Tiffany - The Power of Love

Description: After a long day of treating the injuries of a rough day at Justice High through the power of joint locks and liplocks, Tiffany and Kyoko share a post-Christmas bucket of chicken.

It's been a weird shift -- from very unofficial snooping, more or less nonstop, to very /official/ snooping -- and the opportunity to avail herself of some of the top-notch facilities of Justice High. Tiffany is almost bowled over by the way the school is put together; it's almost a perfectly functional school. Pacific may have a little more... soul, to it, but Justice has it beat on sheer function and Tiffany is mature enough to recognize that.

... not that she's had too much opportunity to really appreciate that. The staggering amount of awful things happening on-campus at Justice High has created a target-rich environment for those who can heal, and while Tiffany doesn't actively /seek out/ opportunities to do nice things, when she's presented with them, she commits. Kindness-of-opportunity.

This has /in turn/ meant that she's been passed out in the infirmary until about noon; when she awakens on one of the beds, still in her cheerleader's outfit, it's with a long, groggy stretch and a yawn so exaggerated as to border on the cartoonish. She takes a second to look around, refamiliarizing herself with her surroundings.

Welcome to Justice High. It had in fact been a rather unusual day. It started when she fought a juggernaut of men to a standstill. Well, standstill might be too strong a word, but at least she had contained the damage. She had to send nearly a dozen students to the emergency room from that alone. Given the injuries, she requested the ER Doctor consult her onto all of their cases. It was an advantage of still retaining her privileges at the local hospital. Then came the phone calls to their families.

No sooner had they heard tell of 'NESTS' being behind the tournament, did an explosion devastate the girl's dorms. Fortunately only one student was hurt. Renowned fighter, Athena Asamiya. Coincidence? If you believe so, then Kyoko has a summer home she'd like to sell you on the peaks of Mount Fuji. Still, she was happy, as it could have been much worse.

And all throughout it there was Tiffany. It had made for an exciting tour at least, and her help with the wounded was appreciated, even if her methods were unconventional. Kyoko could appreciate that, as her own methods could be the same, until the girl had passed out, exhausted in the infirmary.

When she awakens, there's a half-eaten bucket of fried chicken on the nurse's desk. A commercial 'tradition' for what was supposed to be one of the most romantic of holidays. Having had no plans for the evening stung more than she'd like to admit, but at least she'd been able to keep busy. With her back currently turned to Tiffany, she jostles aside brown bottles of hydrogen peroxide and clear ones of rubbing alcohol until she reaches a small bottle of liquor. Removing the cap, she raised it to her lips and took a swig, turning around to see... Tiffany awake.

The bottle is behind her back so quickly, one would be hard pressed to prove that they'd ever seen it at all. "Good afternoon Miss Lords. Did you sleep well?" She queries, in her more than passable English. "The beds here are comfortable I'm told. I included a budget for real ones. Infirmary beds are typically so..." She gropes around for the proper English word, "...stiff."

A jar of tongue depressors is shifted with a hand behind her back, to try and mask the presence of the bottle, before she walks over to the desk. "Are you hungry? I can offer you some chicken" She grips the side of the bucket, to let her view it from where she is.

Tiffany knows how to keep a chi infusion exciting, at least! It's all about peace and love. <3

Tiffany totally misses the bottle of alcohol; she sees the tiniest bit of it out of the corner of her eye as she looks over, but she confuses it for another bottle of peroxide and promptly doesn't worry about it. Popping up off of the bed, Tiffany says, "I can tell you put a lot into it! It's... honestly, these are nicer than the beds at Pacific, like -- they're not /bad/ over there, and my room is really nice, but..."

There's just a twinge of envy in her voice at that moment; if this is how nice the /infirmary/ beds are, how nice must the /dorms/ be? Then again -- a comfortable bed helps coalescence; it might not be the same in the dorms, which are probably optimized for something else entirely. She didn't get a really good look at much of the dorms, given the circumstances, anyway.

Standing up and doing a few stretches, she trots over toward the bucket of chicken, giving it a good look. She remembers hearing something about this being a Christmas tradition -- and while it's the day after Christmas... sure, she can partake! It's important to experience new things.

Reaching into the bucket, Tiffany withdraws a piece, bringing it to her mouth and taking a bigger bite than one might expect from the cheerleader. After chewing it for a little while and swallowing, she says, "Oh, uh, please -- call me Tiffany! Or Tiff. Miss Lords is the kinda thing I expect people to call my mom, you know?"

There's a sort of exuberance and zest for life in Tiffany that Kyoko both admires and envies, though it would be hard for her to admit it. She'd long passed those awkward days in high school of social anxiety where she was crushed emotionally every time she managed to overcome those walls. What would she have given to have been like her back then? So much. She'll need another stiff drink, or several, when she thinks upon the subject again.

As Tiffany accepts the offer of chicken, and takes a bite, Kyoko slumps down in her chair, the edges of weariness starting to get to her as well. She hadn't slept, hadn't even gone home last night. Not that that was an issue. All she'd had to do was text her parents and tell her that she was working late. They were used their daughter's unusual hours.

"My, so familiar." There's a hint of teasing in her tone as she crosses her legs, "Not that I mind, I tend to be casual with how I speak to our students. Tiffany it is."

A beat, as she changes the subject. "Thank you for your help Tiffany. Yesterday was a trying day for our academy, and I'm afraid we've been poor hosts to our guests. Nobody could have expected you to offer your aid." A faint smile touches her lips, as she adjusts her glasses by the bridge, "And yet you did, didn't you? There are a lot of people around here who might be too proud to admit you were any help at all. So I wanted you to know that I appreciate it at least."

How does Kyoko do it? How does Kyoko simultaneously manage to seem so together and so energetic? Tiffany has no idea -- if everything is held together with spit and twine, /she/ sure can't tell. She's totally spellbound by this woman -- she wants to be like her when she grows up in the worst way. It's clear she's found a way to use her skills to the fullest.

She takes another bite of chicken, snagging an examination stool with her foot and taking a seat. "Hey -- it's no big deal," Tiffany says, waving the praise off. "I'd be a real you-know-what if I didn't help out, you know?" She giggles a little, saying, "Well... actually I guess it is kinda a big deal, but... thanks, anyway."

Putting her chin in her hand for a few moments and leaning forward, she says, "So, like... what now? I guess we know that these NESTS guys are the problem, but..." Leaning back -- in a gesture that becomes /way/ more comical than it should be when she forgets the stool doesn't have a back, and becomes an almost-cartoonish stare at the ceiling for a few moments -- Tiffany says, "UGH! It's so hard to keep track of all this weird stuff!!"

She takes a few seconds to wring the life out of the air in front of her, then starts rubbing at her face.

"I wouldn't say that. You'd be a bystander, a civilian." Kyoko only allows herself to smile thinly, "But you're neither of those things. You're a remarkable young woman who deserves accolades for just having the willingness to do more than what could be expected of anyone. So..." She allows herself a chuckle, "/Yes/. It is kind of a big deal."

Kyoko gracefully ignores Tiffany's little mishap with the stool, though her inner self might be giggling right now, "I've only heard of NESTS in passing, and never anything positive. Raizo-sama might know more, but there's no need to trouble him right now."

The physician the white coat drums her manicured fingers upon the edge of the desk, as her other hand releases itself from the bucket of chicken. "It is likely too late for me to enter the tournament, and I would probably be ineligible due to being a faculty member here." Her gaze sweeps over to Tiffany, "So what I would like for you to do, is to go as far as you possibly can in the competition, and keep an eye out for anything... unusual."

She gives Tiffany a long look, "It will be dangerous, but I've watched some of your fights, and believe you can handle this. Please try to be discrete, and if you see anything, contact myself or the Headmaster immediately, /not/ the tournament officials."

This is an awful lot of responsibility to give Tiffany very quickly, but she takes to it in stride -- with enthusiasm, even. She looks up to the taller Kyoko with something in her eyes that isn't /quite/ awe, but could tip over into that particular pit at any moment; nodding enthusiastically, she says, "Of course! Well, like -- I wasn't exactly planning on losing, but, like..." She wobbles a hand a little, trying to find the words, but has trouble getting them to escape her lips.

Mercifully, she decides to buy herself time by finishing off her piece of chicken. With a big loud American swallow, she clears her mouth out once again -- and conveniently, she's finally ready to speak! "I'll do my best! I'll stop by after each match or so to tell you what's up."

Gnawing at her lower lip for a few moments, Tiffany tries to sort out what she should ask; this seems like an awful lot of support -- much more than she's used to getting. Unfortunately, she comes up with zero questions... so instead, she decides to shift her focus again.

Looking Kyoko over, she says, "You seem like... a lot more than just a school nurse," she notes, brow slightly furrowed. "You're a super talented fighter, and I think you know more about stuff than most nurses..." There's a beat, before she says, "Not -- like -- not that being a nurse is a bad thing! Just..." She hangs her head in another exaggerated gesture.

It /is/ a lot of responsibility isn't it? It's almost irresponsible for an adult like Kyoko to ask this of a high school student like Tiffany isn't it? Perhaps she just has that much confidence in her, though it could certainly be something else, or both. "The competition will be fierce, but I know you'll do well." Of course, if she gets knocked out early, there are /other/ things she could do, but why even bring that up and undermine her efforts in the first round?

"And please do. Though be careful. A Pacific student who frequents Justice High will be unusual enough to attract notice. It might be better if we meet in other places, off-campus." Though it didn't have to be a spy movie either. With everything being so clandestine and grim? Perhaps they could meet somewhere /fun/.

Kyoko actually grins at Tiffany, "Ah. That's a common misconception, though I certainly don't blame you for it." Since Tiffany goes to Pacific High, she doesn't tap her name badge, but instead just explains in a down to earth sort of way, "I'm not a registered nurse, I'm an orthopedic surgeon. I entered the medical field to take care of peoples' health, but soon learned that most professionals are interested mostly in profit. Raizo-sama offered me an alternative, a role where I could nurture young people's minds, in addition to taking care of their bodies. It is far more fulfilling work."

She grins at Tiffany in a good-natured way, "And don't ever let any nurse hear you speak like that dear, they'll never treat you the same way. A good nurse is just as vital to caring for a patient as a good physician. Maybe moreso in a lot of ways. It's a worthy profession." A beat, "And distinctly different from a doctor. Were you thinking of going into the medical field yourself?"

Before she can even answer though, she moves on to another subject, "As for being a fighter. I've just been doing it for a long time. When you know how people are put together..." Something glints in her eyes for just a moment. " makes taking them apart rather simple, doesn't it?" Whoa!? What about the Hippocratic Oath?

If there's anything other than the utmost confidence in her abilities there, Tiffany doesn't pick up on it -- if only because /she/ has the utmost confidence in her abilities, too. She knows that she's not world-class yet -- but she's definitely near the top in the grand scheme of things, and knowing that makes it easy to find the eagerness to do well.

She listens to Kyoko's explanation of the differences intently; she doesn't really know much about medicine, in truth -- her natural knack for healing has meant she hasn't had to avail herself of hospitals and doctors too much, barring catastrophe. "Ohhh... okay, that makes sense! Good that you figured out what you wanted to do... and good you found a nice place like this to do it, too."

Bringing her hand to her lips for a moment, she taps at the space just beneath them, deep in thought at the mention of not pissing off nurses. "... I think I get it," Tiffany says, with a nod. "Sorry, a lot of this stuff is new to me, right? So it's kinda tricky to keep track of." Even with that relatively gentle rebuke, she still feels kind of bad about what she said.

It takes a good, long time for Tiffany to answer that question... because of the interruption that follows it. Her eyes widen, and she scoots a half-step away from Kyoko after seeing that glint in her eyes; there's that oppressive presence around Dr. Minazuki, and she isn't touching it for the moment. Fortunately, it passes quickly, and Tiffany settles right back into that easygoing state of mind.

"I don't really think a lot about what I'm gonna do," the Lords heiress admits, with a small shake of her head. "I think my dad /doesn't/ want me to just inherit the company or whatever -- like I think I'm set for life if I want to be, but... ehhh, something about that just isn't my thing, you know?" Then again -- she's sixteen. /Should/ she have a plan for the future? "I don't really know what I'm best at, either -- like I'm good at a lot of stuff, but... I kiiiinda got the feeling that 'professional makeout artist' isn't a thing," she notes, with a wink.

"It's fine." Kyoko states, certainly not holding it against her. After all. Isn't that what most people thought of the role in the medical profession? She was all about educating ignorance, rather than rebuking it.

She swiftly moves on to the Tiffany's career choices, "There's so much pressure on you as adolescents to choose what you want to do, long before you know what the decision actually entails. The secret that most adults don't want you to know is that you don't have to choose right away. Consider your options and think on it carefully. It's not a decision of days, or even months, but years. It's better to end up where you want to be, then be what you think you're 'supposed' to be."

She does begin to laugh aloud, which devolves into giggles after a moment. A crack in her professional facade that she allows Tiffany to see. She removes her glasses, but they hover only a centimeter from her face, as she wipes at her eyes, and replaces them. "Being a professional make out artist would be a career you'd be in high demand for, Tiffany. Someone as talented as you are could certainly turn it into a career of miraculous healing with the power of love." She winks at her, "In a way, I envy that talent. You're able to do more with your lips than many physicians could do with their hands after years of training."

The laugh gets a laugh back, and Tiffany gives Kyoko the biggest smile she can give. "Well -- it's really only good for, like, injuries and stuff... I don't think I'm gonna treat arthritis or whatever that way, so I don't think of it as a big thing, you know?" She wobbles her hand, saying, "Thanks, though! I... still feel like that isn't the number one use of my talents!"

She considers, for a moment, reaching for another piece of chicken -- but she doesn't need to eat /that/ badly, and indeed, should probably /instead/ go about her day. Standing up and stretching, she says, "Thanks for the food and the advice, Minazuki-sensei, but... I should prrroooobably get going. There's still no class at Pacific, but..."

Wobbling a hand a little, she says, "Thanks for letting me help out! I'll let you know if I find anything out." That's all she can really offer, for now.

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