IHST - Inter-High School Tournament: Hyo vs Kyo

Description: Kyo rolls up to Justice High, lookin' for a fight. Hyo is more than happy (well, 'happy') to give him one. (Winner:Kyo)

Overseeing the repairs at Justice High have taken some time.

Between the attack/'fire' at the girl's dormitory and the mysterious visitor that broke several of their students and injured at least one of their faculty members while simultaneously breaking up a small destruction zone's worth of furniture and doors, repairs to the faculty have been as costly as they have been swift. Small simplistic robots as well as tech workers meander around the environment, making sure repairs go at a reasonable clip. While a student volunteer program has been elected to assist, in the process benefitting the technological and engineering-related classes, Justice High takes every chance it can to educate and strengthen student morality and discipline, but the cost to facilities and planning has been great.
Overseeing some of the H-levels to make sure they don't use all of their study time on the repair projects, a few members of the student council are also present. One of whom is the leader himself, a young man with white hair, giving a critical glare over the repairs from a distance. Though money is ultimately no object for those of their caliber, this scandal has cost the school valuable time and person resources that could have easily gone elsewhere. It was a huge failing of the school, and to be sure he was not exactly accepting of the idea that the match would be scheduled on Justice school grounds. He almost blocked it on dignified grounds, but it was only from the caliber of the person showing up that Hyo allowed the match to continue on his school's property. His 'goals' are more important to their pride than a few broken doors. Of course, it still doesn't mean he approves by a long shot.

To think that this much trash would end up blowing in and making a mess of their grounds.

Kyo isn't... really sure what this is all about. But he was told to go to Justice High. To go find a guy named Hyo. (You'll recognize him pretty easily, he carries a sword,) reads the instructions on the slip of paper he received. Well, alright. Someone signed him up for something, again. His father, possibly--it's something Saishu would do. Truth be told? Kyo's heard of this Hyo Imawano and is actually a little interested in meeting him. And fighting him. He's heard that the guy's a little... uptight...

...so making his usual entrance should be more than enough, shouldn't it? Speaking of that entrance--it's on a motorcycle. A big American chopper, its engine throbbing and rumbling on an almost subsonic level as he drives it slowly onto the grounds of Justice High. He'd heard, at least a little bit, about the things that'd happened at the school but seeing the aftermath in person, Kyo can't help but whistle, a sound that cuts through even the sound of his machine.

"Damn," he says, sounding almost admiring, "You guys really took one on the chin, huh?" Kyo being himself is abrasive under the -best- of conditions...

"...How disturbingly American."

The amount of fuel that the chopper consumes is one of the first things on his mind as Kusanagi arrives, regarding Kyo and his motorcycle with the same glare that one might affix a rogue puppy that has somehow managed to knock over the wastebasket in the middle of the kitchen. The raw disregard for Japanese engineering aside, Hyo only takes further umbrage with the young man's choice of words, stepping up when the youth rolls in almost immediately. There is a crispness in his step, and a distaste for wasting time.

"A boorish observation if I'd ever heard one," Hyo counters, ice cold.

The youth straightens his suit. And by given values of the term 'straightens' -- more meaning 'conforms.' His suit and its various fittings are all almost always aligned perfectly, and his boots are shined to a mirror sheen, reflecting the Kusanagi scion as Imawano stares at him. "There are things of vast more interest to Justice High than a few unhinged doors. Due to a great misfortune of and for our nation's future, you are one of them. I've little time. Dismount that jangled mess of pipes and noise. We will begin presently, unless you feel faint, in which case I am obligated to offer you respite from your.. journey."

Imawano looks Kyo up and down, along the razor's edge of a figurative sword.
The literal one is hanging at his hip.

Kyo, in direct contrast to Hyo, is decidedly... un-sharp in appearance, not to say slovenly. He's clean, after all. Just his sense of fashion tends towards the lax. For example, right now he's wearing a black leather biker jacket, a plain white t-shirt, and some heavy-duty blue jeans, and dark brown loafer-type shoes. Definitely he doesn't present the same kind of impressions that Hyo does.

Kyo slides off the bike then glances at it, considering Hyo's words. "Yeah, it's a pretty American bike. Actually built in Japan but they licensed the American design. Don't see too many like these on the streets... at least not modified out the rear end," he comments, casually. Kyo's grin sharpens a little at Hyo's proclamation. This is a man who doesn't waste time. Kyo can appreciate that. The sharp eyes don't bother him; he walks away from his bike into a clear area, tugging his gloves on and making sure they're settled.

"Just so we're clear... I don't really give a damn about the prize. I just want a good fight," he says, the challenge implicit in his tone.

"I don't like being bored."

"At least," Hyo notes, distinct, "that's something we both can agree on."

There was no interest in the prize for Justice High, which had all the money it knew what to do with, really, and was already a state of the art school. Knowing Raizo as he does, Hyo surmises that the old bear would end up giving away the prize money for the school, or using it to fund some other trash-related misbegotten initiative. The idea annoyed him, but the rampant consumerism of Japan annoyed him all the more.

Truthfully, being given such a large cash prize is more of an insult to Hyo than anything.
There was another reason why he elected to participate in the tournament.

"Your lack of pride in Japan shows, Kusanagi. Japanese engineering has found staple in many a hallmark of society. To think that our countrymen would find novelty in replicating an American design..." It goes against his pride, but there is the sense that Hyo Imawano would smile if he were capable of it. "Foolish principles and foolish designs. But you were not asked here to debate. I'm here to test your resolve, and your strength for use in our cause. If you fail our test, I will end the Kusanagi bloodline where it stands before me today."

He turns back, hand settling on his sword's hilt.
"I hope you don't rely on American style fisticuffs as well. Japanese engineering," Hyo points out, the fittings of his sword clicking as it frees itself from the sheath's mouth, "is the pinnacle of humanity meeting harmony. At your guard or perish!!"

At that point, the Imawano-ryuu shinobi comes for Kusanagi's throat without any further delay.

COMBATSYS: Hyo has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Hyo              0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Kyo has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Kyo              0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0              Hyo

COMBATSYS: Hyo successfully hits Kyo with Ichimonji-giri.
- Power hit! -

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Kyo              0/-------/----===|>>-----\-------\0              Hyo

If there's one truth about Kyo--the way he fights--it's that he almost never takes a fight seriously until his opponent forces him to. What that takes varies from fight to fight. But a good, solid strike will do. In this case? Hyo's on-target sword strike ensures that Kyo will take the fight serious from the outset. A welter of bright red blood flies up in a arc from Kyo as the barest twist of his body prevents a near-fatal strike--but one that still carves a bloody furrow into Kyo's body.

Of course he's been trained to take such wounds, but having it happen -this fast-... Kyo skids to a halt and reaches up, touching the edge of the wound with his fingertips. The light in his brown eyes grows serious, even if there's still a smirk on his lips. "Looks like this might be worth it after all," he muses, drawing his right hand back and summoning his flames to it. Undoubtedly Justice students are stopping what they're doing to watch this, as Kyo shouts, loud enough to be heard over the construction, "Not bad, Imawano... but see how you feel about THIS!!"

And he sweeps his right hand forward, launching that hissing flame as a wave-like projectile speeding towards Hyo's feet, a promise of serious pain.

COMBATSYS: Kyo knocks away Hyo with 108 Shiki - Yami Barai.
- Power hit! -

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Kyo              0/-------/--=====|>>>>>>>\-------\0              Hyo

Hubris can be a damning thing.

Cutting into Kusanagi with his blade was, as expected, simple, and it took all of the youth's ability just to avoid being taken out immediately by that wickedly sharp blade. Again, as expected. If there was anything Hyo Imawano was confident in, it was his own ability. Kyo's evasion was skillful, even if his reflexes were lacking in attempting to avoid it--a shift of a few degrees would not normally be enough to transmute one of Hyo's attacks from annihilating to survivable, but Kyo's evasion was enough to manage it.

Cutting a crimson arc in the air as Hyo performs "chiburui" to cast the blood off the blade, the youth's topknot slips past quickly as he turns his ice gaze around to track Kyo, slamming his blade back into its sheath. There is a crushing air about the young man, one that does not permit weakness, and there is the sense that Kyo's life is on the line if he's caught slacking for even a moment. Regardless of whether or not it's true, the crushed space around the icy council president tells the tale very succinctly.

"This is not a game," Hyo replies, his tone bordering on annoyance.
"The schools underneath Justice High will be subject to worse for less!"

The response is almost immediate, as Kusanagi unleashes that powerful wave of flame. It's a little too close for him to evade it, as it was Hyo's intention to move around the blast, flank Kyo, and destroy him without any further delay. Unfortunately, though he has been warned about the strength of the Kusanagi flame, the blast that flash-melts the ground underneath his feet and knocks him tumbling through the air trailing fire was not within his wheelhouse of potential foreseen outcomes. It is only Hyo's command of his own internal bodily energy that allows him to put out the flame, slamming hard into the ground and skidding on it, breathing hard from the exertion. "Hm... I seem to have underestimated the power of Kusanagi fire. I had begun to fear my information was inaccurate."

He settles into a shinobi battojutsu stance, hand on hilt.
"From this distance... counterattack will be challenging. Here I come."

In an instant, Hyo Imawano is behind Kyo Kusanagi. Bystanders would not be able to read his movements--to them, there is no interstitial space between the two. Of those present, only Kyo is really fast enough to read into Hyo's attack.

A battojutsu--the older ko-ryuu term for today's sport and discipline iaijutsu--is an attack that draws and runs through the opponent in a single stroke. The Imawano-ryuu ninjutsu, "Shippuuzan," is an old signature technique of the clan, utilizing superior speed to strike an opponent down in a single stroke. Through it, Imawano moves to strike through Kyo's centerline, cutting through his chief earth phase meridians. The result is a single strike down the center of the body that is indistinguishable from ten.

Regardless of distance, Kyo only has an instant to respond.
Then Hyo will sheathe his sword.

COMBATSYS: Hyo successfully hits Kyo with Ankoku Shippuuzan EX.
~ Cruel hit! ~

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Kyo              1/------=/=======|>>>----\-------\0              Hyo

This is... a bloody affair. Not a game? No, that's for sure--this is definitely not a game. Kyo's attitude towards the fight shifts within seconds. He'd definitely gained some distance on Hyo with the power of that blast... but it was for naught. They say, reflects Kyo abstractly, that the Imawano are the among the finest ninja Japan ever produced. Almost more like wizards than fighters. Certainly Hyo's prowess is supportive of that theory. Distance doesn't seem to matter at all--and while Kyo is certainly fast and agile, there's nothing he can do here.

In a moment--a flash of a second--Hyo is behind him, that sword striking almost before Hyo even appears. There's a wordless sound from Kyo, and the Kusanagi scion is flung forward, back arched, another welter of blood flying to drop in a picturesque arc as he does, too. For a moment he lays there--perhaps Hyo really has vanquished him in that single strike. And then Kyo writhes, and rolls, and kips back to his feet. None the worse for wear?

Hardly. He'll wear some scars from this fight. But training, adrenaline, pure willpower, blasted stubbornness--take your choice. Kyo might be the epitome of the lazy dilettante who has no business being in the fighting world--but he's here and there are reasons he's here. His breathing's hard, harsh, and blood trickles from the corner of his mouth--blood he wipes away with one gloved hand.

"Guess..." He coughs up some more blood, spitting it out at Hyo's feet.

"... guess I'd better step things up...!" And, so saying, he brings his fists up, heedless of the reach advantage Hyo's weapon gives him, and goes on the offensive, driving a succession of punches at Hyo's torso, feints and leads to try and open Hyo up to a vicious snap side kick from the Kusanagi scion's right leg.

COMBATSYS: Hyo blocks Kyo's Medium Kick.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Kyo              1/-----==/=======|====---\-------\0              Hyo

"Your resilence is commendable," Hyo admits grudgingly, pulling the white gloves onto his hands tighter.

Most people would not be able to stand at all after not one, but two blows from Imawano's blade. That Kyo Kusanagi could still stand at all was a testament to his fortitude, if not his resolve. Raizo, Hyo admits with only the most extreme of reservations, may have been accurate in his assessment of the young man. The Kusanagi clan did have much to offer.

Imawano assumes a battle stance, closed fist cocked back, with an open hand forward. He gives the youth a critical glare.
"But if you have any other wellsprings of skill, now is the time to draw on them," he remarks, surprisingly mild.
"If you show any less, I will dispose of you. --!"

Hyo starts visibly as Kyo bursts into an extreme of motion and force, the bleeding scion rushing into his guard with full force and authority. There is a bizarre ability of the young man to read well into Kyo's movements--feints don't seem to work on him as well as they might others, as he maintains a martial level of control well beyond the capacity and capability of most school students. Not being sucked into the spate, he absorbs the blows to his forward arm, expertly deflecting and blocking the series quickly. The lead into a feint is noticed, his eyes flashing quickly in the light before he sweeps his leading arm 180 degrees with his elbow as the axis, catching Kyo's snap kick quickly.


Suddenly, Hyo leans into Kyo, trying to throw off his balance while he's on one leg, and then, in a sudden show of brutal force, counters with a knifehand aimed to Kyo's middle, right towards his kidney. He's already determined that his sword has caused a great deal of internal damage. He won't be able to respond with his sword effectively at this range with Kyo moving this quickly. Luckily, he doesn't neglect his hand-to-hand arts, which are subject to the same training as everything else the shinobi does.

How will the two fare in an up-close fistfight?

COMBATSYS: Kyo counters Medium Strike from Hyo with Ge Shiki - Ryuu Iri EX.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Kyo              1/---====/=======|=======\==-----\1              Hyo

Hyo just might be the best ninja Kyo's ever fought--and one summer, Saishu secretly hired an -entire clan- of them to harass his boy. 'Organical Training' he called it, when one of the clan finally gave up the ruse, and Saishu laughed heartily at Kyo's indignance. Hyo wants to go toe to toe? Kyo can do that. His kick shunted away, Kyo is flowing with the motion already, dropping his leg and stabilizing his stance even as Hyo is coming in.

The Imawano ninja is striking for the Kusanagi's kidney, but what he'll find instead is his mark thrown off, as Kyo doesn't just draw his leg back--he plants his feet then drops to one knee. That strike is caught with an open hand, just behind the wrist, and Kyo makes a point of grinning up at Hyo--insouciantly, one might say--as he redirects that hand off-center.

But that's not all--as Kyo swings his one hand around, moving Hyo's, his other hand is also moving--clenched into a fist, Kyo slams it into his opponent's knee. And that contact triggers another explosion of the Kusanagi flame, blossoming outwards like a ball of fire.

Just when Kyo's grip on Hyo's striking hand would have him pulled off-balance he lets go, and--almost unhurriedly--gets to his feet. Of course it's at least partially a ruse, Hyo's hurt him badly, but Kyo's doing a damn good job of making it look like he doesn't care about that...

Fighting Kyo was beginning to become troublesome. Raizo had mentioned that the young man's strength was real, and sampling it firsthand was proving difficult for Hyo; the scion slips very easily from one move to another, flowing effortlessly to the extent that even though Hyo was positive he broke the core of the young man's offensive blitz at the very beginning, it matters little, because Kyo is already slipping into his next stance. With his offense laid open, Hyo pretty much has no choice to buckle underneath the sledgehammer that is that explosive ignition of the chi that burns hotter than chi.

"Nrgh!!" is about the most verbose Hyo can get with the moment, falling to his good knee to take the weight off of his traumatized one, the fire biting right through layers of the tough fabrics forming the Justice High winter uniform and right into his flesh. It's almost crippling to his flow, and certainly the first that Hyo seems to have measurable trouble keeping stance in front of Kusanagi.

"--there might be use for you yet--!!" Hyo manages, in the next instant.
"--but don't think your puerile fool's act convinces me in the slightest!"

Imawano whirls on his good knee into Kyo's range, slamming a hand onto the pommel of his blade. The act is hard, showing a smile when one intends to frown. As a clan with dominance over the mind and strength of the body, attempting to fool the Imawano may prove a short sighted venture yet. You see, he knows exactly how he's struck every blow, and is counting every cubic centimeter of blood that the scion has lost today. He stands abruptly, leading into Kyo with his back. At first, it might seem a suicidal act, inviting a massacre.. until one remembers that Hyo's hand is braced on the pommel of his blade. Hyo is trying to ram the end of the scabbard--the saya--of his nameless sword square into Kyo's midsection, right in the center of his earlier strike, and right over his opponent's solar plexus.

It's a risk, but if Kyo holds back for even an instant, Hyo will knock all of the wind out of him, and focus his pain anew around a brand new and reopened wound. Hyo is not known for being a merciful individual.

"The day you think to outsmart Justice High is the day your wax wings melt!!"

COMBATSYS: Kyo blocks Hyo's Weapon Jab.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Kyo              1/---====/=======|=======\==-----\1              Hyo

Kyo is a well-trained young man, a martial artist comparable to his august and legendary father, able to stand toe to toe with some of the best in the world. For all that, for the hours of training he's endured, Kyo still works more on reaction and instinct than that. Maybe that's the ideal form for his martial arts to take; Kyo couldn't say. In any case, it helps him out when he has to deal with attacks that aren't in any standard repetoire--like Hyo attempting to jab the scabbard of his sword into Kyo's wound. It's close--very close--but Kyo stops the weapon at the last moment, yielding a step or two to Hyo as he does.

His teeth gritted, Kyo forces a bit of separation between Hyo and himself. His energy's up, his mood is up, everything is -up-. "Don't think I need to hear that... from YOU...!" growls Kyo. Of course, his high is peaking--that adrenaline rush starting to fade. He can feel the creeping tendrils of weakness already setting in. He's got to finish this soon or he'll be meat for this man to carve up.

"You want to see my potential... you want to talk about -melting-..." Almost certainly Hyo will feel the flare of power in Kyo's body. It manifests soon enough as a flaming aura that explodes into existence along Kyo's body--grabbing him would not be advised. His voice takes on a weirdly echoing quality, as if there were something or someone else bolstering his words.

"Then -TAKE IT-!! HRRAAAAAAAAGH!" And that last is accompanied by a surge forward, Kyo sweeping his right hand to his left shoulder, then slashing it out at Hyo--flinging all that fire and more besides, into a surging wave of pure flame, crimson power, the power that felled the Yamato no Orochi once--and is destined to do so again...

COMBATSYS: Kyo knocks away Hyo with Ura 108 Shiki - Orochinagi EX+.
+ Epic Hit! +

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////                        ]
Kyo              0/-------/------=|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2              Hyo

"What is this light?!"

Coruscating, blinding, brilliant. Hyo Imawano finds himself at the steppes of Hell. The underworld is not dank and filth as one might expect--it is bright, searing, beautiful in a fashion. Father would gladly helm such a castle. As Kyo focuses all of his power into one last corona of fire, Hyo crosses his arms, attempting to read through the wall of flame to get at the heart of it that he may cut it down like anything else that lay before him. A genius of the energies, Imawano is not terrified of the infernal. However, the fires of Kusanagi are unlike anything he's encountered before, and his eyes cannot read or find the root that leads back to Kyo fast enough--

When the fire collides with the glacier, the mountain itself cracks.

Limned in a cape of fire, the same that lines the edges of the battlefield, the signature ougi of the Kusanagi family expends itself as the head of the Justice High student body is cut down in a meteoric trail of fire. The young man crashes into the earth hard, and truthfully it takes all of his abilities not to crash to earth and stay there. The haze of smoke and power has absolutely stunned every bystander in the courtyard, students accustomed to perfection standing slack-jawed as the boorish Americanized Gedo representative manages to finally score what looks to be a critical blow on Hyo.

"...hrnh..." Hyo's voice seethes in the dark after the light.
His breath is heavy, but his voice is measured. Dogged determination is in every word. "It would seem that you might be strong enough to face the darkness," Imawano comments, his words taking on a vivid bend in the open air.

"...But you'll have to survive first!!"

Cutting down the haze and flame that seperates them, the still-burning ninja flies out of the darkness from beyond, his blade shining in the light. It sings as he executes nadegiri, to cut Kyo down. No-- it is just a distraction!! If Kyo catches a reflection of Hyo's eyes in that blade for even an instant as he tries to evade it, he'll find himself penetrated by Hyo's mental skill--and it will be over. From then on, Hyo Imawano will read every move that Kyo takes to defend against him long before he ever manages to execute it, countering in a militant and crisp array of sword strokes and knife-kicks, aimed to cripple all of Kyo's major arteries of movement. Somewhere along the line, Hyo will fade, as if a ghost were cutting the young man.

... Only for the real Hyo to step out of Kyo's shadow and stab him square through the back.
The only way to evade this illusory blitz is to shy from Hyo's icy glare.

Even mere proximity to Hyo's attack can be deadly.
Just chancing Hyo's blade is enough for Kyo to later find a small note slipped onto him in the haze of steel. No one else would even be capable of seeing the moment at which Hyo planted it--stabbing it into one of Kyo's pockets under the guise of puncturing the young man's lung. Hyo has other aims than winning, today. But Kyo's victory will not come easily. And if Kyo falters, even for a moment, Hyo will not hesitate to leave Kyo's missive in a pool of blood...

COMBATSYS: Hyo can no longer fight.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Kyo              0/-------/------=|

COMBATSYS: Hyo successfully hits Kyo with Ankoku Gen'ei-jin EX.

[                        \\\\\\  <
Kyo              1/-------/=======|

The high leaves him--and, on top of that, he's just expended all the power he had. A combination that could prove utterly fatal--and not just in the figurative sense. Kyo's opponent is a man who knows how to use his weapon. Sluggish, Kyo draws his arms up--but they're like lead, his entire body sapped, and though he's dealt a serious blow to his opponent...

... now it's Hyo's turn. But he doesn't shy away from the glare in Hyo's eyes. To the outside world, Kyo dances a lonely, painful dance, jerking and twitching and spasming, helpless--until Hyo stabs him. Kyo arches his back helplessly, impaled on the young ninja's sword, a wound that would be instantly fatal to a lesser man. Indeed, nearly all Kyo's wounds would be literal killers to a fighter of a lesser caliber. And this one...

...this one looks fatal, too. But Kyo's ability to react--some call it dumb luck--sees him through again. The wounds are bloody, terrible... but a minor, minute twist in Kyo's body prevents them from being fatal. The sword is drawn out, and Kyo falls to his knees, coughing blood, supporting himself on only his left hand, and his knees. Indeed, were this a street fight, a more serious (even more serious) fight, Kyo would be as good as dead. Or if Kyo were not able to live up to the legend he'll have to inhabit someday. A gout of blood spills from his mouth--and yet... he rises. The fire in his eyes, in his heart, is dimmed, dulled, but not doused, not yet. Another cough wracks his body--and then, miraculously--he puts his hands up.

His voice a mere croak. "You still there... ninja? Ain't done... just yet...." One eye shut, the other nearly so, blood everywhere... Kyo still manages a grin that holds some of the cockiness he's famed for. Perhaps the truest proof of his indomitable spirit.

The Imawano assassination arts have taken many a target's life.

Hyo Imawano does not customarily hold back. Even if Kyo had not turned just so, Hyo's strokes would not have been imminently lethal to a fighter of Kyo's caliber--Hyo is not one to leave life or death in the hands of the dumb luck of another. But the difference between death and wishing death is only a matter of degrees. The enmity of Hyo's blade itself is undeniable, even as he drags it out of Kyo, kicking him off the blade brutally as he steps back quickly. Standing before Kyo, his scorched and incinerated Justice High uniform seems an unfit mess. Hyo dusts the soot off of it.

"ah..." Hyo vocalizes hoarsely, mindful of the fact that his throat has suffered extensive burning from the superheated gases that Kyo churned forth when he curtained that mowing fire into existence.

"Aren't you the troublesome one." Slashing the blood from his blade, he sheathes it. He takes great pains to adjust the fittings and recognitions on his breast, aligning them all just so. There is an awed hush over the courtyard as Imawano continues his fastidious ritual, dusting the carbon dust and flaking from his uniform, and then from his white gloves. A trail of blood has dried at the corner of his lip, but the white-haired young man doesn't mind it--his body is not the ideal, and blood stains white so.

One finger stabs out from his hip, indicating his opposite. The tension is such that the leather is audible, white leather creaking as his hand tenses, crisply snapping off the motion and demanding Kyo's undivided attention.

"Think very carefully on everything I've said. On everything I will tell you. And decide your next course of action well...lest I consider you an actual impediment to the future of our schools."

With an almost ceremonial verve, Hyo's hand lowers to his side. Then he tilts his head back, as if to look up. He continues onward on that angle, slowly falling off his boots. He crashes into the ground hard on his back, as if he were sleeping as a soldier might. Fully prone, the last thing Hyo sees before lapsing into the cool black is the sky. Aside from the burn damage, his uniform is in impeccable condition, not a single unaccounted-for crease in it, and not a single emblem out of place. Even unconscious, there is a deliberate nature about him, as if everything fell into his plans precisely.

Kyo will likely find the folded message Hyo planted on him later.

COMBATSYS: Kyo has ended the fight here.

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