SNF 2014.12 - SNF: "GLORY DAYS"

Description: It's Saturday Night Fight coming at 'cha with this week's =FEATURE MATCH!= JIN KAZAMA vs. T.J. COMBO!! Grandson of Legendary Heihachi Mishima faces off against former five year world heavyweight Cham-PION! Can Combo kick-off a meteoric return to form and fame in this televised big name draw event? Howard Arena Is the Venue! BUT SNF is the place to be if your aren't there!


The sounds of the roaring crowd above are almost lost in the endless chasm of the arena that he steps onto today, one of the greatest, they say, in all of Japan. It's not that Combo is actually a person of significance to Southtown--his thuroughly American styling has kept him below the radar internationally even as he dominated American conventions and promotions. It's just that they're familiar with the fabe of it all. They know when they're about to get a fight. Don't misunderstand, this is not the first time T.J.'s taken it to Asia.

It's just the first time he's taken it worldwide -- and meant it.

Dressed in green fatigues and blue sneakers from the waist down and a U.S. patriot-patterned tank top, he's dressed as if he just came off the street. The boxer known as Combo secures a set of padded red fighting gloves--low ounce, unlike his boxing gloves--over his hands, checking the weight of them and stretching the kinks out of his arms and shoulders. He's ripped more than one set of gloves to rags on someone's teeth before, so them staying secure is vital.

T.J. "Combo" Garrett pays no mind to the announcer, a paid shill pumping up the fighters and introducing them by name in an ear-splitting volume. The people gathered here might not even be cheering for him, he realizes. Balling a fist, Combo throws one test punch, so fast that his limb cracks the air.

"Bring it on."
He doesn't care.

Likewise standing across from these goings on in the same arena is the youngest of the Mishima. Jin stands with arms folded across his abdomen and just patiently waiting for the match to begin. Seemingly unmoved by the presence or the crowds, the grandeur of the venue; he just appears bored and standoffish as he remains passively still but watching intently.

The scope and scale of the arena felt unnecessarily large, but perhaps that was the price to pay if you wanted to try your fists against a former five year American heavyweight. Unmoved by the exclamation of T.J. as he entered the ring it did little more than ensure he had Jins attention, which he already did. The cameras repositioning and even the roaring of the crowd and announcement calls aren't worth so much paying attention to as his opponents stride length, the little details like which arm his opponent favoured.

"As expected of a former Heavyweight Champion."

That punch looked dangerous! But that was the entire point of Jin being here in the first place, what better way to test how far you've progressed. The corner of his mouth quirks up just faintly as unfolds his arms and walks leisurely toward centre stage, he's left it a little late advancing but starts towards his opponent purposefully and picking up speeding with every step; Transitioning from walking to running at the buzzer.

The flame adorned leg of his gi supports his weight as he leans into throwing a punch for face, but it's the feint as he kills all of his momentum and completely changes it lifting his back foot and rotating into a back hook kick aiming for the side of T.J's head.

COMBATSYS: Jin has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Jin              0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: T.J. Combo has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Jin              0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0       T.J. Combo

COMBATSYS: Jin successfully hits T.J. Combo with Medium Kick.
- Power hit! -

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Jin              0/-------/-------|===----\-------\0       T.J. Combo

This kid was pretty strong--he didn't have to be told that by anybody. Given where he came from, the Japanese weren't just going to let him body some jobber scraped up from the gutter against the champ. He's more than familiar with the kind of politics they play in Southtown. It wouldn't seem right for him to just grab an easy win from them. The syndicates would be furious, and there'd be hell to pay. No, they grabbed somebody who looked like a nobody, somebody with enough name value to be worth fighting, but wasn't really considered a player yet. But that kid--or so his agents told him--had some real skill. They said he might even be better than Combo was at his career's peak. That's good. He wouldn't have it any other way.

T.J. gets a firsthand taste when the kid kicks him square in the temple.

His vision floods with stars instantly. Anybody else--they'd be out like a light, but T.J.'s cut from a little tougher stuff. So he rages for awhile, trying to make his vision go straight, weaving away from the kid real fast on his Nikes. Combo brings up his guard like he learned to, classical boxing at its finest. Even with a cut on his temple and the sun and the moon kicked into his dreams tonight, he's forced to laugh a little bit.

"Hrnh... yeah, nice shot, kid," Combo compliments, balling up a fist like justice.
"Gonna make this a real interesting fight!!"

He launches himself into one of his signatures, a leaping blow that he goes long with, trying to trade the kid back hit for hit. A hook kick to the temple responded to by a full out power blow to the chin.

COMBATSYS: T.J. Combo successfully hit Jin with Superman Punch.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Jin              0/-------/----===|====---\-------\0       T.J. Combo

A solid connection with the hook kick, it felt like it bit deeply but the way the boxer danced away was without stumble or any signs he was truly addled by the hit in that footwork; instead dancing away from the blow while still under its effects. It's a measure of the Man; experience implied by the titles wasn't just for show even if there was a 'former' in there. A firm and level tone as the lad cautions T.J. with an obvious statement.

"This isn't a boxing match. Prepare yourself for anything."

--Rocked backwards by the blow the teen falls hard; crashing down flat on his shoulders and sliding away across the slate tiled surface. Anything indeed! Even as his body grinds to a halt, eyes snapping back open he draws his legs to his chest and vaults; kip-up to standing position. The urge to work his jaw around is incredible, what he can feel in his jaw runs right up and down his neck, across the back of his shoulders like he'd tried to separate the head from Jin's shoulders. Instead of feeling at the jaw for damage that he does something more practical.


It takes approximately three steps to even make up lost ground he spend sliding his way across the mat but he does so coming in fast like before, pushing himself and rushing down upon TJ, just like last time.

Only this time he doesn't stop, arms spreading wide enough to wrap around T.J's torso at the last second he intends to barrel right into the boxer trying to take him 'down to the mat' with a tackle.

COMBATSYS: Jin successfully hits T.J. Combo with Ultimate Tackle.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Jin              0/-------/---====|=======\-------\1       T.J. Combo

He looks over Jin. Not many guys are really ready for the hits that the heavyweight's capable of unloading. Even before his implants, he could take out most brawlers with relative ease. Especially if they're not used to boxing. The ability to focus all the power into one punch is the sort of thing that's been the downfall of most of the MMA guys and thugs boxers get to fight stateside. Even one punch from the champ is all that it took to put most of the grubby suits with bad intentions on their asses. Of course, that's not why T.J. was called the champ. It doesn't take much to get a good straight punch built up.

Proving the point, T.J. hits the arena floor hard as Jin breaks stance to straight out tackle him. Kid's fast, he won't deny that. And strong, too; when Kazama slams him into the mat, it's enough to put an old dog like T.J. down for the count. Wrestling was not his strong suit. Of course, neither is one strong punch.

There's a reason they call him the champ.
There's a reason they call him "Combo."

"Yeah... this ain't a boxing match, kid. Damn shame, too."

A single powerful punch exists in every boxer's repertoire, the sort that can end a fight in a hurry. And a lot of guys start relying on it, looking for that one solid opportunity. But T.J. doesn't. He makes the opportunity. Knocked to the ground, T.J. doesn't flail, doesn't wriggle or fight like he doesn't know what he's supposed to do. He just boxes up, and pumps forward to knock Jin off his business with a skull-to-skull headbutt. Then, barring something real damn impressive, T.J. will explode off of the ground, with a knee air-mailed right into Jin's middle.

"For you!!"

Then and only then, once Combo's up on his feet, will he set loose a blistering chain of body blow into straight punches into a left cross, all aimed to put Jin right where he wants him--in the crosshairs of a committed and badass overhand punch from his good arm that will put Jin right back down on the mat if it lands uncontested.

Hey, he thought. It's where the kid wanted to be in the first place, wasn't it?

COMBATSYS: T.J. Combo blitzes into action and acts again!

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Jin              0/-------/---====|=======\-------\0       T.J. Combo

COMBATSYS: Jin endures T.J. Combo's Headbutt.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Jin              0/-------/-======|=======\-------\0       T.J. Combo

COMBATSYS: T.J. Combo successfully hit Jin with Barrage Ender.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Jin              1/------=/=======|=======\-------\1       T.J. Combo

The 'kid' had pulled his fist back and was ready to lay right into the champ further.

Smashed away the kid was reeling; knocked back but, they were eyeballing him hard! from that position he looked more like he was going come right back with his own head butt. Too slow! though In the recovery Jin has to push off and concede the hold instead or be willing to lose a rib or two that rising knee.

Battered about without having even recovered his balance he staggers around in the rain of blows, raising his guard just means the incoming blow slips under or in between his guarding arms, not even his face is spared a straight that jars and thus reflexively causes him to raise his guard to cover. Thusly taking the flurry of body blows without reprisal OR an effective defence. The left cross opens him right up, for the final blow.

The overhand blow drives him to one knee like it were aiming to press him flat into the ground, only the leg tucked under his torso keeps him up as he folds forward onto it, palm to the ground to steady him while groggily shaking his head and trying to clear out the cobwebs.

Surging forward he punches straight out at T.J's midsection a single strike; the other arm already coiled back to strike a second time as he lashes out with the three hits, alternating arms and strikes. He's hardly steady as it's nothing compared to the blows he'd just taken but he needed some breathing room after that last series of blows.

Time to catch his breath at least.

COMBATSYS: T.J. Combo blocks Jin's Ultimate Punches.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Jin              1/------=/=======|=======\=------\1       T.J. Combo

"Let me tell you one thing, kid: When you get to where I'm at, boxing ain't no sport."

Things started to become a real boxing match out there. Once he put Jin to the mat, Combo picked his stance back up, putting up a good guard and getting ready. His heart beat as fast as his body ached. The kid wasn't half bad, and if T.J. didn't know any better, he'd say the kid had the upper hand on him--at least, physically. Kid might be young, but the Japanese weren't playing around one bit when they picked him. Even T.J. knew that the caliber that this kid was packing was more than enough to put him under, if he got even the slightest bit cocky.

Course, then the kid comes to, starts wailing on him something fierce. His guard holds steady, Combo boxing up like he was being danced with by a randy Bison. He couldn't help but notice the kid's form--snapping out punch after punch. He takes the straight shots to a rock-hard midsection, while deflecting the rest off of his arms and gloves. A fighter like him is always gonna protect the head above everything else. Even so, he lets himself be pushed back a little bit.

"You fight like you got somethin' to prove," T.J. remarks quietly, in the midst of the three piece blitz.
"I like that. You're good by me. Cus when you're in the ring with me--whether it's a boxing ring, a wrestling ring or even a goddamn engagement ring--you ain't in a match. You're in my office. And you're in a FIGHT!"

Remember that part about Combo not really having 'one good punch?'
The boxer cocks his fist back, energy whirling around it like a small hurricane.
Yeah, forget that part.

T.J. comes barrelling back through all the ground he gave up just an eyeblink ago with a fully committed and empowered haymaker. The POWERLINE isn't really just an all out blow. T.J. shoots it off fast, like judgment day, fast enough that he leaves black-blurred afterimages in his wake. It's a perfect technique, empowered with all of the force his enhanced body can put behind it. Difference between him and the other boxers is--it doesn't leave him open. The speed of it is such that he can change it in an instant into whatever else he needs--a roll, a spin, whatever. This form of it is just a pure, honest illegal-enough-to-deport deadblow to the jaw.

Once Combo has his eye on your jaw, he's gonna go for it.
[SNF: "Don't you think that's.. that might be a little bit of hubris?"]
[COMBO: "Shit. Only if you miss."]

COMBATSYS: Jin counters Shadow Powerline from T.J. Combo with Over The Limit EX.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Jin              0/-------/<<<<<<<|=------\-------\0       T.J. Combo

It was unfortunate this wasn't a match; the younger fighter is far too serious about this to consider it so. T.J. Combo had nailed it in his assessment of the lad. Only one of these men was fighting to reclaim anything. The other was fighting for vengeance.

"I need to become stronger. You're the one they set in my path to judge how far I've come."

A matter of fact answer coldly delivered by one of the infamous Mishima. He wasn't here to win any friends and nor was it likely with almost arrogant seeming statements like that. It shows as the kid rises steadily back to his feet while Combo falls back. Avenging the murder of your mother was a incentive to become strong, and then stronger still.

. The attacks leaves black-blurred afterimages in his wake. It's a perfect technique, one without an opening? A kazama has to create his own openings if none exist for him.

Jetting aside while grabbing the attacking wrist with one hand he guides his body around it, not trusting his eyes in this circumstance as he reaches to and sets his other hand on the shoulder of the same arm, it's a different kind of technique to what he had showcased before.

Now settling into position beside the striking fighter Jin spins right; turning while extending one arm to throw TJ with a whipping motion, sweeping one now free arm against Combo's neck and kicking at his ankles to turn him in the air and dump him face down to the ground just a foot away.

The air almost howls around him just with the volume of fighting spirit contained within; fists tightening as they fall to his sides. The fringes of black hair hanging into his shadowed face blend neatly under the harsh lights, the inhuman fighting spirit of a Mishima who has something they want to prove; Especially to or in front of others of their kind.

Theres no mercy here. Not sportsmanship, not today.

T.J.'s starting to feel the love.

Not too many people have really gotten out of the way of a fully juiced Powerline, and even fewer have had the balls to counter it. Maybe he got a little cocky. It took everything the kid had, but he was able to worm out of the way of a one-way ticket to Slumberland by grabbing onto T.J.'s wrist, guiding him just out of the way while sending him careening into the ground with superior fighting spirit. It takes more than few steps for him to bleed off his momentum, and Combo less 'gets thrown' and more 'is derailed,' crashing violently into the ground like a subway train.

Rolling once to recover and finally skidding to a stop on his knees, leaving the fabric worn and shredded, Combo breathes slowly, his fist still tight from the blast. He's start to wear out. Starting to feel the burn from the kid's attacks. He's bleeding and bruised in about twenty different places now. He's not gonna have too much left if that kid keeps fighting at the level he does.

Truth be told, he's starting to regret giving that interview.

"I can understand that," Combo points out, bleeding profusely.
"Living your life like you're second class, wondering if you're gonna make it through another day. Then you find out you got something. Something special. Something that makes life worth living. Maybe it's a skill. Maybe it's a person. Who knows. But then, one day, someone tricks you, takes it from you, leaves you right back in the lurch where you started. You start thinking that maybe it's supposed to be. Maybe that's where -you're- supposed to be. Icarus never did get the chance to make a second set of wings, after all. Then you start thinking.. nah. You had something special. And it's the simplest thing in the world: Someone didn't want you to have it. And that someone needs to pay." He raises a relaxed finger, punctuating his word with it. "... yeah, I can relate to that."

Combo explodes out of his kneel, Nikes squealing with the force of his spring. He skids forward to cut down the distance, and pierce right through that angry fighting spirit with an intense uppercut. He knows just how you feel, kid.

Now go the fuck to sleep.

COMBATSYS: Jin blocks T.J. Combo's Uppercut Punch.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Jin              0/-------/<<<<<<<|-------\-------\0       T.J. Combo

The blow lifts Jin off right off the slate, launched backwards but lightly touching down still on his feet, at first glance he seems none the worse for wear though he does grip one of the wrist guards firmly and twist his arm resettling it properly.

The hasty cross block still hadn't been enough for him to hold his ground, as evidenced by the numbness spreading though his arms but when the alternative was having his chin and jaw smashed once again it seemed a fair trade off.

"Some things can never be replaced and do not come back, even memories fade over time."

Brooding the teen paused only long enough to answer. Sometimes there was nothing else left to seek but vengeance; profound enough losses that can run deeper and leave scars worse than merely being 'back at the start.' He didn't know enough of the man to appreciate the similarity of their losses. The fact he was facing a boxer intent on his big comeback spoke to him.

"This is reality."

He likewise punctuates his statement by winding back into an attack posture momentarily before rushing in, grabbing at Combo he intends to tear that guard apart by hand pulling T.J. off balance with a sharp enough tug and a swinging his leg up to smash against the side of his head.

COMBATSYS: T.J. Combo Toughs Out Jin's Double Face Kick EX!

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////                          ]
Jin              0/-------/-<<<<<<|===----\-------\0       T.J. Combo

Well, hell.

T.J. settles back into a fighting stance as the kid gets knocked back by his uppercut, his fist powerfully cracking into the kid's arm, hitting him hard enough to almost break the armguard. Results, but not the kind he was looking for. Kid's tough, what can he say? He might not be able to make this one work out. Maybe he was washed up. Maybe those arms were the only special thing about him anymore--if you don't got the skill, what's really left for you any more? Combo frowns, a bead of sweat pouring down his chin in exertion.

Some things can never be replaced and do not come back. Even memories fade over time.

"Reality, huh?" Combo laughs, bitterly. Those words were more significant for him than he cared to admit, but his eyes narrowed in response. "You know, that's a hell of a heavy you just laid right there...but..."

But this time, he takes the youth's attempts to tear open his guard in stride. He steps right into it, letting the kick's leg smash square into his temple. Stars flood his view again, and truthfully, it might be his last hurrah, but he wasn't going to hear any more of this mess. Athletes--nah, gladiators--like him don't tend to live too much longer past his age staying active without talking with a permanent lisp. But T.J. knew that something different was in store for him. And this kid--this kid was a mirror of him, maybe at a younger age.

"Can't say as I believe that...!"

Combo cocks back his fist, following through into the familiar form that condensed the power into his fist. It was an exact mirror of the earlier punch, that so-called perfect move. Well, he can't really say that. It was a good move. And it's taken down more than its fair share of brawlers. It's the kind of thing an old dog comes to rely on, seeing him through thick and thin. Flooding through the kid's attack, his momentum can't be checked--he could be half dead (he probably is) and the shot would still go off in exactly the same way.

"And no matter what, kid..."

His fist homes in on the kid like a torpedo. POWERLINE!

COMBATSYS: T.J. Combo can no longer fight.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Jin              0/-------/-<<<<<<|

COMBATSYS: T.J. Combo successfully hit Jin with Powerline.

[                       \\\\\\\  <
Jin              0/-------/-<<<<<<|

Was it heavy? What was now was what had to be dealt with.

The glove mashing into his face blows the two fighters apart. That kid, Heir to one of the most influential families in Japan lying flat on his back some distance away, arms and legs akimbo. His cheek swelling from one of the blows earlier on, it's a few seconds before Jin raises one of his arms; blood streaming from his nose he lifts a hand to wipe at it with his thumb and forefinger, examining the bloody digits to gain some sense for why- So he'd been hit.

He didn't even remember the blow so it must have been an effective one given he was staring up toward the high vaulted ceiling of the Howard Arena. He'd been a pretty handsome looking young man before the fight started, but with his bloody nose and the swelling and colour coming out on his cheek it a little less pleasing to the crowds; Both men in the ring were liberally decorated with wounds.

He forces his protesting body to sit up and starts pulling himself together; Climbing back to his feet almost robotically with jerking unbalanced movements. But he IS back on his feet, it an accomplishment in itself getting back up after getting hit by a Heavyweight Champ.

For some reason thoughts of his mother keep running through his head. They way she'd smile and laugh. The way she could be so gentle and powerful at the same time, strength enough that she wouldn't lose to any--

Jin shakes his head to clear it. His thoughts turn dark as he theorizes that he may have a concussion if he's daydreaming in the middle of a fight. He just needed to become stronger!! And then someday, he would find his Mothers murderer!

That killing intent is palpable enough that staff are scrambling to call the fight over. There was always a small chance that the fighters could go too far and something regrettable might happen, warning signs to watch for.

Them's the breaks.

A moment after Jin recovers, he'll find himself the winner of the match. Combo lays a bit aways from him, crumpled up onto the ground, his right arm stretched out in the aftermath of his signature Powerline, long threading cut into the mat in a long impact crater where his energy-imbued fist went to ground. The former Heavyweight Champ's not moving, and it's hard to tell exactly how long he's been grounded there, but it can't have been too long--otherwise Jin's blackout would have been judged as a DKO.

From there, things progress exactly about how you'd expect em to. Right quick, the medics show up to drag everybody off while the staff call the match, the bell ringing. You know, the whole nine. Even as his handlers pick him up and drag him out on his Nikes, one of T.J.'s eyelids crack open, giving him a good dim view of the angry kid he left in the arena. Yeah... it might not have been the day for the sun to shine on an old dog like him, but they'd be talking about this fight for months. Just hope old Combo knocked at least a little bit of sense into ya.

You did good, kid.
Just don't forget what I said..

[SNF: "So, in the aftermath of the fight, have you been discouraged any in your bid to regain your fame?"]
[COMBO: "Shit, no. I think we both learned somethin' that day. And, you know, people can talk all they want. If they really want a piece of me, they can come get it... in the ring."]
[SNF: "Wow. Shots fired. Great words for a great comeback story. This is Saturday Night Fight with T.J. 'Combo' Garrett, and we'll see you next fight!"]

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