Neo League 0001 - NL#0013: Daniel vs Ibuki

Description: Daniel and Ibuki clash for the Neo League Tournament. When a ninja fights the law, does the law win? You're just going to have to read to find out! Or look at the spoiler in the title. <Winner: Ibuki>

Neo-League, huh.

It wasn't work, that's for sure. Daniel was on a break from work. Why would an agent of Interpol ever get a 'break' you ask? Well, the truth of the matter was that after his little fight with Hitomi, there were... problems. Visibility problems. See, Agent Little was seen, from multiple angles, on international television, in a fight with a young lady. A pretty young lady, who was from a somewhat famous martial arts family.

She did not win that fight.

In fact, Daniel dislocated her shoulder, hurled a chair at her face, and ripped apart a couch and desk to bury her in debris. It finally ended with him punching her in the face a few times. And all through it? The girl was apologizing to Daniel Jack. Because it wasn't his fault. It was HER fault.

This did not sit well with The Chief.

So Agent Little was on 'leave' in Osaka right now. Sitting on top of the Umeda Sky Building, within one of the observational floors, Detective Little sits on the 'love' bench. The cozy little bench with the giant neon heart on it flickers idly. Daniel himself is garbed in a grey trenchcoat, grey slacks, and a grey vest. Good old Interpol grey. The detective adjusts his fedora, before rubbing his temples. Why was he here?

For a Neo League match

The Chief's orders ran through his head, as he looked over the urban garden. He had to fight in the Neo-League. That was his vacation. When he got beaten up? His vacation would end, and he could work again. It had to be a public loss too. It didn't bother the detective any, though. He liked this place. In spite of being so high up, one was almost in Metro City Park. The camera crew, along with a local gardening club acting as the 'audience' for the NL match, make up the only other people up here. The chilly breeze rolls through, cutting to the bone.

He hoped his opponent was dressed warm.

"I love Osaka! The food is so good, the peopl are friendly, the sights..." Ibuki looked out the window of the speeding vehicle she was in. "Just tell me one thing, Sanjo-sensei." A bespectacled man looked up at her from his seat as she went on a minor tirade, "There's a bullet train from South Town! Why do I have to jump out of a plane!?" "Training." A beat, "We're at the drop point." He answered shortly, before opening the side hatch, creating a fearsome rush of wind. Her shout of frustration, namely, "I /really/ hate ninja training!" was lost in the howling wind.

~Not long after~

Unfortunately because they forced her to use a traditional glider kite rather than an actual parachute, she was running a tad late. Her arrival was marked by the ding of an elevator, as a figure in a pink dogi, and blank half mask stepped out. Her cover for the match? Akemi Hino, 'Fiery Beauty' when translated roughly, stepped out on wrapped feet.

"Hey hey, sorry I'm late! That crosswind was murder!" She makes a V for victory sign with her left hand at the camera crew as she pushes into the arena past the local gardening club member. "Love the Ume!" She compliments to a gardener in a straw hat, pointing out some of the plum blossoms growing in a nearby planter. "Anyhow, Akemi Hino on the scene!"

She puts the fist of one hand, to the palm of another, and bows to her opponent. "You've got a great... what's that called. Oh right. /Noir/ look!" After the bow, she points a single finger. "I saw that movie. 'Here's looking at you kid!' Great flick!"

Was this really his opponent? She seemed far too... energetic, but for this fight, but that might be just her excitement at not having to fight someone with an actual will of their own. And despite how silly she sounds, she seems genuinely complimentary!

Daniel idly looks up at the plane passing by.

"Hey, who am I supposed to be fighting?" The detective calls out to a nearby judge. The balding man turns towards the sitting detective, replying somewhat curtly. "Akemi Hino." Agent Little wiggles his mustache. "Akemi Hino? That's a girl's name, right? Like, an more mature lady, right? Please tell me that I am fighting a full grown adult, righ-"

Daniel Jack is interrupted by a girl bursting out of the elevator.

The detective rubs his eyes with his fingertips, facepalming lightly. This was not a mature, respectable lady. It looks like the Chief did not want Interpol to have the reputation that it was stronger than teenage girls. Her energy was not enough to rouse the detective from the sheer disappointment he was getting, right out of the gate.

The comment about Casablanca, however, rouses the detective from his facepalm.

"You actually know classic cinema!" Daniel Jack pipes up, standing up from the love bench. "Yeah, you're okay kid." The agent states warmly, nodding his head. "You some kind of ninja then?" He asks, inspecting her cautiously. Circling around the girl, the rest of the audience moves into place, as the judges and camera crew set up for the match. Daniel Jack, however, is happy to let them take their time. Hands in the pockets of his trench coat, he finally stops his circling. "The name's Daniel. You can call me Daniel Jack, or Agent Little. I'm an investigator for Interpol." He introduces himself warmly, nodding his head. "Don't worry, I'm not on duty."

"Who are you?"

The return compliment, has Ibuki rubbing the nape of her neck, just behind her long locks of hair. It isn't up in her usual top knot, it's just flowing freely right now, almost absurdly long for her ninja persona. "Subtitled! I'm only kind of passable at my English." She grins beneath the mask, but it's definitely not visible. "Yep. Born and raised, that's pretty much the only way anyone becomes a ninja in this era. I like to think of myself more as an ordinary girl, who just happens to be a ninja."

After he introduces himself, "Alright." She winks at him, "'Daniel-san.' You can just call me Akemi. If you really want though, we'll just go with Daniel Jack. And... so you're a cop. I'm a ninja." She shrugs it off, like that isn't a big deal, "Noone is perfect I guess." Especially when he mentions he's off-duty, she barks out a laugh, "Well that's good to know. So long as you're not accusing me of assault and battery I won't be accusing you of police brutality."

Taking up a casual stance, she extends one hand in front of her, and a single leg. "Let's have some fun today! That doesn't mean I won't be serious though!"

She might not notice, but the detective was silently dissecting the girl.

He couldn't help himself. Daniel Jack made it a career to study and analyze. Well. Also beating the snot out of criminals. But small, subtle details were being picked at and poked at the observant detective. Subtle things, ranging from build, to the clothing, to ever the additude. Not that Daniel showed what he was up to. "Your English is fine, swe- Akemi." The Agent quickly corrects himself, passing a glance to the camera. See? Now he wasn't using vaguely sexist titles. "I hope this will be fun for both of us. As a warning, though."

"I take Todoh-Ryuu Kobojutsu -very- seriously."

As the judge makes the signal, the detective removes the hands from his pockets. Shaking out any stiffness in his arms, he begins to spread out his legs. The detective bends his legs slightly, holding both of his arms forward, one behind the other. Assuming the Hanmi No Kamae, the half-body stance, he takes on a martial stance all too similar to Aikido. Holding his left hand forward, he focuses dead on Akemi. The judge raises a flag in the air. "Ready?"


As the flag comes down, Daniel Jack suddenly slips forward. Every step is deliberate, every motion is controlled. Smoothly, he advances towards Ibuki, encircling her briefly for a moment. A side step comes. A second side step. And finally, a breeze blows.

The detective makes his move.

The agent of Interpol makes his step in, beginning the irimi. Leading with his left hand, he moves across from Ibuki, stepping parallel to her body. Reaching both hands out, he attempts to latch both his forward and rear hand on her arm. Should he successfully get a grip, he will pivot. He will turn his body, shifting the weight and momentum to send her straight to her knees. There, he will simply attempt to hold her there, pinning her in place.

No arm wrenching this time.

COMBATSYS: Daniel has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Daniel           0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Ibuki has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Ibuki            0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0           Daniel

COMBATSYS: Daniel successfully hits Ibuki with Medium Throw.
Grazing Hit

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Ibuki            0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0           Daniel

Not that 'Akemi' wasn't being just as wary. Perhaps part of her casual attitude was to try to keep him off his guard, off his game. Because a kunoichi like her that only fought in tournaments had never committed a crime before, right? It was a line she had to sell him, and hope he bought it. However she wasn't quite as analytical. She certainly wasn't a cop, to start profiling her opponent from the start. No, that came in the battle, when she'd start controlling her environment. Ninjitsu was the art of controlling one's environment after all.

The judge raises a flag in the air, and shouts for them to begin. At first, she matches him pace for pace for each of his side steps, waiting for him to make his move first this match, rather than rushing in as she had against her last opponent. One step, then another, as he moves parallel to her. And then he lashes out. Ibuki had to marvel at his strength and his speed, as she tried to ward it off, with a sweeping motion.

However, he does manage to find purchase on her dogi. The grasp catches her sleeve he pulls her forward, and pivots. Yet, during that all, she begins her own dance of expert footwork, trying to make it so that he had less leverage. When he does, she actually leaps, up, and over his arm, turning her body like a wheel on an axle. It was a defense she'd developed when she was made to learn how to fight aikido techniques.

She lands hard, with a yelp of pain on her side, and Daniel finds himself coming up with the ripped seam of her sleeve. However, he was unable to hold her there as a result. Scrambling up, she leapt backwards. "So serious, Daniel-san!" Inwardly she was breathing a sigh of relief. If he'd pinned her in a submission hold, then her ninja techniques, that relied on mobility would be mostly useless. "You're really good, but..." Suddenly somersaulting forward in a full curl, she suddenly extends both of her legs, attempting to stomp upon his shoulders with both legs outstretched, and spring off of them if all went well. "...I know better than to let 'the man' keep me down for long!"

COMBATSYS: Daniel blocks Ibuki's Hien.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Ibuki            0/-------/-----==|=------\-------\0           Daniel

Agent Little was on his guard.

When she described herself as a ninja, that meant that ultimately, her style would be as a ninja, whether or not she was actually a ninja. Even before she showed her technique, the detective was coming into this fight expecting misdirection, deception, and trickery. As he moves in, he observes how she matches the footwork, reading the evasive mobility of the ninja like a textbook. When he finally clutches that billowy fabric, he nearly pins down the ninja.

But the breeze slips away.

"It's my job to be serious." The Interpol agent states dryly, snapping right back to his stable footing. She was agile. Very agile. As she slips and flips away, she nearly as rapidly slips and flips back. As she bounds straight for his shoulders, the detective steps in. Bringing both palms up, her gives her two hands to stomp upon, instead of two shoulders. With a shove and a turn, he lets her leap away, as he snaps back at the teenager. "Don't get cocky, kid,"

"I'm more than just 'the man.'"

As she springs away, Daniel Jack follows through, shoulders a bit sore from taking the impact indirectly. The hands were fine, though. As she bounds away, the Agent of Interpol. follows along with that steady, stable footwork. He leads in with a palm strike, jabbing after the ninja, followed by a hand chop, hopefully before she recovers from the leap. "So, ninja huh." He starts dryly, as he chains through that combination strike. "What does a ninja do these days, as a dayjob? You go to school, kid?" Should he land both hits, he will make for another grapple attempt, to grip her by her shoulders and hip. And with a pivot, he will hurl her across his body.

And straight into the begonias.

It was a garden, after all!

COMBATSYS: Ibuki parries Daniel's Skiffle Drop!

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Ibuki            0/-------/-----==|-------\-------\0           Daniel

Agent Little's defense was effective. It was almost like a cheerleader stunt, giving her a platform to stand on, to deflect her momentum. Briefly her mind flashes to her fight with Tiffany, the girl from Pacific High. As she springs off, she realizes just how little effect she had. Daniel was right here. She shouldn't get cocky. Arrogance would lead to a loss.

As the agent of Interpol presses in, she whips up a forearm, taking the palm strike to it, and feeling the numbing impact of the blow, causing her to draw back her arm and shake it like she'd just punched a brick wall. She's more careful with the second blow, knowing well his strength now. This time she sweeps her hand under it, trying to cast it high. "Of course I go to school. You think I'd admit to breaking any truancy laws, on camera officer?" The truth is, she liked school! "Maybe I even have a part time job. Respectable work. There's no call for ninjas in the want ads!" He does in fact, manage to grab her by both shoulders, and her hip, hoisting her up.

A gardener, seeming to understand exactly where he was aiming to throw her calls out, "My begonias!"

Panicking inwardly at her vulnerable position, she suddenly lashes out with a hand to grip the collar of his coat. When he throws her, she keeps hold of it, her arm feeling like it's almost tearing out of her socket. Like a rubberband effect, she rebounds back, releasing her grip on his trenchcoat and slides through his legs. "That was close!" She says as she springs up to balance on one leg, her other leg coils up beside her body, before whipping out in an attempt to repeatedly strike him. Streamers of speed and power enhancing azure chi follow in the wake of her kicks. "You've got an interesting style. Do all interpol officers fight as well as you?"

COMBATSYS: Daniel blocks Ibuki's Tsumuji EX.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Ibuki            0/-------/---====|=------\-------\0           Daniel

He had to pin her down

The agile ninja manages to block the first blow, and then, deflect the second. Not losing momentum, the detective continues his steady advance. But as he grabs the girl and hurls her away, she... snags on the coat? She slides right between his legs, and is already going for Daniel's flank! As she hurls out a flurry of kicks, the Agent of Interpol turns with a snap.

And he too begins to burn with chi.

Forcing his palms forward, he begins to catch each of the kicks, one by one, keeping rhythm with the teenager. Orange chi billows from underneath the trenchcoat, the energy coursing over his arms and wrists right to his hands. Brow furrowed, focused on the blitzing assault, how does he feel?


"Thank you!"

He takes the compliment to Todoh-Ryuu Kobojutsu with pride. "Most of the field agents are trained in some hand to hand combat! I'm not even the best." He states, pleased to educate Ibuki. Focusing hard on the ninja, he keeps the stalemate going, rapid palm strikes blocking and deflecting the blur of energy-laced kicks. As he doesn't break his diligent gaze, he almost idly makes small talk in the furious defense. "So what about the whole 'ninja clan' thing?"

"How does that work?"

COMBATSYS: Daniel Jacks it up a notch!

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Ibuki            0/-------/---====|=------\-------\0           Daniel

Now that was impressive. Watching his orange chi billow out, allowing the energy of her kicks to course over it, like waves breaking on cliffside rocks from his wave of deflections with palm strikes. The kunoichi actually whistles, the moment her attack is defeated, before she falls into a backwards handstand, from which she somersaults into a standing position where she skids backwards. She could see him tracking her movements, focusing on finding an opening. Even now, this far away she felt like she was too close.

Distance would be key in this fight.

"Ha! Glad I've never been in trouble with the law then!" Ibuki offers cheerfully, yet another line to sell him. "Can't imagine what it'd be like having to fight more than one like you!"

Then he asks about her ninja clan. Ibuki whips up a single hand, with a raised finger, then waves it in front of her face as a feint. "That." Daniel might see a flickering glint of metal in the sunlight, right before her opposite wrist whips out in a wave like motion, hurling a thin sliver of metal at him even as she leaps backwards. "Is a secret!"

It's testament to how much she likes him so far that she doesn't even aim the kunai towards any vital areas, continuing to skip backwards along the edge of the arena. "Sorry ninja oath and all! It's sort of a drag, but it's like confidential info when you're working on a case, officer!"

COMBATSYS: Daniel fails to interrupt Kunai from Ibuki with Fantastic Todoh Punch EX.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Ibuki            0/-------/--=====|===----\-------\0           Daniel

Akemi might notice something, as she tries to get distance on the detective.

As she breaks away from the assault, Daniel doesn't break away. Drawing back a palm, he continues to pursue after the ninja. He wasn't as fast as Ibuki, nor was he as agile. But he was smart. He was focused.

And he was charging up an attack.


That was the bellow as the detective keeps on Ibuki's trail. His draw back palm begins to burn brighter and brighter, the chi energy flowing into it. The detective keeps focused on her, seeing through her feint as she whips up her hand. He sees the flicker. He doesn't slow down, as he continues to run through the flurry of knives.

"... TODOH...."

There was no more lose chi now. It was a dense point on his palm, setting it aglow like a neon sign. The agent of Interpol had ripped himself through the kunai, to reach Ibuki. His trenchcoat was torn through, his body was bleeding. Teeth gritted, Daniel Jack finally releases his energy, hurling out the palm strike.


That comes the roar as the detective fires off the palm strike, fully breaking through the flash of steel.

The punch falls 6 inches short of Ibuki's chest.

"What the..." Despite her speed, which was considerable, he was keeping pace with her. She continues to backpeddle, leaving after-images of her and blurs of pink as she moved, but he was still keeping pace. Sweat beads on her brow, as she continues moving, tempted to completely turn around and flee the arena. The question changed into an exclamation. "...hell!"


Because the guy she was fighting, this police officer, was moving at her like some protagonist from a shounen anime. She gapes as he starts gathering up the strength of his attack, watching the orange chi flow through him in slow motion. Watches him barrel right through her kunai.

While Ibuki can be called mostly calm, this was unnerving, to see such resolve in a person to win. A shriek bubbles out of her lips, which she bites down and muffles as the blow is finally thrown, and falls short. And Ibuki just freezes, standing there like she'd literally dodged a bullet, her eyes flicker down at his palm, then back at him. "Wow!"

She points a finger at him. "That... that was badass! You're really hardboiled Agent Little!" However, she couldn't just sit there and fangirl over it. Suddenly she moves forward, capitalizing on how overextended he is to try to make a grab for his outstretched hand, and pull him forward if she finds purchase.

Her other hand lashes out in a palm strike towards his chest, which she abruptly clenches into a fist, from it comes a spherical burst of azure chi which envelops her hand, with the intent of blasting him backwards. It was similar to his attack in a sense, but to Ibuki, it seemed far less impressive considering the titanic effort the man just put forth.

COMBATSYS: Daniel blocks Ibuki's Raida.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Ibuki            0/-------/=======|====---\-------\0           Daniel

"Scuzzy, I haven't even started!"

In spite of the punch just falling short, Daniel Jack neatly recovers. He wasn't over-extending himself; he wasn't creating any openings to exploit. That much can be see as the ninja surges back into the detective of Interpol. Already Daniel had his footing and guard back, ready to meet the punch to his chest.

But it wasn't a punch.

Catch the palm strike by the wrist, the detective's eyes go wide. He could sense the energy flowing out from the ninja now. He could practically taste it. As Ibuki hurls out her own burst of chi, the detective's aura flares up. Aura against aura slams against each other as Daniel, taking his other hand, slams it straight against the blue chin pouring out. Orange meets blue, as Daniel releases Ibuki's wrist. He takes the now free hand, drawing it back as he braces against the 'true' assault of chi.

And it begins to burn more chi.

Daniel Jack's chi talents weren't considered exceptional. THey were simple to manifest, and simple to use. The truth behind their effectiveness wasn't behind any device or bloodline. It was just hardwork, constant training, and above all, spirit. Keeping Ibuki in another defensive stalemate, Daniel Jack grits his teeth as orange energy begins to build to a tsunami within his heart. And finally, breaking away from Ibuki's own energy, the detective slams down a cataclysmic wave of energy. The orange shockwave spreads out, threatening to consuming the flower life...

And Ibuki as well, if she didn't pull away fast...

COMBATSYS: Ibuki blocks Daniel's Chou Kasane Ate.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Ibuki            1/-------/=======|=====--\-------\0           Daniel

"Scuzzy?" 'Akemi' says in disbelief, eyes narrowing as he grasps ahold of her wrist. "If that's your version of sweet talk, it needs work. I'm not the sort of girl to just let that slide." She pushes harder for a moment, her blue chi flaring against his orange. However in the end the attack breaks off, and she can't help but be impressed with his bulwark like defense.

She doesn't have time to get clear, before he unleashes that chi, in a shockwave. Caught in the midst of that storm of power, she plants her feet, and crosses her arms in front of her face. It washes over her, instantly staggering her back a step, before she unsteadily plants that foot in the ground again. A blue aura of her own chi lims her body as she tries to break the wave over her.

The flowers behind her suffer for her efforts as burnt and battered foliage flies everywhere, a gardener wails, "Not the wisteria! It just started to bloom!"

When the attack finally dissipates, Ibuki is still standing, somehow, chest heaving, wisps of smoke rising off of her pink dogi. She takes one step forward, and stumbles down to a knee, head bent, but not bowed. Looking up at him, there's a hint of... something, that wasn't there before, resolve? Pride? A desire to prove herself? "Pushy aren't you? Let me let you in on a secret." From her kneeling position she starts to dash at him, feinting with a palm strike at his chin that was purposefully wide, before she struck with a kick aimed down at his shin. "Pushy guys don't impress girls!"

COMBATSYS: Ibuki has left the fight here.

Ibuki says, "Crappity crap."

COMBATSYS: Daniel fails to interrupt Light Kick from Ibuki with Jumping Jack Flash EX.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Ibuki            1/-------/=======|======-\-------\0           Daniel

She was too fast.

As the shockwave of energy roars out into Ibuki, orange chi slamming against a blue aura. Daniel Jack stomps through the flowers, continuing to keep up his momentum, continuing to advances forward. Locking eyes with her, he doesn't eye the heaving chest. He was too much of a gentleman. He doesn't even flinch as she comes snapping in. He already reaches out to grab the girl, to seize her before he smacks him right in the chin. He was almost a wall of pain, with one important trait missing:

He couldn't constantly counter.

As Ibuki slips through his fingers, the Agent of Interpol lets the energy floods out from his hands. Burning with energy, he finally winces as the kick comes smashing into his shin. The detective grabs his shin, collapsing to the ground, the energy flooding out. Hissing in page, he finally struggles back upright. Wiggling his mustache, he looks flat to the ninja.

"Point made."

He stands back upright, his guard returning.

"But aren't you a little young for me to worry about impressing you?"

Ibuki already knew the power that thrummed through Daniel's fingertips. A single grasp at the wrong time could easily be the end of this match. So as she slips through, she again breathes that internal sigh of relief at how close it had been. Her foot makes contact with his shin, and immediately she's dancing back, wary of any reprisal even while he's down on a single knee. While her new 'identity' for this match was handy, it also left her with some very real vulnerabilities which could give his holds purchase if he decided to fight dirty.

At his comment though, she puts a hand behind her long hair and one on her hip and strikes an impromptu pose. "What makes you think..." She winks at him, "...that I meant it like that?" Putting the hand behind her head down. "Men! Maybe I was just criticizing how you talk to a..." She rolls her eyes, completely facetiously.

Suddenly she's moving mid-speech. A living blur that leaves multiple after images in her wake, like a camera's flash. Feet rapidly moving as she makes an attempt to grab Daniel's wrist. "...lady. And you immediately turn to whether I'm..." Wary of a reprisal, she tries to pull him off-balance, and spins in a pirouette to his flank in one motion. Leaping high from a standing position, she tries to deliver a vicious stunning kick to the back of his head. "...'legal' or not. Like that's the only sort of interaction a a man and a woman can have!"

COMBATSYS: Ibuki successfully hits Daniel with Uki Yami.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Ibuki            1/-----==/=======|=======\-------\1           Daniel

Daniel knew chi well.

The flow of energy, however, was not from the sheer power, but the discipline with it. In order to control his Kasane Ates easily, one had to unleash them easily. With every act, came a reaction.

But this ninja was dragging him down through attrition.

Chip, chip, chip she went, as she surges in. And yet, the detective was not unnerved by the teasing from the younger girl. As she slips in, he attempts to parry the blow with his hand, deflecting the grab before it comes. And there, he nearly gains control of the hold, counter-grabbing the wrist nearly instantly. But as the kick comes, he is knocked free of the counter-hold, sending him off balanced to the ground. A disorienting blow, but not one that would be slowing down the agent of Interpol. He rises back up in the same motion that brings him down, keeping that steady, even momentium going.

And Daniel Jack shuts his eyes.

Energy burns leaks out of his suit, burning hot and wild, as the detective stands tall. The agent draws back his right hand, flattening it to prepare for a chop. His entire body tenses. The energy suddenly sharply draws in, absorbing straight through the suit. "Because..." He begins, The sleeve of billows as his aura floods to that hand, charging to a single point."A real lady wears shoes, kid." And Daniel Jack opens his eyes.

And he sees perfection.

The hand comes down in a smooth, flawless gesture. The chi flares at the edge of the hand, cresting as the chop comes straight towards Ibuki's collarbone. Should the hand chop make contact, it will come with the force that could rip battleships apart. It could cleave open the Grand Canyon itself. Should it hit Ibuki, it may destroy her entire skeleton, shattering it into dust. It may send her back into time, to an age before ninja existed, and she is just an ordinary schoolgirl. It may rend apart the very spacial hold of the universe itself. giving a glimpse into the real forces that rule this world.

Or it may just break her collar bone.

COMBATSYS: Daniel successfully hits Ibuki with World's Greatest Hand Chop.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Ibuki            2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|=======\=------\1           Daniel

How does one stand up to the greatest hand chop the world has ever seen? To be blunt. One does not. It is perfection, it is the sort of thing which the skalds would write an epic saga about it. Pages upon pages for one action alone. It strikes down upon the teenage girl's shoulder and she crumples with a piercing shriek that is drowned out by the sheer force behind the shockwaves it creates throughout her, throughout the rooftop.

When all is silent again, she's laying upon the ground, curled up in the fetal position, appearing like she's in agony, teeth gritted and tears glimmering in her eyes. She looks so small, like an ordinary girl, and certainly not a ninja that tried to stand up to that.

Her mouth is moving, and at first it's inaudible, as she muffles down another pained cry. Breathing for a few moments, she says in a muted manner, "A real lady..." Suddenly she's limmed by azure, her entire body covered by it, like some sort of inner fire was rising up to the surface. "...isn't like watching a starlet playing a part on the silver screen."

Suddenly her hips are swinging around given the pain in her shoulder, a movement like she's break dancing, her legs swing around, as she uses the momentum to get her feet back under her and she twists at the wait to rise to her feet. Her eyes are smoldering now, even though they're still glimmering with the aftermath of her tears. "A real lady..." Her left arm feels like it's nearly dead from the collar bone injury, so she uses her right, chi infused speed allowing her foot work to try to take her into his guard and attempts to drive her elbow into the center of his chest. "...doesn't define themselves..."

A spherical eruption of chi envelops both of them on the initial hit. " the expectations..." Then all of a sudden it dissipates, as if it weren't there, she draws back her left arm, and it trembles as she wills it to rise behind her. Energy gathers in her hand, and in one unsteady movement she brings it against the fist of the hand that held the elbow strike. The piercing energy surges forward, and tries to strike Daniel head on through the crook of the elbow. "...OF MEN!"

There was only one response to the world's greatest hand chop, and that was the world's greatest armor piercing attack. At least /she/ thought so. Like a Yoroidoshi of old it tries to pierce through his guard, and envelops the two of them in incandescent light.

COMBATSYS: Ibuki successfully hits Daniel with Yoroitoshi.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///                           ]
Ibuki            0/-------/---<<<<|=======\-------\1           Daniel

The chop executes flawlessly.

The sheer brutality is poured into the teenager, the detective unleashing a precise but effective strike. Against a lesser fighter? Instant knockout. Against someone like Ibuki? Enough to reverse the momentum of the fight in a single, smooth strike. The shriek doesn't even unnerve the detective, as the orange energy returns to flowing freely from his suit. He brought Ibuki down.

But now she was rising up.

Daniel Jack stands there, stance steady, hands ready, his expression neutral. He could see those tears. It was almost like Hitomi all over again. Once again, he was proving himself too tough to the dames. But as this dame begins to burn with her light, it becomes obvious that he wasn't too tough for her. The aura dies down as a protective shield, as he tries to catch the elbow... and fails. As the sphere of energy consumes him, he takes the blow right to the head, and is sent smashing back, his body driving a trench through the flowers.

The gardener club breaks out into collective sobs.

Daniel Jack rises again. Almost too smoothly, on pure instinct. He returns towards the ninja, the agent of Interpol striding back as if he was unharmed. His suit spoke another story. His jacket was burned to tatters. The detective was limping, stumbling, barely able to move. And yet, the steady resolve of the agent continues to drive him along. He finally reaches Ibuki wordlessly.

And he fires out a single palm strike.

A single hand chop.

And then an elbow jab.

The combo begins again. palm thrust, hand chop, elbow jab, palm thrust. The sequence comes in a chain, Zoot Suit Riot into Zoot Suit Riot into Zoot Suit Riot. Daniel Jack unleashes the assault, until he feels his body can't keep going any longer. The detective hurls out a final rising palm strike, before attempting to grip the ninja by her injured shoulder. Should he get the grip, he will just roll on his own back, and kick the girl away in a pivoting, rolling toss. He won't get up afterwards. He will be landing on his back no matter what. And before succumbing to unconsciousness, he will give these last words.

"A real lady doesn't wear leather bracers, dammit!"

COMBATSYS: Daniel can no longer fight.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Ibuki            0/-------/---<<<<|

COMBATSYS: Ibuki blocks Daniel's Harlem Sunset.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Ibuki            0/-------/-<<<<<<|

At first comes the exultation, as Ibuki brings the man down, her arm falling back almost limply to her side as she looks exactly at where he lay, breathing a sigh of relief.

She starts to turn away, her left shoulder sagging more than the other from the power of the chop, when she sees him, coming back at her as a juggernaut. His combo, it executes flawlessly. Sometimes flawlessly isn't enough. Her good arm barely surges up in time, her leather bracer saving her from the first blow, the mere force of it driving it back against her. Flowing backwards, she raises a leg up to protect her mid-section as the elbow jab strikes it. There's a pop which causes another shriek to bubble up from her lips. After that point, she loses all sense of time. The blocks happen automatically, by muscle memory and reflex alone. And everything hurts. Then she feels a grip by her injured shoulder, and she's flying. Rolling around mid-flight, there's an impact against her forearm that she feebly raises to her defense as she rolls over in mid-air. She lands on her feet, both of her arms feeling unable to handle the impact, and she stumbles, falling to one knee without the added balance. His final comment isn't one she can respond to adequately, as she processes the amount of pain she's in.

Instead she slowly rises to her feet, and limps towards the camera crew on the edges of the battlefield, and the gardeners in mourning after a winner is declared. "A real lady wears whatever she feels like." She rasps out. Putting her hand to her mouth to fight a wave of nausea, she brings it away, looking at her palm full of blood-flecked spittle. Frowning, she finally says, "Think I need a..." She stumbles again, and falls down to both knees just before someone calls 'MEDIC!' And the two are taken off the battlefield.

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