Hitomi - Home away from Home

Description: The Kasagi Bunkhouse is open and clains it's first vict-er Customer: The dinky powerhouse -- German born Hitomi of recent SNF fame (for her match against some kind of infamous pimp or crimeboss or something.) -=The following scenes occured without fighting and contains excessive degress of setup that may be unsuitable for some (most all) audiences.=-

Seated in the passenger side of the little red hatchback Hitomi swivels her head and occasionally leans out the window to look at the sites. The teacher driving her experiencing a mix of amusement and mortification as the exchange student waves occasionally to pedestrians and calls out-


It's just a few minutes' drive from the school but as the car already begins to slow and turn into the curb the girl leans even more purposefully out the window and scans the entire area, like she were a great brown, longhaired labrador rather than windswept young foreign student. The apartment complex nearby looks like rather impressive and she shields her eyes to inspect it but quickly exits the car as the Teacher moves to the rear. Popping open the rear door she removes Hitomis' one archaeic-brown sticker covered old trunk; the two of them focus carefully on removing the gleaming red bicycle more carefully.

Leading the way the teacher carries her case and walks ahead; up the stone path towards a gate and open it for her. It's a quaint, gated-in lot with a stone walkway leading to the front door, just off the street. It's rather near the apartment complex but is a smaller, wooden building.

Wheeling her bike Hitomi follows quietly but for the dik-dik-dik of the bike as it glides smoothly along beside her, head on a constant swivel as she looks over the premises.

The female teacher raps briskly against one of the doorframes and also presses a buzzer situated before the door.

Rather quickly a response is given to the knock, a voice calling out something muffled from within the house and quiet footsteps padding towards the door with another sound eerily coinciding. Then the door is opened and a woman peeks her eye through the opening. She immediately recognizes the teacher and opens the door further.
"Good evening, ma'am. Are you here with the new student?" she cheerily questions, taking a step back from the door. "Please, come in." the first two meters in from the door feature hardwood before stepping up to the tatami surface. "Please, come in." she peeks around. "There should be enough room to put your bike up on the wall here."

Cautiously leaning the bike against the wall as indicated Hitomi make sure to lift and turn it carefully; that it doesn't bump into or scratch any of the walls or furnishings. The bike problem settled she inquisitively rubber necks and peers at the paper walls and beyond into rooms beyond them.

The teacher stands a little way off with the manager gives her a quick overview of the situation.

"..yes, so the apartment her parents had arranged for went to someone else. She is looking for somewhere to stay that is possibly short-term. Her Japanese is surprisingly good for a foreign student so I don't think you'll have any problems."

Hitomi's eyes light up as she peeks into the Kitchen and has her attentions fixated, it's far more modern than any she has seen before though she assumes a diligent form of attention when she feels the attention of the adults wandering in her direction.

"Ah, I'm Hitomi. It's a pleasure to meet you!"

A quick formal bow and the girl stands expectantly with her hands clasped behind her back and fidgeting just a little.

Jira keeps an ear out with the discussion outside and making sure the bike isn't making a trail she has to clean up. Once that's settled she returns Hitomi's bow. "I'm Jira. It's nice to meet you too, Hitomi. So, I saw you peeking at the kitchen, do you have any interest in cooking?" she asks, tilting her head curiously. Her smile is bright and warm, unwavering and genuine. "I suspect my parents will handle your staying arrangement, if you'd like a proper tour?"

The girl nods keenly and quirks her head a little in response to the question.

"Mhm, I enjoyed cooking at home, I've been doing it since I was little."

Hitomi roughly mimes a height out to her side; indicating the size of what must be a very young or very small girl. She had needed a little plastic stool to stand on to reach the counter-tops and had been learning to cook right alongside her Mother, ..who was still learning to cook today. She returns Jira's smile as it seems quite infectious and friendly.

"But I've never seen a Kitchen like this, it looks so new! Yeah, I'd love to see more!"

She falls in behind Jira, eager to take the tour.

Jira seems content by the answer, maybe now she'll have help in the kitchen! And another young starter to the art, that does show promise. Shhe listens to Hitomi's additional exclamations and turns about to lead the newcomer to the kitchen proper.

"Yeah it's a bit big. But sometimes we have a dozen people, or maybe more staying, and we offer meals with our rooms. Since I've been able and old enough, I am in charge of meal preparation and serving. I also assist the home-ec class at Taiyo, doing examples for the teacher or helping students in a more individual or small group basis." she explains. "It was my favourite class when attending, afterall~." she muses and steps through the hallway and into the kitchen. The tatami has been replaced by tiled floor in that space. There's a side-door that leads out back and to the garbage and burnable bins outside, on the northeast corner wall. On the north wall, from the side door, is the garbage pail at the end oof the main prep counter. The counter leads to the fridge and freezer units (they are seperate units), then to a smaller countertop with hangging racks on the wall and cabinets above and built in, then to the stovetop and a wraparound counter leading to the door into the eating area. The center the kitchen features a medium island counter with drawers and cabinets built into the base and the sink. The southern wall is where all the dishes and cookware are stored, including gloves and aprons and potholders and the like. It's apparent that the user of this kitchen has likely evolved a system to working it.

"Well, the best way to learn your way around a kitchen is to explore it, in my opinion. Try not to displace anything, but feel free to familiarize yourself with it. If you plan on helping me cook, that is!"

Hitomi never strays too far from Jira's side, she seems to express more interest in the newer looking appliances, everything in Japan seemed a lot newer than it had back in Germany. She glances up at the pans and is intrigued that they look well used they are in no way decorative, what dishes they might be purposed for?

Feeling obligated Hitomi goes for the one thing she is most curious about and draws one of the knives from the knife-blocks, she tests the weight in her palm and opens her hand to let it balance, it's a good knife, not super expensive but the perfectly practical. She slides the knife back into the block with a faint grating and the solid clunk against the wood as turns back to her Hostess.

"Ah~ it looks amazing!"

A genuine smile and nod of approval, the kitchen is probably best equipped she had ever set foot in. There is probably something of a learning curve with appliances like this and Japanese dishes, as well as the foodstuffs and vegetables she had never even seen before.

" I'll be attending Taiyo, I hope I am able to be in that class. I don't know much about cooking any Japanese dishes yet. I'm eager to make and try some!"

Jira keeps a close and careful eye on Hitomi as she explores and examines things. She does give a look of moderate concern at the knife being drawn and audibly requests that Hitomi be careful with it. And is content as it's put away safely.
"Thank you." she replies to othe compliment, keeping her smile consistant. And she seems happy to hear that Hitomi might be attending the class she helps in. "Yes, that'd be a great way for you to learn some traditional dishes. As well as a few I've made up personally." she chips in, stepping up to Hitomi. "Though the way I cook during mealtime is different than personal snacks or in the classroom, have to be a bit faster to get bigger batches all ready at the same time." she explains.

Jira's eyes look upwards and to Hitomi. "Did you have any questions or concerns? Or special needs in regards to mealtime?"

Nodding along whilst listening; it makes good sense to Hitomi. The chance to pick up on the local fare as well as some specialty dishes would be a real coup. And cooking for all the dietary needs of different guests..

"Not really, I don't think I eat more or less than a girl my age."

Finger tapping against her lower lip as she considers the possibility but disregards it, out of lack of sources to compare it to. The last person to know if you did was probably you yourself. She grin a little and the finger tapping against her lower lip scratches at her cheek instead as she giggles a little nervously.

The Teacher from earlier pokes her head around the door and offers Hitomi a half wave before she starts to head away. Hitomi excuses herself and rushes back out into the hall, bowing to the teachers back as she heads to and exits the front door.

Jira awaits the reply and seems relieved, giving a nod of appreciation. "Wonderful. How long did you plan on staying?" she asks curiously. "Being a local student, I can provide you some help easing in to a decent schedule. Waking up and bedtimes to keep on-time for classes. And if you're here for a long period, I'll also give you the weekly meal list that I adhere to." she explains, waiting in the kitchen as Hitomi zooms out to bow to the teacher. Jira seems patient, not minding the interruption in the least.

Hitomi glances over and picks out her case, left tucked neatly against the wall as she straightens. She returns to Jira with a quick stepping shuffle and carrying a suitcase resting against her thighs, She does favour one arm but is smiling happily.

"This sounds great! There's a menu and I won't have to worry about sleeping in. I don't start until next week! but that gives me some time to look for a part-time job!"

An enthusiastic pumping gesture with her arm for emphasis, everything was coming together even right after it had seemingly nearly fallen apart. Hours earlier she hadn't even had a place to stay, in an unfamiliar city knowing almost nobody excepting the very friendly staff of her first Saturday Night Fight.

Jira calmly waits for Hitomi's return and has kept her smile. Her hands were folded before her and she was still, perhaps conditioned to be presentable as such. "Indeed it does! I also help out with some of the clubs afterschool, so I could help you out with that as well. You'll never have to walk alone to or from school if you don't want~. Or, ride, as the case may be." she comments.

"Once we get you settled in, I will gladly answer any questions you have about the area, or give you chores to help with.. if you want."

Hitomi considers the prospect of afterschool clubs, she wonders if the school even has a football club or if it's popular here in Japan. Hrm, something new and fun to investigate as her thoughts finish turning over what she has seen of the city thus far, not much of the school to be sure.

Standing there with her case she brightens at the offer of someone to travel to school with, that another load off her mind.

"That would be fantastic, I still have to learn my way around. Would- I be able to see me rooms?"

She takes the offer of chores as a joke on Jira's part and just grins when the offer is presented. Until it strikes her that maybe Japanese people do work and chores when they stay somewhere like this. Auuuuuuu. Speaking the language but not knowing the customs was going to keep causing little problems like this.

Jira nods. "Certainly, I'll show you the rooms. The stairs to the first floor are on the southern part of the house. This way~" she muses and starts off on the east hall like before and to the small stairwell. Jira offers to help Hitomi carry her case for her, into the room. Offer taken or not, Jira heads up the stairs quietly and to the next floor. Whereupon she checks over something mentally and turns left.

"This door infront of the stairs is where the shower and bath are. I can generally guarantee privacy during the morning on schooldays, as most of the older guests bathe before bed rather than early in the morning. I hear that isn't really a common thing, shared bathing space, in other countries. I know it isn't in America when I visit." she comments, moving to the left hall and walking up to the '2' door. "Nobody's in here right now, and my room is right next door." she states. "And before I forget, the toilets are just around this corner going to the stairs, on this same space that the bath shares." she explains. "There's another toilet downstairs, just off of the living area."

Hefting the bag to show she has it Hitomi follows along and climbs the stairs, head turning this way and that to nosey and examine her surroundings as she does.

Stepping up to peer inside the bathroom she is a little confused by the layout and the size being so vastly different from her norm. Still peering around she answers with a voice that echoes around the bathroom before returning to them in the hallway.

"There are plenty of spas and things in Germany where they have mixed bathing. But c I've never been to one."

Her father had developed a curious dislike for them over about the last five years; Her parents stopped doing their annual trips about that time. She turns back to Jira and lets her attention be directed to the room.

This one bedroom; It is six 'tatami' in size or so though she isn't really so good at gauging that yet. The room features a proper single Europeans style bed across the room; a small closet immediately left of the door that is built into the wall, and a coat hanger placed haphazardly to the right of the door. She's just glad to see it's a bed and not a futon on the floor.

This was a whole new experience but familiar things were a welcome sight. Hitomi walks quietly into the room and sets her case beside the bed. She looks to Jira before taking a seat on the bed; almost immediately sighing and dropping onto her back across the mattress, arms spread eagled and just enjoying the moment and lying down for on a proper bed for the first time in Japan.

An understanding nod is given to Hitomi in reply to mixed bathing while Jira stays politely outside of the room Hitomi's set herself into. She chuckles as the newcomer lays onto the bed and seems to genuinely enjoy it.

"If you have any questions about the area, don't hesitate to ask. If not, I should start on getting dinner ready. Can't have it out too late on a worknight, afterall." she informs. "I hope you're okay with the accomodations, Hitomi-san. It's not too much, and I generally spend time outside or in the kitchen. Though the guests frequent the living area or head out themselves."

Smiling while enjoying the feeling of the soft mattress as she lies across it Hitomi considers sitting back up to speak to Jira but the force of will to do so is just too weak to make her body move. She lifts an arm and gives an officious A-Okay symbol with her index and thumb touching.

'That sounds great, I still have to find a few recipes I can make.. - and where to shop for.. - try making my own - ."

The desire to be friendly or ask all of the poignant questions that are right now, slowly circling the drain -- submerging beneath the rising levels of fatigue washing over her. As the sound of a faint buzzing snore begins it quite clear she has fallen asleep almost mid-sentence and without making much sense.

Jira was very patiently at the other side of the door, waiting for a reply from Hitomi. But, to her surprise, the girl drifts into sleep like that. With a polite bow Jira slides the door shut and sets off down the stairs to work on dinner. And figure out what in the world she's doing with that bike. She decides that, for now, it can stay where it is until a solution is made. She's definately going to remember to try and see if any room-staying guests are awake for dinner, as Hitomi now falls into that category.

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