Mimiru - Old Frienemies 2

Description: Gabriel and Mimiru finally arrives at her new appartment : a luxurious place. While helping her moving her things, Gabriel finally realizes the extend of Mimiru's depravities...

After a little ride in her mother's car with Gabriel, Mimiru shows her where she's going to stay. A new building with many appartments, definately a high-class spot which didn't seem all that fitting with Mimiru's lifestyle.

"Tada! This is the spot!" Mimiru says as she parks near the building. "Surprising, isn't it? I had a hard time believing it too. The rent is super cheap... Come and see inside..." Mimiru says. She opens the door and goes behind to free her dog from the tight space. Max is more than happy to go out finally, tail wagging as he jumps out.

"When I first came here, I half-expected this to be some sort of rapist nest or something and I'd get jumped over... It was quite exciting!" Mimiru says with a bright smile, "I mean, not in the arousing kind of way, but more thrilling, like danger? Ah! I wonder how it would have turned out..."

The ride from one prospective might be comfortable, it might be cramped. No telling how Max feels, but there is telling how Gabriel feels. She's barely tolerating it, her face shows it and the conversation, if there is any, is going to be pretty light on the way there. When they arrive that all changes. Astonishment paints it's way across Gabriel's face as what she sees she can only describe as, acceptable. High praise coming from her.

"I am surprised they let you keep a m-marvelous dog here," Gabriel states dryly and only tripping over one word as she casts her gaze this way and that.
" A rapist den?"

Turning to Mimiru it's pretty clear Gabriel doesn't know what to make of that statement and then it is clear that the attempt at making sense of it only makes Gabriel take it worse and worse and worse until she finally asks,
"And how exactly would you defend yourself?" She glances at Max thinking perhaps the dog serves some use and then around the area before satisfying herself it isn't a rapist den.

"More importantly, how did you find this place?" She inquires.

Giving a shrug, Mimiru says, "Well, I was looking for a rent somewhere so I didn't have to stay at my mom's place... And I found this request on the internet. It was too good to be true, really, the rent is really cheap. I couldn't have asked for better," Mimiru says.

Her lips curl into a grin and she adds, "I've been in all sort of horrible spots when I was younger and travelled around the world. When you don't have money, any spot is good... So this, it's like a real castle,"

Mimiru takes a box or two and she offers them to Gabriel. Or rather, she more or less forces them into her hands, "Here, thanks for helping me out. I'll pay the beer and lunch after," She offers.

Mimiru grins and lifts a finger up, "Defend myself? Well, there's always Max... That and, well, I'm a good fighter, I kept on training, really.." Mimiru leans over in the car and takes two boxes in her arms.

"But how did you find this-" Gabriel starts to ask for more information before there is a box thrust in her hands and she is forced to wobble with it a moment. Ugh. She's helping. Maybe Mimiru knew, maybe she somehow read Gabriel's mind, or her expression or something! But she must have known.. Gabriel had never had any intention what so ever of helping and now.. she was helping And so, reluctantly Gabriel goes to follow Mimiru along.

"So which place is yours?" She asks casually, being this was Gabriel's plans all along she manages to sound not too eager to learn and give away 'the game'.

"I knew you still were training, I was there when you and your cousin fought in that event. It was.. " she pauses looking for the word, "Riveting. Actually your cousin seemed to get beaten around quite a bit."

"Searching in the newspapers and on the internet. I was looking for a place to say... The man who owns the appartment was looking for a roomie, so... It's perfect for me. I couldn't affort to pay this on my own, really,"

Mimiru grins as she remembers her first meeting with him, "Yeah... His name is Alma, he's really something. YOu'd like him, he seems innocent and pure. He's an artist too. Ahah, he kept blushing when I met him, I wonder if he had dirty thoughts about me or something..." Mimiru says.

"Follow me," Mimiru says. To get to her new appartment, Mimiru and Gabriel have to walk up a few floors, taking the stairs. "Here it is.." Mimiru says as she tries to hold the boxes and open the doors with her keys. "Oh, you were at our fight...? Yeah, felt like I was more sitting aside when it all happened.. Not really my kind of fight..."

Thoughts flash through Gabriel's head as this new information is processed. First there is the matter of rooming with a man, this outrage can't be left unanswered, the anger raises and Gabriel changes shades to something pinker and her hands form fists under the box.

"You just answered an anonymous request for a roomate from a man? Do you have any idea how improper that is? Do you have your own room, your own bathroom, what if he sees you unclothed?!" Gabriel is fuming seriously fuming as she looks at Mimiru in disbelief and outrage until something clicks in her mind.

Mika, Rainbow Mika, the 'sexy' fight.

"Did you say Alma?" Gabriel asks, incredulously, "Alma is a woman." She informs Mimiru, having seen Alma in a bikini.

"Huh?" Mimiru says, arching a brow as she finally opens the door up, "Man, I've been through a lot worse, back in Germany I used to stay in a commune before. We were four or five sleeping all in the same room, that's nothing like that," Mimiru says with a careless and dismissing tone.

She enters the room and Max follows in front of them, going over to sit in the large living room. The place had modern like fashion senses. It was clean and very tidy, with pieces of arts around, giving it a definately rich and high-class look.

"I have my own room.. We share the same bathroom..." Mimiru blinks as she carries the box into the smaller room that will be hers and she puts them on the ground, heaving a soft sigh. She glances over to Gabriel and blinks a few times, "And what if he sees me unclothed?" She fails to see how improper it could be, "We're adults and all, not like I'll walk around naked, mind you,"

Folding her arms in front of her chest, Mimiru arches a brow, "Yeah, Alma Towazu... He's a famous artist I think. He may be metrosexual or bisexual or something, but I doubt he's a she, really..."

Mimiru goes on to explain things that don't make any sense to Gabriel, she's pretty sure it's improper and Mimiru must be set straight.. The problem is, well now isn't the time. She needs to find a way to get her away from her dog first because that dog is clearly going to bark and make noise and probably bite. The dog should be muzzled. So at least Mimiru isn't staying in a room with five other men, they're always men in Gabriel's mind because it wouldn't seem as improper.

"Just because you are both adults does not mean it is okay, you could be leading someone along with thoughts giving them views like that, just because it does not affect you does not mean it does not affect them and that can be quite rude don't you think?" Gabriel cants her head, having possibly said something that made sense before continuing, "You need to think about the signals you send, you could hurt someone's feelings or make them think things you do not mean to." Then she gasps, "Or do you?" She stares at Mimiru with disbelief!

"Oh and I watched her in a battle too, she fought someone named Mika in a bikini, Alma is a woman I am pretty sure."

"Well! What do you think, that I'm so kind of nympho or something?" Mimiru replies with a shrug of her shoulder, "I won't be trying to setup stuff like that," She waves her hand idly, "Don't worry about it, really.." She says.

She blinks and shakes her head, waving both hands at Gabriel, "Woah, woah, careful there, and what if I /WANTED/ something out of him, huh? I mean, we're both adults, what would be wrong with that?" Mimiru asks, arching a brow. Gabriel did sound like a party breaker after all! She grins and says teasingly, "Next thing you'll tell me is that I can't drink beer and enjoy good food or something?"

Mimiru hums softly and gives Gabriel a shrug, "Well then, that settles it. If Alma's a girl, then, there's no problem there, right? I mean, two girls, innocently living together in the same appartment, I can walk around half-naked and it's all fine, right?"

"Beer?!" Gabriel sputters and nearly drops the boxes, instead she sets them down because now it is important that they are not in her hands. Now that the boxes have been set down she gives Mimiru a exasperated look, and thrusts her fists downward in indignation.

"First I see what you've done there, you have been walking around half naked and you were just trying to pretend you weren't." She holds up a finger at Mimiru as she goes on,

"And just because she is a woman does not make it okay, because because, look being an adult does not make it okay to lead someone on and hurt their feelings. You need to be careful of what you tell people with your actions." She gives an aggravated huff looking very flustered, "Context matters, you .. You wouldn't sit next to someone on an empty bus." Gabriel says, having likely never sat on a bus a day in her life,

"You really do need an intervention." Gabriel concludes, practically hyperventilating.

"Yeah..." Mimiru says with a bright smile, "I love beer! But I'm very picky... Only local brewed beer. I have a few favorites, I love to taste," Mimiru says. Considering all the things she says, it's hard to say whether or not she realizes how much Gabriel is judging her for all of that.

Mimiru then blinks at Gabriel's fierce reply. Though she has an amused smile after a moment, "Ahah, you're funny, what if I wanted to secude her that way? What if it was my intention?" Obviously, Mimiru is messing with Gabriel some.

Mimiru walks pass Gabriel and pats her shoulder, "I'd sit next to someone on an empty bus. It's a great way to make friends. Nothing like a compliment first to get someone to open up," Mimiru says, "Come, we got more boxes down!" Mimiru says as she makes her way out of the appartment.

"I need nothing except a warm place to stay and a belly full, really," Mimiru says.

"No wait!" Gabriel says, chasing after Mimiru.

If she was enjoying what she was doing to Gabriel she must have been really loving the way her face shifted from disbelief, shock, horror and then back to outrage.

"Beer is improper, it will make you do things you should not like walk around topless to attempt to seduce your female roomate whom you somehow thought was a male and then despite learning you got their gender wrong you are still trying to seduce them! Who does that?" Gabriel asks, but it wasn't rhetorical, believe it or not super repressed Gabriel actually wants to know.

"No really, who," Gabriel asks more insistently.

Her face, lips tight, then loose then sheepish her eyes first fiercing boring into Mimiru now trying to avoid looking at her and her hands gripping ungripping and all the while she seems to be trying to hold something. (It's her glass shard, which she doesn't actually have right now).

The girl can't help it but laugh at Gabriel's conception of alcohol. Of course, Mimiru had a totally different view on this subject but considering just how juvenile Gabriel's opinion about alcohol was she decides to play with it a bit.

Mimiru glances over to Gabriel when she asks who and she can't help it but gives her a silent answer : her lips merely curl into a wide guilty smile and she offers an apologetic shrug of her shoulder.

She turns her eyes back in front and makes her way down the stairs, "Anyway! We got work to do!" She says. A few moments later, Mimiru makes her way back into the car. Fortunately, this was just enough to drag Gabriel over so she can help and carry some more box, "So, hum... I suppose you don't want to take that offer on free beer? I got Irish Cream ale in the fridge, if you want.."

"What is Irish Cream Ale?" Gabriel manages. Up until now she followed Mimiru out to the car at an utter loss for words and probably Mimiru isn't going to kick start her just yet because she wants her to help move boxes. It is with this thought in mind that Gabriel is very easy to get to take a couple more boxes. She literally just takes them.

"Honestly that doesn't even make sense, are the Irish known for cream or Ale and how do you mix cream with Ale? One is a dairy product and the other is rotten wheat." She makes very big wrinkled nose as she speaks but then amends,
"Still how will I know the depth of your depravity if I do not at least have a little taste." Of course this can't end well, who likes beer the first time they try it?

"Huh, well, it's..." Mimiru says. She shakes her head and heaves a sigh, "Hard to explain, never mind..." Mimiru says. "You'll see, it's good.. You got to give it one or two and savor it. It's an art to enjoy but it's very delightful. I'm glad you want to try it out," Mimiru says with a nod.

After all, Mimiru knew her limits and she would make sure Gabriel would have a good experience, or at least, try to change her fright about beer if she can.

She takes the box and makes her way back toward her appartment, "Seriously though, you need to calm down and loosen up a little. There's nothing improper about having fun, the thrill's awesome, really," Mimiru says.

Somehow Gabriel seems to calm down a little, maybe it's from carrying th eboxes, too much work to be worked up over.

"I think it is important to maintain discipline at all times, " Gabriel begins then relents, "However I will try your irish cream, I am sure it isn't as bad as I fear." Gabriel follows Mimiru into her apartment again and the pits of sin and debauchery, sure to wake up in a pair of pink yoga pants with no idea where they came from or who they belong to.

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