Kensou - Regaining Athena's Soul

Description: In the wake of the attack upon Athena at Justice High, Raizo worries about the presence of NESTS in the schools... and the danger of them. However, in leaving the students in the dark, an unanticipated consequence occurs: Sie Kensou learns about the attack, and violating several school rules and federal laws, hunts down the man who did this to Athena.

Someone hurt her.

A simple fact. A common fact. She gets hurt sometimes. Sometimes he even hurt her. Sometimes she hurt him. Pain was a fact of life for Psycho Soldiers. With that pain came growth though; Chin was a fair master, and one of the greatest living teachers in the world. She had been hurt before, and she would be hurt again.

After all, Athena was fighter now.

But someone had attacked her. Someone had attacked Athena. Kensou had learned that she was found naked and unconscious, and brought to the Justice High infimary. When he heard the news, everything stopped for him. He went to see his friend, he went to see Athena. To make sure she was alright. To learn what happened. To find out who did this to her. Athena insisted that she wasn't hurt too badly. She insisted that in a few days, she would be up and moving around, and everything would be okay. But she didn't tell Kensou who attacked her. She wouldn't tell anyone. Raizo had commanded it. But someone had hurt Athena.

Nothing would stop Kensou to find out who.

Raizo's office was one of the most secure buildings on the Justice High complex. Breaking and entry was easily grounds for expulsion. But Sie Kensou didn't care. Someone hurt her. And Raizo knew who did it. There was no attempt at stealth, no attempt at sneaking. Alarms would sound as Kensou broke into the principles office. The computer was on, it was not secure. And an USB stick was put into it. Kensou had peered at the computer, and saw a name. He saw a face. And most importantly.

He saw a location.

"Hey cutie, aren't you a bit young to be down here?" That was the catcall from the middle-aged women in the tube top and leather skirt. Normally, such overt statements of sexual inquiry would turn the chinese boy's face flush; Kensou was awfully awkward about such things. But as the lady of the night teases him, he just storms past her, ignoring her. The Psycho Soldier did not have time to waste with the workers of the red light district. Sie Kensou had finished his smash and grab within Raizo's office, fleeing the school out of a window as the case needed. It would be obvious who broke in. Sie Kensou was going to have hell to pay.

But he would pay for it tomorrow.

Raizo's computer had identified that the man who assaulted Athena was in the red light district of Southtown, lurking in a high class cabaret with the name 'One Eyed Jack.' The neon-red sign hangs over the street, a single Jack of Hearts, grimacing over the slithering regulars of the classy joint with a single glowing eye. A long line was stretched out before the double-doors of the establishment, outlined by red velvet ropes. A bouncer, dressed in a fine grey suit and tie, standing 6 feet tall with a bushy beard, was carefully letting in the men lined up one by one. One Eyed Jack was quite exclusive, it seemed, with it not just letting anybody in. You needed money. You needed stature.

Kensou lacked both.

The teenager just surged towards the neon-light, as a moth to the flames. His eyes stared ahead feverishly, blocking out the scanty-clad women gyrating in windows, the pornographic images teasing at him as he continues on his mission. Kensou couldn't think. There was no thoughts in his head. He only had a focus, only a goal. To find the man who did this to Athena, who attacked her, who hurt her. He would find that man. And he didn't know what came next. He wasn't thinking. The righteous fury that was seething through his heart was commanding his actions. He approaches the cabaret directly, as the bouncer opens the door for an ancient man in his 80s, escorted by a pair of boldly garbed young ladies a fourth of his age in each arm. As the bouncer motions for the old man to come in, he eyes the teenager that was surging towards the doors. And it soon becomes obvious about what Kensou was up to.

"Whoa kid, what the hell are you doing here?" Was the question from the doorman as Sie Kensou ducks under the red velvet ropes. Kensou's brow was furrowed. The 6 foot tall man holds out a hand, unsure of how to deal with the teenager who was rushing in. Thrusting a hand out, the man adjust his tie. "Piss off kid, this isn't your kind of establishmen-" The man is cut short as Kensou siezes the man's hand, and with a swift pull, hurls himself into the air past the bouncer. Bringing a leg to the bouncer's back, he kicks off, shoving him to the ground face first. As the besuited bouncer goes down, Kensou just lands back on his feet deftly, staring dead ahead as he surges through the doors.

And Kensou enters the cabaret.

It smelled sweet, and spicy. The images passing before Kensou was a feverish mess of red light and black shadow. Women were moving, men were staring. Ladies who were legally not nude were striding through past the tables filling the room, as heavy, slow jazz oozed over the room. This was meant to be a classy establishment. But no amount of class could conceal the sleaze that was dripping down the walls of the One Eyed Jack. Eyes were beginning to turn on the jean-jacket'd teenager in the short shorts that was rushing through the grounds. His eyes were dancing, casting through the haze of lonely men and enticing women, casting to the darker corners where the two became more indistinct. He was looking for him. He was looking for the face of the man on the computer.

He was looking for the man who had hurt her.

Raizo's office is a fortress, primarily because nobody would be so suicidal that they might dare to tread within it. The fury and wrath of the headmaster is legendary across the entire school district after all, and full expulsion might be the lightest sentencing possible. Raizo had only left for a moment, to inform Hyo somewhere safer in order to observe Krizalid; when the alarms go off, he is back in his office in a heartbeat. He can tell... This was no professional.
That makes things all the worse.
The file claimed it was a NESTS officer. Threat Level: Very High. A silver-haired man of attractive features, appearing near thirty. Little more than that could be risked finding, before Kensou had to bolt. He looke dangerous. If he heavily hurt Athena, then that means he must be above Kensou himself, right? But since when does that matter?
Deep techno music thrums within the dark interior, red strobelights cutting through constantly. Kensou gets a number of looks; this place serves alcohol, which means he's certainly not supposed to be here. In short order, a number of bodyguards would be on him, and in mass they might very well manage to throw him out...
And that's when he sees the shock of silver hair. On the second floor in the VIP booth; Krizalid is currently wearing his favored style of coat, upturned collar covering his face up to his eyes. Huge black furred shoulderpads are upon it, sleeves long and the buttoned-up trenchcoat reaching well past his knees. An arm is around two beautiful ladies, one stroking at his chest while the other teases a Long Island iced tea. She unzips the collar enough to expose his mouth.
It's him. Grinning wildly, face a sea of the most lustful sin. Kensou can feel him from here. Crazed, wild want. He drinks gladly before a slithering hand causes a pinch and playful help from the girl, before he laughs.
This...? This man hurt her? Attacked in the locker rooms, and her state of dress... it might bring ideas the sort of mental turmoil she was faced with as an empath. Even amongst the sinful throng of emotional cloud, Krizalid is like a beacon when focused on. He is a cut above.
But... what now?

COMBATSYS: Krizalid has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Krizalid         0/-------/-------|

What happens now is vengence.

Kensou wouldn't be thrown out. They would try. But the teenager was overwhelmingly taken by his resolve. He didn't care about the looks. He was scanning across the room, picking through the heavy atmosphere of smut that the cabaret covered with its suave class. But he could feel something. Some kind of powerful, awe-spiring slime that was oozing over the grime of the building. He catches a glimpse of the silver upstairs, on the second floor. The pair of women fawning over him.

It was him.

As a pair of bodyguards move to seize the teenager, the boy begins to pick up speed. Taking a leap, he lands on a table, causing its occupied dancer to shriek. Roar of protest come from the patrons as he takes another long, acrobatic leap towards the railings of the second floor. Gripping them tight, he dangles over them briefly, before giving a heave, vaulting over them in a flip. Landing on both feet, he glares across at the man in indulgence. It would be dishonorable to attack him now.
But he didn't deserve honor.

Not after what he did to Athena.

The teenager launches through the air, as another shriek erupts out from one of the more alert girls. Kensou hurls himself straight at the unzipped face. A leg whips around, lashing at with blistering speed straight for Krizalid's face. There were no words from the boy. Just a frenzied, focused glower, his face tense with the rage. He didn't care how dangerous Raizo thought this man was. He had hurt Athena.

And now he would pay.

COMBATSYS: Kensou has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Krizalid         0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0           Kensou

COMBATSYS: Kensou successfully hits Krizalid with Medium Kick.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Krizalid         0/-------/-----==|>>-----\-------\0           Kensou

Within Krizalid's suit, despite being dormant, there are numerous sensors. They are simply not recording; without doing such, his combative abilities are significantly less. On top of such, his ability to utilize many of his advanced techniques requires the NESTS suit to be a proper conduit to shape and form his chi, both internally and externally. Still, a beep appears in his head.
<< Incoming threat from below. >>
"Really? How hot is she?" the drunken Krizalid states to nobody, because the voice comes from inside his head. "Huh, baby?" goes the girl stroking at his belly, before another drain of his Long Island finishes it off. Setting it aside, Kensou then lands upon the table as the girls squeal. "Who's this now?"
<< Danger. Danger. Danger. >>
"Oh, righ--" And then he gets kicked right in the face. Krizalid's sent up and over his shoehorse-shaped seat, crashing into the back wall and breaking a number of crimson strobe lights. The girls are up and gone in a heartbeat, as a finger moves up to rub blood from Krizalid's lips.
A moment later he's standing. He's tall, and with the collar open undeniably the assaulter known as 'Krizalid'. But after he looks at Kensou drunkenly for a few moments, he just grabs his face. "Oh my god." He'd say more, but chances are he's not going to be allowed deliberation from the man. "You're that slut's boyfriend--"
<< Target: Sie Kensou. DNA Sample: Required. >> Great. Oh, well. A lock of hair, a splash of blood... he might as well get this over with while he's here. In his current state, he's not even questioning how he got found...!
Slipping closer, a sort of savage assault begins, twisting his entire upper body with a snarl, bringing his fist rocketing towards Kensou's ribs; aiming to burrow into them with surprising power, his body genetically enhanced far beyond any other clone to the heights of physiological perfection. His instinctual speed and power, along with his mental capacity, still makes him anything but weak. "C'mon... she's a fox. And now you get to COMFORT her. Shouldn't you thank me?! How about this. I'll give you a picture of her NAKED!"

COMBATSYS: Kensou just-defends Krizalid's Fierce Punch!

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Krizalid         0/-------/------=|>>-----\-------\0           Kensou

Kensou had drawn blood.

This had to be against so many teachings. Chin's teachings. Justice High's teachings. Athena probably even would be ashamed of him right now, disgusted. It didn't matter what any of them thought. Even Athena. She could be disgusted in him right now, because she had every right to be disgusted in him. Kensou wasn't attacking Krizalid out of anything truly noble. This lanky man had messed with Athena.

And he would be punished.

Kensou's instincts were razor keen, in spite of the rage that was clouding his mind. As the kick lands, Kensou flips back, landing on both feet into his fighting stance. Broad and open, the teenager glares at the beastial lash of his opponent. As the fist rockets towards Kensou, the boy just watches it with firm focus.

And he catches it.

The punch lands in the palm of the teenager's hand, with the other hand coming around to seize Krizalid by his wrist. The floor underneath Kensou's feet splinters, cracking at the heels, as the force transfers straight to the ground. And yet, the punch stops dead cold. If Krizalid's sensors have begun to fall into full power, they might have had the opportunity to catch an utterly flawless reaction, a glimmer of Kensou's natural talent.

Not that Kensou recognized it right now.

Kensou's brow furrows at the obscenities pouring from Krizalid's mouth. A spasm of rage surges through his body, straight into the palm that clutches the fist. It squeezes tight in a moment. "No, Krizalid." Kensou seethes, as he brings his other hand off Krizalid's wrist. Jerking himself towards the larger man, Kensou will place an open palm straight on the clone's chest. And there, he will pour psycho energy straight into him, pouring it into the hollow shell that violated Athena. The blast would hurl Krizalid straight back, to hurtle him the wall.

"I will am going to make you pay for what you did!"

COMBATSYS: Kensou successfully hits Krizalid with Sunda.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Krizalid         0/-------/--=====|>>>>---\-------\0           Kensou

There was an attempt to shift his arm backwards after it's caught, elicting a bit of an 'oh!' in surprise from the man. Only to then have the palm strike his chest, an attempted interception failing entirely. A roar of psycho power surges through him, the pain familiar to what Athena inflicted... but tainted with anger and hate, as he hurtles backwards a second time, this time denting into the wall and staying there. Krizalid's head lolls down, arms hanging at his sides as fingers flex. "Ah..." he offers, voice still disturbingly even. "...Fighting such an uncouth boy like you... I just can't get into it." He pushes back to his feet, landing a touch unsteady. "I'm not interested in you." This is stated so flatly it might also be insulting. Although so far he's done nothing to indicate he is anywhere near Athena's match, to say the least. "I like girls. Young, curvy girls!! You... you're just some annoyance!!"
Rage builds within him, after that swirl of lust. Defiling, disgusting, every thoguht and emotion that thrums in his soul. And then he zips forward, feinting to the left before snapping up his right hand in an attempt to catch Kensou by the hair and then lift him upwards. Only to aim to slam him right down upon the table adjacent, hard enough to break through glass and metal with no small amount of fury. "YOU BORE ME!!" is all he roars. Of course, the main assignment is taking place here; if he so much as lays a hand on him, the coated man will have the hairs needed for his assignment. Then... well. He's not sure. "Go away. This is your last warning... or I swear, I'll try to rip your head off. You already ruined a great evening... like you'll ever know the warmth of a comforting woman!! Hahah... and you don't have the delicious *fear* that pink-haired girl thrummed like nectar!"

COMBATSYS: Kensou just-defends Krizalid's Dead Fall!

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Krizalid         0/-------/--=====|>>>>---\-------\0           Kensou

Kensou didn't even register that Krizalid was fighting too softly.

Such reflection was past him. If he had even a moment of reflection, he would imagine how deep in it he was right now. Nevermind that his academic life was over. Nevermind that his own master might throw him out for what he was doing. Nevermind that Krizalid was very capable, and likely, very willing to kill him. Sie Kensou just didn't see any of that. His single-minded resolve was carrying him to hurt Krizalid. To hurt him, just like how he hurt Athena.

No, worse than how he hurt Athena.

Slowly, Kensou draws back his arm. The vile emotions pouring around him from this scab of a human being was nearly toxic. And yet, Kensou was ripping through them. Every sickening emotion from this man was taken in, and purified out into righteous anger. They weren't poisoning the boy. They were fueling him. As Krizalid takes him up, he brings his own hand up to the clone's wrist. And there, he stares him right in the eye, as he is slammed down.

The table doesn't break.

Both legs come out as he is slammed down, the arm tightening just as much. Like before, the taller man's strength seems to fall into Kensou's control. The teenager's legs split, spreading out as they hit the table, and spreads out the strength. Steadily, his legs spread wider and wider apart, until they are into a full split. What would be a smash, was instead a place. And there, Kensou holds, the table's glass groaning under the pressure. His face was tightened into a grimace of resolve.

And then he sweeps.

The legs comes together suddenly, as Kensou spins on his hips. Whipping them around, he attempts to grip his grappler by the shoulder with his other hand. The legs cease whipping around as he tries to likewise fix them both into Krizalid's gut. "Fear? Fear!? It is too late for warnings! All you deserve now... is to fall" And there, Kensou will attempt to roll back, laying on the table, to throw Krizalid up and over...

And through the railing, to the first floor below.

COMBATSYS: Krizalid blocks Kensou's Tomoe Nage.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Krizalid         0/-------/-======|>>>>---\-------\0           Kensou

"...?!" Somewhere deep inside Krizalid, he can feel a small spark light up when his attempt to hurtle the boy through the table ends in him only landing resolute and nearly unscathed. The second thrust of feet suddenly thump home, but at long last the man is able to do something about it, skidding backwards and slamming into the railing hard enough to dent it. Both hands snatch out to grasp it however, and he leans far back, looking over the crowd that is beginning to freak out now.
"Oh... oh my. You are FUN after all... Fine!! I... I'll play with you proper. Someone of your techniques..." Suddenly Krizalid spreads his arms, and a roar of flame ripples up him. The heat is intense enough to billow into Kentou in strong buffets, surging across his long sleeves, down across the coverage of his legs, and then his partially exposed collar. Before violently dropping them, and a great swirl of ash blows the coat in all directions around him. It begins to rain slowly, as the temperature remains a couple dozen degrees higher.
People within the club are being evacuated now, and the security is keeping a distance. Krizalid is wearing a sleeveless sort of vest, and mechanical-looking forearm and shin guards. There's a sudden low hum as the electronics and computer systems kick into full gear, white lines flaring and crackling as an uplink with the NESTS satellites overhead follows.
<< All systems optimal. Processing power at 19%. >>
"This... is how your precious little girl faced me. I acknowledged her strength right away... you, though. Maybe I just ruined all the fun...?!"

COMBATSYS: Krizalid erupts into flame, fully activating his suit and unleashing his true power!

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Krizalid         0/-------/-======|>>>>---\-------\0           Kensou


For Krizalid, all this might be a game. He had stopped himself from falling down below. But as Kensou rolls off the table, he already was in his defensive stance, limbs wide apart. There was no fun for the teenager here. Righteous fury was blinding him, pushing him to impossible limits. Most of his friends, if you can call them friends, thought that Kensou was simple a hanger-on, a desperate boy who lurked in the shadows of the far more talented Athena.

They didn't realize that Chin chose Kensou for a reason.

As the coat burns away, the boy could feel the heat of those flames. They should be forcing him back. They only drive him to approach, to charge the man. Rioting forth at blistering speeds, he hurls himself at the now exposed Krizalid. "Faced you? You ambushed her, you coward!" Snaps Kensou, as he flies through the air. Hurling out a knee, he attempts to smash the limb straight into Krizalid's chest. And right afterwards, an elbow. And then, the combo chains into a whip of his leg, a flying kick before he evens the ground. Kensou was trying to drive him back, trying to knock him back towards the railing. He wouldn't relent on the pressure he was forcing on Krizalid. It wasn't strategy. It was instinct.

Kensou wanted to destroy this twisted, white haired man.

COMBATSYS: Kensou successfully hits Krizalid with Ryuu Renga.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Krizalid         1/-------/=======|>>>>>--\-------\0           Kensou

<< Danger! Danger! >>
Krizalid had expected the boy opposite to recoil, to realize the mistake of attacking one of the strongest fighters within all of NESTS. After Zero-sama, he stands as the strongest assassin and operative they have. But even once the computer calculations kick in, with his presence stance and lackluster efforts...
<< Evasion chance: 0% >>
He's nailed dead center, each blow striking the black straps of that armored suit, before Krizalid's knocked into the dented railling once more. And then a twisting flying kick strikes him dead in the face, bursting through the aluminum and falling down. He impacts one of the stripper poles, sliding down it to crash upon the main stage. Almost all of the people are presently evacuated now, only the bodyguards and defenders keeping a distance as the authorities are called.
There's a jolt in his suit before it restarts once more... and then Krizalid's eyes are wild. "You... you really think you have--" He takes some time to cough up blood. "--A chance against me?!" Much slower now he once more returns to his feet, breath coming ragged. Fire ripples up his forearms, before he suddenly flexes, and then whirls a kick into the air. A great vortex of vorpal wind chi manifests before him, before snapping down it's sent hurtling up towards Kensou!!
It comes ungodly fast, whirling through the air before impacting the destroyed section that he was just knocked through, tearing away metal and wooden foundation like it was naught but splinters, aiming to capture Kensou and hurtle him through the air as well right back into the glass windows overlooking the surrounding areas!!

COMBATSYS: Krizalid successfully hits Kensou with Typhon's Rage "S" EX.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Krizalid         1/------=/=======|=======\======-\1           Kensou

He did not believe in anything.

There was an unfettered assault into the master assassin of NESTS. Of course, there was hypocrisy of pouncing on the man while he was drunk on hedonism, and then scolding him for ambushing Athena. But the insults against him were glancing on the furious glower of the martial artist. As he rebounds from the pounce, he doesn't even notice the innocents in the building. They didn't matter. What only mattered was that he rip apart the man. As he whirls a kick in the air, he just stands fast, crossing his arms as he feels the vortex comes.

He could not endure, this time.

The blast consumes the man, the whirlwind ripping apart all around him. Splinters fly into the boy, rending his skin and body. Blood rips across his form, until finally, he is scooped through the air, spiralling. With a crash, he smashes through the window, falling through it. For a moment, he is gone.

And then, he scampers up the window sill.

Rolling over the broken glass, he tumbles back upright. His was bleeding badly, the thousand lacerations soaking his clothing. But staring through the haze of a gashed brow, Kensou finally thinks. He finally thinks about what he had unleashed, what he had awakened. He thinks about what Raizo could have been doing. He thought about Athena. That Athena didn't tell him about this. He thought about why she didn't. He thought about how, right now, that he may have very well walked into his death.

It was worth it, if it was for Athena.

Kensou sweeps his arms around into a ying-yang circle, one going clockwise, the other moving counter-clockwise. And there, Kensou draws in a deep breath, the psionic energy flowing within him. "I believe." He says, the single-minded resolve having been driven away. "Because I believe monsters like you will never prevail. You made a mistake when you attacked my friend!" He states, iron resolve strengthing his heart. Power surges within him, as he meets his hands together. Crossing his arms, he leans back. "And now, you are getting what you deserve! SHINRYUU!" The teenager cries, as blue energy crackles across his forearms. With a heave, he hurls his arms forward, allowing a massive violet/blue orb of energy, bigger than the boy himself, fires forth, straight for Krizalid's center.


COMBATSYS: Krizalid reflects Shinryuu Choukyuu Dan from Kensou with Typhon's Rage "R".

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Krizalid         1/-------/=======|==-----\-------\0           Kensou

"Get out of here, kid. You got lucky. Or do you have..."
Krizalid observes as Kensou pulls his way right back out without so much as a heartbeat. There's a dull hum as his computer systems ramp up even further in power, spreading open his arms with a look of growing ecstacy. "Some kind of deathwish...?!"
Suddenly Krizalid tilts his head, audio amplifiers picking up that simple phrase. "Believe... Believe...?! You are a fool. If this is a contest of who believes in themselves more..." There's suddenly a sickening rush of arrogance that impacts Kensou almost as if it had tangible force, arms spreading wide into the air. "THEN I AM KING!!"
<< Analyzing motions and energy buildup... >> A number of sensors begin to cross-reference everything. << Psycho Power confirmed through process of elimination. Power Spike detected. >>
And then Krizalid simply lifts his leg in preparation, as he can see a slow motion copy of the ball launching towards him. Two simulations take place as the hurtling sphere of destructive energy rockets forward.
<< Attempt 1: Death. >> He fired too soon.
<< Attempt 2: Critical injuries. >> He fired too late.
<< Timing acquired. >>
And then with a roar, Krizalid leaps upwards while kicking the air violently. A huge swirl of wind chi suddenly envelopes the ball, wildly entombing it and stopping it dead. Crackles of conflicting power begin to sizzle, before Krizalid whirls around and then /kicks/ the ball a second time, suddenly sending it hurtling right back to Kensou.
<< Trajectory determined: 98.7% evasion chance in indicated direction. >> There's time to move... only, it's almost certain that the instinct Kensou has -- one which is correct, to all training and mathemetics -- is precisely where Krizalid is aiming.

COMBATSYS: Krizalid successfully hits Kensou with Reflected Shinryuu Choukyuu Dan.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Krizalid         1/-------/=======|=======\-------\1           Kensou

This is what struck down Athena.

As Kensou unleashes his most powerful strike, the man... envelopes it. Controls it. Takes it from him. And like that, he surges it back into the martial artist. The teenager only has enough time to try and evade. He tries. He does not evade. Instead, Kensou is struck by the counter-blast, and is sent staggering to the ground. Collapsing, he gasps in pain, falling into a heap. There is a moment of silence, as he lays in the glass.

But he rises back up.

It is not a glorious rise. It is not a defining rise. But it is a rise. The martial artist breathes in deep. In. And out. He had to keep steady. He had to keep stable. This was in too deep. "I will not fall. You will pay for what you have done!" The teenager roars back. He was bleeding bad, he was bleeding hard. Already, the tinges of wooziness strikes. Sweeping his arms around firmly, he surges back. Rocketing through the air, the teenager hurls himself straight back at the clone. Leading in with a flying elbow, he launches forward, psionic energy flowing over his body as he fires out, attempting to stab the joint straight into Krizalid's ribs. Sweat mingles with blood, as he gasps for air. He was at his limit.

And Krizalid was only beginning.

COMBATSYS: Kensou successfully hits Krizalid with Ryuu Sohgeki EX.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Krizalid         1/----===/=======|=======\=------\1           Kensou

"Enough already...? Good! I'm not interested in men!!" Krizalid states with a laugh, lifting his arms and looming as his suit continues to slowly crackle and glow bright white. Only for the teenager to get back to his feet once more, with a tenacity that causes a frown to Krizalid's features. Maybe a GIRL with a willpower like this would do something for him... but right now, all he sees is aggravation. He had a good evening going. One of the two girls was a sure deal; he's attractive and rich, after all.
More and more the rage builds within him, seething out as heat boils and swirls. "The strong take what they want. The weak... are fodder. Trust me... I know this better than you could ever dream...!" Both forearms lift, and the elbow finds it's home. But the burst of psionic power afterwards drives through, striking into Krizalid's chest and sliding him backwards with a spittle of blood, mind burning as a result.
But he immediately lashes out to try and grasp Kensou by the face. "You... It's time... to DIE...!!" Aiming to suddenly burst forward, hefting the youth alongside, towards one of the opposite walls... if, that is, he can get his hands upon him!!

COMBATSYS: Krizalid successfully hits Kensou with Desperate Overdrive.
- Power hit! -

[                       \\\\\\\  < >                                ]
Krizalid         0/-------/-----==|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2           Kensou

And then the hapless Kensou is hurtled forward, Krizalid carrying him like he was naught but a child. Reaching the mirrored back wall of the cabaret, he /slams/ the Psycho Soldier into it, sending shattered shards in all directions. While he's stunned and staggered, the slender clone leaps backwards... before suddenly unleashing a brutal onslaught of strikes. His arms seem to become lashing whips, each striking hard and deep, ripping into flesh, cleaving away his shirt, laughing like a maniac all the while. Before suddenly both hands burn with a dark, twisted energy...
And then he lashes out, sinking both hands into Kensou's midsection. Hefting him up into the air, there's a great explosion of energy that blows out the glass for ten meters around as he /rips/ free, sending the smoking youth to spiral away nearby.
"Target eliminated." is coos, far too smug.
<< Negative: Target not eliminated. >> "Eh?"


Kensou launches himself in, striking solidly with his flying elbow. He was man, pouring so much man into the clone. More blood comes upon the blow, as his blood mingles with Krizalid's own. Kensou was not tough; he only was fueled by his iron will at this point.

And it was his iron will that lets him live when Krizalid counters.

Landing on the ground after his elbow, he does not have enough time to react as he lashes out to Kensou's face. The boy yelps in pain as he is scooped up and... smashed like a ragdoll against the glass. He is utterly helpless as the clone rips into his body, pouring in the filthy, filthy energy. The pain soon fades to nothing, the agony soon becoming peace. His limp body is flung away, sent tumbling through the ruined remains of the tables and chairs of the cabaret.

Until Kensou tumbles upright.

The boy rolls back upright, breaking from his trance. He was still numb; there was no pain, no feeling. His body was a mess of lacerations and bruises, a swollen, oozing mess of hamburger. Kensou looked like he was hit by a truck on a highway, and dragged underneath. But he was alive. He was standing strong. And he was moving. The only thing keeping Kensou alive was a thought. A vision, of the broken body of Athena. Held up high in the grips of this man. Helpless. Hurting. And him slowly leaning in for a kiss...

Kensou was sweeping his hands again.

Psycho energy courses over his body, flooding his form for a flash. And with that, he begins to pick up speed. He was surging now, moving fast to close the distance. Faster and faster he lunges, just as Krizalid turns to look. His arms sweep around in that ying-yang symbol, moving in two circles, counter-clockwise and clockwise. Kensou takes a short leap, landing point blank in front of Krizalid, surging in both of his hands. Blue energy crackles in his hands for a moment.

And he pours all of his soul into the opponent.

Blue energy floods straight in front of him into the shape of an orb. The energy builds brighter and brighter, the pure psycho force roaring forth. The boy's expression in a scowl, a focused scowl. His resolve was unyielding, unbroken. There was no inside thoughts, except one: The image of Athena. The energy redoubles in size, exploding even brighter for but a moment, before suddenly disappearing, disappating in a flash.

And Kensou groans in agony, retracting his arms in pain.

COMBATSYS: Kensou prepares to take his last stand against Krizalid!

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  ///                           ]
Krizalid         0/-------/-----==|-------\-------\0           Kensou

COMBATSYS: Kensou successfully hits Krizalid with #Sumione Raitatsu EX#.

[                                < >  ///                           ]
Krizalid         0/-------/=======|-------\-------\0           Kensou

There's no way that Kensou can still be standing after that. Twisting around, Krizalid's computers begin to warn about a lethal spike in potential output, just as Kensou's settled before him. A skip backwards is attempted during the swirling gesture, but too late. The second leap presents him in proper range, for both of his hands to strike home. Krizalid doubles over, and finds a pain much like what Athena tore into him; but... different. The readings going through all remain the same, helpfully uploaded to the satellites and databases.
Whatever strangeness present in Athena is not within this boy. That much is certain.
And then it cuts off, leaving Krizalid standing there with his eyes blank and mouth agape. He collapses to his knees, and then thumps his hands down. "Heh... heheh... I underestimated you... but. I'm... barely injured. While you... WHAT ABOUT YOU...?! EMERGENCY KINETIC BOOST!!"
<< Activated. >>
Suddenly white lines flare throughout the vest, forearms and legs of Krizalid's suit, before he twists to hurl a splash of blood in Kensou's eyes. And then in a burst of motion he literally vanishes from sight. An onslaught of slashes is launched out, aiming to rip into the boy from all directions all at once, relentlessly kicking up pace more and more as tables, walls, the floor, even the ceiling explodes from the force of him launching, before finally zipping past and raking both arms at once...
Only to then have his suit explode and overload, smoke pouring out. He crashes on his shoulder and rolls away, panting heavily as his last emergency reserves are spent. A shaky hand reaches out to begin pulling to his feet...
Sirens are heard outside. The police responded quick; it's only been a minute and a half at most. He needs... to get out of here...!

COMBATSYS: Krizalid can no longer fight.

[                           \\\  <
Kensou           0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Krizalid successfully hits Kensou with Lightning Disaster.
~ Cruel hit! ~

[                                <
Kensou           1/-------/<<<<<<<|

That was the last that Kensou had.

His body was numb, his limbs were trembling. Everything was... pushed to the limit. He stands there, stunned, slowly. As the emergency kinetic boost comes, Kensou turns. He takes the leap, he struggles to bound away. He tries to escape it. But that wasn't what he needed to escape. The launching slashes come, as Kensou yelps in pain. The pain returns. All the pain returns in a single swoop. The explosion of the vest was sweet respite as it finally stops.

And the teenager falls to the ground.

His eyes are open for a moment, staring blankly ahead. He couldn't move. Lying in the broken glass wasn't good for his body either. Laying there in the debris, he struggles to give rasping breathes. He could only hear the sirens. He could only see Athena. Did he fail Athena? Did he succeed? He didn't know anymore. "I'm sorry... Athena... I couldn't do it..." He says softly. And then, he shuts his eyes. This wasn't just unconscious.

Kensou was dying.

COMBATSYS: Kensou waits for his opponent to make the next move!

COMBATSYS: Kensou can no longer fight.

In contrast, Krizalid had mostly endured psychic onslaughts; those are by no means less painful, and his body is barely moving, but with the sirens going he's in no condition to do anything more. "Stupid... boy... got what he deserved..." Willing it, he overrides vital controls in his system and then crouches down. A last flash of white leylines, before he erupts in a great leap that blows out machinery. Crashing through a window, he then impacts a /second/ window, flying into the adjacent building before rolling to a stop. Limping like the dickens and shoving aside a pregnant mother for getting in his way, he pushes out of the cheap apartment complex, intent on getting somewhere, /anywhere/ to lick his rooms. A policeman with a baton could take him out right now... but he's keeping consciousness. Yes... barely... Long enough to reach an alleyway three buildings over, and collapse into a pile of garbage bags, blacking out.
Kensou is not so lucky. Seven police officers sweep in, pointing around. They find Kensou, running over and crouching down. "We need medics, now." In short order an ambulance comes, but luckily outside the two impaling stabs earlier on, Kensou's mostly just superficially cut. Although he might have a badass scar or two to impress Athena with... and driving off the man, who should have been monstrously stronger, is nothing to sneeze at for someone so early in his training.
Of course, it's not all good. Kensou is legally arrested, and transfered to the nearby hospital for emergency surgery and then police-observed bedrest, until he is fit. The owner of the nightclub, the bouncer he assaulted, and the two girls with Krizalid all are threatening to file charges. He did, technically, bust inside and attack a paying customer... one who, in the legal world, is an innocent citizen. Fighter or not... it looks grim.
Just what sort of fallout will Kensou's passion have this time...?

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