Kyoko - Wisdom of a God? Whispers of Human Revolution

Description: Doctor Kyoko Minazuki investigates the presence of unsanctioned equipment on school grounds. What she gets is a spirited conversation between two medical professionals on the future of humanity, and more than she bargained for.

At first it seemed strange to Kyoko that the Atelier group set up one of their medical pavilions in the school grounds; the introductory exam is one not required due to the agreement for Justice's participation. However, all investigations proved Atelier had completely accredited and licensed nurses, ones with medical knowledge that are second only to Kyoko in the school district. This is legitimate -- they actually went to and passed extremely accelerated courses. ...So accelerated as to be suspicious. Every single nurse used by the company is a genius, doing in 2 years what takes most 8, and with zero internships. It rings many dangerous bells, but the fights that took place in Justice they performed exceptionally well and Kyoko only had cause to monitor them -- nothing suspicious took place.
Until the Bastion Corporation armored vehicles came and this time refused to leave. Normally they would deliver certain items and take them at the end of the day to 'prevent contraband temptation' for students, but they are now settled in the tent. Four guards are armored with body armor and holstered pistols, two standing outside the large tend and the others within. All reports indicate that four strange man-sized mechanical items are within it now, and they have demanded that all fighters attend a post-match screening with 'advanced medical technology' to endure health, something not outlined in the contract agreed to... but also one that was not exempted. They are very... insistent on such matters.
And with Kensou and Athena both being attacked and Kensou mortally wounded, it is clear that NESTS is willing to attack even students to get what they want. Left to their own devices, every proud Justice student who says 'no' puts their fate in their own hands...!!


While privacy was something modern society valued in the medical treatment of it's patience, there was a certain amount of transparency in the providers themselves, as required by law. It took a minimal amount of research to have a full list of all registered and advanced practice personnel within the Atelier group. Thumbing through the records she'd printed off the board websites, Kyoko cracked a thin smile as she noted the patterns. "My. They're all so elite. Almost up to the standards of Raizo-sama."

Opening up a drawer in her desk, she gripped a flask and unscrewed the top. Taking a swig from it, she wiped away her mouth with the back of her hand, allowing the bottom to thud upon the desk as she swallowed the liquor. "But they're just a little too..." She grins to herself as she leaned backwards in her office chair, "...immaculate, for this field."


One of her student nurse's aides enters into her office. "Kyoko-sensei!" The physician began to drowsily stir, putting a hand to her forehead, "Chie-chan?" She sounds abstracted as she checks a clock, "I thought you were volunteering at the first aid station near the pavilion." The high school girl seemed blurted out, "We've been shut down! They're saying our services aren't required!" All of a sudden, Kyoko sat up, frowning, "Tell me... what exactly is going on down there?"


The Atelier group had made an extraordinarily bold move, and it required a certain degree of subtlety, lest it get out of hand. Unfortunately, Kyoko Minazuki was anything but subtle. Dressed in her white coat, her dark hair became windswept the moment she stepped onto the field, storming towards the pavilion on her high heels, as she approached the front of the booth, holding her clipboard as if it were her only lifeline through this insanity. If she weren't stopped, she'd walk right in to the nurse. If she /were/ stopped by the quartet of guards, then it wouldn't change her response. No matter who she spoke to, she asked the same question haughtily, "Who is in charge here?"

The two guards from Bastion settle themselves in front of Kyoko. They are dressed more like Riot guards, with heavy vests, forearm and shin guards, and full helmets with shields. The sort you would see transporting highly sensitive information. Sadly, they were already proven to be able to possess firearms, because of the 'dangerous nature' of what they are guarding, as long as it's sufficiently off school campus - that is, in the football fields. There's enough of a pause that there's a good chance Kyoko has been eyeballed.
"Nurse Joy." one of them states. "You're Kyoko, chief Nurse here." The curtain is pulled open, revealing a simple waiting area with multiple seats. A large curtain blocks off the other half, partially open to reveal an examination chair and a desk. To the right, two more guards are keeping a /second/ curtain well defended.
The nurse is... an exceptional beauty. This might be the first time in quite awhile that Kyoko has felt self-conscious about her looks, as this person is only 26, blasphemous curves fit into a classic nursing outfit that one thought only existed in fantasies. She's going through legitimate prep work, before looking up. Blonde hair ponytailed backwards, she gives a smile... one that's condescending.
"Kyoko-sama... Is this about our recent request? Yes, Atelier is more able and better trained to deal with fighting related trauma. We have already been contracted by the Inter-Principal Exchange and paid. There's no reason to make a fuss out of something so minor... is there?"

Dr. Minazuki's eyes glimmer dangerously as her entrance is barred, but she doesn't react violently to it. Instead her eyes flick to the firearms, then to their body armor. She takes in every detail, from their builds, down to the locations of any possible concealed weapons. "Nurse Joy?" She repeats, as if she were asking 'Is that your final answer?'. Moving her gaze to her clipboard, she actually chuckles once, darkly, as if she were considering some sort of inside joke only she understood. The personnel lists of course had her name on it, and her credentials.

Though her eyes look upward just to correct him, "My, so familiar." It would sound almost flirtatious, if not for her next statement, "You can call me Doctor Minazuki." Which is when the curtain is pulled aside and Kyoko takes in the breathtaking beauty of Nurse Joy. She does indeed feel self-conscious, causing her to glower just a little, as she shifts from one leg to the other, placing a hand upon her lip.

When she speaks to her, Kyoko certainly listens, but in the end she smiles back at 'Joy'. "Kyoko-sama is it?" She gives her a faint smile, and for just a moment, if Joy weren't paying close attention, she would think that the wrath of the Doctor had been cut to the quick by the fawning honorific. "It's unfortunate that even if you would offer me such respect, that none of you seem to understand that, the answer to 'who is in charge?' is me." Her gaze sweeps over each of them, "In my current position I am ultimately responsible for the health of all of students at a Justice High Gathering. They are /all/ patients under my supervision. And thus it troubles me that Atelier didn't report the presence of unsanctioned biomedical technology into our event for unauthorized examinations."

Kyoko's eyes seem to pierce through Nurse Joy, taking out the fact that she's so much more gorgeous than her with a pointed deconstruction of everything that is going on. "As spotless as your credentials are, Nurse Joy, then you understand that it's not such a minor thing. Unless the procedures you're conducting with this equipment are common and accepted medical practice, then they're considered experimental. Such requires additional consent from not only every single student, but their parents as well, seeing as they are minors with an explanation that the risks of the procedure might not be currently known due to a lack of long term studies. Otherwise there can be no informed consent. It also requires the approval of the attending physician, and that would be me." A beat before she tries to drive in the knife, "Unless you are suggesting that you're practicing medicine without a license?"

Ah; Kyoko finds something that shouldn't be allowed. Hidden within their forearm guards is the camouflaged hilts to combat knives. Some useful ammunition, if it comes down to it... "Nurses aren't doctors." states the man to the left of the door. "You went into the wrong business..." says the right. Both sound a perfect blend of condescending and lecherous. Strange. Such men should be very professional, not back-talking grunts. Then again, what information was researched shows Bastion is only a few months old and seems to be linked to the same Cartel-front as Atelier... perhaps basic defense did not come with etiquette courses.
"Of course. I defer to you, ultimately. I apologize if I seemed heavy handed. I REQUESTED no assistance... I spent all of my studies on fight-related injuries, and your medical aides were -- well, not required..." A low bow follows, the nurse all pleasantries and submissiveness. Although when the testing comes up, she freezes.
"...It's nothing that will harm the students." she settles on after careful thought. When her eyes lift though, there's a hardness there. No; she's not cowed in the slightest. "...I see." is all she offers. Kyoko's right. But they were ordered into this to use strong arm tactics after all, but as expected Justice is not as easily cowed, when Taiyo and Gedo can have their nurses suppressed and the other schools have no reason to complain.
Justice is a threat.
"Yes, it's experimental. And no, we did not obtain the proper consent." Nurse Joy stands up straight, brushing at her sleeves. "And I am sure Raizo-sama would tell us to shut them down, wouldn't he?" She seems to consider this for long moments. Too long. Abandoning the mission is not an option here. "So that leaves you looking the other way. What would that take, Kyoko-sama...?"

Kyoko doesn't ignore the armored men, quite the contrary. Her eyes sweep off the camouflaged hilts of the combat knifes so quickly that one would be uncertain whether she'd seen anything at all. These weren't well-trained, professional security guards. They reminded her more of mercenaries. However, part of Kyoko's fighting style relied on people underestimating her, so she doesn't react to the casually sexist comments. Let them think she was weak, and unprepared. While she was certainly at a disadvantage against their numbers, especially if the nurse was trained as well, such might give her a slight edge initially. She just had to be respectful of their numbers.

The submissive facade from Joy didn't fool Kyoko in the slightest. She simply listens, she observes, she judges as she realizes that this lady would not be easily cowed. And then, she smiles at her as the bribe comes. Eventually she responds, "I took on this position because I was disenchanted with the realities of the medical field. I understand how government regulation can tie up new treatments, new technology, new pharmaceuticals as companies like Atelier wade through a mire of red tape and bureaucracy. I'm quite sympathetic."

She holds up a palm, "I still have a responsibility to the health and best interests of my patients however. So if you'll simply allow me to examine the equipment in question, and explain the procedures that are being conducted then I might be convinced to let it go." A beat, as she finally offers, "What Raizo-sama doesn't know, won't hurt him." She says agreeably, lying through her teeth. Even if she didn't hold Raizo Imawano in the highest regard, she would still report everything to him. She truly had no choice in that matter.

Nurse Joy bites her lower lip, before nodding her head slowly. "I suppose... showing you the equipment in question is the best for both of us." She then approaches the two men indoors, waving them aside. "Oye, Joy, you look--" He gets that far before a knee thumps him so hard in the cup that he still doubles over, top of his head grasped before flinging him down to thump into the ground. Then she startles, blushing. "I'm sorry. Reflex. I've taken a lot of self-defense courses." No. That was far above self-defense. It was a precise, ruthless and military takedown with no ethical considerations. "But these men just won't learn otherwise. Haha. You have, right?" The second man gets a soft hand pressed to his cheek beneath the visor, and just mumbles something non-sensible while the other writhes and slowly starts to stand.
The curtains swing away, revealing a large machinery. It's not like anything in modern science. Essentially it's a huge half-cylinder that someone could stand within, housed on either side by pillars with a power unit behind. "It's a breakthrough in scanning technology, and the primary flaw is it provides so much information, down to genetics, that our science team cannot properly make use of it. But we know enough that we can detect a pinprick haemorrhage immediately. It uses an ionization resonance field to saturate each cell, then overlays it with a contrasting field to offer us an image that can be focused to the very weave of the helix. ...It's a bit overkill for something so mundane, but we're only testing it for mundane diagnosis. The sensitivity is this is exceptionally proprietary, you see. With it, the medical world itself could change."
That's true. If hospitals had something like this, then Kyoko could begin to fathom the potential. Detecting cancer by a single cell is probably possible, the very moment it starts. After chemo treatment, literally seeing if a single cell survived. It could even be used for HIV, most likely.
Then why has it never been posted in a single medical journal? The point of such things is profit. That implies whoever is funding it is giving them sufficient money... but who? And how did they find sufficient medical geniuses to even create it? This thing is decades ahead of it's time...

Kyoko watches the takedown of the guard, deciding at once that Joy is perhaps the greatest threat in the room, even unarmed. Every twitch of her muscles is observed now out of her periphery, as she tries to determine where she got her training from. Special forces likely, but what kind? The distinctions between the styles and training were important. "Of course. I imagine you spend a lot of time at the local community center. And I understand completely." She had to visibly restrain herself from saying pokemon center.

As the curtains move backwards, Kyoko views the machine, taking in every last detail, and she actually looks impressed. The explanation comes, and suddenly the implications of having this sort of technology occur to her. However, this sort of thing, even in it's experimental stages would in fact, be published in every medical journal worldwide, to give slavering professionals a taste of what is to come from the 'future'. These sort of diagnostic breakthroughs were rushed through testing, because if they could be conducted cheaply, and with minimal side effects, then the benefits outweighed the costs.

It would all be well and good, she might even have given it a pass, save for one thing. The fact that it could examine fighters down to their very genetic code. That had frightening implications, especially after she'd fought Urien who had obvious genetic modifications even if he wasn't part of NESTS himself. Even if the machine couldn't sequence the genetic code efficiently yet... if it could store the information. What might NESTS accomplish with it in the future? "Most impressive. Especially if you've managed to solve the problem of the free radicals that ionization resonance typically produces within each cell."

She says that mostly to try to throw her off-balance for a moment, before finally asking, "Is all of this information uploaded by a network, or stored locally? I wouldn't mind taking a look at a detailed read out for one of our patients. If your best and brightest can't make sense of the output of the data stream, then what would be the harm?" What, indeed?

"Of course. It's entirely benign. It runs three scans that are not present in standard diagnostic machinery. An ambient aura probe, then a DNA probe, then a cellular probe. Basic MRI-style comes after. Multiple computer programs and other filtering systems are being used to better visualize that data and highlight aberrations to detect." It took hundreds of dead Kyo clones for this machinery to be at it's current state. Although the practices might be morbid, each death brought it far further ahead than going the traditional route -- one of the reasons, outside the scientific brain trust, that NESTS has the technology it does.
"Observe...? It's not been used yet on many students. For some reason, all of them have been declining. But due to the sensitivity, we don't actually keep records." Suddenly Nurse Joy smiles. "Why don't you get in and give it a try? You can look at all of your personal details. The data is saved locally and due to confidentiality, purged after automated procedures are done and it has been analyzed." Kyoko would immediately know there's approximately zero percent chance of knowing if she's telling the truth or not. It could all be saved on 100 USB's fired by cannons to NESTS agents, and there's no particular way to find that out without dissecting the machinery. "Or I could get in myself."

The implications just kept becoming more and more frightening. Doctor Minazuki listens, and tries to consider the best course of action here. If she left this pavilion to inform Raizo, then by the time the Headmaster got down here, the machine could be gone. If she fought, as competent as she was, she was at a disadvantage at least from the number of trained personnel.

And yet, there was no real way to get to the bottom of this except by dissecting the machinery, was there? At the same time, the possibility that someone here had a kill switch or self-destruct mechanism wasn't out of the question. And the person who would almost certainly have that was Nurse Joy. Silently she calculates the risks, weighs them, and eventually answers. "You'll understand if a woman of my..." She grimaces a little, this admission was painful, "...age, has to be careful with their health. Would you mind demonstrating it on yourself?"

Silently she looked around the room for a manner by which she might take advantage of Joy's vulnerability while she was being scanned, having marked her as perhaps the greatest threat. Most diagnostic tools like CAT scans and MRIs had straps after all to make certain the patient didn't move 'too much', and there would certainly be other medical supplies around the room.

There's the normal items present in a medical environment, although none are just laying around. A large fridge made out of metal is locked, and a number of cabinets are similarly locked. Both of the guards are staring at Kyoko, the fact she's not unattractive and similarly not kneeing them in the groin apparently a good factor. Well, MAYBE they are staring. Mirrored visors make it impossible to tell if they are admiring stockinged gams or not. "Of course." No straps or anything; Nurse Joy simply steps within.
An adjacent guard then presses a button, before a glass tube slithers up and encompasses her. It locks into place, before the machine begins to hum. Said glass looks rather thick, to say the least. A large monitor to the right pops up, and a number of readouts begin doing diagnostic testing...
Of course, one strange thing is the machine isn't plugged into anything. No generator, no power cord, no nothing. The layout is simple, the majority devoted to navigating the touchscreen. "Right now, it's set only to do MRI scannings." comes a voice from the speaker. Joy was completely silent; she must be isolated very thoroughly indeed. "For the privacy of the students, you see. In terms of speed to accuracy, we want only the best. However, it must be guarded as corporate sabotage is a very real concern here... were you not a verifiable Justice nurse, I'd never be showing it to you at all..."
So far, all of this might very well succeed at coercing Kyoko... if she wasn't aware of precisely who they are, and the signs to watch out for.

COMBATSYS: Bastion Guards has started a fight here.

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Bastion Guards   0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Kyoko has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Kyoko            0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0   Bastion Guards

The tube closes with a click, after the guard adjacent to the console activates it. Kyoko tries to look incredibly interested in what's going on. Her eyes sweep across the consoles, then to a certain button on the formerly pressed console. She was an incredibly calm person, and didn't often get jitters before her battles, but fighting three trained mercenaries, and a 'nurse' with special forces training? It would certainly be a challenge.

It starts without warning, as she takes the few steps towards the guard who had activated the console, and tries to slam her titanium clipboard upwards at the gap between his neck and chin with a powerful rising blow meant to jar his helmet upwards and stun him simultaneously. If all goes well, then she would then lace her fingers of her opposite hand over his arm, and with a quick spin, pull it around to lock his own arm against his neck. "I'm sorry 'Nurse' Joy."

Her intent was rather obvious. First, to take the guard closest to the release button hostage. Second, to interpose him as a human shield between herself and the machine. How hesitant would they be to use their firearms when they could hit one of their fellows, or delicate equipment? Hesitant enough, Kyoko was gambling upon. Still, they had knives, but Kyoko was at her best when dealing with close quarters combat. "But I've determined that I would prefer a more traditional sort of examination to be conducted." The other guards might see a sadistic green gleam within her eyes, which might strike them as odd, given her dark irises from before. "Starting now."

COMBATSYS: Bastion Guards blocks Kyoko's Shusseki Kakunin.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Kyoko            0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0   Bastion Guards

Three? Why, Kyoko must have forgot the two outside. The strength of the Nurse is the real variable here. Alone, none of these men would last more than perhaps fifteen seconds, but with that amount of armor and both some amount of training and conditioning, numbers may matter for the slender woman. Of course, the sudden approach by Kyoko causes the first of the mercenaries to glance over, beginning to tense. He tilts his head down, and his visor catches the notepad; shattering it, she slams home into a kevlar gorget, preventing his throat from being crushed. He manages to mostly resist being twisted around, but is in no position to do anything useful. Yes, had it been just him, the fight is over.
The second guard immediately slides free his combat knife, coming low and then brutally swiping up in two sharp slashes towards Kyoko's torso from the side. "GOT A LIVE ONE!!" Immediately, two more men burst into the pavilion, pistols drawn. "Bravo, get the abort switch!" It seems the one she /didn't/ grab is the team leader, and now she's got one man aiming a gun at her back, one with a knife to her side, one grappled, and the fourth making a go for the red button with the fierceness of a quarterback.
Nurse Joy says nothing as the machine begins to hum. She shifts in her high heels, brushing at her thigh. Before reaching behind, and slowly pullig out a pair of black gloves. One is pulled on slowly, then the other, before she ties her hair into a tighter bun... eyes shifting with a cold detachment that puts the group Kyoko wrestles to shame...

COMBATSYS: Kyoko blocks Bastion Guards' Combat Knife.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Kyoko            0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0   Bastion Guards

Well, that didn't go as smoothly as she would have liked. The second guard comes in with his contraband combat knife, and Kyoko has to admire his exuberance. "My, how lively." Most would be a tad more cautious. She interposes her clipboard, between the knife's first strike, and the first skitters off it as she sidesteps. The second she tries to deflect with the edge of the same edge of it, and this time it doesn't quite make it. Instead the knife cuts a line across the lateral side of her wrist, blood beginning to ooze out almost immediately. It raises a pained wince from her as droplets splatter over the floor of the pavilion, but she's calm enough about such an injury. After all, she understood it intimately.

Taking stock of her circumstances, she clucks her tongue as she makes the realization of the position of the others in the room leaves her incredibly vulnerable, and not in the greatest of positions to stop the one making a spirited run for the console. Her immediate concern was the gun pointed at her back and the knife wielder. Just as pressing however was the man making a run for the switch. "Were you hoping for someone less so?"

How exactly could she accomplish all of her objectives at once?

"I can't just let you have your way." Not easily at least, if she could manage it at all. The key was varying her usual rhythm just enough. Right now she needed speed. She starts by trying to grab the knife wielder's wrist to throw his knife out wide. If successful, she spins him around so that his front is facing the hand gun wielding soldier, smashing her knee viciously into his riot armor's back in an attempt to crush right through it, but she wasn't exactly counting on it being enough on it's own.

If all goes well, then another side kick is offered, before she moves in even further to plant her heel against the small of his back while upright. She rolls backwards and pushes up, using the momentum to try to fling him up and over at the soldier making a run for the button. It was a long shot, but it was the only way she had a chance to even delay them.

The only problem with this strategem, even assuming it all went well was... it would leave her momentarily open to the one wielding the gun, now wouldn't it?

COMBATSYS: Kyoko successfully hits Bastion Guards with Shokushin.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Kyoko            0/-------/----===|===----\-------\0   Bastion Guards

The assault goes as Kyoko intends it to, almost down to the letter. These men are not individually trained, but like a mangy pack of dogs are menacing when enough of them are together. Catching and twisting the man with the knife, he aims a clumsy backhand easily ducked -- well, he at least knows the proper technique, even if he's good at it -- which only makes it easier for his armor to shatter beneath Kyoko's knee. It is made to stop bullets, not the sheer power of Kyoko's impact force! The hapless man is then hurled, impacting the guard reaching for the button in the side; and sending the pair of them flying to the ground. In the struggle, the man Kyoko had been using as a shield manages to twist and elbow a few sharp times towards her chest, wrenching free to stumble forward. Things would be fine... if not for the one with the gun. He immediately fires, three sharp CRACKS in the air. However, if they miss her, won't they hit the glass...?! The other two are getting up, one reaching in a lunge for the red button again. Maybe his arms need broken, he's taking his orders very seriously. At least the captain is barely writhing at this point...
The scan begins, suffusing the interior of the tube with blue. Slowly a three dimensional image takes place beside, as the heeled girl within begins to casually stretch, back arching in preparation. Patient, in no rush, and without any apparent concern for the individuals fighting desperately outside. The glass must be armored, given she's not even trying to get free... or maybe it's just worth that much?

COMBATSYS: Bastion Guards successfully hit Kyoko with Medium Shot.

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The elbow strikes cause her to growl through her teeth, but he's not in a position to do him all that much good.

As Kyoko is getting up, she's shot. It's an interesting sensation, the first impact staggers her a step as it strikes her hip. The second spins her around as it hits her shoulder. And the third. Well, as it hits her abdomen, blowing her backwards, where she strikes the refrigerator with a hard thud and slumps down. It's certainly not her finest moment.

And while everything hurts, inwardly her mind tries to process the extent of the damage. What caliber was it? How much cavitation? Entrance and exit wounds? A hand clamps down on the abdominal wound for a moment, before she realizes... there's just not enough blood. Confused, she dares to take a glance, and sees that it's more bludgeoning impact, the skin was broken, but not penetrated. "Cute." She blows a long strand of hair that's now out of place from her eyes, rising to her feet after a moment. Out of her periphery she tries to take in the details of the three dimensional image, but doesn't get a good look at it. Somewhere along her flight, she lost her clipboard which came to a rest near the glass tube before spinning around like a hub cap, and finally growing still. And then she catches sight of the one getting up, moving for the button. "Don't you d-"

Suddenly she's moving again, serpent quick. How could anyone be so fast on heels? It's such an impractical way to fight, yet to her it came as naturally to breathing. Moving towards the one reaching for the button, she tries to grab him from behind, a leg attempting to stomp down on the back of his knee, before she tries once again to put him on the ground. "Why does noone ever listen to their doctor in this day and age?" She complains to noone in particular.

COMBATSYS: Bastion Guards dodges Kyoko's Fast Throw.

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The man glances over his shoulder with a wild expression, but what saves him is the man beside him. Kyoko grasps him for a moment, but then another of the Bastion guards slams his shoulder into the girl, knocking her away with surprising brute force. A moment later the red button is hit, and then there's an angry electronic noise. The scanning stops immediately, and with a hiss the armored glass descends.
There's still no rush from Nurse Joy, who simply strides one step out before clenching her fists in a creak of leather. "I had really attempted to do this in as diplomatic a fashion as possible. But it seems everyone at Justice is as blind as they are violent..."
The three men not initially beaten senseless -- only now is the captain back on his feet -- and then they all just hurl themselves at Kyoko, trying to grapple an arm, a leg, and her midsection all at once!! It's probably not the wisest course of action, but it might slow her down a little? Especially given the brutal elbow and knee and at least one headbutt thrown into things!!

COMBATSYS: Nurse Joy has joined the fight here on the right meter side.

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[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Kyoko            0/-------/--=====|

COMBATSYS: Bastion Guards has joined the fight here on the right meter side.

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Kyoko            0/-------/--=====|===----\-------\0   Bastion Guards
                                  >  //////////////////////////////]
                                  |-------\-------\0        Nurse Joy

COMBATSYS: Kyoko fails to counter Mob Tactics from Bastion Guards with Kaishin.

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Kyoko            1/-------/=======|===----\-------\0   Bastion Guards
                                  >  //////////////////////////////]
                                  |-------\-------\0        Nurse Joy

Kyoko's grasp is thrown awry by the shoulder check, which knocks her into a shelf of medical supplies. It teeters, before toppling and showering her within them. The shelf is cast aside in frustration, but the damage is done already, 'Nurse Joy' is free.

Gasping for breath, she eventually pants out. "Blind? Hardly. Do you think I'm simply going to let you walk away with the genetic codes of some of our finest fighters?" It's at that moment, that she's rushed by three working in unison. The only thing that makes sense in response to that crowd is what comes next. She curls up her foot next to her body, and springs into the air, foot extended as she tries to make a wide sweeping kick that was intended to disperse them.

It didn't exactly work as planned. One grasps her leg before the kick can make contact, and for a moment she looks almost frozen in mid air. That's when her arm is grasped, and she's pulled down into a brutal beatdown of the three acting as one. Things were looking rather bad for Doctor Minazuki, as it stands, the final headbutt making her neck crack backwards.

"You speak as if you know more than you ought..." Nurse Joy states, shifting in her own high heels before simply beginning to approach with rather more of a swishay than is strictly necessary. As the mob continues to try to wail, beat, pistol-whip, and otherwise manhandle Kyoko, Nurse Joy slips close, suddenly shifting to snap up her foot and shoot down, aiming the point of her high heels at the side of her head. "Surrender. It's obvious you cannot defeat us now. Don't worry... you won't die. But... I have never found consent to be mandatory...!!"

COMBATSYS: Kyoko blocks Bastion Guards' Fierce Punch.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Kyoko            1/------=/=======|===----\-------\0   Bastion Guards
                                  >  //////////////////////////////]
                                  |-------\-------\0        Nurse Joy

COMBATSYS: Nurse Joy successfully hit Kyoko with Quick Kick.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Kyoko            1/-----==/=======|===----\-------\0   Bastion Guards
                                  >  //////////////////////////////]
                                  |-------\-------\0        Nurse Joy

There's not much to do there except try to fend it off as best as she can. The fierce beatdown continues, and Kyoko tries to block it as best as she can, each impact against a limb a sharp sting followed by incredibly numbing pain. She was in trouble, and she knew it. Which is when Joy joins the fray, the quick kick snapping up into Kyoko's head at the most inopportune of times, the heel driving creating a fierce cut along her temple. It carries her down, and backwards, Kyoko hitting the ground near the front of the pavilion hard, rolling along the ground in an uncontrolled fashion.

It would be wise to surrender, wouldn't it?

Or run. Either were options. And yet, as Kyoko gets up, she looks as if she has no intention of running. In fact despite the beatdown she received, she looks like... she's still trying to maintain some measure of control over the fight. "The funny thing is, Nurse Joy." Rushing into the fray, she leaps towards the first man, looking like a terror herself, with a knee attempting to smash him right in the center of the chest, and drive him off the ground. As he's flying, she lands and tries to kick the next man's legs out from under him.

If successful, she'd slam her knee into the center of his back, before cartwheeling upright. As the flying man descends. She'd leap up after him, seeking to grip him in mid-air, and turn him so that his back is facing the ground. As they descend, she lands first, and then so would his back if all goes well. Right onto her knee with a backbreaking maneuver. Cruelly driving him there, she'd stare at the third man, before attempting shrugging her shoulders, and trying to throw her foe right at him, before dusting off her hands, and winking at Nurse Joy. "Neither have I."

COMBATSYS: Kyoko successfully hits Bastion Guards with Final Prescription.
~~ Alluring Hit! ~~

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Kyoko            0/-------/-----==|=======\=------\1   Bastion Guards
                                  >  //////////////////////////////]
                                  |-------\-------\0        Nurse Joy

Bastion Guards falls asleep.

Nurse Joy falls asleep.

Bastion Guards wakes up.

Nurse Joy wakes up.

Bastion Guards falls asleep.

Nurse Joy falls asleep.

Bastion Guards wakes up.

Nurse Joy wakes up.

COMBATSYS: Nurse Joy successfully hit Bastion Guards with Savage Grapple.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //                            ]
Kyoko            0/-------/-----==|=======\=======\1   Bastion Guards
                                  >  //////////////////////////////]
                                  |==-----\-------\0        Nurse Joy

Nurse Joy lifts a hand, and the remaining Bastion guards slither back, moving to surround; two are behind Kyoko, and two are flanking Nurse Joy at either side. A couple of them are in pretty dire straights, but combat knifes and pistols are present. Only for what seemed to be a weakened Kyoko to lash out with brutal strength; the man adjacent to her and slightly behind eats an explosive knee that destroys the last of his combat armor, splinters of advanced ceramics going everywhere before he hits the pavilion roof, the fabric stretching before flinging him back down like a trampoline.
The one beside him is kicked out before he knows what's going on, explosive strike causing a spray of blood from his mouth. The worst of the lot doesn't even get the good decency to faceplant, instead eating a driving backbreaker before Kyoko uses him as a human shuriken to knock a third away. Two are down, and not getting up; only the battered Captain and the one who disentangles roughly from the hurtled unconscious guard remain up, returning to Joy's side.
"We... We can defeat her, Joy..." the Captain begins. "You--"
"No. She looks fun."
Suddenly, Joy leaps up. She does a mid-air split, hooking her slender legs about the back of the necks of both adjacent guards. They begin to resist, futilely; before she SLAMS their faces together so hard that the visors explode, helmets rupture. Twisting backwards, Joy thumps both palms on the ground and then /kicks/ them away in tandem, flying like broken dolls. One crashes into the exam table and hurtles it over, the other bouncing off the fridge and landing in a heap beside Kyoko.
Joy brushes herself off then, looking Kyoko down. "I think it proper to settle this as fellow nurses. Don't you agree...?"

COMBATSYS: Bastion Guards takes no action.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Kyoko            0/-------/-----==|==-----\-------\0        Nurse Joy

COMBATSYS: Bastion Guards can no longer fight.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Kyoko            0/-------/-----==|==-----\-------\0        Nurse Joy

Goodness. Nurse Joy was quite exuberant. And Kyoko was looking, a little worn, and quite battered. The sleeve of one side of her white coat was stained in blood. Her hose was torn, and the areas of her leg shown by the gaps were showing ugly bruises. It was a wonder her glasses weren't shattered, given how the guards had done a number working her over. And Nurse Joy here was still fresh. Younger than her, faster than her, and yes, even prettier than her.

There's a hitch in her step backwards as she watches the final guard slump over, and part of her thinks the wise thing to do would be to run. After all, she honestly didn't know if she could take her in her current state. She could at least call for help, maybe get in a distress call to one of the faculty, or the headmaster. And yet, perhaps... just perhaps... part of her is annoyed by that thought of inadequacy. And so as Joy tells her that they should settle this as fellow nurses, she squares her stance, placing her bleeding arm out in front of the other. And smiles at her wide enough to show teeth. "Come now. Surely you know by now..."

Assuming a low stance, she dashes forward, making a short hop into the air to feint with what looks like it's a kick. Mid-leap however, her hands lash out to attempt to catch a single arm of Joy's guard, using the momentum of her landing from the feinted kick to wrench it and throw her off-balance, spinning behind her if all goes well. There she would try to bend it into an Ikkyo arm-lock at the elbow and the wrist, trying to twist it into an early submission. "...That we're both too overqualified for us to say we're settling it like that!"

COMBATSYS: Kyoko successfully hits Nurse Joy with Medium Throw.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Kyoko            0/-------/-----==|====---\-------\0        Nurse Joy

There's a look in Joy's face as she just grins down to Kyoko. The look of someone who believes themselves superior. But this... this is different. The Justice head of health is used to people underestimating her for being a female. People underestimating her because she's a nurse, despite her degree. But here stands a woman who is fully aware how strong she is, fully aware of how qualified she is...
And is still looking down on her as an inferior.
The rush forward works, as the nurse shifts her heeled foot to try and intercept a shin kick that never comes. Her arm caught, she finds herself rolled upon the back and the sudden stretch forcing a deep exhale, making it hard to breathe. "Is... that so..." Suddenly, in a startling show of flexibility. Joy twists backwards with her free limb -- aiming it to snake it around below Kyoko's chin and grasp tight. One leg hooks at her hip, the other heel clacking down on the floor, before with a powerful surge of strength far beyond what someone of her build should be capable of, she attempts to flip Kyoko into the air in a wild spiral from which she couldn't recover, right towards the already battered cabinets and counter of the mostly destroyed interior. "I may have learned medicine. But it was not to help. It was to dissect...!!"

COMBATSYS: Kyoko blocks Nurse Joy's Frequent Flyer.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Kyoko            0/-------/----===|====---\-------\0        Nurse Joy

A master of grappling herself, Kyoko knows how to defend against her assault. Her free hand shoots up, to grasp ahold of Joy's leg, before it can press down against her throat. Her muscles strain with exertion, as sweat beads along her forehead as the leg fights to press against her chin. She gives up the arm in order to hook an elbow right at the knee joint near Joy's hip. It spoils the throw that comes next from being too devastating, even if both of her arms feel like the joints are popping out of their sockets.

Flung towards the medicine cabinets, she manages to right herself enough to guard against the impact. It's still a jarring one, but far from the effect Joy likely desired as they rock back and forth before Kyoko slams a hand out to steady it and prevent it from toppling over her. "Really? How extraordinary!" Turning around, there's a certain gleam in her eyes. "I went into the medical field to help people. I got out of it to guide and nurture young minds along the right path. Learning to..."

Assuming her single wing stance, she ducks low, one arm forward, the other back, she grasps her clipboard along the way, diving to pick it up where it fell. As she gets close, she starts with a sweeping kick from the leg behind her, but mid-swing she stops, suddenly rising with her knee curled against her body. "...take someone apart?" The very movement itself looks pained, like she's having a tough time finding her normal rhythm amongst all of her injuries, but it's still quick enough. She leaps at Joy, her knee lancing out towards her jaw. This time the knee smash was genuine. A powerful strike intended to smash through whatever defense she could put up, and catch her right in the jaw. "That was just a bonus!"

COMBATSYS: Nurse Joy dodges Kyoko's Heavy Kick.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Kyoko            0/-------/----===|====---\-------\0        Nurse Joy

In a slow, languid fashion Nurse Joy shows a surprisingly flexible and almost inhuman return to an upright position, twisting her body upwards and settling down on her heels like some kind of doll that has been too smoothly animated. Is this the sort of operatives NESTS has? This will be useful information. Acquiring a group of thugs like the defeated Bastion agents is nothing, but it appears Nurse Joy is actually directly affiliated with the Cartel... and has individual power, to boot.
"The right path? Yes. I actually agree--" she begins, watching as Kyoko navigates through the battlefield. The knee strike is evaded with a twist so close it brushes against her midsection, before swishing about an ankle to catch Kyoko's leg while she's not yet got both heels firmly in the ground. A palm then shifts to grasp her by the side, before hurtling her to the right while kicking to the left, with the intention of cartwheeling her mid-air an entire rotation before she crashes upon the ground.
"--That people need to improve. But evolution of the mind is not enough. I... have a body that no training could hope to possess." She then dislocates her shoulder, elbow, and wrist of one arm, twisting it up and over her head as an example. Explains how ungodly limber she is. "Are you not envious? I am actually 37. But my body still looks in the early twenties... even if you look like the auntie~"

COMBATSYS: Nurse Joy successfully hit Kyoko with Acopia.

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Kyoko            0/-------/=======|=====--\-------\0        Nurse Joy

Kyoko sees it coming, but is unable to stop what happens next. Nurse Joy's arm whips up, quick as lightning, and catches her leg. Before she can try to right herself, her side is grasped. It's a sense of complete helplness as she's hurtled, rotating through the air, before crashing down onto the ground. /Right/ upon her neck. There's an audible crack, then a wretched gagging noise as the physician sprawls out on the ground, losing whatever is left of her lunch from the wave of nausea she feels.

It seems like she's fighting her hardest to prevent herself from passing out, as she listens and watches Nurse's Joy's display. After a few moments, she stands, puts one hand to each side of her neck, and cracks it. There's a pained gasp from her mouth, as she performs a subluxation of her own joints, part of her amused that modern science still doesn't understand whether it's even a benefit or not. Here it seems beneficial at least.

"I think the real human revolution is yet to come." She says calmly, fighting with every iota of her being from passing out. "But if humanity truly does want to transcend, then wisdom is required to temper ambition." There's something in her eyes again, which Nurse Joy would definitely see, a green gleam that just suddenly appears, and for a moment, it looks like there's more than meets the eye to her as well. "It's a pity then that..."

She moves forward a bit drunkenly at first, deceptively, before she reaches out to try to grasp Joy's arm, trying to be as swift as possible as she can through the waves of agony. If she's successful, then she tries to fight against Joy's titanic strength and flexibility to pull it around her neck, tugging the hand beneath the shoulder of her other arm if she can manage it. One leg would move around her hip, then behind her knee, and starts to twist. If all goes well... then what happens next is a vicious twist intended to dislocate all of the controlled joints out of their sockets, and damage them beyond her ability to pop back in easily... "You won't be there to see it!"

COMBATSYS: Nurse Joy narrowly escapes Kyoko's Hell Exam!

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Kyoko            0/-------/-------|=====--\-------\0        Nurse Joy

Nurse Joy falls asleep.

Nurse Joy wakes up.

"Oops~ Sorry. Did I break you?" Joy states, looming above the fallen Kyoko with her steel heels clacking as she shifts her weight to one hip, hand upon it and grinning downwards at the fallen girl. She attempts to step on her hand and grind it, as opposed to lash out for a finishing blow while she's so damaged.
"Ah~ You can get up! Wonderful!" She claps her hands in acknowledgement, although the darkness seems to return. "Of course. We have a leader with absolute wisdom... the wisdom of a God...!!" There's reverence in her voice. She knows a lot about NESTS it would seem, although the hope of capturing her appears to be shrinking every second.
Underestimating Kyoko almost costs Joy majorly. Grappled, her arm and shoulder are grasped... before in a sudden exhale, she seems to retract inwards. Her bones appear unusually flexible, joints yanking free and the twist simply causes her to pop free. Dropping to a crouch, she remains exceptionally vulnerable, her shoulder no longer useable. "Ah... You still have some fight left?!"
She then does a handstand with her good palm, beginning to whirl around and strike multiple times with her sharp heels at Kyoko's face, aiming to slam repeatedly in an attempt to knock her down -- for good!!

COMBATSYS: Kyoko counters Ward X from Nurse Joy with Kaishin.

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Kyoko            0/-------/------=|=======\-------\1        Nurse Joy

Kyoko knew she was just barely hanging on, by a thread and she knew it. While the surge of adrenaline and endorphins were doing wonders for keeping her standing, for dulling the agony she felt in the back of her neck, and throughout her body, she tried to make a decisive move, and... learned that underestimating Joy almost cost her just as deadly. As she watches Joy's bones contract upon themselves and expand, she wonders just what extent of genetic modification had been performed upon her. It was marvelous in a way, just as it was terrifying.

Noting that Joy's shoulder didn't /quite/ seem to pop back into place, permanently dislocated, there's a certain gleam in the reflection of her glasses as she thinks on how to exploit that. "The wisdom of a god?" As she watches Joy balance on a single hand, she takes a step backwards, trying to time it just right for the smallest gap in Joy's defenses caused by the disuse of one limb to hamper the mobility of her technique. It was subtle, but it was present. Timing it just right to duck beneath the first strike, Kyoko takes a light hop in the air before the next limb would hit, her own roundhouse kick matching the rhythm of Joy's whirling limbs. "I'd prefer to put my faith in science..."

She aims her first strike at her opponent's hip to disrupt the flow of her technique, before she would remain in the air, her foot coming around over and over as she swings around like a rapidly spinning hand of a clock. "...and good sake." She quips, trying to ignore the haze of pain which threatened to overwhelm her.

The sudden brutal strike hits the hapless nurse in the midsection, sending her thumping down into the center of the pavilion. All the noise must be attracting attention soon. Slowly she gets back to her feet, before flexing her right arm. Gradually, muscles beginning to pull the joint back into the socket. It'll be some time before she's fighting fit, and the pain appears absurdly distracting. "What if... science created God? Could you deny it then?" offers Nurse Joy, with the same sort of crazed reverence. And then she suddenly shoots forward, shifting to the left before dropping down to snap her heels and try to take Kyoko down with her. Leaping over, parted knees would attempt a locking straddle before a firm grasp would be pressed upon the other girl's heart then, to feel each thump... before suddenly striking down with her fist, and cause a brief, but excruciatingly painful, cardiovascular episode through the sudden interruption of the heartbeat through physical trauma. "But... you'll be dissected either way!!"

Kyoko says, "Hrm."

COMBATSYS: Kyoko dodges Nurse Joy's Flatline.

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Kyoko            0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0        Nurse Joy

It's an interesting question. One of those questions that would drive religious fundamentalists insane. What happens when science learns enough that there are no truths left to learn? Would humanity become gods? Or would they just have the ability to fashion one themselves? It's also frightening in their implications.

Unfortunately she has no time to consider it, because Joy is upon her, just after she landed herself, off-balance, her legs are swept out from under her, and she rolls backwards, slapping the ground to try to dissipate the force of the landing. It works, and the hard fall is instead changed into a mostly gentle landing. The problem is, that Nurse Joy, just leapt onto her, straddling her around her hips, making her unable to get up from easily.

It was a vulnerable position for both herself, and Joy, with none of her limbs pinned. And being a physician, she understands exactly what is happening. It was a concept known as Commotio Cordio. One which causes a lethal interruption of the heart rhythm. And before Kyoko even makes a movement, she allows... her heart to race even more. It was a simple thing, to pick up her breathing, to increase the rate of it's current tachycardia on the fly by just a couple beats. The sudden regular irregularity of it quickening in pace would make it much harder for her to strike a lethal blow during the start of the T wave.

As the fist lances down, Kyoko's own hands shoot up, and grasp the wrist, curbing some of it's momentum. However, the blow still lands, and there is a wince that's elicited on her facial features. "I think." Yet there are no cracked ribs from the experience, and the intent of the lethal arrythmia is prevented entirely. "If I needed a cardiology consult." She rasps out, before trying to wrench Joy's single good arm backwards, her other hand shooting out to punish her opposite, dislocated shoulder.

Her intent was to prevent any further movements of the arms while she set herself up. The obvious reaction in this position would for Joy to increase the grip on her legs. And then, flexing her knees to push her feet underneath her, she leaps upright, trying to stand even with Joy locked to her in close quarters combat. "Then I'd ask for one! As it stands, I think I am eminently qualified..."

As quickly as she can, she bends her knees again, flexing her back in a Greco-Roman suplex intended to use Joy's sudden 'height' advantage from being locked to her weight... to suplex her right into the ground behind them. " handle the neck fusion you'll need!"

COMBATSYS: Nurse Joy blocks Kyoko's Suplex.

[                        \\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Kyoko            0/-------/------=|=------\-------\0        Nurse Joy

So in the end, it became a battle of medical expertise. To be fair, Kyoko would still find it to be difficult. There's a hasted lack of haste, trying to compensate for the other nurse's attempts to dissipate her technique. Still, Kyoko might note, her timing was proper. All that she did was buy enough time to regain strength and position to grab her wrist, so the impact doesn't do anything but leave a nasty bruise. "...!" If only Joy had been faster, this would have been over...!
A sudden violent twist of the shoulder pops Joy's joint back into place at long last, keeping herself clinged until she's grasped by the suplex. Now with the use of both hands, her palms slam hard into the ground, strange physiology absorbing the brunt of the blow. "No..." she hisses out, before suddenly locking her ankles at Kyoko's middle back. "I believe I request a second opinion...!!"
And then, in a bizarre show, the unusually strong NESTS assassin moves to heft up /Kyoko/, before twisting in air and moving to slam her down, akin to a hip-mounted frankensteiner while doing a handstand... right atop her head, if everything goes according to plan! She should be defeated... why is she still able to fight back so masterfully, when it's futile?! Was she in too much a rush disabling her men...?

COMBATSYS: Kyoko dodges Nurse Joy's Strong Throw.

[                        \\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Kyoko            0/-------/------=|=------\-------\0        Nurse Joy

Kyoko certainly wasn't downplaying her expertise. Anyone in a project such as this certainly couldn't be underestimated in their knowledge. Thus in a way it was a battle of the wits just as much as it was one of the body. And despite still having her wits intact, her body was only barely hanging in there. Her orthopedic knowledge didn't give her even close to as much of an edge as usual given her opponent's weird anatomy, as displayed when Nurse Joy suddenly pops her shoulder right back in.

Joy's strength is hellish as well, and Kyoko finds herself lifted up as if she were a child, rather than a grown woman, by someone performing a /handstand/ no less. And so Kyoko does the only thing she thinks can in this situation. She puts down both palms in anticipation of the impact on her head, twisting her whole body the moment they touch down and pushing up in order to spoil Joy's intent to slam her down. It's so close, that her head comes within mere centimeters from the ground, before the two of them take off again. Her own intent is to wrench Joy off balance from her own handstand. Even mounted on her hip, she could still take her on a ride, so long as Joy's hands weren't on the floor to control the direction.

Immediately after she takes off, she corkscrews through the air, somehow managing with Joy's extra weight to land on her own feet. "My~ You should learn to trust me more!" She says facetiously, trying to use such to mask the fact that she was only barely hanging in there. Smiling, a hand lances forward, towards one of Joy's wrist, beginning a back and forth gaming of trying to gain an advantage with one try at a grab after the other. Both of her arms moving for feint and riposte given the Joy's likely response in this close quarters wrestling match.

Until finally, she tries to slam down a palm on the back of Joy's elbow. Her other hand then lances out with another feint that looks like it's going to grab Joy's wrist for another arm lock. And yet, perhaps that doesn't make a great deal of sense. In her current position, how would she control Joy's body?

The answer is. She doesn't.

At the last moment, it shifts, as she tries to slam down her right elbow on the ball and socket joint where the hip meets the leg. "I'm a Doctor after all!" If all goes well, then after the two stunning impacts, she'd try to grip Joy by her classic nurse's uniform, and pull her forward, her head then shooting forward in time with it to try to headbutt her straight on.

COMBATSYS: Kyoko successfully hits Nurse Joy with Strong Punch.
- Power hit! -

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Kyoko            0/-------/----===|======-\-------\0        Nurse Joy

Nurse Joy falls asleep.

Nurse Joy wakes up.

Playing halfass against someone who may very well be a few years older than Kyoko with a regimented super-dense training regiment that learned to save lives in order to end them is not someone that can be taken lightly. If anything, the difference is talent. Everything about Nurse Joy feels regimented and straightforward, as if she were following a recipe. There's no passion or flow to it, no energy, the way Kyoko does. That, more than anything, is the true difference between them.
If this had been a gymnastic routine, chances are the pair would be getting a standing ovation the way they almost slinkied across the pavilion, thumping aside unconscious soldiers and knocking over an IV stand with a loud clatter. "Tch... stop resisting...!" Impatience. A dangerous thing, to one of her pursuits. What happens is a game of hot potato; Kyoko grasps her, Joy grasps back, then Joy grasps Kyoko, Kyoko grasps back, a ploy of dominance as those thighs begin to tighten, trying to gradually crush at the girl like a serpent. "Your skills... cannot... match mine...!" She's doing well, for sure.
But then her elbow is held instead, and she starts to counter a... no. That's something else. Suddenly Joy is struck dead in the face, launched off like a rocket to slam into the canvas of the pavilion and then rebound heavily, thumping on her hands and knees. Blood pours from her crooked nose, breath coming quicker. "Do Not Harm. You took that vow... didn't you?!" And then the nurse rushes forward, doing a sudden cartwheel and swishing out the steel heel of her stiletto, trying a sudden, rapid strike to thump with deathly precision right upon her head!! "GIVE UP!!"

COMBATSYS: Kyoko blocks Nurse Joy's Quick Kick.

[                        \\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Kyoko            0/-------/----===|======-\-------\0        Nurse Joy

"Are you really citing the Hippocratic Oath? The Greeks?" Kyoko is relieved when Joy goes flying, but while she's hurt, she's certainly not out, as evidenced by her wild rush. Swiftly, Kyoko picks up the tray of a Mayo stand nearby, and swiftly raises it in an attempt to parry the blow. Whatever Joy's deficiencies of technique might be, she's lightning swift, and stronger than Kyoko certainly. The impact of her heel thuds against the tray, which then slams backwards towards Kyoko's face, causing her to stagger off balance despite the blow being somewhat dull.

Putting a hand up to her glasses, she notes there's now a spidery series of cracks in the center of the right lens, hampering her vision. At that, she frowns, as she struggles to take up a fighting stance once more. "Have you ever actually /read/ the oath? It forbids surgery as well you know. I would have thought better of a woman of science like yourself, to not allow yourself to be bound by such ancient hogwash. Of course I didn't take it!"

Her head feels like it's swimming now, and absently she wonders if she's concussed, but she can't allow herself to think upon that. Joy is angry now, and perhaps a little off her game, she decides to try to use that to try to get into her head space. "Your skills are so... rigid." Now moving forward, she starts by snapping a kick forward, keeping it purposefully high, before dropping it down as an axe kick. It isn't intended to hit. She simply tries to use it to predict Joy's reaction, and then feint with another strike of the Mayo stand's steel top. "It's almost like practicing..." She then flings the stand top, over her head, another feint with the intention of trying to get her to duck under it.

The true attack comes next, as she tries to spin into Joy's guard, and attempts to grasp her old-fashioned nurse uniform just below each arm pit. Her knee then whips up, twice, trying to stun her with strikes to her abdomen, before she then releases her by ducking down low, then trying to hit her clean in the chest with a solid kick. "...cookbook medicine with protocols!" Whatever Kyoko's deficiencies might be, her burning passion, and the adaptability of her techniques, /might/ see her through. But all of this was in doubt, given how monstrously skilled and powerful Joy was turning out to be!

COMBATSYS: Nurse Joy blocks Kyoko's Chest Diagnosis.

[                        \\\\\\  < >  /////////                     ]
Kyoko            0/-------/----===|=======\-------\0        Nurse Joy

Recovering from the kick quickly, Nurse Joy crouches down, resting her weight on her heels... which happens to be on the groaning form of a discarded captain, who writhes impotently. A slow lick of the lips follows, tasting blood from the split on her nose. "Of course it's rubbish. But I thought you, a member of Justice... had stronger morals than an assassin. Using your arts to harm... you have no shame at all? To me, it's a career. What I was created to do...!"
The onslaught that follows is deftly avoided, and it's obvious now that Kyoko is taking the time. Her movements are crisp and perfect, but that means each route is optimal. They can be predicted. Nothing erratic or adaptable about them. Someone who could not handle her speed and power might succumb anyway...
But Kyoko can.
The grasps happen perfectly, although both arms suddenly snap down, locking with the girl's own. Her knee snaps out, striking into the incoming ones, deflecting them away. "Is that the best you--AH!" She's then kicked straight in the chest, staggering backwards with a look of shocked horror. "...!!" All of her techniques are suddenly gone, as she leaps to tackle Kyoko to the ground and begin flailing around with her, attempting a yank of the hair, a slap to the face back and forth, and a rather generic throttling.
That just turned it into a catfight.

COMBATSYS: Kyoko fails to counter Hammer from Nurse Joy with Weight Diagnosis.

                                  >  ////////                      ]
                                  |=======\-------\1        Nurse Joy

COMBATSYS: Kyoko can no longer fight.

                                  >  ////////                      ]
                                  |=======\-------\1        Nurse Joy

"You say I'm immoral? What do you think justice means?" Kyoko retorts while she's on the offensive. "Modern medicine is far too corrupt to deliver anything close to fairness. Sometimes a physician must do harm in order to others to repair what is broken! If that requires me to be shameless? Then so be it!"

The sudden brutality of Joy's next offensive takes her off guard, the impulsiveness. Everything before had seemed too controlled, too regimented, too military. And yet now... now she had switched to brawling in the blink of an eye. Kyoko tries to ready herself for it, intending to drive into her guard with another series of kicks, but as she steps forward at Joy, her knee rising up, she's caught before the kick can ever rise.

Tackled head on, with the air knocked out of her, she's brutally worked over by Joy's onslaught. One bruise, one welt, after another is raised on Kyoko's face, as she impotently tries to fend it off with raised hands. The insult to injury comes with the pulling of the hair, which wrenches her already vulnerable neck backwards. And it's that moment when Doctor Kyoko Minazuki swoons when the sudden wave of agony hits and is too much for her system to bear. She falls limp a moment afterwards

As it stands, Joy might continue her brutal beating for some time before the realization that Kyoko is out ever hits.

"Ha... ha..." To think, of all the assassination arts that are present within the assassin, it was a leaping flail that took Kyoko off-guard. It had passion, the one thing lacking the entire time. Once it's apparent the girl is down for the count, Nurse Joy picks herself back up and then undoes her bun, allowing her hair to flow down once more. Unlocking the fridge, she pulls out four syringes, injecting each into a downed man who jerks awake with a sharp gasp. "Well. It seems we were attacked by Justice. They badly damaged us all... and destroyed our specialized equipment."
Kyoko is dragged by the shoulders over to the exterior grass outside, before she's given a shot too. It's delayed action, and will be about a minute before she rouses. ...Somewhat healed. Moreso than she is now, from the advanced NESTS serum, Unlike those who simply woke up.
A few button presses, and the machine in question abruptly explodes. The entire pavilion is awash in flames and debris, sending Nurse Joy flying to land with a thump some distance off, flaming and damaged.
When Kyoko comes to, the evidence is destroyed, fridge included... and there's a number of badly beaten individuals all around, including the nurse. Too many students have rushed over to watch to just kidnap her easily. Doing such would have repercussions... but with the knowledge she has, is that worth the risk...?

COMBATSYS: Nurse Joy has ended the fight here.

It's some time before Kyoko comes to again. There are certain levels of consciousness, and as her student nurse's aides start shaking her back into consciousness, she is abstracted for a while, her ears are ringing and she doesn't know why. It's not until she turns her head, and almost shrieks, biting down upon her lip as she's introduced to new /dimensions/ of pain that she figures it out. The explosion had destroyed the equipment. What she doesn't understand is, why she'd been allowed to live? It would have been easy enough to leave her in there, for when the explosion hit. Perhaps merely because it would cause uncomfortable questions to be asked, an investigation which brought more scrutiny.

Now as it stands, with Joy having been in the epicenter of the explosion, she would seem much more like the victim, wouldn't she? Kyoko barely realizes it when she's helped up to her feet, leaning heavily on one of her nurse's aides. "Chie-chan. We're going to have work on your training on spinal precautions." She states absently, the girl mumbling an apology.

Even if she were so inclined to attack right now, even /mostly/ healed by the serum, she still feels like she's in no condition to actually attempt it, especially with the security guards now revived. Once the blaring of the ambulance sirens stops, and she's ushered to a stretcher, her focus isn't on the treatment she's receiving. She understands everything that's going on already. Instead she's texting a message to Raizo Imawano on her encrypted line with her findings.

NESTS had definitely won this battle.

Doctor Kyoko Minazuki intended to make certain they didn't win the war that this arms race was becoming.

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