Makoto - What Goes Around...

Description: Looking to grab a little cheap publicity by picking a fight with the local band of ruffians at the infamous Gedo High school of Southtown, American super-star Johnny Cage ends up with an opponent he didn't expect and both of them get a little taste of karmic justice.



"JC, baby, I'm telling ya! This will be a great publicity stunt! Part of the Gedo High reform curriculum is for them to do community service like this! It's a win/win situation!"

It's an unusual gathering just outside the Gedo High School courtyard, at least unusual because there's no police around. A filming crew has set up shop here looking ready to do some improvised filming, full of technicians, producers, and of course, the inevitable giddy agent talking to his golden star. The intense looking Johnny Cage with his permanent shades hiding his eyes dressed in an expensive looking tuxedo.

"I hope this crazy idea of yours works, Harry." Says Cage as he begins to unbutton his jacket and take off his tie. "I didn't sign up to beat on some punk kids."

"Trust me, JC! These guys are almost all of them delinquents a step away from the slammer. You will be doing them a favor by making them appear in the big screen! I can see it now; Johnny Cage, helping the world's youth by teaching them martial arts! The public will just eat it right up!"

If attracting attention was their goal, the small film crew has succeed with flying colors. An ever expanding ring of students has begun to gather around the area laid out for the main event. Most of them look just like one might expect from the reputation that Gedo High has. Leather jackets and fingerless gloves seem to be in high fashion here, alongside faded jeans and bizarre punkish hairstyles. Chains are the primary form of jewelry amongst the populace and a constant jingle-jangle of loose metal fills the air as more and more bodies drift towards the commotion.

The looks that the famous movie star is getting from the almost entirely male crowd are not ones of adoration and hero-worship. Quite a few of them have scowls that speak of something to prove and a rather open disdain for some showboating upstart setting up shop right on their front doorstep. Those are the nicer ones. Quite a few of the on-lookers appear to be carrying weapons as well; baseball bats, wooden kendo swords, golf clubs, tennis rackets - there's even a guy with a shotput dangling over his shoulder.

Unfortunately, Daigo and most of his trusted underbosses seem to be otherwise disposed at the moment. There's no one doing much to keep the crowd under control. Ironically, the presence of the cameras might be the only thing keeping them from just jumping the lot of the Hollywood creampuffs. That or the passive threat of the reprecussions such actions might have when Daigo /does/ find out. Either way, a tension fills the air like boiling water ready to spill over the edge of a kettle.

Whatever apprehension Johnny Cage had about his debut with the Japanese youth of Gedo High quickly vanishes when he realizes that he has /quite/ the receptive crowd. Whereas Johnny's agent and the rest of the film crew start to keep a healthy distance away from the Gedo punks, the intimidating crowd of gangsters seems to have the completely opposite effect on Cage.

He just smells that thrill of battle in the air. He is in his element here, he's in a hostile environment, totally unprepared, surrounded with people that want to kick his ass. "Aaah.. just like high school!" Cage smiles a broad toothy grin to the Gedo High students and rips his jacket off, revealing his astoundingly tacky name tattooed to his own chest. You thought that the Gedo fashion was bad? Wait till you get a load of this guy.

"Well, who's it gonna be first!?" Johnny swaggers his way to the crowd of hooligans ready to pound on him, waving his hands towards him as if he were soaking in on the applause. "That's right! Don't be afraid of stepping up to take the champ!" He cackles and adjusts his shades. "Man, I'm so pretty!"

"Pretty full of yourself, more like it!"

Despite the overwhelming masculine presence gathered before Johnny, the voice that rings out first in answer to his challenge is decidedly feminine; harsh, deeper than usual, and lacking in the ususal soft tones, but overtly female, nonetheless. Amazingly, the crowd of delinquents, thugs, and street toughs who are ready to chew the actor up and spit out the bones begins to move almost instantly, parting before a small figure that marches directly up the newly formed channel through the masses as if they were Moses striding across the floor of the Red Sea.

Standing little more than five feet tall, Makoto still manages to cut a striking figure as she draws closer. Unlike her fellow Gedo students, the young woman is dressed in something that looks halfway respectable, a standard Japanese-style female school uniform hanging loosely about her slender frame. By contrast, her hair looks like she slept directly on her head and then stood in a wind-tunnel for an hour or two, but even that manages to look refined and natural compared to the multi-hued mohawks and towering spikes of the boys around her.

The look she gives Johnny as she approaches isn't much more friendly than those he's been getting from the others. Infact, most of the students actively go out of their way to give her room, as if her glare were some kind of laser beam carving the path that she strides. Makoto's scowl deepens when she finally comes to a halt before the tall American, taking note of the letters flamoyantly tattooed across his now-shirtless chest.

"You must have a deathwish, coming to this place to pick a fight." She gaze shifts to the cameras and she snorts. "They here to record your obituary?"

Exactly /how/ feminine?? Given this is the Action Star Johnny Cage we're talking about, it's a good thing Makoto decided to wear something more flattering to her physique, let Johnny gets the obviously erroneous impression of Makoto given his poor judge of character. Nevertheless, impulsive as he may be, Johnny is still perceptive enough to notice when someone commands a great deal of power amongst their peers. The sea of young hooligans parting to give way to the diminutive, yet still burly, girl implies that she can handle herself pretty well.

"Huh." Johnny lowers his shades to get a better look at Makoto glaring at him. "How does that Japanese saying go? If a bunny hangs with wolves that must be one badass bunny."

Mr. Cage is a hard man to impress though, because as inspiring as Makoto's apperance may be to the other students, Johnny just shrugs off her warning and gives her his back, looking as if he's ready to just walk off. "So far all we're here to record is a whole lotta nothing. All these guys look like they're too scared to tango, probably better off with their mommies."

He yawns and scratches the back of his head. "Man, what the hell, Harry. I though you said Gedo students were supposed to be tough."

The entire crowd visibly bristles at that dismissive remark. Weapons are lifted, chains rattle, teeth grind, all sorts of other not-so-subtle signs that the actor is about to find out what happens when you kick the hornet's nest a few too many times.

Makoto stops them with a simple motion, one hand lifting in the universal gesture to wait without even turning to look at the mass of people trembling with anger and outrage. Again, she stands apart from her peers, a port of calm in the brewing storm all around her. There is a cold fury boiling underneath the surface as well but rage is a part of who she is and she is the master of it, not the other way around. Most of the time, atleast.

The girl takes another few strides towards Johnny when he turns his back, her fists balling up into small rocks at her side, and she calls out to him again, her voice swelling with barely contained annoyance.

"You want to run that past me again, foreigner?!"

And Cage grins.

Because if there is something he knows how to do.

Is how to work a crowd.

"Heh!" The movie star chuckles whilst still giving his broad back to Makoto and her squad of goons, hands arrogantly placed on his hips. He knows that the tough broad that is calling him out is the one that is behind him and if that's the way it's gotta go, well, Johnny is an expert at playing a role, and the role of being a total douchebag is one he is intimately familiar with.

He spins on his heel, hands still on his hips, and looks at Makoto with the biggest shit eating grin. "What? You guys gonna let someone's little sister do the fighting for ya?" A helpless shrug of his shoulders. "Not gonna judge! Just saying that's /pretty/ lame, guys."

He cracks his neck and limbers up as he faces Makoto. "Alright, little lady. You want to defend your school's honor? I hope you're prepared to dance with the stars."

COMBATSYS: Johnny Cage has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Johnny Cage      0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Makoto has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Makoto           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0      Johnny Cage

Little sister? Well, yeah, she is actually. Her brother is already a successful businessman so he's not a student here but, even if he was, he's not the sort to deal with this kind of thing. But the way Johnny used the term was not in an endearing and positive fashion. Makoto has heard that tone before, a hundred thousand times in just as many places. It's something she's been dealing with since she was a little kid putting the playground bullies in their place despite being half their size - he just called her out for being a girl.

It's on.

Makoto's expression undergoes a somewhat fascinating and terrifying transformation as the insult registers in the primal part of her brain that regulates emotional response. Her eyes widen in something that resembles shock and for a few brief moments she's struck apparently speechless. Her body begins to tremble, fists waivering in the air in little jerking motions. Makoto's shoulders hunch up and she lowers her head, her entire body shaking in what can only be the beginnings of a terribly girlish outburst of tears and emotion... right? That's what girls do isn't it?

Well, not this one, apparently. When Makoto looks back up her entire face is bright red. Not in the girlish blush of embarrassment sort of way - literally, bright red. The discoloration quickly spreads through the rest of her body, washing outwards from her face like a creeping mold that quickly takes over the rest of her exposed skin turning her into what looks like a miniature Japanese oni who lost her horn.

Makoto lets out a bellow of terrible rage and throws herself bodily at the super-star. She moves like a bolt of greased lightning, tearing across the space between them in a flash of astounding speed for someone with such short legs and her fist comes crashing in towards his well-toned chest trailing a faint red aura like a meteor hitting the atmosphere.

COMBATSYS: Johnny Cage blocks Makoto's Oroshi.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Makoto           0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0      Johnny Cage

Johnny is, not surprisingly, enough of a total douche bag to recognize the tell tale signs of a girl starting to cry. Just as Mr. Cage was rubbing his nose and relaxing into his Jeet Kune Do stance, he noticed that Makoto's shoulders had risen up and her face had lowered. "Oops." You've really done it now, Cage. "Hey! Lighten up, kid! I was just messing with ya! It's just show bizz, ya know? No hard feelings!"

But it's too late, because as Cage quickly realizes, Makoto wasn't about to cry, she was boiling mad!! "YIKES!!" It's only through quick reflexes that he manages to bring his arms up to defend himself and take the intense blast on his forearms to protect his tattooed chest. The impact is hard enough to send him skidding backwards. "Jeebus! We got a live one here! I hope you guys are getting all this!" He yells back to his filming crew.

Johnny takes just one moment to brush the area where Makoto's fist crashed into his forearm, before he chokes the distance by quickly stepping towards her. "Not bad, kid! Now watch this!" Green after images of the actor appear behind him as he glides across the ground and throws a chi powered side thrust kick directly at Makoto's jaw. Yeah, that ain't special effects, that stuff is real.

COMBATSYS: Makoto interrupts Shadow Kick from Johnny Cage with Hayate EX.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Makoto           0/-------/-======|====---\-------\0      Johnny Cage

Makoto's fist continues the trek downwards even as the arrogant actor slides back and the side of her hand craters into the pavement, splitting asunder beneath the might of her karate chop. That... probably hurt. Then again, maybe not. The girl doesn't even blink as she withdraws her tiny red hand from the hole it left in the ground, nor does she appear to be suffering from any obvious distortions that might indicate broken bones. Her skin is barely grazed for crying out loud!

Still as red as a boiled lobster, Makoto turns towards the man who is still taunting her and snorts again. Her nostrils flare like an enraged bull and... was that a puff of /steam/?! Just as requested, the small karateka watches Johnny's movement with intense focus, eyes narrowing when he winds up and unleashes his shimmering slide kick.

Two can play at that game.

Makoto sucks in a lungful of air and drops into an aggressive stance, one hand thrust directly out infront of her with the palm facing at him as if she plans to stop him with nothing more than that. The other rises up parallel to her ear and she lets out a deep gutteral kiai as power gathers within her body.

It takes only a split second for this exchange to go down. Almost the moment her fist rises the small girl lurches into forward motion, her body flying towards the actor in a mirror of his own move. His foot slams into her side first, having the longer reach between the two of them, but she manages to roll with the blow and it slides off to one side, allowing her to close the final gap and bring her fist crashing home against his ribcage.

Here comes the exchange, the camera focuses in on the two incoming fighters colliding against one another and...

"OOF!!" Johnny gets the worst of it by taking the fist clean on his side knocking him out of his standing leg as he wheezes in pain. He is sent crashing backwards against the pavement, landing on his back first with an "Ow!" another roll as he scrapes his knees, and finally a car mercifully stops his momentum when he crashes the back of his head against its door with another grunt. "Wellp.."

The action star sits there for a moment wide eyed before he stands up and adjusts his shades, walking calmly back to the fight. All smiles and grins whereas Makoto is literally fuming mad.

"Heey, you got some style, kiddo! I can see you've taken some kind of Shotokan Karate haven't ya? What's your dojo?" Johnny C. is all about the publicity after all, if this girl practices a particular style, this is her best opportunity to advertise it. But he's also kind of a sneaky bastard and may be just buying time to pop his rib back in place, because yowza, that hurt.

COMBATSYS: Johnny Cage enters a meditative state.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Makoto           0/-------/-======|======-\-------\0      Johnny Cage

Even though she came out on top in that exchange, Johnny's kick left a pretty good bruise on her side. Already she can feel the blood welling up and her nerves protesting their abuse but like always their voices fall on deaf ears. Pain like this is nothing; she's done worse cleaning the dojo.

Her opponent's trip across the pavement does give Makoto a brief moment to collect her composure, however, and the roiling anger begins to drop to a low simmer, allowing her to form coherent words besides 'raaah!' and 'graaah!' once more.

Then Johnny opens his mouth again and it surges right back up to the top.


Makoto practically sputters in protest and the red in her face grows to a darker hue. She has nothing but respect for the shotos but her style is pretty damn distinct - not to mention better. The girl takes a pair of steps forward as her fists clench up again and she lifts one in a threatening gesture towards him.

"I'll have you know that I am the sole MASTER of RINDOU-KAN karate! No other style can compare to the MIGHT and DISCIPLINE of my dojo! If you've any respect for the ART of martial combat then quit talking and start FIGHTING!"

It isn't a request. Makoto lurches into motion again, planting one foot on the pavement and blasting herself forward across the gap between them in a single bound. Her fist comes in again but rather than throw herself bodily into a single punch, the powerful brawler drops into a solid stance and unleashes another pair of rapid but heavy straights in quick succession, hammering away at him like a blacksmith pounding an anvil.

COMBATSYS: Johnny Cage blocks Makoto's Yamase.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Makoto           1/-------/=======|=======\-------\0      Johnny Cage

That kind of always happens whenever Johnny opens his mouth.

Johnny all but archs back and sort of brings his open palm close to his face when Makoto goes into an enraged rant about her superior fighting style. Getting scolded by a girl that is likely half his age, another regular night for Mr. Cage no doubt. "Whoa! Take it is!" The actor says helplessly not realizing that he had just dug deep into troubling world of martial art politics. "Rindoukan, Shotokan, what's the difference? I mean, they both end with kan." Oh my God...

Fortunately Makoto seems to know that the best way to shut Johnny up is to attack him. The super star braces himself as yet another attack comes and he curls up again to take the blows on his forearms. After the brief exchange, Johnny jumps back and out of Makoto's fist range to give himself some room to maneuver and whistles as the girl urges him to keep fighting. "Alright! Here it comes!!" Calls the actor as he gathers green energy to his hand and flicks an overhead chi projectile as if he were a shooting a basketball to Makoto's face.

COMBATSYS: Johnny Cage successfully hit Makoto with Out Take.
- Power hit! -

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Makoto           1/--=====/=======|=======\=------\1      Johnny Cage

Makoto glowers at the mouthy American as he retreats from her yet again, digging his own grave deeper and deeper. This one is slippery, and despite his bluster, he atleast seems to know how to keep from getting crushed in a punch or two. His dismissive comment causes her to fume yet more and her brows furrow until they practically crease her skull.

"There is a HUGE difference! Not that a PHONY like you would underst-!"

The glowing energy projectile slams right into her forehead as she starts to chew him out again. Makoto staggers, her growling chastisement turning into a pain cry of outrage and fury. The suddenness of the manuever manages to completely throw her off her game and the brilliant red coloration to her skin quickly evaporates, proving to be more than just some weird side effect of her emotional outbursts.

The bright energy sends stars and washes of color through her vision as she pushes back to her feet and despite her steadily increasing desire to throttle Johnny and leave him in a ditch somewhere, she's forced to take a moment and recover herself.

COMBATSYS: Makoto gains composure.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Makoto           1/---====/=======|=======\=------\1      Johnny Cage

"Hey! Whoa!" It looks like now it's Johnny's turn to get angry. "PHONY!? Have you even /seen/ any of my movies, sister!? I'm huge! And I can guarantee you I don't use any stun doubles!"

All this is happening as the power ball is finishing its arch and hits Makoto right on the head making Johnny wince a little. That look like it smarted.

Problem is, Johnny really is at least perceptive enough to at the very least realize when an opponent is getting of their game. Makoto's skin returning to its normal color tells Johnny that it may be time to seize the moment. He grins broadly and calls two energy balls on each hand as he begins to juggle them.

"Hey, check this one out." He chuckles and throws one of those energy spheres towards Makoto, bouncing it on the ground before it heads for the karateka's girls face. "Up top!" Then Johnny whirls and tosses the other energy ball behind his back making it sail straight for the girl's stomach. "Down low!"

Nothing happens in Gedo High without Daigo eventually hearing about it. Filming crew along with a western super star? Now that's definately an unusual sight in Gedo High. The tall man almost thought this was some sort of bad joke when he heard the super star had been looking for a fight.

Though after hearing the loud cheers from the gathered crowd around the fight, Daigo decided to go have a look. Who could he be fighting? He's heard some of the students say he picked up on a girl... Rocket? No, there's only one person that comes to mind to take up an open challenge like that.

When Daigo manages to squeeze past a few students, he notices the sight of Makoto who seems to be taking a moment to recover her bearings. He blinks. That was unexpected.

A deep and powerful voice shouts out at Makoto, "What the hell, Makoto!? Why is he still standing!? Break his balls!! Show him what you've got!" He seems somewhat midly amused at the thought.

COMBATSYS: Johnny Cage successfully hit Makoto with Take Two.
- Power hit! -

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Makoto           2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|=======\==-----\1      Johnny Cage

The jeers from the crowd aren't helping. The dancing lights infront of her face still make it a little too hard to get a clear bead on her opponent so she turns towards the sound of the voice that just yelled at her from the crowd in order to say something rude. Those spots in her vision also do a pretty good job of disguising the second wave of energy orbs that come sailing her way.

The first ball bounces skillfully off the pavement, ricochetting up at a angle to catch her square beneath the chin. The impact blasts her upwards hard enough to make her loose her footing and she staggers backwards, barely managing to keep from falling over until the second plows her in the gut a moment later. The girl doubles over in pain, actually falling to her knees from the combined assault of the glimmering chi.

Alright, so maybe not so phony.

Makoto clutches at her stomach, hunched over on the ground. Her teeth grind together in a frenzy of anger and disgust, mostly at herself for allowing this blowhard to make a fool of her. She can't take much more of this. Spiritual defense was always her weakness and this guy is hitting the nail on the head.

"No! Not yet! I'm not... done yet!"

Slamming her fist on the ground, Makoto rises up to stand once more. She wobbles a little but doesn't let it show too much, quickly recovering and dropping into a lower stance that keeps her balance better. She takes a deep breath and settles herself, exhaling harshly and dismissing the blazing fire in her body from her mind. There is only focus, there is only discipline. All that pain? She's about to mail it Return to Sender.


Letting loose a wordless warcry, Makoto leaps into the air... away from Johnny? She zips through the empty space behind her like a rocket and lands with a surprising amount of grace against the side of one of the camera mounts. The equipment shrieks in protest as she crashes into it but it holds up long enough for her to use the flat surface for a launching pad, blasting directly back towards the actor with even more speed than before.

Her leg snaps out as she streaks towards him in a blur of feet and fluttering skirts, driving her heel towards his gut. She lands hard but the momentum only fuels further assault. Makoto's knee snaps up like a piston and she follows through with a spinning roundhouse, easily reaching high enough to swing at the tall American's head. The final blow comes in the form of a quick step forward which she uses to get close enough to blast her fist straight up towards his jaw in a devastating vertical uppercut.

COMBATSYS: Johnny Cage blocks Makoto's Abare Tosanami Kudaki.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Makoto           0/-------/<<<<<<<|=======\===----\1      Johnny Cage

"Boom!" Cackles Johnny in an amazing display of douchebaggery that can only come from years of practice. "3-Points!" This man turns it into a fine art.

With Makoto doubling over in pain, Johnny seems ready to call it quits himself. He looks back at the camera and makes a cut throat motion to his manages looking if anybody should throw the towel for this chick. There's a difference between a douchebag and being a bully, and as much of an asshole as Cage is, he's not one to beat on downed fighters, particularly if they happen to be much younger than him and are girls.

Johnny's agent seems inclined to agree, until Makoto is suddenly back to her feet and.. up in the air! "What the hell??" Johnny wonders out loud and sees her fly past him to land on one of the cameras. "Whoa! Hey uh.. we got insurance for that right?" Because he sure as hell ain't paying for any of the damages.

Thing is he should be more concerned about the damage that's going to happen to him! "Oh hell!" Cage's eyes widen behind his shades when Makoto lands right on top of him with a heel strike. Again, Johnny crosses his arms across his abdomen and takes the blow on his forearms, quickly shifting his defense to a shoulder block to stop the incoming roundhouse at his face, and finally brings his palms up to defend his chin and prevent Makoto's uppercut from damaging the goods.

"Yo! Not the face!" With Makoto being this close to him, Cage might as well to his ultimate, most devastating attack! Because in the end, he kind of really is a douche.

With the Karateka bouncing back from her attack, Cage does a leg split to lower himself down to the girl's waist and swings an uppercut straight to her box. "HOOOO!"

COMBATSYS: Makoto endures Johnny Cage's Nut Punch.

[                        \\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Makoto           1/-----<</<<<<<<<|=======\===----\1      Johnny Cage

Daigo can't help but wince a bit : seems like his good ideas and cheers haven't help Makoto much, or rather, that he came in just in time to see her take a rather brutal beating. He turns his gaze away for a moment, but he can't help but glance back to see it go through the end...

Johnny's defenses against Makoto's powerful attack and then... His low blow to Makoto's groin. Daigo winces even more so. Makoto might be a girl, a groin punch is still a groin punch. Looks like Johnny cage listened to him.

"No! Not you! Her!!" He shouts. Oh boy, things didn't look good for Makoto.

Again and again her attacks are turned aside and with every failed assault Makoto lends legitimacy to the skills of the loud-mouthed jerkbag standing in front of her. That alone is enough to enrage her further but her body simply isn't capable of taking the stress of another Tanden Renki in this state. She might actually hurt herself if she tried, even if it did let her get a little bit more power to throw at him.

Breathing heavily, Makoto recoils from her failed uppercut and drops into a wide stance, presumably to keep her already precarious balance and take a moment to line up the next strike. What she ends up doing is giving Johnny a perfect opportunity to go for the cheapest shot of all.

If she has any appreciation for cosmic irony it's lost in surge of overwhelming pain that shoots up through the girl's abdomen as the fist connects with a solid whump between her legs. Makoto's eyes widen in surprise but rather than crumple into a heap, which is the appropriate response, she steels herself and leans forward as if to use his shoulder as a crutch.

Instead, she digs her fingers into his hair and yanks the bastard straight up, trying to pull him to his feet.

"HOW... DARE.... YOU?!"

The words come strained through gritted teeth but the look of sheer rage and determination on her face is quite clear. Drawing her fist back dramatically, Makoto gathers what little energy she has left, taking all of her humilation and pain and anger, and feeding it into her fighting spirit. Then she drives her fist down towards Johnny's groin like the left hand of an angry god, intent on giving him a practical demonstration on how to properly deliver a low blow.

COMBATSYS: Makoto can no longer fight.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Johnny Cage      1/----===/=======|

COMBATSYS: Johnny Cage fails to counter Seichuusen Godanzuki EX from Makoto with Ball Buster.

[                       \\\\\\\  <
Johnny Cage      0/-------/----===|

The fist connects with unbelievable force, enough to double over even a grown man from the sheer kinetic impact, much less the target zone that it strikes. A trio of machine-gun punches rock into the super-star's bare chest, blasting at his chiseled pecks like a jackhammer. The final insult comes from below as Makoto crouches, sucking in a last breath of defiance which she lets out in an enthusiastic bellow as her fist drives up into his jaw.

So much for avoiding the face.


Makoto gives loud voice to the name of her ultimate technique but what strength she has left seems to evaporate with the effort and she once more crumples to the ground, dropping to her knees on the hard pavement. Sweat glistens on her forehead and she coughs harshly, her lungs burning from the lingering touch of the actor's glitzy chi strikes, but she stubbornly remains conscious.

Johnny knows he is in a load of trouble when the angry chick actually stands her ground and /takes/ the blow to her groin with an enraged look. The actor's glasses slide down the bridge of his nose to look up at the furious girl with what's probably more than light concern. "Umm... nice.. form?"

Then she's grabbing him and pulling him up. "Wait! Can't we talk about this!?"

The answer to that would be a resounding no as Makoto SMASHES her fist right into the super star's crotch, before rapid punching him on his tattooed chest and delivers a final crushing fist to his jaw making fly sky high.

A few seconds later, Johnny falls head first on the ground and then flops into a prone position, arms and legs apart. "Uuuhh.. check please." He says raising a pointed finger, the only sign that he's even mildly conscious.

Despite the fact that she can't really claim a victory here, what with being crumpled up in incredible pain and all, Makoto manages to lift her head long enough to throw one final glare at the glib actor before turning her face towards the cameras. She hesitates for a few moments then gives her best smile and a V-sign towards the nearest one.

"If you want to learn... how to fight like that... come to Rindou-kan... dojo... and..."

She doesn't finish. A fresh surge of raw agony wells up in her stomach and Makoto topples forward onto her face, muttering a string of dark curses under her breath as her knees tuck up and her arms fold over the injury. She doesn't even seem to notice that her butt is sticking straight up in the air and she's still in her school uniform, skirt and all.

The cameras probably do though.

The last surge of energy from Makoto brings a smile to Daigo's lips... But as soon as she crashes in the most unlady like fashion, Daigo just grunts and just... face-palms.

COMBATSYS: Johnny Cage has ended the fight here.

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