Neo League 0001 - NL#0031: Hotaru vs Roland

Description: What should have been just another Neo League match among supposedly rooke fighters becomes a complete and utter flaming trainwreck. Either this match isn't going to make it to the recap reel... or it is /definitely/ making it to the recap reel.

Neo League; it's not much money, but Roland has actually done something different in this new timeline. After the horrors of having his limb bisected, he actually applied himself; not much, and over a very long period of time, but in his own way he's come to master his strange style of fighting. Like some grand hermit, the slacking debt-ridden faux cowboy is now going to redebut -- the Era of Roland will now strike the world, and his goal is not only the dreams promised from the Neo League, but the belt itself!
Of course, he has to start somewhere, and with his fighting history, that somewhere is 'bottom of the barrel'. In a way, that suits him. He's almost completely certain to defeat someone brand new to the fighting scene, and has no compunctions about doing such in a way that will make him appear as spectacular as possible. After entering the 'Newbie Raffle', he was paired up with... oho? 'Hotaru Futuba'. A girl! And one with a cute-sounding name! Negotiations are done through message, and Roland opted for a rather simple one.

To: Ms. Hotaru Futuba

The fight about to take place shall be an exhibition match. The dress code is simple: A skirt is mandatory, of a length less than one's knees. Failure to comply with this request will result in disqualification.

-- The Neo League Team

Luckily for Roland, nobody bothered to /read/ what he's sending Hotaru. Who'd expect someone to do so dastardly a trick? She'll just receive an envelope with that strange demand within it!! ...Damnit. They'll probably say it's from the opponent or something. Oh, well. Nobody's stupid enough to fall for something that pedestrian.
He arrives at the mall a good ten minutes late, sufficiently so that everyone related to the filming rights is mildly annoyed. He's got a huge ball of cotton candy held in his good arm, wearing his standard wide-brim cowboy hat and leather trenchcoat with grey muscle shirt and jeans. Hotaru... Hotaru... Hopefully she's a busty 20-something girl. He'd be willing to throw the fight if it meant drinks afterwards...

She had expected the road taken to follow in her brother's footsteps to be a difficult one. Hotaru Futaba had prepared for years to finally enter the fighting world. She had to prove to him he need not walk that lonesome road by himself... but to do that, she needed to prove she could walk it at /all/. A rookie fighter with no famous sponsors or legendary masters to flex their contacts, the young Kenpo artist has pretty much started from the lowest rung of the professional fighting ladder and has tried to claw her way upward ever since.
With a very checkered history of matches thus far, no one is eyeballing her as a strong contender in the future. Compared to the phenomenal Rising Stars that also joined this year, such as the fighting idol, Athena Asamiya. Though her narrow victory against the minorly famous pro fighter, Sakura Kasugano, does have some fight analysists taking a second look at the new hopeful.
At least the Neo League is willing to keep giving her shots, even if she hasn't won a match yet. Through it all, the girl's optimism hasn't faltered any, though she's beginning to suspect that her brother had quite a head start on her when he disappeared down this path seven years ago... Not one to be deterred, every time she has a free evening that isn't claimed by her rigorous coursework at Seijyun High, she is always pursuing opportunities to test her abilities against other fighters.
Likely in hopes of having an entertaining match, they've pit her against another newcomer to the League. The message arrives, looking like official correspondance, and the girl furrowed her brow at the Special Conditions. In all her matches thus far, she had always appeared in her Chinese styled martial arts outfit. This change in tradition was unexpected, but special events with costumes aren't unheard of. She's seen plenty of fightvids with the participants in various outfits to fit some kind of theme or crazy premise. Well, she supposes, it must come with the territory. Given her acrobatic style of fighting, however, she really would prefer something /else/? She doesn't want to get kicked out of the Neo League though!
One of the many parks throughout the large mall has been setup for the event. The crowds are milling about, eagerly engaged in holiday related shopping, eager to capitalize on sales and, hey, if there's entertainment to be had while they're at it, all the better! The park itself is no different from normal other than having everyone cleared out of it. There are stone benches, small tables setup with umbrellas and seating, flower beds and large, carefully groomed and custom shaped bushes sticking up that look like large green balls. Painted cement pathways cut routes through green grass.
In each of the four corners of the park is a small stone ball with water spilling over its surface. In the center of the park is a larger stone fountain with streams of water spilling down into a pool surrounding it.
And then there's the matter of the roguish cowboy's opponent. With him being so late, she's already there. Originally standing, as the minutes ticked by, she eventually took to sitting on one of the stone benches, hands on her lap, glancing nervously at the event staff from time to time. She would really hate for her event to get cancelled due to a no-show. It's bad enough going through all the stages of feeling nervous when preparing for a fight in the first place... to not have it happen at all would be awful!
When he finally saunters in, the coordinators are rolling their eyes. 'Damn newbies.' one mutters beneath his breath within earshot. Noticing the shift in excitement as the League organizers start getting ready to get the show rolling. Dreams of a busty young woman might be shattered as she turns around quickly to face her opponent for the first time, hands clasped together in front of her.
At least she complied with his request, clearly not knowing any better. A petite teenager from one of the local schools, for sure. Medium long black hair is tied off into a pair of pigtails by bright red bows that drape behind her shoulders. A pristine white short sleeved button up shirt is worn over her torso, the top button left undone. A black tie is around her neck, also hanging loosely beneath the undone button. At her waist, a black and navy blue plaid skirt drops down to a few inches over her knees which happen to be covered by thigh high black stockings. On her feet are a pair of navy blue buckled shoes.
When she had arrived, she had sought out one of the staff to make sure what she had worn complied with the conditions established only to get a weird glance then an appraising look, as the young man must have decided she was fishing for a compliment. An approving nod and thumbs up was her silent answer, which she took to mean she had done her part?
But now that she's looking at Roland with his rugged, Western-styled attire, she can't help but wonder if maybe she didn't do this right afterall. Is this some kind of Old West themed exhibition?? A cursory glance at him tells her there's something off about him, but she's too nervous to actually identify his asymetrical stature. Azure eyes blink once before she brings her right hand up to rest at her... exceedingly lithe chest, the girl bowing forward, pig-tails flopping over her shoulders in the process. "Pleased to meet you. I am Hotaru Futaba and I look forward to our match!" she chirps cheerfully.

Not much is known about Roland's fighting abilities, as he's only ever used it as a swindler in underground tournaments and illegal pitfights, where the right amount of booze and tactical hatespeech lead him to a few hundred dollars and skipping town. But that empty way of life is mostly behind him now, after he's finally mastered the majority of his inner chi. Todoh-sama's training was fairly nonsensible and brief, but he found a nugget within that he's utilized to build a powerful foundation of adaptive tactile chi. Now... it's simply a matter of applying that practically in the fighting arena! And, to the lascivious brawler, it has many aesthetic benefits as well...
Someone walks up to Roland almost immediately once he starts lounging near the outskirts and chomping on his cotton candy, scathingly hissing something into his ear that just makes him stare off into space nodding. A brutal shove sends him stumbling into the center of the park with an angry grumble, shoulders rolled. He's only partially a slacker. Even one of the most famous swordsman duellists to ever live knows that the mental game is important, and a slightly annoyed opponent is...
"Y,you're Hotaru?" he states, fishing out a clove cigarette and lazily plopping it between his fingers. He reaches up to grasp the brim of his hat and pull it down over his face, making a noise of... well, honestly it's as close to feeling guilty or ashamed as he's capable of. Finding the event coordinator, he starts violently shaking them so hard they almost lose their headphones. "WHY DOES THE FIGHTING CARDS NOT LIST AGES?! HUH?! Look at her!!" He releases him to point accusingly at the obviously pure and innocent Hotaru. "Look!! She's a kid!! That's--I can't--You bastard!"
"HEY! If you keep that up we're disqualifying you!!" "Bite me--WHOA! Whoa, okay, don't actually--jesus, fine." Roland then marches back opposite Hotaru, sighing and looking down at her. "Um. Hi. Yeah. Call me Roland. ...Guess we're both newbies, huh? Heheh. Go easy on me, will you...?"

The exchange between her opponent and the coordinator is observed even if not understood. It's a little hard to miss the shout about ages and to look at her and that she is just a kid. She can't help but frown a little, though she's hidden it behind a ready smile by the time he's close enough to be able to notice. What's wrong with being a kid!? Every fighter has to start somewhere! Besides, there are a lot of famous fighter kids in the business these days. Most of her opponents have been other High Schoolers!
Well, she resolves quietly, she'll just have to show that she can be taken seriously as a fighter. Even if... she starts to realize, ALL her matches have been against High School students and, well, a /bear/. Is the world of adults that vastly different? She had seen plenty of adults on the various fight streams that she felt she would have a shot against. She shouldn't be so quickly discounted!
At least he seems more polite when addressing her directly. Of course, when he's that close it's when she realizes just how tall he is, standing over a foot taller than she is, Roland cuts an impressive figure with his hat and trenchcoat seeming to add even more to his presence.
"Guess we are," she replies to his comment about being newbies but when he talks about going easy on him, one azure eye narrows a little as she gives him an evaluating look.
"I think you're just saying that to be nice. But you can rest assured that I'll be giving it my best shot."
But will she? the girl starts to wonder. She's never fought in a skirt before, let alone in front of the audience milling about, many holiday shoppers coming to a stop to see whats' going on now that it looks like action is imminent. She does know quite a few different hand strikes though, she considers, even if most of her best techniques have airborn components to them. But if she doesn't use her whole aresnal, then she WOULD be holding back. A faint frown of consternation flashes across her lips only briefly before she speaks up, "I was told there was a special dress code for this match, but... we don't seem to match at all..."
Shaking her head to clear her mind, pig-tails flapping either which way, the girl skips back a step, feet coming to rest on soft grass - a red concrete walkway crossing between the two.
When the officials are ready to get the match going, there is almost no pomp and circumstance. Looking over their paperwork, neither fighter has a record worth trumping up for the crowd. Best to just get to the action before the audience gets bored of these no-names standing around not beating each other up.
Sucking in her breath, Hotaru hugs her arms across each other as she lifts them, then unfolds them, left hand forward, palm open, right hand held back, bent at the elbow, positioned for stronger strikes. Making up her mind to keep her word and hold nothing back, the girl leans forward a little, one foot sliding out a bit, her other foot bracing against the grass for a quick pushoff.
And then the call to fight and she darts for Roland without hesitation. Taller, bigger as he may be, he can still be hit, she tells herself. She would weave in close, attempting to make one of her small pool of opening gambits succeed, both hands snapping out for his arms-
It's only when she's mid-attack, already thoroughly committed, that she realizes what she had missed earlier. He only has /one/ arm?! Completely forgetting her intended attack, but also moving forward too fast to change her mind at the last second, the end result is that it looks like she might just end up crashing into the cowboy's chest forehead first in what does not appear to be a particularly elegant start to the match regardless the outcome!

COMBATSYS: Hotaru has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Hotaru           0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Roland has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Hotaru           0/-------/-------|======-\-------\0           Roland

COMBATSYS: Roland dodges Hotaru's Heavy Kick.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Hotaru           0/-------/-------|======-\-------\0           Roland

To be fair, Roland's a lot longer than he looks; barely pushing 24, but he could easily pass for five years or more over it. Attractive in a classical sense beneath his rugged facade, five o'clock shadow carefully groomed and with a naturally athletic body kept intact with his quite light regiment of training. Some people are simply born into the world blessed with talent, while others must work hard to achieve it; it can be rather unfair that way. In terms of hours and passion dedicated, he's well beneath Hotaru even with his advantage in age, but how much of a difference that makes will soon be discovered...
"I, uh, got a late start in fighting. I was very sick when I was young, y'know. Almost died. Th,that's how I lost my arm. ...So I started doing it, because everyone said I couldn't! And here I am now!" Roland puffs out his chest and thumps a fist against his sternum, looking suitably proud for such a completely made-up story. "For my dreams, I'll do my best!!"
"Umm." Roland states, glancing down to Hotaru's skirt and staring at it without focus as if he could somehow read a good answer. "I was told to dress as a cowboy. Did I do a good job...? We couldn't both wear skirts!" Yeah, that's a pretty good one. But Hotaru rushes forward all the same, and he moves in a seemingly sluggish manner. Both of her swings are barely avoided, brushing firmly against his jacket. "Wh,whoa! You're quick!!" The last headbutt he lunges back, landing unsteadily and pinwheeling his good arm. "Hah... hah... s,sorry... my breath is so easily winded these days. Here I come!!"
And then Roland wobbles forward like an elderly man, twisting backwards and throwing a punch so pitiable that even a cripple could step aside. "FOR THE DREAMS EVERYONE SAID WAS IMPOSSIBLE!!" The sheer look of effort and dedication on his face screams against the lack of form and utter ineptness!

COMBATSYS: Hotaru dodges Roland's Weakened Strong Punch.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Hotaru           0/-------/-------|=======\-------\1           Roland

Her clumsy but high speed stumble ends up both not connecting and not impressing. Seeing an opening charge like that end with the most comically clumsy exchange of attacks has both officials and audience members who know enough about the fighting scene to know better wondering what kind of novices they've dragged out to trip and stumble at each other in an aggressive manner today!
The attack coming for her is easily avoided as well, the girl's foot touching down as she slips backward, azure eyes widened as she looks at Roland in an all new light. A sickly young man hitting the fighting scenes just because he was told he couldn't?! How incredible is that?! The look on her face makes it clear that the school kid is taking it all in without a single shread of doubt about the man's story.
Some fighters might find it insulting to be matched up with someone who, in spite having a muscular looking physique, moves like a cripple just trying to get a hang of the whole concept of fighting. For Hotaru Futaba, however, she can't believe she is being given a chance to participate in a fight that is clearly the realization of a long term dream for the cowboy. What a special occasion this is!
Taking another step back to be well out of perceivable striking range, she pauses, just digesting the whole idea of it all. "That's... that's incredible!" she replies, clearly in awe of his impressive determination to achieve his dream. Clenching her right hand into a small fist, she holds her arm up in front of her, pumping it once, "I too have a dream that I'm fighting for here today. But this will just be one of many steps for the both of us, regardless what happens!"
Already she's sweeping her hands back to her ready stance, bouncing lightly on her feet. Even the audience seems to be buying into it, with few in the casual mall crowd really better able to ascertain Roland's abilities beyond what they plainly see with their own eyes. Which is to say, he doesn't seem to have much. A few heads nod, approving murmurs for this special occasion. Even a couple of the event staffers are scratching their heads. Why didn't they get any of that in this guy's paperwork? They would have happly drummed up some more pre-fight hoopla had they known!
"Okay, prepare yourself," the girl warns. Hey, he gave her a warning, it's only fair, right? So far, there can be no doubt that the insufferably nice fighter has bought into his story. But she's still going to make him try. It wouldn't be fair to his dream to go TOO easy on him, would it?
She's back on the offense, recommitting to the technique that she had stumbled out of in her previous attempt. Feed pad across the grass, hands reaching out, but focusing on Roland's lone arm. A firm grip would give her the leverage she'd need to carry that forward momentum into a series of rapid striking kicks right up the front of him. If successful, the featherweight would kick off his chest into a backflip, her hands slipping down her body to press her skirt flat against her lap as she aims to land back in the grass some meters away!

COMBATSYS: Roland dodges Hotaru's Shinjou Tai.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Hotaru           0/-------/-------|=======\-------\1           Roland

A few wet-sounding coughs leave Roland, who's doubled over with a closed fist to his mouth. Eyes are watered up, and he seems now to be rather deathly pallid and at death's door. "Y,yeah... but I don't want you to go easy on me, you hear?" he wheezes out. Of course, his intention is just the opposite. What sort of cruel girl would try to strike down someone in his apparent condition? Once she drops her guard to his percieved level, he can attack with all his might and try to end this in one fell swoop!!
"Wh,what? Prepare myself for what...?" Roland edges backwards, looking wary. Only to find her surging towards him with an obviously brutal intention! He manages to twist his leg away from her attempted grasp, and as she lets loose the number of kicks at him, it's clear that it was all an act. Sharp eyes snap away from each and every one, weaving his upper torso around while his legs dance in a perfect center of gravity. The last attempt to plant is met by Roland ducking low, crouching to the ground in a perfect position to glance upwards. Wait, no!! She's sixteen! Away, evil thoughts!! Okay, maybe just one look...
"The hell?! You'd beat up a cripple?!" he asks, before suddenly twisting up. He swirls the back of his hand before her like a magician, an awkward gesture that would set her instincts into utter confusion. The more someone trains alone, the less able they are to react to the complete unknown -- in this case, an attempt to slap the back sharply into her face, in a jarring and blinding stun of pain.
Afterwards his fingers curl, a sheathe of green energy whirling over them. Curled fingers slash downwards, aiming to rake vorpal edges across the middle of her shirt, before twisting his foot to hook behind her heel and then thrust forward to slam his shoulder home, aiming to topple her over flat on her back on the hard walkway! The flashy display causes a few "Oh!"s from the crowd, who were only lingering to see the tall tale in action.
Now, the Neo League officials don't know WHAT to think, other than the fact this person is a lot more trouble than he's worth!!

COMBATSYS: Hotaru blocks Roland's Sleight of Hand.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Hotaru           0/-------/-----==|=======\===----\1           Roland

When he eludes her grasp, the girl sticks with her plan, converting her momentum into a series of swift kicks with her blue shoe-clad feet, starting low then aiming slightly higher with each swift strike. The last one targeting his chest is completely eluded by the low duck however. A quick glance chanced upward beneath that black and navy blue plaid skirt reveals... only darkness? Or, no, it becomes clear that she elected to wear black underwear to go with the skirt, making it less clear where one garment began and another ended in the midst of her incredibly quick movements. Only the white trim at her waist and legs makes it clear.
Foot snapping back down to regain her balance, arms raised guardedly in front of her, the girl's eyes widen at the outburst accusing her of going all out against a man clearly in no shape to be fighting at all! "But I-I-" she stammers defensively, looking appalled that her intentions were interpreted in such a negative way.
As he moves his hand about, gesticulating wildly in a way certain to grab attention yet mystify at once, she seems completely baffled. Yet the girl's reflexes become clear the instant she gets her arm into the path of his backhand. It strikes with enough force that she staggers under the impact, arm already stinging from the smack. The stumble puts her in a better position to evade the downward swing of his arm, however, though he does end up raking off one of her buttons near her stomach.
The young prodigy is ready for the charge that comes last, feet bracing against the concrete, arms raised as she weathers the impact simply by toughing it out as best she can. As best she can looks a lot like nearly getting bowled over, however, arms flailing out at her sides as several more backward steps are taken to avoid toppling over.
Finally her foot splashes down in the water spilling over one of the stone balls in the corner of the park and she takes no further steps backward. It's easy to read the abject confusion on the young fighter's face as she stares back at the man who seemed like he just transformed into someone completely different than the one she had been introduced to at the straight of the match.
Is he just crazy? Murmurs in the crowd near behind her seem to be wondering the same thing. What IS going on here anyway?
The attack sequence she just avoided was no small feat. Distraction, extremely precise chi use demonstrating fine control beyond what she can do with her less refined manifestations of azure energy... But for all that, there's no mistaking his lack of an arm. She really is fighting a one armed cowboy who just moved with the kind of skill she'd expect to find in a fighter far beyond the sickly man she saw moments ago.
It would be easy to see the gears turning in the girl's head, left hand patting absently at the missing button on her blouse, not taking her eyes off him for an instant. Her expression becomes a bit more clouded though likely from confusion every bit as much as the impression that she might, just possibly, have been tricked.
"I feel like maybe you have not been entirely on the level here..." she observes, frown fading slowly as she gains her calm honed by a patient personality. Is he really /that/ good or is she just not experienced enough to know better? Only way to find out is to keep going after him, she decides, bolting forward again. Trying to get in range quickly enough to strike out before getting struck, she would utilize a low sweeping kick toward his shin first, attempting to draw his guard lower, before spinning into a second snapping side kick for his chest, in hopes that it would be left open. "KYA!"

COMBATSYS: Roland blocks Hotaru's Light Kick.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Hotaru           0/-------/----===|=======\===----\1           Roland

"You..." Roland states, before a single tear sheds down the side of his face. "You are the first fighter to fight me seriously. The inner power within me, I had all along... You've finally unleashed it!!" That's unlikely to work. Damn; his mental assault failed, although he did surprise her enough that his onslaught of attacks likely rattled her guard heavier than he anticipated. She's falling into his pace slowly but surely, and that's the best method he knows of defeating someone. Using it on someone as young as her seems... off, but he doesn't specialize in defeating opponents in multiple fields at once for no reason. He's absolutely sure she's the shy sort. And admittedly, he doesn't want to /hurt/ her. So...
When she snaps down low, Roland simply darts backwards, only for her to kick high. This time he twists, catching the blow with his forearm. But before she can pull back he moves to grasp her by the foot and lift it high. "Black panties...? That's a bit racey for a girl your age, isn't it?" he states, sounding almost like a chiding father. A literal split second later he rushes forward, trying to step beneath the foot and make it difficult to pull it back down and regain a proper center. His right arm twists, before he unleashes a brutal slash towards her upper body again, fingers trailed by more of that summoned chi. If he can properly unbalance her, flipping the girl upon her back head over heels with a hard shove of the shoulder should work. His assaults are... weird. A strange, instinctive dodging always seems to draw him so close, attacking from multiple angles despite seemingly incapable of it from his stance. It might be more and more jarring to the poor girl!
The crowd are murmuring something about how perverted it is for someone of his age to be looking at a girl's panties, of course. "Shut up! 16 is legal!" Suddenly there's a series of gasps, and he freezes. "Th--That's not what I meant, damnit! I mean--Go to hell! All of you!!" He points directly at the fans. Okay, he's really not making a great impression here in one of his first televised fights... already most of the directors are facepalming. Will this even reach the air...?

COMBATSYS: Roland successfully hits Hotaru with Blackjack.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Hotaru           1/-----<</<<<<<<<|=======\======-\1           Roland

He's fast enough to catch her foot before she can snap it back down, Hotaru's eyes widening in alarm as she's stuck hopping on her left toes to keep from falling over all together. Had she better anticipated something like this, she might have been able to turn it right back around on him, kicking off with her other foot to drive her leg against the side of his head rather than getting completely caught off balance like this, but she definitely still has a ways to go in her own progress as a martial artist.
When her foot is lifted higher, she pushes her hands down, trying to flatten her skirt against his line of sight, cheeks blushing at his accusation. There is no doubt about her being shy, especially now that he's made a point of it. "I-I- thought they would be less noticeable-" she stammers defensively.
With the way she's trying to cover herself rather than attack, and the swiftness with which he moves in under her raised leg to make it nearly impossible for her to get her balance, the young fighter is an easy target for his rising arm. A ripping sound is heard just before she's rammed hard with his shoulder and sent tumbling right back the way she had come, only coming to rest in an abrupt seated position when her back hits against the small fountain, water spilling over her shoulders. Somewhere along her painful roll, her right hair ribbon was lost, allowing half of her long, black, and now drenched hair to come to rest against her shoulder.
Sputtering at the soaking, she pushes up to her feet, shaking her head, looking a lot less steady than she had been. The girl's cheeks are tinted pink, from embarrasment and rising fury in spite her normally mild mannered temperment. And that's before she realizes that her now grass-stained white shirt is slashed across the front and drenched so that her skin is visible beneath it except for around her chest where the solid white frabric of her bra is noticeable.
The shocked look that registers on her face then also reveals significant indecision in her eyes. Is- is she even going to stick this out any further?! Sucking in her breath, she folds her left arm over the front of her, right arm snapping back, left foot sliding forward. She has been utterly unable to engage the cowboy in close range combat or by fighting on the ground. She has to try another angle and it is to that end she swings her right arm forward the same moment brilliant, sapphire chi surges along it. Slamming her hand out so that the gathered energy can transition from her control to flying through the air for Roland, the girl transitions to moving after it, hoping to find an opening finally in this confounding opponent.
Fortunately for the crowd gathered, it won't fly the entire length of the park - if he negotiates the projectile without getting struck by it, the concentrated energy will scatter before reaching anyone else. But if he should get hit, it would connect with concussive force, neither burning for inflicting any other secondary effects other than a surprisingly potent chi punch from range. "YAA!"

COMBATSYS: Roland dodges Hotaru's Hakki Shou.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Hotaru           1/------</<<<<<<<|=======\======-\1           Roland

"WRONG!" Roland suddenly states, with a firm authority. "Black panties are a sign of adulthood! Cotton white panties are a sign of youthful innocence. I underestimated you, girl... you are much more adult than I thought." Despite the horrific statement, what makes it worse is Roland appears to be genuinely leveraging a compliment to the other girl. That's probably the last sort she ever wanted to hear!!
Once she's been staggered backwards to thump into the water, Roland once more points a finger, again looking solemn and resolute. "White? WHITE? A bra should always match one's underwear in battle. I thought you were more progressive than this. What man is going to want to see that cobbled together underwear?! You are ruining the thrill of this fight!!"
Every single ideal Hotaru has worked hard and strived for is being spat on by this man. He's crippled, but highly skilled; yet Hotaru, who trains so hard, can tell he's sloppy. He's not actually using a 'style'. There's no stances, no assaults that are pre-determined. He is using raw instinct, appearing to somehow bolster his reflexes and ability to move to a level that foregoes the thousands of hours she's spent. Such is truly Roland's strength... as he develops his inner chi, it improves his physical strength and ability to evade. He has always been cunning, and now that his body moves as fast as his mind, he's a much bigger threat than most would ever think looking upon him. Having no arm isn't a handicap to him, but it tends to throw his opponents off-guard, and the moment someone succumbs to his pace, then their fate is sealed!
"Here... let me show you the downside to your outfit... I'll teach you a life lesson!!" Roland states this as the projectile is hurtling towards him. Before... suddenly, he erupts into emerald energy. He lunges to the side, trailing multiple afterimages. Bracing his foot, in a heartbeat he is upon Hotaru, thrusting out his left arm to catch her by the throat and heft her upwards. He's much stronger than normal right now, not that she was ever light.
But... what is shocking is that there's a crackle, before an emerald left arm bursts from his shoulder, looking to even have a phantom sleeve of his coat. It scintillates, growing in energy before he thrusts, attempting to penetrate it /through/ Hotaru. Of course this would not actually physically damage her, but the pain would not be minute.
And then there'd be a great wash, causing Hotaru's blouse, stockings and skirt to glow bright green, before both his arm and the saturated chi explodes in a huge ball of energy that causes the onlookers nearby to stagger away, and those who hadn't been paying attention to suddenly wonder what sort of high-tier fight they were missing out on!!

COMBATSYS: Hotaru fails to reflect Jackpot! from Roland with Kobi Kyaku EX.

[                        \\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Hotaru           2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|===----\-------\0           Roland

The Futaba girl balks as Roland won't drop the subject at all but rather begins elaborating at great length about her lingerie fashion faux pas, recoiling from the man like he's some kind of horrible pariah. "T-that's not what I-" she stammers, azure eyes standing out from her increasingly reddining cheeks. "I would really rather not discuss-" she tries to cut off the unaccredited industry expert on all things pertaining to underclothes. It's not hard to tell that she's on the verge of breaking down under the verbal assault, arms crossing over her chest as she continues to be repulsed by the unjustly gifted fighter's diatribe. "What does white have to do with anything-" He just won't shut up! And she doesn't have the wherewithall to yell over him or the ability to make him stop by way of force!
It hits her then just how little she is even making this guy try - the gulf between their abilities is staggering. Yet through it all she hasn't really seen a demonstration of practiced martial skill, each of his assaults seeming to come out of no where with no leading step in, none of the text book approaches or stances to slip in and out of that she's been paying so much attention to when not training herself. How can this awful person be so far ahead of her!? Sure he's older than she, one could justify, but that shouldn't make such a huge difference, should it? He's taking her apart, in more ways than one, with every moment the fight continues. Which seems like it will not be for long at the decisive rate it is progressing.
The deceptively talented fighter tells her he'll demonstrate the downside of her fighting attire and Hotaru just looks confused all over again. The biggest downside she's finding right now is that it isn't made of advanced kevlar armor plating, because this guy hits like a tank!! She also knows full well that she has no desires of learning anything he's offering and, feeling her only chance is to stop him before he gets to her, the girl kicks into his trajectory rather than retreats. "What kind of lesson is-!"
But the swath of azure chi flashing through the air in the wake of her kick is too late. By the time it manifests, he's already past it, his hand lashing out faster than she can see. An instant later, the petite fighter is dangling by her neck, legs kicking desperately, arms reaching up to grab hold of his. But for all her efforts at defense or escape, she's helpless when that phantom limb suddenly manifests, spearing through her body while she makes a pained, choking, gasping sound. Eyes widen further in panic as the man declares his Secret Art. Nothing about any of that sounds like something she wants to be a part of!
The infusion of chi invades the fabric of her outfit and no amount of attempting to bolster her aura against energy assaults can do a single thing about it. The explosion that follows completely obscures the small fighter for a moment as she goes flying, crashing against the grass and tumbling to a stop several meters away from Roland, lying face down, arms sprawled out at her sides. Blue and white cloth tatters rain down from her trajectory like so much confetti created by the destructive nature of the man's chi.
Her other hair ribbon was blown away in the catastrophe, leaving black hair to spill freely against her shoulders as the girl pushes herself up, teeth grit in pain. "You are an awful man!" she yells back at Roland, getting the rest of her way up to her feet, her left hand clenched and resting over her chest, right hand pointed out toward him with her accompanying glare. She's never been so furious as this in all her life that she can remember!
It's only then that she begins to realize just how airy her clothing is feeling all fo the sudden, and at last spares a glance downward. Eyes widen further at the tattered remnants of her shirt, burned and barely covering anything, her skirt reduced to little more than a thick fabric belt, and stockings with holes through them up and down their length. In an instant, ire turns to distress, her complexion becoming beet red. "Y-you-you monster!!" she exclaims back at Roland, shaking her head, both of her arms crossing over her chest.
The hopeful Kung Fu artist has never been so humiliated in her life, and given her track record includes getting farted into unconsciousness by a bear, the bar for setting a new record was agonizingly high. But having her clothes reduced to ribbons in front of an audience of mall shoppers is beyond appalling! Shaking her head again, she whirls around, looking for the nearest official in her daze, "I refuse to put up with this any longer! I forfeit!!"
The mortified girl is already storming for the sidelines, making clear that she's not in the mind to be waiting for anyone to acknowledge her decision. She's also not really able to figure out what to do regarding clothing to get home in either, but that conundrum will occur to her momentarily.

"SEE!!" Roland states, pointing down at Hotaru once she's got only blackened scraps of fabric left of her fighting attire. A number of people are gasping at the sight, some having come too late to see the true cause of it. A child's eyes are covered by an overprotective mother, and a number of murmurs about how uncouth the young girl is can be heard. Somehow this only makes Roland all the more amused by things. "I heard a lot of comments, but none said you looked sexy. It's the outfit! White and black clash too much. Always match! I think you'd look good in green!"
The onslaught of comments doesn't seem to even slightly bother Roland, who merely plants a hand upon his hip. But when what comes next is said, the tone goes from playfully condescending to serious. "Forfeit? Amazing. I knew you had bad fashion sense, but I had no idea your will was also so weak. What do you think this is?" Roland gestures with his hands over the surrounding park. "This is a battlefield. And you are complaining at my choice of weapon? How can it be wrong when you can still stand, but you throw in the towel? Absolutely pathetic. I know OTHER girls who'd use that rage to fight stronger... not run away with their ugly panties and child's bra. Why are you here!! Is it to battle, or is it to complain?"
Roland puts a thumb to his chest, and declares loudly. "I AM STRONGER. And you have no right to judge me, until you can do something about it. Go on! You'd never be able to land a finger on me, anyway! And I don't like looking at little girls, either! What a waste of my secret technique!" A finger points to the attendants nearby. "I don't accept her forfeit until she walks off the stage. Go on. Take your pitiful dreams and half-hearted efforts and LEAVE. One drop of modesty and you refuse to go on... what'd your mommy and daddy think?!"

COMBATSYS: Roland takes no action.

[                        \\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Hotaru           2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|===----\-------\0           Roland

With a blush so deep it's already spread down her neck a little, the girl freezes between steps when the one-armed cowboy's tone changes. He's already won, but then he has to keep hurling aspersions her way? Insulting her clothing was one thing, but going after her resolve is another matter all together. She stands with her back to him, her arms moving to her sides, hands clenched into small fists, head lowered as she glowers silently. She has never felt so angry toward a single individual in her life. Not even the Mean Queen of Seijyun High, Sada Asai, was this bad!!
Pathetic? Weak willed? Half-hearted effort? How can he speak of these things with how many years she had been struggling to be ready for her debut? Does he even know what effort means?! Her right arm trembles, fists still clenched tightly, head bowed. She hasn't turned around though his words have given her pause. The prospects of not having to hear anymore of the man's taunts by running from this awful place seem terribly appealing.
But then he piles on the disappointment that her parents must have, their little child running out of a fight because she got embarrassed, and Hotaru's teeth clench. Of course her mother's dead. But her father? That austere man that was impossible to please even before he disappeared without a trace? But more importantly, what about her brother? Slowly she lifts her trembling right arm, hand still clenched, holding it in front of her. How can she run away from a fight she can still stand in and ever hope to look Gato in the eye? Maybe if her life was in danger, that would be worth of consideration, but if the worst thing on the line is a healthy dosage of shame, could she ever hope to be justified in his eyes? In her own eyes?
Sucking in her breath, she exhales, trying to control her breathing, trying to get a grip on her raging emotions and confused, conflicted thoughts. There's no denying that urge to strike back at him - and isn't that what she signed on for? To fight until she could fight no more, no matter how difficult the opponent? She had always accepted that she would be challenge by the martial skill of those she faced... but what of their capacity for psychological warfare?
She turns, sucking in her breath again with a hiss between her teeth. Drops fall from her cheeks, potentially dismissed as lingering from her brief shower in the fountain until she wipes her right arm over her eyes to clear her vision and finally focuses on Roland once more. Never had she wanted to punch someone as bad as she wanted to hit that man now. A soft uncharacteristic growl escapes the lips of the normally patient girl. "How dare you speak to me of dreams and effort!!"
But she had always needed focus and control to fight her best, not anger. She needed to forget the stares, the murmurs, the taunts. Her foot slips forward, hands raised out in front of her, palms forward, wrists facing each other as she adopts a solid stance used as part of her normal Tai Chi workout routine. It would force her to focus, to control her breathing, to settle her anger. Drawing her hands back in with a breath, she bows her head briefly before snapping her face up and locking eyes with Roland.
And then she's bursting forward again. One more charge, one more attempt at landing a hit on the dangerously talented if infuriatingly laxadaisical fighter. She would be running low forward, looking like she'd just about fall face forward into the ground except the speed of her rapidly pumping legs keeps her mobile. A slide from a meter out would represent a drastic shift in posture, the girl extremely low to the ground, arms out at her sides, one foot forward-
The surge of sapphire chi that detonates around her is unlike any attack she had demonstrated throughout the fight. It would both propel and augment the two-legged backflip kick she targets Roland's torso with, applying enough crushing force to potentially dislodge even the much taller fighter. "Tenshou-!"

COMBATSYS: Hotaru successfully hits Roland with Tenshou Ranki.

[                        \\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Hotaru           0/-------/---<<<<|======-\-------\0           Roland

Into a single strike, Hotaru pours every long year of hardship, every unending hour of aggressive training and practice, every dream unrealized, every hope for tomorrow. The empowered backflip takes her airborn and even leaves her opponent's stability in question enough for when she dives right back down from above.
A forward flip, a steep dive into a full bodied tackle takes Roland to the ground, the two sliding along the grass for a meter and a half before they come to rest, the barely clothed teen mounted atop his stomach, her knees against his chest. Teeth grit, she slams her palms against his upper sternum as a fierce maelstrom of azure chi explodes up around her, scattering any loose debris and even whipping the nearby audience with a blastwave created by the sudden surge in azure energy.
It takes all her effort to build the largest manifestation of chi she'd mustered to date, the spherical pulse growing up around the two as the girl glares into Roland's eyes with the resolve he had provoked. She had attempted the technique before, but had never prolonged the energy buildup to this extent, as if she had forgotten that there is an upper limit to what she can even muster.
Finally her limit is reached, the swell of power no longer able to be controlled. Throwing her head up, her voice silenced, the Futaba scion allows the entire cyclone of fomented power to collapse in on herself, her arms serving as conduits to pump the entirety of it into the man's chest. While her own chi lacks the vorpal or explosive nature of Roland's green power, there is a point beyond which pure concusive force can become inherently explosive as well.
The blast puts Roland at the epicenter, the young fighter atop him, not harmed by it in the slightest but for the sheer draining effort it required of her.
A slow exhale escapes her lips, the girl slumping forward a little, propped up by her arms. Of course, in her mind, she'd like to think the assault knocked the man clean out. That's what happened to Sakura, afterall, and she didn't hit her nearly as hard as this! Wearily, she starts to push against his chest.

Roland looks almost impatient for Hotaru to finish leaving the fighting arena. He was honestly just trying to capitalize on her leaving, making himself sound better. There's also the fact that he did just blow up a young girl's clothing on a televised broadcast, and that is probably not the sort of ratings that Neo League wants to draw. Or is it? After all, this IS the brainchild of Heihachi Mishima, if he remembers correctly... despite knowing very few in the fighting world, that man is anything but the most calm and normal of individuals.
So when she instead pauses to come back, Roland opens his mouth. "You forfeited!" he then states. The fight coordinator is only too happy to rejoinder to him, though. "You said it only counted if she left the arena." Damnit! Well. He was serious that he didn't want to hurt Hotaru. But he'll beat up a hundred little girls if it gets him closer to his own personal dream...
Of sitting in a nice restaurant with Ayame, laughing over stea--DEAR GOD NO. That's; where'd THAT even come from?! Of seeing her broken body laying clothesless before him, her pride and shame in tatters! Yes. That's what all this has been about. Besides, he first met her when she was only Hotaru's age. To lose to a shrimp... he probably felt similar to how she does now. At least she knew about matching underwear, though.
In the midst of him trying to whine that she's still coming at him, he tries to do what he can. All of his fight-long manipulations are gone. She's no longer distracted and off-kilter. He purposefully made sure to destroy her ability to fight, just so this kind of thing wouldn't happen.
"HEY! People can see you! You shouldn't run while in a bra! You'll never hit me anyway--" And then, he encounters what he never did the entire fight. From Hotaru's first fumbling kick, when she made the mistake nobody does twice of pitying Roland, everything she had worked for was never on the surface. But here he stands before the weight of her expertise and experience, and is absoluteuly underestimating it. It is his own fault for never getting to see it until just this moment.
An attempt to leap backwards is met by both heels striking him in the chin, launching Roland into the air in a spray of blood. "HNNGH!!" But... it's not so bad. She's still small, and although her chi isn't harmless, he's...
Then he's tackled to the ground, slamming upon it heavily with a 'woof!' of leaving breath. Of course, the only mistake in the technique was that Roland's attempted evasion made her land upon him lower than she anticipated. It doesn't do anything to the actual effectiveness of things, the huge maelstrom of energy ripping into the man with a likely pleasing level of ferocity, leaving him in a small crater of her own devising.
His arms and legs are splayed, lidded eyes staring up into the heavens, hat fallen off and only hanging on by the band of leather around it.
"I uh... um..." he suddenly mumbles. "...think you should... get off me now..." The crowd is back to gasping, someone who just arrived after the lightshow exclaiming 'Just what sort of thing are they filming?!' The director just -- has no choice. "This is not going to be in our Neo League weekly special..." Maybe they are putting together a blooper reel?

COMBATSYS: Roland takes no action.

[                        \\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Hotaru           0/-------/---<<<<|======-\-------\0           Roland

Only when he speaks does Hotaru realize he's still conscious. So much for her hopes that he really would be vulnerable to a one shot erruption of everything she had energy-wise. Tired eyes widen slightly as she becomes more cognizant her circumstances and position. The blush is back in an instant, the girl glancing up and then back and forth at the commotion the whole scene is starting to create.
This wasn't her intent. She just wanted to hold him still long enough to unleash a giant enough attack to have any kind of shot against the reprobate who keeps going back and forth on his intentions, making him the most infuriating AND most inscrutable person she has ever encountered!
The urgency with which she's getting to her feet is suddenly escalated now, the girl looking completely abashed by what just happened. But not without a parting shot, her hand drawing back and swinging out for Roland's cheek with as vicious a slap as she can muster.

COMBATSYS: Hotaru successfully hits Roland with Quick Punch.

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Hotaru           0/-------/--=====|=======\-------\0           Roland

"Wh,who taught you that kind of attack... you can't just go mounting people without clothing in a fight!!" Roland is stating this as if that entire thing was somehow her fault, rather than his own explosive attacks. Rather than go on the offense, he pulled himself out from beneath, only to suddenly get slapped right across the face. Hard. His cheek has a huge red imprint now, caught completely off-guard. "Ow!! What the hell!! You little--!!" And then Roland leaps at Hotaru, attempting to tackle her to the ground and mount HER this time, good hand trying to wrestle her dominant one!! ...After that breathtaking showing, things might end a little more slapstick than before.

COMBATSYS: Roland successfully hits Hotaru with Weakened Fast Throw.
- Power hit! -

[                          \\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Hotaru           0/-------/=======|=======\-------\0           Roland

"N-no one did!" Hotaru sputters defensively. "It's not like that at all, I was just trying to hold you down!!" Given her stature, it really stands to reason that pinning anyone for any length of time is definitely going to be a full body endeavor... but the ramifications of landing wrong are definitely one surefire way to get onto the 'most awkward fighting moments of 2014' reels. None of this is going well, from the moment the fight started to the moment she decided not to foreit afterall, this entire match has been nothing shy of a disaster for the young fighter.
Her clothing already long since fallen to pieces around her but for torn up stockings, she's left fighting in an underwear match against the one armed cowboy virtually no one can figure out. The entire atmosphere surrounding the event is one of awkward discomfort as some turn away, others boggle at what the Neo League is trying to pull in the middle of a crowded mall, and many more throwing the character of the participants into even further question.
And then he leaps at her, provoked by the parting slap as she got to her feet. Exhausted from the attacks she had taken and the combination attack she had just unleashed, holding almost nothing in reserve to accomplish things afterward, the hasty block she makes out of reflex and desperation is not remotely enough to brace herself against the much larger fighter's leaping tackle!
The featherweight goes down hard, landing so that her upper back hits the grass, but the back of her head smacks against one of the concrete walkways. By the time Roland settles in on top of the poor girl, her eyes are already closed, her body still, his strong hand having no problem getting a grip on her right hand given her lack of struggling.
Off to the side, officials are already flipping through the Neo League rulebook to try and figure out if there are ANY conditions under which they should call a match before some line is crossed somewhere, but aside from the major bullet points of Neo League that everyone knew, the rest of the rules seem to be just some kind of copy and paste job from customer reviews for bear shampoo, so that isn't really helping a whole lot.
Glancing up, the senior staff member is about to call the match in fact. Anything to get this flaming trainwreck overwith as soon as possible!! But Hotaru starts moving again, shaking her head, eyes blinking open as she comes back from the brink of unconsciousness. She might have a splitting headache later, but for right now, she's still in this rolling disaster!
Struggling to flail her right arm, she twists and turns, trying to wriggle free from Roland's pinning. "Get off of me!" she exclaims, even though in normal circumstances she would have certainly acknowledged the legitimacy of the tackle, pretty much anything Roland Sylvester Brown does at this point is inherently viewed as cheap, unfair, and awful in every way!
Her free left swings out, attempting to push at his chest at first, beginning a violent effort of flailing about. Pinned as she is, unable to use her strong arm, the best she can do finally is to snap her left arm back and then slam it upward, aiming for the bottom of Roland's chin with a palm strike. Without being on her feet, and using her off hand, it won't remotely pack the punch the girl is normally capable of, but she's rapidly running out of options!

COMBATSYS: Hotaru keeps on fighting!

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Hotaru           0/-------/=======|=======\-------\0           Roland

COMBATSYS: Roland dodges Hotaru's Weakened Medium Punch.

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Hotaru           0/-------/=======|=======\-------\0           Roland

"Well... you definitely held me down..." Roland states. He's not unwounded; there's a huge ripped area upon his chest, his shirt in little more than tatters. The flesh beneath is red -- but also proof he's not as much a slacker as he claims. He's got a build you can't maintain without some level of exercise, although the primary motivator being aesthetics certainly helps matters. Such a shame any physical assets are completely ruined within 5 minutes by his personality.
The Neo League official handbook states that 'Clothing is optional'. Damn. This was so Kuma could get in while technically being naked. So far, destroying a girl's attire is completely legal in every way!! "No fair--" Roland states, leaning back from the short uppercut. How can he dodge even now?! "You got to mount me... and now I get to mount YOU!!" This phrase sounded better in his head. No, no it didn't. Okay, he didn't think at all, honestly.
But he then moves to shift forward and twist Hotaru's arm at the elbow and shoulder, driving it down to slam into grass. Leaning back, his forehead shimmers with green energy before he slams downwards, aiming to deliver an explosive headbutt right to Hotaru's hapless face in a bid to end the match!! "BAM!!"

COMBATSYS: Roland successfully hits Hotaru with Seven Out.
* Attack Of Opportunity! *

[                             \  < >  ///////////////               ]
Hotaru           1/---====/=======|=======\===----\1           Roland

Her hand swings up where his infuriating chin was moment's ago before she pulls it back, readying to make a second attempt before Roland utters his own verbal defense of his actions. The declaration provokes a gasp from the already thoroughly disgruntled, disturbed, or distressed crowd and the officials are all looking away, cringing now. How can they possibly edit this in the post processing to be remotely palatable to their normal viewing audiences?
The pinned girl's eyes widen at Roland's outburst, cheeks flushing red for the umpteenth time this incredibly abnormal and uncomfortable match between two with such disparate levels of skill. "W-what kind of-!" No doubt the nature of the extremely unusual bout will have League officials trying to figure out what to do with Roland in future appearances.
Gritting her teeth, she attempts something she had never even tried in practice before. Her left arm smacks against the ground over her head as a surge of azure chi bursts along her forearm. If she can't punch him off her, then maybe she can blast him away? The attemmpt is accompanied by a painful twist of her right arm, eliciting a sharp cry from the trapped fighter, but she swings all the same, attempting to plant the left handed projectile into Roland's deserving mug, though given her circumstances, there's no surprise her aim right now is exceptionally poor.
His forehead would smack the poor girl in the face with an accompanying surge of that emerald chi of his. With one arm pinned and the other still drawing back from her desperate attack, there's no defense to be had, giving him a clean blow that leaves Hotaru's nose bleeding and her body still, bringing an end of her participation in the Neo League match most likely to generate a tsunami of inappropriate still frames this year!

COMBATSYS: Hotaru can no longer fight.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Roland           1/----===/=======|

COMBATSYS: Roland overcomes Hakki Shou from Hotaru with Deuces Wild.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Roland           0/-------/--=====|

Roland's quick. Quicker than ought be fair, when Hotaru has always considered that to be her strongest point. The moment his head ricochets off the girl's own, he kicks explosively upwards, launching himself skyward in a burst of silhouettes before she finishes hurtling the projectile upwards. His right arm suddenly flickers into being, before each finger sheaths with an almost liquid-seeming chi.
"Oh no you /don't!/"
And then he starts striking the air, flinging the energy. It quickly accelerates into vorpal cutting waves, the first onslaught striking into the incoming projectile and cutting it to pieces. But then the remainder strikes down, impacting the already abused and humiliated girl a good dozen times before he suddenly stops, realizing she's unconscious.
Landing heavily adjacent, he grimaces down to her. Rather than risk any of her modesty being further damaged, his large coat is shrugged off and swung around, before he drops it across Hotaru. "Give it back to me when you can land a proper hit." he comments, gripping his shirt and ripping the remainder off to leave him unclad from the waist up, beyond the hat he returns to the top of his head. Some of the more easily swayed observers blush at that, clove cigarette lit and placed within his lips with a long puff. "It's cold this time of night..."
Grudgingly, the Neo League officials are forced to call the fight here, declaring it a victory for Roland. He throws a pair of victory signs, before a series of BOO's and angry shouts come, followed by thrown drinks and debris. "PEOPLE! PLEASE DO NOT ATTACK THE CONTESTANTS!!" Roland quickly flees, running at full tilt and in a burst of green energy leaping past the wall of people. "YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE LAST OF ME, WORLD! REMEMBER... THE ERA OF ROLAND IS STARTING NOW! VISIST AYAMESPANTIES.COM FOR A FREE TRIAL!!"
And like a ghost in the wind, he vanishes into the mall...

COMBATSYS: Roland has ended the fight here.

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