IHST - Inter-High School Tournament: Kyosuke vs Kensou

Description: Kyosuke fights to get closer to his brother. Kensou fights to promote his school -- but he's lying, it's all for that special girl. An unlikely clash, for two unlikely causes.

The Inter-High Tournament. Round 1.

Justice High.

The courtyard of Justice High was covered by a massive ramada, stretching over the whole of the grounds. Stands were set up along the corridor, lining up each side of the arena set up on the grounds. The students of Justice High filled out hte stands, and were sitting quietly in their seats. No cheering, no idle chatter. They were given time away from precious class time to watch this fight.

This was not a time to show team spirit.

The massive television monitor shows the names of the two fighters. Kyosuke Kagami, of Taiyo High, versus Sie Kensou, of Justice High. And standing on one side of the marked fighting grounds, the very same Kensou was standing there, dressed in his Justice High school gym uniform. The blue student uniform was not idle for the young Psycho Soldier. But the fact of the matter was that it was breezy, and mobile. Adjusting his shorts and jacket, he licks his lips hungrily as his stomach grumbles.

It was at times like these, he ALWAYS had a meatbun.

Wearing his white and black school uniform, Kyosuke is standing on the other side of the fighting grounds. He pushes up his eyeglasses, and looks around briefly. Seeing Kensou adjust his shorts and jacket and lick his lips, Kyosuke takes these actions as nervous ticks.
He is good at reading people, but he hasn't ever been face-to-face with someone who is so in love with meatbuns.
He shifts from foot to foot, smiling at his opponent while studying him with that trademark gaze.

Kensou did love his meatbuns.

Rubbing his stomach, the teenager frowns so hard. Tilting his head back, he just moooooans a full mouth moan. "Uuuuuuugh! Doing this before second lunch was an AWFUL IDEA!" The Psycho Soldier complains aloud to his opponent. Shaking his head, he drops down to his fighting stance. "But I have to win this fight, to prove my love for a certain someone!"

The entire Justice High audience rolls their eyes.

Kensou brings one hand forward, one hand back, as he squats his stance down low. An open stance, a bold stance. Kensou looked like someone who was a flashy fighter, for sure. Still frowning, he grits his teeth. "No hard feelings against Taiyo High, but I gotta win this! Love is on the line! Love and scholarships!" Kensou didn't want to say it, but the scholarship part was a lot more important than than love part right now. Kensou got his last exam back.

He -really- needed a free scholarship, lets put it like that.

COMBATSYS: Kyosuke has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Kyosuke          0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Kensou has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Kyosuke          0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0           Kensou

Kyosuke laughs at his opponent's words. "Ah. Okay. I do need the scholarship as well though, and I don't think you can take it from me. Let us hope your loved one has something other than a scholarship to love you for?"
He has never been good at taunts. For one thing, he is polite and proper, which doesn't roll well with taunting someone in front of an audience made up of kids. For another, he doesn't really like taunting -- men of action are better than men of words.
It is for that reason that he steps forward without another word and reaches for Kensou. If he would get a hold of him, he would try and lift him up for a throw.

COMBATSYS: Kensou blocks Kyosuke's Hurricaranna.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Kyosuke          0/-------/-------|==-----\-------\0           Kensou

"Oh yeah, you think I won't take it from you!?"

That was the counter challenge from Sie Kensou. Sure, Kyosuke wasn't big on taunting. But Kensou was too energetic, too thin-skinned. "And my loved one has PLENTY to love for me other than a scholarship! She... I mean, my friend, would love me for... for..." The teenager blinks quickly. He tilts his head.

"... SHUT UP!"

He doesn't make it clear what he was demanding Kyosuke for shutting up for, but whatever it was, Kyosuke touched a nerve. As he comes ripping in to reach for Kensou, the hot-blooded teenager is scooped up and tossed away. As he is hurled away, Kensou cries out, tucking into a roll. Tumbling roughly on the ground, the Psycho Soldier manages to null most of the impact. Perking back up from the roll, he stares daggers at his opponent.

And he hurls himself in.

Kensou takes the ground approach this time, approaching Kyosuke steadily, not recklessly. Taking a short hop into the air, he hurls out an aerial elbow straight towards Kyosuke's chest. Whether it hits or not, he will follow up with a rapid assault with a flying knee, into a flying kick. A quick three hit combo, designed to test out Kyosuke's defenses.

And hopefully, create an opening.

COMBATSYS: Kyosuke dodges Kensou's Ryuu Renga.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Kyosuke          0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0           Kensou

With a lot of self-control, Kyosuke prevents his eyes from widening. Apparently, he has made his opponent quite angry. That is an achievement for the young man -- an achievement he may yet come to regret.
As Kensou approaches him, Kyosuke stands where he is, rolling onto the balls of his feet. Kensou seems very agile and quick, and Kyosuke is, quite frankly, scared that he will be pummeled to death by Kensou -- he seems easy to feel love and hate, and unfortunately for Kyosuke, he is on the receiving end of the latter.
An elbow, knee, and foot come flying at him with dizzying speed. Kyosuke steps back, more from instinct than anything else, and sees those bodyparts flash past him.
Letting out a relieved breath of air, Kyosuke crouches, reaching up to grab Kensou and do a back Roll throw. "Take that you acrobatic freak," he'd say, as soon as he would grab a hold of him.

COMBATSYS: Kyosuke successfully hits Kensou with Back Roll Throw.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Kyosuke          0/-------/------=|====---\-------\0           Kensou

Oh no, he was agile too.

As Kensou comes moving in steady, the Taiyo High student met his offense with evasion. Kyosuke steps clear of the attack, dodging it nimbly. As the boy lands down from his attack, Kyosuke simply roars back in with another grapple. Kensou yelps as he is snatched up, and this time, pulled right off his feet into a rolling toss.


That comes the cry as Kensou lands squarely on his he head, skipping once on the impact as his legs hangs over his head. Upside down, he seethes. "Ggggggargh! Who do you think you are making me look like a fool! A certain someone could be out there right now! And what are you doing?"

"Making me look like a real dork!"

The kung-fu teenager suddenly rolls back up on his feet. Now, Sie Kensou was moving fast. Blazing forward swiftly, he suddenly takes to the air with a high flying leap. Hurtling through the air, he winds back a fist. Throwing himself all the way into Kyosuke, the teenager throws out a staggering aerial haymaker, in order to outright bowl over the Taiyo High student.

All for that special girl!

COMBATSYS: Kensou successfully hits Kyosuke with Fierce Punch.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Kyosuke          0/-------/---====|====---\-------\0           Kensou

Kyosuke grins as he watches the nimbler opponent get a beating from the ground. His fear recedes a little, as he sees that his opponent can not prevent everything just by virtue of being quick.
As he is enjoying his victory, however, Kensou comes in like crazy. He raises a hand to block the attack, but his strength is no match for the greator power of physics. Gravity and Kensou's weight on one hand, and his opponent's burst of angry energy on the other, sweep his defences aside like paper.
"Ow!" is the only word Kyosuke has the time to say, before the haymaker catches him straight in the face and sends him hurtling backwards. He lands down on the ground and slowly rolls back up to his feet, head tilted from the pain.
"That hurt," he says, attempting to give it a nonchalant tone, but it is evident he is hurting. He walks toward Kensou, teeth gritted. "An eye for an eye," he says while he approaches him. "And a punch for a punch!"
True, the use of the expression is lame, and so is the occasion. However, what follows is something a bit more serious. Kyosuke calls on his inner chi and a bolt of lightning comes into existence, following the motions of his right hand. He swiftly brings his right fist up, as though miming an uppercut, and the lightning bolt follows suit.

COMBATSYS: Kensou blocks Kyosuke's Lightning Uppercut.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Kyosuke          0/-------/--=====|=====--\-------\0           Kensou

Speed vs speed.

Kensou's own agility smashed against Kyosuke's own. This time, with the hurtling overhead strike, the hotblooded teenager managed to crack through. Overrunning the Taiyo High's student, he manages to knock him back. Landing on both feet, he was well off-balanced by the pounce. That wouldn't be too bad.

But then the lightning comes.

"EEP!" Kensou yelps, as a lash of lightning comes surging right out from the other teenager. Crossing his arms, the staggering bolt lashes out, clashing against the arms of the Justice High student. Recoiling back, the boy winces, gritting his teeth hard. "L-L-Lightning?! Oh, so we are doing those kind of tricks? Well let me show you just what Master Chin taught me!"

Kensou asides, to wave into the audience.

Turning back towards the calm teenager, Sie Kensou hurtles himself way in. This time, however, energy was flowing over Kensou. The psionic energies coarse over his body, he fires at breakneck speeds, attempting to blaze straight towards Kyosuke's head with a psycho-laced flying elbow. A fast, aggressive attack.

But would it be fast enough to pin down his opponent?

COMBATSYS: Kyosuke interrupts Ryuu Sohgeki EX from Kensou with Shadow Wave.
- Power hit! -

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Kyosuke          0/-------/=======|>>>>>>>\-------\1           Kensou

Kensou is coming in too fast for comfort. Kyosuke dances back, lifting his right hand, palm to the left, as if he wants to deliver a back-handed slap. He quickly moves his hand in the shape of a crescent, and as his hand finishes its motion, a ball of energy is sent hurtling toward the other student and hits him right in the chest.
The ball of energy should normally be just an annoyance to whoever it hits. However, the problem is that luckily for Kyosuke, Kensou got too close and the white-blue ball hit him with its maximum momentum.
As Kensou's flying elbow passes just by his nose, Kyosuke momentarily wonders what he would do if--before being sent back--Kensou's elbow had connected.

Not fast enough, though.

As Kensou comes surging in, Kyosuke responds with a surge of energy. The blast stops his assault dead cold, and sends the teenager hurtling away with a tumble. "Hurgh!" Was the moan, as he slumps to the ground. Groping around on the grounds, the students in the audience shake their heads.

A disappointment to Justice High.

"H-hey!" Sie Kensou stammers, standing back up. His elbow made SOME contact. But not enough to be meaningful. "Who are you taking me for!?" The teenager exclaims, as he reaches into his jacket. "You are really getting on my nerves! That does it. I'm gonna take this to the next level!" And swiftly, Kensou pulls something out of his jacket.

It is a meatbun.

The teenager holds up the steaming bun in the air, taunting Kyosuke. "You are in trouble now! This is my secret weapon!" And with that, Kensou shoves it into his mouth. All of it. The entire bun is shoved into his mouth, and like that, he begins to chew, chomping on the bun. With a pained grimace, he gives a big swallow, forcing it down his throat.

And a smiles spreads on the teenager's face.

Err, what?
Kyosuke has fought Kensou before. However, he doesn't remember seeing him chomping on a meatbun in the middle of a fight. What on earth?
"The next level?" He asks, head tilted. "What, were we in the first level?"
It is still just as difficult for Kyosuke to throw taunts. However, these fights are no fun without those, and the crowd loves those lines. Without those, one of his advantages--the effect of his presence--would be lost to him.
"Wait!" He says, beginning to walk toward Kensou while he is chomping down on that meatbun. Honestly, it makes him afraid, but he likes to act cool. The fact that he doesn't usually show emotion works with him for once -- not against him. He should remember this when failing to atract a glance from any girl in his own school.
"Just before we move to the next level," he continues, "let me finish this level."
Well, some may call this unfair. Some may call it strategical. However, Kyosuke is mainly, as previously mentioned, afraid, and what he can do is to use this moment to his advantage. If this meatbun is going to give Kensou extra powers, Kyosuke might as well use this lapse in defences to his advantages.
Having gotten next to Kensou, Kyosuke easily lifts his right hand and backhands Kensou. There is not much vigor in it though, as if he doesn't expect it to connect -- who knows, Kensou might sprout a new limb or something!

COMBATSYS: Kyosuke successfully hits Kensou with Quick Punch.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Kyosuke          0/-------/=======|>>>>>>>\>------\1           Kensou

COMBATSYS: Kensou successfully aids himself with Ninku Man o Kuu.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Kyosuke          0/-------/=======|>>>>>>>\>>-----\1           Kensou

Snarf, snarf, snarf.

Kensou devours the meatbun, the energy of the sacred buns filling the martial artist with strength. Of course, when Kyosuke comes moving in, that strength is quickly punched down. Kensou tries to dodge as the meatbun goes down, trying to side-step the surging strike. But instead, he gets a solid backhand.

And Kensou's eyes bulge.

"ULP!" Comes the squeak, as Kensou begins to gag. The teenager sputters and choke, fighting against the meatbun. Struggling hard, he swallows hard AGAIN. "AAAAGH!" Comes the cry, as it finally goes down. His eyes stop bulging, as he looks back at Kyosuke. "Oh, oh now you've done it!" The martial artist bursts out.

And he sweeps his arms.

Moving them in semi-circles, each arm moves in a different direction; one goes counter-clockwise, the other moves clockwise. Circling them, he brings them together, as he crouches down. Psionic energy fills him, flooding his mind. Focusing to a point, he eyes his opponent. And with that, a blue ball of psionic energy bursts out from him, firing straight towards Kyosuke.

Attempting to strike him square in the his body.

COMBATSYS: Kyosuke dodges Kensou's Choukyuu Dan.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Kyosuke          0/-------/=======|>>>>>>>\>>-----\1           Kensou

Whoa! Whoa!
Kyosuke backflips away as Kensou begins moving his hands. After that meatbun, there's no telling what's coming next. It doesn't take him long to figure out, though.
For one thing, Kyosuke didn't imagine it would be so easy to hit Kensou while he was busy consuming his meatbun. And for another, he didn't expect that small backhand could make the guy so angry! Kyosuke doesn't usually joke, and when he does, people don't get it!
As soon as Kensou's ball of energy forms and begins moving toward him, Kyosuke knows he's in trouble. If that thing hits him, it'd hurt. How does he know? Because it's Kensou, for God's sake! Everyone knows this guy has psionic abilities. So much, in fact, that even Kyosuke--who doesn't subscribe to the school gossip--knows it. That's a lot of fame.
"Wait! No reason to get angry!" Kyosuke has spent a lot of time studying people and their reactions. The fact that he could guess at the projectile coming toward him, and guess at where it will be moving towards, helps him -- dodge!
He throws hiimself to the left, allowing the ball of energy to move harmlessly past him. He doesn't even bother to turn around and see what unfortunate target it has found -- he just throws a ball of his own.
Well, balls of his own.
He raises both hands, summoning two balls of energy. He hurls them at Kensou, and stands at a distance, watching him and the balls streaking toward him. The balls of energy move in parallel and merge, before they get to Kensou.

COMBATSYS: Kensou dodges Kyosuke's Cross Cutter.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Kyosuke          0/-------/=======|>>>>>>>\>>-----\1           Kensou

Kensou wasn't angry.

He was serious.

As the blast of psionic energy is hurled out, Kensou suddenly grunts in pain. Holding his right arm, he winces hard, trembling. He didn't even notices when Kyosuke takes a leap to Kensou's right, evading the attack. The pain from before was... eating at him. Recent pain. He rubs a scar carefully, the white flesh burning. He had to keep steady. He had to keep strong.

He keeps steady and strong, as the balls of energy come.

The calm teenager launches both balls, firing out towards the hot-blooded teenager. As they merge, Sie Kensou hurls himself forward into a leap. Bounding over both projectiles, he not only dodges them cleanly, but he throws himself in full speed. He was pouncing towards Kyosuke, hollering in the air. "Yeah! I can do this too!" He exclaims as he lands on the ground.

And he takes the next leap.

He was moving fast again, firing away with blistering speed. Both hands were together, clasped tightly as he brings them high up. As he comes towards Kyosuke, nearly upon him, the teenager just lets his fists fall, unleashing them into a staggering overhead straight for the top of his opponent's head.

Hopefully it would stun him long enough for the follow up.

COMBATSYS: Kensou successfully hits Kyosuke with Kobokushu.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Kyosuke          1/-----==/=======|>>>>>>>\>>>----\1           Kensou

Kyosuke watchesKensou approach, Kyosuke knows he's in trouble. The boy is too athletic, and trying to guess at his moves is tiring Kyosuke out more than usual. Guessing what he's going to do is one thing, but defending it is another.
And such it is with his current attack. Even though Kyosuke knows what is coming from the way Kensou has his fists clenched, Kyosuke is not fast enough to block it and is hit on the head with both fists, hard.
He staggers back, losing his focus for a moment. However, he has been waiting for Kensou to get close, anyway.
Still staggering around with the force of the blow, Kyosuke raises his right hand, summoning a bolt of lightning up from the ground. The bolt of lightning--shaped like a pillar--reaches up toward Kensou's chin, as if to deliver an uppercut. From Kyosuke's knitted brow, it is evident that he is finding it difficult to focus due to the recent punch to the head.

COMBATSYS: Kensou blocks Kyosuke's Lightning Uppercut.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Kyosuke          1/------=/=======|>>>>>>>\>>>>---\1           Kensou

Kensou's resolve was coming to a head.

Hurling down the fists, he smashes them hard into Kyosuke's school. Landing on both feet, the teenager was grinning. "For Justice High!' He praises, sweeping his limbs around delicately. As Kyosuke follows up with a lightning-infused uppercut, the martial artist brings the arms around, to deflect the assault. Pushing aside the uppercut, Kensou takes the blow towards his shoulder, not his chin, turning what would very likely be a knockout blow, into a glancing blow. But instead of a punch, comes lightning. The bolt rips through him, sending Kensou stumbling back.

And then hurtling forward.

Another explosion of speed comes, as Kensou comes roaring right back in with blistering speed. Kensou was offensively fast, Kyosuke was defensively fast. The two were eluding and evading, dancing in sync as they ebb and flow. As the chi energy still sears his side, the martial artist whips around his leg, snapping it out with a rapid, roundhouse kick, right for his chest. Kensou was going for a clean, accurate hit.

To finally send him down to the ground.

COMBATSYS: Kensou successfully hits Kyosuke with Medium Kick.

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Kyosuke          1/---====/=======|>>>>>>>\>>>>>--\1           Kensou

Kyosuke sees the kick coming and shifts onto the balls of his feet. "Oh, come on now. Is that really for your school or for your-"
There are two things that can stop one from continuing with their words. One is a kiss, which, through blocking the lips, blocks the words in a quite lovely fashion. Of course, it does tend to make those witnessing the act to make puking noises, but that's beside the point.
The other thing, Kyosuke finds to his dismay, is a kick. A rather strong kick that hits one directly in the stomach. He doesn't even figure out if he has been hit in the solar plexus or not. He just... flies away.
He lands on the ground, tucking up to a ball to lessen the damage, and stays there for a moment, stunned.
'Damn damn damn damn damn', is the only word that is repeating in his head. He had started things so well. How did it go so out of hand?
The crowd boo and jeer at him. And so they should. He has failed his school. Hyo will be so f***ing proud.
He wonders for a moment what he's fighting for. Is it for a girl? Uh, no, no matter how, secretly of course, he wishes that it was. Is it for an ideal? No, not really. Is it for his school? No. Not that either.
It's just... it's just to show Hyo that his ideals work in the real world. That there are better ways to live amongst one another.
He grits his teeth. If he loses now, in the very first round, all those words he has said to his brother would be empty preaching. Who would believe a loser? Who would even listen to him?
He gets up to his feet. He wobbles for a moment, but manages to stay upright. He glares at Kensou, not because he hates him, but because he is so good. He is so good that even Kyosuke is losing faith in his ways. He casts his gaze in the crowd, wondering if his brother is in there, laughing at him. He can't tell -- everyone is jeering. What would it do if his own brother was among them?
"I..." he says softly, then pauses. I, I what?
"I won't give up!" He shouts, raising both hands, as if demanding the crowd's attention. It almost works, but not quite.
"I won't give up!" He repeats again, more to make those words stick in his own mind than anything. He stands there, drawing himself to his full height. What may spoil the image is him reaching up to readjust his glasses. However, it is evident he is reaching within himself, summoning all he has.
He runs at Kensou with a yell, arms outstretched as if to hug him. It is evident he's giving no tought to strategy or sneakiness -- for the cold and calculated Kyosuke, this is a far cry.
If he would manage to grab Kensou, he would raise him into the air and hurl him toward the ground.

COMBATSYS: Kensou interrupts Power Throw from Kyosuke with Shinryuu Seioh Rekkyaku EX.

[                                < >  /////////////                 ]
Kyosuke          2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|>>>>>>-\-------\0           Kensou

Oh, the crowd was jeering.

But it wasn't over Kyosuke.

Kensou, of all things, was getting the jeers. Even at Justice High, he wasn't the crowd favorite. Kyosuke was much flashier, much more enjoyable for the audience. Kensou, on the other hand, was just punching and kicking, with a few flashy moves. They were acrobatic and dynamic punches and kicks, mind you, but the fact remained.

Kyosuke was the favorite.

And yet, as Kyosuke vows that he would not give up, the hot-blooded Justice High student almost seems to get a ghost over him. A strange resolve overtakes him, as he lands from his flying kick. Standing tall, he glares straight back at Kyosuke, a red light flickering in his eyes. "Justice High WILL win!" He declares to the calmer teenager, as he surges towards Kensou. As he makes for the man with arms outstretched, to grab him. As he is seized, Kensou takes in a deep breath.

And he suddenly explodes with a kick.

One kick comes, infused with psionic energy flooding his limb. After that blow, a second leg comes lashing forward, with the other knee. The pair doesn't break the throw, but as he is thrown up, he falls back down to the ground on both hands. His wrist cracks a bit on impact, but dipping low beneath Kyosuke, psionic energy explodes over his legs as he just rockets straight up, firing straight up into Kyosuke's chin.

Firing both himself and his opponent into the air.

That wasn't a wise move. Even a three-year old child could tell. He is representing a school, after all. Kyosuke shouldn't just heedlessly run toward an opponent as well-versed in martial arts as Kensou. Of course he would get hurt. And of course it would hurt like a bitch.
Kyosuke is so stunned he doesn't even let out an umph. A kick slams into him, and then another. He follows through with the throw though, mostly because of his weight and his speed was behind the attack. However, as Kensou lands acrobatically on his hands, Kyosuke knows that he's been had already.
What saves him from biting his tongue clean off is the fact that he was gritting his teeth. Otherwise, he'd have to see if the technology exists for regrowing a tongue. That would seriously hamper his ability to taunt. That almost makes him smile in face of the pain Kensou is inflicting on him.
He flies up through the air, going higher than Kensou. He can already feel his head spinning from the attack, and he knows he is soon going to lose consciousness from all the brutal attacks he has received to the head.
He clenches his fists angrily, glaring down at where he thinks Kensou is -- he can't see clearly now. He narrows his eyes, pushing back the fog that is crawling up to invade his mind. How can Kensou be so stupid? Doesn't he understand that this will mean that Hyo will go on a rampage, destroying everyone he doesn't approve of as 'idealistic'?
How can he be so stupid? How can Kensou, the very wise student of--what was his master? Master Chin?--not understand what is on the line here?
For the first time during the fight, Kyosuke is angry. Kensou has managed to make him very emotional, and this doesn't happen often. He usually stays detached from wins and losses, taking the lessons he needs to learn and discarding the rest. But this? This is special. This can buy him closer ties with the brother he has always wanted to get closer to, or make their already fragile relationship even worse.
That's why he breaks out with the flury of kicks, and why his left hand begins to move with that crescent movement again.
"You, stupid, stupid, stupid" each word is punctuated by a kick, and as the ball of energy forms and begins to streak toward his opponent, Kyosuke loses consciousness. He never sees if his attacks hit or not.
He lands on the ground, his eyeglasses, having been knocked off their purch, landing a distance away with a clatter in the now silent arena.

COMBATSYS: Kyosuke can no longer fight.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Kensou           0/-------/-<<<<<<|

COMBATSYS: Kensou blocks Kyosuke's Super Shadow Cut Kick.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  <
Kensou           1/-------/=======|

Why does Kensou do this?

Because he wanted to win.

That was the ruthless truth of the matter. He knew nothing about Kyosuke's talk with Hyo. He only knew that he had to represent Justice High to the best of his ability. He had to prove that Justice High was the greatest. He couldn't fail Justice High.

He would be willing to die, to promote Justice High.

As he lands on the ground after his chin kick, he is in a crouch. Slowly working up, he is interrupted as the stoic Kyosuke... breaks face. The kicks that comes flying in come at the worst time. Kensou hurls up his arms, blocking the oncoming kick as he is low to the ground. The assault nearly bowls hims over at first; by the time the energy ball comes, he is already on the ground again, rolling backwards slowly from the kicks. The ball of energy comes creeping in, and all Kensou can do is cross his arms to block against the blast. His arms were raw, sore to the very bones, as the blast strikes his crossed arms hard. The hot-blooded teenager is sent tumbling away from the impact, leaving him flat on the ground. Both boys were down on the ground, for a moment.

But Kensou rises.

A round of polite applause comes out from the audience of Justice High students, as they wait to see Kyosuke's response. As he stays down for a full 10 seconds, a buzzer is sounded. The applause increases, as the judge raises a flag towards Kensou's corner, declaring him the winner. The teenager, however, just grabs his arms. The pain was worsening. He couldn't even flex his fingers, the pain was so bad. As the medical team comes on the arena, he shakes his head. He had won, at the very least. And most importantly...

He was ignorant of what was coming soon.

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