SNF 2014.11 - SNF: Suspiciously Dandy

Description: Expecting to formally introduce himself to the head of the Alucard clan in a format they could both appreciate, Slayer is instead greeted with an impostor! Mimiru Kasagi, vampire noblewomen do NOT wear jean shorts over yoga pants! Mimiru becomes equally frustrated when Slayer isn't about to clean her clock -- and convinces him with her thrilling masochism. Read on, and discover how deep the Kasagi bullshit runs!

6:15 PM

"I'm afraid you're mistaken. I am Slayer, and this is my wife, Sharon, and we - well, ha ha, *I* am here to be the main attraction at this event. Sharon is here as my very inspiration! Surely you have heard of a 'plus one'? She is eternally my 'plus one'." A tall, impossibly well-groomed man is holding up the admission lines for this week's Saturday Night Fight's main event - he and the silent, smiling woman behind him are giving a trio of security guards an extraordinary headache. The guards are obviously taken aback, and have been in conference for the past minute or two. Strangely, nobody is jeering, complaining, or shouting at the tall man. It would be /impolite/.

"Well, erh, we gotta have I.D., you know? Proof of who you are? I mean -- I mean, sir, we don't even know who this "Slayer" guy is--"
"Ha! Proof?? Easily enough given - a moment, please." The tall man glances to his wife, who returns the look with an eternal, glittery-eyed smile. She tilts her head, as though awaiting a kiss...

Somehow, the sound of teeth piercing flesh is a *ringing* noise, a celebration of puncture wounds, and before anybody can even *start* to react, Sharon's dessicated husk falls to the floor at Slayer's feet, that same, undying smile on her face. After a prim nod to the awestruck guardsmen before him, the vampire walks past them with impossibly long strides.


There's no pandemonium, simply because the act was, in itself, *bizarre* - Sharon's corpse vanishes like so much dust, and confused bystanders simply... accept it. Guardsmen, shaken, continue taking tickets, and mortified parents hush their children from asking those inevitable questions. More than a few hypochondriacs tongue their canine teeth.

Was he a...?

No. He was so polite!


7:02 PM

A capacity crowd threatens to force ticket-owning civilians to stand in the back as inevitable seat-thieves sneak in to get their SATURDAY NIGHT FIGHT fix for the weekend. An impossibly rich family move from the concession area to their front-row seats, sharing a story about the Hotaru Vs A BEAR situation last week. Their story is interrupted, horrifically, by the sudden contortion of reality at the base of the staircase leading to their seats!

A cape slices through the air, sweeping out to its full man-sized sweep, before settling onto the prim shoulder of the *SAME* tall man from the foyer earlier. Beside him, seated on what could only be called a throne, is the same impossibly-smug woman he'd drained earlier - before her, Slayer dips into a low bow, and ducks his head.

"Sharon, dear - my apologies for my behavior earlier. You understand, I hope, that the common man requires one to 'put their money where their mouth is'?" Sharon says nothing.
"Hey- we're sittin' here! You can't just take somebody's seats like tha-" The father of the family speaks up, understandably frustrated, but is cut short by what may be the *SASSIEST* eagle-eyed glare from a rudely-disturbed Slayer.
"I was speaking with my wife," he explains, standing to that full, gangly height. "And as you can see, she has a seat of her own- I do not believe anybody has been inconvenienced by our arrangement. I-- ah. Terribly sorry, but it seems I must attend to the main event! Sharon-" Slayer smiles to his wife, ignoring the family once more. "As ever, for you."

He turns, and those long legs take him stagewards with imperious, perfect gait. Cufflinks are tightened, tie adjusted, and glasses leveled on his aquiline nose. One frankly *superior* jump takes him from the viewing area to the arena, and he stands, waiting, a hand on his hip, the other cradling a smoking pipe he's produced from -- somewhere.

His invitation will be answered! It is the respectable thing to do!

Best Plan that Possibly Cannot Go Wrong :

1) Secretly obtain the fighting invitation of one of the world's best fighter ;
2) Show up and pretend to be said fighter and get on the ring ;
3) ????
4) Profit.

This is more or less what crossed Mimiru's mind a few days ago when she had to deliever a letter to some gothic looking young girl in a rather suspicious manoir in the middle of nowhere. Almost with disdain, the haughty girl threw away the invitation right in front of Mimiru.

All it needed was a bit of curiousity, a peek at the formal invitation and Mimiru had that flash of insight. That brilliant plan in her mind. Just to think about it, her heart was pounding with excitment. This was just perfect.

She had been so enthralled with her idea that she convinced herself it was a good idea and she failed to see the flaws in it.

It had no flaws, obviously. It was a plan that couldn't go wrong. All she had to do was to 'answer' for that Rachel Alucard and 'show up' as her. Yes, perfect...

6 : 58 PM

"What do you mean, you can't let me in? I'm Rachel Alucard! The Rachel Alucard!" Mimiru shouts to one of the security guard, "Look, I've got the formal invitation here," Mimiru says, waving the piece of paper in front of the security guard's face, "And if you don't let me in, I'll be late for my fight, I'll be pissed, Slayer will be pissed, and your Boss will be pissed! And you don't want Rachel Alucard to be mad at you don't you? Well! Don't you!?"

Not really knowing what to do, the two guards look at each other, bemuddled. They had been waiting for the other fighter for a moment and no one had shown up. And the main event was about to start up so, "Alright, you may pass," They say, gesturing for her to go.

"About time," Mimiru says, lifting her nose up, feinting disdain as she walks through, trying to keep her high and mighty look.

"Hehe, almost too easy," She whispers to herself once she gets far away from them.

All of this experience... The cheers, the noise, the light... The setup of the stage. Thousands... No, millions of people would be watching her. Her heart beats with exciment and anticipation at this new experience, her lips curling into a genuine smile, her eyes sparkling almost like a child who's about to enter a candy store.

Mimiru slowly advances on the stage...

A few inches taller than the real Rachel Alucard, with less than noble clothings on her, short pink hair. Someone was walking on the stage, was that Rachel Alucard?

Pink hair, dark eyebrows - a poor dye job, to say the least. Slayer watches "Rachel Alucard" approach the main arena floor, and takes a few pensive pulls from his pipe. Amidst the smoke whirling from nostril and mouth, the man appears slightly more demonic than he generally likes to - he tilts his head to the side, raises one hand in a helpless manner, and offers:

"You are Rachel Alucard?" His tone is-- doubtful. Mimiru Kasagi is wearing a jacket and a pair of...

Slayer's *face* darkens. Jean shorts over yoga pants? Perhaps it is an Alucard family custom. Perhaps the family has pioneered alternative vampire fashion for centuries, aiding a typically beleaguered people in blending in with the sheep that have deigned to hunt them. Or PERHAPS somebody is CLAIMING TO BE RACHEL ALUCARD in YOGA PANTS with JEAN SHORTS OVER THEM.

A frown like a stormcloud knits Slayer's brow, and he brings his hands into a less-unguarded stance - feet shoulder-width apart, his arms are crossed before his chest and rhythmically pulled to his sides with each deep inhalation he takes.

There's only one, supremely fitting punishment for adopting the name (if not guise) of a respectable, powerful vampire noblewoman. There are a multitude of others for wearing jean shorts and yoga pants, but Slayer is a man who believes in efficiency.

"Well. Allow me to introduce myself - I am Slayer, and have come here for what I believe to be are reasons we share. Competitive fighting happens to be a passion of mine, so I feel I owe it to you to allow you the first 'swing', as it were."

He says he's ready, but he isn't moving - he stands there, eyes on Mimiru, arms crossed before his chest.

The air shimmers around him.

It is like facing down--- well, a vampire. The *entire arena* has gone silent. They saw what Slayer did in the foyer.

"Come at me, Miss Alucard. Let the cheers of the commonman warm this chilly night."

COMBATSYS: Slayer has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Slayer           0/-------/-------|

Mimiru has been staring right and left with wide eyes. She takes slow steps into the arena, enjoying the excitment and thrill that was overcoming her senses. It was like a powerful drug, something undescriable until you've tried it.

The vampire's voice stirs Mimiru out of her reveries. She snaps out of her blissful trance, her eyes slowly resting on the gentleman that stands before her. He seems to be the incarnation of rafinement and class and her, on the other hand, could almost be best described as a hobo.

Mimiru clears her throat and she straightens herself some, her role coming back to her as she tries to keep some dignity. Her lips curl into a pleased smile and she lifts her nose up a bit, "Yes, I /AM/ Rachel Alucard..."

Alas, unlike the rest of the people in the arena, Mimiru was unaware of Slayer's power and feats and had not witnessed them. He can't be that bad, can he?

"Let us dance then! Quench my thirst for excitment, my bloodlust for battle!" Mimiru exclaims as she cracks her knuckles. He was a true gentleman, truly, letting her get the first hit.

Mimiru's posture shifts into her combat stance. The air shimmers around her, though in a different way than Slayer. Crimson flames ignite around her, covering her in a semi-transparent shroud of flames momentarily as Mimiru dashes toward Slayer, leaving a fading trail of flames behind her. She lunges at Slayer, attempting to tackle him with those flames swirling around her body.

COMBATSYS: Mimiru has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Mimiru           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0           Slayer

COMBATSYS: Slayer blocks Mimiru's Firebrand.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Mimiru           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0           Slayer

Slayer's lips quirk while Mimiru goes on, adopting what she presumes to be noble airs. It's hardly insulting - no, Slayer's expression is never anything but what precisely he means it to be, and *right now*, that weary face is warm, those chocolate eyes melt at the sight of such unthinkable repugnance exuding from this idiot daughter of man. So when Mimiru snakes forward, she'll find her opponent gracefully sweeping a leg back, sinking his rear hand into the pocket of those black tweed trousers, and extending the other in a sort of casual warding gesture. He's unconcerned - which is to say substantially less about Mimiru's attack than it does about Slayer's response.

The arena beneath her feet is *SCORCHED while Mimiru surges forward - the fire-wreathed girl impacts a wave of corsucating purple flames as though it were a sheer, brick wall. The collision of energy alone is enough to set the audience in those front-row seats set to flinching from the resultant explosion and its wave of residual heat. When it clears - and it does clear - Slayer takes another draw from his pipe and exhales a cloud of ashy smoke. He stands tall - Mimiru before him.

"Your technique is good... good! Miss Alucard, I'm worried about your trainer - your shoulders seemed loose in the execution, the way you focused your energies was... haphazard. Passionate. Have you been here longer than I imagine you could have been? Spent too much time among the humans?"

As casually as he'd started speaking, Slayer lunges into the shorter girl, the hand in his pocket suddenly tearing free of its confines. He curls it into a fist - no effects, no special additions - and slams it into Mimiru's stomach in a step-in hook!

"Allow me to refresh your memory, then...!"

COMBATSYS: Mimiru blocks Slayer's Weakened Medium Punch.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Mimiru           0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0           Slayer

The purple and crimson flames collide and Mimiru's blaze is soon dispelled by the force of the impact. The girl staggers a bit after the impact, as if she didn't expect him to stop her impulsion in such a manner. As the heat waves and smoke from the explosion dissipates, Mimiru resumes her combat stance : both fist up to cover her face, bent slightly to react at a second notice, eyes glistening with joy, her smile hardly concealing her pleasure.

This was intense, the way he managed to deflect her attack. This would prove to be exciting, even more than she expected or could have imagined. However, Slayer's words seem to puzzle Mimiru for a moment. Just what did he mean exactly.

MImiru arches a brow, "Passion is the only true thing in life! Why live a life devoided of passion? Humans have taught me this much! Isn't it the reason why we seek those sort of competitions?"

Mimiru braces for the impact, moving her arms to block Slayer's fist before it can hit her stomach cleaning. The girl quickly retaliates, trying to grip Slayer's wrist with one hand while she tries to grab the collar of his outfit with her other hand. She leans in a bit closer and says in a quick whisper, "Show me that passion! Why restrain it, are you scared of living to your fullest?" She then tries to roll backward and force Slayer along with her, planting her right foot into her stomach to throw her over her in the process.

COMBATSYS: Slayer dodges Mimiru's Tomoe Nage.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Mimiru           0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0           Slayer

Blocked?? Slayer couldn't be more thrilled. His laughter rings out louder than the cheers of the audience, deep enough to unsettle, booming enough to suggest he's had some millenia of practice. When Kasagi grips his sleeve, laughter quickly turns to focus - Slayer absolutely will not allow himself to be upended in such a fashion. She'll find her opponent going along with her throw in the textbook style, just like in class, but while Mimiru rolls across the mat, Slayer is *barely* perturbed. If she's the sort to Tomoe Nage with her eyes open, she'll be the happy recipient of--

Slayer is staring directly at her the entire time she's throwing him, expression neutral, one brow quirked, a smile pulling at his thin lips. By the time she releases him, Slayer *soars* across the mat, landing on its far end in a manner that's rather NOT on his back -- rather, he lands on his feet like a coiled spring, one hand curled into a fist behind him, the other gripping the mat for stability.

"You can end the airs, little girl! I don't believe you to be Miss Alucard, but warn you that treating me as a fool will end poorly for you! What is your name, and why are you here instead of she??" Slayer's tone is conversational, even if he's shouting to be heard over the dozens of feet between himself and Mimiru - the girl's got some arms.

Slayer's got thighs, apparently. He *surges* forward, almost hovering over the arena mats while he launches himself foot-first towards Kasagi's recovering form.

"And remember that strength matters in a throw! Flinging enemies just allows them room to correct themselves!"

COMBATSYS: Mimiru counters Weakened Heavy Kick from Slayer with Mawashi Geri Gaeshi.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Mimiru           0/-------/-----==|=------\-------\0           Slayer

Looks like the charade is over. After all, Rachel Alucard was meant to be a powerful warrior and Mimiru was, at beast, a potential underground tournament champion. She had her moment in the spotlight though, everyone's eyes were set on her.

Every action she took could make a difference, it made her heart beat faster than before. Constantly seeking newer thrills that are more extreme than the other, it ended up escalating to this. And she was pleased with it.

Rolling back up to her feet with grace, Mimiru turns around to face Slayer, "I may not be Rachel Alucard, but that does not change that I meant every single word I said. Life is too short not to enjoy it to its fullest, to crave the most intense emotions and thrills before it all ends,"

Lips curling into a wide smile, Mimiru adds, "And, between you and me, the true fool is this Miss Alucard who refused this delightful opportunity," The girl replies to Slayer, every few words punctuated with a soft pant of fatigue. She shouts just as loudly than he does, to match his tone so others could hear, or simply because he spoke loudly.

As Slayer surges in her direction, Mimiru doesn't wait and she lunges back at him to intercept his kick. She runs into him, one hand going up to grab his leg before he can completly finish the motion of his, lifting it up to destablize him while her other arm reaches up to grab his neck on the same side than his leg. She quickly turns her hips and swings Slayer, tripping him and slamming him down against the mat.

This leaves her panting : Mimiru takes a step back and she frowns, "You want to know my name?" Mimiru says, her lips curling into a faint smirk, "I am Mimiru Kasagi : The Stray Dog of Southtown,"

Saying those words seem to give Mimiru a breather, renewed vigor as she catches her breath and straightens herself up. "Now, don't take me for a fool either... I suspect you've been holding back. Don't be a tease, you know what I came here for..."

Slayer is upended! One could say the wind was knocked out of him, but - well, there's a disturbing control of breath present here, really. Don't be alarmed- Slayer is certainly perturbed by being spun around upside down, and the look on his face certainly justifies the effort Mimiru put into getting him there! Still, there's expectation -- and when Kasagi fails to deliver, it leaves Slayer's tone disappointed.

"Your followup is too slow..! But since you've been so kind as to show me your true self - Mimiru Kasagi - I will extend the same kindness to you. Combat is vicious and cruel! A challenge to one's life! Don't allow your enemy breathing space, even for one second!" Slayer just sort of - lifts, finding his feet in a bizarre defiance of gravity. "Now that you've properly introduced yourself, I'll return the favor - Sharon is likely dreadfully bored, besides. Give her a good show!"

Slayer turns before he begins - his face is twisted in joy, rare color rising to his cheeks. "SOUTHTOWN! APPLAUD MIMIRU KASAGI FOR HAVING THE SHEER AUDACITY TO ARRIVE IN PLACE OF MY ABSENT OPPONENT! CHEER HER ON FOR HER BRAVERY!" Still facing the crowd, Slayer *explodes* in a vibrant flare of purple flame - the light races from the floor to his outstretched, raised hand!! Fingers close into a fist, and the man pivots on a heel before *sliding* across Howard Arena's floor, purple coloration coalescing into a single point along his forearm, one that races from elbow to fist -- and beyond!!

Mimiru! What will you do against a weirdass purple fire haymaker!! LOOK OUT.

COMBATSYS: Slayer successfully hits Mimiru with Pile Bunker.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Mimiru           0/-------/-======|====---\-------\0           Slayer

Too slow? Her execution was perfect! Perhaps she lacked the technique to compensate Slayer's mastery of grapples, but she had been able to throw him to the ground.

"No more fooling around now!" Mimiru says, waving her right hand in front of her, "If your Sharon's bored, it's from your lack of passion!" Mimiru smirks and adds, "Come on then, take my breath away then!" She taunts, hoping to finally get him to fight him without restraints.

After his brief introduction, Mimiru barely has the time to react to his rapid approach. She shifts her postion into a defensive one in an attempt to pull herself out of the way from the incoming punch but she lacks the reflexes to keep up with Slayer's pace. There was definately a distinct difference between now and before.

The crowd's reaction to the blow, the impact and pain... That was what Mimiru was seeking! It literally knocks her back a few feet, Mimiru staggering back a few steps not to lose her balance, destabilized by the impact, "Now you're talking!" She says, shaking her head a bit to try and shake off that spinning sensation she has. The blow seems to have left a scorched mark on her cheek, as well as a little trail of blood from her noise.

She lifts her hand up to wipe if off and, with a quick moment of focus, crimson flames burst out from her legs and Mimiru dashes back at Slayer to retaliate with all of her might. She swings her right leg at him, attempting to smash his midsection with her flaming feet.

COMBATSYS: Slayer blocks Mimiru's Heaven's Diminisher.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Mimiru           0/-------/--=====|====---\-------\0           Slayer

"You seemed lost," admits Slayer, "when you came to the arena floor. My old heart wouldn't be able to take senseless murder against an innocent foe, you see..." Slayer's words leave his mouth as so much smoke- "But I can't deny an honest request from a brave young woman such as yourself, can I?" He takes that same obnoxious stance as before - a hand is raised before him, while Mimiru streaks across the mat like that, fire in her wake.

She impacts, again, but the attack strikes that same wall of purple as before! It's easier to see, now, that it's Slayer manifesting a sheer sheet of chi before him - his hand is there to focus the energy, but it is near *impossible* to punch through. Still, kinetic energy and fiery heat seep through - Slayer takes a half-step back, and the edges of his tie smoulder.

"You're stronger than this," the man comments. "The way you fight is almost desperate - looking for something? Somebody? A meaning?" Brilliant teeth flash around the stem of the vampire's pipe - he rubs at a wrist while he speaks, and winds up for yet another attack.

"Every organism on this planet wishes to live. You're right - maybe I've been being too kind to you, after all." Slayer steps forward bulling an elbow into Mimiru's neck! Seeking to stagger her, the taller man links his fists beneath his waist and SLAMS them upwards, into Kasagi's chin, only to follow with a hellish, fire-laced downwards blow atop her head!


COMBATSYS: Mimiru dodges Slayer's Under Pressure.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Mimiru           0/-------/--=====|=====--\-------\0           Slayer

The way Slayer pushes her foot back causes Mimiru to grunt a bit. She takes a step back to actually regain her balance and quickly shifts back to a more evasive stance so she has a chance to match his superior speed.

Was she lost? In many ways she was, but this wasn't the time or place to talk about this.

"You have no idea what you're talking about!" Mimiru shouts almost in denial. Her fist tighens a bit and she quickly sidesteps to avoid Slayer's elbow to her neck. She skids backward but manages to pull off at the last second before his fists hit her chin and she swiftly moves aside before the downward flames hit her above the head, barely licking her shoulder as she manages to move out of the way and takes a few steps back to recover.

"Desperate? Is it that obvious?" Mimiru replies, arching a brow. She moves both arms in front of her to form a X with them. Crimson flames engulf both of them, growing more fierce with the moments. Mimiru lashes out her arms and swings them both, unleashing a X shaped burst of flames in Slayer's direction.

"I'm seeking the danger, the thrill! I want to feel alive! Make me bleed, make my heart bleed!" She shouts to the man.

COMBATSYS: Mimiru successfully hits Slayer with Balefire.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Mimiru           0/-------/-======|======-\-------\0           Slayer

She... dodged?! One rich brown eyebrow spikes into Slayer's hairline while he observes Mimiru's artful dismissal of his attack - it's clear he's underestimated her.

"It's clear I've underestimated you," he accedes, following his momentum despite Mimiru's getting out of the way. The man's hands SOAR upwards and he simply - steps up, out, and into the same refined gait he'd had walking into the fight. His eyes are on Mimiru, his attention is riveted to what this intriguing person MIGHT do next. His interest pays off.

Slayer's never even *SEEN* this kind of attack before. It's interesting to him - what's she doing with the arms? Why are they on fire?! Is Mimiru just doing something she'd seen on television?! The fires streak through Slayer while he walks towards the young woman - he doesn't flinch when they slap against his arms and chest, when they leave a clear X-shaped scorchmark on the otherwise pristine fabric gracing his body. Inexorable as his march is, it's only a matter of a few more steps before he stands before Mimiru, still aflame from her attack.

"But I think you're grasping for straws. You want *me* to make *you* feel alive?" Slayer's words are once again accompanied by a plume of smoke -- but this time, the smoke's directly in Mimiru's face. Crowding her head, really! It's almost impossible to see what Slayer might be doing outside of that carcinogenic mess -- but what the eyes can't see, the body *feels*. Namely, strong, cold hands on the shoulders, a graceful sweeping of the feet, and a brutal *SLAM* into the ground!

"I was rather hoping you'd extend the honor to *me*. You've accomplished more than most, so far! I'm very impressed!"

COMBATSYS: Mimiru fails to counter Medium Throw from Slayer with Ippon Seoi Nage.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Mimiru           1/-----==/=======|=======\-------\0           Slayer

No matter what, Mimiru has been relentlessly attacking Slayer, empowering her strike with her chi and using her jujitsu to reverse him. She was not expecting half-measures for this and was going on all out.

This reckless behaviour left her panting, the exortion of her fighting rythm slowly taking its toll on her though. Still she seems to demand more. "Bring it on! I've given myself all this trouble for that, after all," She has that slight teasing smirk as she adds, "Don't disappoint me,"

Just as promised, Slayer doesn't disappoint. When she feels his cold hands on her shoulders, Mimiru attempts to reverse the grapple. She's in a bad position but she tries to do it anyway, to gain the upper hand and trip him instead. Alas, he had already been too far off in his technique to turn the tide and he manages to sweep Mimiru off her feet and brutally slam her down.

The impact seems to knock the wind out of her, her eyes widening. She coughs shortly afterward, squirming a bit on the ground an grunting. She rolls on her side and attempts to rise back on her feet, though somewhat a bit slowly due to her fatigue. That last slam more or less broke her momentum it seems.

"I'll fight you with all my might.." Mimiru manages under her breath, "To try and give you a good sport, in exchange for a thrill... Seems like a good deal, no?"

Slayer observes Mimiru on the floor, and cannot help but frown. "Miss Alucard has quite a bit to answer for, I imagine," he muses, more to himself than anybody else. When Mimiru finally reaches her feet, Slayer rolls his neck towards her, to regard this newly-broken young woman with that same, almost paternal stare he'd given her in the beginning of the match.

This vigor Kasagi shows -- the sheer tenacity! Rachel Alucard can rot in her manse for all Slayer cares - this is the sort of temerity that brought him back to Earth!

"Miss Kasagi - what do they say... you've asked for a show, and you'll receive one?" Slayer rolls one shoulder, as though winding up for a punch -- and then *streaks* backwards, feet sliding over the Howard Arena mat, form hunched low. Seemingly immobile, he continues gliding over the arena floor 'till he's reached almost its very edge, dozens of feet from Mimiru.

"ALLOW ME TO PREPARE MY BEST FOR YOU!" The vampire *rockets* forward, gliding across the arena floor in far too short a time for so long a distance. At the terminus of his bizarro approach, he extends his arm into a straight punch - one aimed straight for Mimiru's right shoulder!

COMBATSYS: Slayer has left the fight here.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Mimiru           1/-----==/=======|

COMBATSYS: Mimiru has ended the fight here.

COMBATSYS: Slayer successfully hits Mimiru with Dandy Step.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Mimiru           1/--=====/=======|=======\=------\1           Slayer

Her entire body ached, her lungs were burning from the exortion this match was pulling on her. She felt the strain on her and yet she kept on fighting to the very end. This keen pain was a proof that she was still alive, the thrill of battle allowed her to clear her mind and focus only on this sensation. It was exactly what Mimiru was looking for.

She rises back on her feet, panting, one arm clenching around her abdomen as she tries to catch her breath. Her stance is slightly haunched, allowing her to react more quickly, her other arm aside and legs spread.

Her lips curl into a wide smile at Slayer's words. This was just what she desired. She bows her head a bit, grateful, "Thank you," She says under her breath. She prepares for the next attack, taking a step back, but Slayer seems to do the same, which confuses Mimiru. Until he rockets back at her and slams his fist into her shoulder.

There's almost an audible 'pop' dislocating her shoulder. The kasagin screeches in pain, the force of the impact knocking her a couple of feet away.

Though she meets this pain with a masochist, almost pleased smile, "AND LET ME SHOW YOU MINE!!" Mimiru shouts back at Slayer. Her fist goes behind her head, Mimiru switching to a rather aggressive stance. She dashes back at Slayer and swings her fist right Slayer's midsection.

Right as her fist hits something, a sudden and powerful blast of flames erupt from her fist meant to engulf literally Slayer into a torrent of crimson flames.

COMBATSYS: Slayer interrupts Scarlet Slaughter from Mimiru with Spread Your Wings.

[                             \  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Mimiru           1/-------/=======|-------\-------\0           Slayer

After his fist connects with Mimiru's shoulder, Slayer comes to an almost bizarre stop - on a dime, his loafers cease their forward slide, and he adopts that same elegant, upright posture he'd had upon walking onto the stage. He watches Mimiru slide back and screech - when she *doesn't* fall over from the pain of having her arm knocked out of socket, he reaches up to remove his monocle, to polish it on his jacket. You might say he's surprised.

His monocle might just have popped if he hadn't taken it off his face!

"You aren't exhausted from the pain? Gracious. You've impressed me, Ms. Kasagi - I really *have* underestimated you. My apologies." He replaces his monocle, extends his hands to Mimiru, and gestures with all fingers - come at me.

"This will be your last chance to show me what drives you to suffering like this! Come, now!" His deep baritone is *almost* enough to slice through Mimiru's screeching declaration of intent - as Kasagi comes roaring towards Slayer, she'll find her opponent doing *nothing* to halt her charge. The purple flames are gone, no warding gestures have been made -- it's just her fist and her opponent's impossibly cement-like stomach hiding beneath that veneer of ludicrously high-quality Guanashina fabric.

It *hurts* to hit Slayer. And as all of Mimiru's fire surges *into* her foe, she'll find its color contorting, she'll look up to see those warm, fatherly brown eyes flaring *red*, see the most malevolent shapes clawing their way out of the smoke billowing from Slayer's pipe.

"UNFOCUSED! ALLOW ME TO -SHOW YOU-!" He grips her wrists with hands that are *blisteringly* cold, drops to an awkward, long-legged kneeling posture before exploding upwards in a blast of purple chi! Slayer's debonair cape extends into batlike wings for the briefest of moments, cradling Mimiru in their conjoined ascent, roasting her in the meantime!

"BURST!" And just like that, Slayer is finished - twenty feet and half a second later, he's falling like the grandfatherly man he always appeared to be, and Mimiru is -- well.

Maybe she'll land on her feet. Slayer's arms are extended to catch her if she doesn't. It would be rude to let an unconscious woman fall like that.

The pain made her feel more alive. This keen sensation, along with a few other thrills and excitment allowed her to forget her old wounds.

It was intense and sudden. Just as Mimiru desired. Obviously more than she could have handled though.

Her fist hurt like hell after she smashed him. The blast of flames should show her a bit what she's made of... Alas, Slayer's control of his chi allows him to deflect most of Mimiru's raw unfocused blast, allowing him to break through her blast and catch her wrist. Mimiru squirms, knees bucking a bit as she feels the numbing cold against her wrist, her fist uncurling a bit frm his crushing grasp.

Instinctively, Mimiru's body clings to Slayer as he blasts off into the air and takes her with him. Her heart pounds faster in her chest as she takes off. Flying upward was definately another thrill, high up, everyone staring.

A blissful piece of heaven to finish this up, all high above. Mimiru's lips curl into a pleased smile. She was caught, disadvantaged and exhausted, but she had what she wanted, what she came in for.

The wings surrounding her body and scorching her from the inside makes Mimiru's body tense up and arch her back against Slayer, bucking and squirming as he rises with her.

The pain slowly saps her last remaining strength, causing her eyes to slowly close unconscious, her screams fading away as well, leaving only an echo of pain after the final blast.

The fall might have been horrible... Mimiru's body descends limply but fortunately, Slayer's there to catch her unconscious and battered form.

COMBATSYS: Mimiru takes no action.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Slayer           0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Mimiru can no longer fight.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Slayer           0/-------/-------|

Slayer is *frowning*. Why is she smiling? Why would you smile after being lit on fire? What is wrong with this tiny human girl? He catches Kasagi, certainly - it's the right thing to do - and sort of sets her down on the mat before taking a moment to dust off his sleeves and jacket. He's looking down at Mimiru the entire time, of course - the gently glowing cherry atop the bowl of his pipe lends his expression a candlelit glow, highlighting the craggy frown etched into forehead, the crow's feet around those warm eyes.

"Hmmm..." Pensive, he doesn't even notice that *absolutely nobody* has started applauding. Medics are on standby but quite understandably worried about entering the arena. The judges don't know what to do, either. Slayer looks up, snapped from his thoughts by a sudden realization of the silence--

"It's like a graveyard in here. Hmph. Oh. How embarassing." He looks down to one of his sleeves, which has apparently been on fire the entire time he'd been fighting Mimiru. A hastily applied handkerchief puts the flame out. That's done. Now then--

"PEOPLE OF SOUTHTOWN!" Slayer turns around, spreads those long arms wide, and gestures to the Arena as a whole, voice loud enough to boom throughout the thousands of square feet of the building proper. Lights stream down on his smiling face, and for all the *violence* he'd just shown Kasagi, there can be no doubt as to his benevolent nature-- right?

"MIMIRU KASAGI, THE "LOST PUPPY" AS SHE CALLS HERSELF-" Slayer would pause, he's pretty sure that's wrong, but he can't lose his crowd!


Slayer drops into a deep bow, before stepping off of the stage and allowing medics and evaluators to rush to Mimiru's side. A smile on his face, arms spread wide, he approaches Sharon where she sits in the crowd. The awkward, gangly man stoops into one sweeping, low embrace - his cape flutters around he and his wife both--

and they're gone.

COMBATSYS: Slayer has ended the fight here.

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