Daigo - Edge's on the edge

Description: After the little arrangement Daigo made with the mysterious 'Miko', Edge ends up rather angry. Daigo has to try and calm him down, which is no easy task... Nothing to help Edge's jealousy when he learns Daigo gave Rocket a special mission either.

~ Yo. Courtyard. Before Class. ~

That was the note that was stabbed into the locker of Daigo. The blade, of course, could belong to nobody but Edge. Which is why it probably is so crazy because why the hell would EDGE stab a note like such into the locker of his Boss?! Well, let's think about this again. It's Edge. That should explain it enough right there. And so, whenever that was done, it sits there until Daigo finds it. Or someone goes to tell Daigo about it. Or the janitor decides that it shouldn't be there anymore.

Ha. Just kidding. As if Gedo has a janitor.

The Courtyard is packed a bit more than usual this Right After Lunch B. Could have something to do with rumors floating around about the note. Could have something to do with the fact that there are some hot chicks playing jump rope. Could have even more to do with the fact that Edge has been pacing back and forth for at least two classes. There are random slits in various things (and people) around his area from frustrated knife throwing and angry slicing. Either way, the chaotic crazy kid stops when he sees a random delinquent nerd staring at him.

"YOUSE TRYIN' TO DIE RIGHT NOW?!?! GET TH' HELL OUTTA' MY SIGHT!" And then he throws a knife at him. Because why the hell not.

Back to pacing.

Was it a death threat? No one in Gedo was crazy enough to actually so openly do something against Daigo... No one except maybe Edge..? Edge was crazy alright, but he wouldn't do that! Or would he...? At the very least, the students who saw this note were very curious.

Daigo eventually found this note when he came to school. He reacted the way Daigo always seems to react to any situation : stoically. He took the note and stared a long time at it, only a slight frown betraying any emotions he had about all of this. The piece of paper was then put into one of his pocket and he silently left the halls, knowing many students were waiting to see his reaction.

Shortly after Edge's little outburst against the nerd, Daigo's deep and powerful voice can be heard above all the noises in the courtyard. His voice was calm and his tone just loud enough so Edge could hear him, "Easy there Edge. What's the matter?" The tall man asks him.

Soon Daigo approaches Edge, making his way through the few students who were still roaming about. He observes him for a moment, both arms on his side, his expression always cold and stern as usual.

When the note had been found jabbed into Daigo's locker, Rocket had been one of the ones to see it. She had been on the lookout for the big guy since she'd gotten to school, since she had a couple of things that needed reporting. When he hadn't shown within about thirty seconds or so, though, she had just shrugged it off and gone on her way. Waiting was pretty much her least favourite thing to do - she'd catch up with him later.

And now it's later. Rocket's got her headphones turned up, like usual, and she's been practicing her grinding on some of the railings around the courtyard. (With her rollerblades, that is. She's not trying to compete with the jump ropers.)

When she spots Daigo approaching Edge, she hops off of the rail she's balancing on and starts skating over in that direction.

"Hey! Daigo!"

She gives a wave as she approaches, apparently completely oblivious to the tension going on.

"Easy?! Youse talkin' t' me 'bout bein' easy?!?!"

Edge whirls around and flicks open one of his switchblades. He holds it up. Not in a threatening manner because Daigo would lay him flat so fast and he would be the laughing stock until he stabbed someone. No. He's just holding it up in a manner to show his frustration and his utter disregard for the 'no weapons on campus' rule. He doesn't even read rules that are posted. It's one of his rules.

"What's th' matter?! What's th' matter?! You stand there with ya' bare face hangin' out an' youse got the NERVE to ask me: WHAT'S THE MATTER?!?!"

Edge throws his hands up for a moment and just shakes his head. He can't believe this guy. "Okay, okay. How 'bout this? How 'bout we take a trip down memory lane to about a week ago, huh?! When I was tryin' to keep YOU outta' harm's way. Remember that? Remember the blood? Remember the scars? Remember that really ugly nurse I got stuck with? Yeah. I did all that for you. And this?" Edge wags his knife at Daigo like he just can't believe it. "This is how you repay me?!?!" Notice that Edge still hasn't explained.

The tall behemoth spares a glance in Rocket's direction as he hears his name. Unfortunately, Rocket doesn't get much from him at this moment aside from a simple nod of his head in term of greeting. Edge's already shouting back at him and causes him to turn his full attention in his direction.

The blonde man's sudden and chaotic movements might cause many to be rather uncomfortable and stressed around Edge, but Daigo stands in front of him, unwavering like some sort of stone monument. Unphased by his shouts and his obvious frustration.

For the time being, Daigo is focused on Edge and listens to his pleas and worries, perfectly stalwart. The tall man didn't need further explainations, he knew exactly what Edge was talking about. "Edge!" He calls out with his deep, loud and firm voice. The man moves both of his massive hands slowly to reach out for Edge's shoulders, as if to steady him and he slowly leans closer to his face, keeping eye contact with Edge.

"You trust me, don't you?"

Is all that Daigo says, staring at Edge for a long moment of silence. Whether or not Edge answers, Daigo adds afterward, "I would not let someone who hurt my boys get away with it so easily, you know it, but violence isn't always the key to solve problems," He tells him.

Daigo's hands slowly move away from his shoulder and Daigo says, "If she dares to do anything funny here, what do you think will happen to her?" He states, as if offering Edge a bright side to all of this.

A ring of student bodies has formed around Daigo and Edge by the time that Rocket makes her way over, although the others keep their distance from the erratic knife-wielder. As a result, her view of the two is blocked by a bunch of taller guys, who refuse to budge for the five-foot-and-a-bit skater punk. She ends up elbowing one of the boys hard in the ribs, causing him to cry out and take a step back. The male student, a lanky five-foot-ten with brown hair, looks at her as if he's about to cuss her out, then frowns as he recognizes his cousin.

"Ugh, Rina-chan, just because Daigo lets you hang with him doesn't mean -"

She's already slipped past him, pointing at her headphones to indicate that she can't hear him and smiling sweetly before flipping the bird. Once she's on the inside of the circle, she hangs at the edge of it, tucking her thumbs into the pockets of her shorts as she waits, her green eyes shifting idly between Daigo and Edge. She's at least aware and polite enough not to butt into the conversation directly just yet.

"Ugh. Why you gotta' go there, Boss? Huh?"

Edge looks like he's ashamed of everything he just said and did. Not that he's actually said or done anything that can't be taken away. He hasn't broke any cardinal sins or anything. He's just been his normal, psychotic and crazy as hell overreacting self. It really is just part of the package when you're Edge. Which is why he's not exactly the type of person to be worried too much about what other people think.

"It ain't you I ain't trustin', Boss. You know that." Edge can't believe he's actually being asked such things. "But you lettin' people get to close. She almost killed me! Like, not jus' a li'l bit dead. Like all th' way dead!" Edge seems to be finally getting to the root of his issues with Miko. Or whatever the crazy chick's name is supposed to be. "An' yeah, I gotta' admit, it was a bit of a turn-on. But y'know, I ain't tryin' to be dead. If I'm dead, I can't get your back. And if I can't get your back, then what happens to the gang, man?"

See? Edge is thinking about the entire gang. Not just his own miserable life. Which, y'know, is kind of worthless when you really think about it.

"I had a long talk with her," Daigo replies with a slow nod of his head. He leans back and folds his arms across his chest, turning his gaze away as he seems to ponder over his past discussion.

"Appartently, she wanted you no harm and it was a misunderstanding. She seems to share a similiar philosophy than my own and want to help us..." Daigo lowers his gaze and considers, humming deeply, "I understand your concern, but I am willing to give her a second chance. However, if you ever think she's up to something that could endanger one of us, or harm one of us, come see me right away, Edge," The man's voice was serious. Despite all of Edge's crazy actions and psychotic bursts, he believes he's got some instinct and insight on things like that. It's not because Edge's brain works differently that he's not clever and cunning in his own ways.

Now that he's through with this subject, Daigo turns on his heels and gesture with one hand at Rocket, "Speaking of, there's someone I want to introduce you," Daigo says to Edge. He glances over to Rocket and gestures to her, "Remember Rocket? The one who bumped into me a few days ago?"

When Daigo gestures at her, Rocket thumbs off the power on her music player and skates in closer to the gang leader and his lieutenant. She does give both of them a bit of a berth, though - hanging a little closer to Daigo than to Edge. She still remembers the last time that she met the blond-haired knife-wielder, after all.

"Sup, Crazy Eyes?"

Not that that keeps her from running her mouth, apparently. She then turns to look up at Daigo.

"Hey Daigo, I need to tell you about somethin'. Well, two things, I guess. One of them's about that favour you asked me to do."

The last bit is added in a sort of stage whisper, as if rather unsuccessfully attempting to keep people around from hearing. It could be due to that loud music she's been listening to.

Edge rolls his eyes when it comes time for an introduction. He is really not a happy camper right now and there's just something about the way that things are going down recently that has him on, well, edge. He shudders a bit as he turns his attention towards Rocket. He simply just narrows his eyes and goes into his pocket. Instead of coming out with a knife, though, he comes out with a piece of pink bubblegum. It gets popped into his mouth and he starts chewing away. That's probably what is going to keep him calm during this whole meeting.

"Yeah? Why she still breathin'?" Edge doesn't seem to be too particularly impressed by the fact that Daigo has let this interloper continue to breathe. This is just not his day. It really isn't. "Wait wait wait... F'N WAIT!" Edge takes this time to blow a dramatic bubble. It expands and eventually pops. "Youse got new kids doin' favors for ya' now?" Edge frowns. "Out with the old, huh, Boss?" And then Edge is back to chewing his gum.

"She's part of Gedo High, Edge," Daigo reminds his lieutenant gently, with a tone that almost reminds a mother gently scolding her child for saying something mean. Except his voice is deep and manly at the same time.

Daigo glances in Edge's direction, a thin smirk spreading on his lips. He can't help but let a heartly laughter escape his throat for a second, "Ahah, if I didn't know better Edge, I'd say you're getting jealous," His smile widens a bit, finding this amusing. "You can't everywhere at the same time for me... Beside, it was a little test to see how Rocket fits into the gang," He ends his sentence and turns his eyes back at Rocket, his expression growing a bit more serious.

"How did Gorin's tagging go?" He asks, folding his arms in front of his chest. He speaks clearly and loud enough so Edge can hear it, obviously not wanting to have a secret discussion in front of Edge and to make sure he's in it about the news.

Daigo drops Your Ass.

"Hey, I'll breathe if I want to, when I want to, where I want to!" Rocket tells Edge with a scowl in response to his statement in regards to her, folding her arms across her middle. While Daigo is looking in Edge's direction, Rocket quickly sticks her tongue out at the latter spitefully, before withdrawing it the moment Daigo turns back to her.

"Oh, it went pretty well! I managed to tag up those Olympic rings in the front of their school. There were these two, like, giants though. I mean, not as big as you, but this one huge girl started beaning me with volleyballs, and then this hockey player got all up in my grill. I've still got bruises from where he hit me, see?"

She flips up the bottom of her tank top - not enough to be completely inappropriate, but spontaneously enough to possibly create the threat of it. She does have a bruise mark across her ribs, though, and seems rather proud of it.

"I got away though, and the job got done!"

There comes to be more rolling of the eyes from Edge as he listens to the conversation between Daigo and Rocket. He already has one of his knives to his own throat as he's paying attention to what's being said. Clearly, he feels that death would be a better use of his time than actually hearing this stupidity that is coming from the mouths of both of them.

"Boss. C'mon, man. You can't be serious." Edge mimes vomiting the moment Rocket starts lifting her top. It really is just nasty. Or at least that's what Edge is attempting to make everyone think. He's always just trying to mess with people. There's a reason why he's the comic relief. "She's on @(#@#n' skates, man. You can't be seriously sendin' her out reppin' Gedo?" This is not a good representation of what Edge thinks his gang should be like.

"I am very serious," Daigo replies to Edge with a slow nod of his head. He spares a glance over to Edge and says, "Anyone who is seeking a place to belong to will be welcome in our gang, Edge," His lips curl into a faint smirk, "And if she stays after the final test, she'll be, like you, considered like family," Daigo adds with a nod of his head.

Perhaps not everyone had the same views about 'the gang' that Daigo had, but it was very important to him and he cared for everyone in it the same way he would with his own family.

His lips curl into a wide smile and he returns his attention to Rocket. "Good, I'm proud of you," He says as he stares at the bruises she has on her ribs, "Your first marks, hope you'll keep good memories of them,"

The smile on his face fades away as he puts one hand on Rocket's shoulder and turns on his heels to look at Edge. His expression became much more severe in just a few seconds and he says, "Edge, this afternoon, thanks to your information and work, I'll get my hands on the panties thief," He nods his head and adds, "I want you to prepare everything in the old abandonned warehouse by the riverside... We're going to do, you and I, a proper interrogation tonight,"

He rubs Rocket's shoulder and adds, "I want you to come with us. Edge will take you there... If you stay with us through the night, then you'll be one of ours, but if you can't take it, you can decide to leave..." Daigo's words trail off for now, his gaze getting low on the ground as if considering. He gives Rocket a gentle pat on her shoulder and slowly starts to walk away.

"I need to do the final preparations with the other boys for that, I trust you Edge with the most important part : get all the things ready for the interrogation,"

Rocket doesn't seem to pay any attention to Edge's reaction to her lifting her top. After all, she's only showing off battle damage, and if Edge is too weak-stomached to handle that, why would she care? When Edge points out that she's on skates, though, in a way that implies she isn't fit to rep Gedo - THEN she takes notice. She smooths her top back down with her gloved hands, clenching them into fists as she shoots a glare over at Daigo's lieutenant. She's about to say something when Daigo starts talking about the interrogation plans. Ones that involve her.

"Wait... panty thief? Interrogation?" She shoots another look at Edge. "-He's- gonna take me there?"

Normally Rocket wouldn't be the type to jump through hoops to join somebody's club or gang or whatnot, but the fact that Edge thinks she doesn't belong may well be enough to push her to prove she does...

Edge looks completely and utterly distraught and annoyed. Whatever happiness he was about to show drains from his entire being the moment the moment he realizes what Daigo has told him to do. He stops chewing his gum and stares off in the direction of the epic walking away that Daigo is doing.

"What?!?!" Edge throws his hands into the air out of mad frustration. "I ain't no babysitter! Why you gotta' make me babysit?! Why don't you make your new favorite Miko do it?!" Edge just continues to yell stuff after Daigo, even though this is one out of many times that this sort of thing has happened. Which is why, after a few moments, Edge just sighs and turns his attention to Rocket.

"I hate you." Edge sighs and moves to start stalking off in a random direction. "Let's go. And take off those dumb ass skates..."

Daigo heaves a soft sigh as he hears the two complains a little. He glances over his shoulder and frowns, "Try to get to know each other, I'm sure you'll learn to appreciate one another," Daigo then glances at Rocket and nods, "I just want you to watch and see what we do to the ones who hurt or humiliate the ones we love..."

And with that he's off. Epic walk away into the sun. Except no cape flapping in the wind.

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