Neo League 0001 - NL#0038: Momiji vs Roland

Description: Roland's perversions fail to defeat a proper ninja, although he does annoy the heck out of her. (Winner: Momiji)

The temperature outside may have already started to cool down, but everything was just starting to heat up within Club Haddaway. Sponsored by the Mishima Zaibatsu, a Neo League fight was scheduled to kick off the nightlife here in this corner of Jamaica and the crowds have already begun to gather.

Momiji may be a shrine maiden and ninja of the Hayabusa clan, but she knew when it was time to unwind as well. Dressed in a black miniskirt with a red studded belt, a matching red and black top, and some black calf high heeled boots, the young woman was both properly attired for the nightclub and the weather. It seems that the kunoichi was following the 'hiding in plain sight' mentality tonight.

It is not long before a voice over the nightclub's PA system loudly announces that tonight's fight was about to begin. Momiji hears this and deftly begins to navigate her way through the crowd until she reaches the small ring that has been set up in the middle of the club's dance floor. Breaking into a quick sprint, Momiji scales the side of the ring before kicking off the side of it into a back flip. She lands effortlessly in those high-heeled boots of hers and turns to almost shyly wave to the crowd in complete contrast with the flashy entrance flip she had made to enter the fighting ring. It seems that the young woman was already starting to adapt to the extravagant nature of these fighting leagues.

Normally, Roland is late; however, after the debacle with Hotaru, he was warned that if he wasn't on time that he would be permanently disbarred from attending again. That just wouldn't do, so the one-armed man has been at the bar for... 45 minutes. He's downed enough Sex on the Beach and Whiskey Sours and Long Island's to drown a third world country, and is absolutely smashed to most people looking his way. Tall and well-built with the lean muscles of a (supposedly) professional trained man, he dons blue jeans, cowboy boots, and an overtight muscle shirt with a very worn cowboy hat atop his head -- two leather thongs tying it under his chin. He's missing his right arm, the sleeve rolled up and clasped shut, but he would be attractive in a scruffy way... if not for an utter 'creep' vibe that has made no female sit within three stools of him. "C'mon! Lemme buy ya a drink!!" he calls over, before the coordinater taps his shoulder and points to Momiji in the middle of the ring.
"Shit..." Staggering over, he breaks into a run before leaping upwards. His upper half folds over the top rope, before with a loud THWANG he's sent rebounding back outside with a crash. Five seconds later he just scrabbles beneath the bottom rope, rolling to the center and laying on his back.
"GET UP OR THE MATCH CAN'T START!" the coordinator yells, as the referee institutes the rules. Roland manages, and had it been a ten count he'd be TKO'd. Hazy eyes fall on Momiji, before he doubles over and rests an arm on his knee. "OH THANK ZOMBIE JESUS. You're LEGAL. My--Wow!! I don't want to TALK about my last fight. Ugh... I like your outfit!" He gives a thumb's up, before tottering sideways and allowing himself to thump into the turnbuckle with a hiccup. "Fighting pose!!" is yelled at him, and he brings up his arm. "'M good. I'm good..."
Exasperated, the call is finally made --
Immediately Roland takes one step forward and then trips, falling flat on his face. "Ugh... wait, gimme a second...!" he implores at Momiji, holding up his good hand and looking very out of sorts.

Momiji had definitely seen the heavy drinking, cowboy hat wearing man on her way into the establishment about a half-hour ago. But she didn't think much of the sight and merely kept her distance as apparently quite a few other people were doing in lieu of the man's sorta impressive binge drinking. But she still does do a brief double-take when she sees him fail his first attempt in entering the ring. She does her best to keep a straight face when he eventually does succeed with his second attempt. This was clearly not the fight that she had been anticipating.

Inadvertantly, she raises a hand over her mouth to conceal her shock when the referee confirms that this actually -was- her opponent and not just a drunk bystander whom crawled up onto the ring. And yet, Momiji attempts to remain as polite as she usually is by bringing her hands together and bowing at the waist in greeting. She also makes sure she doesn't bow down too low given -what- he just said to her. "Um, thanks. But, let's make this fight a good one?" While that probably wasn't intended to sound like a question it certainly ended up sounding like one.

Momiji raises her hands into her martial arts stance just as Roland trips and falls flat on his face. His request for a breather and his raised hand causes Momiji to drop her guard and walk forward cautiously. She flashes a big grin towards Roland before reaching out her own hand in what may look like that she was going to help him get up. But should Momiji's hand reach Roland's arm, the ninja will drop immediately down into a half-crouch, attempt to grab firmly ahold of the man's arm, and pull his arm quickly behind her before letting go in an attempt to throw Roland flat against the ring's mat.

Momiji may feel bad about this, but this was a fight. And if Roland was going to maybe learn any valuable lesson from her, she would have to show no mercy and kick his butt to the best of her ability.

COMBATSYS: Momiji has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Momiji           0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Roland has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Roland           0/-------/-======|-------\-------\0           Momiji

COMBATSYS: Momiji successfully hits Roland with Quick Throw.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Roland           0/-------/-======|-------\-------\0           Momiji

"Th,thanks..." Roland states, flailing up to grasp Momiji's hand with his own. However, before he can do anything of the sort to take advantage of the situation, the hapless cowboy finds himself bodily flipped, slamming hard into the ring on his back woth a 'woof!' of discomfort. "Augh!! M,my bad back!! Wh,what sort of fight ethics are that?!" Suddenly he whirls his legs, the pinwheel motion bringing him to his forearms before a violent-looking kip-up brings him upright with his upper body lolling forward, arm swinging like a pendulum back and forth before. "Cheating little... THAT'S WHAT I WAS GOING TO DO!!" He then stamps forward, green energy sheathing across his fingers. Anything but a shy individual, the best leverage is the front of her clothing, moving to snap the back of his foot into her ankle and then brutally hurtle her downwards amidst a sudden explosion of emerald chi, roaring all the while. "Don't cheat a CHEATER... HIC!!" Okay, apparently the part where he's pretty goddamn drunk wasn't an act. Wobble...!

COMBATSYS: Momiji counters Medium Throw from Roland with Hina Ootoshi.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Roland           0/-------/-======|=------\-------\0           Momiji

Should Roland have looked into Momiji's eyes right before she grabbed onto his arm, he just might have seen her grimace slightly. But in the end, it was hopefully going to hurt him worse than it was going to hurt her. Having flipped Roland back onto his back, Momiji raises her guard once more. "I may have a lot more still to learn, but I know better than to let my guard down!" What Momiji doesn't say is that Ryu performed that exact same manuever on her only a few weeks ago.

The young fighter watches Roland carefully as he kips dangerously back up onto his feet and lurches forward at her, green energy radiating from him. The drunk cowboy reaches for the front of Momiji's outfit, but she anticipates the move and pulls his arm past her at the last moment. The still half-crouched kunoichi reaches up and grabs the side of the falling cowboy's head and pulls him over and past her knee so that she can use her knee as a leverage point. This allows Momiji to use Roland's weight and inertia against himself and allows her to flip him over her knee and onto the mat once more.

Momiji raises her finger-less black glove wearing hands up in front of her, ready to continue the fight. "Just where exactly were you reaching?!" She demands suddenly with a flash of anger entering into her voice as the past events finally register with her. Just who was this guy to fight like that and to drink so much before a fight? Maybe she wasn't so well-adjusted to the fight scene as she thought she was.

"That's hardly a good way to get through life. What if I really was too drunk to fight? *hic* I might be, I don't know, I drank a lot!" Again his good arm is yanked forward, causing a mild curse of annoyance before he finds himself thumping against her knee and whirling backwards, crashing face-down with his disheveled trenchcoat settling across his upper body. "Um." he states in a muffled voice, before pushing back up to his feet. "You've got pretty nice cleavage, so the clothing's easier to grab there." He states this with an absolutely straight face, and the utter lack of lascivious intent probably somehow makes it worse. As if her measurements were some fighting liability!
"But I see... I see... I hate strong women. Yeah... I didn't train for the past three years in order to NOT strip 'that person'. My clothing destruction arts are supreme..." He's mostly mumbling drunkenly to himself, although Momiji is probably happy that the person he's referencing isn't her. "I'm no longer going to mess around." His eyes shimmer green, and when he moves there's a strange silhouette; and was that a phantom of a faux holographic-like right arm? "If you beat me... it's going to be because you are stronger. Nothing more. I won't ever rely on cheap tricks again...!!"

COMBATSYS: Roland focuses on his next action.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Roland           0/-------/-======|=------\-------\0           Momiji

Looking at Roland from behind her guard, Momiji is quick to offer up her reply. "Then I would have flipped you onto your back, the match would have ended, and you would now be taking a needed nap." In her mind, she would have been doing the maybe, maybe not drunk Roland a -favor- by that being the first and last move of the match. But it seems that there is much more to Roland than what his appearance would indicate. Despite all that drinking, he was still up and ready to fight her!

In the end, Momiji was still a kunoichi and she knew that appearances could be used to your advantage. This guy was using this very appearing to be drunk while still being able to fight. And yet, the shrine maiden still frowns at what Roland has to say. And this frown deepens the longer that Roland talks. She really wanted to beat the crud out of this guy, but she also couldn't lose her own focus no matter how much of a creep this guy sounded like.

Roland's declaration that he was going to fight seriously from now on causes Momiji to nod her head faintly. "Good. Then let's begin!" Momiji announces before dashing forward straight towards her opponent. She closes the distance with him before suddenly sprining upwards. The ninja will attempt to run up Roland to where she will then try to grab ahold of him and slam both of her knees into the side of his head. Should she manage to accomplish this part of the move, the black-and-red wearing woman will back flip off of Roland's chest before coming back down to the earth with knife hand aimed at her foe's neck.

COMBATSYS: Momiji successfully hits Roland with Sawarbi Gari.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Roland           0/-------/=======|==-----\-------\0           Momiji

"How cruel. You could have asked me if I was alright. I'd have said 'Yes, help me up, then I'll fight you', then I'd punch you in the throat. That's how it was SUPPOSED to go!" Roland gesticulates wildly as he brazenly admits to the depths of his scheme, without even the slightest shred of regret. Of course, whether he's actually drunk and still able to fight, or whatever allows him to fight doesn't matter if he's drunk, or if he's pretending it... probably all three are combining in some magical way.
The world seems to go in slow motion as Roland shifts backwards, grappled once more. Damnit; he has literally no technical training in how to defend against this. Ayame doesn't throw often, so he hasn't bothered with anything but struggling. Yet as both knees appear to come at him in slow motion, he manages to lean backwards, just prior to being nailed right in the face. Staggered backwards with another dull thunk to the neck, he drops to a knee. "D,damnit... so close..." he states, looking up. "To seeing... your panties..."
And then he bursts forward. A series of silhouettes follows, before his right arm suddenly manifests in a crackle of green energy. His left sheathes in liquid seeming power as well, before slashing out in a vorpal arc towards Momiji's chest, alternating in strikes in a short, quick manner before stepping forward and then thrusting with his right phantom arm to grasp her face and heft her upwards -- only for the entire arm to explode in a huge manner that makes the crowd recoil with a gasp. "STOP TEASING ME, THAT OUTFIT IS DISTRACTING!!" he roars, in utter defiance!!

COMBATSYS: Roland successfully hits Momiji with Three Card Monte.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Roland           1/----===/=======|>>>>>>>\>>>----\1           Momiji

At first, Momiji's expression softens slightly as she continues to stare down Roland from behind her guard. She was maybe feeling a little bit of guilt for taking such a hard stance against someone whom she didn't know. But by the time Roland reaches the throat punching part, Momiji's expression had hardened back into a scowl. Whether he was truly drunk or not, this guy was pretty despicable.

But it seems that Roland was saving the more despicable things for later. Momiji can't help but feel good as her knees crash into Roland before she flips away. But any look of satisfaction on Momiji's face disappears when Roland dashes forward at her! Momiji raises her hands to block just too late and she is left defenseless as Roland lands numerous blows with his left hand. Dazed from the blows, she doesn't even see the phantom arm coming. The young ninja had not anticipated that Roland could move that fast and she is caught completely off guard as she is lifted up of her feet, her own hands move desperately to free herself from Roland's unearthly grip.

But her efforts are all in vain as the arm explodes outwards and blasts Momiji across the ring and hard into the mat. The normally protective outer layer of the mat does nothing to lessen the impact of this mighty blow. It takes immense effort on her part, but Momiji eventually stirs and props herself up with her arms before glaring defiantly at her opponent. She's never fought anyone that strong before aside from Ryu. But she couldn't give up yet!

Still on the ground, Momiji brings a hand in front of her and starts mutter something to herself. "Rin, byo, to, sha, kai," The downed ninja then brings herself up into a crouch before continuing, "Jin, restsu, zai," From all around Momiji, what looks to be red cherry tree leaves begin to materialize and then rotate around the woman. "zai, zen!" The 'leaves' around Momiji begin to swirl faster and faster until then no longer appear as leaves but as swirling flames. The final hand gestured is finished and the flames swirl into a mighty chi-fireball that suddenly leaps out from the woman in an attempt to smack directly her opponent.

COMBATSYS: Roland blocks Momiji's Art of the Crimson Lotus EX.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Roland           1/----===/=======|-------\-------\0           Momiji

"Hah! I win! See what happens when you make me try, Ugly Panties?!" Whether he saw them or not doesn't matter, he's just being bitter about the whole 'getting his ass beat early on' aspect of things. Rolling his shoulders, he actually turns his back towards the ninja and begins thrusting his arm up into the air as if in victory. The mutting causes him to turn his head, looking back down. "You muttering your blessings to whatever OH GOD FIRE." Roland's entire body sheathes in green emerald chi, and he begins to spin wildly in place like a top before allowing it to burst off his body in all directions, dissipating the majority of the assault.
"Alright. I'll try to be merciful... and end this for you!! READY?! Roland Clothing Destruction Art #9..." Roland suddenly stops, giving the ninja girl alll the time required to stand back on her feet. "I think she looks better wearing them. Um... ROLAND... ULTIMATE... PIZZA TIME... CROSSOVER JAMBOREE!!"
And then he suddenly erupts into green energy. Running forward, it's like he's a different person. One who's competent. A trail of green afterimages follow, his missing right arm fully manifested. Before he begins a brutal series of punches and kicks towards the girl, before aiming to slam her down with his left arm and unleash a triple series of explosive blasts... only to, with his amplified strength, huck her shortly in the air.
"GO!!" And then he'd strike out with his faux arm, which suddenly becomes a lancing beam of green energy to penetrate her dead center in the chest. When he yanks backwards, there'd be a series of explosions that start from where it disconnected with him, rushing up to engulf the hapless ninja once more!!

COMBATSYS: Roland successfully hits Momiji with Jackpot!.
- Power hit! -

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Roland           0/-------/-------|=======\=------\1           Momiji

Momiji already was starting to look the worse for wear. That first series of attacks had really taken a lot out of her and she was already starting to bruise. Roland's taunt causes Momiji to grit her teeth, but maybe it was just from the beating she was taking that she was doing such a thing.

But it is in the aftermath of her ninpo that Momiji looks noticeably shaken for the first time during the fight. That ninpo of the shrine maidens of the Hayabusa clan was supposedly to be strong enough to vanquish demons which Momiji was increasingly beginning to think that Roland was. "You''re still standing?" She asks incredulously. But of course he is. He wasn't really a demon! Just a despicable creep!

But he was also a surprisingly fast creep as Roland runs forward and start landing blow after blow on Momiji. She does her best to block as many attacks as she can, but there are simply too many and she end up getting dazed once more amid the explosion which makes her easy pickings to be hurled up into the air...and then brought back down with even more explosion as Momiji gets thrown into the side of the ring where she rebounds and lands face foward onto the mat.

It takes a minute, but Momiji eventually gathers enough strength to start trying to get back up again. However, Momiji suddenly cries out in pain and grabs her right side. Roland had definitely shattered a few of her ribs and probably caused all sorts of internal bleeding from the numerous explosion he launched against her. Once more, Momiji begins uttering some strange words while gesturing to herself once more. The chi 'tree leaves' reappear and swirl around Momiji once more, but they soon disappear soon after. It looks like Momiji's attack may have done nothing in comparison to her last attack, but the ninja is no longer clutching her side anymore and it actually looks like she might get back up onto her feet.

This time when Momiji eventually gets to her feet, she'll find Roland signing autographs and throwing them to the crowd, who dive away like they are grenades. "THOSE WILL BE WORTH MONEY SOMEDAY!" he shouts out in obvious annoyance. "The fight's not even over!" one calls back, causing Roland to turn and assess Momiji curiously. "Huh. You're durable. If you had been 'that girl'... that twisted demon... then you'd be sealed away forever by now!!" Ayame... the fire in his soul that she ignited!! It can only be quelled by her nakedn-NO! Bad! By defeating her ruinously!! That's what the Clothing Destruction Arts are all about!
With that, Roland then rushes forward, before leaping into the air. "HERE!!" Before he swings his left hand as hard as he can, aiming to smack his autograph book right into Momiji's forehead with deceptive power. The fresh ink on it would likely leave an imprint of a flourishing 'R' that a Mr. Bernstein would Genocide Cutter him for stealing. "You may lose, but live on knowing that you are way hotter than my rival! It's not saying much, though..."

COMBATSYS: Momiji successfully aids herself with Boon of the Crimson Lotus EX.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Roland           0/-------/-------|=======\-------\1           Momiji

COMBATSYS: Momiji blocks Roland's Small Random Weapon.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Roland           0/-------/------=|=======\==-----\1           Momiji

Painfully, cracked ribs begin to reconnect as Momiji lets the power of the other side of her shrine maiden training manifest inside of her. This gives the ninja enough of a jolt to get herself moving again. She gets up on one leg and then the other before finally raising her guard just as the crowd alerts Roland that the fight wasn't over quite yet.

"I'm a shrine maiden of my clan, I can't be sealed away so easily." Momiji explains inbetween labored breaths as she prepares herself for the next attack. The autograph book comes down hard and leaves the R on Momiji's bare arm, but it was atleast better than getting the R on her forehead.

Now in close quarters with her foe, Momiji actually ducks into what would be his guard and crouches low into an uppercut. She spins around and if the uppercut lands, the blow will be powerful enough to launch Roland up into the air. The kunoichi will then follow up this uppercut with a series of knife hand strikes that would cause Roland to tilt downwards mid-air. Momiji will then start spinning while airborne and meet Roland before he starts to fall and punch him straight in the back, riding the chi-infused blow downwards. If all goes well, she's end up using the big maybe half-demon to break her fall down onto the mat.

COMBATSYS: Roland dodges Momiji's Junyo Izuna.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Roland           0/-------/------=|=======\==-----\1           Momiji

"S,so you're a maiden? No way... with that body?! I mean, you can almost see everything just STANDING there!!" Roland makes a gesture down below, eyes locked on her skirt in an apparent attempt to visually confirm such is the case. But suddenly Roland's eyes flare green again, and he erupts into green fire. His speed and agility are greatly amplified, veins and tendons bulging from his muscle as he weaves away from the uppercut with a leap upwards, forearm parrying each and every knifehand as if it was all in slow motion. The mutual descent is left with him suddenly twisting to slam his hand upon the matt, her fist grazing him. But... setting the girl up for one of his oldest assaults.
"Roland..." Whirling inwards until his knees are against his chest, he then launches in a spiraling corkscrew while Momiji has yet to land, aiming to pelt her right in the stomach. Swirls of drilling green chi erupt around him in the motion. "ROCKET~~~"

COMBATSYS: Momiji endures Roland's Roland Rocket.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////                       ]
Roland           0/-------/----===|=======\=======\1           Momiji

Momiji was already scowling! There was no way that she could possibly scowl any harder at Roland, but his comment does reignite the fire in those brown eyes of hers. How could a person who acts and talks like this become so incredibly strong? He -had- to be part demon, there was no other explanation for such behavior!

Another brutal attack comes from Roland and the weakened ninja couldn't see anyway out of this one as she was still in mid-air when the attack comes. She braces herself and prepares for the worse when the attack comes. Roland comes forward and Momiji is pushed back every step as his attack lands against her stomach in a similar area to where she had just healed her own cracked ribs.

Momiji should crumple from the blow, but she somehow remains on her feet and is once against up clost to Roland which she hopes will give her the advantage she needs to land a blow of her own. She crosses her arms infront of her and attempts to move past her foe, hitting him with an elbow on the way through. She then will backflip through the air, trying to land on the back of Roland's head before kicking off it fiercely to elevate herself higher into the air. She then lets gravity to its thing and falls foward with another elbow leading the way as she descends. Finally, Momiji will rear back with both arms and attempt to deliver a massive elbow strike to Roland's stomach while shouting 'Hiyaah!" as she performs the move.

COMBATSYS: Momiji successfully hits Roland with Shofu Kogetsu.

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  ///////                       ]
Roland           0/-------/----===|=======\-------\0           Momiji

Maybe there is some demon in Roland. He's got that strange fire, the manifesting arms, the odd leylines of chi he can channel through his body... the opposite possibility is life is utterly unfair and he's just a super prodigy who can manage such things despite an awful ethic, attitude, and pretty much everything not involving punching people in the face (If they are lucky.) But when his perfectly timed rocket slams into Momiji, he goes "!!!" in an impossible to describe sound effect of surprise. The elbow slams home, before he finds himself slammed to the ground to bounce once by the leap off, only to eat another elbow for his trouble. Really, he's had his fill of them this fight. For a few long moments he just lays there, before shouting out. "THAT'S IT. I AM GOING TO SEE YOUR PANTIES." The blood-spattered face of Roland shoots up like a zombie, before he suddenly kicks upwards in another kip-up. Rushing forward, he suddenly lifts up his left arm as if to grab... only for it to drop, trying to grasp Momiji's skirt and flip it right up to her belly. The intent is to force an instinctual reaction of 'kyaaa!', so he can brutally elbow her in the face with a chi-imbued strike. The intention is to stagger her into a brutal knee to the belly, followed by a standing lariat to hurl her down throat-first into the center of the matt. "FOR THE HEARTS OF EVERY UNDERWEAR LOVING MAN IN THIS ROOM!!"

COMBATSYS: Momiji counters Sleight of Hand from Roland with Hina Ootoshi.
- Power hit! -

[                            \\  < >  //////                        ]
Roland           0/-------/--=====|=======\-------\1           Momiji

Breathing harder and harder, Momiji keeps her hands up in a fighting stance even after that last elbow of hers lands. From all the blows that she already landed, the young kunoichi knew that couldn't let her guard down against this demon of a man anytime soon. He's lying there on the ground and for a brief moment, Momiji thinks that she just might have pulled through.

But then he yells something crass about wanting to see her panties and attacks her while looking more and more demon like by the minute! In similar fashion to the beginning of their fight, Roland attempts to grab high but then changes it up by trying to go low instead. Momiji's hands were already in motion when Roland changes direction and she latches onto his arm with both hands, pulling it down towards the ground. Once more, she uses her knee as leverage point to hurl the larger fighter through the air and back onto his back.

This time, Roland is lucky. Having been yanked so low, body still glowing a whirling green, the raising knee offers him a window to a true man's happiness. "It was worth it..." Offering absolutely no defense, the nose-breaking impact of the knee sends his head straight up. But he suddenly whirls, attempting to catch Momiji by the face before he falls. "But... you're coming with me!!" And then he just... well, it looks pretty awkward. Basically falls limply over with a very hard tug of his good arm, although if she's caught in it, a brutal twist would slam the girl upon the ground beneath in a final, last gout of explosive green flames!! That's all she wrote... maybe next time he won't get so drunk he can barely defend himself. ...Who's he kidding. Hic.

COMBATSYS: Roland can no longer fight.

[                        \\\\\\  <
Momiji           1/-------/=======|

COMBATSYS: Momiji dodges Roland's Seven Out.

[                        \\\\\\  <
Momiji           1/-------/=======|

Even as Roland falls towards the mat, he still has enough left to be able to lash out at Momiji. The swung arm comes dangerously close to Momiji's face. So close that she has to contort herself backwards to just barely get out of the way of her demon foe's attack. The momentum from this causes Momiji to fall back on her butt, but that still is a better fate that getting grabbed -again- by Roland.

It's Momiji's turn to kip up onto her feet as she readies to defend herself once more. But it appears that Roland isn't moving from where he fell limp after his last attack. And yet, Momiji makes no effort to get any closer to him. In fact, she still takes a few steps back to allow the referee to be the one who goes to check in on him.

The young kunoichi grimaces as all her wounds start to catch up with her. "I really do still have a lot to learn." She says before offering a weak bow to her foe. Roland may be a perverted, gross drunk, but he was still a powerful and skilled fighter. And something within Momiji told her that this wouldn't be the last time she runs into him. She -would- need get stronger for next time, a lot stronger.

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