Neo League 0001 - NL#0011: Mimiru vs Lee Chaolan

Description: Mimiru, having just gotten out of jail for some of her illegal tournament fights, is hungry for more thrills, more chills, that only can be found in the fighting ring. In this case, she sets up a match with the famous Lee Chaolan. But the Stray Dog finds out what happens when, while chase cars, you actually manage to catch one...

After a few days in jails due to her last tournament fight (which she joined illegally), Mimiru has learned her lesson. She had her dose of adrenaline and thrill for a while...

Alas, those never last long and soon, like a junkie, Mimiru's craving her next dose. What it is that pushes her to do completly inconsiderate things and dangerous one is beyond her. Something she cannot understand but knows that has become a part of her.

She totally forgot her previous lesson and was back to step one. Mimiru wasn't the kind of girl to look back in the past. She repeats the same mistake again when she had heard about this new league.

Who's a top tier badass? This guy? Alight! Let him have a taste of Mimiru Kasagi, the Stray Dog of Southtown.

As of sort, Lee Chaolan got a challenge from apparently a nobody. Mimiru has some records and managed to be a small underground champion in smaller fighting rings around the world. But in the big scheme of things? Stray Dog of what...?

Mimiru shows up at the place that was designed for this fight. A paradise on earth, a lovely place. She might spend some time enjoying the beach later : nothing like some volleyball. She still hasn't recovered from her last fights, her bruises still show but Mimiru doesn't feel the pain of her burns and bruises. She was ready to fight back.

Lee Chaolan could understand the addiction.

Lee Chaolan considered fighting as a pleasant hobby. The thrill of the fight was a delicious treat for the martial artist, to distract from the hedonism of wine, women, and the luxuries of extravangence. But Lee Chaolan was not interested in the Neo-League as an escape for this. No, he was interested for one reason, and one reason alone: He wished to win it, and earn a wish from his father, Heihachi himself. And with that wish, he would finally own the company, and no longer have to serge under the old coot... and Kuma.

That was, of course, why he was so willing to respond to the challenge.

There were many concerns about the opponent. Not in talent, no. Lee Chaolan wasn't worried about the talent of the up-and-comer. He was much more concerned about the other details. 'stray Dog' wasn't a title that exactly inspired the sort of fighter Lee Chaolan was hoping for, especially from a proper young lady. Near the ring, a limo pulls up. The chaffeur steps out, and comes to the passenger door, opening it.

Lee Chaolan arrives on the scene, dressed in his fight wear.

The Silver-Haired Demon, as he was known, was clad in an indigo vest with a face of a unicorn on the back, and apparently hell-bent for leather based on the pants he was wearing. Wearing a pair of sunglasses, he emerges from the car, and strides towards the ring. Entering the fighting ring, he removes the sunglasses, looking over Mimiru. There is a hint of a smirk on his face, as he finally decides to express his opinion of the mysterious fighter who wished to face him.

"This is it?~"

Considering the weather, Mimiru's outfit was slightly different. She went back to her root, it seems, wearing only a simple pair of white sport pants and white shoes, along with a black tank-top. She also wore black fingerless gloves in her hands. This outfit made the bruises she had more apparent and it made her look like some sort of tomboy who was constantly picking up fight.

No flashy entrance or anything for her, Mimiru was stretching on the beach and preparing herself for this. The wait was enthralling, it made her heart pound in anticipation. When Lee Chaolan arrives with his limo, Mimiru turns around on her heels, lips curling into a wide grin. This is it.

For all she looks like, the look on her face shows a good deal of confidence. She was either totally reckless or stupid, hard to tell.

"Yep, this is it!" Mimiru says, raising her fist up in the air. "So... You're the one, eh? Heard a lot about this 'Silver-haired Demon' thing... I hope I won't be disappointed," Mimiru says, beaming a bit.

"You hope that -you- won't be disappointed?"

Lee Chaolan's tone is only mildly irate, every word come off as light and toying. "I must say, when I heard I was going to be fighting a stray dog, my expectations were quite low." He states idly, holding on to his glasses within his fist. Adjusting his own gloves, he looks down at his opponent with a sideways glance. "It is very telling that, in spite of that..."

"I am very disappointed with what I see."

"A proper lady should be elegant, not looking like a guttersnipe or a thug." The Silver-Haired Demon explains, bringing up his fists as he falls into his fighting stance. Thrusting a thumb towards the judge, he catches his attention. "Can we please hurry this up? I would rather not waste anymore time dealing with this..." He looks back at Mimiru, that smirk not leaving his face as he tosses his hair.

"Stray Puppy."

COMBATSYS: Lee Chaolan has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Lee Chaolan      0/-------/-======|

COMBATSYS: Mimiru has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Mimiru           0/-------/-------|======-\-------\0      Lee Chaolan

Lee Chaolan's words are enough to cause that confident smile to disappear from Mimiru's face. Her brows furrow into a glare as she lets her hand drop to her side, fingers uncurling and curling back, tightening back and forth into fists as she listens to him.

"I'll take that wry-smirk off your face, and you'll see that my bite is way worse than my bark," Mimiru retorts, gritting her teeth. Even if Lee Chaolan's tone was mild, his allusions and disdain got Mimiru's blood pumping not just with excitment and thrill, but also anger.

The crew is setting up and preparing to get everything going on, but Mimiru can't contain herself and wait for the judge's signal as he dares to call her a 'Stray Puppy'.

Insulting her choice of clothings, alright... To imply she's not a worthy opponent? No problem, it'll just make her fight all the harder... But to soil and insult her alias... This was unforgiveable.

With a loud aggressive shout, Mimiru dashes foward toward Lee, a second after he called her a puppy, "Don't you dare!" She shouts and swings her fist with all her strength to Lee's face, with all the power her anger could give her. An attempt to take off that smirk from his face.

COMBATSYS: Mimiru successfully hits Lee Chaolan with Strong Punch.
- Power hit! -

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Mimiru           0/-------/-------|======-\-------\0      Lee Chaolan

Lee doesn't even respond to the retort.

Smirking idly, he just waits, looking at the judge. He didn't even consider Mimiru a threat. Just a mere distraction; she wasn't even attractive. He preferred his girls soft, not hard. He idly attempts to sidestep the oncoming strike. . . and doesn't. Mimiru's explosion of force was too fast, hammering straight into Lee Chaolan's face. The glasses in his hand cracks, as he takes a stumble back. As that fist recovers, blood and bruise was on his beautiful face.

The smirk was not gone, though.

"It seems that even a puppy has a little bite." He begins, cocking his head The smile might still be there, but the presence was changed. Subtly, silently, Lee Chaolan was radiating anger. Blood dribbling from his nose, he charges into Mimiru. He reaches out with his hand, to grab her arm. . .

COMBATSYS: Mimiru fails to counter Lee Harassment from Lee Chaolan with Ippon Seoi Nage.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Mimiru           1/-------/=======|=======\=------\1      Lee Chaolan

And with a tug, he pulls her straight to the ground.

Wrenching her arm around, the executive forces her face down to the ground. "Oh, where is the stray's bite now?" He says lightly, twisting the arm harder. Each word comes with the same teasing quality, though the cruel technique of the Silver-Haired Demon was in full force now. "Not even a nip? How about a bark then. Won't you bark for me~"

And he gives a violent stomp to the back of her head.

"I said bark~"

That sensation after her fist, filled with anger, connects with Lee Chaolan's face...

Blissful exctasy.

Nothing better to get a point across, the fight could end there Mimiru would have a temporary satisfaction, but like everything, it's always better in excess and Mimiru attempts to get more of it, not giving a chance to Lee Chaolan to know what hit him.

She attempts to give him another strike with her other arm, but Lee manages to get a hold of her arm before it connects -- quickly, Mimiru attempts to reverse his hold on her, to use his grip on her arm as leverage to toss her over her but unfortunately, Lee's agility and techniques prove to be superior on this own and Mimiru fails to get him where she wants.

Once she gets at a disavantage in the hold, Lee's tug shoves her down to the ground. She growls in pain as he wrenches her arm, but the cry is soon silence with the rough slam of her head against ground.

Mimiru squirms, but his twist on her arm makes her screech in pain. Joint pressure, perhaps, though the fact her old bruises have not totally healed definately amplifies the pain she feels now.

Mimiru writhes against him, gritting her teeth. She bore the pain mostly out of pride than anything else, fought against it and made it worse just because she refused to acknowledge.

"F**k you!" Mimiru manages to say under her breath, though Lee soon silences her with a violent stomp to her head which makes her growl in pain and buck in anger.

Another kick comes right afterwards, booting her away.

"My, how rude~" Lee Chaolan sing songs, shrugging his shoulders. "Do you really enjoy being such a crude young thing? A proper lady should fight with class, with grace. Not like a feral beast~" Lee Chaolan suddenly dashes in, unleashing the Mist Step of his adopted father's art. He snaps out a lightning fast kick towards Mimiru...

That goes nowhere near her.

Another kick comes, this time coming short of hitting her. And another. And another. The flurry of kicks coming were all falling short, not quite committing to a true attack. He was flooding her with attack attempts, confusing her through a haze of feints. Finally, one kick DOES come through, aiming squarely for the stray dog's abdomen.

And right into the trap.

Should he land the kick, it will quickly become obvious that it is not a kick at all. The strike will actually attempt to plant in place, to give leverage for the actual strike. If the kick makes contact, he will bring up his leg into a hook, slamming it straight into Mimiru's neck. And after that, both would fall down, the Silver-Haired Demon attempting to rip her to the floor again.

With a smirk, of course.

COMBATSYS: Lee Chaolan successfully hit Mimiru with Mist Trap.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Mimiru           1/-======/=======|=======\=====--\1      Lee Chaolan

After he releases his hold on her arm and kicks her, Mimiru's body rolls a few few on the ground. She uses this opportunity to try and get some distance but her whole body is aching, her old injuries heightening the pain and making her more vulnerable.

She coughs a few times and gets on all four, attempting to rise back to her feet. Her senses were focused on the pain, she hardly heard or seen what Lee has done that he's already lunging back at her. The girl quickly rises up to her feet when she feels him close and she reacts instinctively, attempting to block the kicks -- though none of them were actually meant to hit her. None touched her either.

Her senses were alert, staggering back on the defensive before the onslaught of feint. Until the real kick actually connects to her abdomen. The impact wasn't so bad as bad as she first expect : it causes her to bend slightly in pain. However, the follow up is the worse, the way he spins with his leg to her neck and causes her to flip around violently and fall to the floor.

Mimiru's body trembles from pain and she spites blood on the ground. "Sorry I'm not up to your standards, grace isn't my style..."

Crimson flames flare up from her right fist and Mimiru lunges at Lee with a loud scream. She gives all she has in this one single blow, attempting to hit Lee's midsection with her flaming fist. Should it connect, Mimiru channels all her energy and anger into it, unleashing a massive blast of chi into it that bursts into a massive waves of flames on Lee's body, meant to engulf him with this surge of energy.

COMBATSYS: Lee Chaolan blocks Mimiru's Scarlet Slaughter.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Mimiru           0/-------/-----==|=======\=====--\1      Lee Chaolan

"Please, don't patronize me about how sorry you are."

The older man talks down to the girl, as he rises back up from his tricky assault. This was a sharp contrast to his fight with Athena; he had shown a great deal of respect for that young fight. And yet, when facing down the so-called stray dog? He was pulling out all the stops, outright bullying the girl. Standing back up, he turns back around to look down at the girl, scoffing with that same smug smirk. "If you really cared about my standards, you wouldn't be the dirty little brute you are."

She responds with an explosive punch.

Lee Chaolan catches the punch in his palm, an impact that he does learn to regret. While the 'fist' part was stopped cold, the 'flaming' part was much more difficult to deal with. Tightening his lips in pain, he holds steady, bracing against the energy engulfing him. As the flames die down, he watches, hair singed, as he the opening comes. He brings his other fist back, and with a smooth gesture.

Tosses the broken sunglasses at her.

Releasing her fist, he unleashes another mist step, moving suddenly with a burst of sand and dust. Dropping to her side, he ducks low, silver energy building in his wound up hand. "I am sorry this is taking so long." He calls out to the judge as he slips to the side again, constantly moving in circles around Mimiru. "Do me a favor and bring my limo back around? I have someplace to be." And he explodes forward in a single, solid palm strike, straight towards the back of her ribs, roaring aloud as he unleashes the coup de grace.


COMBATSYS: Lee Chaolan successfully hit Mimiru with Death Touch.

[                                < >  //////////////////////        ]
Mimiru           1/---====/=======|=------\-------\0      Lee Chaolan

Considering the way Mimiru's stance was faltering quickly, the Stray Dog of Southtown was definately not going to put up much of a fighter longer. After all, to the Silver-haired Demon, the alias Puppy of Southtown might have been truly more suitable for her.

The girl tries to keep a defensive stance, her eyes shifting back and forth as Lee Chaolan expertly feints, his technique and agility superior to her. Alas, will and resolve alone are not enough to win fights like this when there's such a gap between the two fighters.

The sand kicks up and Mimiru's eyes narrow a bit as she tries to keep her vision well to defend herself but in the end, Lee takes advantage of this and smacks her ribs hard in her back. It knocks the wind out of her, probably breaking some of her ribs. The pain stuns her and she falls to her knees from the pain.

She'd probably collapse down... If it wasn't for her stupid pride that pushes her to give one last shot. With a scream, though with slowed reflexes, Mimiru's left fist flares up with the same crimson flame as her right one. She leaps up and lunges at Lee, attempting to catch him before he walks away, hurling her fist with all her strength for his body, whatever her fist will be able to touch. She feels her last bit of energy quitting her as she lets the flame bursts out from her hand again, another display of brute raw force.

Though after that, unless he strikes her again before she falls, Mimiru collapses on the ground.

COMBATSYS: Mimiru can no longer fight.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Lee Chaolan      0/-------/------=|

COMBATSYS: Lee Chaolan interrupts Scarlet Slaughter from Mimiru with Scatter Kick.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Lee Chaolan      0/-------/---====|

After the palm strike, Lee Chaolan just turns around.

He was done. He had come here, he had beaten up his opponent, and he had earned his points. Really, fighting so low, brutish types really was a waste of his time. If it wasn't for the Neo-League, and the fact that his father told him outright that he would have the business if he won, he would have just laughed at the invitation to fight and tore up the letter. But he had a tournament to win.

He had a business to run.

And yet, the final blow from the martial artist wasn't enough. Behind him, he hears the scream. He audibly sighs. Swiftly, he pivots around, snapping out with a roundhouse kick that catches Mimiru, just as she lands the punch. As the fiery energy surges over him, he slams that leg into into the Stray Dog's ribs, and then, hooking it, smashes her straight to the ground. "HOAAH" He roars, letting the flames roll off him.

And he gives a final stomp on the downed Mimiru.


He turns to walk back to the limo.

"Stray Pup."

That last kick to her midsection causes Mimiru to bend in half, literally. It knocks the wind out of her, as well as her remaining energy. Her body seems to become a bit limp on Lee's leg, which allows him to easily follow up and swing her up and then down on then on the ground.

Her body spasms from the pain and lets a cry of pain escape her throat, like a weak whimper and complaint to the abuse she was getting. As much as her body shakes with rage from her own powerlessness, she was too much in pain to do anything else and she just lies there, slumbering into unconsciousness.

This had to be one of the quickest beating Mimiru had taken in a while.

Enough to put her back into her place, hopefully, for a little while...

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