Makoto - Mail Call

Description: After getting some unpleasant beatings over the last few days, Mimiru tries to take it easy by delivering some packages around town for extra cash. Unfortunately, her last delivery runs a little late and the recipient takes very aggressive exception to this breach of manners.

After getting totally obliterated twice in a short period of time, Mimiru has finally learned her lesson.

Maybe. For now...

At the very least, she has calmed down, her body still aching a bit and sore from the previous beating she took. Ten seconds flat. Must have been a new record. She doesn't really think about it though. Too late for regrets, never look back. That's why she always repeats the same mistakes over and over.

So Mimiru has been taking it easy, earning her money through various deliveries in Southtown. Packages that had to be delivered in person. She was performing her daily run, a leash attached to her belt, a couple of feet away, having her large mountain bernese dog follow with her. She made her with through the northern outskirt rathre rapidly, though it was a slow pace for Mimiru and she headed straight for what seems to be an old fashioned dojo of sort. She slows down and takes up her cellphone, quickly looking at her GPS on it. That was the place.

The dojo has seen better days.

High walls surround the rather sizable facility in an old-fashioned barricade that almost makes it look like a temple from the days of warring samurai. It is defensible and sturdy, a small fortress that looks both bizarre surrounded on all sides by the modern architecture of urban homes and yet somehow fitting, as if it has always been there and always will be. Despite this, however, lack of maintenance has left the exterior worn down. Paint chips away from the polished wood of the walls in dozens of places leaving the naked surface exposed beneath. Dirt covers everything in a fine layer of grime and the metal inlaid into the towering gates shows signs of rust from countless encounters with rain. A thick carpet of freshly fallen leaves surrounds the gates like a crunchy moat from the trees that tower within the dojo's grounds.

The only thing that appears to be free of the grime and litter is a small but noticable plaque which is mounted into the wall next to the sealed double-doors that bar passage into the dojo's domain. It reads, in vertical column of professionally engraved kanji, "RINDOU-KAN MARTIAL ARTS DOJO". The brass sign is shiny and clean and gleams in the light as if someone has taken the time to polish it carefully. Beneath that, another small sign hangs, this one a small piece of wood dangling from a nail that states in elegant flowing hand-painted kanji, "Under New Management".

Approaching the door, it becomes quickly apparent that there is no buzzer or intercom system to draw the attention of whoever might be inside. The gate, however, appears to be slightly ajar and faint sounds of activity echo out through the gap.

Seems like the place had seen better days. Mimiru has to double-check to make sure this was the place. She gives a shrug of her shoulder, "Eh, seems like it.." She says. Hearing the noise as she draws closer, Mimiru grins : good, she won't have to leave a notice and she'll be able to deliver everything.

She takes a moment to look at the kanjis near the gate and hums softly and pushes the gates since they already seem slightly opened. She pushes it just enough so she can squeeze herself in, "Huh, hello! Anyone's there? I got some package for..."

Mimiru lets her words trail off as she looks into her backpack and takes out a small box into her hands, "Makoto Kato..." Mimiru says, curiousity making her roll deeper into the dojo, her dog following not too far away, since he's attached to her via a leash.

The gates open after a few hard pushes, slowly relenting enough to permit the girl passage, complaining with loud squeals of rusty metal as they do so. Well, if whoever is inside didn't hear her voice they probably heard that. The interior of the dojo's courtyard spreads out before Mimiru as she enters and it is even worse than the outside.

Grass grows wild and unchecked across the massive yard, rising up in thick clusters of weeds and vines around the base of the trees and the sides of the facility and exterior walls. Leaves coat everything like some sort of patchwork winter coat obscuring the long stone path that leads up to the stairs at the front of the dojo's primary building. A cluster of gardening tools rests in a haphazard bundle against the side of a small shed, their appearances ranging from old and worn-out to barely functional relics that might have travelled through time in the same way that the dojo itself seems to have done.

The dojo itself looks a little better - or atleast, less wild and overgrown. Several of the sliding shoji walls have holes in them, evidence of the hazards of what goes on here perhaps. Those that remain whole are covered with dirt and dust and their wooden frames are flecked with chips and distortions from long-term use and water damage. A broom sits propped against one corner of the entry porch with a fresh pile of dirt and leaves that have been swept away from the front doors underneath. It looks to be about the only clean spot on the entire grounds.

Despite her loud entrance and shouting, no one comes to greet Mimiru as she steps into the courtyard. Rough sounds of muted impact continue to float outwards from somewhere within the dojo mixed with the occasional gruff wordless shout of effort. Someone must be practicing inside.

If it weren't for the noise Mimiru keeps hearing, she'd bet this place had been abandonned. Looks like it was in dire needs of some clean up. Mimiru arches a brow and glances around at the unkept grass and various gardening tool. She lets the noise guide her though and takes slow steps with her roller blade, finding the ground too uneven to actually continue to roll properly with them.

Mimiru approaches the dojo and, out of respect, she decides to take off her rollerblades so she can actually get on the porch and into the dojo. She unties the leash of her dog and she fastens it to whatever column or post she can find, "Now be a good boy, I won't be long," She says to her dog.

Mimiru approaches one of the shoji and takes a peek into the holes to see inside. Once she thinks she found the spot, she slides them up, "Cool spot you got there.. You're the new manager of the place?" Mimiru calls out when she notices Makoto. She seemed a bit young to have a whole dojo to herself like this but considering how this place was, it was probably abandonned or something.

The source of the noise isn't difficult to spot. A young woman, perhaps in her mid to late teens, is the only person visible within the dojo's massive training hall. She flows through what appears to be some form of martial arts kata, her fists driving with powerful lunging motions into an invisible opponent before her with enough force that whooshes are audible. Makoto's short hair is matted to her head in places, her wild unkempt bangs sticky with a healthy sheen of sweat.

Much like the exterior of the building, the inside looks run down and neglected. The walls are mostly bare with the occasional patch of miscolored paper to indicate the places where scrolls or pictures must have once hung upon them. A few small wooden cabinets are scattered about the place, most covered with half-burned down candles and spilled wax. None of them are lit at the moment and the only light source is the warm rays of the sun filtering through the small raised windows near the top of the ceiling along each wall. The ceiling itself is a mess, dotted with atleast half a dozen holes where the weight of falling branches or snow drifts or simply the passage of time has caused the heavy stone shingles to buckle inwards. Most of the rubble has been cleared away but it's obvious this place needs a big helping of TLC to get it back into respectacle shape.

Dressed in her traditional karate gi, Makoto looks well at home in this place, another lost remnant of time. But, unlike most schools of martial arts, she is completely alone here. There are no signs of students or masters or anyone but herself as she practices, her expression serious and focused. It's a little sad to watch.

After several moments and a few more punches at the air, Makoto finally closes her eyes and inhales, drawing her arms up close to her side as she steadies her raging spirit. Seconds tick by in silence but eventually she exhales, long and sharp, then turns her attention to the person standing in her dojo.

Makoto's gaze is hard, her expression a stern mask of what could be either disapproval or annoyance or perhaps a bit of both. Her arms cross over her chest and she frowns upon noticing the package in Mimiru's hands.

"You are late."

While Makoto seems to be in deep concentration during her kata, Mimiru's gaze trails off absent-mindly to the various pieces of furniture in the dojo with mild interest. Though once Makoto stops her punching, the pink haired lass straightens herself up and brings a smile to her lips, extending her hands foward as if to present the package.

The comment about her being late makes Mimiru winces a bit, "What...? Huh, no, I..." She picks up her cellphone rapidly to check up the information about the package, and the delivery time. Damn, looks like Makoto's right. She's been taking it too easy, it wasn't like her to be late.

Mimiru lets out a nervous chuckle out of her throat, "Yeah, huh, guess I am! Sorry, really.." She says, lifting her hand up to scratch the back of her head. She tries to come up with some excuses, "Yeah, was a bit slower, still sore from the two last guys..."

She blinks when she realizes what she said and quickly tries to add, though after an awkwardly too long silence, "... that I fought! Yeah, they wrecked me good, you know, kung-fu and all," Mimiru says, ducking and moving her shoulders a bit fluidly, as if to show some combat movement... All in hope to get some expression that's not that severe and disapproving on Makoto's face.

"You know what I mean though, right?" Mimiru adds.

No dice.

If anything, Makoto's already annoyed frown deepens a little at the the wave of excuses, though one eyebrow does quirk slightly in curiosity at the other girl's initial complaints of soreness. It slowly slides back down into its usual place when she elaborates, however.

"Your reasons are irrelevant!" The karateka strides forward to stand before Mimiru, jamming a finger at her face as she leans in, eyes narrowed. "If you were a REAL warrior, as you seem to be claiming, then you would KNOW that minor injuries are not an EXCUSE for shirking your obligations!"

Makoto glares at her for a moment longer before snatching the package out of her hands and inspecting it. She grunts, apparently satisfied and tosses the small box onto a pile of similar containers in the far corner. Then, she renews her focus on the delivery girl, eyeing her harshly.

"Since you have WASTED my time by forcing me to linger here well past what I intended then it is only FAIR that you compensate me for this insult." Makoto puts her hands on her hips and frowns again. "You will face me in combat. If you are LYING to me about your reason for this tardiness then I will find out."

Her eyes narrow again. "I HATE liars."

Despite Mimiru being older and taller than Makoto, the girl's attitude was definately intimidating. Her eyes widen a bit as she shouts back at her and approaches her, leaning in closer to her, "But.. But.." She stammers as Makoto scolds her. The pink haired girl looks down at Makoto from the extra four inches she had.

Despite that, Mimiru had rarely felt so small. The other fighters she fought before who demolished here? They seem like a piece of cake in front of Makoto's temperment.

The box is easily snatched from Mimiru's hands as she has trouble realizing all the things that are going on right now. She blinks a few times at Makoto and glares back at her, "Woah, woah there! Okay, you can blame me for being late, but I won't stand getting insulted like that for no reason!" Mimiru replies. That was it! She might have gotten away with the first part, but saying she's not a real warrior /and/ a liar? Now she's pushing her luck!

"Fine! You want to get your ass kicked? That's how you get your ass kicked," Mimiru says. All of this made her forget partially about the pain and soreness of her body as she hurries up to strip herself from her jacket as well as her backpack, "I'm gonna make you regret saying those things you'll see..." She grunts under her breath.

Mimiru's protests and anger at the insinuations don't seem to faze her accuser in the slightest. She's taken on world-class fighters and people atleast three times her size and walked away from it. She's studied how to fight and break people over her knuckles since she was able to fold her fingers into a fist, trained personally by the former and only master of Rindou-kan Karate. This /delivery girl/ doesn't scare her.

Makoto simply snorts at her in an unlady-like fashion and moves towards the center of the dojo's wide training floor, tugging on the ends of the black belt that is wrapped around her waist to make sure it's cinched tightly. It isn't meant to be a boast or an intimidating gesture but it does bring attention to the fact that she's obviously skilled enough to warrant the badge of someone who has mastered their art. She carries herself with an almost suicidal confidence as well, turning her back on Mimiru without the slighest hesistation or worry that this could be a mistake.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm sure you're ALL SORTS of tough, Pinkie."

The karateka rounds on her once she's reached the center of the room, falling into an easy combat stance, one hand extended before her in a loose claw while the other curls into a fist at her side, ready to hammer away at a moment's notice. If Mimiru knows much about the arts then she'll recognize that this isn't a very defensive posture.

"Now quit your WHINING and face me! Your honor is at stake!"

COMBATSYS: Makoto has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Makoto           0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Mimiru has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Mimiru           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0           Makoto

Unfortunately, Mimiru has no idea about Makoto's feats and prowess in martial arts. Aside that she seems like a very good 'air slayer' with the series of punches she saw. The only thing she knew from Makoto from a cursorary evaluation was that she was smaller and younger than Mimiru. Potentially, she knew some karate... Like half the kids in Southtown or something.

Mimiru wasn't scared of her.

She moves into the dojo and bounces back and forth, stretching her arms and legs. Makoto wasn't the only one overconfident about her abilities, though Mimiru was horrible at gauging her opponents strength.

Her lips curl up into a wicked grin and she slams her right fist into her left palm, "I'll show you what the Stray Dog of Southtown can do.. One ass-kicking incoming," Pretty much like Makoto, Mimiru opts for a rather aggressive stance as well, "I'll make you eat back those words!"

Mimiru lunges at Makoto, dashing recklessly at her, bringing her fist behind her head as she swings it for Makoto's face with all her strength. She doesn't bother with the flashy moves, pure force ought to do the job here.

Never could she have been so wrong..

COMBATSYS: Makoto interrupts Strong Punch from Mimiru with Fukiage.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Mimiru           0/-------/---====|======-\-------\0           Makoto

"Stray Dog? You actually call YOURSELF that?"

Makoto actually blinks for a moment, looking surprised, then shakes her head and frowns. Some people just have no self respect. Well, maybe a little physical discipline will put her back on the right path. It's surprising what a good asskicking can do for someone's spirit.

Now that she has a purpose for this fight beyond simply teaching some lazy mailgirl about timeliness, Makoto's interest in the fight rises a little. An almost devilish smirk replaces the stern girl's frown as she watches her opponent rush in, the pink-haired whiner clearly overconfident in her abilities.

"Sorry, but the only person who will be eating anything here is you!"

The karate fighter's eyes narrow as Mimiru's fist hammers in towards her face and she ducks at the last second, almost casually weaving underneath the punch. Her shoulder slams into the taller girl's chest and the two of them collide with a dull impact that earns a soft grunt of effort from Makoto, but she stands firm, giving not even an inch of ground.

"And the only thing on my menu..."

Before her opponent can recover, the tiny girl's fist shoots straight up into the air and slams into the bottom of Mimiru's jaw with the force of a small freight train. How exactly something that small can hit that hard is a mystery but suddenly those holes in the ceiling get a lot less mysterious.

"Is humble pie!"

Okay... Makoto's definately quicker than Mimiru would have thought. She's small, so that explains it, no problem there.

The slam of Makoto's shoulder against her chest doesn't hurt her so much, if it wasn't for her old bruises that still haven't totally recovered... However, the nasty rising fist that connects with her jaw and knocks her away definately teaches her something : this girl was definately some serious business, not at all like what she first thought.

The pink haired girl is literally sent flying back, a scream of pain and surprise escaping her throat from the pain of her punch that knocked her back. After the small distance she covers in the air, Mimiru falls on her feet but the impulsion and lack of balance causes her to roll on her back and perform a whole flip, skidding almost a dozens feet away from Makoto. If Mimiru's not going to be carefully, she'll have to add a girl on the list of people who wrecked her recently.

The girl groans, dazed from the hit, causing her to stagger some as she gets back on her feet. She moves one hand to readjust her jaw that is numb with pain and Mimiru spits some blood out of her mouth. She winces at the pain but her pride forces her to wave one hand at Makoto and wave it, "Didn't feel a thing," She says. Though the way her voice had changed from the blow, it was obviously some bravado to look tougher.

"Alright, time to get serious," She growls as she glares at Makoto. She didn't want to do that, but seems like Makoto deserves for Mimiru to go all out of her.

She glares at her, regaining her focus. She charges at Makoto once more, crimson flames manifesting on her right leg as she swings it toward Makoto's midsection, using the chi-empowered kick in hope to show Makoto how strong she can be as well. She follows up the kick by bringing both of her hands together above her head and swinging them down to smack Makoto's head with it.

COMBATSYS: Mimiru successfully hits Makoto with Heaven's Diminisher.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Mimiru           0/-------/--=====|=======\==-----\1           Makoto

A faint look of satisfaction lingers on Makoto's face as she watches the aftermath of her devastating punch. Most people don't shrug that one off very easily if they can even see straight at all. It's obvious that the mail-girl is trying to look tough but the fact that she gets back up after only a few moments is somewhat impressive. Perhaps this won't be as much of a beating as she first thought.

That idea is reinforced when Mimiru launches her counter-attack, flying through the intervening space between them with a flaming kick. Makoto frowns again at that, dropping into a defensive crouch with the intention of throwing herself out of the way. Such evasive manuevers aren't her usual strategy but whenever the spiritual energies that some fighters can call up get invovled she doesn't like to take chances.

Pinkie proves to be too fast for her, however. The crimson-wrapped leg slams into her gut just as she turns to dive away interrupting the attempt and doubling her over with a pained grunt as the energies send lances of force and pain through her body. The follow-up finds an easy target as Makoto staggers and she's driven face-first into the polished floor. Freaking chi fighters.

Despite the surprise of being caught like that, Makoto is a professional when it comes to slugging it out. She doesn't stay down for long. Pushing easily back up into a crouch, the karateka sweeps her leg out towards Mimiru's ankles, aiming to drop her to the floor in the same manner that she herself just experienced. She moves to drive the point home in a very literal fashion, bringing her fist down on the base of the girl's spine if she gets the chance.

COMBATSYS: Mimiru blocks Makoto's Araiso.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Mimiru           0/-------/=======|=======\===----\1           Makoto

Pride literally gives you wings to shrug off some pain and to be able to carry on when you shouldn't. Which, of course, is generally a horrible, horrible idea. At this point, Mimiru was full of pride : she's not going to let a punch, no matter how hard it was, stop her. She'll just have to do what she knows to do best : make sure Makoto doesn't hit her like that again.

"Like that, huh? There's plenty more where tha..." Mimiru hardly has the time to boast that Makoto's leg sweep knock her off. Mimiru knows how to fall down and she manes to turn in midair, falling right on her back, absorbing a part of the fall with her jujitsu techniques.

When Makoto moves to smash her with her fist, she's just in a good position to move both arms in a cross in front of her to block her fist. Mimiru growls a bit in pain from it nonethless and she tries to shove Makoto backward to give herself some space.

To this end and to push her back, crimson flames erupt from Mimiru's arms, engulfing them both and when she pushes Makoto back, she hurls a point-blank blast of chi at her. This should at least distract her, at worst, and allow Mimiru a few seconds to get back on her feet.

COMBATSYS: Mimiru successfully hits Makoto with Balefire.
- Power hit! -

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Mimiru           1/-------/=======|=======\======-\1           Makoto

Overaggressive as always, Makoto takes a few seconds to recoil from her punch as the older girl manages to catch it on her arms instead of her spine. The karate fighter growls under her breath and frowns as the tides seem to swing in a way she hadn't predicted. This isn't how this is supposed to go!

Oh but it gets worse. More of those searing spiritual flames erupt from Mimiru's hands and slam into her chest at near point blank as she is shoved back and the impact picks her up clean off her feet, sending the small brawler flying across her dojo to slam into one of the far walls. It buckles a little as her back crashes into it, adding yet another mark of wear and tear that is barely noticable among the countless others.

Groaning openly, Makoto pushes back to her feet as quickly as before but she pauses to wrap one arm around her bruised ribs as she does so. That one stung. She glares across the room at her opponent, reclassifying her from lazy bum to potentially skilled lazy bum. Play time is over.

Dropping into the classic horse stance, Makoto takes in a deep breath and focuses her own fighting spirit, drawing power from the surroundings into her body. Her mouth parts and she lets out a deep and extended kiai that starts out soft but slowly grows in strength as the energy flows into her body. The air around her suddenly surges into a spiralling frenzy, fluttering the loose folds of her gi and hair and sending the long yellow hachimaki tied about her neck like a scarf into a frenzy of motion.

Whatever she's preparing to do, it's going to be unpleasant.

COMBATSYS: Makoto charges her next attack!

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Mimiru           1/-------/=======|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2           Makoto

Rising her to her feet, Mimiru's lips curl into a wide grin as she manages to send Makoto flying off with her blast of crimson flames, "Ahah! Take that!! No one's gonna say I'm the Stray Puppy of Southdown with a bite like /THAT/!" Mimiru says, beaming her chest a bit at the thought.

Mind you, the two previous fight she had that turned out pretty badly she had been called that, which she finds totally insulting. Finally she was able to show she wasn't some sort of joke! She smacks her right breast almost proudly with her fist, the outcome of the later shot giving her renewed vigor and strength, "Now that's more like it," Mimiru grins. She stares at Makoto as she gets back on her feet, "Had enough, huh?" Overconfident again now that she's been able to get two good hits. Mimiru cracks her knuckles as Makoto answers that with a loud kiai.

Mimiru lifts her arm up, channeling more of her own chi through her body, allowing more crimson flames to manifest around her forearm. Mimiru dashes toward Makoto, as reckless as ever, not seeming to worry about Makoto's own flow of energy around.

Once she gets close enough, Mimiru swings her arm in Makoto's direction, the flame extending to give her a bit more reach as she attempts to slash her diagonally with the flame-blade of chi.

COMBATSYS: Makoto interrupts Firebrand from Mimiru with Empowered Seichuusen Godanzuki.

[                           \\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Mimiru           1/=======/=======|>>>>---\-------\0           Makoto

Mimiru's smack talk falls on deaf ears. Makoto is too busy focusing on the rage welling up within her at how this low-life punk who can't even deliver a package on time is making a fool of her in her own dojo. For most people, anger signifies a loss of control, a lashing out when all else has failed. For Makoto, anger is a part of who she is. She is the master of it and it fuels her strength rather than diminish it. The taunts hurled at her do little more than to feed the wellspring of power that she calls upon.

Tangible power surges to life around Makoto in a column of swirling energy as Mimiru launches her fool-hardy assault, rushing in with reckless abandon now that her spirit has been bolstered by the success she has enjoyed thus far. It is a mistake many people have made and many more will continue to make. Makoto is small and despite her boisterous attitude and confident approach, people always underestimate just how much fire she can spit when the chips are down.

Mimiru learns the hard way.

The edge of the blazing fire sword catches on Makoto's shoulder when the delivery girl launches her attack and she winces slightly as the spiritual energies bite into her flesh, passing right through her to tear at her spirit. She's never been very good at defending against these kinds of attacks, some lack of focus or flaw in her training rendering her soul more vulnerable to the energies of the world. But, like most other personal flaws, this one just pisses her off.

Letting loose a fierce cry of challenge, Makoto steps forward, driving the flaming blade into her own body as she does so but at the same time putting herself in a better position to answer with an attack of her own. The girl's small fist explodes downwards at an angle, smashing Mimiru's arm aside as it sinks into the hollow between her legs.

Makoto's cheap-shot is overwhelmingly painful and her arm stiffens into a bar of pure steel as Pinkie runs right into it, doubling her over with the sheer force of her own momentum. A trio of rapid-fire hammerblows from the karateka's fists rock her torso, plowing into her gut and then both sides of her chest, seeking out the most vulnerable and soft places to strike for maximum pain.

A small pause presages the final blow as Makoto crouches slightly, gathering her anger into her fist before thrusting it upwards into the base of her opponent's jaw, just as she had at the start of their fight. The impact this time is far worse. If her first punch was a freight train, this one is a volcanic eruption that takes place squarely beneath Mimiru's chin.

Makoto's bellowing cry fizzles out as she launches her final strike and takes a short breath, holding her pose, fist thrust upwards in a victorious manner as she declares the method of execution for her latest unfortunate challenger.


Whether you're a woman or a man, a shot in the groin always hurt a lot. It's just an unexpected strategy against a woman, but it definately stops Mimiru's assult right on as she flinches and bends over from the pain in her groin.

Fortunately, she doesn't have the time to worry too much about that pain as Makoto follows up with powerful blows to her torso and causes her to stagger back from the intensity of her physical might. Alas, Makoto gives her no quarter and she follows her from the onslaught.

There's a pause, just enough to have Mimiru wobbles and grips her midsection in pain. She hardly has the time to glare Makoto that she retaliates with a powerful uppercut right at the base of Mimiru's jaw, which literally sends her flying upward. A loud groan of pain can be heard which echos loudly in the dojo (the wonderful sound of KO'ed opponents..).

Mimiru is sent flying upward, literally, at high velocity as she literally bursts through the rough with a loud -CRACK- as she rips through the ceiling, acusing a few wooden plans and debris to fall off.

It feels like Mimiru might have disappeared in the sky or something, but the noise of branches cracking outside indicates she has fallen some distance off in a tree, that failed to slow her fall, and them down on the ground with a loud thud.

Then, there's silence...

And after that a few barks as a clever dog seems to have gotten out of his leash to go see Mimiru. Well... Looks like Pinkie's going to need a few minutes to see straight, but nothing a few stinking dog lick in the face can't solve..

COMBATSYS: Mimiru takes no action.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  <
Makoto           0/-------/---<<<<|

COMBATSYS: Mimiru can no longer fight.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  <
Makoto           0/-------/---<<<<|

Makoto frowns slightly up at the new delivery-girl shaped hole in the roof of her dojo. Maybe she should take these fights into the yard from now on. Oh well, it's not like the place was in great shape to begin with. Just another item on her list of things to eventually fix when she has actual students paying the privelage and such.

Brushing herself off and calmly ignoring the searing pain in her chest where the girl's flaming chi scored a pretty powerful hit, she wanders outside to assess the damage, both to her property and the mail-girl. The former she dismisses as a hazard of the trade - stuff just kind of breaks around her on a regular basis. As for the girl, now that she's been properly humbled, Makoto intends to be there to make sure the lesson sticks.

Also she's totally shanghai'ing Pinkie for the rest of the day. She's going to work off her debt for being late and now for breaking her roof. "I think I'll have her start with sweeping the path..."

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