Neo League 0001 - NL#0016: Lee vs Gato

Description: On one cold December morning, the Silver-Haired Demon, Lee Chaolan, moves on to his next Neo-League against unknown Kenpo artist called only Gato. As the fight begins in the Chicago railyard, however, it quickly becomes obvious that Gato is far more powerful than his reputation indicates...

Chicago. The Rail Yard. 10 AM.

-10 Centigrade.

The frigid trainyard was bustling with activity, the teamsters and workhands struggling in the icy morning. Freight comes, and freight goes, and freight will always come and go in Chicago. Not even the end of the world could change that, and certainly not a Neo-League match. Standing between two of the tracks, was the setting for the next Neo-League fight. Both tracks were still active, with the occassional train pulling up in them, but nothing was too high speed. A mere comprimise, to prevent the entire trainyard being locked down for the sake of two men fighting. As the camera crew and judges bundle up around a nearby worktable, drinking coffee, one of the fighters warms up in his own ways in the actual ring.

Lee Chaolan himself.

He wasn't even in proper layers. The silver-haired executive was dressed in his blue-vest and leather pants ensemble, with the only gloves he wears being his typical brawling set. He was dressed for fight night and clubbing, not for the frigid temperatures. And yet, as clouds of vapor are breathed out from the fighter, he continues to snap out kicks, shadow sparring in preperation of his opponent. He had fought in worst condition, wearing far less.

And besides, he was excited about his next opponent.

The Neo League; an interesting development for Gato, one he has been observing closely. As one who has reached diminishing returns for his solo training and hunting, his shift into the fighting scene to find worthy opponents is technically new. Although he is one of the foremost masters in terms of technique, his fighting experience happens to be extremely minute.
In that respect, he might find himself regretting challenging Lee Chaolan in short order.
The Silver Demon has been leaving a bloody swathe of the League against notable fighters. Rainbow Mika, despite being so high, is well beneath him. The challenge was issued, and Lee would believe he's fighting a nobody. There's no public tournaments or fights in which Gato has been present, and the folder of information he was given through his own sources failed to even find out the man's last name.
A nobody? Or a hidden dagger? Well, surprises are always fun.
Gato himself strides forward, some fifteen minutes late. It is clear within the freezing atmosphere that he's already far more warmed up than even Lee. His breath comes slightly quicker, wearing a traditional Chinese ensemble of muted tan. A long black ponytail goes down his back, gruff features in his mid to late twenties.
But a glance at that body dispels any delusions that this man is weak. Thoroughly corded muscle, yet masterfully built to be flexible. A density offset by a lightness of step. A perfect mesh of power and absolute control.
He simply strides to place, finally glancing up to Lee. For some strange reason, a massive well of hatred springs up. He can't pinpoint the source; it's almost like deja vue. Something about a thong... what? Nonsense. This man was raised a Mishima, and has a decade on Gato within this fighting world. His strength and performance are both worthy of respect.
...Although for some reason he finds that absolutely impossible...

Lee Chaolan also felt a strange connection to this man.

Typically, an unknown fighter who dressed like a typical kung fu brute would do little to tease the attentions of the Silver-Haired Demon. Gato certainly looked like a brute, with that strong, physical physique. And yet, Lee Chaolan was not disgusted, as he was with the Stray Pup. No, no, he was intrigued. Like in some past life, he had met this man.

And that this man owed him a fight.

Such a thing was impossible, of course. The graceful fighter continues to unleash a trio of rapid kicks through the air. He had not even acknowledged that his opponent has arrived, more content to keep up his warm up. Chaining roundhouse kick after roundhouse kick, he gradually works his way around the yard, carefully approaches Gato not as a person, but as an enemy. Finally, nearly on top of the stoic Gato, he leans back, snapping a straight kick.

And he thrusts the kick right beside Gato's head.

Holding it in the air over Gato's shoulder, he casually drifts his eyes into Gato's own. "Oh~" He states, speaking lightly. "I am so sorry~" He apologizes gently, not moving his leg away. He just hangs it there, turning his head, testing him. The smirk on the corner of his mouth twitches.

"I didn't even see you there~"

For Gato's credit, he simply crosses his arms, standing tall with a slight shift of weight that gives him a haughty atmosphere. Whether Lee is attempting to intimidate or show off is irrelevant. In actuality, Gato is observing each and every snap of that kick. Gauging it. Assessing it. ...It's remarkably crisp and brutal. Little wasted motion, shifting weight through joints properly, the stance leaves little to be desired... and Gato presumes that a fair amount of Lee's true potential is being hidden.
Of course, the cue to fight has not yet been done. Gato is an honorable man, if not a polite one. He allows Lee the opportunity to kick him in the face without flinching, content with either outcome -- either Lee is disqualified and will have an angry Gato on him, or it's just playful showboating, of which the latter he succeeded with his gambling odds. Hair flushes by, and even Gato has trouble telling whether he was grazed or not. Was the wind really so sharp?
The eyes that are met... why, they remind Lee of Heihachi. A strong man, absolutely self-assured of his strength, and with zero humor for Lee's shenanigans. Only this isn't some unbeatable monolith, not in the slightest. "Enough of your feeble mental antics. A man who resorts to such psychological games is only concealing his own weakness. ...Such is pointless in the face of true strength."
He then snaps up his forearm, to thump Lee's foot away. He withholds little power in the gambit, shifting backwards thereafter. Slowly Gato assumes the aggressive, front-facing stance of his Kenpo style, seeming to manifest into motiveless stone right before Lee's eyes, stance not so much stabilized as one with the ground beneath.
"I will tear away your mask...!!"
The cameras properly set up, there's then the HOOOOOT of a nearby train, as good an intro to the fight as any other!!

COMBATSYS: Gato has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Gato             0/-------/-------|

He could see Heihachi in those eyes.

And yet he smirks. And why wouldn't he smirk? He could begin to realize why he was so cheerful about dealing with a no-nonsense brute that he saw in Gato. It was just like dealing with his own father; the difference, of course, being that this stranger was no doubt weaker than his father. If he truly was like his father, he would have laughed, and demanded that he kick him in the face. And then he would break Lee on every single one of his joints, starting from his finger tips, and all the way down to his little pinky toe.

This man was not so arrogant.

Lee Chaolan withdraws his foot, using the momentum given as Gato smacks it away. The judge and crew pulls away from the coffee and donuts, the judge waving his arms to break up the prefight between Gato and Lee. Breathing thick clouds, Lee Chaolan backs off, as the judge prepares to call the fight to begin. "Oh... Kenpo! Such a brutal, cruel martal art. Did I say cruel? I meant to say crude~" He shrugs, before sweeping his arms around to his own stance, drawn from his father's Mishima-Style Martial Arts. Leaning back, he pulls back his arm, leading with his other hand. He motions at Gato, beckoning to approach as the judge rings the bell.

"Come on~"

COMBATSYS: Lee Chaolan has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Gato             0/-------/-------|======-\-------\0      Lee Chaolan

There's a twitch in Gato's eye as Lee continues to speak, and his teeth clamp together with a slow grind. It's obvious those words are getting to him. He is a man of pride, although of a fragile sort. Perhaps they are kindred souls in that manner, hiding wounds deep inside. Although how such is emoted is another matter entirely. "...You..." he begins to growl, before stopping.
No. He's being sucked into the Silver Demon's pace. He had expected more from a man so revered. He has never actually seen Lee fight, only operating from the second-hand gossip of his fans. Of course, him working like a matador to a raging bull is one of the many reasons he's so popular.
That might take place yet again...
Toes clamp down suddenly through the simple shoes, digging into the earth. Before Gato hurtles himself forward, billowing dust in all directions. In a single rush he's crossed the distance between himself and Lee, bringing up his right arm...
And then slamming it down with a snarl, twisting his entire form into it from his big toe, across his hips, and whip-chording his upper body. His forearm shifting into a veritable battering ram trying to crack into whatever part of the man might get in the way, with full intentions of blasting through any mundane defense brought to bear!!

COMBATSYS: Lee Chaolan blocks Gato's Sai-Gaku.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Gato             0/-------/------=|======-\-------\0      Lee Chaolan

Of course he was getting into the stranger's head.

What was striking to Lee wasn't that he was already beginning his manipulation. What was striking was the tricks that the martial artist simply ignored. He was focused, dedicated to beating the executive. As soon as the bell rings, he was exploding straight for the martial artist. Lee Chaolan continues his idle smirking. It was true that Gato could blast through any mundane defense.

But there was no mundane defense waiting for him.

Lee Chaolan's leading arm is what can tame the rampaging spirit roaring into him. He doesn't stop it. Only an amateur or a brute would try and stand in the way of an unstoppable force. No, Lee Chaolan doesn't stop the blow. He redirects it. Turning his arm into the blow, his entire limb groans as he flexes, deflecting the force exploding in. And with it, Lee moves. Careful footwork comes as he shifts his stance around, adjusting his footing with a series of rapid steps. The matador leans into the explosions as he pivots, the bruise on his forearm building as the force tears across his skin. A glancing blow, and a powerful one; if Lee had taken a full stand against it, he would have likely been shattered under it. Gato was powerful, he could feel the strength of Kenpo at the fullest. But now, he was rotating around to Gato's flanks, stepping into him, daring him to throw him, to burst out with another shift of force. Lee Chaolan draws away his blocking arm, and with a stomp, he steps down right behind Gato. He lifts up his other leg for a quick knee.

And then lashes out a punch.

Lee chaolan fires off a quick punch at Gato's eye with his unblocking hand. A rapid jab, following by a second, heavier punch at the jaw. For all his foot work, for all his demonstrations, the martial artist's opening move was punching. The knee ultimately does follow through, trying to slam it straight into Gato's torso, to break apart the close quarters of the two. But Lee knew that being in close quarters with someone of Gato's strength was dangerous.

He was almost daring him to throw him.

COMBATSYS: Lee Chaolan successfully hit Gato with Hitman.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Gato             0/-------/---====|=======\-------\0      Lee Chaolan

Oh...? Lee may have stated that kenpo was a shoddy art, but he just performed a meticulous redirect worthy of the Juukei arts. Indeed, he had spent all of his significant effort in simply crushing the man like a bug. But it takes relatively little to redirect a stream of water, although one had best make sure they have a dam capable of enduring the strain all the same...
Gato's extended hand stops with a dull THWUMP of bursting force, sending dirt and stone clattering around in all directions. He's in a poor position and fully aware of such. The snapping jab strikes him dead in the face just as intended, eye almost immediately beginning to swell beneath the sharp motion. "...!!" The second knocks his face away, but rather than fall back Gato's stance becomes more resolute, twisting forward with a dull exhale.
The last brutal kick proves such. Gato doesn't move backwards, despite a dull thump. If anything, that probably hurt /more/ as he pushes forward. But separating from him is not so simple -- especially not when he roars, suddenly lunging up legs first. Both of his billowing thighs part, attempting to suddenly /snap/ shut like a crotchlobster's talons about Lee's neck.
So Gato can twist about, trying to snap the other man's neck as the violent motion would make him sit on his shoulders, if successful -- only to then twist down and plant a hand, in order to hurl Lee away towards one of the overlarge signs beside the roaring tracks, signifying a train approaching nearby!

COMBATSYS: Gato knocks away Lee Chaolan with Mu-Ga.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Gato             0/-------/-======|=======\-------\0      Lee Chaolan

Lee Chaolan expected many things from an Kenpo artist.

But he did not expect murderthighs.

As he lunges up legs first, Lee Chaolan faced something he did not expect. And yet, his instincts were to keep up the confusion, to keep up the pressure. Thus, as the thighs come up, Lee Chaolan goes down. He steps into the bounding thighs, diving down as they come up, in order to dip underneath the vice grip of Kenpo's dreaded crotchlobster.

He does not succeed.

Going facefirst between the depths of Gato's crushing thighs, he begins to triage. Grabbing Gato by the side of each thigh, he attempts to ready for a potential grapple. But when Gato actually become obvious he is committing to a neckbreak, Lee Chaolan actually -laughs- out loud from underneath the brutal martial artist's thighs. The sickening crunch comes, and Lee goes limp. And like that, he is hurled away, right on the train tracks. The judge looks shocked, as the train begins to come. There is a pregnant silence, as Lee Choalan does not stand up. He just lays there, as the train begins to roll up the tracks. The judge is just about ready to call it for Gato, before Lee Chaolan is run over-

But of course the Silver Haired Demon stands back up.

"Well done!" He calls up, rolling back upright away from the tracks. The train passes behind him, as he slowly claps. He did not look injured, in terms of his stride. But the fact he looks just a little scuffled from the toss... and that his head is tilted and is -very- rigid reveals the true extent of the damage. "I am surprised! That's a killing technique!" He states lightly, shaking out his arms as he returns back to his defensive stance. "You shouldn't take things so seriously!" He exclaims lightly, smirking bemusingly upon his face. "It is just a fight! You should learn to appreciate the little things in life."

"Allow me to demonstrate"

Lee Chaolan had a lot of distance to cover. Fortunately, he had the tools to cover it. He explodes forward across the frosty ground, a cloud of dust bursting behind him. He had to move fast. Devilishly fast. Hurling forward, it was almost like a bull diving at a bull, until Lee Chaolan breaks from the charge, sidestepping erratically. He was circling Gato again, trying to exploit indirect techniques against his furious, direct strikes. Encircling, he teases a close-range low kick, before breaking away to rotate in the opposite direction in a sudden burst. A mist step, a signature of the Mishima martial arts. And there, he attempts to seize Gato by the arm, leaving the leg in place...

COMBATSYS: Gato fails to counter Lee Harassment from Lee Chaolan with Ou-Ga EX.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Gato             1/-------/=======|=======\===----\1      Lee Chaolan

And he wrenches.


His feinting leg left in was not a feint, it seemed. As Lee twists the arm, he sweeps the leg up, to trip out any defensive tricks that Gato was going to unleash. Pulling down hard, the Silver Haired Demon forces Gato facedown, on his knees, using his arm to control the hold. Smirking, Lee Chaolan toys with the back of Gato's head with his foot, grinding it. "There, you see? Is this fun? You really cracked my neck back there, you know!" He teases lightly.

He then stomps down hard on Gato's own neck.

After hurtling the muffled Lee away with a sharp snap of powerful legs, Gato thumps upon the ground with finality. His third strongest technique, one he has honed crushing even pillars of stone between the vice-like grasp of well trained thighs. He has rarely used it on an actual opponent. Perhaps he sent Lee to the hospital? Paralyzed him? The train would run him over? He's not sure how such makes him feel in earnest beyond snap impulses, but isn't given time to process, standing with his back to the man with finality.
The look given when Lee rolls up just prior to the train impacting is momentary surprise. He can't be /well/ after that, but this implies that Lee is someone of a higher level. All of Gato's techniques are finishing blows, and to stand thereafter is a strike to his pride...!
"Only the weak would die. Although in this case, I must have simply executed it improperly..." Gato allows, twisting to face the other man and once more shifting into his fierce stance. Although he is impassive at the mention of appreciating the little things. No; he can't recall that he ever had a chance to.
Rushing headlong, Gato first thinks Lee made a mistake. The Chinese artist is hugely built, but far faster than most would imagine. Yet... what step is this?! Losing track, he suddenly finds his arm snapped aside. Only to suddenly surge with power, beginning to yank it back and twisting to catch Lee's leg...
He fails.
Struck in a dazing manner, the next thing Gato knows he's treated like a dog being forced to have his nose pressed in a puddle of his own mess. It hurt more than he would like to admit, thumping hands down to either side with a growl, one leg lifting upwards before getting it beneath him and surging to his feet. "You...!"
Well, he's infuriated. That means he's going to be incredibly simple. But also incredibly painful. Can Lee obfuscate the man long enough to seal the deal?!

Could he?

As the stomp comes, Lee Chaolan just rolls his eyes. By all means, Gato was an excellent fighter. But he was not fighting properly. Where was the delicate dancing, the fencing of limbs that a proper fighter should have. Even Heihachi knew to fight with some dignity and grace. -Some- diginity and grace. But this Kenpo martial artist was content to only use coup de graces, finishing moves to end fights. He was good, no doubt about that.

But where was the class?

"'The weak will die?'" Lee repeats, mocking Gato ever so lightly. "You are a fighter, not an executioner.' The Silver-Haired Demon idles, lowering himself down. He is a blank slate now, though it is clear that the whole of his body is tensing up. Silver energy begins to course over his frame, as he gives Gato a sideways glance. "And grunting is a simply hideous personality trait. Why do I always end up fighting the low-brow brutes?" The executive sighs, as the silver energy draw back within his body.

And he suddenly rushes forward.

He had not broken from the charging stance. And yet he was moving, controlling his body with discipline and precision. Allowing himself to leap forward, he dives again to the side. It was obvious he was charging an attack. Any fool could see that. But when was he going to unleash it? As he takes a third hop, the silver energy breaks out in a burst. "HOAAH!" Was the roar as he releases his stance, hurtling out a staggering roundhouse kick straight for Gato's face. An all-powerful kick, that was coming in at what may literally be breakneck speeds.

Would Gato be willing to test that?

COMBATSYS: Lee Chaolan successfully hit Gato with Silver Cyclone.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Gato             1/-======/=======|===----\-------\0      Lee Chaolan

Indeed; within Gato is a man who is only out to crush his opponent. There is nothing to it beyond such a single-minded focus, although his approach to it couldn't be called ineffective. He has spent over twenty years, working twelve hours a day, forging and reforging his body and techniques in isolation. It is the latter, more than anything, that has ruined him. When his only opponent was destroying items, what can he do than try to make opponents the same?
"I do not aim to kill. ...But I do not hold back. Fighting is no hobby to me, Mishima. I do it for a purpose beyond games and festivities. ...Perhaps such is why a man so far my elder is struggling against the purity of true dedication...!!"
The multiple hops cause Gato to attempt and leap backwards. It's like herding sheep, really. When the real blow comes out, it's clear which direction he leaps to dodge, and the brutal strike nails him dead in the face. He's sent spiralling like a top into the air, striking the side of a passing train and then crashing beside the track, rolling amidst the gravel.
That was a clean, ~excellent~ hit. But immediately Gato thumps a hand down, then the other, and drags himself upwards to his feet. Limbs hang beside him, tenacity appearing to keep him up at this point. Blood flows from mouth and nose, but eyes burn with a genuine fire of a man far from defeated.
"...I will not lose... my first battle. You wish to see... a true executing blow...? Even if you die... would anyone care...?!"
Suddenly Gato uses his own stepping technique. A violent explosion of force, huge swathe of dust and debris detonating where he was. Appearing before Lee, he stamps down once more, catching himself.
Finally, Lee can appreciate some beauty. This... is not brute strength. Were it simply hitting as hard as possible, then it would be a fraction as potent. A slow exhale leaves him, complete and zen-like relaxation even in the face of such harassment. Erasing everything but the technique from his mind. It seems to almost be slow motion, despite the rapid assault.
Suddenly he strikes out a sharp hook towards Lee's chest, stamping forward to twist into a left, and a final thrust forward to the solar plexus, each strike hard enough to shatter concrete, trying to cripple Lee before him.
As he looms back his right arm, likely with a very lethal sense filling the air...!!

COMBATSYS: Lee Chaolan blocks Gato's Ten-Ryuu Retsu-Kiba EX.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Gato             0/-------/-----==|===----\-------\0      Lee Chaolan

"Ten-Ryuu..." Gato begins, before suddenly roaring forward. Every single muscle and tendon moves in harmony, to the distress of his own body. Flesh splits, joints crackle, as he twists into a brutal strike. The closed fist hurtles forward like a meteor, a whirlwind of air surrounding it like some kind of drill, before he aims to strike right into Lee's heart. However, the attempt to strike the man into helplessness fails; the punch is rather forecast in such a situation...
Although either way, there's a CRACK at it's apex, sending a huge roaring wall of stone, dust, and dirt flying a good ten meters away from where he just struck, his clothing billowing heavily in his wake. "...Tch...!!" Damnit; How can one man be so slippery?!

Because he trained with a demigod.

Heihachi was mortal, that much was true. But the head of the Mishima family was a deserved legend. Mishimas were unspeakably powerful, with nearly unlimited potential. Even being in the presence of such a family had pushed Lee Chaolan's potential to its maximum. If someone like Gato had fallen in with the family, he might have been able to contend with Heihachi himself, is what Lee Chaolan thinks as Gato explodes towards him.

At the very least, he could have surpassed Lee Chaolan.

But talent was more than just your natural skill, and your ability to learn. It was temperment, it was personality, it was control. Someone like Gato might have been put down like a dog. Martial control was one thing. But controlling one's temper? An art itself. Gato had mastered many dimensions of his art. But when one is only good at the art of fighting, Lee Chaolan had long ago reasoned, then one will forever be limited in one's art. One could not become a superior fighter without diversifying into other arts, other interests.

Gato was pushing that theory to the limit, however.

Recovering from the jaw-shattering kick, Lee Chaolan stands tall, looking down at Gato with that same arrogant smirk, that same sideways glance. Lee Chaolan was far from the strongest fighter; but in contrast to Gato's sheer power, he was demonstrating skill and agility, a deft tactical edge that was combined a steady temperment with insidious trickery. "Your first battle?~" The Silver-Haired Demon states out loud. "If I die, would anybody care?~" He seems almost incredulous at the statements. "Make sense, you stupid oaf, I don't have time to muddle through your breathless babbling!~" Lee Chaolan grins now, letting Gato explode towards him at breakneck speed. He observes and studies the eruption, the neatly, flawless technique. Turning to look at Gato, he doesn't yield in his grin as he observes such calm beauty from Kenpo, as the hook comes.

He dodges it.

The timing was flawless. There was only, in theory, a window for success. Where the hook to the chest goes, it glances along Lee Chaolan's chest. The vest tears open from the sheer force, ripping through the clothing like hot butter. Already, Lee Chaolan was preparing for the counter-attack, moving to subdue and bring down the powerful fighter.

But Gato was not done.

The follow up punch comes with the very frigid air cracking on impact. Frost breaks free of all nearby trainyard equipment from the sheer impact, as Lee Chaolan, finally pinned down, is forced to outright block with his left arm. There is a cracking sound as the impact rips into his arm. Blood and bone jut out from the limb as he staggers back three steps, the blow only just stopped from hitting his heart. Gripping his now purpling limb, the second block seems to taken its toll on the older man.

And yet, the grin is even broader now.

"Incredible~" Lee Chaolan praises, fluffing his hair with his left hand, instead spite of the injury. "You truly could become a magnificant fighter some day, Gato~" He continues to praise, as he eases back into the defensive stance of Mishima... and immediately steps in. "You just need to learn to be less of a brute, and more of a gentleman!" The martial artist concludes as he continues to pick up speed. "You need to learn to be more..."

"... Excellent~"

Lee Chaolan lashes out a high kick to the face, finally unleashing a proper, straight-forward attack without any hint of a feint. Of course, with that as an opener, what comes next is obvious. Switching on the other foot, he feints out another high kick, using it to side step to Gato's flanks again, keeping up that relentless pressure. Leaning in, he unleashes a rapid chest punch with his right, attempting to stagger down the powerful martial artist. He had to keep pressuring Gato, time was running short.

He only had one more arm left, after all.

COMBATSYS: Gato blocks Lee Chaolan's Excellent Combo.

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Gato             0/-------/----===|====---\-------\0      Lee Chaolan

The mightiest blow from Gato might not compare to the mightiest blow from Heihachi, but it's certainly well above his own fighting tier. This is frustrating beyond measure; he challenged this man to crush him and prove that he stood above those who claim to be world fighters and aspiring champions. And one who is on the other side of the fence, at that... is his mustelline ways and manipulations truly so terrifying to behold?!
"...!" This is not Gato's first battle. That had been against his father. Breaking him to a level that even Lee would respect, and ripping a scar upon him that shall last until the day he leaves his last breath. Is that his fate...? To always lose?! After the stress of that blow, his own consciousness is heavily struggling.
"Shut up... you... stupid...!!"
Lee's two kicks are both dodged with sharp headweaves. The mistake made is using these to approach, stamping down only a meter away. However, the unleashed flurry of jabs is intercepted by a raised forearm, the majority deflected.
Except one that snakes past -- every bit intended -- and knocks him right at the very tip of the chin. His brain cries out in horror. His nervous system is shutting down. A boxer would be proud.
"...HNNNNGH!!!" Before he collapses, knowing he will not rise in time, Gato kicks forward, twisting backwards and then thrusting out -- hurtling through the air by a leading palm, intent on striking it into Lee's chest and carrying him all the way to a metal pole beside the tracks. Were he to succeed, a final, brutal thrust would follow -- hard enough to dent the metal, whether Lee is sandwiched between or not.
And then he crashes down to his knees, all his remarkable tenacity behind simply keeping from going prone. Shit... his only hope is to bring Lee down with him...!!

COMBATSYS: Gato can no longer fight.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Lee Chaolan      0/-------/---====|

COMBATSYS: Gato knocks away Lee Chaolan with Shin-Ga.

[                          \\\\  <
Lee Chaolan      0/-------/---====|

Not surprisingly, Lee Chaolan had worn down Gato.

While the mightiest from Heihachi was miles above Gato, the fact remained that Gato struck like a hammer. His power was staggering, even for the elusive Lee Chaolan. In the face of power and speed, Lee Chaolan had wormed and teased the awe-inspiring offense of the Kenpo expert, grinding it down piece by piece. As he lands the only blow he needed to take him down, Lee Chaolan's grin becomes a smirk, as he brings down Gato. It seemed that ultimately, finesse would defeat power for this fight.

Until he hurls out a final blow.

The final explosion draws out quick footwork from the agile martial artist. He steps to the side, attempting to slip past the spiteful assault. And yet, he had become too confident that he had dragged down Gato. Caught in the kick, Lee is carried along swiftly straight to the pole. His body bends in tandem with the blow, a sharp crack filling the frigid air. Lee Chaolan's neck suddenly straightens, as Gato gives a final twist. And with it, Lee gives a grunt, before growing limp. The Silver Haired Demon falls to the ground prone, lacking the tenacious resolve that ran through Gato. It seemed that Gato had finally managed to cling to his pride.

Though that smirk was still on Lee Chaolan's face.

COMBATSYS: Lee Chaolan takes no action.

COMBATSYS: Lee Chaolan can no longer fight.

A ten count follows; Gato almost gets to his feet at around four before collapsing, and letting out another curse. The match is called as a draw by the Neo League officials, likely to Heihachi's delight somewhere unseen. After a few moments of slow focus, Gato pushes back to his feet, slowly cracking his neck to the said. Although his nose is broken by the swift kick, he is otherwise little hurt from the fight. ...And the same cannot be said for his fallen opponent.
"Only in a game such as this can I not be declared the winner." Gato states, moving to loom over Lee Chaolan. "You struck me down through technical finesse. But without evading my finishing blow... you would not have been able to finish me off. I will give you this 'draw', if it satisfies you."
Gato then turns to march away, wiping blood off and flicking it into the dirt with a wet splat.
"But in the true battlefield... the victory is mine. But I doubt a trickster such as you cares about such distinctions as much as I."

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