Ibuki - All I wanted was some Curry Udon!

Description: Everyone knows that eating curry udon can be messy, so join us in viewing what happens when one devours the best curry udon in town, made by the best curry chef, Jam.

The food cart competition in the Business District and Downtown was -fierce-. Kuradoberi Jam was lucky that that only thing stronger than her curry was her kicks which kept her competitors in line for the most part. Seeking greener pastures, Jam has relocated her food cart near the entrance to Taiyo High in hopes of making some decent earnings for once.

But the lunch hour rush was long over and every last one of Jam's customers has flown the coop. The young Chinese woman is left standing alone outside her stand, dressed in a long red cheongsam. She seems to be busy with putting the finishing touches on a her handmade specials board. The chalk board has been not so expertly covered in festive stick figures all pointing out the various dinners specials for sale. While Jam may not be an artist by any stretch of the word, she seems to be putting her heart and soul in decorating this display of hers. "Perfect!" She declares of her own work.

All that was left now was to hang the board up and wait for the customers to come rolling in!

Skipping out on ninja training was generally frowned upon, but not-so-ordinary girl Ibuki had the best excuse! The curry udon she was carefully slurping up at her table a short distance from the cart. Dressed in Taiyo High's uniform, she'd come right after school to sample the cuisine, beating out most of her fellow students to it given their club activities. Between the occasionally clacking of her chop sticks, she'd energetically type on a cell phone, grinning at some of the replies she got back. "Ha! I bet Gedo is freaking out right now!" She sounded entirely too pleased with herself.

Leaning back in her seat, she patted her stomach, "I'm stuffed, but it's so delicious! I wish I had time for another bowl!" Checking her watch, she started to gather up her things, leaving a goodly amount of yen on the table as a tip. Noting that the owner was Chinese from her garb, she politely tapped a finger on the table to express her gratitude, before waving with her other hand in a more animated manner.

With the sun dipping as low as it is, she notices an orange glint out of the periphery of her vision, and has time to sigh in resignation. "Damnit." A hand grips the edge of the table, as she immediately turns it over and dives behind it, bowl, napkins, chopsticks and yen scattering everywhere as people start to yell from the disturbance. A trio of kunai sprout out of the upturned table top. Smoke billows all around the table, covering the place in a obfuscating haze. "What is it with you Geki dweebs always bugging me while I'm eating!?"

Within this cloud, a silhouette leaps to the edge of table, balancing on one foot, before leaping into the air. A flash of tan clashes with one of purple, and suddenly it looks like time is moving in slow motion, as she grips him by the Dogi, twists and uses her momentum to send him downward. Mid-motion, she catches him with a vicious kick to the back of the skull, thwarting all hope of recovery with a resounding crash into another table. As the foggy view starts to clear, one might see a glimpse of a figure in a violet dogi, wielding a three clawed implement on his right hand, just a moment before he looks up, and disappears from view.

Suddenly the other figure in a tan dogi, darkened half-mask covering her face lands upon the pavement, looking entirely chagrined. "How do they always do that!? What sort of freaky ninpo does that clan know? Uh..." Looking at the proprietor, the girl puts a hand to the nape of her neck, rubbing it in chagrin, "Sorry... about... the mess."

Jam is ear to ear with smiles now that her work is done. She dusts some chalk off her hands which causes a small pink cloud to materialize before her. The young chef inhales a little too much of this and -sneezes- loudly. With a gasp, Jam looks to her display board and sees that thankfully that it is no worse for wear. "Too close!" remarks Jam as she turns away from her handiwork for now.

And she's greeted by the sight of a customer leaving a healthy tip. Finally! Jam's luck was suddenly starting to turn around. She flashes a bright grin and offers a respectful bow to her customer, the long sleeves of her cheongsam fluttering in the idle breeze.

But when Jam looks up, she sees that all heck has broken loose! There were ninja fighting on and around her rented tables! And was that...kunai sticking out of the one table? How was she supposed to explain -that-? The tan wearing ninja then sends another ninja crashing to a -different- table. That was it! That's the last straw! She was having a mostly good day up until now and she was suddenly determined to get compensation from one of these crafty ninjas!

Unfortunately for the tan wearing ninja, she was the last the ninja standing and thus the only one in Jam's line of sight. The young chinese woman was no longer smiling. In fact, Jam was starting to stare daggers towards the smiling ninja.

Grabbing the collar of her dress, the cart-owner twirls around gracefully and flings the outer garment aside. The young martial artist was wearing what looks to be a much shorter Chinese style dress underneath, but Jam wasn't just there to make a flash entrance of her own; she was there to get payback for those trashed tables!

Kuradoberi Jam balances herself on one leg while drawing her opposite leg up in a combative stance. "Oh no. Not this time! Someone is going to pay for those tables!" The martial artist then drops back on both legs, assuming a wide stance. "And that person is going to be yooooou!" exclaims Jam loudly before running forward and sending a quick jumping front kick at the tan dogi wearer.

COMBATSYS: Jam has started a fight here.

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Jam              0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Ibuki has joined the fight here.

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Ibuki            0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0              Jam

COMBATSYS: Jam successfully hits Ibuki with Light Kick.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Ibuki            0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0              Jam

"Uh. I'd love to compensate you but I don't think I can afford it!" It's true, her clan left her a rather pitiful allowance, and gave her no time to work a part time job. Ibuki is still rubbing the back of her neck when the proprietor takes up the combat stance, and she freezes, giving her a dumbfounded look. "Wait seriously? You want to fight? We can't just..."

Jam is on her in a moment, fluid and serpent quick in her leaping kick, and Ibuki raises up one of her hands to try to guard against it. It slips through her guard, and hits her right in the left shoulder, sending her flying. With a yelp of pain she's sent to the ground, skidding as she finally comes to a stop against one of the benches around the fallen table.

Obviously pained as she rises, she cradles her shoulder in one hand, before rolling it, and putting her right arm and foot in front of her in a readied combat stance. "Just my luck that you'd be some sort of kung-fu master." In a tan blur of motion she rushes forward, image flickering in the sunlight. Suddenly stopping short at her flank, she balances on one foot, the other being drawn up, before whipping into a series of lightning quick whirlwind kicks in an attempt to strike her. The ki she uses to enhance the speed of it leaves streamers of azure energy in it's wake.

While all the commotion initially drove people away shouting at first, a crowd is now starting to gather in a ring around the food stand, and not for the cuisine. Many believe this is some sort of publicity stunt for a new TV series and start cheering on Jam, thinking she's the heroine up against the evil ninja. "Why am I always the bad guy!?" Ibuki whines at some of their cheers. Some cheeky teenager in the crowd pipes up, "Because you're a evil kunoichi, duh!" Another pipes up, "And you wrecked the place!" "Did not!" Ibuki retorts back weakly.

COMBATSYS: Jam parries Ibuki's Tsumuji!

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Ibuki            0/-------/-----==|=------\-------\0              Jam

When Jam was just a little girl, she had heard stories of Japan's ninjas. Those stories were wonderful, but they had also seemed very farfetched. And yet, a battle between ninjas had just been the cause of two trashed tables. It seems that these folk tales about Japan were actually true!

Then again, here was Jam. A Chinese woman whom just so happened to be a talented martial artist. The world can be a funny place when it comes to these things, but two broken tables was definitely -not- a laughing matter. Jam was dead intent on getting compensation from the tan wearing ninja!

The martial artist does pause and tilt her head to the side when Ibuki says that she couldn't afford to pay for the tables. "Wait! What? You're broke?!" Jam remarks in a confused tone. Then again, she really didn't know what the going rate for ninjas was these days. Maybe it was hard out here or everyone! But that didn't matter right now, Jam couldn't afford to replace the tables either. Suddenly, an idea springs up in Jam's head.

"Then you are just going to have to come and work at my restaurant! You can pay me back by washing dishes!" The young woman declares just as Ibuki starts to launch her counter-attack. The ninja starts launching a series of deadly looking kicks that leave a trail of energy in the air. The ninja was a ki user? This was all kinds of trouble! Jam quickly bends backwards and hand springs through air just out of Ibuki's reach. Seeing an opportunity, the Chinese fighter brings her right arm and leg up at just the right time to stop Ibuki's last kick from reaching her.That was way, way too close!

In close quarters now with the deadly tan ninja, Jam hops off her left leg and aims a kick with her right leg straight towards Ibuki's midsection. A brilliant blue flame like aura encases Jam as she propels herself towards her opponent with a chi infused flying side kick. "Woachaaaa!" calls out Jam in a battle cry.

The new crowd that has gathered would have been appreciated a few minutes ago, but now Jam had her hands full. The cheers and jeers causes Jam to look momentarily confused before extending an open palm towards Ibuki. "You owe me two tables! Pay up!"

COMBATSYS: Jam successfully hits Ibuki with Ryuujin EX.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Ibuki            0/-------/--=====|====---\-------\0              Jam

Ibuki can only look on in disbelief as her assault was avoided masterfully masterfully, right before an immediate riposte comes with a ki infused kick right to her solar plexus. All of the air in her lungs leaves in one drastic instant, as the ninja staggers backwards, then down to a knee, clutching her stomach and wheezing from the force of the blow. It takes her a few moments to catch her breath and rise again, her words coming out raspily, "I-I can't wash dishes! It ruins the whole oath of secrecy thing I have going on! People can't know who I am!"

Her respect for her opponent is great, even though her pride is wounded by how easily she's getting thrown around amidst the jeers from the crowd. "Look, can't we work out some other sort of arrangement? One that won't betray that?" A middle-aged lady who was really getting into it shouts out, "No compromises! Finish her!" Ibuki snaps back at them in an irritated manner, "You stay out of it!" She can't just keep talking though, not with an opponent like this. She has to act, and so she does.

Moving forward suddenly, her top knot fluttering in the wake of her movements, she dips low, into her guard, trying to grip Jam's scarlet cheongsam right at the shoulder. She would attempt to pull forward, while at the same time, her other hand jabs forward into a vicious palm strike. However, it's no ordinary palm strike, because this was no ordinary restaurant proprietor that she was battling! It radiates ki energy that upon contact, if it makes it, erupts into a burst of power that would send her foe flying if it connects.

COMBATSYS: Jam blocks Ibuki's Raida.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Ibuki            0/-------/-======|=====--\-------\0              Jam

Kuradoberi Jam lands from her kick with a loud click clack of her boots resounding through the air. She drops to a knee momentarily to consolidate her balance before rising back up on one leg with her opposite raised in what seems to be her neutral martial arts stance. She's breathing hard, but she doing her best to maintain her composure for now against her foe.

The tan ninja's retort is listened to and Jam blinks those brown eyes of hers as she attempts to think of a way around this. "Fine! Then run some deliveries for me! As a ninja, you could finish all my deliveries in a flash!" Jam looks pretty pleased that she was able to think up a somewhat clever compromise.

The young chef looks to yeller in the crowd as well. "Yeah! We're trying to have a business negotiation!" It sort of was, afterall. Just a much more exciting negotiaton that involves kicks and ki attacks.

Pulled in by her short cheongsam, Jam is faced with a close-quaters ki-enhanced palm strike. The young wild-haired woman brings up her arms in a big 'X' block just in time to lessen the blow of the palm stike. But the ensuing ki-explosion tosses Jam arse over elbow through the air to where she lands with a thud against the side of her foot cart.

Gravity causes Jam to fall forward where she quickly kips back up to her feet and snaps a look behind her to survey the damage. Phew...nothing looks to be damaged that bad! Her brown eyes then focus on the chalk board which is not only broke in half, but smeared from Jam landing against it.

Jam's mouth drops open wordlessly. She then glares at the tan ninja icily, both of her hands forming into tightly wound fists. "And now you owe me one chalkboard too!" The martial artist suddenly opens both her fists and starts gesturing in a circular motion in front of her. A sizeable ball of blue chi forms for a brief moment before disappearing as Jam once more resumes her normal martial arts stance.

COMBATSYS: Jam charges her next attack!

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Ibuki            0/-------/-======|=======\-------\1              Jam

When Jam is cast backwards into her own food stand, the kunoichi straightens and takes advantage of the time for a breather and to think, rather than just reacting to the relentless assault. "Deliveries?" The earlier comment registers, and she thinks on that. That wouldn't be so bad, would it? She could probably even sell it to her clan's elders by calling it stealth training.

Rolling her shoulders back, she starts to reply just as Jam recovers and snaps her gaze to look upon the food cart. "We might be able to work something o..." That's when she notices that the chalkboard was snapped in half by the impact. Her expression freezes for a moment, before the renewed accusations come.

"Oh come on! Seriously!?! That was so not my fault! You should have rolled with the..." It's that moment that she sees the colossal balls of blue chi forming within either of her opponent's palms. "...shit." She whispers in a muted manner, her eyes as wide as saucers, clearly intimidated by the display. Even so, despite being rattled, her expression calms within moments, as she reassumes her own guarded stance.

And then like a coiled spring of emotions and energy, she starts to rush forward on wrapped feet, feinting as she drops down to the pavement into what looks like a sliding kick towards her shins. The kunoichi in the tan dogi however doesn't stop here though, both of her palms touch the ground, and springs upwards suddenly. The air she gets from the motion is surprising, given that she didn't use her feet for it. Her legs rocket upwards like she's doing gymnastic splits, with a ferocious kick aimed at Jam's chin. In the air she offers a facetious comment to try to throw off her opponent. "Note to self. No matter how broke you might be, don't try to walk a check in China." Even in her jest she's trying to be respectful towards her opponent's skill.

COMBATSYS: Jam endures Ibuki's Bonsho Kick.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Ibuki            1/-------/=======|=======\====---\1              Jam

Everything seems to have finally reached a point where they both had some common ground in their negotiations. Ibuki would help out with deliveries and Jam would get paid for the rented tables. But sometimes things don't always work out they way they should. Sometimes things take a turn for the worse.

A very angry Jam busied herself with charging up her ki to avenge her broken chalkboard, but her ninja opponent wasn't going to sit idle. The quick on her feet ninja dashes foward and Jam sprints forward to meet her halfway. But this was all seemingly according to the ninja's devious plan. She had trapped Jam right where she wanted her.

Ibuki's leg whirlwinds around and catches Jam straight in the jaw. Her head snaps back from the blow, but somehow she remains on her feet if only barely. With renewed fire in her eyes, Jam focuses her chi and suddenly dashes right for Ibuki. Once she closes the distance, the Chinese martial artist extends her palm and an orb of chi suddenly reappears, expands, and then explodes outward. "Kiya! Paaay Upppp!"

COMBATSYS: Ibuki blocks Jam's Empowered Hyappo Shinshou.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Ibuki            1/------=/=======|=======\=====--\1              Jam

Landing right on the ground, she moves into a handstand, before flipping backwards. Only to face a hopping mad martial artist, gloriously empowered by her chi right up in her personal space. Not that there was really personal space, or boundaries in a match! At point blank range the energy is released, and there's no time to try to elude it. Still, there are other ways to defend, and she does so by twisting to the side and lowering herself down with expert footwork, her left hand sweeping up in a windmill motion to defend her upper body, as she then plants her feet in an attempt to minimize the harm.

The orb drives against her the side of her arm, pinning it back against her shoulder as she grits her teeth, the sheer force behind it causes her planted feet to shift backwards against their will from the explosion. By the time the energy dissipates, wisps of smoke are sizzling upwards from her dogi, and her arm feels like it has little strength left in it, numb and tingling from the power behind the attack. She's grateful for that, as otherwise she'd likely be swooning from the pain.

"T-That was really good." The ninja compliments her, trying to prevent herself from swooning from the agony the rest of her body, save her arm felt. "I haven't been able to manage any sort of ninpo that releases my chi that far away from my body yet, unless I infuse it in an object." First cheerleaders, now a cook/proprietor/waitress? It felt like every other person out there was able to outdo her with her ninja training!

Ibuki had to make certain her arm was still good in a fight, if she had any hope of continuing here, so she does something that's shockingly simple for her. Her feet shift forward, and she tries to slip inside her guard, her left fist jabbing towards her gut. "Do you take an I-O-U?"

COMBATSYS: Jam dodges Ibuki's Jab Punch.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Ibuki            1/------=/=======|=======\=====--\1              Jam

This ninja girl was good. Jam could tell that already from their fight thus far. But it is this next manuever that she pulls off that really cements this fact in the young martial artist's mind. Jam, herself, was pretty athletic and also acrobatic, but this was something else! "Woah!" She remarks as she watches the ninja twist and turn in the air.

And diverting the full blast of her Hyappo Shinshou was pretty incredible as well. But what Jam doesn't expect is to be complimented. The young woman beams in response. "Uh, thanks! You're pretty strong too!" She listens intently when Ibuki talks about ki attacks. She had really not put too much thought into her abilites. It just sort of all came natural to her.

But maybe, she was paying a little much attention to what Ibuki was talking about that she almost takes a sneaky punch to her midsection. The quick punch strikes out and Jam shifts her weight back from her left foot to her right foot, hopping backwards as she does so.

"That was so sneaky of you! An I.O.U.? Is that what you call that punch of yours? Then how about a hundred of them?!" Jam exclaims excitedly as she moves her arms in a circular motion before raising both of her hands up towards Ibuki, palms open. She then takes a quick hop forward and begins throwing punch after punch after punch at her ninja opponent. Should Ibuki get caught in the torrential punch assault, Jam would finish her movements by taking another step foward with her other foot and striking upwards with her palm in an uppercut motion.

COMBATSYS: Jam successfully hits Ibuki with Tousai Hyakuretsuken.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Ibuki            1/---====/=======|====---\-------\0              Jam

"What!? No! It's..." Realizing the danger, she tries to compensate with a sudden evasive hop backwards. For one moment, just a moment, she believes she's escaped the energetic owner of the food stand.

She was wrong.

The first palm strike hits her mid-hop. Dazed from the hit, she tries to put up her arms in order to defend against what comes next. It turns out to be futile with her head swimming within the sea of agony that her entire body has become. One strike after another, she's hit time after a time. After a while they stop even registering other than the fact she's moving backwards... then upwards, as the final palm strike hits her.

Why was she falling?

She doesn't even realize that she's been knocked off her feet. The cheering of the crowd reaches a crescendo, white noise to her ears as Ibuki hits the ground, only years of muscle memory from training causing her to get up on trembling palms, the rest of her form splayed out beneath her. All of a sudden she hops back up to her feet, and sways side to side, looking drunk on her feet. "..it means 'I owe you.' A promise of payment later." She sounds distant, abstracted, like her mind is elsewhere. Her jaw ached, she wanted to take off her half-mask to rub it, but for the sake of discretion she doesn't.

Taking up a battle pose, the crowd jeers at her, some even booing, and finally all of a sudden, as of the sensations snap back into her head at once, like the impulses just reached it. Gritting her teeth against the waves of nausea from the pain all over, she tries to sound cheerful even as her pride was stung repeatedly by the jibes from the observers. "S-So serious about your business! I admire that, but it's time that I got serious too."

In her sudden rush at Jam, she sways to the side, but she uses that to aim at her flanks instead. Acting like she's about to punch her, she instead draws back her right arm behind her back, her left making a hand sign as she gathered her chi for what was about to come. Her right arm hooks around, trying to grab her under the arm pit, while her left moves low like before, except in a fist at her belly. The gathered Chi erupts, suddenly enveloping the entire area around them both in shimmering, incandescent light which emanates off her coruscates about them both in a controlled spherical explosion.

All of a sudden the energy seems to dissipate, but in reality she had gathered it back within. She moved as in her training, trying her best to ignore all of the pain, trying to release her and spinning to strike her with her left elbow. Her right hand draws back, spear like gathering azure chi, which she then slams against the fist of her left arm. The energy travels up from her fist all the way to her left elbow, and attempts to careen into, and through her, all of the energy erupting from whatever it strikes in another controlled spherical blast as it detonates into her opponent.

COMBATSYS: Ibuki successfully hits Jam with Yoroitoshi.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////                       ]
Ibuki            0/-------/-------|=======\====---\1              Jam

Finishing her final palm strike, Jam suddenly realizes the cheering of the gathered crowd whom were celebrating the success of her landing an attack on the 'evil' ninja. The young martial artist sort of eats up this attention. She smiles and waves towards the crowd. "And I make a mean curry too!" This statement is met with a smaller cheer from those gathered. But it is the change from cheers to jeers that has Jam looking around with a confused look on her face. Surely that would have been the knock out blow!

Kuradoberi Jam could not have been more wrong.

Ibuki has returned from to Earth and provides an explanation of what an I.O.U. actually was. "That wasn't the name of your attack?" asks the martial artist whom isn't a stranger to calling out chinese characters with her attacks. But before Jam could start looking too embarassed, the ninja girl was on the move again!

"Not this time!" Jam shouts confidently as she moves forward to meet the ninja in a what would sure me a huge collision of ki forces. But then the 'enemy' ninja sudden moves at the last minute and Jam is caught completely off-guard. The chinese martial artist is pulled into Ibuki's guard where she gets a front row seat to a huge explosion of ki energy. It looks like this is going to hurt.

A Jam shaped projectile is blown back through the air and collides directly with the young woman's food stand, knocking the cart off its wheels and onto its sides. Kuradoberi Jam remains motionless on the dented side of the cart for what seems like a long moment. She starts to stir eventually, but ends up just giving up after trying to pick her head up off the impression it left in her once prized food cart. Talk about insult to injury! But in the end, it looks like Jam isn't quite ready to go anywhere, anytime soon.

COMBATSYS: Jam takes no action.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////                       ]
Ibuki            0/-------/--=====|=======\====---\1              Jam

Ninjitsu was the art of controlling your environment. That is what Ibuki had always been taught in her training. More ruthless ninjas would tell her that means efficiently dispatching of any threat, to control ones environs. As Ibuki's chest heaves like a bellows, and she looks upon her foe that had crashed in the dented side of the now fallen food cart. She stumbles once towards her, then pauses to try to become more steady upon her feet. The crowd had fallen silent for now, other than hushed murmurs amongst themselves.

Another step is taken forward, after another, every moment telling the story of her fatigue. As she gets close enough to look like she's looming over her opponent, in the shadow of the dented food cart, the entire crowd is still. Some are beginning to doubt whether this was a choreographed publicity stunt after all, others are wondering if she's going to follow up on this attack.

Instead, a hand lowers, and she offers it to her. "Hey."

Fortunately for Jam, Ibuki came from a clan of ninja that did not have ruthlessness as it's credo. She was raised to be a decent person at the same time as being a ninja, "Let's stop this. This place, your business. It obviously means a lot to you." She takes a deep breath, trying to recompose herself as best as she can. "So you win. I have no idea how I'm going to pay you back for all this damage, but I'll figure out something, alright? I know what it's like to have something that important that you want to hold onto, and protect." Like trying to have a normal life, with rival clans trying to prevent you from doing anything but.

"Anyhow, I'm sorry." She bows her head, leaving herself in a vulnerable position. "I'll find some way to make it up to you." She offers in her most sincere and earnest tone, not making excuses for the other clan's ambush on her any more, and she hopes beyond hopes that she'll accept that, because not only did she respect her, but she was not looking forward to the conclusion of this fight if it went on.

COMBATSYS: Ibuki gains composure.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////                       ]
Ibuki            0/-------/---====|=======\====---\1              Jam

As Ibuki gets closer to the where Jam had landed, she could probably pick out something that suspiciously sounded like "..my...my food cart." There still isn't a whole lot of moving being done on the martial artist's part, but she does pick up her head to look up at the ninja when she addresses her.

Big, somewhat damp brown eyes focus on the outstretched hand and Jam strains to reach out and use Ibuki's assistance to get back up on her feet. A barely concious Jam doesn't really look so hot and there are now numerous tears and rips in her once pristine outfit, even the can of oolong tea that she uses as an impromptu hair clip is somewhat dented now.

Kuradoberi Jam blinks her eyes as she doesn't quite understand at first that Ibuki hadn't come over to gloat and was actually doing the opposite. She was offering to help pay for everything or atleast help. That..that was exactly what she had been asking for this entire time since this really was her livelihood at stake at the end of the day. It was a little overwhelming for Jam to have things go from the absolute worst to something that maybe was not nearly as bad.

The young martial artist suddenly rears back, and forces herself forward in an attempt to land a quick and friendly hug on the apologizing ninja. "An I.O.U. then." Jam mutters in a slightly dazed sounding voice.

The kunoichi may be cringing just a touch, her eyes lidded, when she hears, '..my...my food cart.' Fully expecting Jam to come at her again, once the gravity of what happened sinks in. When she rears back, Ibuki straightens, ready to defend herself against the inevitable attack, as she shakily raises her arms. Noone could be more surprised than her when the 'attack' turns into a quick hug, eyes widening.

A strangled noise emits from her lips as the hug hits upon some of her more bruised and injured areas, but suddenly her arms encircle around her loosely, as she pats her on the back once gently. "Alright. You'll... never see me again, but I'll still keep my promise." Drawing back a pace, out of the dogi pants leg, a smoke bomb suddenly falls out, the entire area filling with smoke, as the kunoichi becomes little more than a silhouette, and is gone entirely.

~Two hours later~

Once the crowd had dispersed, a girl in Taiyo's high school uniform trots up, a hitch in her step that she's trying to hide, though her body has an occasional visible bruise here and there. Whistling like she's impressed by the level of instruction. "Looks like some really trashed the place." Looking somewhat non-plussed, she shifts her school bag from her shoulder to her side. "Something..." She gestures towards the destruction with her opposite hand, "...tells me you could use some part time help. Don't suppose you'd be looking to hire a delivery girl and server for a shift or two a week?"

The girl tsks, then smiles at the proprietess who is cleaning up. "Where are my manners though? The name is Ibuki. I promise I'll work hard, and for next to nothing if you'll give me a meal every now and then and a good reference later!" And like the Kunoichi earlier, completely ordinary girl Ibuki had her hair up in an all too similar top knot. If she were ever asked though, she'd protest and deny it as vehemently as she possibly could. No matter what Jam's response may be though, she still stays around to offer to help clean up.

An exhausted Jam coughs as the dropped smoke bomb conceals the ninja's crafty exit. Guess they really won't even see each other again. The bruised, beaten down, and barely hanging in there chef slumps down to her knees. Maybe a little nap will do her well.

Two hours later, Jam is more or less back to normal. That cat nap really worked! She's stil bruised and battered, but she's now much more upbeat. This wasn't the first time the disaster struck and it surely wouldn't be the last time. She had to see if there was anything left that was salvageable and then start over again....minus one hefty deposit for the food cart.

A now apron wearing Jam looks up at the highschool girl when she offers to lend some part time help. Maybe her luck -was- turning around! She even wasn't really asking for much which was good...Jam was now in debt once more.

The once food cart owner nods her head happily. "I'm Kuradoberi Jam! But you can call me Jam!" She instructs enthusiastically to the totally not a ninja. She then looks around at the mess all around on them before offering Ibuki a cheesy smile. "Can you start right about....now?"

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