Natsu - It's 9am, The Day's Half Over

Description: [Phone conversation!] Natsu and Tiffany are really competitive. Last night they fought for the right to retain Gorin High's honor as a purveyor of punch, and this morning they fight for the right to be the one apologizing most profusely! Who will beat the other to the punch, the v-ball player or the pugilist? [Winner: EVERYONE AT PROM]

It's not long after 9am, on the morning after a rather unusual incident in the Gorin High cafeteria. The phone rings! OMINOUS. So whatever picture and ringtone and whatnot that Tiffany's assigned to the tall volleyball player from Gorin is currently assaulting her eardrums and eyeballs.

Despite her first experience with alcohol, Tiffany Lords does not have a hangover; girls don't sweat or poo-poo, either, so we're clear. Those are all totally off limits. Indeed, the vigor of youth means she's pretty perky when she picks up the phone, having failed to assign a volleyball-related song or picture to the Gorin star.

"Heeeeyyy," she says, in English; it's an eager, pleasant sound... though whether it stays that way is another question.

"Good morningu. I'm.... sorry." Natsu feels some obligation to use English. She'd also felt it necessary to apologize -first- before introducing herself. "... It's Natsu. I feel terrible about what's happened..."

Once she finds out who it is, Tiffany is a little less enthusiastic about what's going on; she frowns a little, even if that's not visible on the other side of the phone. She responds, after a few moments, with, "Uhh... yeah. I... I was going to CALL you, but..." She takes a deep breath and sighs it out; that /can/ be heard over the phone. "... My fault," she adds, after a second.

There's a bit of a hesitation on the other end, but the voice of Natsu continues. "Okay. I accept that," she says, with measured patience. "But it wasn't /just/ yours. I... wasn't thinking. I should have listened better."

The idea of dwelling on this is leaving Tiffany in a bit of a bind; she doesn't want to focus on this, even if Natsu needs the closure. Accordingly, she makes a vague, noncommittal noise, saying, "So, like... TRUST ME! That wasn't going to happen," with a shake of her head behind the receiver that can be faintly heard as her hair rustles across the receiver. "I was... nnnnnnoooooooot... llllllllistening."

On the other end, Natsu remains silent for a good while. She's lifted the receiver away from her face, looking at the picture on the phone -- wondering what to make of this. "... Okay." she states, finally, to end the silence. Only for there to be another awkward second of silence, before a more motherly tone takes over. "... did you drink something? I... was reading on the internet, you should stay hydrated..."

"I had, like... two cups of EGG NOG and three glasses of water when I got HOME," Tiffany replies, eager to discuss something that isn't 'who's to blame for their massive dust-up.' She takes a second to breathe, leaning back in her bed; after a second she turns onto her side and enjoys her moment of empty silence. Once she's ready, she adds, "I'm fine. SERIOUSLY, don't worry about me... though... wow, THANKS. Are you OK?" She wonders, for an instant, if she didn't concuss Natsu and /that's/ why she doesn't have the wherewithal to be upset.

"Egg... what?" Natsu doesn't dwell on that, though. "Well, just... keep drinking things today, I... I hear that's good for you." Maybe some day Natsu will start drinking, but until then, hangovers are a foreign concept to her. As for Tiffany's concern for her well-being: "Oh. Me? I'm... I'm fine. Back's a bit sore. Shoulders too. But... nothing I can't handle." Again with the silence for a moment "...How 'bout you? --" Her breath picks up, as if she's about to start apologizing MORE, but decides against it.

"Not too bad, but... kinda sore all over, I guess," Tiffany says, still sleepy enough that she isn't /quite/ talking like an alien; she still has trouble with emphasis, but the less she thinks about it the better it is. "... The whole thing's kinda a haze," she admits. "I'm really embarrassed... SHIT." She rolls to one side in her bed, adding, "Seems weird that they'd mess with the PUNCH..."

The sudden profanity is enough to make Natsu raise the phone from her face again. But not that long. "Uh... yeah, I guess!" Her voice picks up toa more casual tone. "But... you have to admit, it was probably hilarious to watch. Can you imagine if all of the schools were goofy like that? It'd be madness!"

When she hears of the idea that the schools /aren't/ all goofy like that, Tiffany bursts out laughing -- if perhaps for a different reason than Natsu expected. She takes a few seconds to catch her breath, then eventually says, "So... did you manage to get a date for proooooom~?" She's eager to hear about everyone else's successes... mostly because she's struck out. Roy is -- distracted, as far as she knows. Whether he's distracted with 'weirdness,' 'football,' or 'the rest of the cheer squad,' she's not sure, but...

When Tiffany laughs, Natsu -has- to laugh; a necessary catharsis. "I... date? I put in a thing for the... signatron thing. I don't think anyone at Gorin ever had the guts to ask me, so... I figure, whatever it picks should be good for some laughs." Pause. "Do you have one?"

"... Nope! Not sure I'm gonna," Tiffany replies, with a sigh. "I have someone in mind... but he's not AROUND much lately." Maybe she should just put in for the signatron and maybe have a good time with someone, even if it isn't her first choice... No, she reflects -- that seems totally ridiculous. She'll just go alone and wait to be asked to dance! Yes, that all tracks. This can't backfire. "Hope you have fun with your DATE!"

"Oh. Yeah, I--" Natsu -initially- had no hesitation in stating she had no date, but once Tiffany mentions that she'd had someone in mind... well. A frustrated grumble evidences itself for a moment, before Natsu's hair can be heard brushing against the receiver. "... Mmrgh." She pauses for another moment, collecting herself. "Hey, you're not chickening out are you? With all this crimefighting you've been doing you deserve a night off, right?"

"Huh???" The tone of Tiffany's voice -- the faint hitch in it as she says 'huh?' betrays confusion, more than anything else. "I'm going for sure! Besides -- what if all the WEIRDNESS is /because of prom/?" Something about that doesn't track, but in the early morning hours, she's not going to try to unpack what. "... I dunno if I'd call it CRIMEFIGHTING, though. It seems like everything just sort of comes up short..." She's been chasing her leads, for the most part -- but it all feels like it's sort of hit walls every time. Or just turned into nothing.

"... Oh." Natsu laughs, politely -- a simple acknowledgement more than anything else. "Well, you can rule out Gorin. A bunch of our uniforms got stolen last week, so -- well, I'm not 100% sure, but maybe 95% -- that attack on Justice High totally wasn't anyone here." She pauses, then adds, "Do you really think anyone would start trouble in the prom itself?"

Rolling around in her bed a little as Natsu's question starts to make her nervous, Tiffany says, "I.. dunno. It seems ridiculous, but... MAYBE? I wouldn't figure people would be stealing MASCOTS or spiking punch or doing GRAFFITI either, but..." She lets out a long sigh, saying, "I... might... go back to BED for a little while. Thanks for calling, but... still kinda SORE."

... But it's 9am. Natsu's already gone for a -run-. She's already had -breakfast-. How lazy -are- cheerleaders, anyway? "... Oh.. Uh. Yeah. I'm... sorry. Sorry about that, I wasn't thinking. I'll see you at the prom, okay?"

Why would you wake up on the weekends before you strictly have to? Athletes are WEIRD. Besides -- cheer practice never actually completes with all members, anyway. "... Don't worry about it, OKAY? See you at the PROM, Nacchan!" Tiffany offers brightly, before hanging up.

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