Ibuki - Being Yun is Pretty Rad. It can also be Suffering.

Description: While trying to prank Yun in the prelude to being Yun's challenge of the day, Ibuki learns she's not the greatest prankster ever. Who will win in this duel with the stakes being a free meal and impressing their respective authority figures?

It is business as per the usual inside the epic restaurant of delicious that has come to be known as Genhanten. Owned by some totally jerky old dude, there are really only two reasons that anyone from the next generation comes here and one of them's name is Yun. Once again, due to his brother's inability to actually show up, Yun is having to pull extra weight and make sure that everything is running smoothly. Not because he's worried about anything that might happen to him by way of Gen wanting to beat him down due to the fact that he's spending more time flirting with random teenage girls that happen to be placing more orders than the regulars. No, it has nothing to do with that. It has more to do with the fact that every single time he's left in charge of Genhanten he ends up having to whoop somebody's ass.

Here's to hoping he doesn't have to do that this shift.

Showing off for the ladies, Yun skates out from the kitchen, balancing a tray of various foods that have been ordered by various patrons within what is probably one of the more packed hours than Genhanten has seen in quite some time. Not to say that Yun is the reason for this boost in sales. But Yun is the reason for this boost in sales. Well that and Snoop Dogg on the radio! Anyway, Yun skates right on over to his table of fangirls and the flirting recommences.

"For today's training, we're sending you to Chinatown." The adolescent girl in the tan dogi sat in seiza before the veiled master ninja, sighing audibly, "Master Enjo. Again, really?" The man raised a single finger, "For a free meal." Ibuki's mouth opened, but no sound comes out. Eventually it does, as recognition dawned. "Wait, you're sending me to fight..."


"...that skeeze." She muttered to herself. The now masked kunoichi had been watching Yun go through his routine for the past half hour from her perch on one of the jutted out rafters on the balcony of the second level. Skateboard into the kitchen, come out with food. Flirt with anyone that had two X chromosomes.

It didn't help that he was really cute. Cute enough that he'd be positively distracting to the kunoichi /except/ for the fact that he was flirting with all things female. Slowly, a smile began to take form underneath her half mask. If she was going to be forced to fight this guy, then she was going to have some fun with this first. She just had to make certain he had his timing down, especially to account for possible... frustration.

~15 minutes later~

Over the course of the next fifteen minutes. Every time the cook called out 'Order Up!' in the space of time it would take for Yun to get to the kitchen, the food would be gone. It would appear on the correct table so quickly that each person would swear they saw noone put it there. Maybe the Genhanten was infested by some sort of friendly poltergeist? Not out of the question since well, it was owned by Gen. However, it was more likely to be haunted by an 'angry' poltergeist.

Now see, there's something to be said about food being taken to the tables before Yun actually has the chance to do it. And that something would be, "/Nice/." Because, when it comes to Yun, this is totally a good thing. Somewhere around the fourth time that this happens, Yun realizes that /somebody/ is making sure his orders get out and to where they belong. Which means that he doesn't have to do it. Which means that he's going to have so much more time on his hands. And thus? The big smile on his face.

"Yo! Yo, Chen!" Yun yells off into the kitchen. "I guess Yang came in! Goin' on break!" Yun reaches up to adjust his cap into prime 'off-duty' mode. "See ya' tomorrow!" Yun is all about going on break until the next time he's on shift again. Which is tomorrow. He's really lazy.

Kicking back down onto his skateboard, he rides off towards another one of the flirty tables. "Ladies, ladies, ladies!" Yun flashes a big grin as he skids to a halt on his board and flashes that playful smile of his. "Who wants to fly with the Dragon of the Wind and Clouds, today? Come on, don't be shy. I'll be gentle." Wink!

Ibuki knew when a prank had backfired. That didn't mean give up though. Instead it meant that it was time for phase two. She whispers something, which is akin to a command, just as Yun adjusts his hat and rides off to the table. As she scampered from one perch to another on the second floor balcony, something drops off her back, and scampers alongside her.

Her compatriot grips ahold of her top knot's tip just as she grips the rafter's edge with her toes, and bends over, upside down just over Yun. Just as he starts his flirtation...


The hat is snatched, but the upside down kunoichi doesn't move from her spot, she simply flings it upwards to her Tanuki. Don-chan, who lets go of her Top Knot's tip, and grasps ahold of the hat in his teeth. "Well you know." She offers cheekily. "I think Don-chan wants to fly with the Dragon." A beat, as she winks at him from her hanging, upside down position, "He's your biggest fan after all." The Tanuki squeaks in a non-comittal way, finally figuring out what a hat was for exactly, and puts it on his head. It comes to rest in a lopsided manner right there.

She continues to just hang from that position over him, and the table of 'fangirls' waving. "Hi! I'm your challenger for the day!" She grins beneath her half-mask, "And don't even think of going easy on me just because I'm cute! I may have the innocent heart of a young maiden, but I'm not fragile!" Says the definitely not innocent ninja.

Yun Lee is about to get pissed off. That much is obvious. The smile on his face fades the moment his cap is snatched off his head. He doesn't look bad without his cap, just different. And it is more the principal that someone has decided that they want to play with him and his cap. That is what is starting to get him riled up.

Then he looks up. And the spotting of a cute female hanging upside down is something that would probably be from a dream if he weren't wide awake right now. "... Thank you." is whispered to whatever gods may be listening.

"Y'know. There are easier ways to get my attention." Yun quips as he turns to lean against the table of fangirls. They are giggling amongst themselves at this point. Pointing and giggling at the ninja girl above. Likely because she has went through such great lengths to get someone as great as Yun to pay attention to her. "But. If you insist." Yun smiles and snaps his fingers. The moment that snap is done, patrons all across the restaurant slide their food (and their tables) out of the way. Yun pushes off his table as it is slid and he struts out into the middle of the now open space. Somebody, somewhere, changes the music to something a bit more fitting and Yun performs a stylish kata before stopping and holding out a hand. From somewhere in the crowd, a cap gets thrown in Yun's direction. It lands in waiting palm and he gives it a stylish flip before pulling it onto his head. His fingers drag down the sides of the bill and he straightens it up nice and tight, before looking back up with a smile.

"You want some?" He blows a kiss up at Ibuki. "Come get some."

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Yun              0/-------/------=|

COMBATSYS: Ibuki has joined the fight here.

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Ibuki            0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0              Yun

The 'thank you' is missed entirely. "None of them are quite as fun though!" She quips back, putting her hands to both of her cheeks, as they're veiled by the mask. "Haven't you heard that song from the West? Girls just wanna have fun!" Ibuki watches all of the proceedings, upside down, even waving at all of the fangirls who are giggling out their rumors on the great lengths she's going to get the attention of the infamous Yun. She didn't mind the attention, even if it was in a different direction than what she expected.

Once all the tables are clear, she allows her toes to let go, somersaulting around one hundred eighty degrees until she lands, balancing on the toes of one foot. With one hand, she brushes back her top knot, just after he blows a kiss, "Maybe not the kind of fun you're thinking though. Aren't you jumping a little ahead? I'm may be a modern girl but..."

The moment she puts her foot down, she moves, serpent quick, trying to use her words to distract Yun. She knew from his competence that he was force to be reckoned with. Leaping so swiftly that she leaves after-images of her movements in her wake, she extends both feet in an attempt to stomp down on his shoulders with a double kick. If all goes well, she'll use his shoulders as a spring board to leap off him and catch ahold and hang off the edge of the second floor balcony. "...I want an old fashioned love confession first!"

COMBATSYS: Yun dodges Ibuki's Hien.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Ibuki            0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0              Yun


Yun is moving almost as quickly as Ibuki is at this time. His eyes are on her the entire time she moves and when she goes serpent speed, he goes dragon speed. His body bends and twists, his feet sliding himself out of the way of those feet, as he telegraphs her trajectory as heading for his shoulders. He rolls on his heels and goes for a quick handstand, just to put a little extra style on his dodge, flipping over himself and landing a foot or so away, just to make it look too easy.

"I mean, I'm not sayin' you're not cute. Far from it." Yun wiggles his fingers at Ibuki as if to tell her that he's way over here now. "But if that's all you got, then you ain't gonna' be able to keep up!" He winks and takes a step inward, before spinning in the air and swinging one leg after another at her, aiming to give her a skull a quick introduction to the heel of his sneakered foot. Nothing /too/ fancy, but hop kicks are definitely in style for those of the Kung Fu fighting variety.

COMBATSYS: Yun successfully hits Ibuki with Senpuu Kyaku.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Ibuki            0/-------/------=|==-----\-------\0              Yun

Fast. Yun wasn't dubbed one of the twin dragons for nothing, his stylish handstand dodge caused Ibuki to whiff, as both of her feet found nothing but air, until they hit the ground. She keeps up the momentum, in an attempt to spring backwards, just as his sneakered foot connects with her cheek, rolling her around in mid-air from the forceful hop kick.

The kunoichi finds her butt meeting the ground first, before the rest of her, as she rolls over on the ground. The crowd begins to jeer her, and cheer on Yun for his sense of fabulous style, while Ibuki only has Don-chan in her corner. He's very good at cheering at least!

Ibuki rubs her wrapped fist against her covered chin as she rises to her knees, then springs to her feet. "What makes you think that's all I've got?" She winks at him, "You think just because you called me cute, that I'm going to show you all the goods up front? I'm not that kind of girl!" Hopping on the balls of her feet, she tries to get into the rhythm of battle, performing a dance of expert footwork, as she moves in flanking circles, one arm outstretched in her casual guard.

She moves at him more warily than before at him, feinting with a palm strike that's purposefully wide. Balancing on one leg her other curls up against her chest, and lashes out, leaving streamers of azure chi in it's wake in a series of whirlwind kicks aimed at his mid-section.

COMBATSYS: Ibuki successfully hits Yun with Tsumuji.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Ibuki            0/-------/----===|=====--\-------\0              Yun

Yun's overconfidence may continue to be his undoing. Taking some time out of his busy face kicking schedule, he looks over to the side to egg on his fans. After all, they are here to see him whoop some interloper ass. Cute as it is or not. Regardless, though, Yun is not paying attention when he turns back around to throw some more cocky and witty banter in Ibuki's direction. Instead, his eyes catch sight of that fist and before he can realize it is a feint, he's moving to dodge it... and right into the path of rapid chi kicks that double him over faster than he's able to even realize he's being kicked something fierce.

"... hahaha. Nicely done." Yun compliments the ninja girl, whilst also trying not to show that he's wincing in slight pain from those kicks. He uses his doubled over state to stumble towards Ibuki. "But you might wanna' calm down with the chi. Nobody likes a show off!" Yun quips, suddenly leaping up into the air and in the general direction of Ibuki. His legs swinging up in rapid succession in an attempt to plant a pair of high kicks into her face!

"Oh wait. They do if it's me!"

COMBATSYS: Ibuki parries Yun's Nishou Kyaku!

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Ibuki            0/-------/---====|=====--\-------\0              Yun

"Thanks!" Ibuki beams, holding a thumbs up his way, just as her foot from the series of whirlwind kicks lands back on the floor. Falling back into a casual stance, she starts to dance backwards, just as he starts to tell her about the merits of not showing off. She wasn't fooled about banter being a pause in the battle, she knew all too well the ideal time to attack was 'while' one was speaking. While the person's mind is processing it, instead she focuses on his actions. And there it comes.

Yun leaps in the air, and Ibuki moves evasively. The first kick she manages to bat aside with her palm, throwing it just over her shoulder, however her palm stings from the effort. If that had struck then she'd have been feeling some real pain. The next kick comes straight at her chin. Ibuki sees the ball of Yun's foot, as she suddenly bends over backwards, not just 'seeing' but 'smelling' and 'feeling' how close it had been as it passes over, his sneaker soles grazing the skin of her nose. As she moves into a backwards handstand, she lands on the palms of her hands, then allows the rest of her body to rapidly land by gravity.

She's already moving, scampering like a Tanuki between his legs as he recovers, where she would then try to climb his 'back'. "Don't be like that!" Trying to grip both his shoulders, she rotates her body suddenly, into a leap, trying to spin him in the air with her, and use gravity to carry him to the ground. "If you try to hog all the applause, then I'm going to have to steal the show!" Normally she would grab someone's neck with this, try to break it, but since this wasn't a life or death situation... and he was kind of cute, she was being nice with the execution of this attack.

COMBATSYS: Yun blocks Ibuki's Kubiori EX.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Ibuki            0/-------/--=====|======-\-------\0              Yun

There are too many things going on right now that Yun cannot keep up with. And they are all going on with Ibuki. He's barely capable of registering how fast she is and the fact that he gets his kicks off and they do /nothing/ is what has him ready to do a double take, as his body recovers from its failed attempt at putting this ninja girl away. She's better than he expected and that's not exactly what he was prepared for.

Her chitter chattering comes at the expense of her movements and Yun is in a quick struggle to try and keep up with both. He can't. Thus, Ibuki's attachment to his shoulders happens with ease. And then as he's yanked up and into the air, Yun does the only thing he can do and plants his arms down to brace the impact of hitting upon the floor. There's only a moment where Yun gets to shake off a bit of that impact.

"Nobody steals my show." Granted, that is not as witty as he would've liked, but Yun is a bit more busy attempting to see if he can't swing his feet up and plant a couple of kicks into the body of Ibuki, whilst attempting to wrench himself free from this smashing entanglement with a hard kick towards her chin!

COMBATSYS: Yun successfully hits Ibuki with Combo Grapple.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Ibuki            1/-------/=======|=======\-------\0              Yun

"Touch-" That's the part when Yun's reversal takes place. A couple of kicks in the middle of her chest cut her off. "-yeeeeeee!" All of the wind leaves her chest with that yelp, just as the hard kick to her chin sends her sprawling backwards, almost back into the crowd. Fortunately scaring the audience isn't on the agenda yet in this performance.

The audience is still squarely on Yun's side, but at least none of them are trying to 'join in'. Don-chan, the local 'Holy God, I'm glad the health inspector isn't here', clambers down into the ring, squeaking frantically for Ibuki to get up. It takes her some time, more dazed from that attack than she'd like to admit, head and vision swimming. Ibuki reaches under the baseball cap Don-chan is wearing to scratch him behind the ears, while rubbing her jaw with her other hand. He twitches his scarf tied tail, before dancing through the legs of the audience to climb back up the wall to a safe area.

Even then, she's only on all fours, not on her feet. "Your ego is really..." She decides to use that, positioning herself like a track star, she charges straight at him, until she gets near him. In a maneuver which screams 'psych!' she starts running in a flanking circle, before darting in to grasp him under the arm, and roll him under his shoulder. "...shameless! Who are you /really/ trying to impress here?" She prods verbally.

COMBATSYS: Yun full-parries Ibuki's Quick Throw!!

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Ibuki            1/-------/=======|=======\=------\1              Yun

Yun rolls to his feet and even takes to brushing off some of the dirt from being on the floor of Genhanten. If he was supposed to sweep or clean the floor, then he's definitely going to have some crustiness upon him. That is not exactly what he had in mind when he accepted this ninja girl's challenge. However, with her taking a moment to talk to whatever kind of pet that is she's got, he can't help but to smile one of those victorious smiles.

Noticing her strange positioning, Yun plants a foot to make sure he's bracing for possible impact when she charges at him. He brings his hands up and she flanks, which causes Yun to smirk even more. By the time she comes up behind him and reaches, his hands are moving to slap them away. Not exactly blocking the attempt, so much as redirecting those hands, so that his own speed can kick in as he hopes such parry-ing has knocked her just slightly off balance. He just needs a little bit of space.

"At the moment?" Yun asks, before taking a strong step forward. His hands twirl as they go from parry-ing palms to fists and then back to a pair of open palms that are held at stomach level as he thrusts them both towards the torso of Ibuki. "You. Maybe." There's some raw strength behind this quick attack of his. Ibuki might not be ready for such up close and personal actions.


COMBATSYS: Ibuki blocks Yun's Kobo Kushi EX.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Ibuki            1/-------/=======|=======\==-----\1              Yun

Yun's sudden parry throws her arms wide, and there he is, following up immediately. Ibuki can't help but think that he had the potential to make a fine ninja with how fast, and strong he was. At the same time she gets annoyed for the first thing she's thinking about is his ninja potential. She was a teenager too. She had wants, she had needs, that this ninja lifestyle wasn't giving her on it's own.

What it did give her however, was the speed and wherewithal, as her arms are swept aside, she raises her leg, high immediately, balancing on a single leg while her other intercepts the palm strikes. She's rocked backwards, stumbling, and eventually falling, where she catches herself with a single hand, and pushes herself back up rapidly to stand on one knee. "Ow, ow, ow!" She whines, voice obviously pained, as she pats her thigh which took both strikes, bouncing on her other leg.

"Just, maybe?" She tests her leg, by putting it on the ground, seeing if it will hold weight, then bounces back and forth when she finds it does. That'll definitely be sore in the morning, though at least it wasn't her /face/. "There's not much conviction in that love confession of yours." So far this week, noone had asked her to the prom. That stung a bit. And while she certainly didn't expect Yun to ask the mysterious kunoichi, the flirtatious banter was fun to her in light of the romantic 'atmosphere' of the week at her school. Maybe, just maybe, he wasn't as shallow as he seemed.

Even if it wasn't though, she was still resolved to try and kick his butt, so her elders would lay off for the rest of the week! She's still close to him. "Maybe you needed..." She ducks down low, and tries to slip through his guard with a quick movement forward. If she makes it she attempts grasp him under the arm pit, and tug him forward, off-balance with her left arm. Her right, lashes forward, in a palm strike right towards the center of her chest. He might notice that it's limmed with azure energy. If it manages to make contact, she balls it into a fist, the chi erupting into a spherical burst that envelops her hand, with the intention of throwing him backwards. "...to practice more on those other girls first, before trying that on me!"

COMBATSYS: Ibuki successfully hits Yun with Raida.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Ibuki            1/----===/=======|=======\=====--\1              Yun

The world slows down for a moment. Only a single moment. Because it is that moment that Yun realizes he's made a terrible mistake. His cocky attitude and charming demeanor is broken with a single application of chi-induced hands that belong to the ninja girl that he has been flirting with so readily...

Yanked underneath his arm, Yun stumbles forward from the sudden power tugging from Ibuki. Off-balanced due to one leg still being back and the other aerial, Yun's chest takes the full brunt of the palm strike sent at him. He can almost hear the bones cracking and the immediate loss of breath that comes after it is easy to notice. Yun's face cringes with pain. The glowing hand that clenches into a fist and creates a chi-plosion of spherical destruction sends him sailing backwards and crashing into the floor of Genhanten. Which is where he stays until the slow motion is no longer a part of things.

Yun stumbles in an effort to get back to his feet. He can't really get a bead on Ibuki at the moment and is more trying to shake off the sudden and inevitable betrayal of her impressive chi abilities. Abilities that he has yet to access. Abilities that he has not had a chance to explore. Maybe he's not as good as he thought. Maybe he's already peaked. Maybe this is the limit to his potential.


Yun reaches up to straighten his cap on his head and steps into his fighting stance and motions with his hand for Ibuki to come at him. No witty banter this time. He's ready to fight.

COMBATSYS: Yun gains composure.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Ibuki            1/----===/=======|=======\====---\1              Yun

Ibuki just stands there in that position, fist outstretched for a moment, her hand-wraps smoking with an audible sizzle, before she falls back into her guard. She watches him lay there in silence, not boasting about her minor victory. She's been there, she's still there in training, she knows what it's like. And with ninjitsu being equal parts mysticism to martial arts, perhaps she got a leg up there.

That doesn't mean underestimate him though. Her master had told her of the man that owned this restaurant, he wouldn't take on Yun as a student if his skill, his talent, and his potential wasn't impressive. Likely enough to best her in other areas. As he crawls up to a ready stance, she watches him straighten up his cap, and beneath her mask she smiles.

The ninja side of her did in fact, want a real fight, against a worthy opponent. And he was that. Which is why when he beckons for her to come at him, she does so, surging serpentine in a blur of movement that has after images dancing in her wake. She keeps that up, until she's close, then at the last moment, she skids to a stop, and skips backwards, her hand waving in front of her to toss something that glints in the Genhanten's light in the same motion.

Kunai weren't just throwing knives, that was a stylized modern addition. In the past, they were tools, blunt trowels primarily. She throws one of those blunted ones at him right now, in another motion that screams 'psych! ninja! remember?' aiming it low enough that it won't hit anyone observing if she misses. He was a worthy opponent and had his respect, but she was a ninja. And they could be sneaky sneaky.

COMBATSYS: Ibuki successfully hits Yun with Kunai.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Ibuki            1/---====/=======|=======\======-\1              Yun

Sneaky ain't even the word for it to be perfectly honest. Yun was too busy attempting to be stylish and show-offy to really understand that he was fighting a frickin' ninja. He wasn't prepared for the fact that she could and would be attempting to throw objects at him. Objects that, well, hurt if the blood that's coming from his shoulder is any indication.

See, the problem is that he tried to zig when he should've zagged. He's used to getting up close and personal with his opponents. He's not used to trying to dip and dodge things that are being thrown at him. Things that are being thrown at him with some kind of skill? Forget about it. And thus the wincing pain that happens as he gets turned around slightly from the Kunai slicing through his shoulder. He spins with it, so that it doesn't stay lodged in his shoulder or anything, but the pain still remains.

"Damn, girl. It's like /that/?"

Yun actually cracks a smile as he removes a hand from his shoulder. The blood there doesn't seem to be pissing him off as much as it just seems to be making him want to fight a little bit more. Fight a little bit harder. He shakes some of the blood dripping from his fingers off and proceeds to take a step into his classic Kemp stance. His smile doesn't leave his face as he lifts his head to wink at his opponent. His body almost shudders with some kind of sudden boost of adrenaline as he takes off in a brisk and quick run at her. A run that makes him look like he hasn't just went through an incredible amount of pain. It is almost as if he's taken the pain and is using it to fuel this sudden burst of energy. The rush only takes a moment, before he's in close and goes for it.

His somewhat blurred movements are punctuated with the arrival of two swift elbow strikes aimed for the ninja girl's chest, which are quickly followed up by a pair of lunging palm strikes, clearly aimed to try and knock Ibuki off balance. If he can stagger her, than his witty quip makes even just a bit more sense as he utters, "Can't stand up to my kung fu!" Momentum and movement spur him forward and the Twin Dragon rises with a leaping high kick that's aimed to send Ibuki up into the air, as well.

But wait. There's More?!?!

Yun rises with the kick, and hopefully Ibuki, sailing upwards to ride the ninja-girl's back like his beloved skateboard. "Time to show off a little!" His movements continue to be quick, flipping himself over and going for a spinning handstand to try and throw Ibuki's equilibrium out of wack. When gravity makes descent a finality, Yun flips back over and aims a furious flurry of downward aimed kicks at the ninja's upper body, kicking his way back down. He puts some extra power behind a final kick that's aimed take Ibuki in the back of the head and send her face first through that table of Yun Lee Fangirls.

Y'know. In Theory.

COMBATSYS: Ibuki dodges Yun's Sourai Rengeki.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Ibuki            1/---====/=======|=====--\-------\0              Yun

"Depends on what you mean by, 'that'." Ibuki winks to return his own wink, above her half mask, even as she skids backwards into a battle ready stance. "And you were worried I wouldn't be able to keep up with you, darling." Before the words even finish leaving her lips.

Yun is there.

She had underestimated his resolve to win, his speed once again. His blurred movements mask his arrival, and the first she catches of it is when the elbow strike was mid-swing. Fortunately, her adrenaline was reaching it's high as well. She turns to her side, as the first elbow strike moves past, catching her dogi across the chest and causing a giant tear that reaches down to her abdomen. She ducks as the next comes, feeling it part her top knot and graze her back, just along her spine.

It's at that moment that the two palm strikes come, and the kunoichi has to skip backwards, her heel stumbling half a pace just as the two palm strikes come. Knocked off-balance anyhow by the stumble, she's rather worried that he's right. Maybe she can't stand up to his Kung Fu. As the high kick comes, she leaps into the air, feeling the high kick as it lightly thumps her chin. Given the leaping movement, it's understandable that Yun thought she had been launched by the ferocity of his attack. In a sense, she had been, trying to evade it.

As he leaps into the air, and tries to ride her like a skateboard, she turns over suddenly, so she's facing him, hands desperately shooting out to give him a platform to land on, one for each foot. As Ibuki twists, and turns in mid-air to turn herself over just as Yun tries to do an aerial handstand. He finds himself performing a handstand upon her wrapped feet, as she curls them up to make contact with each of his hands.

From there, the two might have been aerial ballet dancers, as she twists and contorts and curls her body to just barely evade each kick. While they make contact with her clothing in grazing strikes, they never quite find purchase. The final kick, she dodges by flipping backwards at the last moment, to land atop the table of his fans balanced on a single foot.

Most of the crowd has been stunned into tacit silence. She stands there for a moment, her chest is heaving like the bellows, before she points at him with a single finger, "That. That was badass!" She literally had no idea how she'd managed to keep up with that. She could say it was muscle memory from training, but she'd prefer to say it was just that she was that much of a prodigy and it was all instinct. She had to admit though, it was just as impressive as her ultimate heart-breaking attack.

Once she felt like she could breathe again, she leaps off the table on that single foot, the kunoichi hits the floor running, but she doesn't follow up with anything more elaborate than a light palm strike aimed at the opposite shoulder from the one her kunai hit. "Are you just that good, or did you just have that great of a master?"

COMBATSYS: Yun dodges Ibuki's Jab Punch.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Ibuki            1/---====/=======|=====--\-------\0              Yun

Breathing heavily is the name of the game for both of them it seems. Because there's something about Yun's ability to strike with speed and Ibuki's ability to dodge with just a little more speed that has them both looking as though they are epic masters of their arts. And for anyone that is looking at what is going down between these two, there can be really no denying that they are, indeed, something special. A spectacle to be considered an amazing view. Which is why there's stunned silence and collective sighs of relief and also just a general sense of HOLY SHIT going on inside Genhanten right now.

Recovering from his failure like a pro, Yun remains on his feet and pops his neck just a moment, before watching as Ibuki came at him with one of those stylish palm strikes that he knows so much about. He has a few palm strikes himself. When it comes at that shoulder, though, he rolls out of it, backpedaling with a little bit of speed and also putting just a dash of space between himself and the ninja girl. For some reason.

"Eh. I was born 'That Good'. Gen is definitely my Yoda though. Even if he is a jerk." Respectful words about his Master, before Yun is on the move once again. "Now. Let's really get this party started!"

With a quick motion, Yun steps and drops to the floor, immediately rolling with impressive speed and gaining even more impressive momentum. He's only crossing a short space so his rise is quicker than it normally would be and he rises right into a steady turn step, spinning to put the back of his shoulder into Ibuki's body with some charged velocity!

COMBATSYS: Yun successfully hits Ibuki with Tetsu Zankou.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Ibuki            1/=======/=======|=====--\-------\0              Yun

"You've got decent taste in Western movies at least... jerk Luke." Ibuki quips as she recovers from the missed blow. Grinning beneath her half mask, she start so fall back as Yun assumes a low stance. Her intent was to leap up and over him, to try and dodge the low elbow blow. Having to contend with his max speed again so soon, she wasn't quite ready, her timing was off. Just as her feet take off, the terrifyingly fast elbow catches her dead center, right in the abdomen, knocking the air out of her.

Her momentum redirected from the ferocity of the blow, she's blown into the wall. The yelp of pain that started when the elbow made contact with her dies as she thuds against the wood, before slumping down. Crossing her arms over her abdomen there, she has to gulp down precious air until she finally feels like she has enough to go on. Putting one foot under her, then the next, she grins at him, breath still wheezing a bit. "What? You expect this party to take off with those beats? Hey Don-chan!"

The Tanuki looked down from his place in the rafters. "Hit it." Fortunately, she'd already had it set up to play one of her favorite jpop insert tunes. All he had to do, was smack the screen of the phone she'd left up there for safe keeping. Suddenly a jaunty tune blares out, the singer's voice continues a moment later.

Perhaps inspired by the rhythm, or the adrenaline rush of battle, or maybe a combination of the two, she begins a dance of expert footwork, as she moves towards her opponent. Just as the line 'Right now, burn your soul, naked nothing...' started up, her body began to be limmed by azure chi, like some sort of blazing aura.

She darts in low, starting with a stunning swing of an elbow aimed at his mid-section. If it strikes, she'd try to spin into her other arm lashing out to try to grab his other hand. "All the other girls say I should watch out for you, that you're a heartbreaker..." Suddenly the chi around her explodes in a spherical burst that would envelop them both if he doesn't get out of the way. Then all of a sudden, it dissipates, like it was absorbed back into herself.

Her opposite hand, would then try to drive her opposite elbow back into his chest. "...fortunately so am I! This attack will break your heart..." She winks mid-attack, as she would let go, her other hand trying to draw back, power gathering in her fingertips, "...just kidding!"

She then drives that hand into the fist of the arm where the elbow strike is held. If all goes well, chi travels from one hand, up through her fist, forearm, and elbow. It would then attempt to lance through him like some tanto wielded by a samurai of old. "YOROITOSHI!" Another spherical blast would envelop him if it hits, except now she's not holding onto him any longer.

COMBATSYS: Ibuki successfully hits Yun with Yoroitoshi.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >                                ]
Ibuki            0/-------/----===|=======\===----\1              Yun

Music can be a great motivator. A great equalizer. An amazing dominator. And this is a lesson that Yun has learned very well in the last couple of moments. Moments that he would likely begin to remember in a week or so when he manages to regain consciousness.

Let's rewind for a second...

The moment that the music gets switched is the moment that Yun loses his footing in this battle. His eyes clench closed and his body loses the groove and the rhythm that it had previously. He doesn't even understand what is happening with the horrible sounds that come from the speakers of Genhanten. He does understand, though, that there's something to be said about this kind of music and it is that this kind of music is beyond annoying. So when Yun tries to make some sort of reaction to it, he doesn't get the opportunity to fully diss it. Because when he opens his eyes: There's Ibuki.

Her invasion into his personal space is livid with witty remarks that Yun cannot even respond to. His body can't even react to what comes at him. His mid-section punctured by a sharp elbow. His hand snatched up by the speed of a ninja girl. His entire body rocked fiercely by an explosion of chi that severs his ability to function as a human being for the next four seconds. Another elbow, this time to the chest, where something cracks and Yun winces in even more pain. And then? More Chi. Another spherical explosion that crackles and explodes his body from the inside out and then back in.

Yun can't even remember what it is like to be on his feet after such. His facial expression is that of someone that had everything to lose and everything to gain and managed to lose them both. His body goes airborne for a half moment, before jerking once during his descent, his cap flying off his head. His body smacks into the floor, cracking it beneath his dead weight. He crunches hard and is unmoving afterwards, his head lolling to the side for just a moment. After that, his cap finally falls. Landing somewhere nowhere near his body to punctuate his status as no longer being able to function in conscious society.

K! O!

COMBATSYS: Yun takes no action.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Ibuki            0/-------/----===|

COMBATSYS: Yun can no longer fight.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Ibuki            0/-------/----===|

You know, even though there's satisfaction from having beaten someone as good as Yun is, the fact that he's unconscious takes some of the fun out of it. He gave it his all, didn't he? And while she didn't come out unscathed, he got defeated on his home turf. That's gonna sting a bit more than most losses.

Her arm sizzles as she withdraws it from where it hangs in air, waving the leather armguard that's covered in wisps of smoke. The adrenaline rush fades, as she clicks her tongue, and Don-chan hits the screen again, turning off the music. Eventually she moves over to Yun's side, kneeling down, and checking for a pulse, worried by the fact that he didn't get up immediately. When she sees him breathing, feels his pulse, she breathes out a sigh of relief.

Then she stands up, and all of Yun's fans were just looking at her. "Best I'd ever fought." She lies, through her teeth. The best she'd ever fought had almost made her a smear on a rooftop. "Can't wait for our rematch, when he hits the world stage!"

While she's certainly injured, she doesn't look messed up /enough/. So as she takes another step, she fakes a stumble, like she's swooning. She mumbles, making it sound like she's talking to herself, as she puts a hand to her side, another to her leg. "Damn, he really messed me up bad!" It's all sort of awkward, and a little forced. She's a bad actress, but some people definitely buy it. After all, why would she be acting like he's a jerk before, and playing him up now that he's lost?

Good question.

Don-chan tosses the cap down to the table of fangirls, who don't register the gesture until it lands. One of them catches it, the rest immediately start fighting over it. When an employee finally asks her about the free meal. "House special. I'll take it to go." She doesn't stick around to eat it. Even if she weren't trying to hide her identity it would feel like she was rubbing his face in it.

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