Nameless - Mistakes and Regrets

Description: Kensou certainly made things hard for himself. Arrested by the police for assault, he soon finds himself out of the frying pan, and right into a fire, when the principal of Justice High, Raizo, decides to come over to the hospital where Kensou is kept, in order to talk to him about what kind of future Kensou was going to have from now on...

Things are bad. Kensou's surgery was luckily mild, and his recovery time is estimated only to be about a week; in time for his match to take place against Kyosuke, although he might very well be sore as a result. But he's been warned by the police that he's in exceptional trouble. Four people have strong cases to press charges, on top of the basic offenses of brazen assault in public areas. His life as he knows it might very well be over. Prison is not impossible at his age, and expulsion is almost certain.
He's been left in the bed of his hospital for a few hours now to recover, two police officers outside. They can be heard standing, then murmured voices. Followed by strange silence. Slowly the door opens up almost thirty minutes later, before both officers step within. They seem slightly out of sorts, and are followed by the titanicly broad Raizo Imawano; he has to twist sideways to get through it with any ease, coming up to the side of the bed.
What's most unusual is both have striking crimson eyes, standing stiff and rigid. One appears to have a bruise around the throat. "Kensou. Sie. Your charges have been dropped by all parties. This has been decided as self defense.. We hope this was not an inconvenience." The two officers then actually bow in deference, before slowly turning around and walking back outside in something of a daze. Raizo pulls over a metal chair and sinks into it, looking Kensou over to assess his damage.
Before brutally striking out, to backhand him hard enough that additional surgery is nearly risked. "Explain yourself. Now. It is not too late to have you rot in prison to your last day, if it does not satisfy me...!! My students are to have DISCIPLINE and STRENGTH. To break into my office, to attack a target we are tracked -- one we no longer know the location of -- and in such a way as to involve the authorities... can you justify any of this, Sie Kensou?!" The dark, gravel growl of Raizo echoes in the room, his black eyes narrowe to little more than slits.

It was like a bad dream.

He remembered Athena being hurt by someone. He remembered asking about it. And like a bad movie, he broke into the principal's office. He then went to the red light district, to hunt down the man who hurt her. He fought him, and nearly beat him... but was overcome at the last minute. A bad dream, a nightmare really.

One that doesn't end when he awakens.

He opens his eyes, laying on a hospital bed. He groans a moment, his body... sore. So sore. He could hear the murmurs, the mutters, the rumors. The sounds. He rolls to the side a moment, or at least tries. He couldn't move. Too weak. He was helpless as the doorway opens.

And Raizo enters.

He looks away from his principal. He was... ashamed. That was how he felt. The dream he had was no dream. And his principal's words only confirm it. The clink of the metal chair is what makes him look towards his school's master; the backhand is what nearly knocks him back into the darkness. Wincing in pain, he just lays there, looking away from him again for a moment. Only when he ask him a question, does he quickly turn to look at his Principal in the eyes. And this is what Kensou says. "Nothing justifies it, Principal Imawano."

"I failed."

Raizo simply looks upon Kensou for long moments, his tree trunk arms crossed before each other. He waits, as if seeing if that is all that the young man will say. Before there's a small 'harumph' and the slightest bit of softening. "If you had said anything else, you would be done. You were caught in the madness of passion. Such happens to the best of people. And your motives were pure; pride in Justice, and the desire to avenge your friend. ...I am mildly culpable. I knew you were close to Athena Asamiya, and yet I kept things from you. I should have been forthright. Things were in motion to get our vengeance on this man... but you were excluded. To protect you." The reason that was required is likely obvious by the hospital in which Kensou stays.
"Your sin... is one I cannot explain." Forcing Raizo to use his abandoned clan's mind control techniques was the only option to save his student. The overall damage is almost nothing. Although the police had to be strongarmed, in time it will fade and they will think it true. The others he had time to slowly, carefully break down. Money is no object, and the legal departments will take care of the rest. "But it is a sin I will have you repay. Repay in the name of Justice High. You are part of this now. To be truthful... being able to run this man off is a feat I considered well beyond you. It seems you are worthy of being associated with the prodigy herself."
Raizo steeples his clawed fingers, looking intense. "There shall be no legal repercussions to this." Raizo states. His eyes look deep into Kensou's. It's strange; as if those black pits were drawing him in. The Imawano's first secret art is enacted. To amplify what is already there, to plant the seed of dominance. "Justice High is the greatest school." he states, slow and firmly. "Justice High is to be defended. The students of Justice High are to be defended. But you are never to act alone without my permission again." This would be repeated a few times, although it is liable to only feel to Kensou like it was said once.
This imprinting... will it even work on one with psychic powers? That experiment is important as any other... if not, then things will become far more complex...

It was the honest truth, though.

Kensou didn't say it to save his skin. In the wake of everything he had done... Raizo was right. He was an idiot. It was a miracle he wasn't going to jail. He was stupid, and let his passion overtake him. He lost control when he saw... when he saw what happened to Athena. All this was to protect him. And the damage he did to the public, to himself, was all his fault. He could accept that.

But Raizo's words begin to burrow into him.

In a moment of weakness like this, the boy's iron will had been softened. Narrowing his eyes, he begins to fall into a daze, as Raizo worms his way in. Staring into his principal's eyes he murmurs, echoing back the words that were coming. "There shall be no legal reprecussions to this. Justice High is the greatest school. Justice High is to be defended. he students of Justice High are to be defended. I should never... never..." Kensou blinks a moment, the spell suddenly thrusting out of him.

"I must act again though, if Athena is hurt."

The boy's resolve steels. Reaching a hand over, he grips Raizo by the wrist, and looks him back. "I can't put Justice High before Athena. I can't make that promise, when it could mean I fail her. That I abandon her. I could never do that. Because I.. I lo... I lo..."

But the words die on his lips.

If a miracle is something to come from God, then Raizo is such; without the intervention of his mysterious techniques, even the lawyers would have only mitigated the damage Kensou has inflicted to himself with this reckless pursuit. For a few moments, the huge figure is content to find the gentle, non-invasive methodology working upon Kensou.
Only for the hitch that is Athena to come up once more.
Suddenly a huge hand grasps the boy by the throat. Squeezing hard enough to crush off the circulation of blood and oxygen. He casually flicks the button on the medical machinery that indicates a doctor is performing tests, and that any aberrant data should not notify the nurses or a Code. Struggle. Panic. Fear. Raizo's eyes are hard and brutal now, as he stares down at Kensou with a raw sadism.
And if Kensou's eyes look into them too long, then he would be frozen. A terrible invasion of his very being, sinking the claws of the bear into body and soul. Using the weakness and lack of resolve from the unwarranted attack, to break through those last barriers.
The second Imawano technique. One he despises using. But if he cannot control Kensou, then he cannot be in the school. Someone of his academic record and power, who's only fault is love... he will do what he must. His will shall remain free. Outside his own safety, and that of the school.
"YOU WILL OBEY." he states, black eyes seeming to draw him in further and further. "You will never act without my acknowledgement. You will never put anything above Justice. You will die for it, if need be...!!" If the control works, Kensou's eyes would turn red slowly, as Athena's priority is forcefully buried beneath this new one. "Do you understand...?!"
Pressing Kensou down into the bed, he would no longer realize he's being attacked. There's only darkness, no conscious thought, and the words of his soul. 'Yes', or 'No'...

The words are sealed for good as those massive hands wrap around Kensou's throat.

"GRK!" Comes the cry as Kensou is rather brutally assaulted. Staring back into the dominating eyes of Raizo, tears form in the corners. He was trapped. Alone. And there, he felt Raizo's will smothering his own. He tries to think about Athena, to imagine her.

The image of Athena begins to fade.

In its place, he puts the new priority on. He begins to repeat, not his words, but the words given to him. "I... will obey. I will never again act without your acknowledgement. I will never put anything above Justice. And I would die for her. I would die for Justice High." Kensou's eyes are blank. His stare unyielding. And finally, he follows up, the distant image of Athena buried under his new love.

"Yes, Principal Raizo."

"I understand."

A last burning few moments follows, before Raizo would release Kensou and return to his seat. Slowly the crimson would fade from Kensou's eyes, and although his throat would be sore he'd have no memory of what happened. Something about agreeing to things... yes. The school's important now, isn't it? But... Raizo said all the students. As long as Athena is one, then his love should never be questioned. "I am glad we had this talk. You are now in remedial detention for 3 months. You shall be moved to Justice by the end of the day and Kyoko will tend to you instead. Our facilities are every bit as advanced as these. ...And you would be allowed visitors." Visitors like certain Athena's, perhaps. The giant man then picks himself up, slowly adjusting his tie with oddly dextrous motions for how huge his fingers are. "I am glad we had this talk, Sie Kensou. I am now... confident you will not make trouble for Justice a second time." With that, he marches back to the door, slipping it open to sideways shuffle out and pull it gently shut behind...

Why would Kensou ever think otherwise?

As his eyes return back to a normal color, he relaxes. Vaguely, the dream picks at his head. But why wouldn't he think Justice High was the most important thing? School was always important. That was why he was working towards his scholarship. "I am glad we had this talk too, Principal Imawano." Kensou states, nodding his head. "You are very generous to give me only detention. I hope I will be reformed in time to properly help Justice High." He thinks about what kind of visitor he would have.

And he smiles.

Athena might be able to visit him. She would be proud of him, maybe. Or feel sorry for him. He did take a lot of hurt, in the process of standing up for her. He adored Athena, of course. He always adored her. He would do anything for Athena. But a thought overtakes the image of Athena. Well, almost everything. As Raizo slips out of the room, he nods his head idly, before closing his eyes. He wouldn't betray Justice High for his school. He would do anything for love.

But he won't do that.

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