Neo League 0001 - NL#0002: Rainbow Mika vs Naerose

Description: On the rooftops in a small sleepy city of Croatia Rainbow Mika is pitted against her strangest opponent yet and possibly ever. Hijinks ensue and possibly the longest pre-battle scene in history of Neo League. . which is admitting not a long history. (Winner: Mika)

Preface to a witch.

In which we warm up for the impending introduction to a witch which will not be at this time but a later time. Known as the red witch, the avatar of failure, or less endearingly simply, 'her' or 'that' or 'which shall not be named, mentioned or looked on,' depending on the narrator. As compared to the more simpering tales of the greater known and surely not well regarded 'Kasagi' of the day.

There is a rather shocking lapse in an otherwise laudable scene career that spanned two score years, if by years we actually mean days, since the Match of the Millennium began. Though to the beings existing within this universe surely such fourth wall destroying concepts are entirely alien, still we must consider this blatant omission. Though there are many tales worth reciting, the adventures of Alma the virtuous and sexy, Mika the also sexy and perhaps less virtuous, Rocket. . The rocket, the empress, the one challenging Sagat (Tia). . Ect ect. Standing upon the shoulders of many of these, remains, Naerose, possibly trying to reach a cookie left sitting on the edge of the proverbial counter of life, the pursuit of happiness (or cookies) and of course: Everything.

In describing the scene in which we find ourselves there is no sense to be had in constructing or reconstructing the circumstances that led to the creation of such. Rather someplace in the city of Dubrovnik, located in Croatia, we find ourselves thrust into the preset with the recollection of the morning after excessively heavy drinking and the hang over to match. On these rooftops does there linger one red clad woman, charitably you might call her a witch, but even the most ardent of Christine O'Donnell supporters would be hard pressed to mistake her for the real thing. Her hat, floppy, circular with a large brim, her broomstick (probably bought at a dollar store) and her red dress all certainly fit the part - if the part was what Halloween USA sold you as a last minute costume idea for that party you never wanted to go to anyway, but your real plans fell through. No one knows how she got there, or why, only that somehow an invitation was sent to one Rainbow Mika, through her agent, informing her that she had an opportunity scheduled. Of what? Why to expand her current dominance over the Neo League with what can only be described as a cream puff match. And speaking of Cream puffs.

"Man, I'm hungry." The woman in red complains while sniffing about the rooftop for something to eat. There is a garden and a pigeon cage, but the woman in red doesn't seem to recognize either as edible, perhaps because it is lacking the ready made plastic wrapping that would proclaim the contents as edible and authentic as her witch getup seems to be.

Following her most recent adventures on her world tour taking all challengers, it sort of becomes apparent that Rainbow Mika has more or less been going back and forth between Southtown, Japan, and Metro City, USA. While these are two major cities with lots of interesting fighters and locales, they leave a whole lot of the world ignored, including such notable continents as Europe, South America, and Africa.

Following her first Neo League match being against a wrestler in the CWA Arena (a great fighting style and a great fighting venue), Rainbow Mika was beginning to wonder if perhaps her World Tour might just be coming to a somewhat boring conclusion. A big part of it had been to build herself up, and if she was already getting repeated offers to be featured with major wrestling leagues, then perhaps it had served its ultimate purpose.

Of course, she hadn't really considered taking herself out of the Neo League, yet, so when she suddenly got a new fight request with a location in Croatia, some excitement started to build. This would be it! An opportunity to show the world she meant every word of her challenge: any opponent, anywhere in the world, any crowd!

...Which isn't to say that her excitement lasted when she discovered the actual location for the fight would be on top of a series of roofs where nobody in the street below could actually see what was going on in the fight. Part of "any crowd" was implied to mean "there will be a crowd." In the future, Mika would need to try to make that point more clear... a fight just between two opponents with nobody to watch it wasn't a fight, it was a training match.

The unusual location, combined with her unusually dressed opponent, made it rather easy to determine that she had found the location for her scheduled bout. Lacking some of her usual intensity, Mika began to cross the rooftops between her and Naerose, shouting with a voice that most certainly carried a few blocks across the city regardless of background noise. "HEY! ARE YOU NAEROSE DELPHINE? I'M RAINBOW MIKA, AND I HAVE THE CHALLENGE NOTICE RIGHT HERE!" She waved a slip of paper above her head to emphasize the point...

...Right up until a breeze whips it out of her fingers and sends it flying off on some artsy adventure.


"Huuuuh?" Is all Naerose manages before the slip flies away and then adjusting her shades amends her statement for the books, "Tough luck."

"Hey that wasn't a meal ticket was it because then I'd totally help you get it back if like, I dunno, you let me have half the fries?" By now the slip is long gone and will probably be found by one Mimiru Kasagi or her ilk to be later used for some nefarious purpose such as nudging her way into someone else's fight. . . That is until said villianess read the actual slip and realized who the fight was against before burning it and spreading the ashes to the ocean to never speak of again. This is probably also what really happened to the hope diamond at the end of Titanic. Maybe.

To say there is no one to watch the fight wouldn't be entirely accurate. There are pigeons, there are probably rats and most importantly, there is a single fight official whose sole puprose is to stand there, try not to look too bored and record the outcome for the record books. Oh yes, this would be a battle for the ages, or at least for the vacant rooftops.

"So hey, this guy totally told me if I came up here and particiapted in a sporting event I would be given something real tasty to eat," Naerose tells Mika, then looks her over, "Is this some sort of swim competition?" No matter what Mika is wearing, assuming that after looking at her is probably a safe bet.

Naerose Delphine since we last paid her a visit has gotten older and wiser, although a bit more of one and actually none of the other. It was never a certainty of her age for which she was uncaring about and possibly could not count so high anyway (this matter is up for debate). Even when she was a child, if she was ever truly a child, was never truly a child and so it is simplest to say that young Naerose, not afflicted with the terminal disease of adulthood is percisely as old as you require her to be (if that age is somewhere between late teens and late twenties). Her dress is that of a fine lady of the night which unfortauntely isn't a euphemism, the fabric is red like the light, the weave is thin and though she does not carry herself in any way suggestive or flirtaous, everything about the cut is wrong. Luckily beneath the dress she has a white chimese of somesort and sleeves which do not appear to attach to the main body of the outfit. The mismatch of clothing is finally complete with her boots which reach to her knees, a pair of round black shades and that broom which looks like a piece of a fallen branch, straw and a little twine to hold it all together. Turning this impressive display fully to Mika Naerose exclaims,

"Well lets get this sporting event underway, I'm kinda hungry and it's like chilly up her!"

We'd like to think the above answered slightly more questions than it asked.

...On the positive side, all the fight slip really did was give the information on the time and location of the fight as well as the name of the opponent. Nobody in their right mind would host a fighting tournament without lots of computer documentation and back ups... and with a corporation of people to reign him in, neither was Heihachi Mishima.

Honestly, it's sort of shocking that Mika managed to keep it on her all the way up here, considering there is absolutely no room for pockets on her outfit.

Regardless of what happened to a piece of paper, Rainbow Mika was here now, and had apparently found her opponent for this match! Even if her opponent didn't really seem to be all there. Or know why she was here. Mika wasn't entirely certain whether Naerose had a weird witch gimmick for her fighting persona or if she might, perhaps, actually dress like that most of the time. When it came to gimmicks, Mika wasn't about to question other people's outfits (her's was pretty out there), but she tried to dress like a normal person most of the time.

In outfits with pockets.

...and sometimes fannie packs, because every wrestler knows the value of a good fannie pack.

And despite this being Rainbow Mika, we're not making any fannie jokes.

"Swimming?" Mika asks, glancing over at the fight official curiously. He'd had to have been standing here with Naerose for quite awhile, certainly he must have at least made an attempt to actually explain the rules of what was happening here. And whoever signed her up would have had to explain that she was enlisting in a fighting league. When Mika had signed up, there'd been all sorts of waivers and liability forms (that someone in the Mishima legal department probably had to insist on).

If this airheaded witch gimmick was a gimmick, Mika was going to give Naerose a lot of credit for putting so much effort into it.


Mr. Jack Dawkins was a reasonable man. He was making his way up in the world at first with an internship and then finally getting his big break and being allowed to officiate a fight all by himself. This was to be his big tests, his first solo run and by god he was not going to screw it up! To make sure of this he kissed his girlfriend goodbye hours before the fight was scheduled to begin, had a good long shower, a lunch for champions and made sure his outfit was washed, pressed and perfect for his very first athletes. He had three black pens in his pocket, with a pocket protector just in case the unthinkable happened and one ran out of ink. He had his official fight packet with the forms to complete for this fight, an official stop watch (and a backup in his pocket) and three print outs of the rules in his clip board. He arrived one hour early and made sure the 'arena' was in optimal condition, relatively clean and that no illegal antenna were set up to pick up the nearby (and far more popular) soccer match. All and all he was feeling pretty good.

Naerose showed up early too, but not in the sense of a punctual person arrives early for affairs, but rather the way a random hobo shows up asking what all that fancy stuff is for. Also if he had any food. Mister Dawkins actually knew this was Naerose Delphine by the description he was given of each fighter, so rather than assuming she was some random person who god only knows how she got on the roof in the first place because he was standing next to the ladder, but actually knew she belonged. After informing her this was an official scheduled match and that she was one of the athletes involved, he was horrified to learn that she had no idea what he was talking about. He was further horrified to learn that she just happened to be in the area and only came up on the rooftop because she smells barbecue from a nearby balcony.

' This is just great,' he thought, 'My big break and I get a crazy druggy, I bet she's drunk.'

Still he persevered and attempted to explain to her the rules and the reason she was here. Unfortunately this was concluded by her asking again if he had any food, to which he explained, he did not. It is no doubt a less patient man would not have stuck around, but by god he was not going to blow this chance and being something of a clever man, Mister Dawkins realized he could fix his little problem with just a little cleverness. By (lying) about the nature of this event and promise of free food he managed to get Naerose Delphine to wait around long enough for Rainbow Mika to show up, whom has shown to be a much more reasonable person to work with especially under present circumstances.

Presently he gives the wrestler furtive looks, if only they could convey 'Just punch her and get it over with.' Instead he conveys, with words,
"Good, you're both here, I am starting the clock now." And pushes a button on his stop watch.

Meanwhile Naerose, having lost some interest in Rainbow Mika for the time being, wanders over to one of the roof side gardens and decides just maybe these leaves are food and picks one. They're catnip so probably not food to a person but she tries one anyway.

"Oh do we start now? Great!" she exclaims before looking around and asking, "So what do I do again?"

All of this brings up even more questions about how, ultimately, events lead to this point. It can most likely be assumed that Naerose wasn't in Croatia when she signed up to join the Neo League. This means that, at some point in time, Naerose either was approached by a recruiter who thought she was a fighter OR she entered one of the offices where people sign up for these events. Furthermore, this means that Naerose must somewhere have a location that she calls home and was home as such a time as to receive the package with all of the information for this fight. It also means that she somehow actually gave all of this information to the fight promoter when she was signing up to join Neo League. It also requires Naerose to have taken the plane ticket, realized what the plane ticket was for, arrived at the correct airport at the correct time and SOMEHOW had the correct identification to go through the screening process while keeping her ticket on her person. It means she managed to get to the correct terminal at the airport and realize that she was supposed to get onto the plane. She probably had to do this multiple times, with a connection flight or two. It means she had to then leave the airport and somehow travel through the city to get to this EXACT location on the correct date for the fight.

...It also means that Naerose doesn't understand the meaning of money, because at bare minimum she's guaranteed $50 for competing in the fight, and $50 is more than enough to buy a meal in Croatia.

For all of these leaps and bounds,Mika is forced to assume, for the sake of the sanity that doesn't wish to go through the torture that Mr. Dawkins has suffered, that Naerose has an incredibly in depth fighting persona, and is somehow a normal functioning member of society the rest of the time.

This is probably not true.

As the fight is officially started, Rainbow Mika settles into her fighting stance, wide legs, arms spread off to the side, ready to make a grab. She pulls herself into the moment, and feels all of the energy flowing on the battlefield. Slowly hones in on Naerose's fighting aura...

...and still honing...

...still honing... has to be here somewhere!

Eventually Mika manages to connect with... something coming off the strange maybe witch, and hopefully will not suffer from any permanent damage.

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Rainbow Mika     0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Naerose has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Naerose          0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0     Rainbow Mika

The moment Naerose seems to acknowledge her understanding that the fight has begun (or possibly not really understanding, but quite honestly it's incredibly difficult to determine just what is going on with at the moment with the maybe witch), Rainbow Mika gets into the moment. This is a fight, she's trained to be part of fights, and most of the time when somebody says 'go' or rings a bell or something, both parties rush in to get some form of advantage.

It is Mika's deep seated hope that this is all part of a gimmick, because she needs to believe that she is not about to do serious bodily harm to a poor, mentally disabled woman who is merely looking around for a swimming competition that happens to reward people with a free lunch. There is a real possibility that those clothes happen to have come up out of the dumpster behind a party supply store due to being defective Halloween costumes, and Naerose is a homeless woman with a serious psychological condition that happened to have stumbled upon them and now wears them as her only clothing. The only reason she's not inclined to believe that this is the case is because the clothes are relatively clean and don't smell like feces.

...Mika has spent any amount of time in Metro City, so she has a relatively good idea what crazy homeless people smell like. Hopefully European crazy homeless people aren't just less dirty.

Having already had her muscles tensed, Rainbow Mika launches forward like a running fresh off the starting line, surging across the distance between her and Naerose as she leaps up into the air in an attempt to land on the witchy woman with her thighs on either side of the pointy-hatted head (which somehow she manages not to knock off, you can't ruin costume parts this early in a fight). The full weight and inertia of the professional wrestler aims to knock Naerose onto her back on the roof top, only to have Mika's legs clench in tight around her head as she puts her hands on the roof and hauls herself up and over to slam Naerose's head right back down again.

Probably not damaging the hat, somehow. Seriously, you can't ruin a fighter's outfit without a power hit or something.

COMBATSYS: Naerose blocks Rainbow Mika's Paradise Hold.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Naerose          0/-------/------=|=------\-------\0     Rainbow Mika


There is a lot of things that bother one Charles Darnay of the Twin Cities. He was a young man with a bright future in law and like many tricked into the belief that lawyers make bank. Unfortunately the economic downturn combined with overzealous law schools trying to boost enrollment so they could make a quick buck, fostered this belief which on graduating, Charles learned to be not at all true. Instead he discovered the horror which is the paralegal trap, a circle of hell not described in any books or religious texts or even known to clergy of any church. Charles Darnay knows this place to be true because he has been there. Because he IS there. It takes quite a bit of paper work to dull a man's mind and turn him into a robot, but it takes an even greater amount to take that dulled mind and send it into the depths of insanity. This is that story.

After years of parsing the legal filings of one of the many companies his firm represents at least in part, he became the one with the (mis) fortune of behind handed a folder wherein contained the legal forms signed and filled out by one Naerose Delphine. Had he been a younger man still and his marriage to Lucie was going better, no doubt he would have sent these forms back for they were all filled out incorrectly and most incoherent. Parts were even filled out in. . is this.. Crayon? Yes. It is. Red Crayon. But Charles is not a younger man, no he is a jaded man in his twilight years, his late thirties and the road to success long since closed thanks to the career he had chosen. You know what? Screw this, Screw Carton, Copperfield and Pickwick. Screw this pointless busy work.


Unfortunately the other ridiculous coincidences will have to be left up to the imagination of the reader. At the very least this story will not include something as unlikely as attempting to pick the pocket of the one man who can verify your true birth identity and deliver one to the life of luxury from the life of misery. This is not Mister Twist's tale, but rather a fight that is about to break out on the rooftops of one city in Croatia. Rainbow Mika tries to sense Naerose's fighting spirit and who knows what she finds. There is Jack Dawkins of course, fighting the urge to throw himself off the roof. . There are pigeons. Surely Naerose Delphine must be a very clever mind indeed to maintain such a persona. Though one can not deny that there is something about her grand. Much like the pile of snow Ottawa piles outside of town every year and must melt before the following year snowfall, there is just so much Naerose, whatever that is, be it the affect she has on people around her or just the inconceivable nature of the mere fact that she is here.

Here now, looking at Rainbow Mika with mingled curiosity and wonder. She holds her broom up, point at Mika and says,
"Hey, neat! I can do that too." And smiles, while holding the pose. "This is just like a challenge on survivor!"

So it is not without a degree of shock that Mika charges at Naerose like a rabid cow. Is Naerose made of cholcate milk? And why does that make sense to her in the slightest? The questions swirl in her head as her face only just registers surprise that Mika is coming her way. She takes a step back and. .

Proves she's probably not a homeless person. Maybe. See instead of a coherent defense, as was probably expected and indeed even Mister Dawkins holds his breath at this point (though not looking for a defense so much as a braining), Naerose simply takes one, two steps back and falls on her behind. Being so much closer to the ground makes Mika's momentum less painful and when the legs grip around her head somehow - and this takes a lot of imagination - Naerose manages to wiggle out with her hat still on her head when she stands up, dusts herself off and comments,

"So.. this is a sorority pillow fight competition? But I don't see any pillows." She shrugs, holds her palm out toward Mika like she's going to say 'Stop' only instead she says,
"Umm End Creation!" Which seems totally non-sense except it is accompanied by a huge blast of random energy which seems quite eager to get out of her hand and go anyplace else. Even the energy doesn't know what to make of Naerose and meanwhile Mika is starting to look very sane.

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika blocks Naerose's End Creation.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Naerose          0/-------/-----==|=------\-------\0     Rainbow Mika

There is something to be said for Mika Nanakawa. Certainly the way she dressed to go out and fight is rather absurd; nobody in their right mind would normally go out in the collection of colorful spandex and ruffles with hair up in twintails under normal circumstances. In fact, Mika Nanakawa only ever bothers to put on those sorts of clothes when she's preparing for a fight as Rainbow Mika. It's important to have a persona that's larger than life and exciting to watch, that stands out and is memorable. Mika Nanakawa tends to wear more relaxed clothes, like t-shirts, blouses, jeans, skirts, and wears her hair in a far more normal (although still sporty) ponytail.

When it comes to fighting, Mika Nanakawa takes things very seriously. She takes time to get ready. She rehearses all of her moves. She practices how to play things up for a crowd. She watches matches on TV to learn more about both her own style and those she may end up challenging. When she has a fight arranged, she is courteous and shows up on time, thanks the promoter for giving her the opportunity, and puts her all into every fight.

To Mika, there is a very important aspect of fighting that swirls all around respect for your opponent, the fans, and the coordinators. It makes Mika furious to see people act as though they are more important than everyone else simply because they happen to be in the ring, regardless of how many times they win. She's had to fight a surprising number of these people lately.

Why any of that is important is... Mika has absolutely no clue what the heck Naerose's intentions and level of politeness are. It doesn't seem as if the witchy woman is taking any of this seriously, but the manner in which she is failing to take it seriously either means Naerose has no clue what's happening or is very into playing the part of someone who doesn't know what's happening.

tAnd Mika has no clue what to think of that because now there's energy flying everywhere and there's no time to think.

Mika whips her arms up into a well trained block, catching the majority of the energy blast across her forearms.

"It's not a pillow fight, it's a real match!" She shouts as she decides to retaliate with an attack that, quite honestly, probably won't make Naerose's understanding of the situation anymore clear. She spins around to look away from Naerose, locks her legs, then suddenly rockets backwards, bending over at the waist to let arms, legs, and hair trail behind her as she flies ass first at the may possibly be a witch.

COMBATSYS: Naerose dodges Rainbow Mika's Flying Peach.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Naerose          0/-------/-----==|=------\-------\0     Rainbow Mika


By now you are probably becoming impatient in wondering just how the one calling herself Naerose Delphine, who may or may not be a real witch, but lets face it, probably isn't, is fighting someone as serious as Rainbow Mika. While Mika may seem flashy, in terms of showmanship it is very effective. Some may consider her the _butt_ of jokes, the fact still remains that when it comes to results she is very effective. If those results are the bottom line of fight promoters and stadium managers. In fact one of the largest points of contention here and now is why someone like Mika is pitted in such a place as to include no audience to witness her flashy nature. The truth of that conundrum however is no more than a spit away. Returning us to 'the witch'.

Lest this curiosity become so consuming that it impedes your ability to follow this narrative, let us explain thusly: The organization managing the Neo League is indeed a serious organization and while some measures of dumb luck and possibly skill? (probably not) landed Naerose here, on this rooftop, in this country at a little before the time of the actual fight she was scheduled to appear in, someone somewhere in the organization making this possible must have noticed something off about this woman. The witch was only minutes departing the promoters office before the management made some calls and learned some very troubling details about one Naerose Delphine.

"What do you mean she doesn't exist, she was right here a minute ago."

"Well you see sir, what I am saying is there is no record of anyone by that name or that description and the finger prints you sent over do not match anything on record anywhere either."

"So she is some sort of alias? That makes sense. . But if that's the case who am I supposed to put her up against?"

"I don't know sir, someone seasoned and a little eccentric themselves?"

Enter Rainbow Mika's file. Someone capable of putting on a show who probably won't get too shaken by the match up who also doesn't hold quite the clout to get anyone fired for setting it up. The same Rainbow Mika who is at this very moment, flinging herself through the air like a doll where as the weight is all in her behind and her arms and legs might as well be ribbons for all they're doing now. Naerose doesn't know what to make of this, of this entire event and they were having a conversation about pillow fighting a moment ago, so she hops on her broom and zooms out of the way before turning it around in mid air and comments,

"So hang on, you're telling me that this isn't for funsies? That looked kind of fun, and I dunno, crazy." She grins and zips off at Mika on her broom apparently planning to charge her.
"You're totally pulling my leg." She insists.

Jack Dawkins meanwhile hasn't decided how to react. There is a fight going on and that is good and proper, but something isn't quite right. After a moment of trying to put his finger on it. Right, it's the witch. He was hoping her ineptitude would translate into being incapable of holding her own (and thus getting brained) but unfortunately through what he can only describe as dumb luck they appear to be going toe to toe for now. He heaves a sigh and marks some notes down.

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika interrupts Delphine Charge from Naerose with German Suplex.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Naerose          0/-------/--=====|==-----\-------\0     Rainbow Mika

Rainbow Mika is a very stylish fighter. She puts on a good show that's exciting to watch, thrills the crowd, and makes use of some unusual techniques. What this ignores, to some degree, is the fact that she is in actuallity fairly grounded compared to many other fighters. She doesn't run around with a weapon, throw fireballs, or create explosions. She doesn't even know the first thing about summoning chi or using weird psionics.

What this says about Mika is, yes, she's the sort of fighter who people see and might think looks kind of ridiculous just based on a few of her moves and the way she dresses... but almost everything she does is grounded in the world of grabbing people and making them hit the ground with as much force as the combination of your muscles and their mass can allow.

She doesn't, for example, FLY AROUND ON A BROOM!

Like actually flying?

On a broom?


It's certainly going to put on a good show, if nothing else... and when it comes to standing in the ring, Rainbow Mika isn't willing to put the show off for any reason. Certainly the crowd can't see them very well (or at least they couldn't, now there are some people looking up as someone who is quite probably a witch flies around over head.

As for Rainbow Mika? Well, she has one very clear response to somebody coming at her on a broom like a lunatic. She waits until Naerose is practically right on top of her, and quite simply ducks enough to the side that she's able to catch her opponent about the midsection with an extended arm as she goes flying past. This means that all of the momentum Naerose had is suddenly thrown into rotating Mika as the wrestler latches in around behind the could maybe be a witch to grab her with both hands, spinning around in dizzying circles right until she throws all the force she can muster backwards to bend like a bridge... or a rainbow... and slam Naerose's hatted head into the roof of the building, dragging it slightly along in a brief circle as the friction of the witchy woman's head puts an end to the spin.


First of all, if there was one thing that this would have had already were this a live show or being televised at all, would be a disclaimer. Mika would probably receive more than her fair share of them for the wrestling moves she performs, almost all of which require a level of expertise in order not to hurt yourself or others simply attempting. The liability of filming something Mika is doing without such a disclaimer is enough to give lawyers heart attacks. When it comes to Naerose, whose actions might as well be animated for the sense they make (and most people would claim they were bad CGI) such a disclaimer isn't strictly necessary. The absurd requires no warning for no one of their right mind would try these things.

To her credit Naerose does her job very well at this point in time. She is grabbed and driven into the ground and dragged all of which by her head before she is able to get up again and back away from Mika looking a little worse for wear. Her hat stays on which is a miracle in itself but also her shades to and her head stays in one piece too. This is all thanks to the wonders of modern. . Actually no, it isn't thanks to anything which can be put into words or explained by anyone. There seems to be no method to this at all except somehow. A word which manages to explain everything and nothing at all.

"Hey that kind of hurt," Naerose complains at Mika and then hops back a few more steps, apparently deciding that Mika is maybe a lunatic dangerous to stand next to, "I'm not sure you and I are very good friends," she continues looking a little troubled while flinging her hand in the air. This may seem a meaningless gesture until the frozen darts are streaking toward Mika like a flurry of Midwest (for people from the states) blizzards. That is to say, a pain and very annoying.

Perhaps she hid them in her sleeves, but what ever the origin of this new assault, Naerose doesn't to her credit give it away, rather she even waits until after the annoyances are airborne to give any warning at all.

"Oh I forgot to mention, Sagitta Minor."

Meanwhile Jack Dawkins holds his breath, hoping beyond hope, but then what does he have to complain about, the fight is proceeding. No there is real dread there, even if so far things aren't going as bad as he had initially feared. The dread is, what if the woman in red Halloween garb wins and he has to deal with that. Explaining to her anything more is enough to make this supposedly unbiased official very bias toward Mika winning.

"Go Mika," he chants quietly under his breath.

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika dodges Naerose's Sagitta Minor.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Naerose          0/-------/--=====|===----\-------\0     Rainbow Mika

This fight really isn't making much sense right now.

Okay, so that's completely obvious, but it's still true. I mean, one party in this fight clearly has no understanding of how fights work, is flying around on a broom, and is at this point almost definitely a witch. Sure, you can beat around the bush all you want and talk about how it's just the normal stuff fighters do, but she is (badly) dressed like a witch, she has a broom, and she's saying spell names and stuff as she shoots elements at her opponent.

If Naerose Delphine is not a witch, then someone really needs to contact the Bureau of Witch Affairs and tell them that somebody is trying to horn in on their gimmick!

...Wait, they can't be the BWA, there's already a wrestling group going by that and things would just get really confusing if there was another group that was also the BWA. Maybe they're the Office of Spells and Potions or something. Does anybody already own OSP?

Nevermind, not important.

What is important is that Naerose is quite probably casting a spell at Rainbow Mika while claiming to take offense at being attacked. This is despite specifically aiming a spell at her previously that she called End Creation, and that seems like a really mean thing to do.

Once Mika has managed to outrun the attempt to freeze her (and she's not dressed for cold weather), she turns at looks straight at Naerose. "This is a professional fight! This isn't about whether or not somebody is your friend, it's about trying to find out who is the best fighter between the two of us! How do you not understand this already?!"

Clearly if she's going to have to deal with all of this madness, Rainbow Mika is going to have to get pumped up. She's already thrown off by the unusual feelings this probably a witch, maybe still crazy woman is giving off, and not having a crowd to speak of doesn't make it any easier.

"Right now you have two choices" Mika raises her right hand up dramaticly in front of her, holding up two fingers. "You can stop complaining about this being a fight and getting hit or you can concede this fight to me and get your $50, if all you're here for is to complain and get lunch!"

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika excites the crowd!

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Naerose          0/-------/--=====|=======\-------\0     Rainbow Mika

IN WHICH WE LEAR- wait did she just say $50?

"Hold everything, hold the phone, hang on- WAIT!" Naerose says, holding up both hands with her broom leaning against her shoulder. The fact the broom is there is of great importance because when you have a weapon user who also uses their hands to gesture you have to wonder, just how do they accomplish this feat? Now that we know how we can move on to more important things.
"Fifty dollars AND a free lunch?!" Naerose exclaims, the excitement rising a little in her. She just had to clarify this fact while she could and though probably Jack did not wish for things to end in a way where one concedes before the fight is finished, even he is kind of leaning foward to try and get a better view at what might be going through the Witch's mind.

Unfortunately . . .

"So all I gotta do is continue this _pretend_ fight with you and I totally get a free lunch?!" Already forgetting the fifty dollars, Naerose says exactly what Mika really meant. Right?

If there was a way to sap someone's will by simply being yourself, Naerose would have probably done that to the entire world by now. Even if Mika can get herself fired up by this the shadow of whatever power Naerose holds, be it ridiculousness or just dumb luck surely threatens to consume any ability to approach matters in a reasonable and logical manner. On one hand, Mika made a very clear and concise point and on the other hand Naerose somehow heard something completely differently no matter how clearly it was initially communicated. Now you know Jack Dawkin's pain Mika.

And while Mika maybe firing herself up for round two, Naerose just can't get beyond the free lunch thing.

"So what are we going to have? Is it going to be a sandwich or fish and chips? Because I always liked fish and chips, but what I never got is why they call it chips when clearly it's fish and fries. Does that make sense to you?" Naerose asks convserationally of Mika like they were friends about to go have lunch. Meanwhile an audible groan issues from the fight official whose had just about enough of this and politely informs Naerose,

"Ma'am, you need to complete the fight in order to receive your free meal, those are the terms and your opponent is right there. Please do not delay, this is actually timed." Though he might be lying, Jack has a stake in this. He doesn't want his first fight he officiates to be a failure and by god he's worked hard for this oppertunity.
"Oh so me an her, huh?" Naerose says while looking at Mika calculatingly, "Well I suppose I can go to lunch with her if she promises not to steal any of my portion.."

COMBATSYS: Naerose gains composure.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Naerose          0/-------/---====|=======\-------\0     Rainbow Mika

Is she... seriously thinking about dropping out of the fight? After all of this, is this weird woman actually only doing this in an effort to obtain a free meal, with no understanding of the actualy reason why both of them are there and why all of the money was paid to bring them here to this particular location?

Okay, so maybe the money was wasted on trying to bring Naerose here, since it's still not entirely clear how she got here. Not the point.

It's already not looking very good for the fight when Naerose just decides to stop and start thinking about the opportunity to obtain a free lunch, but it only gets worse when she actually starts to plot about how to get this free lunch. That still doesn't include either the $50 for losing or $250 for winning. This money that could be used to buy food. More food than one lunch... unless you went to a really fancy restraunt, but they probably wouldn't let either of the combatants in right now in their current dress.

...When Mika gets back to Japan, she'll probably go pick up some noodles from the Genhanten, that honestly sounds pretty good right now.

WAIT! It's not about the food! Naerose just asked Rainbow Mika to fix the match! "Wh... what do you mean 'pretend to fight?!' You're asking me to lie to the promoters and to the fans and fix the match?! Where do you get off saying something like that?!"

One of the big things that always bothers Mika is those idiots who claim professional wrestling is fake. Sure, almost every wrestler puts on a big, showy persona that isn't exactly who they are normally, and sometimes they build storylines out of matches to make it more interesting... but the fights are always real.

That's pretty much the point where Mika decides to give up on reasoning with Naerose, and instead goes charging right for the still maybe not a witch but probably a witch with every ounce of speed she has in her. She actually knocks a few tiles loose on the roof, one of them skittering down across the others to ultimately fall onto the street below, scaring a donkey, who is only in the marketplace to allow for the possibility of comedy and in his fear begins running around and kicking at anything that gets close to him.

Not that Mika knows, as she leaps up into the air once more attempting to catch on Naerose's face and use the force of both bodies to knock her backward. The key difference is, this time she leans into, it, twisting around so that rather than landing on her back, Naerose will land on the top of her head.

COMBATSYS: Naerose dodges Rainbow Mika's Wingless Airplane.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Naerose          0/-------/---====|======-\-------\0     Rainbow Mika


By now a crowd is starting to gather, of course not one that can actually see what is going on. The street below, not exactly vacant, has been party to some shouting which seems to be happening from someplace overhead. While the unsuspecting crowd begins to point and try to guess what is going on (most of them assume domestic dispute) others are peeking out of windows and some even realize that there is in fact a fight happening. Now because this isn't a well published event, or published at all event, the likelihood is that this is only resulting in the police being called from multiple phones. It is true the roof in question was cleared for this activity and damages insured against, when Rainbow Mika charges Naerose and Naerose isn't in the path, the roof she (Rainbow) ends up on is not the sanctioned roof. . and that is a problem.

"Hang on, I'm confused, are you telling me you're not having fun?" Naerose asks after Mika. The sidestep almost seem to be entirely due to luck because Naerose only just slips to one side in the manner one might do if they were planning on it all along. Less looking like a dodge and more looking like dumb luck again. This is a recurring theme we assure our readers will probably continue. We apologize in advance.
"Because if you're not having fun you should probably stop," Naerose offers Mika in what she seems to maybe think is helpful but in all likelihood is only going to serve to irritate her farther. Meanwhile Naerose isn't going to be left behind, oooh no, she takes a few steps back, lowers herself down and RUNS FOR THE EDGE OF THE ROOF. In slow motion you can almost imagine the witch dressed woman in red as she reaches the end, plants her broom and vaults . . clear over toward Mika exclaiming,
"I'm cooming my friend!" and only then realizing she has no idea how to vault, stomp, or not hurt herself. In a frantic flailing she ends up swinging her broom in what can only be described as a collision course with Mika before landing on said other roof and rolling a bit before landing face first on it.

Jack meanwhile lodges his own complaints,
" Wait, you can't go over there, we didn't get cleared for you to fight over-" Too late, "I'm so fired." He says while walking to the edge of the roof so that he can at least watch and continue scribbling notes. Meanwhile the crowd on the street has for the first time gotten a view of something going on up on the roofs and now there are actually people who can see. . Most of them hanging out of windows, on balconies and not getting a great vantage point, but they can see something.
"Do you think they are married? Is that even legal in this country?" one asks another, "No, they are probably fighting over a man."

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika dodges Naerose's Medium Strike.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Naerose          0/-------/---====|======-\-------\0     Rainbow Mika

Well, the nice thing about leaping from one building to another as is currently the case for Rainbow Mika (rather than possibly getting knocked all the way over the street), you have a good opportunity to actually land on your feet. Which she does quite successfully. You don't go around leaping off of turnbuckles out of rings to attack somebody without knowing how to actually land when you jump.

The advantage that gives Mika is that when she turns to see Naerose suddenly leaping after her with her broom quite clearly about to knock the wrestler in the face, Mika is able to leap off to the side and get out of the way. She pops right back up to her feet with no further trouble.

This leaves Naerose to keep flying forward with no cushion.

This roof top has not been cleared... and in fact there are quite a lot of antennae all over the roof, along with a few satellite dishes. The reason for these is that there are quite a few people inside this particular apartment building who are enjoying watching a football game.

The kicking one, not the pads and tackling one.

These individuals include Damjan, a 48 year old working man who is a father of 5 children and doesn't make nearly enough money to afford an apartment that can house seven people in the comfort many other people take for granted. Damjan works very hard to provide for his family, regardless, and all that he really wants when he gets home is to watch the football match on television with some measure of quiet.

This stress is somewhat intensified because he placed half of his pay on the Croatian team winning this particular match... and at the moment they are down 0 - 1. Damjan really needs to see how this match turns out.

It's too bad that Damjan's antennae is one of the many that Naerose is currently flying toward.

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika successfully hit Naerose with Random Weapon.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Naerose          0/-------/=======|=======\-------\0     Rainbow Mika


Much like the bowling ball in wii bowling, which is way easier to aim than actual bowling. Much like frankly any game where you knock things down when you set them up to be knocked down. . Lets just say this isn't the first time Damjan. There was that time when she was really mean to that little french girl and to get revenge she kept unplugging his tv just when something awesome was going to happen (wait doesn't that movie take place in France? Shhhh). This time though, when his signal is lost to static, it does not come back on. Not in a second, not in two, not in a minute. Damjan loses his top. His eldest child, wise in the ways of the world turns to the second eldest and simply nods to the door. The three youngest, with eyes like sauces do not need any coaxing and it's only minutes later that all five of them are having a wonderful time in the playground in front fo their building. Football is a boring game anyway, as the eldest would say. Meanwhile mister Damjan is going to get to the bottom of this, just what is going on up on that roof top . . .

And just what is up for speculation. Leading scholars say that Naerose skidded right into that antenna and took it off like it was mead to break apart. Still others suspect that a more sinister event happened involving aliens and revenge against European (world) vernacular (calling it football instead of soccer). Of course only someone from the States would see it that way, but everyone can agree, if you believe it was Naerose or Aliens you kind of end up believing in the same thing. Now in a pile of rubble, bricks and broken dreams, Naerose gathers herself up and starts dusting herself off.

"Wow, glad that thing totally broke my fall, that was awesome!" she exclaims and then looks at Mika, reminded briefly that Mika likes to hurt people and flights her hand toward her again with a fresh new flurry of those annoying darts.

"Sagitta Minor!" she exclaims with a big winning smile. However if you thought this was the end (of my pose) you are dead wrong.

Because it is at that very moment that with eyes of red smoldering hell fire and brimstone, and muscles bursting out of his shirt and hair nearly pulled from his head, clutched in both hands in impotent anger bursts fourth the door to the roof . (dun ) . (dun) . (duuuuun). Emerges Damjan!

"Of for christ sake," Jack sighs to himself.

COMBATSYS: Naerose successfully hits Rainbow Mika with Sagitta Minor.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Naerose          1/-------/=======|=======\-------\1     Rainbow Mika

Okay, so the donkey continues to unleash his reign of madness upon the market place. He's quite busy knocking over pots, kicking people... he bit a police officer. Nobody has what it takes to stop this rampaging beast as he tears through the Dubrovnik streets! People are fleeing in all directions, some of the shop owners have turned over their tables and are using them as barricades in an effort to avoid the unrelenting horror that is a furious ass!

Not the one on Mika, that will come a bit later after this stops being nothing but stupid.

It just so happens that this beast's rampage is carrying it away from the market... and toward the playground where poor Damjam's children are now playing, completely unaware of the monster that makes its way through the streets toward them. It is unstoppable, merciless, and full of nothing but rage! What possible hope do these children, already fleeing the anger that is Damjam and his busted antennae.


As the beast finally barrels down on them, it has Damjan's youngest, who was playing in the sand, using a doll as if it were some sort of truck, who has caught its attention. What could the other children do against this beast? This horror that has been wrought by a poorly planned out fighting match on top of roofs that happens to include one person who doesn't know anything about fighting?!

The beast moves closer and closer, kicking over a sand castle as it approaches the young child, eyes burning with the fury of Hell itself... and the young girl wraps her arms around the beasts neck in an embrace. It's a touching moment, the donkey's rage vanishes, and there's a third tier animated movie that will be narrated by Wilfred Brimley in the works for next year.

Okay that was pointless. Just like how when Mika sees Naerose readying her spell to fire more darts at the wrestler, she makes a quick roll, only to have Damjan opens the door right into her face and get her stopped in his tracks.

Having now seen a witch with a broom stick casting a spell (that appears to be in his direction) Damjan retreats back into his apartment building and pledges to never engage in the sin of gambling ever again. He comes to appreciate his family even more, and gets enough money to buy his family a much nicer home after he sells the movie rights to a Hollywood studio so that they can produce a movie about his story. It gets turned into a comedy starring Pauly Shore attempting to make a career comeback and loses the studio $50 million.

But Damjan got screwed out of royalties, so he only had to worry about the intial payment and lives a better life now, so screw those Hollywood phonies.

Oh... right, there was a fight.

Having taken a rather rough hit from the ice bolts (and also the door to the face), and not being involved in the Damjan life story (due to the man never actually seeing her behind that door), Rainbow Mika has to stumble briefly around the roof top to recover.

"...Okay, so you don't really care about fighting, and only want to get a free lunch, so I have a proposition for you!" She whips her hand up to dramaticly point right at Naerose. "THIS IS IT! We go all out, bring this fight to its ultimate conclusion by giving it everything we've got until one of us wins or we're both out! That means we'll be done faster and you can get lunch sooner!"

...I guess that's a challenge. I mean, it might work on Naerose of all people.

Without waiting for a response, Mika rushes forward toward the witchy woman, quickly clearing the distance and stopping only an arm's length away as she spins on her heel and aims to clock the witch (who is almost definitely a witch) in the side of the head, then whips around for a second, dizzying blow... Then launching backwards once more in an effort to slam her rump into Naerose's gut. But that's not all, she surges again and follows it up with a second butt blow!

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika successfully hit Naerose with Rainbow Hip Rush.
Glancing Blow

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Naerose          1/-----==/=======|-------\-------\0     Rainbow Mika

Only losing 50m on a Pauly Shore movie is actually not a loss to a studio. They have armies of accountants who sole job is to find ways to avoid taxes, screw people out of royalties and make money off of bombs. First thing is first, try to make money by selling the movie to as many different countries as you possibly can, then sell really cheap plastic Pauly Shores and finally, tax break for a bomb. You saw the producers right? Sometimes you can make more money off a bomb than a successful movie. This is not that story.


Naerose looks very thoughtful. She is considering the offer made by Mika, really thinking about it. You can see the gears tur- WHAM! She gets knocked in the side of the head by Mika's foot and gets flung across the roof. She tumbles over the the roof like a _soccer_ ball, bouncing and picking up dust. In the head of the poor witch this is surely a bad and painful thing. She is surely not happy about this. She is.. NOT present to get the follow up combination attack Mika is making to the Naerose shaped outline in the air. Lucky for the witch the first attack knocked her clear away from where she was supposed to be.

She gets up again this time it is only after hitting a post, knocking over some clothes line and sending clothes everywhere, like ghosts fluttering in the wind and obscuring the witch who up till now has been taking this all like a fun game, but suddenly she's rushing toward Mika.

" Aww come on, lets be friends!" She exclaims and reaches down, picks up her broom and keeps rushing, holding onto her hat to attempt to pass Mika. This might make no sense until Mika notices . . eventually she'll notice. . That Naerose' sleeve is unraveling and innocuously seems to be hanging on the wrestlers shoulder. If Mika isn't careful she might end up getting choked by it and shocked by the chi Naerose surges through it. . Totally by accident and you know, not taking this at all seriously.

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika dodges Naerose's Lyra Strands.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Naerose          1/-----==/=======|-------\-------\0     Rainbow Mika

Look, people made some money, but all of that 'lost' money means that the movie company is going to take the opportunity to put the loss as a reason to fire a bunch of people, while taking the money that they bring in through shady methods and just lining the pockets of the executives. Pauly Shore got paid up front, so what does he care? The executives don't care. It's the poor low rung workers who get screwed yet again!

...Wait, what were we talking about?

Oh there's a fight here. It's pretty easy to forget that because nobody actually seems to be hitting anybody else and one party can't figure out if she wants to finish the fight and get lunch or just run around being friends.

Does Naerose have a diagnosable mental condition? If she does, we should probably feel really bad about the fact that she's been put up to fight a professionally trained fighter and apparently can't afford food. If she's just sort of an idiot, it's culturally acceptable to make fun of her.

As Naerose runs past, Mika quickly notices that the witch's costume seems to have gotten caught on her own. In an effort to avoid watching her opponent's outfit (that looks really cheap) break, Mika brushes the sleeve off of her shoulder. She doesn't really even notice when its charged with chi, too busy trying to figure out how to get this fight to end.

"Look... what I'm saying is that right now, we're in a fight. The man over there," she points over at Mr. Dawkins, "will give us m... buy us lunch when the fight is over. We don't get to have lunch until we finish this fight. So you should try to attack me as hard as you possibly can, that way we can get lunch sooner, right?"

Maybe that will work... who knows.

Honestly, at this point, Rainbow Mika just slaps both her cheeks and takes a deep breath. This whole thing is starting to wear on her. She's never been in a fight that failed to be a fight before. She starts to remind herself that she did agree to take on any challenger, the fact that this challenger barely realizes she's a challenger isn't enough to make her give up.

Settling back into things, she reinvigorates herself, dropping back into her wrestling stance as she rolls her arms forward at the shoulder. Hopefully this is going to be over soon...

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika issues a challenge!!

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Naerose          1/-----==/=======|-------\-------\0     Rainbow Mika

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika excites the crowd!

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Naerose          1/-----==/=======|====---\-------\0     Rainbow Mika


If there was an attack made, some sort of assault, some attempt not to destroy her own sweater, to pull her string as she ran away (as she ran away) if there was an attempt to do more than destroy her sweater. . . Naerose would be laying on the floor. Ohkay, end weezer reference and back to the fight at hand. There is a few things in this world you can convince Naerose to take something seriously with and those things are often the promises of food. Which Mika made. Unlike all of the other times she was told there would be food if she acted in a specific way, this time! will be the charm. Though people will wonder if maaybe Mika just doesn't learn her lesson and she's barking up the wrong tree.

On one hand, she can't seem to find a fighting spirit from Naerose, try as she might. There was something, but what, who knows. On the other hand she's clearly more than a lunatic hobo, though she's probably definitely one of those two things. So when Naerose is offered food if she just takes things seriously, because that hasn't been tried ten times yet. The Red witch scratches her head, adjusts her hat and says,
"Okay, I'll umm, show you this really neat trick, here we go..." And she leans her broom up against her shoulder again because she needs both hands for this and it's going to be so cool she winks over her shades at Mika. Her hands glowing with energy she tells Mika,

"This is like the party trick I use when I really wanna do something neat, like hacky sack which we should totally play later." If one energy blast is painful, how about two?

"End Creation end!" she shouts with a big grin and a wink and you could almost imagine a chibi Naerose at this point because she looks like she's a child playing and totally not blasting off a swirling torrent of energy at Mika and never mind what would happen to any surrounding structures if she missed. . or hit.

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika blocks Naerose's End Creation End.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Naerose          0/-------/------=|=======\====---\1     Rainbow Mika

Okay, this is a start. Maybe Mika has finally gotten through to her opponent by repeating the exact same thing over and over and over again, but this time meaning it more than the other times. That's the important part, meaning it really hard. Everyone knows that.

With her position set and ready, Mika waits for this ultimate attack... if it's, you know, a thing that actually happens as opposed to just more silliness. Sooner or later this actually has to be a fight. Maybe. Mika is used to fighting in front a large crowd of people who are cheering and chanting and getting excited. She's also used to fighting an opponent who is actually there to fight. This is a rooftop full of TV antennaes (or it was) in Croatia where people apparently think they are either quarrelling lesbians or fighting over some man.

Now... Mika isn't much for fighting at range, or using fancy energy attacks, but she's trained to fight people who do. She sees the energy come flying in at her, and with her own internal energy flowing high, she's ready for it, whipping her arms up in front of her in a standard cross block, willing as much of the blast to flow around her as possible.

This leaves Mika relatively unscathed... it also leaves the energy to actually flow around her. Every single antennae on the roof is blasted away into scrap. So is the air unit. So are most of the tiles and other assorted roof things. Honestly, the roof isn't looking like it's in great shape, and if the Mishima Zaibatsu agreed to cover any damaged caused by combatants, they're probably not going to be happy with this.

For one, the fight's practically unusable. For two, it's doing a lot of property damage and they don't have the rights for Damjan's life story.

When the chaos has cleared, Rainbow Mika looks up at Naerose with a smile on her face. "That's more like it! Now it's my turn, and pretty soon we'll be done with this and you can eat lunch!" That's not a great battlecry, but work with what you've got.

Suddenly surging with excitement at having the battle get going, Mika charges forward with every ounce of speed she can muster, then launchers herself up into the air with a rising kick that aims to catch Naerose in the chest and knock her off balance. On the way back down, she whips her arms in around the witch (seriously, I'm pretty much positive she's a witch at this point), holding her upside down with her head (and hat that refuses to fall off) between her thighs as she comes flying back down... to what on closer inspection is the already damaged roof...

...Well, it may be a hell of a powerbomb.

COMBATSYS: Naerose dodges Rainbow Mika's Sardine's Beach Special.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Naerose          0/-------/------<|=------\-------\0     Rainbow Mika


There is no consideration in the head of Naerose Delphine for the rooftop damage that she is currently causing. Not even a little. The blowback from the power that she just shoots everywhere even knocks her hat off - Apparently that is something that can happen. Still she is blasting away, she drops her broom and one of her sleeves (the unraveling one). There is smoke, there is dust just billowing up from the ground and eventually the wind takes it away. Now there was Damjan but he was just one man. One glorious man, a heroic specimen of football watching, kid ignoring goodness. He wasn't even drinking any beer at the time (didn't have the cash) but the others, oh the others.

This apartment building was full of people, they had very few vacancies and all of the televisions, all of them, in every room, had a show on, most of them had the football game on. Some people had friends over and many were drinking, some since 9 am! These people were trying to to watch or have fun or relax from their blue collar jobs, so when the absence of their shows, the football, the A/C. . Things just got real.

Meanwhile on the roof, Naerose doesn't seem even a little surprised, no not even remotely, that Mika is fine. The red clad woman doesn't seem to have any notion of hurting someone, she wouldn't of hurled such a powerful attack if she didn't absently fail to recognize the possibility that someone might get hurt. So Mika is in one piece and Naerose totally grins at her and fixes her shades,
"Wasn't that cool? I mean pretty neat huh."

It is at this time that the roof starts rumbling, not with an earth quake or an attack, no, but with the stomping feet of a hundred angry drunken men and women and children. They've met in the hall, they know. THEY KNOW there is something wrong at the roof and they are coming. They. Are. COMING.

Mika comes and kicks and Naerose looks up and trips. Yep, it's like smash bros., the bad Smash bros. The one where you can fall over for no reason. Naerose does and it's like she gets kicked (but there is no sense of impact). So Naerose is grabbed, you can tell because even if Mika can't feel the witch, she can totally see her hat caught between her legs. She's not at all got something Not Naerose, right?

So Naerose totally watches as Mika smashes her hat and whatever debris it landed on after she got knocked over and -

WHAT THE SNAP?! How is Naerose not getting smashed and what is happening to the building as Mika smashes and how did Naerose avoid that attack? The answer. Naerose. The myth, the legend, the non-existent being that can't be real, know the shadow, know the tale. How could someone ever be around Naerose and not know it, to see something so absurd so impossible. Picking up her broom and grinning that maniacal grin of someone who doesn't grasp even remotely the gravity of this situation or the realness of the fight or especially (As Jack Dawkins is surely thinking) The cost!

Naerose rushes over to Mika and says, "Hey can I have my hat back?" And tries to kick it into the air to land back on her head.

COMBATSYS: Naerose successfully hits Rainbow Mika with Strong Kick.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Naerose          0/-------/-------|===----\-------\0     Rainbow Mika

Neo League has just started. It's a brand new expansion into a new form of encouraging fighting all around the world (and hopefully make tons of money off selling cool matches to the audience). After today, Jack Dawkins has a very real concern that not only will he lose his job forever, but this fight that he will be held responsible for (which, by the way, he didn't organize. He was just here to provide the fighters with the necessary information!) will be the end of the entire Neo League after less than a week of operation.

That building isn't looking very good.

On the plus side, it doesn't actually collapse, even if everything on the roof has been utterly destroyed. Perhaps if it had been Zangief unleashing his Final Atomic Buster there would be some serious destruction.

Instead there is Rainbow Mika, standing on top of a building that will need a lot of repairs... holding a bunch of rocks with a hat...

Also that crazy witch (definitely a witch) suddenly comes up and kicks her in the side of the head.

Look, Mika was trying to hold her position, just grab her while she was distracted... but a kick to the side of the head hurts, okay?

Ignoring all of that, as soon as Rainbow Mika manages to get her senses back about her, she just lunges for Naerose, attempting to slip an arm around her neck and put her in a headlock. If she gets hold, there are no words. The wrestler simply begins to wrench furiously at the woman's neck, squeezing the air out of her before raising her free hand up to the sky... and then leaping forward. As she jumps, she moves horizontal, aiming to land on her back as she works to put Naerose's chin into the roof

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika successfully hit Naerose with Daydream Headlock.

[                         \\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Naerose          0/-------/----===|======-\-------\0     Rainbow Mika


The mob is coming. You can hear their footfalls, their chanting and you can see the pitchforks and the torches, which they got from dismantling their televisions probably and making their way up the stairs. The rumbling of further structural damage only boosts their resolve. . to get the heck out of there. See at first they were probably like, hey mah tv is broked, must be those damned kids, lets geddim. And then they were all like, yeah, mob, get your pitchforks (everyone has pitchforks in Croatia) and bring your torches, we're gonna fix em kids. So the mob thinks, and then the rumbling. In their heads? Earth quake! The volcano god is angry with us! (There is a volcano near here right?) and so instead of charging the roof, they just turn tail and run and soon the building is evacuating onto the street. The police are already there having been called a few actions ago and are not going in, because it's probably an earth quake and those people on the roof can't possibly be to blame and they're also on their own, good luck chaps.

Meanwhile, on the relative peace of the rooftop: Naerose is adjusting her hats and shades, Jack Dawkins is making a call to his boss to try and soften the blow and Rainbow Mika is like >:[=] rawr and pounces Naerose and probably noms her head or something, Nae has no idea because there is the headlock (without warning by the way, how mean), and then there is choking and Naerose is totally confused and probably has her head nom'd on and then she's face first on the root top mawing on the surface like it's the free lunch she's been promised.

"Huh," Naerose says as she picks herself up and dusts herself off. She's covered in dust and scrapes from the building that she's been collecting, much of it the wishes of football fans, there is even a piece of antenna sticking out of her hair here and there. She doesn't bother to remove the bits, or brush off the brick pieces or anything. She turns to Mika, adjusts her shades and peers through the dark lenses. It might be creepy, all anyone can see when she does this is their own face reflected back at them. Just what does Mika's face reflected look like?

Meanwhile the police down below are calling in aerial support, they need to assess the damage and determine if the building is safe or coming down and what the problem is. By now they've realized the tremor seems to be localized, a bomb perhaps? A beach bomb?

COMBATSYS: Naerose focuses on her next action.

[                         \\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Naerose          0/-------/----===|======-\-------\0     Rainbow Mika

There is only one thing to be said about this fight at this particular point in time. More or less, that it's incredibly stupid.

There are now two worn down fighters standing on top of a building that they weren't supposed to be on after a failed maneuver. A maneuver that resulted in one Damjan's life changing forever (although not quite yet, right now it sucks a whole lot. It gets better in a few weeks when he sells this story, but we already talked about that). It resulted in massive destruction by an angry goat (who is now a part of the Damjan story as it apparently becomes the loving pet of his youngest child). It also resulted in massive property damage to a building, and a whole lot of police officers about to show up. And finally...

It is going to result in a massive promotion for Mr. Jack Dawkins.

Wait, what? Isn't he going to get fired for all of this?

Are you stupid? Heihachi Mishima is a crazy old man who loves fighting more than anything. There were cameras set up through the area by the Neo League who has sole distribution rights to a fight that will hit the major headlines after word gets out to the public that two fighters wrecked a building in Croatia. After some editing to make it look less stupid, the Mishima Zaibatsu's entertainment division will be selling this video to a massive success. Who the hell doesn't want to see two fighters wrecking a building? And it's even got Rainbow Mika's name on it, and she's on a meteoric rise of popularity!

Of course, right now Jack Dawkins hates his life... but in the future things will be much better. The apartment building will be repaired (good publicity), the Damjan story will hit... as will the story of a young girl who tamed an angry goat. In a year, this event will be the cause of a great lot of improvements for people.

Back to right now... Mika looks tired by ready. She simply stands there staring at Naerose through the sunglasses. She can feel all the energy around her, all the sounds of excitement. It surges into her as she gets ready for the final moments of this battle. It can't last much longer.

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika excites the crowd!

[                         \\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Naerose          0/-------/----===|=======\==-----\1     Rainbow Mika


So there were cameras and a lot of editing work to do. A lot of the fight would probably be cut and a lot of the few (like two) moves that actually looked like attacks were going to be replayed from different prospective to make it look like they were different attacks. The cgi department had a lot of work ahead of them and probably not a lot of rewarding work either.

How much had gone into getting the pair this far. It almost felt like a life time ago. Charles the paralegal who approved Naerose's documents, the unnamed recruiter who was paid on commission and thought he saw something in the Witch. Jack Dawkin who wasn't going to let this chance go by god. Rainbow Mika who lost her challenge slip and would probably be found someday later and preserved in a museum (or something), the first building, lovingly labeled building still in one piece, the second building with all of the football fans, Damjan, his family, the goat, the market place, the police. All of these things brought us to this crazy moment where Naerose Delphine stands before Rainbow Mika, both looking like they're about done. The one in red imagining a chocolate sunday and who knows what is going through Mika's Mind. Who.. Knows.

So Naerose decides on something,
"Yep, that tasted purple," she says and then starts toward Mika in what can only be described as a display of aggression. Some of the people who are recording this on their iphones to put on youtube later, no doubt planning to label it as a compilation of Neo League outtakes, no doubt going to get lawyer threatened for it. Some clever sods with iphone sixes (probably bent, lets be honest) are manipulating the videos all ready so Naerose moves in slooow motion toward Mika. Actually she's just moving in slow motion, perhaps having a sudden flair for the dramatic only just now, because everything else she has done has been perfectly normal, Naerose is taking her sweet time and moving toward Mika as though she were in a movie, an action movie, but who is the hero, who is the villain? Hah, trick question, they're both just average janes trying to get a free lunch (or at least Naerose is, she still hasn't quite worked out the prize money yet). So as she approaches Mika she says,

"Umm something about showing you the pain of the universe."

She then reaches for Mika's neck, in her mind she knows what she is going to do. She is going to one handed lift Mika by the neck because the pain of the universe is real and she's going to open up an energy black hole right on the spot where Mika is and then let go because it's mean to hold people by the neck.

"The Darkness Nova!"

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika endures Naerose's Darkness Nova.

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  ///////                       ]
Naerose          0/-------/----===|=======\====---\1     Rainbow Mika

The entire reason Rainbow Mika is even here is because she made an open challenge to the world that she would take on any fighter, in front of any crowd, anywhere in the world after coming in first at a meatbun eating contest in Southtown, Japan. If Naerose is so hungry, maybe she should have signed up for a professional eating league instead of a fighting league.

This entire story is absurd. You have a bunch of unscrupulous people doing everything they can to get somebody who is clearly a loon into a fight in Croatia of all places. Why Croatia? Why on top of buildings instead of in a square or at playground? Who in their right mind would think it's a good idea to involve Naerose in anything?

Half of this doesn't even have anything to do with fighting. Who the hell cares about all of these people who will never be mentioned again? Do you? You just came here so that you could read two people fight, and then see who won (which will be spoiled already, since it's going to be in the description at the top of the log, congrats, we don't know how this is ending).

What's more, the tone is all over the place. One moment the fight isn't a fight, then it is a fight, then it swaps back and forth. They're ruining someone's life, then suddenly making it better. This is the worst written story I've ever read!

Oh... but Mika's seriously still into winning the whole fight. Seriously, she came here and she doesn't give up on a fight just because it's stupid. When Naerose comes in for her, Mika doesn't move, she simply tenses up her muscles, ready to take the hit, focus all the way through the pain. She's tired, frustrated, and annoyed, but the only thing that matters now is fighting on until the very end. It doesn't matter if she's essentially run through a black hole, because as soon as Naerose lets go of her, the wrestler slams an elbow into her stomach, turns and follows it up with a knee.

Having hopefully staggered the Witch and gotten her out of the whole accidentally dodging things frame of mind, she attempts to grab her by the neck and haul the witch up onto her shoulder... vertical, legs up in the air, then launch herself up into the air to land on top of the still barely standing roof of the entrance onto the regular roof before leaping backward, the entire time still holding Naerose straight up, to slam her head down onto what remains of the building's roof.

Okay, roof was said too many times there.

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika successfully hit Naerose with Sardine's Beach Special.

[                                < >  //////                        ]
Naerose          1/-------/=======|=------\-------\0     Rainbow Mika


Once the chi energy dissapates and it is clear that Mika is still standing there is shock, no, not shock. SHOCKU. Actually the shock registers as a delayed reaction. First Naerose get's elbowed by a still totally standing Mika followed by the energy dissipating allowing the still standing Mika to be fully visiable to Naerose who is like D:. Only more like D8)>
Gotta include the shades and the hat. So that's how it starts and then the roof starts to rumble, with the fury of Mika's hands and the harndess of Nae's head. No one would question the destructive force of Naerose having her head repeatedly slammed into the rooftop and the roof politely agrees and parts of it is crumbling, but meanwhile.

" Ow ow ow ow," Naerose panics while Mika is attacking her because it hurts and then Nae does the only thing she knows how and grabs her broom, while she is being slammed and then she just shoots off like a rocket. Now this is the part where things get stupid. . again. See Naerose is panicking and Mika is right there and Naerose just tries to grab her and that's all before Naerose shoots up into the air and if Mika isn't able to avoid the grab she's going to find herself launched into the air too. Like fireworks, only a red witch that eventually falls back toward the roof like the closing notes of the eighteen twelve overture. The crater in the rooftop (witch shaped) will probably take years for anyone to bother fixing.

COMBATSYS: Naerose can no longer fight.

[                        \\\\\\  <
Rainbow Mika     0/-------/---====|

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika blocks Naerose's Aquailla Charge.

[                          \\\\  <
Rainbow Mika     0/-------/--=====|

This is the moment when we discover exactly who will win in this absurd battle that has both ruined and improved the lives of all around it. The moment everyone has been waiting for (ignoring the fact that you already know the outcome).

Under the circumstances, Mika might be able to force herself out of the way, but she's honestly feeling rather tired. Rather than risk her legs reacting too slowly (they feel a bit like lead at the moment), she tenses up her body when she sees Naerose come barreling in at her with retaliation on her mind.

Or something on her mind, honestly, who knows what it was.

She's caught and launched into the air, curling up into a protective ball as all that chi explodes around her, letting it barely singe her. On the way back down, she loosens up and gets ready to hit the roof, quickly rolling as soon as she makes touchdown to avoid getting hit too hard.

It seems she made it out alright.

It also seems that Naerose did not... and the roof isn't looking very good.

There are things to be said about Rainbow Mika; she tends to be very dramatic, she gets furious at people who don't show the proper respect to those around them, but nobody could ever say that she's petty of vengeful. No opponent, no matter how rude or annoying, deserves to be put in a spot where they might get seriously hurt after a match. When it appears that the ceiling is about to crumble beneath the witch (look, she's just a witch), Mika moves over to scoop the red clad loon into her arms and then takes all the energy left in her to get a running start and leap across to the original building... right before the ceiling crashes in on a number of top floor apartments.

...then the floors in those give way and. Well, you know what it's like when a building pancakes, right? It does that. Thankfully nobody is inside.

On the much safer roof, Mika lowers Naerose down carefully and takes a step back.

"...So, when she wakes up, you should probably have some lunch for her."

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