Ash - Uninvited Guests

Description: Nightwolf and Benimaru are out on a date. Felicia interrupts, Ash interrupts. Hell, even Shen interrupts. They just can't seem to escape all of these uninvited guests. How will the two ever play kissy-face in the department store change room if they can't even take a step without everyone and their mother butting in?! (NOTE: This desc may be deliberately misleading.)


Benimaru raises his hands in protest. "Oh, HANG ON now. We're going into a dusty old mansion, hunting down a vampire or whatever the heck he is." Pointing to his shoes. "You know these are Prada, right?" Tugging at his pants. "Diesel." Tugging at his shirt, "Versace." Headtilt. "Do you have any idea how much these things cost? And getting blood out of designer clothes is a NIGHTMARE."

He shifts his weight to one hip, his hips taking a rather feminine tilt. And then he crosses his arms over his midriff. Raising a hand with a nonchalant wave, "Besides, you owe me a pair of pants, considering your 'pet' shredded my leg of a pair of Safados."

Facepalming yet, Nightwolf?


Thus the pair find themselves in the Southtown Mall. Surprisingly Benimaru's not holding a bunch of bags. There's only two bags thus far. Then again, the night is still young. Mind, Benimaru's not actually planning to make Nightwolf pay for his clothes. He's just dragging the poor man out to SHOP. That should be punishment enough.

More practically, buying stronger clothes is probably a good idea. Designer clothes tend to not stand up to a log of vigorous fighting, and the last thing he needed during a fight with this Darkstalker is to have a wardrobe malfunction. Which he did explain to Nightwolf on the way here. Fact he seems to be on the tail end of that explanation. "Since I don't think you'd be too terribly entertained watching me fight in my underwear."

When Nightwolf took the mantle of the Sin Eater, swearing to dedicate his life to serve and protect humanity..

He never imagined he'd be doing something like this...

Needless to say that Nightwolf had no idea of what Benimaru was talking about when he started rambling on and designer brands and pointing to his clothes. The shaman simply looked up with his impassive eyes as the Shootfighter threw a bit of a fuss over the possibility of his clothes being destroyed in the hunting trip.

Well, Benimaru did have a point there. Nightwolf did kind of drag him into this whole situation, so the least he could do is accompany him to get some proper wilderness clothing. It was the practical thing to do more than anything. The Sin Eater put on some contact lenses on his dead looking eyes and some light make up to cover his face tattoos and got ready to follow Benimaru on what is just a harmless shopping trip.


Tailing next to the giddy and chatty Benimaru is Nightwolf, who is positively dragging his feet at this whole ordeal. He's even carrying a bag full of clothes for Benimaru like some kind of dutiful husband. No doubt he's been ignoring all the stares the two have gotten as hard as he possibly can.

As the Shootfighter continues to explain the necessity of having proper clothing in the wilderness, Nightwolf just sighs and grumbles. "Just one pair of proper clothes suffices, Benimaru. You cannot possibly need anymore."

Cat in the mall, I repeat, cat in the mall! At least, that's not the sort of attention Felicia gets when she lets herself in, apparently she's scored some flip-flop sandals along with her trench coat so she more or less looks like some weirdo lady with this huge poof of big electric blue hair. It's so 80s, it basically distorts the time-space continuum around it somehow, dragging everything with it back into that era. She doesn't seem to be really minding if anyone looks at her hair funny however, she might have been seeing if this might have been a decent place to perhaps 'entertain' a few folks for some spare change. Nobody wearstrench coats except to show themselves off to people, right?

Of course, the conversation from Ben and Nighty might attract the cat, as those ears are sensitive, and don't think you can hide anything from a cat, that stuff is impossible, man. And thus of course as she draws closer it would be extremely hard to hid THE HAIR Felicia has, it's like flying a zeppelin into enemy airspace.

Hooray, it's Wednesday! What's so special about Wednesday?



Okay, seriousface. Earlier this morning, Ash Crimson submitted his school enrollment paper thingy. He then proceeded to skip afternoon classes. Whoops. Already the French flamewielder is off to a spectacular start, and look at how much he cares! Hint: He doesn't. Why bother to register at all? Maybe he was bored.

So, when a teenager skips class, where does he go? How about the mall, because it's just there. Ash decided he was in the mood for ice cream, and as a creature beholden to his own desires and entirely self-serving, that's exactly what he got. Spooning a dollop of chococherry goodness and delivering it straight to his mouth, lips seal themselves around the transition. Eyes like the clear sky vanish behind faintly freckled lids. "Mmm!" The sound elicited is pleased, certainly enjoying the cold treat, but... doesn't everyone? WHO COULD HATE ICE CREAM? DO YOU HATE ICE CREAM?!

After what may seem like an eternity, the effeminate Frenchman pulls the bowl of the spoon from his sass gap with an audiable 'pop', swallowing and pausing, not quite ready to scoop up yet another pinkish blob. He sets the brightly coloured cup down on the table, long fingers threading together. Throwing an elbow over the back of his chair, Ash lazily drapes himself against it, exhaling a breath that disturbs flaxen strands of platinum blonde hair. He crosses one leg over the other and tosses out a look at the smallish crowd, a wry smile affixed to his sharp features.

There's a man who leads a life of danger,
To everyone he meets, he stays a stranger.
With every move he makes, another chance he takes,
Odds are he won't live to see tomorrow...

Although the Southtown mall is sorely lacking in Western influences, following a more traditional Japanese approach, an English song still blares on the overhead speakers at this very moment. Ash, stranger to such trivial things as popular (and outdated) music, can't help but bob his head in time to the catchy tune while he people-watches. Wonder what it's like to be a secret agent? Probably a nuisance, serving another in such capacity, he's certain, despite the coolness of a title like 'international man of mystery'. Isn't he plenty mysterious already? Oh, idle thoughts.

He's prepared to return to his delicious ice cream noms at last, but the sight of a very peculiar duo snags his attention, because it's not terribly busy at this time. It's a WEDNESDAY, remember? Who wants to go to the mall, save for the French teen cutting class and this oddball duo. "Oho, quel beau couple~" He speaks with measured melodic cadence, and stares with unabashed interest. It's... unnerving, creepy, but are they even able to sense it? Perhaps not, not when a fluffy-haired stalker has appeared in their midst. This is all observed with a collective coolness. Ash is like a predator eyeing a potential meal, trying to determine if he's hungry enough to strike... Or interested enough to see how this all plays out.

"Are you sure?" Benimaru half-teases Nightwolf. "From what I heard, there's probably going to be a repeat performance of this kind of thing. Well, as long as I hang out with you, anyway. I'm going to need more than one outfit if that's the case." Pause. "Unless you're TRYING to get me in something less than decent." And here a teasing wink.

Contrary to Felicia's rather large poof of hair, Benimaru's hair is actually down right now, pulled back in a loose ponytail. Devoid of electricity there's nothing keeping it from looking normal. However, that giant poof of 80s hair is definitely enough to get his attention. So there's a break in the teasing of Nightwolf, and Benimaru blinks over in Felicia's direction. That's... odd...

Ash isn't really making a spectacle of himself, despite the slow, rather elaborate consummation of the ice cream before him. And Benimaru generally isn't the most observant of people when not in a fight. There's the odd frisson of something... off. But Benimaru doesn't seem to see Ash staring just yet.

It is very fortunate that its very difficult to get a raise out of Nightwolf's calm and collected demeanor. Perhaps, that's the only possible reason why a man clearly more comfortable in the wilds can be around a man as frivolous as Benimaru without popping a vein or two in sheer desperation. Benimaru's teasing is certainly not helping the awkwardness of the situation, because even if Nightwolf doesn't care at all about social stigma, he still realizes that hanging around someone like Benimaru, carrying his clothes, and being the targets of his teasing doesn't bring a lot of implications.

Bah, it's irrelevant really, for all Nightwolf knows or cares, this is just another ploy of Benimaru to raise his status in the media. The shaman knows of certain 'techniques' Japanese stars do in order to cater to the female audience, and if a little public humiliation is what it takes to raise Darkstalker awareness, then so be it. Given the choice of doing this or facing the forces of Outworld... Nightwolf would probably still prefer the latter, but it doesn't change that its a thing that he must do.

"You could always run and hide." The skinwalker turns that insult right around and glances at his Shootfighter companion. "But that is not a thing you do." He snorts and grumbles some more, keeping his eyes open for a store that sells actual /practical/ hunting gear so they can finally go home. "It is best to buy one set and see if it adapts to the encounter then acquire more based in this new information rather than buy as many as you can without any knowledge of what you will be undergoing." If they happen to survive the trip to Slayer's mansion, Nightwolf forgets to mention, but giving shopping advice is putting him in a strange position already.

Stranger still is the appearance and sense of a familiar presence. The wolf smells a cat approaching causing the Sin Eater to look towards Felicia, its a movement that is far too obvious for Benimaru not to notice the deliberate reaction. "Cat-kin." Nightwolf mutters under his breath when he recognizes Felicia.

If anything this might help to dispel the suspicion of some of the onlookers that he and Benimaru are an item. A wolf's ears are also quite keen, and he no doubt overheard that mutter of a certain flame wielder who dubbed them a 'Beautiful couple' in French.

Felicia approaches silently enough, as cats are wont to do. "Oohh, heyyy! Crazy Horse! Or Sitting Bull, it's you!" Felicia is quick to notice Nightwolf as she comes out from behind a kiosk displaying a map of the mall's layout. Those green eyes of hers are quick to notice the blonde he's apparently there with, bare midriif and all, her eyes dancing back between Nighty and Benimaru.

"Ohh, I get it, you're here with your BFF? hmm?" she smiles and is quick to insinuate herself between them, trying to throw her arms around the two in a sort of group display of affection. "So, how long have you two been together?" she asks, a wide grin on her face and her tail has even come out from behind beneath the hem of her coat, lashing about excitedly. Ash is not ignored! He just hasn't said hi yet.

Ha, dispel. The... who is that one guy supposed to be, anyway? Native American Rambo? Native American Rambo. Look at those clothes! Rambo might hope that the suspicions of onlookers are put to rest, and maybe they are, but not Ash's. They can't be. He has no false interpretation of their relationship, his imagination isn't pairing the two up, the flamewielder is just an asshole. That's it. "Comme c'est joli." A very big asshole.

In fact, you might call him... An ASHhole! /OH/!

I'll stop, I'll stop.

Crimson... doesn't do a whole lot, you know, besides gaze in a single particular direction, half-lidded blue eyes unblinking, pupils as narrow as a pinhead. Sure, he makes a comment here or there, nothing else. He then shifts a little in his seat to obtain the maximum level of comfort, slouching further while his smile widens, splitting his attractive face from ear to ear. Ash rests his generously curved chin against his shoulder, almost as though the effort required for his neck to support his head were too much to bear.

Of course, as Felicia interposes herself between the men, all interest funnels and he finds himself slowly drawn back to the cup of ice cream mourning the loss of his attention, the contents melting away into a sad pool of pink. Ash almost, ALMOST unclasps his hands to reach, but he's far more observant than Benimaru, even when not in the middle of a fight. The smarmy expression slackens, the Frenchman isn't sure how to react because he thinks he just saw a tail and that would be absurd, wouldn't it? But his sight doesn't lie and there it is, and his jaw drops a bit, leaving the teen to gawp somewhat stupidly for a heartbeat or two until he regains his bearings and exhales sharply, blowing away the long fringe that had partially obscured his face and vision.

"Saa, et puis quoi encore?" The strange young man isn't going to approach and greet them, he's perfectly content lounging like a layabout for now. Maybe soon, maybe not. Ash is mercurial and a slave to his whims, tongue passing over his dry lips as he leans forward ever so slighty, the side of his chest pressing against the back of the chair.

The mention of Benimaru running and hiding gets a scoff. "Sorry, Naitowurufu~. I'm many things, but I'm not a coward," he replies. "Besides, I can't leave Jam in trouble!" Though he does give the suggestion some thought. "Hm. You may have a point. Though I could always drag you out shopping again if they don't work~!" Oh joy.

Though when Nightwolf turns to look at the lady with the poofy hair, Benimaru tilts his head. He misses the 'cat-kin' statement. Even if he had, he wouldn't have much time to react to it. Because suddenly Felicia's talking as though Nightwolf is her lonely spinster best friend and she's just seen him with a lover.

Excuse Benimaru, he's going to be dying of laughter for a few.

Though as his head's tilted down, he sees a tail. And it's MOVING. Also... this woman's hands. They're massive. They're... paws? The laughter abruptly fades, and he kind of takes a step back, looking at Felicia with surprise. "Wait a minute..." OK, this got surreal REALLY FAST.

It's enough for Benimaru to finally see Ash, though it's more he heard the latter comment and looked in the direction it came from. He's looking between the three of them rather like a confused, lost parakeet.

Wellp, that suggestion back-fried. Calm and composed as he may be the very thought of Benimaru dragging him to yet /another/ shopping trip is enough to for the Sin Eater to at least give the slightest hint of a grimace. It's very difficult to get Nightwolf to articulate anything with his face so when he shows even hints of feeling some kind of dislike you have know that really got to him. "On second thought, let us get as much as we can right now. That way we never have to come here again." Nightwolf tries to salvage it as best he can, but it will be enough to save from himself from Benimaru's clutches!!?

FIND OUT IN--just a few moments actually, probably.

Because that is the point when Felicia decides to intervene in the most unsubtle way possible and calls the Apache all kinds of wrong names. "It's Nightwolf." He patiently reminds her as she slides her way between him and Benimaru, calling them what's probably in a lot of people's minds right now. "We are not a couple." Which probably has the same effect as Nightwolf screaming something like 'HE'S NOT MY BOYFRIEND' and running away in denial.

Still trying to remain as the only sane person here, though who knows for how long, Nightwolf simply moves things forward whilst Benimaru is laughing his arse off then gasp when he realizes something is not quite right with Felicia. "Felicia, this is Benimaru, an associate of mine. Benimaru, this is Felicia, she is also in the business of entertainment." A pointed glance is given at him when it becomes obvious he's noticed Felicia very obvious feline creatures. "And a Darkstalker as well."

Are you a believer now, Benimaru?

Ash's presence has not gone unnoticed to the perceptive Nightwolf who has noticed how he keeps staring at the trio. However, he has also noticed that he seems more preoccupied with ordering more ice cream than approaching them. Guess the shaman will have to wait to know what is Ash's business with any of them. Besides the obvious gawking.

Speaking of gawking, Nightwolf notices Benimaru's still slacked jaw and helps him closing it by pressing on his chin with his index finger. *klick!*

Felicia is of course giggling madly at this. "I dunno, the jury is still out on that one, Nightwolf baby," Felicia grins, likely not caring that Benimaru is spotting her hands and tail and likely getting quite a bit weirded out by the sudden non-human-ness. But hey, maybe she figured if Ben was hanging out with Nighty he was used to him turning into a doggy and all that? "Hello there Ben--can I call you Ben? I've met Mr. Nightwolf here before, yeah," she nodded, a lock of blue hair falling down over her forehead. If Ben peers down she can see her red nailed white furred feet through the sandals, too.

"Is that... French? Hi there, we're just friends here! Well, some of us," Felicia announces to Ash, then looks between Benimaru and Nightwolf, apparently pointedly not one-hundred percent sure on those two being friends, at this point. "Like they said, I'm Felicia, who're you?" she smiles and nodded her head to the other male. "Just please tell me Nighty is the pitcher," she whispers quickly into Ben's ear, offhand.

Ash doesn't have any business with the trio, they're not the scions he's looking for. He has known this all along, the teen isn't an idiot, but a lover of the strange and unique, they are deemed to be fascinating, moreso with the appearance of a tail. Is it real? Is it a trick? Those are some pretty big hands and feet! For reasons unknown, he is amused.

He might've laughed, but his presence, as unobtrusive as it is, eventually earns due notice. From Rambo, from Felicia. Ah, it is time. Benimaru is the last, and eyes meet. The Frenchman's reduce to slits, his expression fox-like. Lips draw back from white rows of teeth, revealing braces, but his smile is perfectly friendly albeit touched with a quality of something sly and unsettling. He untwines his fingers, shaking back the sleeve of his white jacket, allowing the cuff to settle in the nook of his elbow. Raising the slender hand, painted nails of black flash as they catch the light; he wiggles thin digits and speaks with a lilt, "Bonjour!"

Rambo clicks the other blonde's jaw shut. Ash vents a bemused snort through his nose, his nostrils flaring gently.

Darkstalker, the names of each, at this distance Ash is only able to catch snippets of the conversation and subsequent introductions. He could move closer, he could also finish his ice cream. He could... not be a creepy weirdo! These are things that the lazy flamewielder doesn't care to do, so he, uh, doesn't. The 'waving' hand sweeps in under his chin, resting the curve in the palm of his hand. The young man's platinum blonde head cants to the side. Still he grins like the Cheshire Cat, but there's an aura of cold, calculating awareness. It's... something not right.

Eventually, he is addressed. It was bound to happen at some point, but the manner in which Felicia calls out to him is... surprising? The sass gap forms an 'O' before he relaxes back into smarm, one corner of that broad slash of a mouth tugged up further than the other. Ash shouldn't need to answer her first question -- isn't it obvious? -- but he politely responds to the second, "Ash Crimson. Enchante~" His voice is soft, smooth. There's a lyrical sing-song quality that befits the skinny teenager who resembles a girl more than a young man, what with that archaic bouffant and general androgyny. Don't hate, he can't help being born this way.

Getting up is a pain, so the flamboyant freckle-faced fighter sees no reason to stir just yet. He hasn't been invited to join the little gathering, either. Eyes like the clear sky continue to attempt to make sense of the cat-girl, trying to determine exactly... what, since Benimaru and Rambo are boring and all.

Click! Nightwolf closing his head for him seems to wake Benimaru up from the gawking a little. "Oh, um... s-sorry about that." The revelation has obviously kind of put him off his game a little, since he doesn't immediately say anything to Nightwolf. Though still, he doesn't stay off his game for long. He suddenly smirks-- uh-oh, that's never a good sign-- and then notes, "Thank you. That was such a vulnerable moment, someone could have put anything in my mouth just then~."

...Did he... really just say that?

Felicia's whisper gets a blink from Benimaru, and then he snickers. However, Nightwolf's hope that the shootfighter will correct the assumption are soundly dashed when Benimaru responds, "A gentleman doesn't kiss and tell~." Sorry, Nighty. Benimaru's not going to set anyone straight.

Ash's statement gets a look from Benimaru, and he offers a mock-salute. "Hey~," he offers. His greeting is somewhat subdued, though. Because not sure if boy or girl. Besides that, this 'Ash' looks way too young. Give it about five years.

No, of course Benimaru won't be a bro and make it clear for everyone that they aren't a couple, because that would be useful and we just can't have that when dealing with the Shootfighter. Nightwolf is even heard muttering something as he looks to the side trying to pretend he's not noticing Benimaru and Felicia gossiping like a pair of school girls about him, something that sounded like 'I'll put something in your mouth..' but can't be so sure about that!

"What are you even doing here, Felicia?" Says the Sin Eater in the brief moment where he can get the flighty cat-girl's attention, she seems intent on pulling as many people as she can to their conversation. "Staying out of trouble, I hope." Because someone has to be the responsible adult around here! Sometimes it sucks being the only sane one.

Which will become that more difficult with the introduction of one Ash Crimson to their little posse. The shaman's eyes peer at the fox like young man and he furrows his eyebrows heavily. Being the Sin Eater, Nightwolf is very aware of any darkness that may lurk within the souls of people, the more negative energy stored within someone, the easier it is for Nightwolf to be aware of their presence. In Ash's case, his self-serving arrogant nature is evident, it reminds Nightwolf of an encounter he had in Japan with the deluded Gabriel. However, selfish as Ash may appear it does not merit for Nightwolf to try and banish him, the boy is at best odd to the Sin Eater and at worst someone to be wary of. Either or, the Apache doesn't introduce himself immediately, suspicious as he is of this young man. Ash might as well continue to call him Rambo given his silence.

"Well, I WAS here to see if this place was big enough and had enough people to maybe get a little quick sidewalk show in for some bucks, but I think it's not that sorta place," she unlatches herself from both Nightwolf and Benimaru. At least the two boys would have noticed her hands and arm are quite soft and furry where they were touched by her. For right now however it looks as if Felicia has left a disaster in her wake and is going to be skipping out, like cats are wont to do, of course.

"I think I'll leave you two lovebirds alone for the time being though, something smells mighty fishy in that food court and I am going to be a fatcat tonight~" with a woosh the female is off and skipping away.

Tall, blonde, and ROCK HARD!

Shen Woo, Shanghai's mad boxer has relocated recently, his traveling companion, having cooked up one reason or another, is now a south town resident... for some reason. It is likely a good reason.

It possibly involves hitting people in the face.

As luck might have it, the spikey-haired brawler is traipsing through the mall as well, a shopping bag from a leather shop clutched in the grasp of a gloved hand, when he catches sight of a lithe, blonde figure. Stormy eyes narrow with scrutiny as his booted gait peters off to a slow halt. He had mistaken no less than seven girls for Mr. Crimson already, he is loathe to be wrong again. He'll have to be a little more discrete this time.

"OY, ASH!" it is a loud, harsh bellow.

You don't want to know what happened the other seven times.

Shen... Were you... marching around the mall, yelling at teenage girls with blonde hair indiscriminately? Do you /NOT/ know what Ash Crimson looks like, can't tell the difference? You lumbering moron! Intelligence deficient neanderthal! "Vraiment?" That's all he has to say, flinching as his name is shouted across the food court by the uncultured (and very stupid) God of Battle. But hey, somehow the twit managed to find the slippery flamewielder, so I guess he deserves a little credit.

Just a little. A miniscule amount.

His focus on the trio breaks, the Frenchman's head turning away. He frowns at his cup of ice cream, melted down to a puddle of lukewarm pink goop, more milkshake now than solid. Ash picks it up and at the same time rises from his chair. Benimaru thinks him young, but perhaps when he straightens to his full height, only a centimetre shorter than the shootfighter, he may opt to reconsider... Not that it matters. Rambo picks up on this, sensing his self-satisfying and arrogant nature, how the French flameslinger simply doesn't care.

The slender young man walks with a peculiar gait -- he sashays his hips, with his knees drawn in close and his thighs brushing together. The white jacket is long, he wears a pair of embroidered black dress pants, the hem flared at his ankles. Ash chucks the little cup into the trash, then turns neatly on the balls of his feet, catching up his fringe with his fingers and twisting the blonde strands around them. "So loud, you could have come over." He's not chastising Shen, only because Shanghai's 'God of Battle' wouldn't give a damn even if he was. You can't tell a bull not to charge at a matador.

Instead of asking what the brawler wants, instead of... doing anything else, the odd flamboyant weirdo kind of forgets about him entirely. Again, he's an asshole. Felicia excuses herself, and with her tail and strange 'paws', skips off through what could be considered a crowd, talking about fatcats and fishy smells. She passes right by him. Blue eyes follow the progress until they are no longer able, then they travel back to the remaining pair. His expression is perfectly amiable and unassuming again, just ignore the devious quirk of the lips, "Well, I hope the two of you enjoy your, ah, date." Ash rakes his gaze over the bag Rambo holds and Benimaru himself.

Totally wouldn't have mattered even if the blonde model had shared Rambo's denial, don't you see? I expect an invite to the wedding, for the lols.

For once Benimaru was paying attention to conversation. And so Nightwolf's muttering under his breath gets his attention. "Ah-ah, not here~," he trills, with a wink. In truth, he hadn't quite caught what Nightwolf said, but he figured it was a threat of bodily harm. Felicia's words reach him and he nods. Though he snickers at the 'lovebirds' comment. And again, he doesn't correct her words. "Enjoy your meal," he says, still chuckling, and waves to the catgirl as she skips away.

There's actually two lithe blond figures in that area! Though Benimaru's hair is a deeper yellow, and his abs are a little more pronounced. Visible because he's wearing a cropped t-shirt. Though at least he looks semi-normal currently, his hair down in a loose ponytail rather than spiked up as it is in a fight.

Suddenly someone's yelling across the way! Benimaru looks up at the yell, looking at the direction the yelling comes from. Ash standing up gets his attention back, though, and be considers Ash. The mention to 'enjoy their date' gets a return smirk from Benimaru. "You too~," he singsongs, looking in Shenwoo's direction with raised brows. Uh-huh. He is totally insinuating things. All of the things.


Even with Nightwolf's constant stone face expression, its quite that he couldn't be more miserable right now. He can withstand being with Benimaru in the mall for hours or he can endure being prodded that he's in a relationship with the man by everyone, but he can most definitely not do both! "Wait.." Nightwolf mutters to Felicia as she leaves all of the sudden, sounding remarkably like a dog's whine, it's like he was begging not to leave him with them!!

He doesn't get to question what Felicia meant by the mall not being 'that kind' of establishment, he doesn't get a chance to defend himself from Benimaru and Felicia's prodding, he doesn't get to react to the loud burly man yelling as he approaches, he doesn't even have the energy to narrow his eyes in disapproval when he spots Ash very obviously ogling Felicia, he doesn't have any strength to be a paragon of morality. He just looks to be in so much pain right now.

"Benimaru, please let us leave this place." Preferably before that loud man gets any closer and starts yelling some more, something tells Nightwolf his eardrums are not going to appreciate it.

After all the brawler gone through all of that bull crap, after... after... After having to wear a suit and pretend he was a respectable person, Ash is just going to snub him like the high school girl he is!? The mad brawler's features contort in anger... He lifts his attention to the pair, a brow cocking upwards... Huh, takes all types. Whatever, The God of Battle doesn't judge!

Turning on his heels, the taller of the pair trudges after the shorter, attempting to deal the blonde a swat upside the back of the head with a open head. "What the hell are you doing anyway, Your damned school called, woke me up, I was pissed!" he prattles angrily.

The young man waves the duo off with a chipper, "Adieu!" This is probably much to Rambo's chagrin, but at least he is given leave. Ash saunters over to the self-styled 'God of Battle', a faint smirk alighting on his thin lips. For the record, he was not ogling Felicia per se. When I figure out exactly what that look meant, I'll let you know.


A broad hand connects with the back of the teen's head, causing the Frenchman to stumble. Arms half-windmill, he straightens in an ungainly manner and levels the taller fighter with an insolent glare. "Zut! I didn't go today. Are you my father?" Well, he did ask Shen to pose as his legal guardian, so in a way, yes? "Va te faire foutre." A beat. "Salaud." Come now, Ash, that isn't very nice. The freckle-faced flamewielder is just about to pout and fold his arms, stew in silence and plot his revenge when it streaks through the sky. It hits him like a bolt of lightning, figuratively.

There's a wicked smile, winding its way across his mouth. Before the brute can protest, before he even knows what's upon him, Crimson invades his personal space, locking his upper limbs around Shen's arm and drawing it in close. He holds on tight to prevent escape, fingernails working into flesh. Blue eyes look up through black lashes at the other man as though he were a meal, Ash purring out, "Mon dieu, we're supposed to be on a date, didn't you hear that man? You should treat me more delicately, /je t'aime/. I'll be forgiving this time~" His English is still awkward, but the French teenager shows signs of progress... And being the worst person ever. The best worst person.

"Like hell, I am!" barks the larger blonde in answer to the smaller's inquiry, even if it was one born of sarcasm. "But you put me through that shit pile of a meeting and then they're calling me up and chewing on my ass because you're wandering around the mall and talking to weirdos! If you're going to do something, do it! Don't half-ass things you drug me into!" he prattles his complaints with all the elegance and flare of a stately gentleman. He illustrates his point with sweeping hand motions or a rudely pointing finger. Not that he is pointing anywhere rude, pointing is just rude in and of itself!

Ash babbles, gibbering in his weird, surrender-monkey tongue for the sole reason that Shen Woo can't understand him! It is another needle in his nerves, teeth gritting, "You know damn well I don't know what the hell you're saying!" he retorts as they continue along their way.

Shen Woo had written it off, Ash would just take his ass-chewing like however much of a man he could muster to be at any given time and that was that. He was blissfully unaware of the vindictive thoughts stewing and festering within the confines of Ash's skull. The hairs on the back of Shen's neck prickle, a sure sign that he is about to slug someone. When he looks to find his next victem, he finds only Ash... who might as well be standing in the brawler pocket, "What the hell d-" he begins, only to have Ash provide the answer in very short order. Arms curl around his with all the affection and care of a hungry octopus, nails bite into flesh that has been drawn tight over muscles and sinew, blood beads beneath them, adding red to the underside of the frenchie's french-tips. Shen Woo bellows his displeasure and just begins to act like a bull that's been loosed into the rodeo arena, doing whatever he can to dislodge the anchored Ash.

Now, Benimaru's mean, but not THAT mean. He can plainly see that Nightwolf's had enough. And he doesn't QUITE hate the shaman enough to subject him too much more than he can take of this place. So, finally taking pity on the poor man-- and also because Ash's 'date' has showed up-- Benimaru places a hand on Nightwolf's shoulder. "Well, let's get out of here, ne? We have a night to plan~." He looks to Ash and Shenwoo, and smirks. "Have fun you two. Ja ne~." And then-- probably much to the shaman's relief-- he'll start heading towards the door, Nightwolf hopefully in tow.

It's anybody's guess whether he saw that Ash had drawn blood, or whether Shen was just having a 'moment' and flailing at the thought of being on a 'date'. Who knew? The whole thing was starting to get a bit weird, though, and Benimaru figured a quick exit was best. Besides, he wasn't TOTALLY lying... they did have a night to plan. Though it was a night for hunting vampires, not romance.

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