately afterwards nothing came of the event, but only minutes after the announcement the booming voice of Raizo came across the school intercom. It is one that is not amused.
She'd be navigated over to the Headmaster's office, passing through the secretary prior to his huge door. One look at her face, and she glances away unsettled. That means this is assuredly not going to be good. And when it comes to the ruthless, sometimes militaristic principal of one of the world's most elite school, failure as minute as everyday homework is not an option.
The secretary pushes open the doors to the grandiose quarters of Raizo, massive window behind the only source of light across his oversized table. He's currently working on some papers with a manilla folder, handling a mundane pen with the practice of decades. There's no sense of awkwardness to such menial dexterity, despite the downsides of being so thickly muscled and broad that his very chair seems nearly comical."
"Sit." he states, immediately. "And be silent...!"

There was still a notable crick in her neck, as much as she tried to rid herself of it. Kyoko still had no idea what had been done to her exactly, though she'd be ordering some extra blood tests later in an attempt to isolate it. If anyone had played around with her genetics, she certainly wouldn't be amused.

She'd barely had time to change and switch out to her spare pair of glasses before the intercom sounded, and she couldn't say she was surprised. She expected either some measure of Raizo's wrath or his praise, more likely the former than the latter. Still, it brought a notable frown to her as she walked that way. Many students were trying not to look at her. Others were whispering. She tried to pay them no mind, even if the whispers and rumor mongering hurt. She had her obvious supporters once the initial report broke but...

...well, when did she not? There were simply fewer now.

As she entered Raizo's quarters, she always marvelled that the colossal man found furniture that suited his needs. Quite the contrary, she didn't find it comical at all. Nor did she speak. Raizo tells her to sit, and so she does, pulling back an office chair for guests with an audible screech as she does. She then sits down, crossing one leg over the other and folding her hands in her lap. While she appeared calm on the outside, she was nervous inwardly, her gaze flicking over towards the single window, before it returned to the aged Headmaster, waiting for him to speak.

All bloodwork points to an unknown trace compound, mostly broken down, that vastly accelerates natural healing. It does mean that she'd scare more easily as a result, but that seems to be the only side effect. Although medically extraordinary from one with an eye for such, it seems to be intended so she would be the first to rise while the rest remained fallen. Nurse Joy and the Bastion soldiers are nowhere to be seen, and whether they will return is also unknown.
"You are here for the future of our children." Raizo finally begins, after long moments where he almost dares her to speak. Never once looking up. A glance would show he's filling out what seems to be a large form, carefully scratching in pen here and there. "Today, you jeopardized that. I am sure you felt... 'Justified.'" When he states this word, Kyoko might feel that strong, powerful impulse planted deep in the root. "But you approached it wrong. I had thought you a tactful individual. The video evidence provided is damning. If anything further exonerated you, it is lost. And there is no doubt you seem to have lured the NESTS agent into isolation with the intention of defeating her guards. But..."
A huge fist slams down upon the desk then, ringing out like a sledgehammer. "I never once told you to move against your enemies. And to do such without my consultation? I was sloppy." Sloppy in how he programmed Kyoko. He had intended her for small-scale things, and the formation of warriors. That a large, sensitive organization like NESTS would appear... how her programming might react was unknown, and he should have reinforced it.
"It's too late now."
"Everything is in order." There is a flourishing signature, before he twists the folder around and slides it to Kyoko. "Sign." A quick look shows...
She is being fired from Justice High.
"As of right now, you are no longer a member of this faculty. This was the demand from the Taiyo principal to drop the legal matter. We had 24 hours to comply. I looked at every alternative, but there is none. You shall be the scapegoat and fall upon the sword, Kyoko. You have nobody to blame but yourself."

Kyoko listens to all of it, appearing outwardly quite calm. Inwardly her emotions were running throughout the entire gamut, and it's unclear, uncertain what she feels, if anything. At the end of it, there's a command, not a request for a signature. She can't disobey that. Thus, she picks up the pen, and signs it.

His initial command included one for silence, and so as absurd as it may seem, she actually takes out a small notepad from her pocket, clicks the head of a pen, and then slides it back to him along with the Manilla folder. The question is simple, 'May I speak?'

She has no idea that she's brainwashed of course, and can't disobey his commands. She feels it's simply an extension of the respect that she has for him, to do it in this manner.

The folder is slid back over to Raizo, who looks over everything before closing it and setting it in the outbox for his secretary to process in likely the near future. This has an air of finality to it, but he does fold those gargantuan fingers together and looks Kyoko in the eyes. Something about those black eyes seems to draw her in, almost hypnotic. "Speak." he allows, although nothing about his current temperament seems like this decision is going to be swayed.

Her eyes follow the motion to the outbox. Even if it can't be swayed, Kyoko doesn't start by making excuses for her actions, however, she does debate the consequences. "The Taiyo principal's threat is toothless. If he decided to take it to court he would be made the laughing stock of the nation. Likely, he would be removed from his position from the backlash that would follow."

Most of her body remains motionless, except for her lips, "While the burden of evidence against me is certainly difficult to overcome, it's even moreso for Atelier and the other Principals that agreed to their services in light of the various charges they would face..." She now finally holds up a single hand, moving one finger at a time as she brings up each of her points, "...child endangerment..."

How ironic that given the life of adolescent fighters that such would apply, but given the risks to their bodies, it most certainly does, "...and medical malpractice on a mass scale, as well as charges from the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare for breaking their various codes on using such devices. The lack of informed consent to each recipient's parents in person would then tie them in up a class action lawsuit. They damned themselves by even using the word 'experimental' in their press statement."

Kyoko lowers her fingers, "The only school that would be exempt from the scandal would be Justice High of course, given that our staff took measures to investigate the use of such devices on our students, and stop it, even if..." She gives Raizo an apologetic look, filled with chagrin, "...I acted more hastily than I should have. As it stands, they attempted to bribe me not to tell you. I genuinely thought there was a strongchance that they would destroy or move all of the evidence before I could report to you and receive authorization to act."

Her raised up hand then falls upon the edge of the titanic table. "If you feel that circumventing his command isn't the proper way to go and that I still warrant firing, then I will certainly accept your decision, even if I'm certainly disappointed. I took on this job to nurture young minds..." She then looks Raizo straight in the eyes, "...not to see the genetic codes of our finest fighters stolen by NESTS for experiments in genetic augmentation, and almost certainly cloning as well."

"Absolutely." Raizo states, looking at Kyoko evenly. "This is a power play to force us to back down. That means they are pressured. And perhaps even desperate. Do you trust me, Kyoko?" Another strange flare of energy from his dark gaze follows, before the huge man strokes his chin. He then leans backwards, before continuing. "If you were removed... you would become a free agent. By being unattached to Justice, there is no further way to utilize you against us. Every second of a protracted legal battle is a second this tournament continues, and these unwholesome experimentations can be forced upon the unsuspecting and unaware. Perhaps they want me to fight it. In two months, after we win, they will, also. They are not remaining in these schools permanently."
And it is then that Raizo smiles, showing that he is not at all upset. Appearances, and nothing more. "You are fired... until the Taiyo and Gedo principal are removed. Once they are, then you will be once more a respected and welcome member of Justice High. With a considerable raise." A flare of energy seems to seethe from the man, unblinking as he looks upon her.
"Now you are free... to do whatever you feel is necessary to protect the school, and those within it. I have someone working on Gedo. You, I would like to work on Taiyo. Do you understand...?"

Doctor Minazuki immediately, automatically states, "I do." When Raizo asks if she trusts him. And then she listens to everything she has to say, without comment until he finishes. Kyoko's eyes narrow just a little. Not out of anger at Raizo certainly. There's a sort of deadly cunning that shimmers through as she processes Raizo's train of thought. "I see."

One moment passes, then two, then three.

"I accept. Though I have to ask how you propose for me to get hired by Taiyo. The principal will certainly appear hypocritical to his supporters if he denounces me on one hand, and then hires me." She leans forward, just a little, "Unless I pretended I was only following orders, which would... cause other complications. Thus, I ask what you would have me tell them, to ensure that I attain the position and continue to serve the interests of Justice High?"

"There's many methods to getting such a thing done." states Raizo, who then reaches inside his desk and pulls out an ornate looking case. The box is worn and old, before he settles it down and opens it up. Within is a number of dyes and makeups. "You speak of the most impossible. ...What if you were to become somebody else? I can make it so that one of the minor nurses in Taiyo quits." That part is much easier than she might ever suspect. "I can then make it so the assistant principal is predisposed to hiring you. Simple forged documents will get you in the door. And that's all you need. You shall be our agent inside Taiyo. Off the clock, you shall be the despondent drunkard they expect and hope to see, a threat nullified." This items that are supplied seem very low tech, but exceptionally high quality. With it, she could change her hair color and skin color in subtle manners, blend the lines on her face to give it the appearance of a different structure... she has the talents to use an Imawano infiltration kit to it's utmost. "Gaining access to one of the Atelier devices is crucial, but they are well defended. I heard that each pavilion now has a silver haired man of slender build and height. ...I do not think you have any hope of taking down all six. ...Not without Hideo's aide. Once within Taiyo, you need to get in contact with Hayato. You can trust him. He must know the truth." A USB stick is slid over. "This should be sufficient. A censored version of what that 'Urien' gave. He may be a lead, as well. I have a feeling he was... enamored with you, and might provide additional resources and intel. At your discretion..."

Become someone else. It's an interesting idea. Kyoko isn't certain she /likes/ the idea, as she prefers to present herself in a way that helps feed her self-esteem, but if it would make her of service to Raizo Imawano's vision? Then she'd certainly do it. Steepling her fingers in front of her, she looks inside the ornate box, taking in every single item present inside. When the USB stick is flicked over, she grasps ahold of it, and puts it away in the pocket of her white coat.

Once he's finished, she speaks again, "With the heightened security I'll take no further foolish chances. And there are others I will be able to recruit. People who cannot be connected to Justice High but who will be sympathetic to our goals nevertheless. I will start with Nekketsu-san, as you have suggested" She merely smiles coyly at Raizo, "If he is enamored with me, it certainly wouldn't surprise me." A beat, "I have that effect on a lot of men after all. It will make my task a lot simpler now, won't it?"

Clicking shut the infiltration kit, she speaks again with the resolve of someone who believes this is the proper course. Given her programming, how could she do otherwise? "Give me a few days to properly establish that I've become a depressed drunk in the wake of my dismissal. As soon as I see that the position at Taiyo high has been vacated, I'll pick up the requisite papers from one of our dead drops and start the process." She then stares at Raizo Imawano with a certain intensity, "I won't fail you again, Raizo-sama."

"You can take any risks you deem required now. We are no longer affiliated. You know the location of the dead drop. See who you can get on your side; Hideo and Hayato primarily. The three of you should be able to, if need be, forcedly remove the Taiyo principal. What goes on in Gedo... is best not to hear." Raizo then returns to his work, plucking up the apparently comically small pen to pull out some detention slips to go over. The wrath he'll inflict on minor infractions is legendary enough that it's a very, very small number. "I trust when you leave... you'll be quite upset. Remember that. Do me proud, Ms. Minazuki." There's the swirl of his powerful hypnotism as his black eyes lift one last time to meet her own. "I trust you. You will not fail." With that echoing thought left to worm, combining with her genuine desires and amplifying them, he'd go silent. Expectantly so; the conversation is over. One being fired does not generally loiter long enough to desperately plea and be rebuffed, after all... even the secretary, it seemed, expected this result.

There's nothing to left say on the plan. She simply nods her assent, with one final smile towards Raizo Imawano. Kyoko Minazuki then stands up, the ornate case held at her side. She takes a moment to pinch her nose, using her fingernails just below her eyes until they start to water. She then quickens her breathing enough that she looks angry and red-faced as she walks over towards the door, waiting for her to get worked up enough, before she starts to shout. "You puffed up gorilla!"

While she could certainly choose something more insulting, the very idea of going beyond the bare minimum of disrespect for Raizo Imawano was an anathema to her. The door to his office slams open, "This isn't the last you've heard of me!" With that, she storms past the secretary's desk, and towards her office, where she'd proceed to clean out her desk into office boxes. She doesn't intend to store them away, after all...

...she was so certain she'd be back.

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