Satsuki - Pleasant Dreams

Description: 'Ginko Himura' is called and taken to task by Seijyun High's disciplinary committee. That definitely is what is actually happening.

It's been an exciting past couple of months in Southtown. Already abustle with all manner of rumors and activity in light of the strange prinicipal exchange that came out of no where, the sudden spike in suspicious activity surrounding the schools has ruffled more than a few feathers. Discerning gazes have been turned upon these events and all manner of interests, both private and professional, have started to get involved to find out just what is going on around here.

In light of such developments, the timing of the announcement for the Inter-High School Tournament seems quite fortuitous for those scheming behind the scenes. Why, one might even say that the sudden massive event was a planned manuever to cover up said supiscious activities and draw the attention of the media to a more obvious target, were that one someone who believed in such conspiracy theories.

Regardless, the tournament has created such a clamor of public interest that most people have stopped paying attention to the little details which has left NESTS in a wonderful position to unfold the next step of their plan. Already the Atelier booths at each school have gathered a wealth of data from the fighters participating in each round. After all, who's going to suspect the friendly nurse who's patching you up?

Well, there's always a few. One individual in particular has been quite elusive in regards to revealing much of anything about herself. That alone would make her suspicious enough to warrant closer inspection but the rather obvious lack of social graces displayed by the Seijyun student Ginko Himura raises another red flag or two. Who is this girl and what is she hiding?

That is what the Hound has been tasked with finding out today. Well, actually she's just a thug - it's her job to make sure that the target finds her way to the people who /can/ discover her secrets. Fortunately, they don't need her in one piece either so most of the delicacy of the task has been removed. Now all the remains is to set the trap and wait.

The trap in this particular instance isn't anything terribly fancy. As a student of Seijyun, Ginko is subject to its rules and regulations which includes answering to the Special Disciplinary Committee. Consisting of a handful of teacher-appointed individuals from the student body, the SDC is the first line of defense against infractions and activities that might cast the institution in a poor light. While they cannot hand out the more severe punishments, they are certainly authorized to be enough of a pain in the ass to anyone who earns their ire that few students are willing to risk it. Besides, refusing a summon from the SDC would draw even more attention down on the girl - something she is obviously trying to avoid.

Elsa waits in the early hours of the morning at the point where she has indicated the meeting is to take place. Tall and fair-skinned, the obviously foreign blonde-haired girl strikes the cutting image of elegance and grace that many have come to expect from Seijyun's students. Her hair is done up into tight ringlets that create a multi-layered curtain of coils that drape down to her shoulders, resting loosely on the lapel of the very recognizable Seijyun uniform which hugs her curvy figure in pleasing ways. The expression on her pretty face teeters between boredom and annoyance as if everything that she sees is somehow offensive and uninteresting at the same time.

The meeting place is little more than a cul-de-sac nestled between two large buildings near the school campus. The alley is somewhat cramped being only wide enough to allow two people to walk abreast if they happen to be good friends. Piles of fresh refuse lie stacked atop each other next to the doors that line the interior of the passageway but even the trash looks neatly organized as if the proximity to such a prestigious institution has inspired excess amounts of cleanliness. The sun has not quiet yet risen high enough to provide adequate illumination to the morning which leans the alley little more than a dark tunnel lit only by a pair of weak lamps mounted into the brick within.

'Ginko Himura' spends very minimal time at school; strictly speaking, if no strings are pulled and she doesn't find a way to negotiate, she'll likely end up in the incredibly-rare-in-Japanese-schooling situation of being held back a grade. Sure, she's made an okay showing in the Neo League -- but does that apologize for missing tons of school?

It doesn't really register to the Seijyun student that this is a problem; she just goes about her business with little care for the situation, and certainly doesn't tell anyone where it is she goes when she disappears from school for days upon days at a time.

She /has/ been at school today, though, and has gotten her summons from the Special Disciplinary Committee. Getting the sense that this one is important, she decides to actually humor the thought of going to attend such a meeting, and indeed arrives precisely on time.

Perhaps marginally less okay is the katana worn at her side. It seems like that's the sort of thing you leave behind when you meet someone from an important committee... though maybe not left behind when you meet someone in the early morning hours in an alleyway. She says nothing as she arrives; her presence, to her, says enough.

The tapping of footsteps at the end of the alley draws a sharp look from the tall blonde and she whirls to face the approaching girl with a sour look. A glance goes to the watch on her wrist but seeing that her appointment has been kept down to the minute robs her of the chance to complain about Ginko's tardiness. Most people would probably be happy about that; Elsa just frowns harder.

"Ginko Himura."

Elsa speaks the name with an obvious hint of annoyance in her lilting tone. Her voice is beautiful and soft, angellic even, the kind of soothing sound that could lull a listener to sleep without even noticing. To hear that voice twisted with a negative emotion is almost wrong on a fundamental level as if perfection has been tainted by something dark and ugly.

The SDC member waits until the other girl has drawn close enough to hear her without shouting before she continues. Her sky-blue eyes narrow on the sword but her gaze locks with the Japanese student's eye a few moments later, dismissing the threat as trivial.

"Hmph. Do you know why you have been summoned here?"

The SDC member's question gets a gentle shake of the head from 'Ginko;' if the girl does have any inkling as to what she's been called here for, she doesn't give any indication of such. She keeps her expression carefully, flatly neutral -- or perhaps she simply has no other expressions which she can give her fellow student.

Her gaze remains as blank and neutral as it was as she steps forward, seemingly undeterred by the girl's perfection nor her apparent disdain for the sword-wielding Ginko. When she finally opens her mouth to speak, it's to give a short, empty answer.


Her posture closes off completely, after she pushes a stray strand of brown hair out of her face. Despite the calm sound of her voice, every muscle in her body looks like it could snap into movement at any second -- it's a martial artist's bearing, if not one's stance.

The tension in her victim's movements and demeanor does not go unnoticed. Pretty as she may be on the outside, the creature lurking underneath the veil of light and colors is a formidable hunter with a unique gift. She can smell the power of an individual, taste it in their blood and on the air around them. Elsa sniffs at the girl in a derisive manner but it naught but cover for the Hound as she takes a measure of the person before her.

Ah, there it is - power. It is faint and subdued, hidden away behind something - a conscious barrier perhaps - but it is there. Her masters were right. They will want to see what secrets this one's blood can tell.

Elsa rests her hands on her hips and frowns at Ginko like an annoyed parent. "You are here because, well there are /numerous/ reasons! You almost never attend your classes, your refusal to participate in any of the extracurricular activities speaks of a deplorable lack of school spirit, /and/, more importantly, you have failed to submit to any of the medical screening requirements outlined in the school charter!"

The elegant girl takes several steps closer until she stands within arm length. Leaning forward, she brings her face within a few inches of the student clearly trying to intimidate her. "Do you not understand the burden that places upon the us? On ME?! I'm the one responsible for making sure that your behavior does not reflect poorly upon our illustrious school and /you/ can't even be bothered to follow the most simple of rules!"

When Elsa begins to harangue her for her lacking graces, Satsuki -- no, still 'Ginko,' for now -- stares off into the middle distance as if she's not being talked to at all. There's no real acknowledgement in her eyes; she tracks Elsa, faintly, as she steps closer, but only when she's within a scant four inches of her does she really snap herself to attention again.

"I have no intention of attending meaningfully. I have other obligations, as do many other Seijyun students," Ginko explains, fists clenching. She can see the power in Elsa's stance in the same way Elsa can smell it in her blood; her body rocks back just slightly, and she says, expression showing just a hair of concern, "I refuse to submit to medical screening. Such was not compulsory at the time of my enrollment."

Her fists practically twist into a knot at this point; she takes a half-step back, clearly ready to just walk right back away as Elsa tries to intimidate the seemingly unflappable young lady.

"Why you--!"

Elsa's pretty face twists into a mask of outrage at the casual rebuff. No one gets to talk to her like that! Right? The Hound figures the personality maxtrix of her disguise knows better than she would about this kind of thing so she just goes with it but she can tell things are likely to escalate beyond words very soon if something doesn't change.

"There are no 'other obligations' that are more important than continuing your education as a proper young lady! Your inability to grasp that concept is clear proof that you are in dire need of further discipline! And this--!"

Her hand goes for the sword at Ginko's side, aiming to snatch it away from her in a single bold motion. "A lady does not carry such a vile tool of violence on her person!"

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When Elsa reaches for that blade of Ginko's, the tenor of the situation changes almost completely in an instant. Ginko, such as she is, disappears entirely, and in her place is Satsuki. Not literally, of course -- but the dim pretense of being a normal person is abandoned completely in favor of the violence that's been instilled in her body by her 'benefactor.'

Elsa has gone from abstracted annoyance to particular threat; accordingly, she's met with exactly the sort of violence that sword implies. Vile indeed -- Satsuki takes a half-step forward, up into her guard, and aims a knee for the other girl's gut with tremendous viciousness.

Perhaps the most important thing, though, is the brief burst of indigo light around that knee as she brings it up; to the casual observer, it'd /have/ to be somethhing reflecting off her uniform... but Elsa, no doubt, knows better.

Satsuki says nothing just yet; she's had no /time/ to do so, after all, having reacted solely on instinct.

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And that was the reaction she had been expecting. At the same moment that 'Ginko' drops her act, the Hound likewise reveals herself to be far more than the prissy princess that she seems.

Elsa's arm, which had been reaching for the sword, snaps down in a flash and intercepts the rising knee on the back of her dainty forearm. The flash of psychic power lances into her flesh and sears at her mind, earning a surprised hiss of pain from the tall girl. She leaps backwards clearing several feet with the casual effort of someone skipping over a crack on the pavement.

"I knew it," she says with a smug look and an equally satisfied tone. "I knew you would be a trouble maker. That's why I took precautions. They teach us to be prepared. You might have known that if you weren't such a fool."

Elsa's hand darts into her breast pocket and she withdraws a small metal cylinder. Her thumb lifts dramatically over a red button on one end and an audible click echoes through the narrow alley as it comes down. There is a faint rumbling that quickly grows louder and within a few moments what little sunlight was pouring into the passage vanishes as a massive trailer pulls up flush against the far end effectively blocking the escape route.

A second press of the button sends new tremors through the area. The walls behind Satsuki suddenly explode as massive metal spikes extrude from hidden divets, sending chunks of brick and mortar flying in every direction. As if that is not enough, caltrops begin to rain from the roofs overhead in a near constant shower that turns the concrete into a carpet of thorns. The alley becomes little better than a death trap leaving only the short space that Elsa occupies free of hazards.

With her trap sprung, Elsa lifts a hand to her face and laughs openly in haughty amusement. "Ohohoho! Foolish girl! You /will/ submit to the will of your betters!"

Her left hand darts out to the nearby wall, retrieving what looks like a fancy silk parasol, still bound into a slender frilly cylinder by a lace ribbon. Unlike most umbrellas, however, this one sports a rather wicked looking spike on its tip with four chiseled blade-like edges. The weapon is leveled at Satsuki and a look of malicious glee glints in the corner of the fancy student's eyes.

"One way or another!"

She lunges then, giving little time for rebuke or arguement. The Hound has her orders - this girl will be donating her blood one way or another. The parasol's tip thrusts at her in rapid succession, like a fencer prodding for an opening, but with each attack Elsa quickly withdraws making it difficult to find an opening in which to counter her attacks.

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Sure enough, the tremendous rain of metal catches Satsuki off-guard; she has no time to react, her defenses totally blown open by the flying shards and taken advantage of all-too-thoroughly. That parasol thrusts into her body, sending her flying backward; though she does her best not to give any ground, around the third thrust she totally loses her footing.

Sent down to the ground, Satsuki lands on the caltrops, the sharp points sticking into her body like thumbtacks. She screams out in wordless agony; usually she can keep herself from crying out -- indeed, she practically demands it from herself -- but she's been set up in such a big way that she can't stop. "... Switching to combat mode," she says, unable to stop herself from falling back on the habits of her 'true' self, once she can form a coherent thought again.

Kipping up to her feet with those jagged pieces of metal still in her back, Satsuki draws her blade, looking Elsa squarely in the eye. Lunging forward, she resolves to take the untrapped space in the alley by force; her blade spins ahead of her as she lunges, hoping to carve through Franziska in what Satsuki knows is only a pale imitation of her master's techniques.

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The advantage here is pretty obvious. The element of surprise is one of the most powerful tools in the arsenal of a hunter and the Hound has been bred to be the ultimate predator. Ofcourse, the tools that she's using here are a great deal different than what she is used to, more advanced and effective. If they were out in the woods she'd have been carving those spikes by hand, well claw, out of dry sticks and rocks.

The elation of having her first chance to witness the benefits available to her as a field agent is distracting enough that she makes the crucial mistake. She forgets her surroundings. Flicking the tip of her parasol at the incoming strike, Elsa seeks to merely bat it aside with an elegant riposte. Unfortunately, the small space in which they are enclosed proves to be her foil as well as Satuki's. As she lifts her weapon back to strike, her foot lands on one of the small piles of garbage laid out by the local shop owners for disposal and she for a short instant she looses her footing.

That small mistake costs her. The blade cleaves down into her exposed body and hurls her backwards several feet. Elsa screams in pain but even her distress sounds pleasant and soft in a strange way. Blood spatters the concrete between herself and the Doll as she falls to one knee, teeth gritting in anger as she leans on her weapon for support.

"Nrgh! How... dare you strike me! Insolent, foolish, pathetic little WORM!"

Rising to her feet with ease, despite the injury, Elsa narrows her eyes, her expression grim and angry now. The creature beneath the mask hisses in silent outrage, more angry at herself for making such a foolish mistake than at her prey. She's not going to let that happen again though.

Curling her lips up in disgust, Elsa makes a face and then spits directly at Satsuki. It appears to be little more than a childish gesture of irritation; rather unlady-like to be sure but nothing particularly dangerous - unless that spit should happen to hit her. The intense searing pain of acid eating away at her clothes and flesh will likely be an unpleasant surprise.

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Satsuki has no reason to think the spit a weapon -- but has every reason to think it /distasteful/. It seems slightly strange, coming from this woman who otherwise seems so regal and dignified... but perhaps this is how she shows her distaste for commoners? Either way -- not something Satsuki intends to let stand.

Her motions are conservative and almost totally lacking in flash; when she moves around, it's with the stalking half-step of a predator, getting around to Elsa's side without sacrificing her footing in the process. "Target... expresses disgust. Unsure how to proceed," Satsuki murmurs, thinking carefully about her options in this close. She /could/ just go all-in with her blade... but a subtler approach would seem more likely to pay dividends in a situation like this. After a moment, her course of action becomes clear.

Stepping in with force, Satsuki sheaths her blade. Her legs didn't pay too many dividends before, but that might just be a question of insufficient aggression. Bringing one foot up to try to plant it in 'Elsa's' midsection, the cold girl swings her body up and around, trying to introduce the other girl's head to her other foot, still blazing with that indigo energy.

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The spit flies past Satsuki and lands on one of the metal spikes protruding from the wall - which promptly begins to hiss and sizzle as it evaporates into acrid smoke. Whether or not she catches this result might give the Doll a quick clue that the person she's fighting isn't normal. Within a handful of seconds the metal spike is little more than black smoking ash.

Elsa clicks her tongue in frustration at the quick reflexes of her opponent; another chance for surprise lost there. No matter. She still holds the ultimate trump card in that regards. Shifting her focus back to her opponent, the prissy foreigner matches the predatory movements with her casual flair, one hand resting on her hip while the other holds her weapon out defensively.

The kick comes as something of a surprise. Elsa's brow furrows as the blade vanishes into its sheathe but it almost isn't until too late that she realizes what the other girl is up to. Reacting with instincts foreign to any human, the SDC member twists on a joint that she shouldn't have and her body bends in an unnatural fashion as the first kick snaps out. The crackling burst of psycho power whiffs through the air mere inches away leaving a dull tingling sensation that forces a snarl, an actual snarl, out of Elsa.

When the second kick rises up towards her head the Hound has just about had enough of whatever it is Satsuki is packing in those strikes. It burns at her - not like fire but from the inside. It makes her head hurt. No more. Turning her face towards the offending leg, Elsa simply opens her mouth and BITES down as the shin draws within range.

Teeth sharper than any shark or tiger slice into the Doll's flesh and hot warm blood floods into the Hound's mouth. She clenches tightly, holding onto her new prize and refusing to let it go!
Those teeth sink into Satsuki, and for a moment, she's just... perplexed. The bite is among the worst of a human's natural attacks; it leaves so many vulnerabilities... and yet, here she is, getting torn apart by it. Wincing involuntarily, Satsuki rips herself free of the gnashing of teeth -- but is all the worse off for it; what were trickles become agonizing leg wounds.

Suddenly, staying in close seems like much less of a good idea... but Satsuki doesn't exactly have much in the way of tools for staying /away/, either. She's got to figure out /something/, though, before she ends up diced Satsuki on toast.

Something starts to swell inside her... but it's not time, not yet, and she knows it. Swallowing that back down, she looks at the SDC member with momentary confusion; something seems increasingly off about her -- the fighting style and the look don't match at /all/...

"... Who are you?" she asks, slightly blankly, even as she springs forward, feet wreathed in indigo energy, and drives a drilling kick squarely for her midsection. Some people just don't learn, it seems.
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Beneath the mask of illusion projected around her, the Hound snarls with a fierce instinctual furor as the taste of blood touches her throat. She is not a violent person, or creature perhaps, by nature, something that continues to vex her creators to no end. However, the scent of blood is a catalyst for the darker aspects that lurk in the depths of her mutated mind and it is only with a great deal of effort that the girl prevents herself from flying bodily upon her prey when she draws back.

To Satsuki, Elsa appears to sneer at her confusion. A much less feral response but the blood staining her face doesn't help make it look much more elegant by comparison. "You have greater problems to worry about than that, worm!"

The shimmering psychic energy that drives through the air forces the Seijyun student back - or so it seems at first. Instead of giving ground, however, she merely shifts her position to make her real manuever more feasible. The blazing drill kick clips Elsa in the side as she moves but the sacrifice that this entails brings with it the opportunity to take advantage of those moments in which the Doll remains in the air.

Elsa's free hand slams down into her midsection and several knife-like claws tear into her body with the ease of someone molding clay, holding her with a grip like iron. The umbrella follows suit a moment later with far more terrible results. The entire tip of its blade sinks into Satsuki's shoulder and with a great heave the Committe member spins and buries the point into the bricks of the wall, pinning her like an insect on a board.

"Step into my parlour, little fly."
Deep gashes get carved into Satsuki's body, and she staggers back from her opponent -- just in time to get pinned squarely to the wall with that umbrella. Her body quakes in agony, and she attempts -- with an almost total lack of success -- to pry herself off of it... but something's just not sticking there, and she remains pinned and squirming for a good, (un)healthy while.

"Let -- me -- go!" she says, insistent but not emotional; with a final, forceful movement, she pries herself forward and then off of the wall, bleeding profusely now.

Even as her stance sags from her wounds, Satsuki keeps right on coming; with a half-step forward, the Doll raises her blade up into a parrying stance for a moment again, crackling with indigo light. Is she... backing off?

.. then the first slice comes, effortlessly transitioning out of that defense, and indicating that she was hoping for exactly that reaction.

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Wasting no time, Satsuki -- heedless of any defenses 'Elsa' puts up -- keeps coming. Six slashes follow the first one, each at a slightly different angle; Satsuki finishes the assault with a vicious slash directly for Elsa's midsection, and /finally/ an attempt at shattering her guard.

Regardless of what happens, when she finishes the series, she slumps slightly, clearly spent.

Elsa staggers backwards as she is kicked away, clearly not expecting the girl to have anything left after such a brutal wound. She hisses in frustration, fists balling up at her sides. "Why won't you just submit?! This is for your own good!"

Satsuki disagrees rather forcefully. As the blade comes up, so too does the SDC's weapon, the umbrella almost completely drenched from a pearly white to a wet crimson with the Doll's blood. The first slash is parried with an almost effortless sweeping motion but even as the two blades clash, Elsa recoils as if she had been struck.


Her confusion buys her no time against the coming onslaught. Slash after slash comes crashing down upon her and in the narrow confines of the alley she has little choice but to stand and defend herself. Each blow is masterfully smashed aside but with every impact her expression grows more pained. The final strike is met with the length of the umbrella but the force blasts the two girls apart sending Elsa stumbling back into the furthest recesses of the dark alley.

A violent retching sound fills the air and Elsa pitches forward, nearly falling to her knees as she ejects blood from her mouth onto the pavement. Thin trickles of sticky wetness drip down from her nose and ears as she lifts her face to glare at Satsuki, clearly far more battered by the psychic energies than the physical assault.

"You... what did you... do to me?!"

Elsa rises back to her feet with a jerking heave and angrily lifts her weapon to point it at the Doll. "This... this is nothing! I've... endured... far worse!"

Bizarrely, instead of bearing down on Satsuki again, Elsa tosses aside the umbrella and lets out a fierce shrill scream of primal outrage. The noise is far louder than it should be, as if amplified through a hidden speaker. Only then does she move, flying across the space between them with an eye for vengence.

Again, something strange happens. Though Elsa has proven a rather skilled combatant thus far, her charge draws up short and she swings her now-empty fist at the air as if she has completely misjudged the distance between them. Were her eyes injured by the psychic assault? Has she simply lost her senses?

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Impossibly a physical force slams into the space that Satsuki currently occupies. A trio of razor sharp blades rip into her body, invisible beneath the holographic cloak but save for a brief instant. In that single moment of contact, the illusion flickers as it adjusts to maintain the deception, revealing three horrifically curved scything claws.

"You have more important questions to cons --" Satsuki starts to shoot back in an uncharacteristic fit of mild sass, but promptly gets an agonizing wound to the stomach; she recoils at the strike, head snapping down. For an instant, she sees that flicker... and suddenly, she understands -- much too late -- exactly what's at stake.

"... Target... not as appears," she murmurs softly, wobbling slightly to one side. "A... adjusting... stance and offensive patterns..." Bringing one hand up to her head, the Doll lunges forward, bringing her blade around. Going into a controlled hop, she attempts to swing her blade out with one arm at max extension, covering the whole distance between them; if she can get a solid hit with /that/ -- or a hit at all, really -- she follows up by springing forward with both feet, just as got her so thoroughly stabbed earlier.

If her /feet/ find purchase, she then goes into a quick flip and pushes herself forward, /face/-first this time, blade whirling all the while. One technique right after another; it seems as though she intends to throw everything she's got at 'Elsa,' now that she realizes the stakes are so high...

... and...

COMBATSYS: Satsuki can no longer fight.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Franziska        0/-------/-======|

... one way or another, she's down.

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[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Franziska        0/-------/-======|

Unfortunately for Satsuki, her realization and the effort that comes with it is much too late to change the outcome of this confrontation. Elsa lingers nearby, perched in a stance that can only be considered predatory. Both arms hang loosely near her sides though they bear a subtle arch to them that speaks of tensed muscles and coiled power. Blood drips from the invisible claws about a foot infront of the girl, marking out the curving lengths of her hidden monstrous anatomy in wet crimson crescents.

When the final desperate counter-assault comes her way, the Hound is ready for it. The first sweeping strike is met by the bloody talons and a spray of hot sparks erupts between them as hard bone grinds on cold steel. The skillful riposte slams home with enough force to jar the Doll out of her assault and once more she finds herself pinned to the alley walls, this time by the powerful grip of Elsa's fingers around her throat.

A look of sadistic glee is visible in the dim light as it slowly spreads to replace the expression of anger and hate. Elsa peers up at her prey and lets loose a gentle girlish titter as she tightens her grip, slowly grinding the air out of Satsuki's neck and shutting off the flow of blood to her head at the same time. It is a simple technique but an effective one.

"Farewell, foolish child. I hope you have... pleasant dreams."

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