Frederick - AGODDAMNED-- god. A god. Fred Meets A God.

Description: RAIDEN HAS COME TO EARTH and Frederick (actually the lowest CHA member of the Illuminati) has been tapped to meet him. Luckily, Frederick is holding steady between 'crashing' and 'trying to organize an enormous party'. Special guest appearances by Alan and Robo-Tran.

It had been a hellacious electrical storm that had appeared over the forests outside Southtown. Few clouds and no rain, but a massive, chi-charged lightning storm had whipped up outside the city. It had crackled angrily over the city, a massive bolt of lightning had hit the ground, and then as quickly as it had appeared it dissipated. But not without leaving something behind.

To those with the ability to tell, the sense of life was there, where it had not been before. The lightning had brought something with it. Or possibly... someONE... And that very strong lifeforce had moved towards the city. It might be hard to find it there, with the chi of so many others in one place. Or not...

It was indeed a 'who'. More specifically Raiden, God of Thunder, newly born of the lightning! He'd asked Nightwolf to allow him to explore the city alone, promising not to get himself into any trouble. So, said god of thunder appears atop a reasonably building in a quiet crackle of lightning. Because teleporting is quicker than climbing or flying.

He crosses his arms, looks out at the city, frowning. It's so much different than... than what? He has no memories of anything else. But something inside him knows this is 'different' from what he knew. He can almost feel the weight of the city pressing down on him-- he has so much to learn about it all...

"Do you know how long we've been waiting to see this kind of electrical manifestation *anywhere*? They're almost always a harbinger or sign of something holier-than-us sticking its finger in the pie, and we've *never* been able to hit the ball off the pitch. A storm like this hasn't been seen since Tesla was born. And we've got you within ten miles of it. I'd call it serendipity, but you know what the bosses say - it's not. It's the plan, and you're the pawn, so get your ass out there or it's MY ass, and I NEVER like it when my ass is involved in anything outside of the bedroom. Ciao-ciao.

-KG" - a text message received two hours prior.

"Hey, big guy." Raiden's appearance is NOT unnoticed - instead, and to the point, Frederick Blazer is seated on the edge of the building Raiden teleports to - he's dangling legs off of the rooftop, leaned back on his palms, eyes to the skies, a rumpled cigarette in his mouth. The man's soaked - he's probably been here, waiting in this tulmultuous storm, for the past hour. Still, his cigarette burns merrily, and a plume of ashy smoke leaves his mouth with those words. Frederick glances behind his back, viewing Raiden with twinkling, green eyes. His lips quirk into a smile.

"Sorry we couldn't really roll out the red carpet. You divines have this bad habit of doin-- whatever it is you do, but you don't tell anybody! We coulda had whatever you needed, right?" He waves a hand, and is briefly distracted by the distant crash of frankly *epic* lightning, visible from this high viewpoint as a point of light impacting forest on the horizon.

"I mean. Virgins, lambs-blood, a newt spit on its own tail, whatever floats your boat." Frederick finishes his cigarette and tosses the thing, smoothly rubbing at his nose as though scratching an itch.

"But whatever. I don't know, like, anything about you -- name's Frederick Blazer. I'm one of those guys who's in the business of knowing things, and figured I'd pay you a visit. See what brought you right on down to our neck of the woods. Somethin' up? Talk to me."

Raiden's lost in thought, until he hears the voice. He turns, looking to the source of it. It's white, blank eyes devoid of iris or pupil that are suddenly fixed on Frederick. Blank eyes set in a face of stone, peering out from under a large conical hat. The statement of the various things he might need gets a quirked brow. "I do not need any of those things," he notes calmly.

At the introduction though, he nods, returning his hands to his side and turning fully. "I am Raiden, god of thunder." As for 'something up'? Raiden actually does look up. Nothing up there. Well, the sky. He seems to not quite follow the vernacular. He does understand 'talk to me', though. "What do you wish to know?"

Frederick's not an easily cowed guy - he matches Raiden's pupilless gaze with that same, canny ease that had accompanied his introduction. The god's response to his offers has Frederick dipping his chin in a strong, understanding nod. You know, real man-to-man, bros-to-bros style stuff. When Raiden finally finishes his thoughts, and speaks his mind, Frederick laughs - a shake of his head dispels the amusement. It's business.

"Well, okay. That's my bad. You're a literal guy. I can appreciate that." He spins in his spot, stamping one heavy-booted foot down to allow his arms to rest overtop a knee, casually with his back to the edge of the rooftop precipice. A tilt of his head has Frederick indicating Southtown proper, behind him - and the mountains beyond that, the horizon itself.

"What brings you here, to -Earth-? We don't get many visits from your kind. They've been getting more common lately. You haven't tried to kill me yet, so I can hope you're not THAT kind of divine, but..." He rolls his shoulders, spreads his arms wide.

"What's your purpose? It's incredibly important that we know."

Raiden's starting to see that the humans of this world are much different than he remembers them being. But again... how could he remember them if he has no memories before waking up here? Perhaps they're just remnants of the last time he walked the earth, as he'd been told he had.

At first he says nothing, to the mention of him being literal. He also seems to be the quiet type. However, it's not just the question that catches his attention. It's the mention of 'we'. Rather than answer the question directly, Raiden quirks a brow and ask a question of his own. "'We'? Who is 'we'?"

"Who is 'we'. That's a very good question." Frederick reaches into his pocket, withdraws a flat, onyx box - plainfaced save for the sapphire triangle at the corner of its face - and removes the lid for a moment, to dip a thumb inside. That same thumb is brought towards his face while he rubs at his nose, sniffs, and he's soon pocketing the whole affair.

"I guess there's no point in lying. 'We' are the innovators, the scientists, the Imagineers of the world, and the only people likely to be even a little OK with you being around right now. The rest of the world is pretty far along on the Jesus/Buddha/Muhammad train, and they're not going to take kindly to other gods showing up. Other *savvy* people like things the way they are, and don't want new variables poking their heads in and screwing things up. They'd just as soon kill you as shake your hand."

Frederick recovers from taking his hit, and brushes at his face again. He stands, wipes his hands over the rainslicked front of his jacket (which does nothing), and extends one to Raiden.

"We're the Illuminati, and we're here to at least hear your side of the story. Our job is to know everything. You might remember us." Frederick smiles, cheesy. "New management.""

Raiden frowns when Frederick begins with his 'that's a good question'. He'd met another... creature, he hesitated to call her 'human', who had given a similar roundabout answers. Raiden doesn't like roundabout answers. The frown eases when the mention of not lying comes, though. Good, encountering two people who were trying to weasel out of answering honestly would probably not sit well with the thunder god.

He listens, though, as Frederick explains the current situation with the world. And then finally explains exactly who that mysterious 'we' is that he had referred to. Raiden has a couple of things to say though. "I am not here to gain more followers. Those who would follow me, may if they wish; those who would not, will not be forced to. That is not my purpose."

As for his side of the story? "...The furies have shifted. The balance has swung sharply away from its center. This needs to be corrected." Which is probably what 'woke him up'. "My purpose here is the defense of Earthrealm. Nothing more. So long as your 'Illuminati' do not stand in my way, I have no quarrel with you."

No handshake, though. He hasn't quite got the hang of the purpose of it, and he doesn't really seem like a touchy-feely kind of guy.

He doesn't like handshakes? Fine. Be that way. Frederick jams that same hand into his coat pocket.

'lightning god don't know his name eathrelm attacked here to dfnd' All Illuminati agents have to be able to pass a pocket-texting course with a minimum of an 80% grade. As a result, they all look like they're extremely fond of their hip pockets when they're in investigations. The phone vibrates soon after - Frederick brings it before him to investigate.

The model is new - too new - and a sleek, digital-interface smartphone with ludicrous data-scrounging capabilities. Not that Raiden would know or care. Right now it's reading,

'You didn't ask his name? What the hell am I paying you for? Write a report like every fucking body else and get the job done. -KG'

Frederick frowns, and pockets the phone. He tilts his head to the side, and paces around the rooftop while Raiden continues explaining. Each step is announced with the heavy splash of rubber displacing water, a dull rhythm beaten out against the rooftop shingles.

"So what's your name? You're a lightning guy. Asian, probably, though I don't wanna get racist and say the hat makes you Chinese. I don't really fuckin' know. So far as the furies shifting and stuff getting nuts--" He pauses, on Raiden's opposite side now. Another cigarette is lifted to his mouth, lit.

"We know. Already running into these Outworld creeps. Thing is, we don't have a leg to stand on when it comes to fighting them. Some motherfucker just fires *SOULS* or some bullshit, hits like a truck. Wants to blow Shao Khan like a cheerleader wants the quarterback." He rolls his shoulders.

"Any ideas?"

No indeed, Raiden has no idea what the little device is that Frederick is holding. All he knows is that it has a tiny bit of lightning inside it. Somehow. Which strikes him as odd. Humans can capture lightning now? Or... maybe 'manufacture' it. The lightning in this city feels... false somehow, in a way he doesn't understand.

The Thunder God is actually pretty patient with humans. So when Frederick asks his name a second time, he merely offers it. "Raiden." Bowing his head politely. It's close to 'Raijin'-- which is the god of thunder as told by the Japanese-- but he pronounces it 'ray-den'. However, he frowns when Fred says the word 'Outworld'. He has no idea what 'cheerleaders' or 'linebackers' are, so he chooses to ignore that part. He does know 'Shao Kahn', though. Even if he isn't quite sure who this particular Outworlder is that's menacing the world, through it all there's one thing he understands.

"...So the invasion has already begun?"

"You tell me. A big fucking ninja in red and gold shot a ball of spirits at me and put me through a Ford F150. Mentioned that Shao Khan wants a war. I mean --" Frederick raises his arms, and scratches at his head in a manner that suggests psychosis over irritation. "I don't know how much clearer the omens are gonna get. Have you dealt with these types before? What's their deal? How are we supposed to deal with that? How are *YOU* gonna help?"

Frederick poises the question in a way that has layers and meanings - a rare feat for him. It's a simple-enough premise. THis is the part of the conversation where Raiden determines whether or not he wants to have friends among the humans, or make an enemy out of one of the great shadow-organizations of the world. Answers for answers.

Frederick's phone buzzes again. He picks it up from his pocket, holding a finger up to Raiden.

'hahaha did you seriously tell KG you screwed up. fuckin idiot. look at the tits on this dame.' The man slams his phone back into a pocket, and looks back to Raiden. His eyes, while bloodshot, are pleading. Or at least, as pleading as he can make them out to be. It's not for the reason you think - he's hardly invested in saving the world.

He is invested in not being sodomized by his boss later.

"Help us. We're the only ones who can do anything about this."

Ninja in red and gold? This is something Raiden hasn't heard before. "Obviously one of Shao Kahn's followers." He is easily prompted to explain their 'deal', understanding more easily now what is being asked. Perhaps he is beginning to adapt to the attitudes of the human population here. "Shao Kahn... emperor of Outworld," he explains. "He wishes to conquer Earthrealm, and rule it as well." He sends a raised-brow look to Frederick. "Need I explain why this is bad?" Is that sarcasm? Hard to tell.

He pauses though. "If you wish to defend Earthrealm from Outworld, you will need to prepare your mightiest warriors for a battle as they may have never seen before. Outworld's forces are strong, and this... ninja is likely one of Shao Kahn's best. We must find warriors to best him." The use of 'we' seems to indicate that he's planning on helping.

The stormclouds above Raiden and Frederick's building simply... open up. The raincloud over Raiden's ascent is dismissed for the sheer electricity above.

'We' is not a term that Frederick uses quite as freely as Raiden, and the man's ultimately humanitarian bent is echoed less-fully in his blonde, non-divine counterpart as he'd like. While Raiden intones his impartial love of man, Frederick is glancing off to the side, squinting, frowning - he is getting an INCREDIBLE headache - and shaking his head.

"See, that's what you're not getting. People are different now. Some of them don't want anybody new getting involved. Others just look at you as a tool to be used, or an animal to put in, like, a cage, right?" Blazer rubs at his nose again. "Walk around some more. Get a good look at what's happening out there. You got psions whipping armies up out of nothing, you've got mad scientists tryin' to brainwash a bunch of kids... it's a mad world."

Frederick's got enough information to make a report to his boss, at least. The man starts walking towards the edge of the building's top once more - his headache has escalated to the beginnings of a real asshole of a migraine.

"Just, uh. Keep in touch. This Ermac guy is one of Shao Khan's best, and more are coming -- I think that's gonna put us in a better position. You know anybody else we should be keeping an eye out for?" Yeah, Fred. Paint it like you're both on the same team.

Maybe that's how the bosses will let it be, for once.

"Lieutenants in this "army", people he's lookin' for?" Frederick manages, amidst his splitting headache, to remember something. His pained eyes open suddenly - he looks up.

"Hey. Before I go. Who the fuck is Shang Tsung, also?"

Raiden seems to finally notice the upset of Frederick, the headache increasing in strength. But he's being asked questions, and the invasion of Outworld is more important than a man's discomfiture. Even if it looks pretty bad, whatever's causing it.

Oh. Wait. Now Raiden sees the problem. "Perhaps you misunderstand me," Raiden replies. "I should clarify. I do not seek to interpose myself into the front of the defense and lead Earthrealm to victory. That is not my place to do. You will need to fight champions for this purpose. I will only interfere directly if I must." He has Reasons for this, no doubt.

As for anyone else to keep an eye out for? Raiden seems to sigh a little, a thoughtful look on his face. "I feel as though a passage of a great many ages has passed since I last walked Earthrealm." His wording seems to indicate that he's nnnnnoooooot quite sure on that. "Outworld has surely gained more servants in that time. I do not yet know who may serve Shao Kahn now."

As for Shang Tsung? There's no look of recognition on Raiden's face. "This name is unfamiliar to me. Be vigilant. The more we do not know, the greater an advantage the forces of Outworld have.

Though once all that's out of the way, he is quick to ask, "...Are you unwell?"

The reason for Frederick's headache becomes increasingly clear as Raiden speaks - the Illuminati stops at the edge of the rooftop, directly near the rooftop access staircase, and places a hand on the door's handle as if to leave. He looks back to Raiden like an exhausted man, and nods along with the explanations.

"Sure, sure. God doesn't want to interfere, feels like this is mankind's struggle, got it, got it, right, but look. We need INFO right now, so, uh..." Frederick runs a hand through his hair, raking it back in an exasperated gesture.

It stands straight up by the time he's finished, stretching uselessly towards empty sky.

"We'll start looking for Outworld types, I guess - and I'm not gonna order a god around, it's above my paygrade, but I figure if you're crashing our house and tryin' to help, get back in touch with us sometime. Figure out who this Shang Tsung fella is. Or Shao Khan." Frederick looks up, because *what the fuck is happening*.

The sky has completely cleared, a circle of moonlight opening in the stormy skies directly above Raiden. It's the only clear patch in an otherwise legendary rainstorm -- and Frederick's hair hasn't relaxed yet.

"I should probably... go..." Frederick reaches to open the door--

His phone doesn't just buzz, it *RINGS*. The sound is a blazing siren. Instinctively, he reaches into his pocket to grab at the phone--

"Dr. R Tran Has Utilized The Illuminati Critical Communication Network

message end."

"God damni-" Frederick's not able to finish his sentence before an ENORMOUS gout of pure lightning spears from the skies to absolutely immolate Raiden's chosen location - when it clears, the man is gone, his phone with him.

It's what you get for tarrying near a god.

Raiden is unharmed by the lightning, but Frederick... humans tend to not handle lightning strikes so well. He tries to absorb it as best as he can, but he may not be able to asborb it fast enough. Once it clears, the Thunder God looks to the place where Frederick was. Frowns. No burnt flesh, no trace of a body. And his device is gone as well. Aside from the scorched roof, there's nothing to show that Frederick was even there. It's worrying, but... at least there's SOME hope that he didn't die.

Then Raiden looks up at the sky. Frowns more. His presence is disturbing the local environment. He can't hope to keep a low profile if every time he steps out it creates a local storm. That will draw too much attention to him. He needs to get this under control. And FAST! So he shifts, sitting down and crossing his legs under him. He closes his eyes... and begins to meditate. Hopefully he will be able to calm the storm, not only within himself, but around him as well.

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