Chun-Li - Meeting Ken Masters

Description: After her leads have proven dry, Chun-li decides to go meet her last hope : Ken Masters, USA Champion figher who happens to be the last person he knows fought Audrey Evans, the woman who burned down her house.

While Chun-li took a semi-forced break from her duties in interpol, the asian woman has been working on the side to find more clues about the incident that burnt her appartment down in Hong Kong. She spent most of her free times searching for clues, a lead, anything that could bring her one step further from realizing her personal goals.

It was her obsession, her motivation, what drove her to keep on going.

Most of what she had ended up in dead ends, and the unexpected fire destroyed most of the evidences that could have helped her. Until she got one lucky and unexpected lead out of nowhere...

"So, this is the place..." Chun-li says, glancing at a piece of paper and then over to the estate. She was driving a location car to the Masters' estate. She had heard he was a fighting champion, but she was surprised at how lucrative the fighting business was.

Parking up nearby, Chun-li walks her way toward the iron gates to call in for Ken Masters, so she can ask him a few questions. Who's asking? Not some sort of fan or anything, an Interpol agent.

Even if she's not on any official affair, she hopes this will be enough to give her some time with him.

Cameras are all over Chun-Li as she approaches the gates. Security, for the estate not for Ken, is on the intercom button the moment that it gets pressed for access into this overpriced residence. Because, y'know, there's really nothing else for the security officers to do but sit around and wait for the likes of visitors to show up. Ken Masters doesn't get many visitors.

"State your name and business, please, ma'am."
"Who's that?"
"Sir, I'm--"
"YO! Dude, she's hot!"
"Sir, I really don't thin--"
"Buzz her in!"
"Sir, she could be--"
"My future wife! BUZZ. THOSE. LEGS. IN!"

There's a long-suffering sigh that accompanies a tapered commotion that sounds like somebody's trying to get out of a room. Ken races down a couple of long ass corridors, makes a couple sharp turns and practically dives out the front door, tucking and rolling before he ends up back on his feet and walking with a casual swagger down the driveway full of sports cars (at least six) and towards the gates that lead onto his land.

"Welcome..." Ken opens his hands and shows off the estate yard. "... to Paradise." Ken flashes a big smile at this point. "I'll be your host, date and possible future, at least for a night: Ken Masters."

"Xiang Chun-li," The woman answers, though she doesn't add anything as she notices they seem to be having some argument on the other side. The asian woman blinks and she narrows her eyes a little at what she hears, causing her to snerk.

The gates finally open without further questioning, not even stating why she came here for. Chun-li was dressed in her casual attire, the jeans and the top with the chinese floral patterns on it. She strides into the estate, though it takes only a few steps before Ken barges in to welcome her with open arms.

The woman glances over the estate, a smirk spreading on her lips, "Apparently, the fighting business does you well, mister Masters," She says with a subtle accent in her intonation, as if she was used to speak english often. "Confident or presumptuous, I wonder. I bet you must not be used not getting what you want," Chun-li muses. The woman bows her head to Ken, in a respectful way, "Xiang Chun-li, Interpol agent. I'd like to ask you a few questions, if you'd like," The woman says.

She gestures her hand, a smile on her lips, "Please, if you don't mind, I'd love to see your estate,"

Ken takes a moment to actually run a hand through his hair. Not that he has to comb it or anything. It is just better looking when he runs a hand through it. That also helps him look as cool and what not as he possibly can. It is much better than trying a stupid red ribbon around your head, that's for sure.

"Huh?" Ken looks around and notices all of his expensive, well, everything and then chuckles into a shrug as he turns back to Chun-Li. "Oh, this ain't from fighting. This from Masters Enterprises. Basically, I'm a genius in the bedroom." Pause. Cough. "Boardroom!"

Ken gives a dismissive wave to try and make sure the subject matter stays where it is. For the moment. He's not exactly in the business of being a creep. Just flirty. What? He's not full on exclusive. Not yet.

"Interpol, huh?" Ken immediately backpedals and turns to lead the way towards the huge mansion. "I'm gonna' go out on a limb and figure I'm not in trouble. Y'know, because you didn't bring back up." He pauses and looks over his shoulder. "... I'm not in trouble, right?"

The asian woman glances over at the various cars and then at the estate and mansion. She slowly nods her head and says, "Seems logical, I didn't expect the fighting business to be this lucrative,"

She rests her hands on her waist and simply frowns a bit at Ken, her expression serious and stern. She remains of ice when Ken performs his freudian slip and doesn't comment it. She lets her arms rest on her side when he turns and leads the way, and she follows after him.

An amused smirk spreads on her lips at his reaction about Interpol and she replies, teasingly, "Do you have any reason to think you're in trouble?" Chun-li replies and then remains silent. Her intonation didn't show she was messing with him, but the amused look on her face might give him a clue if he were looking.

The asian woman purposefully remains silent on the matter for now and gestures for Ken to carry on, "Actually, I came here to ask you a few questions about your fighting career, if you don't mind... Why did you join up the fighting tournaments? I mean, you've got all you need already from the Masters' entreprise, no?"

"Money's boring." Ken explains, throwing open the doors to the Masters Mansion and looking down the long foyer. He shrugs as though this isn't even impressive. In fact, while it has been designed by those with impeccable taste and what not, Ken has done his damnedest to dumb it down and make it look more like some kind of random place of fun than anything else. There's posters (featuring Fei Long and Johnny Cage) that line the walls, as well as various other martial arts memorabilia. Ken Masters is definitely a huge fan of the Fighting Circuit.

"But fighting? Man, there's nothing like that rush, y'know? I mean, stepping toe to toe with some dude that could probably kick your head clean off your body. Then? With a little style and a little flair, you best him? And the entire crowd is screaming your name? And it's /in/ Russia?" Ken is leaning back against the wall at this point. "Man. There's nothin' like it."

Realizing he hasn't flirted in 53 seconds, Ken flashes a smile and looks Chun-Li up and down. "Well. Almost nothin'."

Chun-li listens to Ken's answer with casual interest. Her eyes are wandering around his mansion, staring at the various posters. She is carefully studying every detail, as if she didn't want to miss out on anything. All of this was allowing her to have a better understand of Ken Masters, in a way.

She glances back at Ken and her lips curl into a smirk, "The adrenaline rush certainly is something..." Chun-li admits, lowering her gaze in reminescence of her own fights, "I just didn't expect someone who had everything to risk his life and health for it, but I suppose..." She gives a slow shrug of her shoulder, "... That there are some things money can't buy,"

"I heard you joined the Neo-league, that is correct?" Chun-li asks. Though her intonation made it sound more like a rhetorical question as she looks up into her pocket, taking out a picture, "I'd like to know if you've fought or seen this woman before," She takes out a picture that was taken from some footage of his fight with Cammy. "Her name is Audrey Evans," She adds.

"And for everything else? There's MastersCard."

Yes, at that exact moment, Ken Masters is holding up a credit card that says MastersCard on it. The thing has such a high limit that it doesn't even have a color. It's clear. He is so rich that his credit card is clear because they know he's good for it.

With his joke over, he tucks the card back away into a pocket and immediately gives a small wishy-washy wave of his hand. "I did. For like a week. But then I realized I should be teaching instead of whoopin' ass. Quite frankly, I'm too good for the Neo-League." Ken looks off to the side, slightly annoyed at his personal loss of his own title not even a month ago. He's drawn out of this moment by the picture.

"Yyyyeaaaaah. I remember her. Vaguely." Ken shrugs. "She's aight. Hits pretty hard. Weird, but who isn't?" Ken's eyes then light up. "Wait a second. What she do?" Ken starts to get excited, standing up taller. "Be straight up with me right now." Ken's eyes focus in for the most serious question he's had all day.

"Is she a supervillain?"

Chun-li turns her eyes back on Ken just as he flashes his credit card and says this one liner. The expression on Chun-li's face was one of utter surprise.

A face that was priceless, most likely, as if she didn't expect him to pull off a joke like that. He literally managed to silence her, dumbfounded before it. She narrows her eyes and frowns slowly. Was he for real? It seems like Chun-li's serious and stuck-up behaviour seems to clash a bit with Ken's wise-cracking nature. She opens her lips, as if lost for words but manages not to lose track of what was essential.

The woman nods her head slowly, "Tried to kill an Interpol officer along with another woman, as well as destrying evidences in an important case I've been working on," Chun-li admits. She heaves a sigh and rests her hands on her waist, "Supervillain? I am not certain, for now... But I suspect her to be working for an international criminal organisation of some sort," She says, waving her hand dismissingly, "I don't have much clues so far, aside from her, and I'm curious to know what's her interest in the fighting circuit. Did she tell you anything during your fight?"

"Uhhhhh. Kinda' wasn't listenin'? Too busy getting punched in the face. But!" Ken moves over to a door that's nearby. A door that looks like it is just a normal closet. But when it opens, it is revealed to be a walk-in closet. With a mirror. This is happening. In the /foyer/. This is really happening.

Ken reaches for a couple of different leather jackets, trying one on after another. He's also working with the switching out of sunglasses. Trying to find the best combination to go with his current jeans and a white t-shirt outfit. "I think you're gonna' need my help. I mean, no offense, but if I'm your only lead?" Ken decides on a leather jacket and sunglasses combo, turns and steps back out of the closet.

"... Then you're in some serious trouble." He flashes a grin and models himself for the woman that he's just met but is treating like they've known each other for eons. "Let's do this, Mamacita."

The asian woman blinks at Ken's words and she tilts her head to one side. Her mouth opens agape for a moment when Ken takes his leather jacket and sunglasses. The offer for help was rather unexpected, that's for sure. It takes Chun-li a moment to recover.

"Look, mister Masters, I am not sure you seize the gravity of what you're getting into..." Chun-li says, letting her words trail off, "Those persons I've been chasing tried to kill me and they burnt down my house because I was starting to get the slightest bit of a clue about their organisation," All of what she said just meant a whole lot of danger and adrenaline rush...

Perhaps even more so than what Ken's fights have been providing him, "This isn't like the tournament or league fights, one wrong move and you can end up crippled, or worse, dead..." Then it all comes to Chun-li that the more arguments she might be pointing out, the more it might make this man want to tag along with her.

Chun-li heaves a soft sigh and she shakes her head, "Urg," The sound she emits out of her throat sounds like one of pure resignation. She did have no lead, and it wasn't like she knew anything about the fighting tournament, "If you're sure about this... But let's make things clear.." Chun-li says, narrowing her eyes, "This won't be a pleasure cruise, and if you want this to work, you're gonna have to listen to me, and show me I can trust you,"

Ken stopped listening after 'look'. How is that possible? Probably because he's already started walking towards the doors that led into his place and he's got his cell phone (one of them) up to his ear as he takes step after step.

"Hey, Larry. It's Ken. Listen, I need a huge favor. There's this totally hot chick that's bouncin' around the Neo-League? Yeah, she left more than a few marks on me when I poked my head in for a week." There's laughter coming from the other end and Ken rolls his eyes. "Anyway! Listen, I need to find her. It's important." Ken pumps his fist. "Yeah. Yeah, her name's uh... Audrey. Audrey Evans."

As Ken keeps on going, it's almost as if he's forgotten all about Chun-Li. He's almost ready to take this case on by himself.

"Wait wait-- what do you mean this better not be like last time?! /She/ wanted /my/ number!"

Oh God.

Chun-li closes her eyes, one of her hand tightening into a fist as he ignores her and walks away. She had to control her anger right now, half wondering if Ken's behaviour came from all this wealth he had around of him.

She grits her teeth for a moment, staring at him while he gives a phone call. There were many things influence and money could get you, the sort of things Chun-li didn't have access to in the fighting circuit. The more she thought about it, the more she realized she had no choice. Ken would be her informer in this particular world.

She stays silent and just rests her hands on her waist, staring at Ken for a moment, waiting for him to be through with his phone call. In a way, it seemed dangerous to be working with this guy... From what she can tell, a hot bunny at that, it only meant trouble.

Tilting her head to one side, Chun-li seems a bit hopeful, "Think you can get your hands on her..?" She asks.

Ken looks up as he stands in the center of the driveway. "Huh? Oh! Yeah, no problem. I got this." He looks around at the six cars that are parked here and he gives a dismissively rich hand wave to Chun-Li as he listens to Larry ranting and raving on the other end of his phone call. He rolls his eyes and everything.

"Pick one. Because I saw what you drove up in and Damn. Just /Damn/."

A smirk spreads on Chun-li's lips as she says, "Alright, but I drive... Might as well use the perks of having a wealthy side-kick," Chun-li teases playfully.

Though she's serious when she picks the car up and insists on driving. After all, doesn't want to have Ken show off and having to arrest him.

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