SNF 2014.12 - SNF: Blood staining the Sands

Description: Heihachi drunkenly assaults the incognito Vega; he quickly learns the error of his ways, and the titanic battle ends in a pyrric victory. << Winner: Draw >>

In many events there is an expectation of standing before someone can challenge the crowned champion. There are expectations of prior matches, experience, people need to know who you are. To challenge the man declared the pinnacle of fighting, a living legend of the times, you must have an impressive past to come forth and offer yourself as a worthy foe.

The man who has announced himself by the name "Kamon" has none of that.

With the announcement of an event that would pit the greatest, truest fighters against each other, Kamon simply appeared in the offices of the organizers with nothing more than a demand that he be provided a battle against their supposed champion. They scoffed at his presumptuousness, demanded he leave.

Minutes later, there were shattered bones, unconscious bodies, and an agreement that Kamon, with no information other than his name and the fact that he hailed from Thailand, would take on Heihachi Mishima himself.

Now he stands at the entrance to the central arena of the Promethean Colloseum, the Arena of the Gods. Those fans so dedicated to the true essence of battle that they have found their way here do not care that they've never heard the name "Kamon" before, they only hold the expectation that a man so brazen as to offer a challenge directly to Mishima himself holds more than mere ego in his collective of skills.

And then Kamon steps out. His short black hair is slicked back along the top of his head, his eyes seem blank, yet able to stare through the soul. He stands a mere six feet in height but his body is lined with thick, powerful muscles. He is dressed in nothing more than a very simple, traditional fighting gi of black cloth with red lining every edge, a simply black belt tied around his waist, his feet bare.

Beyond even his build, however, is an overwhelming aura that seems to fill the entire colloseum. It is utterly oppressive, an impenetrable mass that weighs down on all around him. There is something about it that tugs at the very primal portions of the brain.

This is the predator in the dark. The monster in the closet. That which plays freely in the depths of the purest dark.

And it looks human.

Here he stands, arms folded over his chest at the center of the arena, ignoring all in the stands around him, as they are not worthy of his attention. He is here for but one thing.

"MISHIMA! Come and face me!"

It is boring to be King. Heihachi has only one person in the world who he has even the slightest bit of concern about; Krauser. But he's taken the belt below him, and until he decides to relinquish it and challenge him, there's little belief in a good match. When the offer was made for an exhibition battle with an opponent, initially the Mishima was jazzed. He has been spending the majority of time training Kuma to conquer the Neo League, and has recently put him in the care of Lee in order to bring himself back up to snuff. Two weeks of a brutal training regime are enough to make him the monstrous figure of old, any dullness lost to the razor's edge that has permanently cut it's mark in the world of fighting.
But then he recieved the information on the opponent. 'Kamon'? Who the hell is that? A nobody. The Zaibatsu's intelligence and all angry harassing got him is nothing. This is bullshit. Obviously, they couldn't find him a worthy opponent, and then just threw something together. The remaining three days, Heihachi ate chips while loafing with Kuma watching television. The events that forced Kamon to be accepted, alas, had been concealed... maybe then he'd have taken it more seriously.
When the strange man enters, many people are taken aback. Even a novice can sense a true master walking in the open. Heihachi wasn't the only one who anticipated a crushing victory, and the vast majority came here due to the savageness that is the Mishima win or lose.
When the call for him to come out takes place... there's the sound of great horns. And then, bursting opposite, is... Heihachi Mishima, wearing a fur loincloth and a great pair of viking horns. Leather straps are across his chest, holding up spiked shoulders with a magnificent animal skin cape. Fur is lined about his forearms and shins, and he's literally riding a saddled Kuma, who's dressed in similar valkyrie apparel. One hand is holding a huge mug of sloshing beer.
Heihachi is drunk /off his ass./ Whatever inspired this, Kuma charges forward with as much dignity as an armored bear can manage. When he comes to a stop, Heihachi collapses sideways, crashing to the ground and rolling a few meters from Kamon. Somehow he kept the mug mostly upright throughout, adjusting his helmet to get it back. He sweeps off his cape and hurls it at Kamon to drape atop, downing the rest of his mug in a great guzzle.
"I, THE *HIC* GOD OF WAR, HAVE DESCENDED FROM VALHALLA... TO DELIVER A SWIFT KICK TO YOUR ASS!!" A finger then points towards 'Kamon'. "PREPARE THYSELF, KNAVE!!" And then Heihachi leaps forward, with surprising speed. He may be mentally out of it, but the honed lifetime of training is no less lethal than always. Slamming down his leading foot, he then swings the heavy mug, attempting to shatter it right across Vega's face before snapping up his left hand, aiming to grasp him by the front of his gi...
And then deliver a lightning-infused slam of his knee right to his balls.

COMBATSYS: Heihachi has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Heihachi         0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Vega has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Vega             0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0         Heihachi

COMBATSYS: Vega dodges Heihachi's Charged Combo.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Vega             0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0         Heihachi

This is the great challenge that those fools dare to proclaim is the greatest fighter in the world? A wretched, drunk old man riding on the back of a bear?!

As Heihachi comes barreling down on Kamon, his intense scrowl grows only more disappointed, the corners of his mouth drawing down toward his incredible chin. This is a face that seems to have mastered the scowl in a way no other could ever hope to achieve. A face for which smiling is alien... and something about his presence suggests to a great many in the crowd that his smile may somehow be worse than his current visage.

As the drunk Mishima comes barrelling in at him, Kamon merely adopts his fighting stance, waiting carefully, biding his time until the old man is nearly upon him.

And then he vanishes in a surge of purple energy, suddenly appearing behind Heihachi as if from the voice, looking almost as though he had been standing there the entire time.

"THIS IS WHAT YOU FOOLS DARE TO PROCLAIM YOUR CHAMPION?!" His voice thunders out from him, as he points a finger toward Heihachi. "Clearly your age has addled your mind, you decript old corpse. You should be buried with this dead city. Perhaps your worthless son will even build a pyramid to your misspent legacy after he's spit on your corpse."

Kamon surges forward toward Heihachi, each thrust of his legs seeming to push him further than one would really expect. His motions are all but floating as he draws a hand down to his side, curling his fingers into a tight fist, squeezing tighter and tighter until purple flames burst forth as he thrust it forward, sheathing his punch like a metero dropping through the atmosphere as he aims to catch Mishima in the jaw.

COMBATSYS: Heihachi fails to counter Medium Punch from Vega with Heaven's Wrath.
- Power fail! -

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Vega             0/-------/-------|====---\-------\0         Heihachi

Honestly, if the likes of Lord Vega wanted some epic battle with one of the strongest legends to ever live, he certainly took the wrong route to ensure it. When there's little hope of a good fight, generally Heihachi has a high chance of adopting some kind of bizarre gimmick, or forcing Kuma to battle for him. It takes far too long for Heihachi to realize that Vega's gone, not even exactly sure how the action took place. "The hell...?!" He twists around at the shout, more than a little surprised. "YOU AREN'T A NOBODY!!" is rejoindered, as if this was some kind of legitimate defense to his drunken state of affairs.
But then the comment is made about Kazuya, and there's the start of the fire that Vega doubtlessly wants. Burning through the liquor, the viking-clad Heihachi hurls his cup aside, before inhaling deeply. Twisting his hands around, he attempts to catch the incoming fist... but Vega is far, far stronger than Heihachi has fought in too long, and is struck in the face with apocalyptic force. His very soul is lit afire as he's sent hurtling backwards, the air literally exploding from the wind force to crack the ground and send debris everywhere. The remnants of his broken helmet spill around, Heihachi bouncing three times before slamming into the side of the arena and shuddering the entire foundation.
Nobody could have survived that. At least, nobody mortal. Amidst the massive wall of dust and debris summoned up by Vega's fierce punch, Heihachi strides forward, unsteady. "I see... I see..." Blood is spit to the side, and he slowly grasps his chin before twisting sharply upwards. Popping the joint back into place. "You're not a nobody at all... haha. I've heard of you..." A hand lifts up, covering everything above Vega's chin. "So you came out to play, didja? *hic* THEN YOU JUST HAD TO ASK!!"
Heihachi suddenly flexes his body. The shoulderguards, forearm fur, and shin fur detonate off. Muscles bulge, and the air is saturated with intense chi and lightning. The alcohol is literally burned out of his veins, hazy eyes becoming clear as day. The air boils and roars, clouds beginning to congeal and darken as the very act of unleashing his true power sets the primal elements ablaze.

As Heihachi goes flying from the single blow, the man claiming the name Kamon simply pulls himself back into a fighting stance as if it were nothing at all. The strange purple flames fade away from his fist as it draws back into a proper guard. He didn't come here to put on a show, he came here because he wanted to test a man with far too much pomp and circumstance around him, who sits as a figurehead above not only his family's zaibatsu, but over the world of professional fighting.

And then Mishima begins to throw off all of the built up rubble that is this bored persona, a fool of a man who runs around with his pet bear as a great big joke for the public. This is what he was seeking.

"The world does not yet deserve to know its true master." Vega bellows as Heihachi announces his familiarity with the undeworld master. Shadaloo has a great many plans in the works, but for the time being it is best suited playing in the shadows and building its strength. There are too many new variables entering the world, and Vega is more than content to show patience until he has all the pieces in front of him. "Besides, it's far more entertaining to see your foolishness bite you. Recognize power when it stands before you, or you will find yourself soon washed away into insignificance... like another old man who has been replaced by his upstart son." He merely hints at the relatively recent fate of the once ruler of NESTS.

"Now then, let us see what life still remains in your decript husk." Vega's fist clenches again, but he stands stationary near the center of the arena. There is a clear surge in oppressiveness as he begins to will his strength through his body, focusing it intently in his arm, letting it build up beyond normal levels. The sensation flowing forth from him is built up hatred that suddenly bursts into being in front of him as he throws his fist forward, an orb of Psycho Power burning forth as rockets toward Heihachi, aiming to bury him in the wall for his insolence.

COMBATSYS: Vega knocks away Heihachi with Psycho Shot.
~ Cruel hit! ~

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Vega             0/-------/-----==|=======\=------\1         Heihachi

"I don't care if you master this world." Heihachi states simply enough. He's rusty. This is bad; he's not had peers in too long within his life, and that level of rustiness is showing. There are still people like this in the world...? It's like staring into the heart of a dark star, one without any bottom. It's not chi energy. No. Something else. Darker, twisted, supernatural.
Right now, Heihachi doesn't care whether he wins or loses. Just the thought that he's not going to die without a good fight -- the only real fear he's had for too long -- is thrumming the adrenaline in his veins. "Hahaha... BECAUSE YOU'LL NEVER MASTER ME!!" He's used to such pomp and big words. Wow, is that how he sounds when fighting insects? Well, what's more bothersome is the fact Vega's implying he is one.
Maybe he is. The free shot to the face set him back, and the rush forward from a strange, wild fighting style... by the time he gets used to it, he'll be destroyed. A huge orb of energy is sent hurtling towards him, Heihachi throwing up his arms. But it simply creates a huge explosion of energy, shaking the ground and glowing for a good fifteen feet in all directions. Heihachi is sent spiralling out of the crator, skidding on his back before digging in his fingers and catching himself.
Ah. He's not been this badly hurt in such a short time since he pissed off Jinpachi when he was a teenager. But he still gets back to his feet, panting heavily as his mind throbs. Slowly clenching his right fist, lightning begins to swirl and coalesce down to it, before surging through. A flash of light shows his very bones, before Heihachi charges forward and leaps into the air.
"If you think... you're so mighty... then endure THIS!!" Bringing down his fist, Heihachi throws every ounce of strength and power into a simple, no-nonsense destructive blow, aiming to spike Vega into the very earth!!

COMBATSYS: Heihachi knocks away Vega with Lightning Hammer EX.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Vega             1/-----==/=======|=======\==-----\1         Heihachi

Clearly this old man has gone long past his prime. This was far less than Vega was hoping for, there are so few worthy martial artists left in this world, and if they all end up letting themselves go to waste like this man, Vega would soon find himself utterly bored. There was no denying that he was the greatest warrior to ever live, but there's no point to that if the only fools you reign over are weak, mewling kittens.

But it would seem that Vega had allowed himself too much confidence. Mishima had a spark left inside him, yet. This would at least make the fight more interesting, even if it were a forgone conclusion that the current head of the Mishima Zaibatsu would fall easily at the hands of the great dictator. Readying himself once more to simply vanish from view, he notices nearly too late that Heihachi has /real/ life left in him.

The sound of the man the crowd still knows as Kamon into the ground is one that can be felt through the entire arena. The ground where he hits is cratered outward for meters in all directions; cracked and defeated. This would have killed a lesser man.

On some deep, internal level Vega makes note that he would be wise not to treat Heihachi lightly in the future. On the surface he is boiling with rage. He does not stand, the Master of Shadaloo floats into the air by sheer personal will alone. His gi is in tatters, his face clearly bruised as blood trails down from his nose over his furiously scowling lips.

"It is a fool who allows himself to discount those beneath him only to find himself overthrown by ants... Heihachi Mishima, you have proven that inside you still reigns the true soul of a warrior." His left hand lifts up beside him, roiling flames of pure, purple Psycho Power fuming from his finger tips. "And for that I will honor you with your own destruction at my hands!" There is something about him. Only Heihachi can truly feel it as his will seems to shroud the man, burying him in a strange void of power.

Still floating, Vega suddenly begins to rocket forward, holding his hand out in front of him as he begins to rotate, the purple flames sheathing his body as he glides only a meter above the ground, dirt and rocks alike being whipped up in his wake as he hurtles toward Heihachi only to pass him by. However, in his wake he leaves the screaming fires of unadulterated darkness. The flames of Psycho Power latch hold of Heihachi in an effort to consume him with the power of Lord Vega's own pure soul.

COMBATSYS: Heihachi blocks Vega's Super Psycho Crusher.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Vega             0/-------/------=|=======\==-----\1         Heihachi

That's it. He's done. Nobody alive can take a full-force strike from Heihachi while donning his powerful viking loincloth and survive. The thickly muscled man thrusts both arms into the air with a roar, the sound of his own victory; although one that has come too soon. This probably makes Vega all the more infuriated as a result, as someone has the sheer audacity to believe they have conquered him in any fashion... even if delivering what might be one of the heaviest impacts the chinned master may ever feel is still something worthy of note.
Only for Vega to float up from his rocky oubliette, although Heihachi simply goes 'tch'. The fire in his eyes is far from dead. "Maybe a small fry like you has to worry about ants... but me, I'll crush a million of them, like I already have... don't underestimate either me or the Zaibatsu, if you know what's good for you!!" Suddenly surging with lightning to offset the shroud of psychic energy, Heihachi spreads his legs into the boar stance, the strongest for locking himself to the ground.
Both forearms thrust forward, catching Vega's assault clean with both hands. They burn and scald, as Heihachi is sent skidding backwards further and further, but he manages to keep himself from being sent flying. And then, as Vega's horrific flames finally whisk off... he aims to grasp the other man by either side of the head, lean backwards, and brutally slam it home, aiming to thump a lightning-infused forehead right atop Vega's chin!! "WORM!!"

COMBATSYS: Vega blocks Heihachi's Stonehead.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Vega             0/-------/---====|=======\===----\1         Heihachi

This is infuriating. This old drunk man dares to stand against him? Dares to think he can compare himself to the mighty Lord Vega? Absurd!

As Heihachi surges forth in retalliation, Vega pulls the very essence of his mind's power through his body, drawing back and using the cushion of air as he continues to levitate to buffer the force. His body surges with power as he attempts to reinforce his arms, to strengthen his own resolve. The strength of Psycho Power infuses him as he wards off the bared skin of Mishima's forehead.

"Insolent old man! Your Zaibatsu means nothing! It is merely the remains of your worthless lineage following the flow of time. You know nothing of true power!" Vega draws his hands up to either side, the sheer flow of Psycho Power through his body cowwing the audience, weaker willed nobodies burying themselves behind their seats as they endeavour not to catch the attention of the strange man in the ring. "There will come a day when I decide the world is worth of my strength and I will topple all such fools who refuse to fall to their knees before me!"

He continues to pull all of the power around him forward, drawing it once morth through is body as he feeds on the fear around him, his lips pulling back into a cruel smile meant for none but its master. "Feel the weight of your own ineptitude, Mishima!" He throws forth the power he has gathered in his body, a single spark of Psycho Power suddenly appearing at Heihachi's feet and then rapidly expanding out into a massive crushing sphere.

COMBATSYS: Vega successfully hits Heihachi with Psycho Field.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////                        ]
Vega             0/-------/-======|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2         Heihachi

Oh...?! This is indeed a worthy opponent for the Mishima. When Vega manages to avoid being destroyed by the legendary headbutt of the Mishima clan, he lets out a loud laugh that rings heavily into the air. "Great! This is great!! I've not felt like I'd have trouble like this in too long!! But you're the damn ignorant one. The Zaibatsu was NOTHING before me... I tore down my old man, and his dessicated frame watched me turn it into the multi-billion dollar agency it is. But know true power...?! I've had it ALL MY LIFE!!"
The sudden roar of energy whirls over Heihachi, drawing him in. He manages to brace himself with a crackling skin-tight shield of lightning, and when the battling energies dissipate violently, he is barely standing. Stepping forward once, then twice, it seems sure he's down. No; he might very well be dead.
"Hah... hah hah... g,good one..." Fingers slam into his chest, piercing through flesh. Before there's a sudden jolt of lightning through his own form. His ribs shine bright, and blood spurts from his mouth. His unsteady heart suddenly spasms and begins beating like a drum. A heavy breath is sucked in, before he lolls forward.
No man with a small amount of will would have done that. At the risk of death, continue fighting. But this is no simple man at all. "But I said 'trouble'... not 'lose'..." And then he uses the legendary Mist Step of the Mishima family arts. A strange, flowing motion that disturbs the senses, and crosses the boundary in a split second as if he teleported. His right hand then thrusts out, aiming to slam into Vega's stomach with all the force he can muster...!!

COMBATSYS: Vega interrupts Raijin's Wrath from Heihachi with Knee Press Nightmare EX.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  /                             ]
Vega             0/-------/-------|>>>>>>>\-------\1         Heihachi

The blow hits true, lightning crackling into Vega as Heihachi roars. Two more sharp blows strike into him, before he grasps him by the face and then twists, hurtling the Lord of Shadaloo into the air head over heels; before he curls his fist closed, twisting and looking up. Focusing more and more power, waiting for the man to fall down so he can throw it right into his face, and end this battle... "YOU'RE FINISHED--!!"
And, regardless of the method that Vega uses to descend upon him, he'd throw that fist, so hard that the air explodes into lightning, striking faster than an eyeblink... but things might not go as he has planned!!

None could ever call Vega a humble man. Humility has its place in the world, but that place is for weaker beings than the Lord of Shadaloo, the Master of Psycho Power. It is worthless and easily cast aside.

That does not mean that Vega cannot acknowledge a worthy opponent... Heihachi Mishima is a mighty fighter who finds himself trapped in a world that men like him do not belong. This strength should lead true armies, not desk clerks. This strength should conquer in the battlefield, not some boring boardroom.

It is a strength that is worthy of being destroyed by Lord Vega.

Of all people, Vega can feel the surging strength of his opponent. He knows he has awakened a giant. He can feel the need to bring forth his power... and so he seems to wait. He pulls into himself all of the fear of the crowd. Even beyond that, he begins to feed on the hatred of the other combatants battling for their own victories throughout the former city. All of it feeds his Psycho Power.

And now there is no time to retreat... but there is no need. Vega allows Heihachi to plow the strength of his fist into his stomach. Even to one as powerful as him, it is nearly overwhelming. The power of Mishima lightning crackles through his body before he is hurtled into the air. In this position a normal man would be at a loss.

Lord Vega is a not a normal man, no matter what guise he takes for the plebians that fill the colosseum's stands.

His body hums as he aligns the flow of Psycho Power through his veins, through his bones, through his nerves. The void of his soul bursts out around him in a pulse that makes those in the stands begin to feel sick to their stomach in terror. Using the strength of his own mind, the Dictator of Shadaloo whips back around, slamming both feet down into Heihachi's face, forcing him back as he spins again, striking the peak of Mishima's head amidst his crown of hair. And then he begins to smile as he folds both arms over his chest, furiously kicking Mishima into submission with blow after blow before planting both feet directly over his face, crooking his knees to store power, and then launching Heihachi into the dirt as he flips back to float above it all.

Indeed, when two people who have made a living crushing insects beneath their heel face, there can only be one outcome. Neither will go down easier, and even the threshold of death will not come near humbling pride. Heihachi has changed like night and day, when he did the same thing; acknowledging Vega and purging himself of the alcohol. Both men underestimated each other and been nearly crushed for it. Now that they have bared their fangs, the end can only be blood and carnage.
The fist strikes out, just barely missing Vega before the heels slam into his face. Blood thrusts out in all directions, but somehow he keeps hold of the lightning infusing his clenched hand. All of his focus, all of his vanishing consciousness, his pride, his ego, his life. If he loses that spark, then he is done. Done!! Each blow sends him skidding backwards, splitting open his face and head. Somewhere in the crowd, amidst the gasps and shocks, an "Excellent!" can be heard. Or was it the wind?
It is only at the last moment, toughening through the flurry of blows, that Heihachi twists. He abandons all defense, throws everything to the wind. And as the final heels strike down, he punches upwards with all of his strength, attempting to strike Vega right in the chin at the same moment. A great bolt of lightning would crack down from the sky in tandem, trying to launch his opponent away...
As he goes hurtling backwards, bouncing and rolling, before coming to a stop in a broken heap. Coughing up blood, one lung collapsed, barely able to see from a single eye, he rolls over with extreme lethargy. Kuma roars, hefting up and beginning to charge, only to stop when a hand lifts from Heihachi. "Heh... don't you dare, you vagrant mongrel... stay right where you are...!!"

COMBATSYS: Heihachi can no longer fight.

[                      \\\\\\\\  <
Vega             0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Heihachi successfully hits Vega with Lightning Bolt.
Grazing Hit

[                          \\\\  <
Vega             0/-------/-------|

So consumed with the fight, Vega is bathed in the world of pure hatred as he pounds Heihachi into the ground. This is his triumph. The proof of his power over a man who dared to show him disrespect. Who dared to mock his power as anything less than ultimate! He will be put on the verge of death so that he may remember what his mistake has wrought! He will never forget the might that LORD Vega controls with his Psycho Power!

It is in this moment that he fails to realize Heihachi is not put down. Moment too late he begins to realize that the old man's fist still has life, crackling as it is with power. It's all Vega can do to attempt to pull away, catching little more than the lightning that flows around Mishima's fist across his face.

It burns!

There is a moment where Vega's cry of pain floods the colosseum, small burns skittering across his flesh with a light hint of smoke as he stumbles backwards. And with it a new burst of rage swells deep within the dictator's heart. He will kill Mishima for this!

...And then the rage is drawn back. Vega is a monster, but he is a monster who knows better than to waste valuable resources. Mishima is no mere insolent fool, and the old man's wounds show that he has received punishment. He also deserves respect.

"Mishima... I believe we have both learned a lesson here. Do not let the foundations of your Zaibatsu and the pathetic state of fighters weaken your resolve. If you forget the feeling of true power again, I will end your life as a mercy."

As he speaks, reality begins to twist behind him. A small pinprick in the fabric of space stretches out into an impenetrable void wreathed in psychic flames. "I will look forward to making you bow to me when it is time to make the world know it's true master." He begins to float up off the ground again, throwing back his head in chilling laughter as he vanishes back into the darkness before existance regains itself, leaving his laughter to ring throughout the stadium, echoing in the minds of all present.

Heihachi lost this fight. All he truly did, in the bitter end, is drive Vega away. Had that fist not grazed him, then the men rushing forward would be harmless fodder; the Tekken Force. With Vega's power likely bleeding out from his own disrupted form, these two dozen considerable fighters might be enough to make things far too close for comfort. And Heihachi's good eye has a blaze to it. Like a viper coiled up... there's a crackling sizzle within him. He still has power. Power to do one more thing. But Vega would need to come close enough to him to risk it. Twofold threats... enough to make the very wise decision of putting Heihachi down for good more than a little difficult.
"Is that so... well. This won't be the end of things... you interest me. Hah. I'll make sure we meet again...!!"
The Tekken force convene on the closing portal, fanning out. A helmeted figure approaches Heihachi. "We need emergency medical--" He's backhanded away, bouncing only twice. The Mishima must be weak indeed. "No. I'm walking out." Slowly getting to his feet, both fists thrust up to the heavens. He lets out a roar, and the crowd goes wild. It's not clear who won anymore, and right now none of them care. But the won who's so wounded that the act of marching out with his head held high is almost terminal... it's clear between himself and Vega who the stronger one was.
This time.
Once out of sight, Heihachi slumps against the side of the walls. "Get me a Tekken Force helicopter. Prep a rejuvenation tank. Hahahah... and start gathering all the information you can on this individual. Rumors are flowing like water. Time to start drinking. Our friends in the shadows might know a thing or two..." If he needs to know something, the Illuminati are the best in the world. There's literally nobody and no organization they don't have information and infiltrators in. Perhaps even Vega hasn't escaped their global web of influence. Assuming, of course, he can coerce out the proper price...!!

COMBATSYS: Vega can no longer fight.

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