Tia - West Coast Watersports 13: Relieving Las Vegas

Description: Superstars from opposing coasts clash in the capital of consumerist hedonism, so fast and furious that there's no time for bathtime breaks! Gasp as they exchange razor-barbed insults, cringe as they deliver bone-crushing strikes, cry with horror as Tia "Tia from Breakers" Langray redefines the term 'wardrobe malfunction'. Most importantly, fail to look away until the astonishing climax. (Winner: Nobody)



Well, that last match had been quite a dozy. You'd think after Johnny Cage's encounter with the psycho powered boxer he'd take a moment to lay down and thank his lucky stars he's still alive. But come on, this is Johnny Cage we're talking about! He's just going to take that as a sign that he's honestly that good enough to survive a psycho powered explosion and keep on putting shows! It ain't over till it's over as far as he's concerned!

Honestly, at this point, his agent has stopped fighting it. Johnny needs the publicity anyway, and he has yet again put another event in Las Vegas for an exhibition match for the upcoming action star seeking redemption for box office flops. Unlike last time, the fight will be taking place in a closed stadium and with a select professional fighter instead of whoever decides to show up to try and smash Cage's face in. Because there were a lot of those.

Mr. Cage doesn't concern himself with the details, a fight is a fight, and if its with a professional the better! He rushes the to the ring as soon as the announcer introduces him, vaulting over the ropes and standing on the turnbuckle, sending kisses to the screaming and clapping audience.

"Yes! You love me! You really love me!"

The only thing that last match didn't seem to teach him was humility..


Tia Langray is sat on the toilet, taking a pee.

Far from the glamour of the strip's facade, the backstage of this Vegas showcase boasts all the peeling paintwork and faulty plumbing that any professional entertainer comes to expect on their tours. Sighing, and impatiently tap-tapping a Converse Langray against the stall floor, the Thai boxer glances up at the ceiling. Someone has left a mark there: 'Jiro woz ere'. How... completely uninteresting.

"Miss Langray! Miss Langray!? You're on in three!"

Pulled from a tedious daze, Tia almost jumps from her porcelain throne, restraining herself as her bladder constricts a warning. Three? But she hasn't done her make-up yet, or her hair! Nobody will love her if she's not appropriately painted. Grimacing, the superstar denies the call of nature and is ready in two.


"...weighing one hundred, forty two pounds, the Scarlet Beauty from Afar, Miss TIAAAAAAAAA-- LANG--- RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!"

Fireworks explode around the gantry, and Tia comes bursting through the air in their center, her long, powerful legs projected onto the VegasTron as she executes a flying axe kick. Landing with a yell, she immediately jumps again, thrusting a wrapped fist into the air. This second bound brings her within a short dash of ringside, and she takes it at a sprint, rolling through the bottom rope and then eaaaasing herself up with a prolonged inner arch of her back. The cameras focus firmly upon her chest.

Once she finds her feet, she spins to face the inimitable Johnny Cage, flashing him a confident grin as she runs her hands down her hips. Once she's done stretching, she settles into a traditional Muay Thai stance, guard high and foot pawing the ground.

Her lead hand briefly twists to jab a finger at Johnny.

"Vegas doesn't love you--" she states, ringside mics conveying her boldly feminine tone to the audience, "Half as much as it's going to love watching me *beat your ass*!"

Smiling, she beckons her opponent on.

"Welcome to the bear trap, Cage."

COMBATSYS: Shelly? has started a fight here.

Hopefully Tia washed her hands.

But anyways!

Mr. Cage is not that big of a douche bag that he wouldn't let other people do their little stunts when making their entrance into the ring. He is happy to share the spot-light... up to a certain extent.. and he leans back on the ring's ropes as he watches his opponent jump in with her cute little acrobatics. An eyebrow arches at the performance followed by a shake of his head and a helpless shrug of his shoulders. Did they seriously put him to fight against this prima donna?

"Sure thing, sweet cheeks." Cage answers with a smug grin as the Muay Thai boxer calls him. He brushes his chin and relaxes into a familiar Jeet Kune Do stance, bouncing lightly on the balls of his feet and hands limbering up a bit. "Just don't come complaining to me if you break a nail or something." Seriously, he's sick and tired of having to pay for that when its the insurance that should be taking care of that.

"Your bear trap can't hold a candle to this Cage, baby!"

COMBATSYS: Johnny Cage has joined the fight here.

COMBATSYS: Johnny Cage gathers his will.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Tia              0/-------/-------|====---\-------\0      Johnny Cage

Tia's handwraps are not fresh; they've been drenched in sweat and blood, snot and grime. Washing the hands beneath them would do nothing to detract from the legacy above and about. She's a warrior. A warrior doesn't need to fight clean.

CFlexing her wrists, she flicks her hands outward, loosening everything from the forearm to the elbow as Johnny Cage makes his showbiz retort. There's no scowl of disapproval on the face of Langray, if anything she just seems... excited, her lips curling and hazel eyes blazing with the fury of things to come. That said...

She's a showperson to the core, and reacts to her foe's punchline like a punch to the jaw. Twisting into her hip, she drops her righthand guard with a dropping sway, her mouth open to frame a stunned breath at Cage's counter-blow.

"Johnny Cage..."

Straightening up, Tia draws the fallen hand across her mouth before restoring her guard with a fully-body flexion that does fascinating things to her anatomy.

"It seems to me," continues the Thai beauty, "You lived your life like a candle in the wind." Espousing passionately for the benefit of the crowd - and perhaps, she and her opponent both, she draws it all up into a final shout:


At the first exclamation, she's closed the distance in a blur, trailing crimson bands and the flap of her retro denim, coiling her frame onto a single footing and drawing her knee up and forward. Barely will the shaded superstar have time to take his bearings before that bony protrusion is all up in his proverbial business, driving *just* above the crotch area to lance him fiercely in the lower abdomen.

With the second yell, she's extended that same leg to chain her assault immediately into a pinpoint-precise roundhouse kick to the cheekbone.

COMBATSYS: Johnny Cage blocks Tia's Slide Snap.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Tia              0/-------/-------|====---\-------\0      Johnny Cage

Ew! Guess it's Johnny Cage's fancy Los Angeles upbringing that keep him from coming to matches looking like he just got out of bed. As opposed to Tia, Cage's handwraps are virgin clean, he probably uses a fresh set in every match, since his old ones can always be sold as a collectors item.

Despite his /own/ Prima Donna tendencies, Mr. Cage truly is a fighter, and though he wobbles his head sideways in mockery to the overly dramatic way Tia reacts to his counter insult, he is paying attention to his opponent's movements. When she rushes for an attack, the American Super Star is ready to defend himself and raises a knee to deflect the blow that was swung dangerously close to his lower midsection. "Hey now!!" Johnny seems appalled by the proximity where that kick almost landed. "Aiming for my wick. Is that what they're calling it nowadays?" Calls the Movie Star as he raises his arm for a side shoulder block to deflect the second kick coming to the side of his face.

Well, if Tia is playing like that, she'll find her opponent well versed in the subject. "Guess you won't mind if I tenderize your wax a bit then!" With Tia's leg currently up high to strike at Johnny's face, the Action Star does a quick leg split putting him in eye level to the woman's.. lower regions. An opportunity he'll use to coat his fist in glowing green chi and send a hard uppercut right towards Tia's 'wax'.


COMBATSYS: Johnny Cage successfully hit Tia with Nutcracker.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Tia              0/-------/--=====|======-\-------\0      Johnny Cage

Well, at least she doesn't break a nail.

On the extreme downside, Tia's proximity to and positioning around her opponent gives him a very wide opening indeed. His jibe is met with a lashing sideglance, the reality star's fires thoroughly stoked but her leg still on its way down. Amazing how slow such a rapid action can seem to take, in these endless, excruciating moments...

To the audience, it's over quickly, and their tension is released as a clamouring roar in response to the fleshy crunch of Johnny Cage's fist into the most tender of his foe's meats. The woman herself is left in limbo, pain laying wrack and ruin to her lower body as the uppermost parts just flail about in a misguided attempt to find their bearings and perform full function once more. Tia has an even bigger problem, though.

She wobbles, shivering from head to toe as a small whimper works its way from her throat. Down south, the organic membranes manning her bladder continue to rattle the alarm bell in determined vain at the tragedy about to befall them.

In short, the Scarlet Beauty from Afar wets herself.

It's not exactly a rushing river, but the soaked spot that blossoms at the base curve of her swimsuit is enough to move a mountain of tabloid newspapers. The picture's uploaded within moments, shared with the entire world. Celebrity gossip columnists write about it, fight fans tweet about it, and chatshows cover the topic extensively.

But that's all yet to come. Right now, the Scarlet Beauty is BRIGHT FUCKING RED. Wide-eyed and staring past the rather secondary issue of pain, she focuses on a patch of excited teenagers in the crowd. They're yelling for her. Are they... mocking her? No. No. Nooooope. They're chanting, "WE BELIEVE IN YOU, SHELLY!"

Like that, she's back in the moment, and despite the faint whiff of ammonia and the shaming, blaming wetpatch on her one-piece, Tia manages to hold it together enough to whirl in place, meeting the rising Cage with the crushing weight of a spinning elbow strike. It's not aimed anywhere mean or nasty; just a delightful kiss to the bridge of the nose, right between the eyes. Bracing the striking arm with the other, Langray glares past the point of impact, boring a death stare through her foe.

"My *name*," she hisses, flushed and raging, "Is NOT SHELLY!"

"Also," she adds after an awkward after-thought, unmoving, "Ow."

That... seems to have covered everything.

Almost everything.

COMBATSYS: Johnny Cage endures Tia's Fierce Punch.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Tia              0/-------/-======|=======\=------\1      Johnny Cage


Somehow, through the barrage of camera flashes, cheers of the crowd, and unseen explosive chat responses on the streams covering the fight, Johnny Cage manages to keep his composure after what he just did. Like a true showman, he straightens back up from his split whilst Tia is wailing in pain and gives the audience the mother of all shit eating grins, still shrugging and eyebrow arched oh so casually as if implying complete innocence.

"Heh! I get that reaction from women all the time!"

Yeah, he just said that in live television.


Fortunately for everyone present, Tia displays her true warrior tenacity and recovers from the blow with well understood indignant rage. Her vicious yell as she asserts her real name is what cause Johnny to realize she's making a mad dash for him, and though he doesn't manage to get out of the way, he succeeds in moving his face a bit so he takes the blow on the side of his face rather than straight to the nose. "Hng!!" He grunts as he takes the hit, shades miraculously still holding on to his face, though his grin is still there albeit a bit bloodied. "Guess I deserved that!"

One free shot is all that Tia gets though! As Mr. Cage is swiftly back on the attack and with a vengeance. He steps in right into Tia and swings a powerful right cross punch straight for her jawline, putting in more of that vicious glowing green chi on his knuckles to give it an extra oomph.

COMBATSYS: Tia endures Johnny Cage's Cross Cutting.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Tia              1/-======/=======|=------\-------\0      Johnny Cage

Once more, there's nowhere for Tia Langray to run. The vainly-branded sneakers on her feet can't haul her pretty ass away fast enough to evade Johnny Cage's up-close-and-personal approach to combat. Through the fading din of pain violently reasserting itself, she glimpses five encroaching ridges of callous-wreathed bone, blazing with an emerald glow that can't be good for her health; *or* her stunning good looks.

So what the sexy Thai warrior does, is she simply clenches her jaw and freely offers herself to the brutal punch. It's... far in defiance of what she expected, imagining herself able to roll with basically any unarmed strike. Cage doesn't just hit with flair - he hits with almost unimaginable force, and it's all she can do not to be cowed into handing him the early knockout. Nope. Won't catch her giving up.

"Is that all you got?" She asks, in the middle of a whipping spiral as she rolls the incredible momentum of the punch right back around. There's a virulent mark on her jawline where the strike landed, a few motes of green energy still dissipating below her lips - which are curled into a bloody-spirited grin. "You hit like a girl."

"And I'm--" she dives to the point with a rough grunt, forcing her athletic curves into the absolute apex of effort, pushing every pore in her spiritual being to open and allow her the power necessary for this moment. "ALL!!" Barking the syllable, a lioness' snapped-off roar, Langray springs into a leap, soaring overhead until the glaring arena lights turn her into nothing but a rippling, tear-smeared shadow.


She comes in for a heavy landing on Johnny Cage's cocky face, her left Converse Langray leading the charge with a heel planted down through the nose. Apparently she thinks he needs work; and she's charging a bargain rate. Cash or card?

COMBATSYS: Tia successfully hits Johnny Cage with Cutlass Flasher.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Tia              0/-------/-----==|====---\-------\0      Johnny Cage

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a buyer.

As mentioned, Tia all but disintegrates Johnny's nose - kicking clear through his goddamn face to land with unerring, almost-feline grace upon her sneakers. She's not letting up for an instant from there, stamping down with her previously-striking foot to bring the other up into the first of what seems like a hundred slashing, whiplike kicks - aimed down the full length of her opponent's frame. The FULL length.

"You're," she exudes in a breathless rush as she draws her leg back, unlocks her hips, and then hurls it out for one last jabbing high kick to the underside of the jaw. This throws Cage up into those bright lights, leaving Tia looking up at him with her fists clenched and an excited smile spread across her lips. "Not man enough for me, Johnny!"

To the roar of the crowd, she spins around and executes an astonishing back somersault, every muscle in her impressive package flexing into the motion that leads her on a vertical intercept; diving upon Johnny Cage as he begins to fall back into the ring.

"Now be a good boy--" Grabbing him into a clinch, she bucks both their bodies into a spin, rapidly hurtling toward the hard canvas below. "And GO DOWN!!"

Boom. Pushing her fellow superstar away at the last instant, she drives him spinefirst into the center of the ring, landing on her feet a short distance away and instantly preening for the cameras. The VegasTron is already showing replays... ruining the moment slightly, as most of them display the damp patch around Tia's prominent crotch.

Contrary to popular belief, Johnny does have a lot of experience with women, particularly when recognizing that fierce look on their faces when he has done something to truly get them angry.

And if experience serves him well he knows that it never ends good for him.

Frozen in what appears to be confused fear at the way Tia is coming down on him like a bird of prey, Cage takes the full kick to the face which instantly breaks his shades for good, followed by a literal storm of kicks delivered to all of his person. "Hrrgg!!" Cage can do naught but grunt and curl up in an attempt to cushion the blow, which only causes him to leave himself wide up to the follow up kick to his chin that sends him sky high, grabbed in mid air, spun around, and then flung hard to the mat where he rolls around until the turnbuckle stops him.

"Uugh.." He moans in agonizing pain as he brushes the shards of his broken shades away from his face and stands up with a wobble. Bloodied as he is, he still seems to be fairly amused by everything that's happened.

He brushes the blood off his broken nose and pops it back in place with a sickening *krunch* nose. "Oh don't get your panties all in a bunch." Says the actor as he resets his stance and goes for the counter attack. "Besides, I don't know if you noticed but.."

"I'm kind of a bad boy."

A flashy, bloodied, grin follows next as he dashes in yet again, looking as if he's just going to make another cross punch for Tia's face. Instead, its his feet that glow green this time and he jumps into an arching spinning chi covered kick aiming to crash his heel right on her opponent's temple.

COMBATSYS: Tia dodges Johnny Cage's Stunt Double.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Tia              0/-------/-----==|===----\-------\0      Johnny Cage

Coming into this, Tia didn't put much faith in the fighting ability of Johnny Cage. Though many might deem them kindred spirits, it's their likeness that sets them at odds; each believes themselves to be greater than they truly are. The Thai woman is underestimating her foe even now, watching his familiar entrance into the fray and predicting a repeat of the same, brutally-effective action from earlier.

She's duking under the expected punch, ducking and weaving like a western boxer - never let it be said that Muay Thai can't evolve - when she realizes that Johnny Cage has misdirected her, his mind games reaching fruition in a counter-action that's only too fortunate for Miss Langray. She should be down for the count, but she's still in this!

"You really are," she quips, breathlessly coming up beneath her descending foe with the kick still in danger of tagging her. "You deserve to be punished."

Doing the absolute opposite of nothing, Tia continues her rise into a single-footed stance, hazel gaze slitted as she locks on to her initial target and fires off the first of a hundred thousand rapid-fire kicks; this one halfway between a martial roundhouse and an unsporting punt, right to Johnny's descending junk.

"BARK!" The Muay Thai beauty emits, whipping that same leg up to a crescent collision with the (upper) head. "FOR!" Then her leg is a blur, throwing roundhouse after deliciously flexible roundhouse, peppering Cage head to toe in pain. "ME!"

If her rage doesn't simply diminish on the air, she'll throw him away with one last strike to the opposite side of the head, before falling back into her stance.

"It just gives me more reason to end your career."

COMBATSYS: Johnny Cage interrupts Mirage Spear Kick from Tia with Nut Punch.

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Tia              0/-------/-======|=====--\-------\0      Johnny Cage

Its true! Johnny can be truly an exasperating person to deal with, but by far the people that he offends the most are his fellow stars. Johnny never did learn how to share the spot-light for long, and considering that he truly has /some/ skill to back up his claims of being that good, this will put him truly at odds with someone who is just like him; Shelly--I mean Tia, woops.

Of course, the fact that they get in each others' nerves so much makes it a great spectacle for everyone else who's watching. These two truly are masters of their craft, as there are few souls that can work the crowd in this way and still put up quite the amazing fighting display.

Johnny comes back from his failed kick just in time to see the kick swung at his crotch, and he closes his knees in a somewhat girly yet surprisingly effective fashion of stopping a strike from sailing at his groin. It's no wonder that after throwing so many low blows himself he'd know how to deal with them when they are thrown to him. "Oh sheesh!" Nevertheless, the strikes still hurt as he curls up defensively, particularly when they start being swung at his 'other' head. Johnny throws his arms up to protect the goods and takes blows after blow on his curled biceps and shoulders whilst enduring Tia's chastising words.

Only to get a truly devious grin when the last kick is swung at him.

You'd think that Tia would learned not to spread her legs too much when fighting Johnny!!

As that last kick is swung, Johnny suddenly dives low with another leg split and punches his opponent right on her soiled crotch with a straight hit. "HOOOOOOO!!!"

Once he straightens up, at least he has the courtesy of granting Tia's request of him barking for her.

"Woof! Hehehe!"

Ding, ding, ding.

The bell doesn't literally ring, but it seems for a stunning moment that it should. Johnny's fist lands with more of a squelch than a crunch this time; and truly, it doesn't hurt quite so profoundly as the last time. Perhaps Tia is just getting used to it. Nonetheless, she's incensed, skin now redder than her outfit and steam practically exploding from all available orifices-- which... brings us to the other thing...

Before Johnny Cage can fully retract his hand, Tia's poor, overworked bladder releases, and she fires a trickle right through the fabric of her swimsuit. It's...

It's a moment that *actually gets edited for TV*. In this day and age, that says something, and it's a moment that will probably live with Tia forever. How can she possibly rally in the face of such embarassment? How can she pretend to be anything but a sad hack with delusions of grandeur and a body that clearly can't keep up with the pressure of high-level prize fighting? There's one, very important way.

"I'm *good*, dammit..."

It comes out as a hiss, tear-soaked eyes turning her foe into a cajoling shadow as Tia weaves away and restores her stance with an Herculean effort. Her shoulders want to shake, her legs want to quit, but she won't let them. She's being shamed here, made to look not only weak but ridiculous and disgusting, and it won't do.

"I'm *really* GOOD!"

The time to act is now.

Rapidly half-stepping into a lunge, she throws a feinting, open-handed jab for Cage's jawline and then drops forward, clenching her abdominal muscles to instead deliver the first true strike - a sharply-angled elbow to the lower ribs, aiming to compress the lungs and wind her opponent. If the first strike doesn't manage it, perhaps the second does, as Tia spins out and whips her opposing arm almost to full-extension, driving power into her muscular thighs as she rises from her resultant crouch--

--driving the back of her fist *underneath* the ribs, striving to add injury to insult.

"Are you wheezing?" She quips, whether or not it's necessary, "You sound sick, boy."

Only halfway done with her fierce expression of brutal vigour, Tia rights herself after the strike and dances backward on her Converse Langrays, flashing a broad grin at her opponent before she hurls her envious figure into a forward somersault, covering the air in a flash with one leg still raised, hauled down into an aerial axe kick to the top of the head. Her ultimate gameplan: daze, subdue, and cleave in two.

"Time you were PUT DOWN-- SYAAAAA!!"

Her words ring over the arena speakers slightly out of sync with her movements - because we don't need no production values - and she's already landing in a three-point crouch while apparently also screaming a kiai to accompany her third and final attack. This doesn't diminish the effect as she reaches up to pull the band from her hair and allow long locks to tumble loose, framing the battered, bruised, and soiled Tia Langray in what she's clearly perceiving as her moment of glory.

"Ain't," she delivers defiantly as the crowd din swells, "No Cage can hold me."

COMBATSYS: Tia blitzes into action and acts again!

COMBATSYS: Tia successfully hits Johnny Cage with Double Shot.

[                          \\\\  < >  //////                        ]
Tia              0/-------/-======|======-\-------\0      Johnny Cage

COMBATSYS: Johnny Cage blocks Tia's Soul Spike.

[                          \\\\  < >  /////                         ]
Tia              0/-------/=======|=======\-------\0      Johnny Cage

"Well! Looks like someone made a mess!" Cage cackles and actually starts stepping away from Tia, giving her what most people believe to be some well needed breathing room. He basks in the clamor of the crowd, waving and blowing kisses, certain that no one would even /dream/ of coming back after that mess. Her body may not be broken but her spirit truly is, everyone's spirit would refuse to go on.


Johnny looks over his shoulder to see Tia charging again at him, his eyes widening.

Not everyone!

Johnny eats the feint this time, brining his arms up to block the attack going to his body reflexively, giving Tia the opening she needs to smash him right in the ribs and knock almost all of his air right out of his lung. "HNGG!" Comes the satisfying grunt of pain from the action star as now it seems he's the one on his last legs.

Its only through holding his breath in that he manages to rally his own warrior spirit and bring a desperate overhead block to stop the axe kick from splitting him into.

He's holding on! But for how long?? Tia really is right, he's wheezing now in an attempt to fill his lungs with air, and it's simply not working.

"Gra..." No witty retorts or counter insults this time, kinna hard to do when you can't breath. Johnny simply takes a peek up at Tia who's still in deep in his circle and throws a fast punch to her face, if anything to force her to back off.

COMBATSYS: Johnny Cage successfully hit Tia with High Punch.

[                            \\  < >  /////                         ]
Tia              1/-------/=======|=======\-------\0      Johnny Cage

Tia is punch-drunk and deep in self-obsessed horror. Attempting to deliver her closing retort only to find it greeted by a rapidly re-encroached Johnny Cage, positioned directly before her grill and lacking - it must also be said - his own witless grace, is an experience she wouldn't like to repeat. For a moment, she's condemned to; so stunned at this turn of events that she's too stupid to do a damn thing.

On the other hand, she's not registering much pain either.

The desperate punch connects like a .38 round, clunking into the lower half of Tia's face, momentarily obscuring her mouth as it collapses onto her chin. The crowd din hums and buzzes, and the vibrant, exciting Langray is suddenly the most interesting figure in the room - and the most boring. Having staggered a few paces out of range, she just stands there, staring at Johnny Cage, half-squinting, her hair a voluptuous mess around her head and shoulders. There's nothing glamorous about it. It's not showbiz.

There's not much Tia is quick to offer, stood here bruised and dishevelled with her tights full of pee and groin aching like she never thought possible. Childbirth would be a cinch compared to this, she's absolutely positively sure. Johnny's got time to make quips, he's got time to taunt, and most importantly: he's got all the time to close. But as soon as the superstar is baited in for the finishing blow, the ticking clock stops dead. Tia hunkers down with a high-pitched martial roar, and *launches* herself at Cage in a headlong rush. Literally, as it happens.

Whoosh! Her entire form is lit with vibrant chi, sparking and fizzing as the woman's consciousness wanes. Primal energy, it's the burnt orange of unformed clay, and rushes over Tia's arms as they're flung out. When she collides with Johnny, both arms are bent up and over, causing her elbows to protrude like whirling blades above her spinning body. In a corkscrew she drives, yelling out a defiant retort to Cage's expulsion of long, uncertain moments before. It's a debate for the ages, fightfans.


When you've got nothing left...

When you're the lowest beast...

Just grunt and pound on shit with your body.

The only way is up.

COMBATSYS: Tia can no longer fight.

COMBATSYS: Johnny Cage blocks Tia's Burning Revolver.

[                           \\\  <
Johnny Cage      1/-------/=======|

Oh hey, that actually worked??

Johnny Cage feels his knuckles collide with a face and even in his current debilitating state of desperately trying to keep whatever air is left inside of him to remain... /inside/ of him, he know that sensation is good!

Problem is, it usually elicits some kind of counter attack by the recipient if they aren't fully knocked out, and Johnny isn't foolish enough to believe that the love tap he just gave this woman is enough to vanquish with burning indignant fury.

Sure enough, Cage looks up again from his half kneeled position, and looks at a disturbingly familiar image. An enraged woman flinging himself at him with arms outstretched, the whole being of fire thing is new though. Nice touch. 9/10.

Thing is Johnny doesn't get to say any of this. He was actually prepared for an attack, a punch, a kick, another swing to the groin even! A flying flaming tackle is definitely new, and though Cage successfully braces himself for the impact, he still gets knocked down flat on his back with Tia on top of him.

"Ooof!!" Grunts the action star as he falls. Johnny grabs a hold of the apparent unconscious woman on top of him and struggles to lift her but, oh wait, he can't breath with the previous punches to his ribs. "Guh..." Finally, he cease to struggle, knowing full well that he's not going to be able to move the woman away from him before the 10 count and deflates.

"You know.." He wheezes, not knowing if Tina is even capable of hearing him now, though no matter, since this is really more for the audience's sake. "The funny thing is that.. I also get this reaction from women all the time.." Not the first time JC has been under a woman all sweaty, bloody and covered with other body fluids.

But you know what the say.. what happens in Las Vegas.

Stays in Las Vegas.


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