Raizo - For the Future

Description: Raizo and Hyo discuss the issues of NESTS' infiltrations, Athena's attack, and Urien's meddling.

Troubling times.

"Headmaster," the youth acknowledges, briskly. It was well past midnight when Hyo responded to the call. Many of Justice High's student body were given leave to study at their own schedule and their own pace, so for a chosen few, studies extended well into the night, a few of whom the younger Imawano shinobi passes in the halls of the massive library on his way to meet Raizo.

Most of the students barely acknowledge him. This is less of a product of the depth of their studies and more a product of their acute awareness of Hyo's annoyance. The icy young man's countenance was of the sort that strangled all small talk and limp greetings out of the air. That was his way, really, the same as his father--no room for anything but the most distant of manners. There is no 'amicability' about him, even when he feels more than he does now.

The school has been damaged to an extreme extent, and the president of the student council is relatively displeased with the rumors he's heard. Including the suspicions they've already had about the other schools, aggressive acts of sabotage and other such ruffianism in Justice High itself bodes ill. His displeasure is palpable to the students over which his council presides, and so he is left to brood on his own as he meets with the principal, as is his job.

When he arrives, he is not disrespectful to his uncle. So it is as it is said. "Headmaster," Hyo acknowledges.
"You sent for me..."

Testament to the importance of this meeting, the entire library wing that Hyo approaches has been officially closed with suited monitors outside. It is, of course, absolutely against the cardinal laws of Justice to be here after curfew without a teacher's approval in the first place -- something the few hard working and desperate students are taking advantage of -- but such merely underlines that none other can be allowed within. The massively broad Raizo is settled in a chair, clawed fingers working a laptop at an incredibly brisk pace. Beside him is a manilla folder, unlabeled. Although most would think those are mere weapons, he would not be able to operate in the digital world without those narrow prongs. His fingers could not fit through the sleeve of an average student's shirt, after all.
"Yes. I did. You are the only one I can trust with this, Hyo." The black eyes of the headmaster looks up, and there's a burning seriousness that is rare within these times. It has been clear for the last few months things have not been going as desired, with the schools being replaced by suspicious principals. "The operation to remove Gorin's principal worked well. I meant to compliment you on it. It was for the safety of the students. There is no doubt what machinations he had in mind. The only difference is... he may have gotten away with it if we did not intervene." But Gedo and Taiyo's principals are clean as a whistle, and in terms of academic outperforming those they replaced. It is not such a simple matter.
"There are three things to go over. One." There's no time wasted on empty pleasantries. If anyone understands Hyo's demeanor, it is his old uncle. He has fought too long and too hard to get where he is, after all. "The culprit behind the school infiltration has been revealed. It is called the NESTS Cartel. A scientific group that apparently has shifted to radical and illegal research in recent years." A beckoning claw indicates the computer screen. A number of links all lead to a single subsidiary. Whoever supplied this information had very deep access to information normally only the government has. "The medical group in charge of both the flu vaccinations and tournament aid, Atelier... it is parented to an umbrella corporation based on scientific technology. Further details, rumors, and accounts link it to the name and purpose. If it's true... then it's likely they might prey upon our students, if they are allowed to go free."
Eyes harden further, fingers curling in an aggressive manner. "They will not. We have removed one of the three pillars. The other two must fall in order to protect the future of Justice. Of crafting the perfect minds to build Japan into a new golden age. I want you to focus on Gedo." The laptop is closed then. "But we cannot use raw force. Legality is not on our side. ...I am open to suggestions."


As Hyo approached the sealed off space, the huge form of Raizo clearly dominated the table that he sat at, so much so that Hyo instinctively fails to sit at it, preferring to stand on his own rather than sit in the shadow of the principal. Even standing, Hyo's commanding height did not quite so much match the headmaster's. Of course, none of it seems to matter to him--he knew exactly what percentage of Imawano Raizo was as fierce as his appearance implied.

Rounding the table when indicated, the shinobi nodded to Raizo's commentary on the operation. "Hm. It was trivial. That principal was the most unstable of the three. A second's indiscretion, and our control of information and influence made it simple to have him pushed out..." he observes. The principal of Gorin was framed as a womanizer and a pervert, a leak released to several major news networks through Justice High's influence and contacts. The campaign shone too brightly on Gorin High, jeopardizing the plants there. A cockroach will always find its way to the shadows when the light is turned on, as simple as that.

Without much pretense in the matter, Hyo looks over the information presented with a cold, calculating eye. The details were cryptic, but not completely arcane to him. All of it leading to one company, and then a shadowy representative in the sky.... an ingenius setup, but not one Hyo cares in the slightest to admire. "It wouldn't be hard to assume that Southtown students are being targetted because of their athletic abilities, if the goal is for research. That tournament, then..." it's all Hyo would really need to say to spool out his own thoughts, rubbing his chin.

".... Trash must be cleared away," Hyo agrees, "to ensure the roads are clear for our school's ascension over Japan. If that means we have to take the other schools underneath our imperative, then so be it." There is no doubt that Hyo Imawano wishes for nothing more than to see the other schools collapse, but for the time being, he is tolerant enough of their existence to the extent that they house all students not fitting to the super-elite standards of their mother school, Justice High.

But Raizo presents an interesting point. The other two principals would not fall so easily.

"There are resources at our disposal," Hyo discerns, "both within and without our halls. Lesser students from other schools are not capable of fighting and winning against the other principals, as they lack the discipline and intelligence neccessary to achieve higher-minded goals. Hmph. They may still be of use. Student uprisings within their own schools would compromise their positions without spurring a law enforcement response. From there, they would only need to be weakened enough that our clan's hidden techniques can work on them. At that point, we can force them out with but one suggestion for an ill-timed remark."

The secret techniques of the Imawano clan of mental penetration are ones that are forbidden for casual use, but Hyo's methods have always been heavy-handed when required--it was his strength as the president of the student congress. What Hyo suggests is simple--weaken their positions to the point where they have no alternative but to be controlled. And then from there, their reputations will inevitably suffer.

"Weakening them sufficiently will require the use of other resources. I don't need to point out to the current leader of the Imawano shinobi that any direct attack carried out by us would need to be carried out swiftly, and in the utmost secrecy."

Slowly Raizo leans back, the specialized chair purchased for his bulk still creaking ominously, a few pops and cracks of wood echoing forward. He looks closely at Hyo, steepling his clawed fingers with an expansive breath. "Temperance, Hyo." he states, in a speech offered countless times. "This man is a threat to all schools. That means he is a threat to us. I think no greater of Gedo than you, but I will not allow such a shadow to be cast across the sanctity of the educational system I devoted my life to. It would be one thing for a rival to Daigo to rise up and cause chaos; in such a situation, I would watch impassive from afar. But this... is an interloper. Someone who does not understand... the mistake they have made. As an educator, it is my responsibility that they are taught...!"
Although the mention of brainwashing causes a pause within Raizo, who slowly cracks his neck to the side. "Yes... if it is for the sake of a better tomorrow, then I accept those measures. But you must understand. The students we teach are to choose their own lives. We are guiding them. Showing them the light. We cannot change the world with a collection of dolls." This... is where they are different. Perhaps if Raizo knew just how much, the demons and plans within Hyo's brain, they would be instead battling to the death.
Perhaps in time.
"I condone this, as long as it is only done upon the targets. Any tertiary individuals can only be influenced to provide the needed catalyst. Dissidents within Taiyo will be more difficult to find than within Gedo, of course, but we will leave that for later. Daigo... I believe he would be perfect. If we set him to war against the principal... who would think it strange? I expected him to do more, but he is nothing but a worthless hen, caring not where his chicks are housed so long as he believes they are sheltered. You can see in his desperation the effects of a heavy handed approach." Daigo cannot remain in school forever, and he has instituted no changes. It will return to the hellhole it was before his coming the very day he moves on.
"Daigo is a dangerous individual. You can handle him, can't you...?" Steepled fingers hide a small smirk. There is likely no greater way to insure that his nephew works his hardest than the tiniest question of his competency.

The headmaster's more metered response chafes at Hyo, and though the man is expressionless, it still shows ever faintly in the matter-of-degrees press of his flat expression and thinning glare. The end of his sword's saya sets into the rich carpet as Hyo folds both hands over the pommel of his sword, resting on it as if it were a cane. The principal's aging rhetoric wears on him, but it is a vanity he entertains for the moment, occupying himself with a mild concern that the leader of the Imawano clan might just end up destroying his chair in the next minute or so. Luckily, Justice High's technology and resources remain more reliable than one might give credit.

Once given leave to make use of the Imawano techniques at which he naturally excels, Hyo inclines his head briefly in final assent and something briefly resembling deference to the premium of the clan. "It would be pointless at this juncture to make use of 'that technique' wantonly," Hyo notes, with some strength to his words. There is a minor inflection he gives to it that is signal to their apparently differing viewpoints on the Imawano hidden techniques, but the disagreement is not of sufficient severity for Hyo to object. Though nominally unreadable as a matter of course, he is not exactly indirect in how he deals with people, a trait that makes him one of the more honest individuals in Justice High. At least, while it suits him for the moment.

"...!!" Hyo seems physically stricken when Raizo so much as implies that he's unable to take care of the Gedo Boss, Daigo Kazama. "--Perish the thought!" the white-haired youth objects. "There is not a single piece of trash blown in from the other schools that is beyond my ability to handle. In fact, there are quite a few so far beneath Justice High's criteria and standards that I dare not busy myself with them, lest I allow trash to bring our entire school into a poor light. This school is vastly too important to dirty its hands in dealing with filth. There are others, in addition to Daigo Kazama. Other resources, both inside and outside this school. The garbage slacker, Kyo Kusanagi has been entered into the tournament. My understanding from our student supervision programs leads me to believe that he is representing Gedo High as well."

"It should never be used at all, if possible... the methodology the Imawano used to use I do not condone. It is why I am here now. Crafting a school of free will; proving that hard work and proper direction can shape someone, rather than..." Well. Rewriting their mind to whatever you see fit. Indeed, if Raizo had a mind, he could simply dominate every student in the district and force them to become hard working model students. Yet he never has, and never will. Despite such, Justice is a haven for the elite... or so he hopes and tries. Whether his fruits of labor will work or not he can at least hope will be seen within his lifetime.
"Kyo Kusanagi...? I know his father. He is... an eccentric man." That seems to be the most polite phrase that Raizo could think of with a few seconds of thought. "But he is not a hellraiser like Daigo. I don't think he would be a good candidate... but scope him out all the same. His power should be real, and that will be needed. Just make sure he is not the ringleader of any operations."
What comes next takes some time, before the manilla folder is picked up. "You likely have heard. A student was attacked within the dorms. A female student... Athena Asamiya. She ranks highly in my eyes. She is intelligent, earnest, and an excellent combatant. I can only conclude that perversion was the reason for the assault, at first glance... until this." A picture is set down of Athena in a bed. She looks badly burned as if by fire. What comes next is a distant image of Krizalid's face from one of the school cameras, enhanced as much as possible. "Silver hair. A man who might be thirty. ...Look at this." Next, a picture of Gorin's principal is put beside it. A third has every area they match circled, which amounts to almost twenty. "There is a very high chance that the man who attacked Athena is the principal we outed from Gorin. ...That implies two things. One, they may know we are the culprit, and have struck back. And two... they are powerful fighters. I will speak with Athena... but for someone to be brazenly assaulted in our school will not stand. NESTS has declared war with us directly." Hyo should need no further incentives in his missions now. Whatever ulterior and true motives... seeing the terrified, vulnerable Athena wearing nothing but a blanket up to her armpits should strike that home.
"This man... is who attacked our school, and the third point." A last picture is set down, of Urien. "The Greek of the Iron Body, who's catchphrase revolves around being an Emperor. He has been on Saturday Night Fight and the Neo League multiple times, and recently won the Master Belt. He traded his life for the data we have on NESTS. But if you wish vengeance on him as well, I will look away." From the hardness in those dark eyes, Raizo's Imawano blood is not completely gone.
"This is important because it is certain he is an able fighter. But the principal of Gedo defeated him. As such, if you cannot defeat this 'Urien', then directly attacking either principal alone will be off the table. It might be a valuable way to assess our war potential."
The pictures are all returned to the manilla folder, before he slides it to the corner where Hyo could take it. Information is written inside, on the incident with Athena and what information could be found on Urien. Even the potential Illuminati connections, although minute. "I believe this is all you need to get into motion...?"

"... Mn. Some people will never change." Their ideology will always be different. Mugen Imawano, the father of Kyosuke and his twin, Hyo Imawano, had a distinctively "ko-ryuu" outlook that concerned itself with the domination of all things underneath the clan and all of Japan as an extension of this. He raised his sons in this manner, and Hyo took to the training with the most vigor. That radical mindset winnowed away Hyo's subtleties to a domineering strength that left no room for competing opinions or mindsets. "Fortunately, your plans only require a cherished few inside these hallowed halls to make the sweeping changes this country needs..."

Though he speaks in concilatory words, giving implicit consent to Raizo's mentality as the current principal of the school, Hyo's phrasing always sounds more like a criticism than a deferral.

"It is my full expectation that he is garbage," Hyo repeats in a plainer agreement, bringing his incisive manner to bear on Kyo Kusanagi's entry. Tilting his chin back imperiously, Hyo scoffs at the idea of Kyo's power and Raizo's suspicions. "I'm confident that he should be more than sufficient to provide an ample distraction, if properly directed. But he is known for being notoriously absentee from his classwork. I suspect that with his lackluster work ethic, the only thing he could be a ringleader of is a well stocked fridge."

With that aside, Hyo is eager to drill down through the other topics mentioned. However, he loses himself and grows quiet and cold when Raizo begins to tell of those others who directly assaulted their school. Especially where it concerns Asamiya, one of their star students. That the silver haired man had ruined her and blown apart the school dormitory is a subject of some soreness for the student congress leader, and further that the man responsible for giving them their information also attacked their students. Confronted with the horrific images from the photos, Hyo is uniquely unaffected. His gloved grip tightens over the pommel of his sword until the creak of white leather can be heard harrying the rayskin wrappings. Irrespective of this, Hyo's expression does not change.

"...Insects," he decides, his voice carrying an icy passion.

Hyo's outlook on the matter is draconian and all-encompassing, with no room for negotiation. "Vermin should never be allowed on the school grounds, and those responsible will be held accountable. I will arrange for an adequately remedial athletics program for the affected students. Then I will attend to the interlopers. An attack on our school will not be left unanswered, lest more of these worms find courage enough to further harass us."

He accepts the folder in one glove, finally taking up his blade again, opening and consulting the pages more privately.

"I will memorize the details, Headmaster. Then I will destroy the folder. The information will advance my efforts a hundredfold. As you well know, the will of the clan is already being done." With no delay at all, Hyo has been in motion since he initially heard the rumors about the attacks on the school.

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