Neo League 0001 - NL#0005: Sven vs Tiffany

Description: Tiffany makes her Neo League debut in sunny* Sunshine City! Unfortunately, it is against a man with a wolf head on his head, who teaches her the true meaning of moonsaults. (Winner: Sven)

Sunshine City -- Tiffany Lords's hometown, and the seat of her power!!

Okay maybe that last part is a lie. It's still somewhere she likes to be, though -- and the opportunity to head back home for a Neo League fight is just what the doctor ordered for her already-sunny spirits. Practically bursting with energy as she walks to the designated battle location, Tiffany keeps her sunny disposition even amid the dismal, smoggy atmosphere of the outer side of Sunshine.

... at least, until she hits the actual fight location. This smoggy, dark corner of outer Sunshine is particularly dark and smoggy -- and at that, it's mostly boarded up. The abandoned warehouse creates a dark, forbidding atmosphere -- its open loading bay door reveals countless boxes of broken computer parts and other IT equipment, discarded and left to gather dust.

Maybe the fighter's been sent there in hopes that her sunny disposition will brighten up the place?

Sven Sven is less that sunny.

In the aftermath of his loss with Rainbow Mika, he is closer to the smoggy misery of Sunshine City. The venue didn't help things. He had fought in hellholes before, but this was the trashiest he has ever been. It was garbage. It was an insult.

It wasn't like he could do any better, though.

The massive Swede is crouched down on an old CRT monitor, sitting on it. He is already in costume, dressed in his Wolfman mask and wolf pelt cloak. As Tiffany arrives, however, you could hear the disgust in his voice as he stands. "Another girl? First I is fighting that clown Mika, and now a dumb American teenager? It is a joke." Sven stomps his foot down, pointing a finger at Tiffany.

"You is a joke!"

There are few things that bug Tiffany more than getting called out; she hates getting trash-talked. It's one of the few things that can snap her out of her usual haze of self-involvement and chasing whatever ridiculous thing has entered into her field of vision and gained her attention; accordingly, she gives Sven Maesters a big frown, looking him over. "Oh jeez... a guy in a wolf mask?" She seems incredulous.

She's not too incredulous to get ready to fight, though; she looks the Swede over once to get a general sense of what his deal is, wrinkling her nose. "Like... this is a joke, right?" They have to be doing this as a joke, to weed out people who can't beat the wolfman.

With that in mind, Tiffany decides to stick to her traditional offensive style; nothing fancy, just pure and simple good footwork and good fighting. It worked against the powerful principal of Gedo -- so she's sure it'll work here, too! She starts by giving him the token warning of "Well... let's get this going, I guess!" and dropping into stance for a moment, but wastes little time in rushing up to the stomping, pointing man and immediately flipping her whole body around in a forceful toe kick.

COMBATSYS: Tiffany has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Tiffany          0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Sven has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Tiffany          0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0             Sven

COMBATSYS: Sven blocks Tiffany's Groovy Wheel.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Tiffany          0/-------/------<|=------\-------\0             Sven

She thought Sven was the joke?

That what was getting the Swede's blood boiling. As she rebukes his trash talking, Sven spreads his stance out, ready to wrestle. "You think I is am a clown?" He belts out, as she flips straight towards him. The wrestler brings up a forearm, catching the hit with it. A fat bruise spreads, as he grunt from under the mask.

She hit pretty hard for a girl.

Sven lashes out with his other hand, recklessly and ruthlessly trying to snatch up Tiffany while she is close in. He wasn't afraid to grab a girl like Tiffany. Should he get a grip on Tiffany, he will bring up his other hand around to secure that grip, and step in. Using the pivot, he will whip Tiffany around his body, before falling to one knee. And there, he would finished the assault by slamming the teenager right on his knee in a staggering backbreaker.

Sven was no joke.

COMBATSYS: Sven successfully hits Tiffany with World Wolf III.
- Power hit! -

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Tiffany          0/-------/--<<<<<|==-----\-------\0             Sven

The grab catches Tiffany a bit off-guard; she knew that a maneuver like that was a little unsafe, but the immediacy of Sven's punishment is staggering. She winces before she's even been pulled into the grab; by the time the backbreaker comes, she's downright screaming... which is bad, because hurling her head back to scream makes the actual impact of the blow much worse. Rolling off of his knee, Tiffany lies there for a moment, generally hating it.

Unwilling to let one bad opening exchange get her down, though, Tiffany pulls herself back off the ground slowly but surely, clutching at her head with her gloved hands. "Oof... okay, you're serious," she says, cracking a grin. "Probably not a clown." She likes serious, even if in the immediate sense, serious is a little bit of a problem.

Wobbling from side to side slightly, she bends her knees and hops up into the air; within moments, she whirls her momentum around and forward, hammering down with a high-speed divekick. Like his, it's simple, direct, brutal offense.

COMBATSYS: Tiffany successfully hits Sven with Exciting Kick.
Glancing Blow

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Tiffany          0/-------/<<<<<<<|===----\-------\0             Sven

Sven has no regrets as he cracks Tiffany across his knee.

He doesn't even flinch when she screams. Any expression he might have is concealed by the fang visage of the mask. The Swede himself thrusts his arms out after delivering the backbreaker, finishing the assault with a feral howl.


But Tiffany wasn't going down so easily. As she staggers back up, Sven rises from his knee, bringing his guard back up as he begins to bounce of his feet. He backs up, backing towards the wall of the warehouse. Without any ropes, he was gonna have to fight he wants to springboard. To her comment, Sven growls, waiting for her to make the move. As she takes to the air, though, Sven dives to the side, the kick hitting his shoulder. Sven grunts, turning with the impact.

And turning for the next strike.

Standing beside Tiffany as she comes down, the swede lurches in again. This time, there wouldn't be any spinal impact. Or at least, less spinal impact. Sven will hook a hand right under her rump, and shove himself under her shoulder. There, he will just lift her up in the air, letting her legs dangle, before just dropping her, just slamming her to the warehouse floor.
%eWe will see if she can tame the wolf.

COMBATSYS: Tiffany dodges Sven's Strong Throw.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Tiffany          0/-------/<<<<<<<|===----\-------\0             Sven

After her first experience with getting grabbed and tossed around by Sven, Tiffany has no real intention of having a second one; the instant she sees a hand coming for her, she starts moving back away, practically /hopping/ to get out of the path of his hand. So, she thinks, he's indeed a full-on /wrestler/ wrestler -- it's a style she's somewhat familiar with, but she doesn't /really/ know the particulars of grappling. Accordingly, she decides that her best chance is to give him as few opportunities to grab her as possible.

"So -- like -- what's with the wolf thing? Do you wear that to all your fights?" She wonders for an instant if building some sort of gimmick would help people get more interested in her, not really processing that she already has one, given her ridiculous cheerleader outfit. The thought, such as it is, passes quickly.

Just going with her gut, Tiffany decides to try something a little different with her offensive maneuvers this time. Ducking low, she spins around once, then again, hoping to confuse the wrestler a little as she moves in toward him. The spinning continues -- a third, a fourth, a fifth revolution; she pops up out of the spin at long last with an explosive back knuckle aimed squarely for his face.

COMBATSYS: Tiffany successfully hits Sven with Very Groovy Knuckle.
- Power hit! -

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Tiffany          0/-------/<<<<<<<|=======\-------\1             Sven

Not getting grabbed was a good strategy.

Sven growls in frustration as Tiffany slips from his fingers. Instead of chasing after her, however, Sven chooses to back off. Keeping his hands up, he was nearly content to play it defensive.

Until she asks about the mask

"You do not know of Ragnarok?!" He thunders, his back going erect. Standing tall, he pulls off his cloak defiantly. "You do not know of our story?" He bellows, a fury taking over his heart. Blinded by the rage overtaking him, he hardly registers the spins coming towards him. As the punch explodes up, Sven moans in pain, shooting back up into the air...

And right to the warehouse wall.

"You know why I wear this mask?" He roars hotly, twisting in the air. Planting his boots on the wall, he springboards off the wall. Hurtling through the air, he flies straight for Tiffany, flipping forward to crash a leg right on Tiffany's head as he lands on his back, roaring a response as he comes down.

"My father died for this mask!"

COMBATSYS: Tiffany blocks Sven's Light Kick.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Tiffany          1/-------/=======|=======\-------\1             Sven

The young Ms. Lords has no idea about anything; unlike many fighters, she hasn't really been immersed in fighter culture for ages, so when Sven gets upset, it's almost horrifying. She winces, shaking her head and throwing her hands up in reflexive defense; it works out, at least, giving Sven's leg some strong forearms to crash into rather than a thick skull.

Staggering back and staying low, Tiffany manages to stammer out an, "Uh -- w, wow, sorry," with a hastily appended, 'for asking,' in her head. She might need to get a /little/ less aggressive, at this point; maybe keep her head low and start using the environment. She starts backing toward a shelving unit inside the warehouse itself, glancing it over and looking for options without really thinking about it.

Picking her spot and sticking with it, the cheerleader leans against the unit, looking like she might take a second to recover. It's a bit of the old rope-a-dope, though; after a moment, she springs forward with a forceful punch, hoping to ring Sven's bell fast now that this has taken a turn for the /extremely/ weird.

COMBATSYS: Sven fails to interrupt Strong Punch from Tiffany with Wolfensteiner.
- Power fail! -

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Tiffany          1/------=/=======|=======\==-----\1             Sven

Sven was becoming blinded by the rage.

The white hot anger was surging underneath the mask, it could be seen in the eyes. Tiffany may not have meant to give offense, but Sven certainly took it. Slamming the leg into her arm, Sven hits the floor with a roll. Bounding back up in a smooth motion, Sven rises back up, ready to meet the next attack.

But Tiffany delays.

That delay makes the difference. Sven was hot with anger, and itching to strike. As the the boxer holds back, Sven circles, eager for her to make the move. He was waiting, seething, twitching... until Tiffany fires out in a snap. Sven reacts, trying to preempt her with a front flip. He moves too soon, and Tiffany gets a clean punch right into Sven's junk, knocking him right in the Swedish Meatballs.

Svem hits the ground, moaning in agony.

That wasn't /quite/ where Tiffany was aiming, but she'll take it; a hit is a hit, and this one seems to have given her plenty of time to sit and think about her next move. Not that she takes it, of course; she wastes some of that time just exulting in the fact that she managed to get herself in such a good position.

Still -- one can't be satisfied with one's successes forever; Tiffany decides that now might be a good time to, if not try to /close/ the match, certainly press that immense advantage she's been gaining. Overconfident after her hard knockdown on Sven, she comes into a full stand rather than staying in that boxer's low weave; this feels like a mistake, given that her lower stance has managed to take advantage of the drastic difference in their heights, but sometimes, you start feeling yourself and making mistakes.

Having successfully broadcast her status as primarily a boxer with some occasional flashy jumping kick maneuvers, Tiffany decides to try mixing it up and showing Sven a much different side of her offense. Stepping forward, she moves like she's going to grab him with those big, gloved hands and pull him up... only to aim a series of quick, small kicks for his shins while he's down instead.

COMBATSYS: Sven endures Tiffany's Light Kick.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////                       ]
Tiffany          1/-----==/=======|=======\=====--\1             Sven

Sven was getting pretty mad in here.

Between this and Rainbow Mika, the swede was noticing that these teenage girls hit like garbage trucks. He didn't have these problems in the SWA. Rolling on the floor in agony, the hot-blooded swede just lets that rage against the girl build, and build, the spirit of the wolf filling his heart. As Tiffany finally rushes in, moving to 'grab' the wrestler, Sven Maesters struggles to stand back up. The feint comes off, as Tiffany hurls out kick after kick into the wrestler's shin.

And he just ignores it.

Oh, it hurts, believe me. Being kicked over and over again in the shins was not Sven's idea of a fun time. But as he staggers past Tiffany, limping now, he rushes over to the shelving unit that Tiffany had abandoned. Stomping along, he grabs the upper shelves, leaning into them. He stretches a moment, gripping them tighter.

And he takes a hop.

Bouncing his feet up to up to the first shelf, he keeps his grip tight on the shelves. A second jump comes, bringing his legs to the shelf right before where he hands are gripping tight, the wrestler's body scrunched up into a clinging crouch. Body tensing up, he gives a third, final jump. Spiraling into a corkscrew leap, Sven hurls his body into the air. Spinning, he attempts to smash his body right into Tiffany, unleashing signature technique of Ragnarok

The same one that claimed his father's life.

COMBATSYS: Tiffany fails to interrupt Three Wolf Moonsault from Sven with Wonderful Kick EX.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////                        ]
Tiffany          0/-------/-======|=====--\-------\0             Sven

And that's when everything turns around completely.

Tiffany sees that series of jumps and exactly the sort of conclusion it's coming to by the middle of jump #2; the only question about the whole process is when -- and the question of 'when' is a sticky one, it turns out, when dealing with someone's most tremendously powerful technique. She mentally prepares herself for /four/ jumps -- one back down as her opponent realizes that a crouch on top of something isn't nearly as effective as a running start.

This proves to be her downfall; she's not ready for that last jump to be aimed directly for her, and the spining leap carries Sven directly atop her. She attempts to flip her body up at the last possible second -- but it's too late; she only manages to get the gleam in her eye of an abortive plan before she's crushed.

She does not get back up; pinned beneath the massive Swede, she can only lie there and regret her life decisions.

And it was not done turning around.

As Sven Maesters hurls his hulking form harshly into Tiffany, he just smashes on through, smashing her into the ground. The massive moonsault was not incredibly powerful... unless Sven got the high ground. The aerial leap brought gravity to bear, and with that, the wolf's pounce leaves Tiffany prone on the ground.

But he was not done yet.

Still on top of the cheerleader, the only dim acknowledgement he has is that the landing was somewhat softer than usual. The battered, beaten swede was tired, weak from his exertion. He was pushing the limits, this was coming down to the wire. If he wanted to win this, he was going to have to go ALL the way. Rising up from the heap that was Tiffany, he And if he manages to scoop up Tiffany?

He will hurl her over his shoulder...

COMBATSYS: Tiffany fails to interrupt Jaeger Bomber from Sven with Rival Launcher EX.

[                         \\\\\  <
Sven             0/-------/--=====|

COMBATSYS: Tiffany can no longer fight.

[                         \\\\\  <
Sven             0/-------/--=====|

As Tiffany groggily feels the weight on her body decrease, she frantically scrambles to get herself up before he can get his feet under him. It's a rough maneuver, but she manages, if only barely, to get it; when he reaches out for her, she has to make a split-second decision: weave out of the way, or push in and try to catch him off guard before he can /really/ manage it?

She elects, in the moment, for the latter; her gloved hands reach low, trying to snag /him/ by the feet just in the same way that he's trying to scoop her up. The momentary tangle of limbs puts her in a rough position -- she thinks she's got him by the ankles, but --

What's that?

The masked wrestler narrows his eyes, as Tiffany begins to give one last fight. As she latches on to the ankles, the swede rips her free, pulling her up by the legs. Grabbing her by HER ankles, he winds back an open palm. "Not so fast little girlie!" He scoffs, as he swings the open palm straight for the girl...

And Sven gives a fierce -slap- on her bottom!

Heaving her back straight up on his right shoulder, he holds her aloft, putting on a show of strength to no one but the judges. Turning around once, he runs over to the shelving unit. Jumping up on it, he climbs up a bit, balancing precariously on it. Finally, he takes a leap in the air, with his prisoner. Sven whips her around to his other shoulder, and then over it. Gripping her leg by the thigh tight with both arms, he tips her over in front of his chest as he comes crashing down. Fixing Tiffany in place, he unleashes a fiercesome powerbomb, smashing her back to the ground as he keeps her leg up.

The wolf has gone for the kill.


Count to twenty if you want, because Tiffany is /done/.

The young lady's carried along by Sven every step of the way -- and that powerbomb has her looking up at the lights with none on behind her eyes. She's had such good luck in sanctioned matches traditionally, but it seems as though Sven Maesters has brought that luck to an end.

Off in the distance, a mysterious woman in a suit and a smart pencil skirt watches the exchange carefully from the roof of another warehouse, binoculars in hand. He frowns, pulling out a walkie-talkie and beginning to mutter into it.

"Sir, do you have a tub of ice cream and a pile of cold compresses?"

There's some mumbling over the walkie-talkie; after a second, the mystery woman says, quietly, "Your daughter is going to want them."

A black limousine with a personalized license plate reading 'LORDS' pulls up outside the warehouse a few moments later, ready to collect the fallen fighter.

Sven only needs the count of three.

After unleashing the Jaeger Bomber into the teenage girl, he goes for the pin. Not that it is needed, insists the judges. But Sven needed it. He needed to go for a pin. He needed Tiffany to be counted out. After what she said about his father?

What did she say about his father?

The swede can't even remember. All he knew was that she insulted his father. His family. The Ragnarok name. Rising up from the pin, he throws his fists in the air, flexing mightily as the judges call the fight for Sven. Tiffany's family might be needing ice cream. But the only sweet that the wrestler needed... was this sweet victory.


COMBATSYS: Sven has ended the fight here.

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