Circuit of Champions - PFW: Eastern Pro - Dan vs Mimiru

Description: Mimiru "Stray Dog" Kasagi challenges the Saikyo-ryuu master, Dan Hibiki! Who wins? EVERYONE WINS. <winner: Mimiru>

THIS IS IT! Professional Fighting Worldwide has kicked off their new comprehensive championship belt system, the CIRCUIT OF CHAMPIONS! As one can imagine from the capital of the pro fighting world, Southtown was ON FIRE when the announcement went out! And it wasn't long until the very first challenge was issued, either: for this, the very first fight, Howard Arena, Southtown's premier fighting venue, is packed to the gills with thousands of cheering fans!

"LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! We at the PFW group are starting the prestigious CIRCUIT OF CHAMPIONS off with a bang tonight, folks! Tonight's match will see two fan favorites squaring off here at Howard Arena! First off, our challenger: MIMIRU KASAGI - a local TAIYO HIGH school alumnus who's cut her teeth with Jiu-jitsu and a side of ass-whooping!"

The moment Mimiru Kasagi has heard about this championship belt, she had to challenge whoever held the title : for the thrill, the excitment, but also to show all the world about the Stray Dog of Southtown! Deep down, this is what she craved the most. Her brother would keep on living through her, forever and ever, so long as she kept fighting in his name and kept his memory alive.

The more people who'd witness this, the better. No matter the outcome.

And if she wins? If she wins... She can only hope her big brother will have witnessed it all from wherever he is.

The thrill and adrenaline is just the same as she fought the powerful Slayer previously : it was tantalizing, a feeling that was priceless. The young woman is in the arena, hopping back and forth energically. She raises her fist up in the air, a wide pleased grin on her face, "The Stray Dog!!" She shouts, turning around to see all the crowd cheering and pumped up at the fight to come.

COMBATSYS: Dan has started a fight here.

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Dan              0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Mimiru has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Mimiru           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0              Dan

The crowds cheer their dang heads off! "BUT! The STRAY DOG of SOUTHTOWN will not be alone tonight, oh no! This will be a BATTLE ROYALE, ladies and gentlemen, as the Stray Dog's opponent tonight is none other than the holder of the EASTERN PRO BELT, a master of Saikyo-Ryu Karate and all around dapper guy... DAAAAN HIBIKI!"

Fireworks herald a new arrival appearing from an elevating platform! A wide-brimmed pink hat, a PINK PLEATHER TRENCHCOAT? What is this madness?! Oh... that's also the EASTERN PRO BELT the announcer guy spoke of -- but even brighter than that is the smile of the person wearing it -- the one and only Dan Hibiki! *PING!*

One of the cameras shatters from the sudden overload -- and it would just happen to be the one repeated upon the big jumbotron display. Static takes over for a moment before the other camera can cut in, but when it does, Hibiki is already in the process of spinning around, sending his coat and hat fluttering off to the wind, revealing his traditional pink gi with the torn sleeves beneath.

"IT IS I... DAN HIBIKI!" he shouts, swaying forward and holding a hand to his ear, soaking in the glory of the cheering crowds. "... Music to my ears! Southtown is crying out for blood and glory!" he shouts, his amplified voice rocking the arena as he strides out to center stage.

Taking one moment to flash a grin at Mimiru, he cries out "... And... MIMIRU KASAGI! STRAY DOG of SOUTHTOWN! I hear your challenge!"

And, pausing to bow stiffly at the waist and waiting for her to do the same, he smiles broadly once more -- flashing her a thumbs-up at the young woman. "And I accept! Are you ready?!"

Once she's able to assent, he wastes no further words, pulling his hand back, and then slamming it forward in his trademark, devastating, unparallelably awesome attack, the name of which he cries out: "GADOUKEN!" A furious ball of pale blue flame -- which has to be at -least- the size of a volleyball -- rockets out from his palm towards Mimiru!

COMBATSYS: Dan successfully hits Mimiru with Gadouken.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Mimiru           0/-------/-----==|=------\-------\0              Dan

Mimiru's lips curl into a wide grin as she turns around at the sudden burst of fireworks. She smashes her right fist into her left palm and cracks her knuckles. When he bows to her, Mimiru returns the bow, "It will be an honor to fight you! A proof that you've got the courage to face even the most tenacious adversary!"

Mimiru slides into her combat stance, that smile never leaving her lips, "Bring it on! You'll see how bad's my bite!" Mimiru says, answering his challenge.

Let the battle begins!

As the ball of energy rockets her way, Mimiru attempts to duck out of the way. Unfortunately, she's not fast enough and she ends up getting hit right in the back in her vain attempt to jump out of the way. It blasts her off and knocks her on the ground with a loud thud.

Mimiru grunts and she forces herself back to her knees. She grits her teeth, crimson flames flaring up on her forearms, "Oh yeah!? You want to play like that?! Well I can play to!" She shouts, bringing both of her arms up in a X and slashing them outward, sending a cross shaped blast of red flames in Dan's direction.

Well.. This just isn't very fair at all, is it? No, it isn't when you're a particular girl named Himeko Kashiwagi, who has been doing her best to keep especially close attention on matches with Dan or Mimiru, both whom have influenced her life in such a powerful way. So for them to have to fight one another..

"This... This is the absolute -worst-!!!" the spectacled schoolgirl cries from somewhere in the crowd. Because seriously who is she suppose to root for? For that matter, who is she suppose to show bia-- Er, I mean.. Yes, it would be a very partial article that would be published in '', the site she's been running ever since the girl left Taiyo. IT'S NOT CREEPY.
So, yes, this is pretty much the worst, as she hasn't the slightest idea what to do besides watch, take notes, and fight back tears of complete and hope that they -both- win. Yeah, that's it, they should both win!

COMBATSYS: Dan blocks Mimiru's Balefire.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Mimiru           0/-------/-----==|==-----\-------\0              Dan

Dan has fans in the crowd! This is not unusual for the EASTERN PRO BELT CHAMPION! (And yes, he's been telling everyone this the past weekend. Somehow people don't really believe him!)

Dan grins as Mimiru meets his challenge! "Yes!" he cries out, raising his fist and flexing his MASSIVE BICEPS so that the whole audience can see what's up, while his super-cool fireball does all the work of crashing into Mimiru. "It's good to see your vigorous fighting spirit!"

Mimiru is quick to deliver a reply of her own kind -- but while she -starts- the fireball with her arms in a cross, Dan likewise -stops- it with a similar gesture, her Baleflames splashing against his arms, singing the hairs on his arms as he takes a step back. There was some heat on that, but his grin remains plastered across his face. "Well then, Stray Dog... face the might of SAIKYO-RYU!"

Saikyo-ryu, apparently, comes in the form of leaping at his opponent to make up for lost ground. He somersaults around in mid-air, snapping out of his roll with one barefooted kick aimed at knocking Mimiru to the ground again! "Teyaaaah!"

COMBATSYS: Mimiru counters Light Kick from Dan with Mawashi Geri Gaeshi.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Mimiru           0/-------/----===|====---\-------\0              Dan

Straightening herself up, Mimiru narrows her eyes at how Dan manages to deflect her attack with relative ease. This allows her a moment to regain her bearing after his previous attack and much like Dan, Mimiru's grinning toothly.

"And prepare to face the might of my flames of the heart!" Mimiru shouts back as she rushes toward Dan, quite eager to prove her worth and show to the world the strength of her brother's style.

When Dan rolls back up from his somersault, Mimiru lunges right at him to intercept him and catch him off-balance, grabbing his leg before he can fully perform his kick and hit her. Her other arm reaches out for Dan's neck and Mimiru hips and waist turns around, using Dan's momentum against him to swing him around and throw him off on the floor.

Dan "THE MAN" Hibiki expects many things when he gets into a fight with a young woman like Mimiru, but getting pulled out of his fearsome flying kick is not one of them. Why, the young woman is using his own forward momentum against him! She should have to overpower him directly and head-on, instead of just... stepping aside and twisting him to the arena floor!

The audience oohs! The audience ahhs! And Dan grunts with no small amount of pain as he finds himself flung to the floor!

But if that were the end of the fight he'd be a lousy fighter! Dan Hibiki, Mimiru may find, is made of sterner stuff. He hits the ground rolling, twisting around into a tumble. "Not bad!" he calls out, scrubbing the back of his vambrace against his nose. Dang thing is itchy! Rising back to his feet, Dan shakes himself off. "But I hope you can do better than that!" He charges forward, as if he's about to throw a punch at his challenger, but instead -- no! He's aiming to grapple her by the arm. If he can manage that, he'd twist his back to her, tugging her arm forward, and he'd use his shoulder as a fulcrum from which to leverage her over his back to the ground! Some might call this a Seoi Nage... but Dan's version is WAY cooler! "OOOOORYAAAA!"

COMBATSYS: Dan successfully hits Mimiru with Saikyo Haraigoshi.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Mimiru           0/-------/--=====|=====--\-------\0              Dan

Mimiru beams proudly after she flings Dan across the floor. "Of course! We're just getting warmed up! We've just barely gotten started! Don't worry, I've got plenty more tricks..." Mimiru doesn't have the time to finish her sentence though that Dan has already closed the distance between him and her.

She attempts to block the arm, as if expecting the punch, allowing him to grab her arm with relative ease. Soon, she's over his back and ends up thrown over Dan's shoulder and slams loudly against the ground, failing to land properly.

Mimiru grunts in pain from the impact and she rolls back on her knees. Mimiru bites her lips, flames engulfing her legs, a quick burst allowing her to jump back up rapidly, "Kyaaa!" She shouts as she attempts to deliver a powerful chi empowered kick to Dan's midsection.

With the remaining impulsion that sends her upwards, Mimiru brings both fists up together over her head and she attempts to knock Dan over the head with both fists, "Time to get serious now!!"

COMBATSYS: Dan blocks Mimiru's Heaven's Diminisher.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Mimiru           0/-------/--=====|=======\-------\0              Dan

The Eastern Pro Belt Champion grins back at Mimiru. He's glad he's able to snag the feisty fighter out of her stance, but he's even more appreciative of her ability to bounce right back to her feet! "Yes! You see, even the most -basic- of Saikyo-ryu tactics are difficult to defend against, but your fighting spirit allows you to overcome them!"

As Mimiru closes in with a powerful kick, Dan once more crosses his arms, lowering them so that Mimiru's foot slams into his padded handguards instead of his stomach. Taking a step backwards for balance, he twists sharply to the side, allowing Mimiru's fists to crash down onto his shoulders instead of their intended target!

"Nice energy! I really have to hand it to you," cries out Dan, continuing to twist around as Mimiru recovers from her kick, lowering one hand while he draws another back overhead. Elbow pointing off to the arena, he clenches his fingers around an unseen sphere, as the floor of the arena erupts in a circular pattern, wind kicking his billowing gi around as it rushes upwards. His long hippie ponytail flips about in the sudden rush of wind as he continues, "You know, you'd make an -excellent- student if you just stopped by the Hibiki Dojo for a year's worth of training!" He smiles again, the light catching it juuuust so...


( From the control booth: "Dammit, there goes Camera 3... can we get that guy to stop that?!" )

COMBATSYS: Dan %n demonstrates the might of Saikyo-ryu!!!

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Mimiru           0/-------/--=====|=======\===----\1              Dan

Himeko X)

"Sorry to disappoint," Mimiru says, panting from the exortion she's pushing herself through, "But as mighty as Saikyo-ryu might be, I can never change my fighting style!" Mimiru straightens herself up, drawing into her inner reserves of vigor. She'd do anything to show off everyone what the Stray Dog of Southtown was capable of!

Mimiru's lips curl into a smile as Dan compliments her energy, "Just wait, you've just seen the tip of the iceberg, ahah!" A small vortex of flames erupt around Mimiru's feet, swirling around of her as she focuses her chi and channels it through those crimson flames.

She lifts her right fist back, empowering and preparing to unleash her attack. "Yaaaaaahh!!" Mimiru shouts as she charges at Dan, leaving a blazing trail behind her. Her charge cuts short before she reaches Dan though, smashing her fist against the ground barely a few feet in front of Dan.

This literally causes a geyser of crimson flames to burst out in front of Dan's feet, meant to momentarily engulft him in this wide and large wave of flames.

COMBATSYS: Dan endures Mimiru's Defiance.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Mimiru           0/-------/-======|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2              Dan

So.. When one studies with Dan long enough one starts to... -Know- things. Himeko is pleased to see both fighters performing quite well and it's easy for her to both write and watch the match as it goes along! But the moment he exclaims 'Yes!' she murmurs, almost simultaneously, "'Even the most basic of Saikyo-ryu tactics are difficult to defend against'.. He's right! Be careful, Mimi-chan.." Not that she can hear her. Honestly, to this day Himeko still has a difficult time grasping what Mimiru's 'tactics' are exactly, which was why it tended to be difficult for the bookworm to embrace on her own.

But the moment where she can't help but go full-on fangirl is during the saikyo master's toothping, and she shrieks so loud that the person sitting next to her flings his popcorn up in the air and yells, "JESUS!"

Well, that's an awfully nice thing for Mimiru to say! Dan really is touched, flashing a giddy smile for a moment. But just a moment, because he's DAN, and he realizes that she's just acknowledging the inevitable truth! "Oh! But don't worry -- you've not seen -my- unbeatable techniques yet either, haha!" As the torrent of chi swirls up around him, Dan just flashes his perfect pearly-white smile back at Mimiru. Because he -knows- she's going to land in front of him! Haha, what a lame at--

And then a geyser of fire bursts out from his feet, overpowering the waves of chi he'd already been calling forth. Is she trying to use his own abilities AGAINST him?

"So you think your... iceberg flames are more powerful than MINE?! I think-- AHAHAHAHA THAT'S HOT"

The audience definitely stopped cheering at that, pretty much all of them going '... Ooooooh...' as Dan's gi actually -bursts intio flame- from the intense wave of flame that doesn't just -scorch- him -- it actually blasts him upwards, like a volcanic gas plume...

But, in this case, Dan's actually rocketing -forward- at Mimiru -- and he's also quick to turn a disadvantage into a strength! "Betcha thought you had me!" he cries out, gi still crackling with flames as he slams one flying kick towards her, followed by two more! DAN! DAN! DAN!"

COMBATSYS: Mimiru dodges Dan's Kuuchuu Dankuu Kyaku.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Mimiru           0/-------/-======|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\1              Dan

"How's that, huh!? Nothing can withstand my crimson flames!" Mimiru shouts as she straightens herself up, a fist rising up victoriously as Dan gets caught in her geyser of flames.

Her smile fades away and her eyes widen though as Dan literally bursts through the fading flames, with the curls of smoke still on his gi. Mimiru barely has the time to leap out of the way, rolling to safety, while Dan flies pass her.

Mimiru staggers back and attempts to get back on her feet as rapidly as possible. She charges back at Dan, "You'll need a lot more than that if you want to get rid of the Stray Dog of Southtown!! Kyaaa!!!"

A crimson flame blade lashes out from Mimiru's forearm as she approaches Dan and attempts to slash him out across his midsection with it.

COMBATSYS: Dan interrupts Firebrand from Mimiru with Kouryuken.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Mimiru           1/-----==/=======|=======\======-\1              Dan

Dan =did= withstand Mimiru's crimson flames! ... But only because he CHOSE to. YEAAAAH! And also, moving around while on fire is freaking awesome. Every swirl of his foot, every move he makes trailing fire -- that's the stuff!

Of course, he doesn't HIT. That would've been even more of the stuff.

Landing in a low crouch, he swivels back around to face his challenger -- but doesn't rise.

Teeth bare themselves in another wide grin as he... winks! A lot more than that, she asks for? "Comin' right up!"

Dan rises from his crouch all of a sudden, his balled-up fist leading the charge. Mimiru's flaming blade neatly slashes across his already-burning gi -- it might have hurt more if he weren't already on fire, admittedly, but the flame is hot enough to leave a hideous scorch mark upon his flagrantly pink gi.

But it's hard to tell, because Dan's fist is embedded in Mimiru's midsection. And the updraft of his chi-accelerated ascent is powerful enough to carry both champion and challenger several feet into the air -- with Mimiru most likely being accelerated even higher into the air from the mighty blow, which Dan encunciates with a roar: "KOOOOURYUKEN!"

The Stray Dog demanded more? Well she was definately not going to be disappointed by Dan's bold yet quite efficent move! Mimiru is still arched foward from her attack that Dan's fist breaks through her crimson flames and interrupts Mimiru's attack and htis her square in her abdomen.

A cry of pain comes out of Mimiru's throat as she's literally bent over by the force of the blow, sent flying high up as Dan's chi empowered jump makes him leap up and just knocks Mimiru further away from his mighty blow.

Her body is limp as it flies off a dozens feet away from Dan and it crashes down with a loud *thud*, kicking up some dust from her fall. When the dust clears up, Mimiru is still moving but she's definately in bad shape. She managed to roll on all four as she attempts to recover, one arm clutched around her stomach, trying to make the echoing pain go away.

Mimiru pants loudly, obviously fatigued from her relentless assaults against Dan. She was starting to feel its backlash a little now. Still despite all of this, Mimiru's lips curl into a smile. The pain just made her feel more alive : "Now we're talking!" She says through gritted teeth. Mimiru forces herself back to her feet and she charges toward Dan, swinging her fist for his midsection.

COMBATSYS: Dan dodges Mimiru's Medium Punch.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Mimiru           1/-----==/=======|=======\======-\1              Dan

Dan may be getting on in years, but he is more than happy to be the vanguard of the next generation of fighters! He firmly believes that the Saikyo-ryu school of martial arts is the path to enlightenment, because, well, look what it's done for him! So while he is a bit... melancholy about hitting Mimiru as hard as he has, he firmly believes that whatever doesn't kill a person makes them stronger. He grins back at her strained smile -- that's the spirit! And he's eager to see how much stronger Mimiru can become!

Just... not right this minute. The Saikyo-ryu master's smile turns to a panicked frown as he sees how -fast- Mimiru charges back at him, his back arching and hands flailing wildly to either side -- it's like his midsection is simply retreating faster than the rest of him! "Uwaaaa-ah!"

Not... the most graceful of escapes, that's for sure -- the fist whistles perilously close to his SAIKYO abdomen! But then balance finally catches up with him, and he carries through, flinging himself into a sideways tumble and roll-roll-rolling off to the side.

"Y-you put some speed on that one, challenger!" he cries, balling his fist as he drops to a kneel. "But one thing you have yet to learn from Saikyo-ryu is... that Saikyo-ryu is simply better than anything else you've ever seen!

He rises to his feet, a feral tenacity creeping into his features as he curls his hands to his side, a vortex of chi beginning to swirl into existence. "You may have seen other fighters use something similar to this... but rest assured, my challenger... you're looking at the REAL DEAL now!" He takes a half step forward, raising his hands. One hand goes high, one hand goes low, with the vortex of chi swirling larger into a veritable maelstrom! "HAOH!"

Okay. 'Maelstrom' sounds way more intense than this is. It looks more like a wobbly pancake.

But then the pancake ROCKETS out towards Mimiru, aiming to flapjack, er... -flatten- her if she's unlucky enough to be within its path! "GADOOOOOUKEN!!"

COMBATSYS: Dan successfully hits Mimiru with Haoh Gadouken.
Glancing Blow

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Mimiru           1/---====/=======|======-\-------\0              Dan

The pink haired lass is just like a charging bull : she hurled her fist with all her might toward Dan and when he manages to sidestep out of the way she stumbles foward not to lose her balance. "There's a first time to everything! I fear Saikyo-ryu won't be enough to defeat the Stray Dog of Southtown!" Mimiru replies as she manages to regain her bearing and face Dan once more.

She takes a step back and braces herself for Dan's incoming attack : with the distance between them, if she remains alert long enough, she should be able to avoid this one and slip out of the way. Her lips curl into a cocky, confident smirk.

Easy. She's got this.

The flying pancake flies in Mimiru's direction. The girl gracefully sidesteps out of the way! She flashes a big victorious grin, "Is that the..." Alas, she doesn't have the time to finish her sentence that the chaotic wave of energy actually wobbles and smacks her shoulder. She was almost out of the way! The motion of the projectile ended up hitting Mimiru's shoulder and it makes her spin around from the impact, flipping around before she lands on her butt literally with a loud, painful groan.

Mimiru grits her teeth and she glares up at Dan, "Okay, now you got me angry!" She shouts and then she dashes foward to try and close on Dan. No more flashy chi it seems, she's resorting to brute force as she attempts to tackle him.

COMBATSYS: Mimiru successfully hits Dan with Light Kick.
- Power hit! -

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Mimiru           1/---====/=======|=======\-------\1              Dan

Oh. So Dan had her all fired up, she'd -liked- it, and ... now she's angry? "Angry?!" Dan actually looks -upset- that Mimiru's upset -- a vicious, terrible cycle. "But I've been working so -hard- on that one!" comes his ... whine? THERE'S NO WHINING IN BELT MATCHES!

But it seems that Mimiru's drive seems to be paying off, as Dan... well, he's not expecting the young woman to move so -fast- after taking a full-on hit from his Kouryuken! Clearly he needs to practice more!

His elbows drop this sides after his Haoh Gadouken, and he seems to be ready to defend against Mimiru. But... tackle? Who -tackles- a man easily two or three times your size? Dan really didn't expect -that- attack, and indecision -- should he move, or just take it head-on? -- proves to be his undoing.

"GAH!" he howls, knocked onto his back. There's a rather loud -thump- as his cranium bumps against the floor. "OW!" he cries out again, for emphasis.

But as he's knocked down, he rolls like a log out to the side, not wanting to be stuck under the Stray Dog for long. It reminds him of that time back in grade school when... okay, too much info? Too much!

Point is, Dan's wrested himself free of Mimiru's relentless wrath, and he kips back to a low crouch. "OKAY, challenger... this is it! Are you ready?!" And with one sudden, blurring rush, Dan charges at Mimiru once more, leading with his fist! He aims to blast the Taiyo graduate into the air once more with a leaping uppercut! "KOURYUUU--" But it's not as hard as the last one -- oh, no! It's only intended to juggle Mimiru into the air long enough for Dan to pirouette around, and slam a -second- uppercut, directly upward, with enough force to send Mimiru flying hiiiiigh into the sky! "--REKKKAAAAAA!"

COMBATSYS: Mimiru blocks Dan's Kouryuu Rekka.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Mimiru           1/-======/=======|-------\-------\0              Dan

One might not expect it from your average woman... But Mimiru? She's the Stray Dog of Southtown : a powerful and untamed beast! If Dan thought he could stand in Mimiru's way when she's angry, he was direly mistaken.

Knocking him away like that with a full body tackle was just what Mimiru needed to regain the momentum in this fight and recover some confidence. Her lips curl into a wide grin, standing triumphantly, "Come on! I'm waiting for it!" Mimiru shouts as Dan crouches and prepare himself to unleash his fury of his own.

No mistake this time though : Mimiru's waiting for it and she won't screw up this time : Mimiru moves both of her arms to block the incoming uppercut. The strength of his blow manages to knock her off her feet, but Mimiru reacts rapidly enough to guard herself against the second uppercut, which sends her flying a few feet away...

She lands on her feet and into a low crouch. Even if Mimiru managed to block Dan's powerful blows, her arms are trembling with pain. She grits her teeth, a wicked smile slowly spreading on her lips, "Alright... We're done with this little game...? Now it's by turn to show you what I can do!"

Her right hand tightens into a fist, curls of smokes leaving her fingers. Mimiru risues up and charges at Dan, "Kyaaaa!!" She shouts as she swings her fist for Dan's midsection.

The moment her fist connects with something, a powerful burst of crimson flames explode from her fist to engulf Dan's body.

COMBATSYS: Dan fails to interrupt Scarlet Slaughter from Mimiru with Otoko Nage.

[                      \\\\\\\\  <
Mimiru           0/-------/-----==|

COMBATSYS: Dan can no longer fight.

[                      \\\\\\\\  <
Mimiru           0/-------/-----==|

"I CAN'T LOOK!" Himeko slaps her hands over her eyes as the intensity of the match is starting to prove too much for her. She knows she wanted both of them to win, but with Dan unleashing his Koryu Rekka then Mimiru her Scarlet Slaughter, it's clear that one of them is going to end up a carcass. She can't watch! OH THE HUMANITY! Won't someone please think of the children!!

Mimiru sounds -angry!- Dan didn't really know what to do about this! But once he starts his uppercuts, there's really no call but for him to continue with the motions, as both of his furious uppercuts are blocked!

So that makes -three- of his powerful Kouryukens that the Stray Dog of Mimiru has managed to weather, he considers, as he pulls his fist back away. Drawing back, he raises his arms in a defensive posture, the grin starting to fade. We're =done= with this little game, she says? "... Uh... s'cuse me... what -game- are you talking about?! This isn't a -game-... this is GLORIOUS COMBAT! My reputation as the PREMIER ENTERTAINER of SOUTHTOWN is on the line!"

Of course, as he says this, Mimiru's already demonstrating how much she can entertain, as flames roil forth from her fist like steam from a boiling kettle.

And then it hits Dan, like a crack of thunder: the moment -- the one terrible, audacious moment, where if only he could just strike the pinpoint at the right moment, the clouds would part and bathe him in the glory of sweet salvation, accompanied by the choir of angels, cherubs, and... his FATHER?!! 'It's pretty sweet up here, Dan!'

All Dan would have to do is step forward and grab for the young woman's shirt, all in the split second she's left herself wide open!

But he's too busy lost in thought. The moment passed! And Mimiru's already punched him in the stomach. See, the vision? It was actually triggered by Mimiru's punch, which had burst forth with enough flametastic fiery fury to cause the clouds overhead to part, and the sound of angels singing? Yyyyyeah, that was Dan's gi bursting on fire again.

Dan himself? Tears are streaming from his face as he flies backwards, still lost in the dream. Dude got owned, yo. His back hits the ground a good twenty feet back, his mouth frozen in the awe of the most bodacious punch ever.

T H E - - C R O W D - - G O E S - - W I L D. Except for Himeko. She just goes crazy.

Nothing resists the Scarlet Slaughter! That's why it's called a Scarlet Slaughter.

Mimiru pants loudly from the exortion and strain it has on her body. She keeps her combat stance, waiting for the curls of smokes from her fiercesome blast to dissipate. She was half expected Dan to dash right back at her, but as the smoke grows thin, she sees his limp body lying on the ground.

She straightens herself up a bit, "This... This is it..?" She mutters under her breath, blinking almost in surprise. When Mimiru had challenged the champion, she had not expected this outcome. Her only wishes were a chance to fight for the thrill and to let a part of her brother live through her.

The crowd goes wild, cheers and shouts coming from them. What better way to finish this? Her best move, the most iconic one to defeat and overcome the champion!

Mimiru's lips curl into a wide grin, closing her eyes, letting the crowd's cheers carry her over, like a drug. It was exalting. She lifts her gaze up to the sky, "Brother.. This one was for you," She whispers to herself.

She then rises her fist high up in the air, "Yaaaaaaa!!!" She shouts in glee and joy, a single tear welling up in Mimiru's eye. "I've done it!!"

The Stray Dog of Southtown continues to live, now more than ever... Everyone will be talking about it.

"Did she just-- Okay.. But... he's not... right." Frenzied communication goes back and forth from the announcer's booth, it seems he didn't -quite- mute the mic for those few moments. But then...


The crowd is going -wild-, as mentioned! Some people are pumping their fists in triumph. Others are grabbing each other and shaking in pure unadulterated revelry over how freaking awesome that was!

Dan... well, he's on his back. But there -are- four representatives from the Circuit of Champions present. They had to extricate the champion's trenchcoat from the ties of the belt -- it seems the champion -- now, former champion -- had fastened it a bit too tightly to the belt on one side, in his fervor to get ready for the match. But they still managed to loosen the tie!

And while two lovely ladies bring the belt out to Mimiru, a young man is here with a microphone, sweeping in to bring Mimiru's fist up to the heavens! "LET'S GIVE IT UP FOR THE! STRAAAAAY! DAAAAAAAAAWG!!"

As for Himeko, she parts her fingers enough for her to peek through them as the crowd continues to go bonkers. Though the people in front of her stood up so she ends up having to not just get up, but also stand on the chair so she can see! While the announcer makes it pretty obvious who won, it's still great to see the look on Mimiru's face- It's clear she really wanted it. And while, in her opinion, Dan deserved to be champion, her best friend did as well so she can come to peace with that. But poor sensei..
She isn't certain if she'll be able to catch the Stray Dog after this, but she -is- able to make a quick updated on 'where':
Congratulations to Mimiru Kasagi: New Eastern Pro Chamion. Spread the word and show your support!

Mimiru barely seems to notice what is happening around her. There's a blissful fog in her mind, the lights, the cheers everything. It was enthralling, intoxicating. Her lips are curled into a wide grin as she keeps her hands up in the air.

Then all of a sudden, she has the belt in her hands. She blinks and glances at it, brings it up to her hands to stare at it. It was surreal. The pink haired girl cries with happiness. Was she dreaming? It sure felt like it...

She grins and lifts the belt up to show it for everyone to see. All she can hear in her ears are 'Stray Dog' being shout.

A dream come true.

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