Makoto - A Pirate's Life For Me

Description: After 'rescuing' May from the hands of several Gedo thugs, Makoto drags the uppity pirate back to her dojo for some very necessary personal hygiene. Seriously, what's with pirates and smelling like barns?

By the time Makoto managed to return to the dojo with pirate and anchor in tow, she was exhausted. Strength and endurance training was naturally a part of her training regimine but hauling a couple hundred pounds across half of Southtown while awkwardly trying to juggle half the load on her shoulder and half under the other arm has tested the limits of the fierce girl's constitution.

The little pirate wanna-be is tossed into one of the guest rooms. Her clothes and the anchor get hauled off to be cleaned, leaving the unconscious girl with one of the dojo's spare uniforms. Having no actual students, she's got a lot of extras lying around, so finding one that fit wasn't difficult.

Relatively sure that her 'guest' isn't going to run off without her costume, Makoto attends to her own hygiene first. Built in the style of an old temple (or maybe it actually is one, she never actually asked), the dojo sports a pretty sizable out door bath. Naturally it is fenced in to prevent prying eyes from spying over the fence but anyone that foolish would be short for this world in any case.

Once she's clean and clothed in her own martial arts doji, Makoto gets a bucket and heads for the room where the little girl is resting.

And to think that May carries that anchor around everywhere she goes.

That said, the little girl sure is an angel when she's sleeping. Gone are her pirate antics and constant need for plundering and bloodshed, for she is just like any other girl her age when she's asleep. She snoozes quite peacefully as she's set down, more than a little exhausted herself, and not just because of the fierce fight against Makoto, but because she's left her entire life on her own. This is pretty evident considering she's more than a little grubby, with dirt smudges on her face and clothes.

Set to rest for a while all is peace in Makoto's dojo whilst she takes her own bath. It is as if she hadn't brought anyone along with her.

That of course changes as soon as she's properly clothed and making her way back to the dojo.

"Avast, ye scurvy dog!!!" Oh boy, she is not letting that go isn't she? May is either an extremely dedicated cosplayer or she's quite insane. Though then again the two aren't mutually exclusive.

"The red dusk does not bode well for today's sailing!" Yells May as she jumps out of the guest room. She's wearing the the Karate gi all wrong and she looks quite mortified about not having her anchor. She waves her hands up and down at Makoto with the boundless energy that only a girl playing pretend can possibly have.

"Get me out of this dead man's chest! I'll give ye a piece of the booty if ye want! Just don't turn me into the navy! Lubbers the lot of 'em! They'll send me to the gallows again they will!"

Good luck figuring out what she's talking about.

%Makoto comes to a halt in the hallway as the girl explodes out in a frenzy of flailing limbs and nonsense. She stares at May with a look that is a clear mixture of exasperation and annoyance, not particularly impressed with the theatrics. Rather than answer her with words, however, she just lifts the bucket and dumps the contents - soapy water - on her head.

"Give it a rest, would ya, kid?"

Boy, this girl really likes pirates. Maybe she's some kind of escaped mental patient. That would be just Makoto's luck. Whatever the case, she's got atleast two things she's going to give this girl before she sends her back to her parents or her cell - a bath and a lesson in manners.

The bath takes priority.

"You smell like my old gym bag. There's a bath this way. Get moving."

"AAAAAAAAH!!" May screams as she gets water dumped on her head. For a pirate she doesn't seem to like water that much!

"Woman overboard! Someone toss me an oar!" It looks for a moment that she thinks she's downing, down on the ground already and flailing her limbs wildly in a desperate attempt to swim in an about an inch of water. Suddenly her big, expressive brown eyes open again and she realizes her mistake. "Oh!" So Makoto is just offering her a bath? May guesses that is acceptable.

"I could go for a swab, I haven't had one in days!" And it shows.

If May is at all mad for having gotten beat up by Makoto she's not showing it. She seems over the top friendly, and even if its because of her apparent insanity, there is a whimsical nature about her that is not seen in most people. It's like she lives in an entirely different world.

That said, she does seem to take offense at something Makoto said. "Stop calling me kid! I am a pirate! Arr!!" She declares as she stands in front of Makoto, puffing her cheeks up at her. "You said it yerself, matey! Anyone that can make you put yer war face on is a real foita! I'm Captain May, scourge of the seven seas!"

"Who be ye??"

Makoto rolls her eyes as she sets the bucket aside.

"I'm Makoto Kato, the sole master of the Rindou-kan martial art style. You're in my dojo right now. And I said something like that, yes. You know how to handle that anchor and anyone who can manipulate chi like that is certainly impressive."

She folds her arms over her chest and frowns at the dripping May. The karate fighter doesn't seem to share the same aura of overt friendliness and cheer. Hers might better be described as humorless and serious, though that might just be due to how grumpy she is right now.

"But that doesn't make you a pirate. It makes you a lunatic. A /smelly/ lunatic." She reaches out to nab May by the ear, tugging her towards the bath. "So get MOVING - before you stink up my dojo."

"Ah! Yer the Captain of this leaky vessel then, aye!? 'Tis no wonder why ye got a steady pair o' sea legs!" May looks around the dojo, not looking too terribly impressed despite what she just said. Her wide eyed look and pursed lips looking exactly how a confused small teenager girl would looke like "Where's the rest of yer crew, matey? Have they jumped ship?--OI!

May may be totally impervious to Makoto's sour humor but she's definitely not immune to her rough handling. Her ear is nabbed and she is unceremoniously dragged to the bath, flailing all the way.

"Owowowow! Yer gonna rip it! Ow ow! I give! I give!!"

The grip on May's ear lessens but she doesn't let go, guiding the talkative runt down several halls until they come to a pair of sliding shoji doors which she pulls open. Like the public baths that can be found in the city, this one has a small room set aside for preparation. A shelf comprised of square boxes provides space to store clothes against one wall with a pair of short but lengthy benches laid out infront of them. At the far end is a large tiled area with shower heads and drains in the floor for people to cleanse themselves of any loose filth before getting into the main bath. It's like a miniature version of a locker room but there's enough space that a dozen people could easily use the facility at the same time. This place must have been quite successful at one point.

Makoto finally releases her hold and shoves May into the room. Her arms cross once again and she inclines her head towards the prep area.

"Can you handle it from here or do I need to hold you down and scrub you myself?"

May is not particularly observant of her surroundings, particularly not when she's getting pulled by the ear and dragged several halls, but even her excitable self can notice that this place is huge. Far, /far/ too big for only Makoto to live and train here by herself. Not to mention that it looks as if it was abandoned very recently, otherwise the place would be on shambles had Makoto taken residence in just some random abandoned dojo. And May knows all about taking residence in abandoned buildings.

This is mostly irrelevant for now, since the Karateka girl seemingly ignored May's question of where is her crew and is more concerned about dragging her to the remarkably spacious baths.

She's tossed inside the showers and she rubs her ear before reeling back when Makoto /threatens/ to help her bathe if she doesn't do it herself. "Agh! Nay! Get yer hands off me vile sea witch! I care not for yer cruel caresses!"

Hopefully May's strange vocabulary gives Makoto some pause, because the pirate aficionado is suddenly running to the showers and undressing herself in the process leaving her discarded wet clothes on the floor. Caring nothing at all if Makoto sees her naked back side.

That kid has absolutely no shame and even less manners.

"S-sea witch?!"

Oh, this kid is gonna get it.

Grinding her teeth, Makoto follows after the brazen little girl, but only to collect her clothes from the floor and stuff them into a nearby hamper. The nakedness doesn't bother her at all. Being an athlete, she's spent more than enough time in the presence of other women in various states of undress. Nothing here she hasn't seen before.

Rather than leave once she's tidied up, however, Makoto lingers to keep an eye on the little rat. No telling what else she'll foul up if left to her own devices.

"Don't run on the tile. If I have to cart your narrow behind to the hospital after dragging it all the way out here, I'm going to be extremely annoyed."

"Aye aye, cap'n.." May answers back but it comes in a rather groaned out tone. Something about it might tell Makoto that is the equivalent of her saying 'Yes, mom'.

The small pirate girl doesn't seem to care at all either that Makoto is hanging around in the showers while she's bathing. As Makoto goes in to pick up after her like a frustrated overworked mother, she turns on the shower and starts singing a merry sea shanty as she wipes off all the accumulated dirt, and blood and sweat on her body.

/o~ What'll we do with a drunken sailor,
What'll we do with a drunken sailor,
What'll we do with a drunken sailor,
Earl-aye in the morning? o/~

Sea shanties. Should have expected it.

Makoto is content to stay back and let the girl attend to her own hygiene, now that she's actually doing it. A glance down at the murky water rolling off May's body earns a wrinkled nose from the dojo master. Gross. She seriously must have gone a long time without a shower. It would be kind of ironic if she was a pirate-wannabe afraid of water. More than likely, she's just a typical kid who doesn't want to do anything related to chores or personal upkeep.

Rather than stand around staring at her young friend's behind, whom is in pretty good shape for a kid she notes, she fishes for a conversation topic. Anything to stop her from singing.

"So. May, was it? What exactly was a squirt like you doing wandering around Gedo?"

May sure has a lot of grime on her, far more than a kid her age should have, crazed eccentricities or not. There's more than just mud running down her body, but oil too? She is also quite decently bruised and not only from the punches Makoto gave her. Down the length of her forearms and her shins she has some pretty visible purple welts. Makoto would recognize those easily enough thanks to her Karateka background. Those aren't injuries of being abused at home or anything, those are fight injuries. The ones you get from blocking incoming attacks with your limbs.

She stops singing rather abruptly. Her cheerful demeanor faltering for just a second when she hears Makoto ask that. Either out of concern, curiosity, or simply because she wanted May to shut up, it still seems to bother the tiny pirate wanna be.

"I told you, matey." She says finally after a long pause. "I wanted to bury me treasure."

Her answer is unnaturally defensive, but hey, Makoto isn't the only one that doesn't open up to strangers either. May has a few secrets of herself too.

"Treasure? What treasure? The only thing you had were those grimey clothes and that oversized fish hook."

The bruises raise an eyebrow and her mind does wander to thoughts of abuse for a time but judging by how the girl was able to clobber her pretty good, she doubts any angry parent would fare much better, unless May let them. From what she's seen so far, the fiesty girl doesn't even bathe regularly so submitting to that kind of punishment willingly seems unlikely.

"Whatever. Just don't go near that part of town again. The morons that hang around there are a bunch of thugs."

"Um.. maybe I just wanted to drop me anchor.." May is still very young and considerably immature even for her age, although that was easy enough to tell what with the insistence that she is in fact a real and legitimate pirate. Point is that she's a terrible liar and she quickly stumbles all over the place in an attempt to give out more plausible excuses. Fortunately for her, Makoto doesn't seem to be overly concerned with her true intentions, still under the belief that May is just some crazed girl that likes to dress up as a pirate and not.. well... an orphan.

She turns the water off and purses her lips when she's told not to head to Gedo street anymore. "Arr! I pirate goes where she pleases, matey!"

But then..

"I'm sorry.." Is she actually talking normally now? "You came to help me and I repaid you by attacking you. I'm not used to anyone helping me.. I hope you can forgive me."

May grows silent for a minute or two, standing there naked under the shower until she starts shuffling towards the baths proper, her long brown hair covering almost her entire back side, it nearly goes past her waist line. Has ever had a hair cut in her life?

Makoto turns to the girl and glares, fully preparing to march over there and deliver the sort of discipline that she's obviously in dire need of. Oh, the things she wants to tell this pirate's parents when she finally meets them!

"Alright, I've had about enough of your-"

She only gets about halfway across the room when there's a sudden and drastic shift in May's demeanor. The Gedo student stops in her tracks, caught off guard by the apology and lack of pirate slang. She peers at May through narrowed eyes for several moments as if not quite convinced of the sincerity of her words but when the little girl sulks off towards the baths in silence she relaxes.

Huh. That was weird. This has now officially entered the territory of awkward social interaction. Not her forte. Still, May's her guest so she can't let her just wander off after a drastic change like that. Besides, she still has to keep an eye on her.

Makoto follows the pirate out into the small yard where a large open pool about two feet deep has been filled with steaming water. It looks more like a hot springs than a bath but it's mostly for cosmetic effect. You only find real hotsprings up in the mountains near the volcanic vents. The water is still plenty warm though.

"Hey," she says, calling May out. "Something you want to tell me?"

When Makoto walks out to the hot springs May is still standing there, her back to the Karateka girl. She hasn't entered the water, the tiny girl merely stands there at the edge glancing down to it and avoiding eye contact with Makoto. She looks so different when she's clean and not in pirate uniform... and not hauling a giant anchor around. From this angle May looks like a very normal girl with very long brown hair.

She doesn't respond immediately. Seemingly content to just be standing there totally naked in the open. Although its likely very cold and she's soaked, she's not shivering nor does her skin show goosebumps, as if she's simply impervious to the elements.. or she's learned to ignored them through sheer force of will.

There's a long sigh that escapes her mouth and she continues to keep her back to Makoto, refusing to turn to look at her.

"I'm an orphan, okay?" She finally fesses up, dropping the pirate speech. "I went to Gedo street because I thought I could hide there for a while and avoid those stupid child services goons that have been hounding me non stop ever since I left the orphanage." May sucks in breath after her spill and pauses, head shifting to look upwards slightly. "But it's all okay.."

And now she turns to Makoto, a big wide beaming grin on her face, eyes wide open and bright. "Because I am a pirate!"

Oh boy..

"o/~Yar har! Fiddle di dee! Being a pirate is alright with me! I do what I want because a pirate is free!"

It doesn't take a genius to figure it out. This is the way May copes with being all alone in the world.

She hops over to the hot spring making a big splash of water and starts paddling along, all cheers and smiles again.

"And a bottle o' rum! ~o/"

Ah. That explains a lot.

Makoto's harsh frown softens immediately upon hearing the revelation about the girl's circumstances. The dirty clothes, the lack of manners, the bizarre delusions of piracy - they're all due to not having anyone to teach her any better. No one to look after her and provide for her except for social workers. For the first time in a very long while, the Rindou-kan master is struck speechless by an emotion that isn't rage.

"May... I'm..."

The sudden surge of enthusiasm and happiness causes Makoto's fists to ball up and she glares at the ground for several seconds while the girl splashes about and sings her cares away. She knows what it's like to grow up without any family, atleast a little. She never knew her mother and her father died when she was only ten years old but atleast she had those memories and the legacy he left her when he passed on. Unless May's parents happened to have been actors or bizarre blowbacks from the 16th century, she didn't even have that.

There is another loud splash from behind the bathing girl as Makoto drops into the water. She marches purposefully towards May, a determined look on her face, almost as if she's angry about something. When she finally reaches the younger girl, she very firmly extends her arms and encloses her in a fierce hug.

Nope, May is the real deal, the nitty gritty. Her earliest memory is of her running around in an orphanage with a bunch of children she didn't know. Heck, if Makoto is having a reaction to that, its without May telling her that May isn't even her real name. She just picked it for herself because she kind of liked it.

Blissfully oblivious to the realization that Makoto is going through over the surprising kinship the two girls share, May continues to waddle about, all concern for her bad fortune forgotten. Why should she care if she has no home, no parents, no family, no belongings? She's a pirate and she has her freedom! That's all she could ever ask for.

May seems to have all but forgotten about Makoto momentarily. Sure, she's totally a gruff pirate, but this is quite likely the first time that she's taken a dip in a hot spring and she's loving it. May was currently floating on her back when she hears a splash on the water announcing the entrance of a very fiercely determined Makoto and her eyes grow wide with sudden terror.

"Ah!! What did I do this time!? Back ye sea devil! Abandon ship!!"

Just as she attempts to flee, the pirate girl gets pulled into a powerful hug that catches her completely off guard. She was expecting another beating and without her anchor she was a terrible disadvantage.

Instead she feels a sensation that she has probably also never experienced... a hug.

"Makoto...?" May holds still, dumbfounded. The hug is incredibly powerful and it takes a girl of May's endurance to be able to withstand it. And yet, the experience is so surreal, May can't think of anything else to do but stand there and be hugged. She doesn't even know how to hug back, apparently. How could she? Having no one to ever hug but the anchor she always carries around.

Makoto doesn't answer right away. Her jaw clenches tightly, defiantly willing herself to hold in the tears burning at the corner of her eyes. The last time she cried was when her dad died. She promised never to do that again, never to show weakness as the head of the Rindou-kan martial style; and she keeps her promises. Her brother was still alive but with his choice to pursue the business world instead of upholding the family tradition he had never been around often enough to tell the difference. She'd been on her own.

Instead, she just clings to May and holds the girl against her chest for several seconds until she feels like she's got everything under control again. The warm water does wonders to ward off the chill of the winter air which is good since one of them is naked and both of them are wet, allowing her to extend the hug for as long as she feels necessary.

Eventually, she takes a deep breath and loosens her grip. "I'm sorry, May. If I'd known... well... I'd have been a little nicer atleast. I know what it's like to lose your family."

Pirates--Or orphans, know their own. From her current angle being hugged by Makoto and adding that she's a bit shorter than the girl, May can't see Makoto's face to see some tears building on the corners of her eyes. But she can feel it. She's been there before. Exactly where Makoto is. The overwhelming sadness of knowing that there is absolutely no one in the world that gives two craps about you and the defiance to not only accept it but overcome it. A pirate can't shed tears either and just like Makoto, May swore she will never cry, because a Captain can't afford to show weakness in front of her crew either.

It takes a moment for it to settle in, but now it all made sense for the little pirate girl. The lonely dojo, the fact that she's a Master at such a young age, the unyielding attitude that can only be forged through great hardship. Its why this dojo is so big and so lonely. Makoto was all alone..

Just like her..

May hugs her back. It's an awkward, sort of stiff hug of someone that's never hugged anyone before. She also doesn't mind the length of the hug thanks to her durability, had it been another girl of her stature they probably would have gotten a few broken ribs already from Makoto Kato's affections.

As the grip is relaxes, May sneaks her head up to beam a smile up to the Karateka. May isn't much better at awkward interaction either, but it helps that she always dives head first on whatever she does. "It's fine, I was being kind of a twerp." She chuckles as she glances to the sides. "I could tell you know. By the empty dojo and by that look on your eyes.. you're just like me, aren't you?"

Makoto returns the smile but unlike the pirate girl that's not something she's ever gotten good at either. It looks almost forced, infact. Her escape from the lonely path set before her as always been one of strength and fortitude, not whimsical denial. She knows that she's alone and she's always accepted that it just had to be that way. The path to mastery of oneself and the fulfillment of a promise have been enough to set her apart from her peers, who'd rather be out at the mall or watching television or seeking love.

"Yeah... I guess so."

There's another awkward pause filled with silence and emotional tension. The karateka suddenly frowns and takes a step back, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Well, not JUST like you. /I/ still know how to take a bath more than once a month. Who ever heard of a pirate that doesn't like water?"

She lifts her foot, kicking a large torrent of hot water at the girl, and smirks. She's already coming to a decision in her head about something. But she isn't going to say anything yet.

Makoto and May are a lot more alike than the Karateka would care to admit. The only true difference is that they are the opposite side of the same coin. Makoto took the path of diligence and to uphold tradition while May took the path of pure chaos and inner strength. Both are the paths of the warrior. And both were taken mostly to fend off the sadness of being alone. May can respect that decision, she understands it too, she just wouldn't follow it herself since she is very firmly set on her path. She rather enjoys being happy all the time and bashing things to paste with her giant anchor is a nice added bonus.

The mischievous nature of a pirate is also something that May enjoys immensely of her current path, and an impish grin begins to grow on her lips when she senses that Makoto is growing more and more embarrassed by the awkward hug they are in. She laughs heartily when Makoto steps back and shrieks in delight when water is tossed her way.

"Arr!!" She yells and climbers up to Makoto's back, prodding the other girl's cheek with her index finger. "I like me water just fine, matey! But ye don't wanna be using sea water for cleaning yer bilges! Much too salt for that!!" Looks like May is right back to her pirate self. Although this is pretty nice, Makoto feels like some kind of older sister figure.

"'Tis a pity that yer so set on running this ship o' yers! I'd invite ye to join me crew! We could sail the seven seas together we could! Plunder and bash scurvy dogs where'er we set sail!"

Makoto attempts to duck out of reach when the pirate comes scrambling at her but without resorting to actual violence the water is too much of a hinderance to escape easily. She teeters a bit as May climbs her back but manages to keep her footing, making only a half-hearted effort to swing her loose.

"H-hey!" She frowns a little at the cheek poking but endures for the sake of her new friend. "Better salty than smelly!"

Oh well, atleast she's mostly clean now. Easy enough to finish the job. Pinching her nose closed, Makoto simply sits down and leans back into the water, dunking both of the girls underneath its surface for a few seconds.

When she comes back up, Makoto slicks her soaking hair back and grins again. "Sorry, but this ship needs a captain too." She pauses then adds. "You're welcome to stay here though. I... think I can manage find somewhere to put you up."

Boarding successful! May cackles whilst she clings to Makoto's back and proceeds to tease her mercilessly. That is until she realizes what is Makoto going to do when she pinches her own nose.

"Oh bollocks!!" She cries out before she's submerged in water, blowing bubbles for a second or two. She gasps in air as they resurface, although surprisingly May is still clinging to Makoto's back, if only because she's a fierce little tick of a girl that grabs and doesn't let go.

She spits out some water and passes a hand over her face, drawing back the curtains that is her wet hair covering her head completely. The tiny pirate does hear Makoto's offer though and its only then when she releases her grip to jump back to the water.

May looks very apprehensive at first, giving Makoto a concerned sort of frowny look, almost as if she were pouting. A place to live? But she's a pirate! Pirates go where they want and do as they please!

And yet, May is just so tired of running away from social workers. They are seriously cramping up her freedoms.

May's never been one to need much soul searching to come to a decision. She makes her mind quickly, if anything because she doesn't really consider her options too heavily, its likely she flipped a coin mentally and went with her totally random decision. Because pirates apparently don't need plausible excuses to do anything.

"Hmm.. aye.. I think.." She grins, her big brown eyes growing wild again. "I think ye need a first mate!!"

She's just never going to stop, do not even try to stop her.

"Arr har har! You've chosen wisely, matey! Ne'er could ye have hoped for a better crew member than Cap'n May!" She scratches at her chin. "'Course, I can help ye run yer ship too. I know a thing or two about plugging holes of leaky vessels. I'll have this ship sailing smoothly in no time! Har har!!"

A tilt of her head comes next, realizing something. "Oi.." She wonders out loud. "Could ye teach me? Yer Karate? I want ta punch scurvy dogs sky high too."

Makoto turns around to face the other girl when she lets go, grinning boldly. Shyness isn't really something that comes naturally to her and now that the short moment of awkward bonding has passed, she's revving back up to full boisterous tomboy levels in a hurry, as if to crush those fleeting emotions underfoot.

"Hah, I knew you'd see it my way! Even pirates need a place to sleep."

She reaches forward as if to tousel the girl's hair but then plunges her back under the water with a mighty shove! Her hand withdraws immediately, not wanting to drown the poor kid, and when May pops back to the surface she leans back against the edge of the bath and rubs her chin.

Makoto's expression grows serious again as she considers something. She shakes her head. "As much as I'd love a new student, I promised to uphold the traditions of Rindou-kan to the last. If you want to learn my secrets, then you have to EARN them." She jabs a finger into May's forehead and pushes her back an inch or two. "You gotta beat me first. Then, I'll be happy to take you as my student."

Until then," she adds, smiling smugly, "you'll just have sit back and enjoy the show."

"Oi, no need to rub it in, matey." May mutters in a huff as its now her turn to cross her arms and look away. This is why she was hesitating at first, landlubbers always get so uppity when a pirate admits they can't spend an indefinite amount of time on the open seas. Trust May when she says she would if she could! These landlubbers..

"Agh!!" Then she's going underwater again and although she's pretty buff herself for a little kid, she's caught unaware and can't do much but wiggle underwater, besides it's a pain to deal with Makoto without her anchor. She resurfaces with a gasp for air and a shake of her head to get all those wet long locks out of her face.

The pirate girl then grumbles when she's pushed back by a finger jab and rubs her forehead, eyes wide with surprise at Makoto's outrageous challenge. "Wot!?" Even a warped mind like May's thinks that's insane. "Yer daft! If I beat ye then that means I don't need yer bloody teachings in the first place!" Blarg, this is why May was content not having siblings, she sort of figured older sisters were just a pain. May jumps out of the hot spring and turns to face Makoto, staring her down.

"I'll beat yet yet Makoto Kato! And ye'll rue the day ye crossed sabers with this sailor! Arr!!"

May runs back into the showers.

Only to quickly come running back with a distressed look about her. "Uh, I need to know where's me uniform and me anchor...."

"You're welcome to try any time, shrimp!"

Makoto calls her retort out at the retreating pirate girl. An amused smile spreads over her face and she relaxes in the water again, letting her mind wander. It will be nice to have someone else around the dojo. There's tons of chores and work to be done to get it into ship-shape and - oh damnit now she's doing it too.

A hand lifts to rub her face. Dealing with the whole pirate thing is going to be interesting but if that's what the girl needs to be happy she's not really in a position to hound her about it. Hell, the girl swings a freaking anchor around, might as well let her call herself captain while she's at it.

Speaking of anchors...

The concerned look on May's face digs up something mischevious within the Gedo student. She slyly looks away and tucks her hands behind her head, sporting a bored expression. "Hmm. I don't know... I might be a bit too busy rueing my day to remember things like that. Takes a lot of mental effort, rueing does."


Well, if its any consolation for Makoto, while May is quite a hassle to have around she's also extremely easy to manipulate and very amusing to irritate. If Makoto is the older sister from hell, May is definitely the younger sister from the same place. Her face grows totally red and she starts fuming when Makoto teases her about not knowing where her anchor is. She stomps her bare foot on the ground as she throws a childish fit before jumping up and down.

"Bah! Ye think ye can hide treasures from /me/, matey!!? Ye must be outta yer bloody mind! A pirate's navigation skills are second to none!"

"Watch as I find me doubloons with the help of me trusty compass--"

May reaches for her head and realizes she doesn't have her hat on. She has nothing on in fact, still being totally naked.

"AAH! I left me compass in me hat!!" Well, shit. "I'll turn this whole ship around if I have to!!"

And then she's off running again towards the dojo. It's a good thing Makoto's martial arts school doesn't get many visitors, since she currently has a naked little girl running up and down the place.

Well, that was easier than she expected. Looks like having May around is going to be an adventure for them both.

Makoto drags herself out of the bath with a sigh, toweling off and slipping into a fresh uniform before she delves into the halls to hunt for the girl before she gets into something she shouldn't or slips on the wooden floors and breaks something.

"Hey, get back here, you little runt!"

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