SNF 2014.12 - SNF: Southtown Winter Prom, the Afterparty!

Description: DOGPILE!! Don't miss what happens during the Southtown Winter Prom's afterparty, when finally long-kindling rivalries flare and students end up sprawled all over eachother in a scene that the gossips aren't going to forget for a long time! (Winner: The Southtown schools' journalism clubs)

After the initial prom itself, which was capped off by a scintillating slow dance that went on for roughly half an hour, there really isn't a better place for an afterparty than... the Gorin Dome itself! While everyone in the live band has packed up and left, there's still quite a bit of action to be had, as the DJs are still spinning beats for the couple of promgoers still intent on getting their boogie on when not actually being accosted by the drama of Prom Queen and King competitions, random breakdancers, or other such groups and events.

While some of the crew at Gorin High are packing up some of the extraneous stuff, someone brought in a truck of fried chicken and new refreshments for the season. A lot of the folks who were organizing and performing other critical functions at the prom are also here--many of the students from the A/V clubs not involved in the lighting rig packing are milling about now, gossiping about their favorite pairings. The Billionaire Beat Boys are here too, enjoying themselves. Some are doing small stunts and showing off for the crowd if so compelled. A few are signing autographs. Even Great Teacher Hatake is floating around, embarassing students by asking them about their dates, and rating their dance skills. He's such a mischief maker.

One of the fun things available to do in the afterparty is taking a ride in the Gorin blimp, which is still hauling around that big old disco blal, but a scaffold has been set up to be able to board it and take a private ride with your sweetheart, if you wanted.

While a lot of the rowdier students have left to go have fiercer parties elsewhere, there's still a good number of people here. It's a pretty safe bet to say that the party will go on until the wee hours of the morning!

While many of the less hardcore have already retired for the night, the tall v-ball captain is... still hanging around. And so is her supposed 'date', Charlie Goodnight, who Natsu begrudingly accepts the company of. Because, really, why not?

But as the songs transition to more ... pre-packaged beats, Natsu's had her fill of dancing. Far from snapping at the Pacific student, though, the two parted on good terms: he just wants to dance his heart out, and she just wants to not dance her heart out. So, grabbing a glass of water from the water coolers, she makes her way over to the Prom Queen. Her hair's kind of a mess, but she's taller than like everyone so good luck calling her on it. "... Kashiwagi-san? I... I'm Natsu. I... just wanted to say hello!"

Such amazing strokes of luck for Himeko Kashiwagi; she was confident that she'd win the bid for Rock (even if it was a complete error on the computers part, but she'll never know that), but it caught her completely by surprise to end up the Prom Queen- The bookworm is confident in many things but her looks is most certainly not one of them and popularity is certainly questionable. That being the case the only 'logical' explaination is the aura of saikyo ryu, and she's way more than happy to accept that.
She seems oblivious to the nominees that are plotting her demise, and is talking to some of her fellow Journalist club members while Rock is doing something else. Something is afoot when said associates suddenly look upward. Not just upward, but with dazzling, sparkling eyes. When Himeko turns to see Natsu (and don't worry, Himeko's hair is a mess all the time), she suddenly straightens up with red cheeks as she exclaims, "You! Yes, you're N- Natsu Ayuhara, the Second Prince of Gorin High!" the first being that Drama Club girl that always plays Romeo. You know the one. "I- uh, I've seen some of your fights, you're really talented!"

It didn't take long after Daigo finally spotted Rocket that the two got seperated in the crowd. Alas, Rocket on her rollerblades was definately faster than Daigo could keep track of. You'd expect it'd be easy to find such a tall guy as Daigo, but when there are large crowd around.

As of sort, the tall imposing man roamed around the dome, watching with curiousity how the interactions between the school was going on. With some luck, he'd end up meeting with Rocket once again, and if not, he'll just have some fun on his own, figuring Rocket would as well.

All in all, it was an enjoyable night and Daigo stayed here till the very end, if only to make sure there would be no trouble.. Or just because he wanted to see his to the end.

With the crowd clearing up, Daigo spots the tall amazonian girl that didn't like his touch -- as well as the girl who was crowned queen of the prom. He makes his way toward both of them. He doesn't want to intrude, but when he has the chance to say something, he nods to her and says, "Hello Natsu... Hope you had a good evening," He smiles and then glances at Himeko and bows his head more respectfully so, "Miss Kashiwagi?"

"... Second... Prince?" Natsu eyes Himeko warily, wondering what the heck that appellation is all about. "I... I can't say the name's familiar to me, but alright!" It would kind of make sense since she's besties with the Prom King she voted for. Just desserts and all that.

Rubbing the nape of her neck with pink-tinged cheeks and no small amount of anxiety, she continues, "I'm actually really glad you won! Your dress is so much nicer, and to be honest, I don't know what I would've done with all -that- attention, haha!"

She thinks for a moment, realizing that Himeko had called attention to her fighting history. Which, admittedly, isn't a long record. "Oh... really? Thank you! I... I didn't think people would really recognize me that well... but" She pauses for a moment. "Oh! Now I remember, you ran... a stream on the Hibiki Dojo, right? Hina-chan was watching that with me. I didn't really get everything that was going on but you seemed really excited...!"

And it's right around then that Daigo walks up. Why, -why- does that guy seem so familiar, and yet, somehow not? She looks up to the mountain of a man, surprised that he remembered her name, since she's having trouble rem- Oh. There it is, right on the cue card... "Oh... Daigo, was it? It's... it's been a good evening, thank you for asking." She looks back and forth between Himeko and Daigo, before settling her gaze up on the taller: "... Just out of curiosity... "Second Prince of Gorin High," have you ever heard that name before?"

Things are still hovering around, and HInata, being the face of Taiyo as she is, would more than likely be still hanging around to socialize and mingle with whoever is left around. This leaves Brett to do the same, having already committed to taking Hinata home already. Of course, this means finding ways to do things ihmself.

Making his way to the remains of the drink table, the GOrin student finds a familiar face, surrounded by...less familiar ones.

The larger of the strangers catches Brett's eye, mostly because...well, he actually has to look UP to him, a rarity around here. "Um...hello...." he says, looking back to Natsu and smiling to her. "Ayuhara....hope you've been having a good time," he says, looking back to the dance floor. "Despite...him." He then turns back to his friend. "Too bad about the vote. If HInata didn't win, I was hoping you would have."

".. You really haven't heard?" Himeko asks as she raises a hand to tap her cheek with her pointer finger, but the flattery that follows seems to completely baffle her. The smaller girl is at a loss for a moment, then points said finger upward, "That's such an odd thing to say; I guess you really don't have any idea how popular you are in Taiyo! I guess that makes sense, though, since you don't attend there, but you're getting a lot more attention than you think! Which is really a miracle considering that Gorin isn't very popular."
If that weren't surprising enough, though, that Natsu recognizes her from even further back is pretty surprising, "Oh! I.. Ah.. Well, I'm Dan Hibiki's best student.. I practice Saikyo-Ryu and I'm -very- close to being a blackbelt! It's a very powerful style and its mantras are very theraputic!" she declares as if trying to convince herself that she's blackbelt worthy more than convincing Natsu.
Once addressed by Daigo, though, she firstly feels even smaller. Then she's extremely surprised, "The 'Big Boss' of Gedo High! H- Hello! I- Um.. I.. You're at a prom! I.. Could I have a picture with you please?"
And finally is when Brett arrives. There's been a lot of buzz in the newsroom lately about him and Hinata as of late, but maybe this isn't the best time for a deep grilling interview. But Himeko certainly knows who he is. The comment of Natsu being his second choice, though, embarrasses her considerably. Still, she gives a weak laugh, "Well... He's not wrong. You're much prettier."

Daigo arches a brow at Natsu's question. His lips curl into a gentle smile : he's obviously amused at the title. "I am afraid his reputation didn't reach Gedo High, alas," Daigo replies. He gives Natsu a shrug of his shoulder and adds, "It just makes you more curious about the First Prince than anything else, if you ask me..." He adds.

Daigo turns his attention back to Himeko, her reaction seems to surprise and amuse him at the same time, "Please, just call me Daigo. I'm not anyone's 'Big Boss'," He bows his head and says, "I'd love to, if you're willing to share it with me," He extends his hand to Himeko, palm up and he says, "I can't claim to have had the first dance with the queen of the prom, but I was wondering if you'd do me the honor of the last dance,"

==*== A FEW MINUTES AGO ==*==

The last slow dance before the band's departure has ended. When it does, Rocket starts to pull away from her dance partner, the red-clad legend known as Naozane Morinaga. As she does, though, one of Naozane's hands grabs her by the wrist.

"Hey, what gives?" she asks, brow furrowing.

"Rollerblade girl," he addresses her, a severe look in his eyes. "I would know your name."

"Oh. It's Rocket! Can I, uh... go now?"


Rocket starts to pull away again, but Morinaga still isn't letting go. In fact, he starts to drag her away from the dancefloor on her wheels.

"We will both go. It is time that that that dress were laundered. Or perhaps burned. In either case, on your hands and knees, I intend to claim you in the name of the Mori- ngh?!"

It is at this moment that Morinaga is interrupted by Rina suddenly yanking hard on his arm, sending him to the floor before bending said arm back in its socket.

"Uhh, I'm not sure what you're getting at, but my granddad said if a guy I was with started acting like that I should break his arm. And then he showed me how." She plants the wheels of one of her rollerblades on Morinaga's back. "But my grandfather's kind of a dick, so instead of doing that I'm just gonna go find my date and let you cool your jets or whatever."

She lets the arm go and skates off into the crowd to look for Daigo. Meanwhile, Morinaga is left lying on the ground, his expression severe and brooding. Then, after a moment, he speaks a single word in a deep, rumbling voice.


==*== NOW ==*==

"Yo, Daigo!"

Rocket rolls up to the big man, along with the others gathered around, sliding to a stop and crossing her arms over her stomach. She looks between Daigo and Himeko, tilting her head a little to one side. And then she looks up at Natsu.

Her eyes narrow.

"Wait a minute..."

Natsu's eyes cross as he shrugs back to her. His reputation... Gedo High... First Prince... "Oh, good, I'm not the only one who's never heard it before..." She laughs nervously, as if her hand were cemented to the back of her neck.

As for the chatty journalistic Prom Queen, she... raises an eyebrow. "I... I'm popular at -Taiyo?- H-how can that be, I'm just..." Natsu shrugs helplessly. Have Hinata and Sakura been overselling her reputation -that much?-

An easier topic for her to address would be Saikyo-ryuu, which gives her pause to catch her breath. "Oh, Saikyo-ryuu is great. Hina-chan says I should come try it out, but I guess I'd feel weird about it interacting with volleyball practice, I might borrow some of her tapes." Wait. Is that -allowed?-

When Brett rolls up, she nods quietly, but she isn't -as- frustrated with her date as earlier: "Yeah, we... well, he's doing his thing. And I'm doing mine!" She laughs lightly... though when he mentions that Natsu was his second choice, right in front of the majority's -first- choice, Natsu is having trouble accepting that compliment. Kind of rude to Himeko! But luckily the Prom Queen shows off her superior grace, and that -does- allow Natsu to smile and nod. "... Well... if you insist, I suppose... hee."

And then when Himeko and Daigo exchange pleasantries, Natsu can only smile to that. The Prom Queen should have plenty of opportunity to spend time with their subjects! "That's sweet, you two..."

And then Natsu turns... very slowly... to notice a young woman on rollerblades. A Gedo student she's bopped with volleyballs. And then the high school's name rings in her head.

The glass of water in her hand trembles, once more. "... Neuer-san..." she states, through tightly-clenched teeth. "... I need your opinion on something... "

Protip: she doesn't, really. But someone to calm her down might be good!!!

It seems Brett is actually a bit more annoyed with Natsu's date than she is...not really a surprise for those who know him, though, considering how he tends to get more riled up at slights against his friends than slights against himself. And Brett, for his part, didn't realize the second girl was HImeko at first, his eyes turning toward her...and his face immediatley falling.

"Oh geez...I'm sorry, I didn't mean it like that. I just....she's my friend and...." He rubs the back of his neck. He stuck his foot into it, didn't he? At least he doesn't have to remain embarrassed too much when Daigo and Himeko go to possibly dance.

No time to rest though, as he sees Natsu's expression change. Following her eyes, he spots....oh dear. Oh dear. "...Ayuhara-san....don't do anything you'll regret," he says, moving as if ready to hold her back.

Himeko seems pretty pleased with Natsu's responses, though with the confusion of princes and what-not, normally she'd clarify on how such a title came up- of course she'd know the origin of that! But that's thrown off by two things, the first being Brett's sincere apology, which she's more than happy to laugh off, "It's ok! You can make it up to me with an interview later, ok?" and OOOH! Nailed it!
The other is the sudden intensity that seems to exhude from Natsu, but Daigo's unintended pressure on her pretty much overwhelmes that. ".. Oh.. Well.. If that's the case then you can just call me Himeko," she replies, voice falls a little on the quieter side. He's a lot friendlier than she had expected, and he's so eloquent! His looks really betray his nature. But Daigo also seems to be one of those guys someone should not say 'no' to even if it's for a dance. "Oh.. Uh.. O- ok.. But let's have the picture first, please!" and suddenly she looks excited again, "Is it ok if I take a picture of you in a headlock??"
Think very carefully about that request, Daigo. VERY CAREFULLY.
Ah, and who can forget about Rocket? Himeko actually -really- likes the girl's outfit and has gotten several pictures already.

Considering his serene and calm presence, it's almost hard to believe the reputation that follows the imposing man. The festivity were quite contagious though and despite his stoic nature, it had been enough to keep a smile on Daigo's face. He had been enjoying himself through this lovely evening with relatively few annoyances.
"Alright," Daigo answers without a second thought. His smile was genuine though : why deny a benign request like that? Her exictment even manages to get a short laugh out of the tall man, "Sure," He adds, moving his hands to actually lift his trousers up a bit so he could bend down slightly and offer his neck for Himeko.
Daigo lifts his eyes up when he notices Rocket, "Yo Rainbow Girl," He replies, "Were have you been all evening? I still owe you a dance at least for that 100 yen," He comments.

Rocket doesn't seem to be taking in what's being said.

The squint of confusion remains in her eyes as she stares for a good few seconds up at Natsu. That girl looks /really/ familiar. Although, the way Rocket remembers her, she was a foot taller and may have had glowing demonic eyes. And then Brett comes up. That's right! These are the giants from the land of Gorin, the ones who accosted Rocket last time she was here. Then her eyes flit to Himeko. Why would she need to have Daigo in a headlock? And he's going along with it? Suddenly, it all plays out in Rocket's mind like on one of those modern mystery television shows.

==*== ROCKET'S MIND'S EYE ==*==

Daigo bends down to let Himeko get him in a headlock. Then, suddenly, with Daigo's head under Himeko's arm, Brett grabs him by the legs and lifts him up so that he's parallel to the floor. Helpless in this position, the boss of Gedo is carried rapidly over to the punch table that Natsu is already somehow standing atop. Rocket stares on in horror as Natsu leaps from the table in a frog splash, landing atop the suspended Daigo and bringing him crashing to the floor.

==*== BACK TO REALITY ==*==

"DAIGO NOOOOO!!!" Rocket yells as dashes forward and leaps into the air, arms outstretched to try and tackle Himeko before whatever terrible fate may befall her date can happen.

Daigo stands there, slightly bent and ready for the headlock when Rocket lunges at Himeko to tackle her out of the way. Daigo's expression turns to a totally confused one : what the hell just happened? He blinks and slowly straightens up, staring at Rocket in searches of answers.

Then it all makes sense. A flash of insight that reveals the hidden truth before his very eyes, this possessive behaviour and tackle on Himeko, the queen of the prom. Rocket was jealous of her, for whatever reason. Daigo lifts one of his arm up to loosen up the bow tie around his neck, a faint blush spreading on his cheeks. He clears his throat, as if to get the two girl's attention.

"Boss, boss! We got trouble!" Shouts a student rushing toward Daigo, followed by two other students. The look on their face obviously shows the urgency of the situation. At least, once Daigo's eye settles on them, all other emotions on his face fades away, leaving that stern and severe look.

Noticing Natsu and Brett, who aren't part of their gang, the guy who showed up decides to be wary and he leans over to whisper something to Daigo that's probably inaudible to everyone else. The tall man nods once he's over and he glances to the three students, "Alright, meet up with the others, I'll be there in a second,"

Daigo then turns his attention to Brett and Natsu, taking a moment to stare at them, and then over to Rocket and Himeko. He takes a step in their direction and says, "Unfortunately, I'm afraid I am needed elsewhere, Himeko... Our last dance will have to wait," He rests his hand on Rocket's shoulder and leans over to whisper something to her ear. He gives her a pat on her shoulder and then nods to her, hoping she'll know what to do with that.

He turns on his heels and strides away, his pace showing he's more or less in a rush. He does take the time to nod his head to Natsu as he departs, "Natsu, it was a pleasure..."

Don't do anything you'll regret. Simple advice, and it's pretty much all Natsu had needed to stay her hand. If he had been -equally- incensed as she, of course, things might have gone differently, judging from the way her fists have balled up and her shoulders have hunched over.

But... Brett seems to be the target of some sudden attention herself, as Himeko asks for an... interview? Ayuhara is a bit too angry that Daigo would just -walk in here- as brazenly as he has, not only showing his scarred face, but -resting his hand- on Natsu's shoulder to ask -how she's doing?- ... Why, these would be perfectly reasonable things to do if he hadn't hospitalized one of her closest friends at Gorin!

... And then he's suddenly leaning over, making himself accessible to /so many SLAMFEST-approved holds/ it is not even funny...

Natsu takes one step forward, enraged -despite- Brett... and the sensation of fabric on her legs is just enough to remind her: hey, stupid, you're in a prom dress!

"Daigo Kazama..." she says, irritably putting up with the interruption of his boys. In a cold, icy glare, she rears back. And folds her arms, raising to her full height. "It -was MOST CERTAINLY- not a pleasure. It wouldn't speak well of Gorin for me to do -every single thing- I want to do you right now, after what you did the -last- time you were here." Seething, she brushes her hair behind her ear. "I won't be so kind to you the next time."

Natsu, however, does not get to say much -more- than that, though, because Rocket is currently in the midst of tackling Himeko. Ayuhara had written her off as a threat with the Gedo Boss looming ever-present, but knowing that no one wants to rumble -now-, she backs off -- keeping a view of Daigo out of the corner of her eye, as she crouches down to glare at Rocket. "And you! Don't think that just because you're in a fancy dress that -you're- off the hook either! The team spent a whole -week- cleaning up your mess!"

The request for an interview comes at a rather...bad time, considering things. "That's fine, interview is f-fine, just not now," Brett says, clearly with more worries than planning out an appointment for an interview. Turning back to Natsu, he gives her a clear, stern look. It's a look that tells her that he's not exactly happy that Gedo is here either...but it's not worth starting a mess over. It's the same kind of look he's had to give drunken uncles during family reunions when they try to start a scene. It's a look he learned from his dad way back when he had to help defuse situations either.

At least Natsu keeps it to words...for now. But he doens't hesitate to keep his hand on her shoulder to remind her to keep it to JUST words. It's assertiveness he rarely shows outside of a hockey rink. Of course, his own glare toward the Gedo contingent is a silent reminder that even if he's keeping the peace, he is clearly NOT happy about the situation either.

When Natsu disengages to crouch down and glare at Rocket, Brett is still scowling, saving his for the deparing form of Daigo.

Himeko will hold Brett to those words; unknowing that he's going to be encouraged to spill some juicy gossip! That said, the Prom Queen seriously squeals to Daigo's compliance, and she's very quick to hand her fellow club member her glasses so that she can tug her headband down- Because it turns out it doubles as an eyemask with shiny lace! Yeah, it's going to happen. It's really going to happen! She holds up her arms and then...
Rocket successfully hits Himeko with 'NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Tackle' CRITICAL HIT!
".. Eh? OOOF!" The distraction was enough to keep Himeko from pulling into a defensive position in time, so Rocket's tackle hits dead on and the duo crash to the floor in the most unceremonial of manners!

It goes without saying that several camera flashes go off following the action rather than attempt to interfere but Himeko understands that all to well, there's no hard feelings! (Coincidentally that is also the reason it was good Natsu's leg did not go any higher. This group may appear harmless, but they're a pack of wolves, Ayuhara!!) Other than the ground, anyway. Himeko is knocked for a bit of a loop, completely sprawled out and left leg twitching on occassion.

One can only imagine the headlines in the school paper next week:


Rocket ends up on top of the dazed Himeko, pinning her to the floor as the cameras go off around them. She's not paying so much attention to the girl she's on top of at first - she's making sure that Daigo himself is okay. Before she can verify his situation, though, Natsu starts in on her about the mess she made last time she was here.

"Yeah, well, if it took them a whole week, maybe they should've worked harder! Right, Daigo?"

Rocket turns her head to look for the gang leader.

It turns out, Daigo is already gone. Leaving her here in the company of giants. At least one of whom seems pretty pissed at her right now. And, of course, the masked accomplice whom she just tackled. She peers down at the latter.

"Wait, aren't you... oh, hi! I, uh, like your dancing?"

Rocket quickly scrambles to get to her feet, looking up at Brett. She's actually starting to look a bit flustered.

"So, uhh... hi. I guess you probably... remember... I should probably go."

Natsu had worn a long dress to this prom, to (a) prevent her from starting fights, and to (b) prevent paparazzi photos like this one. As ladylike and mature as Natsu is trying to present herself, she... tends to be a bit of a tomboy at times, much like Prom King Sakura Kasugano.

Filled with unconscionable amounts of rage, Natsu's eyes flick up to Brett. Over to Himeko. And then back to Rocket.

"Yeah. I guess Gedo sure shows they 'owned' us after all," comments Natsu, calling back to the -last- conversation she'd had with Rocket. "But you know? This isn't just about Gedo. Or Gorin. Or any one high school. And starting fights with the prom queen? Who's also head of the journalism club?"

Natsu sweeps her arm to indicate the Taiyo Journalist Club AND the Taiyo Creative Fiction Club, as well as all the flashbulbs going off.

Natsu smiles, with no small amount of smugness, as she rises back to her full height. 'Should probably go,' Rocket says? Natsu's reply is simple: "Enjoy the rest of the prom."

Turning on her heel to Brett, her smile falls instantly. In a carefully modulated tone, she confides to her schoolmate, "I'm going home. Tell Hina-chan I'll talk to her tomorrow, okay?"

With fists clenched tightly at her sides, Natsu Ayuhara walks stiffly towards the door. Words... yeah, right now, she's done with words.

It's like a train wreck that Brett only realizes too late happens, focused on the departing Daigo as he is. When Himeko gets bowled over, Brett's head turns fast enough to nearly cause whiplash, eyes wide as he sees...oh, just PERFECT....figures that after all his attempts to keep the peace, one of the Gedo folks still manages to cause a scene. Scowling rather deeply, he steps least until Natsu turns toward him.

Brow furrowed, he simply nods back to her, waiting for her to walk out. And Brett himself? He moves to rather swiftly pull Rocket off of Himeko, a not-to-happy look upon his face. "Please...enough. It's time for you to go." And despite his usual measured tone, it has a rather stern edge to it that leaves precious little room for argument.

"... ugh.." Yes, it's happening. We all know it's happening. The headlines are indeed going to blow the situation out of proportion and it's going to be glorious. Fuel thrown into the flames of rivalry are GO. Still, Himeko must be in -really- bad form to still be dazed by Rocket's tackle for this long, huh? And if one squints, it does sort of look like she nodded her head in thanks to the compliment of her dancing. In reality, she's going to be extremely disappointed to find out Rocket prevented her from getting a very very awesome photo. There may even be revengeance! %Delicious drama, but for now it looks like the crew is going to have to drag the dizzy Queen off the floor and to a table so that she can recover.

Starting a fight with the Prom Queen? Rocket was just trying to save a crew member from an assassination attempt. Isn't that obvious to anyone else? She glances after the departing Ayuhara, reaching up to scratch at the back of her neck, then suddenly she's being pulled away from Himeko by Brett. She looks up at the hockey player, her brow furrowing and her cheeks reddening just a bit.

"Time for me to go? It's time for me to go when I say it's time for me to go!"

Which... she... just said.

"Fuck it, I'm peacing!"

Over further toward the dance floor, Naozane is striking out at what seem to be invisible opponents in time to the beat. Or maybe he's practicing kata. Or maybe it's... how he dances? In any case, he finds himself suddenly being grabbed by an arm and dragged along.

"What is the meaning of - Rainbow Girl?!"

"Just shut up and come with me!"

Unfortunately for Morinaga he'll probably only make it as far as the door out. Rocket just needs a human shield to make it to the exit and the overly-forward warlord happens to be the most intimidating deterrent handy at the moment. Of course, rumours may have it otherwise in the days to come, but Rocket's not concerned with that at the moment...

Releasing Rocket once she's actually up to her feet, Brett scowls, watching Rocket's scrambling off toward the dance floor, dragging...someone off in her wake. Sighing, he rubs the bridge of his nose. It really is always something, isn't there? Either way, he can't say he was happy about the Gedo goons being here and doing things as they did...but for now, it's done. He WILL have to talk to Natsu about this, of course, but, for now....

He looks down at the passed out Himeko, sighing. Helping her up, he manages to pull her over to a place near the wall, laid flat just in case. He tries to flag down a chaperone to help watch after Himeko, but after this? Well, he still has HInata to walk home. And....well...past that, he's not sure. Dances like this were never his forte anyway, even if this one is clearly far out of the ordinary.

Following all of the excitement involving the crowning of a Prom Queen and Prom King (?), and a few more dances with her date, Brett, Hinata Wakaba ended up making her way to one of the restrooms for restroom business. Unfortunately, she'd managed to take one too many dances, and so by the time that Hinata ended up approaching the ladies' room the line was going all the way around the corner. Hardly in the mood the wait, this meant that Hinata simply decided to go find a restroom in Gorin proper.

This lead to a great big adventure where she found a second story window someone had left open in the otherwise locked down building, climbed up to it, located a bathroom and relieved herself.

Amazingly she managed to do all of this without actually damaging her prom dress or shoes, but it does mean that she has the strange dramatic timing to have suddenly shown back up right after things got tense, explosive, then fizzled out as almost every party involved left the prom.

"Okay, let's keep this party going until it's over!" she shouts to a room now mostly occupied by a few scattered couples, some boys waiting for their own dates to return from the ladies room, and a big huddle surrounding the wounded prom queen.

"...Did I miss something?"


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