Urien - Brutal Negotiation

Description: Urien goes to Justice in an attempt to speak to Justice and pass on the baton of NESTS hassling; Kyoko does not take kindly to his manner of diplomacy.

On a good day, Urien is an exceptionally unstable individual prone to violent outbursts without provocation. But after being the abused experimentation of NESTS for a week, with his own supposed flesh and blood doing all but kissing Igniz' ass rather than gain vengeance for his humiliation, things are even worse. Even though it was made exceptionally clear that there will be zero tolerance in him interfering with the Cartel, that doesn't mean that he can't attempt Plan B; heading to Justice himself, and seeing to something hopefully as good...
When his black limousine pulled up to the simple but magnificent estate, his driver pulled open the rear door before the tan-suited greek slipped out to his full imposing height. A comb lazily slicks back his blonde hair, black sunglasses concealing the bruises upon his face from his recent acquirement of the Western Master belt. Say what you will, Ken did not relinquish it until almost literally out of his cold, dead hands.
Yet things become almost immediately complicated. His brazen strut up the steps towards the front doors draws attention. And it just so happens that the rumor market is thriving now. He has attacked Gedo not once, but twice... and his description is well known. A few students intervene before him, demanding to know where he's going. "Wherever the hell I want." was not really a good answer, and the next thing he knows, one of the students has had his face imprinted upon the concrete before him, another is sprawled doubled over a few meters away after a swift kick, and the last is being hefted up by the throat, face turning purple.
"I am in a real, REAL bad mood." hisses out the gargantuan figure, brushing at his suit where one student nearly broke his fist thumping him in the side. "Raizo. That stupid old bear. I want to talk to him. If you won't let me go to him personally, then maybe if I start throwing enough rats around, he'll come out then...?!" Whatever the held student's opinion might be, his struggling and futile kicks don't qualify as a response. "Hrrm? Speak up, I can't hear you...!!"

"I've gone over the curriculum plan for the Spring. I'll have to rework it over the winter break." Kyoko spoke into a tape recorder which ran on her desk. It was a habit she had picked up in residency which carried over to her professional teaching career. "Akimoto-sensei apparently believes our students are being raised in the Edo period. It is far too conservative for a modern health class."

Leaning back into her chair, she crossed one leg over the other, taking a bracing sip from a flask. The bitter liquor went down her throat with ease, as she looked her calendar again. Christmas Day, and her only plan for the night was to enjoy fried chicken with her family. She allowed a sigh to bubble out of her lips, "Furthermore..."

That was the moment that Chizu, her class' nurses aide burst in, looking frantic as the door slammed hard, "Minazuki-sensei! You need to come quickly. There's someone attacking our students in the main hall!" Kyoko Minazuki's eyes narrow, before she rocked out of her chair, standing up quickly, and started walking towards her at a hurried pace. Her heels clacking on the floor of her office in an even cadence, "Once it's safe, start implementing our triage protocols. Also, please hold this Chizu-chan." The 'queen' of Justice High dropped the flask in the bewildered student's hand."

~Not Long After~

A woman in a white coat, is standing before the gargantuan man, looking outwardly entirely unimpressed by the giant of a man, even if inwardly there was some reluctant admiration. "Raizo-sama has no business with the likes of you."

The honorific expresses her admiration for the Principal, even if her razor sharp tone made clear her contempt for the man menacing the student. "Not some boorish dignitary with such a false sense of importance that he feels he can ruthlessly dash some of the finest minds of the next generation on the floor of our main hall."

Kyoko Minazuki advances upon him like a queen. Even if Queens were typically humble before the Illuminati leader, she did not know him well enough to understand the threat in anything but his impressive physique. Her voice remained calm, steady, and with that same edge of menace. "Now I'm going to have ask you to unhand Kenji-kun, and leave, else I will have to show you the full fury of my righteous wrath." Wait, was the woman in the white coat actually Justice Speeching him?! The few students brave enough to watch along the fringes were cheering her, even if she gave them all a warning glance to let them know to stay back.

Indeed, Urien's managed to make slow but irrevocable progress forward, having marched through the front doors. None of the notable students have come to face him, which might be a mixed blessing; it's certain that champions of Justice such as Athena or Kensou wouldn't crumple beneath him, right? But even a freshman shouldn't collapse like a deck of cards beneath a single blow... it's clear the strength of this man is the real deal, as is his savageness.
The double doors of the front entrance are heavily dented from being kicked inwards, one student having been hurled through the glass and dangling unconscious. Another is lodged into a locker, two more beginning to assail him -- one a practitioner of Judo who bears a few wounds, the other bouncing back and forth in a boxing stance. When Kyoko arrives, they move to leap in front of her defensively... which turns out to be a poor idea, as a sudden onslaught from Urien sends him bursting forward, floor tiles shattering behind him as he strikes the pair with his shoulder with bone-crushing force.
They fly to either side of Kyoko, unless she were to catch them or otherwise waylay their painful egress down the main halls. "...What's that?" Urien states, his own initial admiration being interrupted, one rather more brazen than the daring looks Kyoko is likely used to. "...Just because you've got a nice body doesn't mean you can talk to me like that, /girl./ Step aside. I'm heading to Raizo-SAMA, and I'm not letting anyone get in my way." It's only been a minute since the first punch was thrown at most, and it's doubtless that countless fighting-ready people are flocking here. Defeating him is likely not mandatory... just slowing him down sufficient for such backup to arrive.
His suit's heavily frumpled at this point, smoothed out carefully before Urien turns to spit to the side. "Nobody in this world can tell me what to do. I like your face; I'd rather not break it. So be a good doll, and stay out of this...!" With that, Urien attempts to simply stride right past Kyoko, not even giving her a glance. As if deeming her as harmless as a kitten, laugh ringing through the open halls of the school.

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[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Urien            0/-------/------=|

The glorious entrance hall of Justice High was turned into a disaster in less than a minute. And while many students are injured, she's made it quite clear to the nurse's aides that they were not to intervene until the scene was safe. Scene safety was paramount for any emergency worker. In her mind's eye she noted every single student who had tried to waylay the man. They'd need a lecture later on how 'not' to let such an obviously powerful individual decorate the pavement with their brain matter.

As the tiles shatter from the force of him pitching the students and turn her immediate area into a small warzone, she seems entirely unperturbed, and not simply because much more competent security was on it's way. Even as he speaks to her, and apparently evaluates her as unworthy of any attention other than satisfying his gaze. "Such lovely compliments. If it weren't for the condescension I might even appreciate the flattery."

As he tries to move by her however, a hand which is seemingly delicate would reach out to attempt to grasp his wrist. And if successful, would offer it a vicious turn that indicates it's anything 'but' fragile, immediately finding surprisingly leverage as she tries to twist it behind him. Respecting the difference in mass between them, she hopes to immediately put him in a position of submission and give her an advantage "However you mistake the situation entirely. You see, when you started attacking the students here, you unknowingly consented to my examination."

Her leg curls up against her body, as she easily balances on one leg with her heel, trying to keep. She aims each kick at his back. One after another with frightening speed, working his body with almost surgical precision. A knee smash is directed towards his left kidney, before she then tries to drive her foot to the back of his knee. An axe kick is aimed at his lower back, towards the spine. Only the tiniest hint of sadism enters into her voice. "This room became my surgical suite, and you've made yourself my patient."

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Kensou           1/-------/<<<<<<<|=------\-------\0            Kyoko
[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Urien            0/-------/-----==|

Oh, to Urien's partial credit, although he's being exceptionally violent nobody is permanently injured, crippled, or in risk of dying. It's unlikely he's just barely shy of critically damaging everyone he's come across, so his interest here isn't in death and destruction. But to an unknowing gaze, the injured masses writhing about look like they might require traction. Kyoko would know better, of course. It couldn't be called gentle, but at least he knows some modicum of restraint. The true instincts and training of a born sadist.
"It's nothing personal. When you are an Emperor such as myself, condescension flows as naturally as wine." Urien states, with the same thickly smug voice of someone able to bulldoze this far into the school. There's some luck to it, of course, but he's not about to care about such pedestrian factors. There's a half dozen in Justice at least who he'd be hung up on, but he's not appearing to register the nurse as one of them.
Once Urien's grasped, he makes no attempt to defend himself. "Careful, girl. You try something, I--" And then he eats his words. In a split second Urien's bent forward, and those thick, ungodly perfected muscles do nothing to protect his joints and ligaments. "Agh--!!" The furious kicks to his back seem to be hitting an unusual biology, the man denser and heavier than he should be even for someone with apparently a 0% fat content. The kidney strike makes him stagger, before the axe kick drives Urien down to his knees.
"...!! Hahaha... I think I *like* you..." he states, twisting up before leading with his fist. He was barely staggered at all despite the numerous blows, roaring as he throws sheer ferocious power and little technique in an attempt to strike Kyoko right in the midsection. "Your patient, huh?! Maybe that's not so BAD!!"

COMBATSYS: Kyoko fails to counter Fierce Punch from Urien with Kaishin.

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Urien            0/-------/----===|=======\-------\0            Kyoko

Christmas Day is a no-class zone at Pacific High, in a way it isn't at most of the other schools in Southtown -- it's a bigger deal for international students, after all. While Tiffany Lords would love to spend it doing fun things like 'flying home' or 'hanging out with the cheer squad,' she knows that there are some more pressing concerns... she can't take a day to enjoy herself while all this weirdness is happening!

Besides -- she promised that weird blue girl she'd keep looking into it, right? Right. She'll fly home for New Years'; /that/ day she can be pretty sure she can just take off.

She's always had some curiosity about Justice High... it has stood apart from the other schools in the ongoing weirdness. Is it the /source/ of the strangeness? It seems like a possibility -- though it's also been stridently /against/ the strangeness... it's hard to know.

Her investigative efforts are rewarded as she arrives to the sounds of battle. Immediately, the girl -- clad in her Pacific High uniform -- presses herself against a door frame leading into the main hall, peeking in on the chaos. The woman, of course, she knows by reputation -- Kyoko Minazuki is known to almost all the students of Southtown. But that man... who is he...?

"I'll note your delusions of grandeur in the chart. The patient also..." That's about the moment, his absurdly powerful punch flies at her, and she tries to let go of his hand. One leg lifts off the ground as she leaps, and turns about two hundred seventy degrees in the three hundred sixty degree roundhouse kick. The leg never quite makes it. His fist strikes her in the mid-section, and the physician doesn't so much crumple, as she gets blown backwards.

She flies a good ten yards at the very least, with no downward arc, instead striking the double doors with an audible shattering of glass, her clipboard slipping out of her hand. All of the students are suddenly deathly silent as she finally slumps down to the ground. There are audible wheezes, as she stays there for a moment, holding her hand against her abdomen. She then finally grasps the edge of her metal clipboard, and stands up on trembling legs.

A hand reaches into the pocket of her white coat. There's a click of pen, as she calmly writes on the piece of paper firmly attached to it. Every word is painful, but she says it as evenly as possible, perhaps as part of the show to the students that she's fine. That even hurt, the greatest obstacles can still be stood up to. It's an important lesson, even if she's beaten here today. Still, she has no intention of allowing that to happen. "The Patient exhibits possible signs of augmentation due to his unusual strength and density. Recommend consult by geneticist." Her gaze flicks up to the large man. "And I'd prefer we keep a professional distance here... Mister?" She takes on a chiding tone, "How impolite of me. I don't believe I ever asked for your name. I'll also need your date of birth for my chart." The edge of the pen meets the paper, as if she were waiting for an answer.

Urien is no longer as unknown as he was. A rising supernova in the Neo League and Saturday Night Fight, he also just won the Western Master's belt, putting him in the limelight he's always desired; people have no choice but to acknowledge his strength now with his fighting record. In another month, the Iron Body of the future Emperor should be known to anyone who's a fan of international fighting...! Of course, depending on Tiffany's gossip-meter, she might know about the tan-suited brute who attacked Gedo twice, also...
Of course, it's easy to think that a man like Urien is also nothing but power. In fact, he's exceptionally fast when it comes to attacking; there's little wasted motion in it for how almost feral he strikes, and the passion is built upon 22 years of life or death training since the age most children begin school in a secret art. A lesson is taught when the fist impacts Kyoko, although he does not immediately pursue it further.
"Heh... you felt my power now...?! Stand down!!" Urien states, cracking his back with a roll of powerful shoulders. "I'm not here to attack the damn school. I'm here to talk to Raizo! ...Mmm? Call me Urien. The rest..."
Urien then bursts forward, attempting to grasp Kyoko by the front of her coat and then thump her hard into the lockers adjacent, other hand moving to settle within his suit pockets. "...Doesn't matter. You done getting in my way yet...?!"

COMBATSYS: Urien successfully hits Kyoko with Weakened Quick Throw.
- Power hit! -

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Urien            0/-------/----===|=======\-------\1            Kyoko

Urien may not be an unknown world wide, but Kyoko Minazuki had been out of the professional fighting circuit for a few months. Not due to any lack of skill or even desire, but more because her priorities had shifted with her taking on her position at Justice High. That may change again soon enough, after a recent visit from Raizo Imawano.

The pen is clicked again, and placed back in her pocket. When Urien comes at her with his hands that are almost the size of her head, she whips up the clipboard in an attempt to ward him off, but it's in vain. As strong is he is, he is easily able to grasp her by the coat, and thump her against the lockers. There's an audible yelp of pain from Justice High's resident physician as her back hits the metal.

In such a vulnerable position, and it's tempting to just acquiesce, but Kyoko Minazuki isn't that type of person, especially when the students are watching. "Your power is such a selfish waste, as you use it only to oppress your foes." She offers calmly, trying to disguise how much she was suffering from his relentless assault. "Power only has meaning..." Even pinned against the lockers, she felt he was underestimating her, and she demonstrates it first by whipping up a leg, with a powerful knee smash to his gut, intended to launch a monster like him into the air. If successful, then she'd wait for him to make his descent, before pushing on her legs, and springing up after him.

Both hands would try to grasp his side in mid-air, before descending with him, and bringing her knee to his spinal column, and smashing him into the air once again. If all goes well, she'd then leap after him, and as he makes his descent, grabs ahold of his back, and presses her knee against his back, to ride him all the way to the ground and drive him into the tiled floor. "...if it is used to better the position of the less fortunate!"

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If Urien had been underestimating Kyoko, that issue has just resolved itself. He does take the opportunity to leer towards the girl now that he's got her pinned in close proximity, but that brazen display costs him heavy points in the internal agony department. "Foes...? I'm going to use it to suppress the world." Urien growls out in satisfaction. However, he hadn't expected the kind of leverage Kyoko possesses when her leg strikes out, thunking him in the midsection. It probably stung, but he only goes a couple meters up; not rocketing off into the heights, yet still a greater punt than most people can manage from the oddly heavy individual. "You...!"
Before he can recover, Kyoko has launched herself to meet him, stealing his inertia. It's like trying to break the back of a bag of bowling balls, but the spray of spittle and "GRRACK!" of pain is probably quite satisfying all the same. This time he spirals less high, but still more than enough for her to finish the technique, surfing the huge man down to impact the tile and send a series of cracks in all directions. "My... back..." he hisses out, before slamming his palms upon the ground to either side. "GET OFF ME!!"
Pushing up with all his might, he shrugs Kyoko away, surging back to his feet. He staggers, legs numb and arms stinging, but only has an angry few discs as opposed to a dislocated one. "Does a child... look over ants?! Or does he burn them..." Twisting, Urien hurtles himself back at Kyoko forcefully, suddenly whipping his entire body into the same blow that took out two other students just prior. "FOR HIS OWN AMUSEMENT?!" The full force of the man aims to impact her dead center, trying to send the girl flying away from the titan!

COMBATSYS: Kyoko blocks Urien's Chariot Tackle.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Urien            0/-------/-======|==-----\-------\0            Kyoko

Even Kyoko has to marvel at just how strong his bones are. It's like trying to drive her knee into hardened steel, rather than make flesh, and bone bend to her will. Still, she was a master of human anatomy, and she knew that even if his body was much tougher, it still had the same vulnerabilities as anyone else. It would just take a lot more punishment to bring this man down, wouldn't it?

If she had time, she'd copy down what she was learning about him in her chart, but she had none. This wasn't a lesser foe which she could take lightly for long, which she could jot down notes in her chart and voice her observations aloud as if she had the upper hand. This was a monster, made even more monstrous by his motivations.

Shrugged off of him, Kyoko rolls back to a standing position, but before she could even take up a strong stance, he was there. This time her clipboard is raised, and Urien's tackle drives against it. The Illuminati's master might note that it was made of out sturdier stuff than the usual clipboard, being fashioned from titanium. However, it was backed up by the fighter/physician, and she could only resist so long. The full force drives her back, her heels skidding on the ground, before she's driven down to one knee. In the end, it looks like she's kneeling before his sheer might.

There's a glint in her eyes, which flash at Urien, and for a moment he swears they had a green cast to them, but they're quickly hidden beneath the glinting of light which makes her glasses shine opaquely. "A child grows out of that behavior. Are you saying you haven't?"

Suddenly, she drives forward herself, as she gets close, she tries to whip around his side, one leg attempts to wrap around his right knee, and an arm grasps under his left armpit. The twist she offers on both ends is intended to dislocate the joints with orthopedic precision, but for a man of Urien's durability, it would likely just hurt, and possibly be just a minor inconvenience in the long run. "Such immaturity won't be tolerated at Justice High. A man like you could never appreciate Raizo-sama's vision for the world."

COMBATSYS: Urien just-defends Kyoko's Fast Throw!!

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Urien            0/-------/-======|==-----\-------\0            Kyoko

Indeed, the very first assault that Kyoko unleashed upon Urien was proof enough that there's vulnerable parts to his anatomy... those that no amount of body-building can strengthen. But even then, he has an inherent constitution and thick biological tissue that is distinctly unusual. A layman who fought him would never think much of it, but the more Kyoko does her diagnosis, the more clear it is this man has been enhanced in some manner that doesn't seem natural -- but is on a biological level, as opposed to those who utilize chi to strengthen themselves. Interesting prognosis, indeed.
Although Urien has the pleasure of seemingly forcing Kyoko to kneel before him, the smirk quickly vanishes at a damnedly good rejoinder. "A child... learns the limitations of his power. I DID NOT!" When she entwines about his suited figure, the fabric feels odd, not the sort that a true designer suit of the apparent make would use. That doesn't mean it's of low quality, but it's certainly not normal fabric. Of course, more importantly is the explosive burst of flexing muscle that follows, twisting up before Kyoko has time to lock the joints proper and apply the pressure needed to break him. "ENOUGH!!" he snarls out, attempting to snap out his hand and grasp the girl by the neck, so he can heft her upwards and begin the brutal act of crushing her throat. "I am not even fighting you seriously... and you struggle!! Struggle, like the insect you are!! Are you just trying to buy time?! Good!! I would like nothing better than for that bastard to come here, and save me the trouble of wallowing through every piece of trash this damn school has to offer!" Well, diplomacy has never been his strong suit, admittedly. Leave that to the charismatic Gill.

Tiffany, still mostly hidden, stands transfixed at the battle; this is a fight on a whole other level from... just about anything she's ever seen, really. The part of her that's committing more and more to the world of combat is trying to pick apart the techniques themselves -- but it's so far beyond her that she can't really understand it.

More than that, though, she listens to the words they have to say -- the battle of wills and of morals, beyond the physical tussle. This stranger sounds like he's a bit of a psychopath -- the things he's saying... what a scumbag.

She comes halfway out of her hiding place, peeking her head a little more directly around the corner to get a good look at both fighters... and quietly starts cheering the glamorous woman opposing him -- after all, this man seems like the sort of person who might be much closer to the center of all this strangeness... he can't be the /source/, because this is too overt, but...

COMBATSYS: Kyoko dodges Urien's Destroy Claw.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Urien            0/-------/--=====|===----\-------\0            Kyoko

Kyoko cultivates this image where everyone tends to underestimate her as a fighter. While she's the picture of a formidable woman, carrying herself like a queen whether she's in a hospital or the halls of Justice High, she doesn't look like much of a fighter. She wears high heels and a white coat in battle, she carries a clipboard into battle rather than an actual weapon. However, she didn't mind if people understimated her. Now that she no longer underestimated her foe, she realized that she needed every advantage she could get, and she is fully willing to use that image to her advantage.

As he reaches out to grab her throat, one heeled foot stamps down, as she swiftly ducks her head. The hand comes close to catching ahold of her long, raven black hair as the strands slide through it, which would put her in a position of extreme vulnerability. The colossus of a man tells her that she's simply delaying him. That might be true, as he's perhaps the most powerful individual she's ever encountered but she could do more than simply 'delay' him. "Hardly."

The last locks of her hair slip out of his hand, and inwardly she breathes a sigh of relief as she realizes just how close that was. She only had a few seconds before he would recover. She uses that time to try to reverse the situation, by grasping onto his arm, putting a foot just behind his instep to unbalance the titanic man, and then bend down suddenly, trying to roll him over her shoulder. "I took this position to nurture young minds, and teach them valuable life lessons."

She wasn't finished however, even if he was brought down, she would then try to grasp the back of his legs, and roll him supine. "Today they will learn that even the greatest of bullies..." If all goes well, then she'd hook her arms over each of his legs in the spinal lock, raising them up in a submission hold intending to make it difficult for him to break it. Even if she manages it though, the man is heavy, and every joint in her body aches. How long can she even keep it up!? "...can be overcome."

COMBATSYS: Urien blocks Kyoko's Boston Crab.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Urien            0/-------/-======|==-----\-------\0            Kyoko

It's a bad idea to watch Urien. He seems somewhere between a berserker and a master, and only someone with Kyoko's keen battle sense and experience can unravel it enough to properly fight the man as he is. Destroying the opponent's rhythm is one of his specialities, after all. But no longer does Urien think the nurse a harmless opponent... but that simply escalates her to a 'toy'. That, however, is likely exactly what she wants. Every second he wastes with her is one he will not spend attacking other students, and brings closer the aid needed to take him down without threat or damage to others... beyond, potentially, herself.
How she can evade in the midst of her failed grapple is beyond Urien, who finds it somewhere between exhilarating and exasperating. "Hardly...? Watch your tongue. If you want me to stop playing... simply ask...!" There's absolutely no sense of this being a lie. And then he finds himself nearly entwined, upper body and knees bowing down heavily beneath Kyoko's intricate grasp. "Hrrrrrgh!!" With her superior leverage, she should be attacking muscle groups that are unable to resist. For a normal person, at least. The fabric strains and rips at the seam as his massive back bulges outwards, before Urien hurtles forward and yanks himself free with no small amount of soreness.
"I like strong-willed, confident girls... hahahah! But the lesson I'm teaching is simple. MIGHT MAKES RIGHT!" And then Urien explodes into motion, rushing forward in an attempt to catch his shoulder upon Kyoko. With the intention of carrying her forward, shrugging her into the air so he can twist, foot slapping down and then launching into a second blow, then a third, the final attempting to slam Kyoko's back right against the corner that Tiffany peers from... so he can grasp the nurse by the throat, twisting and then hurtling her away as his mad laughter continues to ring forth!!

COMBATSYS: Kyoko dodges Urien's Tyrant Slaughter.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Urien            0/-------/-------|==-----\-------\0            Kyoko

The tyrant is mighty. Stronger than her. And likely more skilled by far. Doctor Minazuki finds her efforts to test his joints to be mostly in vain. What sort of augmentation had to be done upon a man to bring his anatomy to superhuman levels? It's a question which will haunt her in the night, perhaps on it's mere ethical implications.

Perhaps for other reasons. In Japan it was known as a sign of experience to be able to overcome such a spinal lock. He does it with an ease that defies description. And then he's on her, like a juggernaut hurtling inexorably towards her. She knows in a moment that she can't stop him, she can't stand up to that. All she can do is go along for the ride. She doesn't even have time to properly get out of the way.

So instead, as he rushes at her, she leaps upwards, so close she feels her fabric brush against his deltoids, from the blow that was meant to take her aloft. In the air, the physician twirls around as he moves after her. A foot slaps down, trying to catch her, and she twists to the side, corkscrewing around as the second, then third blow fall.

It's not well known that Kyoko once aspired to be a dancer. And while she's not the best at it, she performs her own aerial ballet here, exerting a supreme effort to avoid every blow. If even one caught her, then she might not be getting up this time.

As she lands, with a clack of heels and fingertips lightly touching the floor, she then springs backwards, towards that corner where Tiffany peers out from. The girl is given a sidelong glance. She doesn't recognize her at first, and is about to warn her to stay away.

Was she a guest, a visitor perhaps? But then it dawns upon her all at once, she's a fighter herself. A boxer as she recalls, who fought professionally. She doesn't condescend her by opening her mouth. Instead she winks at her, as if to say that she's alright. To reassure her, even when Kyoko wasn't certain that she was herself from everything aching. The glance is only a split second in time, before she turns back to her foe.

"With that attitude. You'll never be more than a child burning ants."

This time, it's Kyoko's time to charge, before he can fully recover from the attack, she bends over low, and charges at him. Both of her arms outstretched, her body careens towards the space between his legs, where her arms try to slam to the inferior portion of his knees, attempting to strike a certain patellar ligament. All in one motion, she tries to leverage Urien's body as if he were now astride a seesaw, that was suddenly coming upwards.

No matter how tall he is, no matter how much he weighs, with enough leverage she could manage to bring him up and over her back, towards the dented school entrance that he had ruined. Though even the attempt makes her back and shoulders feel like they've been devastated. She may need to 'leverage' a shoulder massage of her own later. "It's time for someone to take away your magnifying glass."

COMBATSYS: Urien fails to interrupt Medium Throw from Kyoko with Light Kick.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Urien            0/-------/------=|==-----\-------\0            Kyoko

It might be so close a brush that Tiffany thinks hapless Kyoko was being run down by a runaway train; only when his last lariat fails to grasp her would it be clear that she escaped along the only avenue she could. Managing that in high heels puts her at a much higher level than Urien would have thought. He... had stopped playing around. That was an earnest effort to crush her, and prove she stood well beneath him. When he comes to a stop beside Tiffany, breath coming a bit faster, he's more mixed up than infuriated. Before he just begins to laugh, grasping his face with his hands and staring down with wild eyes at the girl opposite. "Is... is that so... well. It's true... right now... I'm not trying to burn ants. You see, I don't know my own strength. Much like a 'child'. The world breaks beneath my grasp..."
And then he simply attempts to kick out at Kyoko, but the gesture is obviously rather half-hearted. She easily uses this to leverage him even easier, and hurtle the huge man down the hallway to crash into the metal divider beside the double doors. He slides down, a momentary look of pain turning to one of twisted sadism. "...And I like you. But..." He rises then, and begins to march forward. Suddenly there's a great sense of pressure to him. The very school starts to saturate with his chi, setting to alarm anyone who had thought this was a minor incident. Earthen chi begins to mingle with the storm of his furious soul. Each step starts to increase his weight, the heavy thumps breaking the tiles. What seems to be an unseen wind is kicking up, billowing at his suit heavily and sending his tie into the air.
"Do you wish to see... just what my 'magnifying glass' looks like...?" His arms spread then, as if invitingly, to the girl opposite.

The little wink in Tiffany's direction practically makes her squeal; she manages to stop herself because she doesn't want /Urien's/ attention, but the more she sees of Kyoko, the more she's just... spellbound. It's not her technique that gets her, though, or even her bearing... it's the way she talks to Urien -- the way she so adamantly refuses to take his posturing.

On the one hand, it's tempting to start cheering outright... but on the other, she knows that that, too, will draw some attention. Instead, she takes a moment to duck low, pulling forth a pen and pad --

-- just in time to have them knocked out of her hands by those unexpected thumps of chi. Her eyes widen, and she hits the dirt on reflex; her hands come over her head, and she pulls into an earthquake-ready ball.

She grew up in California, she knows how this works!

She feels it, for just a second before it happens. As his chi flows out of his legs and into the school. As she feels the ground itself rumble with his footsteps, she wants to stay upright. Instead, she finds herself stumbling beneath the weight pressing down upon her, fighting to stay on her feet. With one hand she waves the students back further and further around the edges of those who had inevitably gathered to watch, watching many fall like ten pins. The sensible part of her was extremely concerned by this turn of events, and the effect it might have on herself and the health of their students.

The corner of her mouth however, may have cracked only the tiniest of smiles. It vanishes before Urien can say anything else. "No." She says as calmly as she can manage, even if perhaps part of her does. "Instead I would like to teach you something." Suddenly Kyoko poses, one long leg placed out sensually, looking like she could crush the entire world beneath her own high heels. In reality it's simply to brace herself before the magnitude of the foe before her.

She waits for the next ground pounding tremor to come, and then leaps forward at him, turning a somersault in the air. If he doesn't get out of the way, then she'd try to land on his shoulders, scissoring her legs around his neck, uncaring of any implications. They were in the midst of battle after all. "It's time for you to learn..."

If all goes well she then bends over backwards, believing, perhaps incorrectly that from this position that she could bend even the head of a giant if he were off-balance. Her hands would try to touch the ground, as she cartwheels forward, exerting every iota of her strength and flexibility to try to lift him off the ground, then let go when he's in mid-air, tossing him towards the door of the school as if she were simply ejecting him. "...the value of restraint." No matter the outcome, she would need a warm bath and /many/ stiff drinks later. Every joint in her body felt like it was coming apart.

COMBATSYS: Urien blocks Kyoko's Pop Quiz.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Urien            0/-------/------=|=======\-------\1            Kyoko

"Hahahaha..." Urien simply stands there, feeling the glorious pleasure of baring his fangs. The inner leylines of chi within his body, naturally that of the wind, draw hungrily from the ground. Ying meets Yang, and as Kyoko's mighty thighs find his head and attempt to yank, he suddenly increases in weight. He began to move, and the arch backwards is painful to say the least, yet suddenly things turned... supernatural. "Restraint?! What is the point of shackling yourself, woman?! HERE!! BEHOLD, THE IRON BODY OF YOUR DEFEAT!!"
Suddenly, a great burst of kinetic force flies up in a pillar, likely launching Kyoko skywards unless she's quick enough of mind to leap away. In an instant, all of Urien's clothing is reduced to only tatters, underlining just how obscenely well built he is. Naught but a thong remains, as brown starts to ripple up from his stomach, spreading down his limbs. He sinks even more, letting out a long, hissing sigh before a flash of energy turns his hair stark white, a single jewel acting as a foci upon his forehead.
And then it is done, the rumbling ceasing. Justice is hardly so mundane that it would hurt anything, but the sense of gravity and storm continues to linger around him, that even those without any mastery of chi could sense. "Well..." Urien states, lifting up his hands to watch the shimmers of energy ripple upwards like water, barely visible. "...Shall we continue...?!"

COMBATSYS: Urien manifests bronze skin and white hair, unleashing his true power!!

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Urien            0/-------/------=|=======\-------\1            Kyoko

"And what is this," the proud shinobi utters, "that my grounds are soiled with the refuse of troublemakers?!"

The words tumble down from the headmaster's chest like boulders falling down the mountainside. They collide with the earth, and their crashing finality resounds throughout the school. Imawano Raizo has never needed a public address system.. not if it was his wish to be heard. The forces of 'weight' and 'speed' collide, as the gravity of chi released by the school's erstwhile 'visitor' is redoubled by the arrival of its principal.

The light is eclipsed by Raizo's appearance, a huge, wizened man with a ferocious countenance and a long drawn scowl on his face. When he lands, he does so to snatch Kyoko out of harm's way in a single great clawed hand whose span is enough to enclose fully around her waist without noticeable trouble (!!). With nothing left, he will drop her roughly in the vacuous expanse of his cold, vast shadow. His authority on these grounds is never to be questioned by faculty, student or visitor alike.

The fight is over.

Running a set of razor-sharp claws through the tangled grey of the vast beard falling like a curtain over his suit, he has time enough to regard the defeated students around him, and to face Urien with a flash of red eyed anger. "Surely, any educated man must know that by stepping on the grounds of this 'academy of ideals' with mischief in your heart... that you take your own life into your hands!! Feel your strength leave your body, or feel your life leave it!"

Urien still stands from her assault, and Kyoko is spent spiraling away from the sudden burst of force. She only barely manages to arrest her descent with a skittering of heels upon the rumbling floor. A hand delicately placed against the ruined tiles to steady herself. Kyoko watches what is happening before her with a clinical gaze as she straightens. While inwardly she's shaken, outwardly she appears to be quite calm.

One hand reaches up to her glasses, as she adjusts them. For just a moment she's unhappy that she entrusted her personal flask to her favorite nurse's aide, she wouldn't have minded a sip right now with her throat so dry. "You've left me with little choice, but to show you that even a body of iron can still bend." She steels herself for what is to come, understanding that she might not come out of this one alive.

And then the bear of a man's arms encircle her as if she were a child. So lightning quick that she didn't even notice the Shinobi Headmaster's arrival. Before she can even speak, much less react, she's deposited behind him. "Raizo-sama!" She states with familiarity, but complete respect, entirely unironically. There's no protest, no word of dissent, his word is absolute here, and part of her is certainly relieved.

She takes one calming breath, then another, eyes glinting behind her glasses which suddenly catch the few working lights of the school's hall just right once more. "Students, I'd like you all to please evacuate from the emergency exits, not the front door. Use common sense. Seniors, please take the lead."

Turning her head to regard her aides, she nods at them. Quickly, they move onto the fringes to pick up the fallen, and started moving them away. "Delicately. Remember their C-Spines, like I taught you." Several shift their hands in order to stabilize their necks as they go. With the Headmaster present, she felt confident in their ability to keep this monster of a man from harming the students in their efforts. She then turns to watch the exchange between the old bear, and the Illuminati tyrant.

"...Oh?" Urien states, lifting his head to peer towards Raizo as he descends from the ceiling to land upon the middle of the hall. He allows a grin, for a few crazy moments considering provoking the man... but no. Kyoko might not have been able to defeat him, but she's wittled him down more than sufficiently that pursuing a fight with the legendary principal. Or... is he no longer the greatest?
"Just the man I wanted to see!" Arms open in an almost friendly way, and now the man is all perfect teeth and business. "I apologize for your mess. You have very strong-willed students. I demanded to see you, and they were willing to stake their bodies on your honor... hahaha! But I didn't hurt anyone TOO badly." He then pulls out a checkbook and pen from somewhere within his loincloth -- it's actually got a number of pouches seamlessly integrated into it, but it would take a keen eye to notice -- and scribbles. "Here. Blank check. For the damages." Crumpling up the check, he hurls it at Raizo. Unless he moves, it would thump off his chest.
"I'm here for business, despite all the pleasure your lovely nurse gave me..." Another attempt to lean and eyeball her follows, complete with a brief swish of tongue across lips. "I have some information for you. No charge. No strings. ...On who is behind both this tournament, and this principal exchange...!!"

Tiffany leans in immediately, pointedly failing to evacuate when the topic of who is really behind the tournament and the ongoing strangeness comds up. Finally, an end to her search!

She gets herself about halfway out of her quake crouch, and once more leans against the corner frame, eagerly awaiting answers she has sought for months now.%

"Stay behind me," the wizened headmaster of Justice High advises Kyoko.
"My claws make a mess when I'm filled with this much anger..."

The principal remains perfectly calm and lucid, despite his statements. That is simply the way of it--though many have seen Raizo humorously exasperated throughout the years he has run Justice High, few have seen him truly act in anger, or anything other than the utmost of control. Such is the discipline that he has sought to hand out over the years at Justice High, one that sets the example for all students and faculty underneath him, and it is with a complete martial focus that he regards Urien now, a single monocle shining underneath the hall lights as he inclines his head, crowned with a fringe of wild hair. The mane gives him the tenor of a great lion in the savannah, and his stare at the new arrival is the same.

"I'd become concerned that Minazuki had attracted a poor suitor..!!" Raizo observes of Urien's manner. It's pretty hard to stare around him, since a single leg of his is roughly the width of Kyoko's entire body. It will take some serious neck craning to even get a glimpse of Kyoko's reaction, if she doesn't get too curious about Urien's demeanor. "Luckily for you, my faculty is lenient with visitors."

"I will not be."

Raizo is unmollified by the sudden prim and pure demeanor of the rough visitor tonight, jowls still pulled tight in an angry scowl as Urien explains his reason for being here, suddenly the consummate politician. His expression only darkens as Urien cuts the check, wadding it up and throwing it. Growling audibly, the great headmaster rears back, opening a hand. He steps forward, and rips the paper to shreds in mid-air. Not just that, but a howling wind accompanies the motion, leaving countless rending slashes to twist and flash in the air like a miniaturized hurricane, tearing the check not into four or five pieces, but upwards of ninety-two or more. By the time Raizo's technique is done, the check is confetti in the air.

"Don't insult our school of tomorrow with yesterday's platitudes!! If you leer at my faculty again, I will break your bones. If you even think of touching my students again, I will shatter your back. If you even so much as breathe a hostile word that interrupts my student's lunch hour, I will snap your neck. The only reason why you are still standing is because of the grave times facing us, and the peace you wish to make with your terrible actions. Second chances for exceptional results is the basis that our school is built on, so speak, or find yourself crushed underneath the weight of meteors."

And then Raizo speaks, and she's inwardly flustered, but outwardly quite calm about the thought of this man being one of her 'suitors'. "You needn't have worried Raizo-sama. I'm more than capable of handling boorish men who refuse take no for an answer. I was mostly acting to protect your students." She then falls silent again, but takes a step to the side, showing Urien that she's only hiding behind Raizo because of the authority he holds here.

It certainly gives weight to her words when Urien pulls out a checkbook from his loincloth, and she watches Raizo shred the unsanitary thing with no small amount of satisfaction at his wind technique. However she's soon looking at Urien again.

She glares daggers at him especially when he calls her a nurse. While she had a lot of respect for nurses, it sounded condescending to be misrepresenting her credentials as 'lovely nurse' when she'd gone through years of medical school and residency to become a full-fledged surgeon. Justice High went above and beyond to hire the best. What nurse wore a white coat even!? Well there were a few, but she doubted he would know that.

Shifting in her stance, she's still obviously a touch on edge, though her respect of the old bear alone prevents her from adding her own particular brand of snark to it. She's certainly interested in Urien's information on who is behind the tournament, but she doesn't press.

Slicing up a blank check doesn't particularly bother Urien, who just gives a casual shrug and tucks the pen and checkbook back from wherever it came from. He looks... satisfied, in a manner that is somewhat disconcerting. Being pressured sufficiently by the nurse to go into his true form was really far beyond what he hoped going into the school. Such perfect stress relief...! On the plus side, his aggressive urges are completely sated. Even the provocations from Raizo are not doing much for him, in the face of something more important: Revenge.
"Easy, easy." he states, still grinning devilishly like some used car salesman of the year. "That's done and behind us. I'll never set foot in Justice again. I'll have cash delivered to you, also. I don't care about all that!! It's not important!!" It probably is to the students being carted off to the ER, but at least none of them have more than the occasional broken bone or concussion. At least that much of what he's said will be proven true.
"Words are cheap. And too easy to intercept. Here." A small USB stick is flung through the air, spiralling towards Raizo. This one he'd probably be less inclined to slice up, despite the unholy source. "You'll find incontrovertible proof of who is behind this plot. Hahah. In a way, you should be thanking me... the very politics you built so carefully to protect Justice, even from those higher in the sky," It's true that even the Illuminati have little sway in the school districts as a whole due to the individual management. "Is precisely what allowed these insects in. I'm afraid the principals of Taiyo, Gorin and Gedo are never coming back. But if you want vengeance... do it to the people in that data."
Urien then turns away, body continuing to sizzle. "I'll show myself out... heheh... don't let me down. I've heard such good things about 'you'." The inflection implies that Urien might be privy to some ghost of a secret about the Imawano. "Don't let some petty usurper trample on everything you've built. And this time, I don't mean me!"

"As expected!" Imawano Raizo answers Kyoko without delay at all.
It's just as he said a moment earlier. "Any member of my faculty will ... always stand up for the safety of the students. There is no strength to be had in half-measures and weak wills. Continue to credit your mother school well with your abilities, Minazuki-sensei."

Raizo is only barely held in check by Urien's soothing words, and barely seems no more than two steps away from pulling the man's scalp off and mounting it on a bust in the school library. However, even one step is a chasm for a man with dignity and control, so when Urien throws the USB stick, Raizo catches it in one huge grip, taking care not to crush or rip the delicate thing to pieces in the muscles and on the sharp points of his great claws. "Words are cheap... or are you too afraid to say their names?" he asks, mildly. It's somewhat unfortunate for Tiffany, whose keen interest may very well had been doomed the moment Urien revealed the stick. He oversees Urien's exit, looking down after the man imperiously.

The fact that Urien suggests that he should thank him for the privilege of receiving the information that would allow the school to act against a long supposed evil is enough to make him bristle--to this end, it's the faintest motion, a vein standing out in a hand as one claw flexes and tenses, a lion readying the pounce. It is barely a thing to notice at all, but for those who know Raizo, it would all the more tell-tale as to exactly how the man feels about accepting the charity of a blackguard like this man.

"No matter what the situation, or the danger. Justice High is still the greatest school ever devised. We will run roughshod over all opposition if that is what is required. Just be warned..!! This information had best satisfy us. Or you will have to hide for the rest of your life to survive the burning light of our scorn."

"I'm honored by your praise, Raizo-sama." Kyoko even ventures to bow to him. It's just a dip of the head and a bend at the waste, but it's still far more formal than would be expected in these modern days. However, she bristles when Urien says he'll never enter Justice High again, perhaps refusing to believe him.

The USB stick is thrown, and Kyoko half believes that Raizo will destroy that as well out of pride. She certainly wouldn't want to sully her hands on something that came out of a man's smallclothes. However, that doesn't happen. Perhaps she'll ask on it later if her curiosity gets the better of her, though perhaps not. While she's on familiar terms with Raizo, she was still his subordinate in the hierarchy of Justice's faculty. If he didn't choose to share, then she could hardly question it.

However the casual attitude Urien was taking, in regards to her, and perhaps Raizo's reputation, was starting to bug her even as Raizo was escorting him out. The woman who was typically carefully controlled in her emotions does something quite impulsive, "Don't forget to call to schedule a follow up appointment Urien." Wait, was she challenging him? "It will have to be strictly outpatient I'm afraid. You're proven yourself to be far too unruly for my office."

He doesn't get another glance. Instead, she walks over to Tiffany who is just, adjusting her glasses, before allowing herself to smile, and switching to English in front of her "I'm sorry that you had to see that. Allow me to be the first to welcome you to our campus." A piece of ceiling tile falls behind her, scattering dust and mortar. Without even missing a beat, she states, "Miss Lords, wasn't it? I've watched a few of your fights on the internet. You're quite talented." She offers in a complimentary manner, before returning to formal matters, "If you'd like, I could show you to the faculty office. You'll need a guest badge, if you'd like to see the best of what our institution has to offer."

Tiffany allows herself a sour moment when she sees that USB stick come out. So close to the truth yet impossibly far all at once... She scowls, but it is at least mitigated when the nurse approaches her.

The opportunity to speak English meets with joy as well... as does the recognition. "Yep, that's me!" she says when addressed by name. "Didn't know I was getting to be sucj a big deal..."

At the offer of a tour, her eyes light up and she nods with vigor. "Sure!" she says enthusiastically, "though... don't you have something else to do? It's Christmas..."

Suddenly there's a burst of heat once more, and Urien looks back. From the look in his eyes, there's not even the slightest trace of fear. Not towards them, or to the huge principal even in his own current state. "Watch your tongue." he growls out. "You want to know the cliffnotes...? NESTS. Maybe you heard of them. Most haven't. Heh. An interesting little group to play with... better watch your back. The one at Gedo... he packs a punch bigger than you could hope to muster. I can tell that with one glance to your washed-up form. But. I'm not here to start more trouble. I'm done with the schools now, period. You do whatever you want, old man. But my information is ALWAYS perfect." With that, he boots the door off the hinges, before moving to stride right outside. Luckily, it was not the door that had an unconscious student halfway through the busted glass, at least... that would have been a little *too* antagonistic.

The comment stung rather deeply, but Kyoko realized that Tiffany wouldn't realize why. It was entirely innocent.

The smile on her expression remains, as she adjusts her glasses with a hand, "It is Christmas isn't it?" A beat, "Romance can be lovely Miss Lords, but there's nothing more important to me than..." The pupils of her eyes briefly changed from dark black, to pinpricks of green, the discoloration vanishes so quickly that one might swear it never existed, "...than nurturing a young mind."

Almost all of the students had been evacuated, and the whirring of ambulance sirens in the distance indicated that medical attention was well on it's way. Shouldn't she be supervising that? She makes no move to leave.

Urien's comment on NESTS brings a frown to her features, especially on his evaluation of Raizo's 'ability' to handle a member of NESTS, as she looks their way sharply. "Raizo-sama." A beat. Is she going to tell him he's not worth it!? Is she going to hold him back!? Surely so! "Please be mindful of the flower beds on the front walk. It wouldn't do to get blood in them." Wait, was she encouraging him!? It's hard to say!

Between the two of them, there is zero love lost, and zero hesitation. Urien's response is regarded at once with disbelief and then a smouldering acceptance. "What!?" Raizo barks out, angrily. "Hrngh," the wizened headmaster grumbles. "I see..." He tucks the USB away into his suit pocket, which strains as the tailor's craftsmanship barely holds against Raizo's tense, bunched musculature, still ready for a fight. NESTS... he's heard that name before.

"The so-called masters of darkness have found their way to the doorstep of the future of this world.." Raizo mutters to himself, just barely audible to anyone around. Urien continues, aggressing against him ambiently, a gesture to which the principal smiles, showing his teeth to the executive. "Be careful with your words as well, your inadequacy is showing."

Raizo is no fool--he doesn't have to think overly hard to determine why someone as callous and as needlessly cruel as Urien would be so kind so as to give them a Christmas gift like this. It was hardly out of Urien's own wheelhouse to think that he and NESTS had some sort of disagreement somewhere along the line. 'The one at Gedo,' he must necessarily believe, must have had Urien at a loss, else he would not need to give this sort of information out at all. Or maybe it was something more political than that...

..either way, Raizo has no trouble using the ego of the vain to benefit his students.

Of course, that doesn't mean that he won't take offense to Urien's damaging his school further. He should show him his body's strength. He steps forward, claws flexing mightily as the man disrespects him even on his way out. It's only Kyoko's words that stirs him to a stop, reminding him that he could damage the school if he truly went all-out. The sound of distant sirens reminds him about the pointlessness of picking a fight over a needless vanity, and the headmaster grouses, his fire fading.

"hrmph.... what a disagreeable character," Raizo comments, after Urien has made himself long gone. "Minazuki-sensei. Please look after this one," he finally notices, the full weight of his lion's attention finally falling on Tiffany. "And make sure that the injured students are cared for properly. I have to spend some time in the library..." he growls.

"If what that man has said is true, the time may come where we may have to act as teachers to shape the new world in a more active manner..."

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