Gabriel - Old Frienemies

Description: Old friends meet up but something is off and it's just the smell of dog. Find out what happens with the Stray of Southtown meets up with the Crusader of light!

For years Mimiru had fled her hometown and now she has finally returned, drawn back here by unknown forces. A sign of destiny perhaps? Who knows, she couldn't explain it but she had to. However, staying at the house that used to be her home was slowly wearing her out and she felt too many painful memories from this place.

As of sort, Mimiru found another place to stay in Southtown. Borrowing her mother's car for the day, Mimiru packed some of her old things so she could stay in her new place. It's afternoon, Max is lying lazily on the ground, head turning back and forth from Mimiru who is taking boxes and putting them in the cab of her mother's car. Old memories and things Mimiru will want so sort out, most likely. All the packing had been done in the morning, not it's time to take the boxes and objects into the car.

Earlier that week there was a strange individual outside the childhood home of Mimiru Kasagi, now lived in entirely by Yoko Kasagi. Gabriel had stopped by with her lawyer and was setting up camera equipment right in broad daylight to spy on it, however Jira Kasagi (Just how many Kasagi are there in the world?) stopped her and convinced her not to spy on the Kasagi house. This worked for a little while, but the crusader of light couldn't shake the idea that there was still some value in watching the home. After all, this was Mimiru's mother, whom Gabriel recalled gotten along pretty well with her daughter, at least while they were younger. She thought it was at least worth while trailing the woman around to see if she was in contact with Mimiru and in the worst case subduing her was always an option. Just two caveats. One, ditch the laywer, whom had no problem being ditched and two, be less conspicious. So no cameras.

Having arrived suitably early, the Kasagi house didn't look particularly different today. There was a car parked outside which was good, it meant there was someone home to tail. So now just wait. Gabriel came today dressed in something fairly usual for her, a long pleated black skirt, a long sleeved white button up blouse with lace trim and a long dark red coat with dragon designs, opened in the front. She brought her violin too, which today would be more main source of entertainment. Luckily for the world at large, she has apparently gotten better at playing it. While by no stretch worthy of an audience, ears will not bleed for having the misfortune of listening to Gabriel play.

The house was easy to watch, so Gabriel decided to pick a grassy patch across the street (arguably someone else's lawn) to set up a little picnic. She had in the most cliché of picnic manner laid out a blanket with a basket, some cups and sauces for tea and sandwhiches and of course all of this is on nice dishware, ceramic with roses decorated into it. She also has her violin and sits with legs folded playing the instrument. It might be a chilly day, but at least it isn't too cold.

One box set in, another brought in the car... Mimiru is performing various come and goes from the house back to the car. You definately can't mistake her for her mother, thanks to color of her hair and the rather different style of clothing, even though they share a similar built and have similar facial expression.

"There, I think we're all set now..." Mimiru says as she closes the backdoor of the car. She puts her hands on her waist and glances up to Max, lips curling into a smile. The dog whines a bit and tilts his head to one side, though he slowly rises up, tail wagging, preparing to leave.

She would have left, if it wasn't for the weird violin noise Mimiru is hearing. The girl arches a brow, curious, and she takes a few steps away to spare a glance across the street at the woman sitting on the lawn, with all of the setup. Huh, weird, "It's a bit cold for a picnic, no?" MImiru asks with a smile.

Some people train under water falls, some people train in gyms, some by running and still others do the totally insane training of trying to play the violin in cold weather. Mind you this isn't Canada, or northern Canadia, or northern french speaking Canada where the weather is @#$#@ all cold. No this is Japan. Where the tempature is about 9 degrees (Gabriel's player checked). Still a touch cold to be playing a string instrument outside, but at least it is very respectably above freezing. Jacket weather to be sure. No doubt if this were northern seperatist Canada Gabriel would be trying to play the violin under about six feet of snow. It would be like the end of the Shinning. Instead we have, well just a little weird.

When Mimiru speaks up, Gabriel puts the violin down, which is probably good because her finger dexterity was likely lacking. The violin playing would of never been good, but at least it wasn't horrible, but chilly hands weren't helping. One must take care of their instruments of course, so Gabriel places her violin back in the case and also takes a moment to sip some tea, ahh warm tea. By now it might seem like she is ignoring Mimiru, but then she says,

”Hello Mimiru Kasagi-chan.” She would smile if she did, but instead she brings her cold green eyes (a chilly minus six degrees) to bare on Mimiru. “It has been a long time, I am Gabriel Kai and I must say. . “ Dramatic pause and then an extended finger to point at Mimiru most dramatically (double use of word on purpose).

”That hair does not suit you.”

Max follows after Mimiru as she ventures just outside of her property but still remains across the street. The dog sits down at her side and Mimiru keeps her hands into the front pocket of her jacket. Every details of her past life have been more or less deeply repressed and have faded away in her memory. The woman before her seems somewhat familiar, but Mimiru couldn't quite say how.

Mimiru arches a brow and frowns, staring at Gabriel as she tries to find clues on her in her memory. The violin, the dragon patterns on her outfit. "Hello," She replies. Fortunately, Gabriel doesn't leave her hanging and once she speaks her name, Mimiru's expression brightens, "Oh! Gabriel!" She exclaims with a smile.

She blinks and lifts one hand up to her hair, "You think so...?" She asks, "Don't like the color?" She wonders, "Huh... I might be due for a chance, really... I, I've had a lot of different colors since I left Southtown, really... Surprised to see you're still here after so many years, I thought you would have left when you had the chance and grew old enough," She admits.

While Mimiru speaks Gabriel listens and disaproves. Her lips press together in an embrace of disapointment followed by a twisting as she continues to hear what must truly be a horrible example of moral depravity. Finally, unable to take another moment of this speak of murdering puppies or something, Gabriel responds,

“You should allow your hair to return to normal and dress in more ladylike clothing. Luckily for you I have met your cousin and been watching you, so I am here to rescue you from. . This.” She gestures with a flick of her hand at whatever 'this' is. The expression eventually vanishes as Mimiru says something unrelated to the -gasp- coloring of hair.

“I have been around, there was university to consider and I had some matters of inherentance to handle before I could be free to do as I choose. I spend a great deal of time here, I have my family home and I also travel. I can not quite afford a suitable second home, but there are fine hotels I have found myself frequenting.”

Little does Gabriel know that wealth does have it's limits. Especially without a job of her own, she could easily burn through it very quickly if it were not for very savvy brokers and financial managers who jobs hinged on maintaining the trust funds she was given by her overly generous parents. More lucky for her is that their paychecks depend on milking that fund for as long as it can possibly last.

“I see you are moving someplace,” Gabriel's eyes flick toward the car and briefly over Max with a sigh. Somewhere deep down she had thought maybe that mutt would have died of old age by now.
“ I didn't drive here, would you mind giving me a ride?” Gabriel asks with a tilt of her head and oblivious to how a smile might help if she was capable of smiling.

Strange, isn't it? The canine by Mimiru's side seems as vigorous and healthy as it was before a couple of years ago. Always by Mimiru's side, or maybe she had gotten another one? If that was the case, the two dogs look exactly the same.

Mimiru arches a brow at Gabriel and glances back at her hair. Then at her clothes. She shakes her head a moment but she seems amused by Gabriel's remark, "Ahah, you haven't changed," She says with a soft laughter. "Despite all the years, you're still the same, really. Just as I remember you," Mimiru says, resting her hands on her waist, "I think those clothes are perfectly fine. How could I do sport without clothes like that? You don't expect me to wear skirts or dress, do you?"

Mimiru doesn't mention anything about her hair though but she gives Gabriel a shrug, "Sure, I can give you a ride... If you don't mind sharing the space with Max," Mimiru says, ruffling the dog's hair, "Didn't really expect a third passenger," Mimiru says. "I found some place in Southtown to stay... Didn't want to be a burden to my mother, even if I'm sure she wouldn't have minded me around but still..." She says, heaving a soft sigh at the thought.

Max is set aside in Gabriel's mind for now. As much as she thought the dog might have passed, the fact that he hasn't and in fact looks rather remarkably healthy doesn't seem to occur to her. She's not a vetrenarian after all (far from it, once she did try to poison the strays didn't she?). But back to the present there is an important question Gabriel is asked to which she answers:

”Yes, I think a dress would be appropriate, but I'm sure I can change your mind with a simple shopping errand where I introduce you to the world of fashion, proper attire and being a lady.” These words are delivered with the sort of tone you might give if you were telling a starving child they could be fed and clothed and kept warm and safe. Gabriel wears the air of superiority like a second skin and oh the favors she's going to do for Mimiru. She can see it now:

-Flash into Gabriel's head-

Mimiru, with black hair emerges from the changing room in a ankle length dress with no cleavage, a proper bodice, but oh that is not all, she will wear a long full coat and of course carry a parasol. She will do a little spin for Gabriel and look like a perfect doll. Why, Gabriel could just keep her. A Mimiru sized display case in her home. Mister Powell can see to it she is fed and watered.

Ridicilous as it may seem, Gabriel actually swoons a little on the spot just thinking about it and has to wave her hand in front of her head. Of course the dog will have to go and then Mimiru mentions sharing with a dog.

”Three?” Gabriel asks, her brows raising, “Could not the mmm- marvously dog go in the back?” She was going to say mutt, she was totally going to say mutt.

Mimiru frowns a bit and she glances at her clothes. Her clothes were fine, were they? What was wrong with them. "I'll think about it, I don't really have much money to spare and I don't think I'd wear that all that often..." The thought of girlier clothings was not necessarly a bad one, but on a day to day basis that didn't seem like a good deal. All Mimiru needed was comfort clothes and things useful for physical activities.

Mimiru stares at Gabriel for a moment and when she seems to snap out of it, she can see Mimiru has a rather bemuddled look on her face on her rather strange reactions. "You okay?" She asks, just to be sure.

She turns on her heels and nods, waving over to the car, "Yeah, well, huh... I packed up my stuff in the car, so, didn't think on keeping up more space than necessary.. It might be a tight fit though, maybe I can rework space a little inside..."

What magnamaous offer would Gabriel be making if she was going to expect Mimiru to pay her own way,

” Oh the clothes would be my treat,” Gabriel replies easily and then says, “Also you can bring a friend, I've met Jira, she could use with a fashion friendly make over as well.” Meanwhile Gabriel starts packing up her picnic basket, apparently planing to add more things to the car. She takes her time daintily putting everything in the proper place, folding the blanket neatly and then when she's done she casts another glance at Max. The thought or riding in a car with the mongrel was not a pleasant one, but Gabriel had a plan, a truly wicked and evil plan.

”I realize the fit will be tight, but I'm sure you'll need help with unpacking and moving things, I'm surprised you didn't have a friend here helping you pack in the first place, unless you used your dog.” Her lips tighten in what might be the hint of a smirk at her own joke, but apparently Gabriel never smiles.

“I would offer to drive, but I do not have a license,” She admits, though it isn't like she was asked, instead Gabriel was trying to avoid getting shoved in close quarters with the dog. Oh the sacrifices she makes for fashion. . Fashion like:

Mimiru bursts fourth from the changing room, decked out in white stockings with hearts on them, a skirt that only reaches outrageously to her knees and boots of a pale pink that hugs her calves. Her bodice is a white form fitting affair with the pale pink color used again for puffs around her shoulders, arms and chest. Her head neatly cleaned with a small hat off to the left side, the piece not enough to even cover her entire head and finally the crowning jewel, elbow length white gloves to show off her new found purity.

Not being in Gabriel's head you would simply have to contend yourself with her staring at Mimiru as though she were mentally dressing her in weird clothes.

Mimiru shakes her head and seems to dismiss the thought vaguely, "Don't worry about it... I'm used to stuff like that, I've been alone for a good part of my life. You end up finding ways to deal with stuff on your own.. It's no big deal, beside I've got few boxes... But any help is welcome," Mimiru admits. In the meantime, she returned to her car and tries to reorganize the boxes in a more orderly fashion so she can free up a spot in the back so Gabriel and sit with them without having to hold the dog in her lap.

"Ah... You met Jira?" Mimiru says, arching a brow, "I should pay her a visit sometime," Mimiru says with a slow. After all, the other Kasagi used to live in Southtown as well... So many memories and stuff Mimiru wasn't sure she wanted to dig up. She'd have to face it eventually. "Alright, if you insist... Who am I to say no to free clothes?" Mimiru offers with a smile. After all, she was short of money and didn't have much good girly clothes so... This was a perfect occassion.

Mimiru then shrugs and says, "Well, I haven't been in Southtown in years... Not sure if my friends are still around, and, well... Eh, things changed a lot too so.." She shrugs again at the thought. Obviously she didn't feel comfortable about asking help on the matter.

"There I think I've managed to work some place..." Mimiru glances over at Max and the dog whines, tilting his head to one side. He knew what that look on Mimiru's face meant. She lowers her hand and ruffles his hair, "Ah come on, it shouldn't be long, you've been through worse, boy..."

Of course the thought that Max doesn't want to share a space with Gabriel is something that would never occur to her, being rather self centered as she is, so there isn't even a moment of pause for the comfort of the dog. When Gabriel is done packing everything away she has two boxes to add to Mimiru's stuff, a picnic basket and her violin case. The latter of which she seems to care about more as she brings them over toward the car, case slung across her back. Once there she begins to speak actually conversationally.

“Well yes, high school was an odd time for us all, my student government activites took a lot of my time and then college and then I had to deal with some issues with my inheretance, my parents of course having been deceased from when I was very young. . “ Gabriel pauses, remembering perhaps what she did, “Needless to say the managers on my inheretance account needed to be let go of,” Which is a nice way to say fired, but what Gabriel really means is probably something else entirely. Hard to imagine why she thinks this is good converastion piece.
“ My family home is here, so I came back when that was dealt with oh and university. I studied education.”

Taking up Gabriel's things, Mimiru glances back at the car and tries to figure out how to add the extra stuff. After a moment of reflexion, she manages to force things in somehow. She then snaps her fingers and points to the seat and instinctively the dog knows what to do, hopping up on the backseat. It's weird how the big dog seems stuck so awkwardly there.

Mimiru carefully closes the door behind the dog, making sure not to hurt him. "Really?" Mimiru asks, "Are you a teacher in one of the highschool here?" The girl hums softly and adds her two cents, "As for myself I've been doing little jobs here and there, nothing serious... I've grown into a respected courier though. I do all sort of special deliveries across the world.. When someone needs a special protected package or very important stuff,"

“No I am not,” Gabriel replies while watching Mimiru work and not lifting a finger to help. Keeping her hands carefully at her side and standing with the straightest of posture she responds,
“ I tried teaching during my undergraduate program and decided I would not pursue it further, I think I am more prone to go into graduate school if I do anything, but now that my inherentance is settled I do not think I will worry about a carrer. Whatever interests me,” she replies like anyone of her generation really, she even still lives in her parents house, except they don't live there anymore, or live.

“If you make deliveries all across the world you must fly, is it part of some sort of company?” Speculation shows on her face, what company would use an individual to make deliveries? She gets in the car with these thoughts as the pair drive off to lands unknown. . . or Mimiru's place where ever that is.

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