Jira - Lights, Camera, Kasagi?

Description: Jira was enjoying a walk when she spies a friend trying to, well, spy on someone in her 'hood! A deeper glance into this mysterious other girl's desires are revealed!

Southtown Village.

There were a lot of memories of this place, growing up. Not that Gabriel grew up someplace so common as this, but she visited it a fair amount. When she was in high school at Justice high, she had 'friends' in Taiyo. A lot of them lived here. Backing up to this morning, Gabriel knew she was going to go someplace casual and so she decided to dress the part. Today, instead of wearing anything business like, she is in a very gothic looking gown (which she assumes is somehow casual?) with lacy black and white and a red parasol (because she lost her other one). She'll probably get a cease and desist from Rachel Alucard, having stolen her look a little, but for now, in the middle of southtown, Gabriel is simply strolling. That is simply strolling with her phone giving her GPS instructions to the Kasagi residence; Her only true friend from those days. There were others in Justice High, but they were private school children like her and besides that most of them were evil. Gabriel was a member of the Dark Side Student Council. Those days, however are behind her.

On arriving at the residence where Mimiru grew up, Gabriel begins her plans of mischief. That is surveillance, but she doesn't have time to sit around herself, so instead she installs cameras. The problem is these cameras are big and bulky, too much so for a lady like her to carry about (outdoor cameras tend to be weatherproof). So with a pause and a quick clap, a dark sedan that had been following her stops and Mister Powell (the unfortunate driver) places his head on the steering wheel and hopes this will be over quickly.

Gabriel pays the man no mind and begins pulling cases out of the back seat and setting up these outdoor cameras on the street lamp. Actually she looks quite out of place, but whose going to say anything to her? Most people assume whatever you're doing you're supposed to be doing don't they? When was the last time you questioned a random person on the street? Well maybe you would if they were pointing outdoor cameras at your house or the house of a relative. To be fair, Gabriel doesn't have a guilty look about her.

The village. Jira grew up hanging around these streets, and still hangs around more often than not. Despite her unusual weekly vanishings as of late, she has been showing her Taiyo pride quite well. Even so much as donating around half of her fight proceeds to the school and furthering her stance on fight safety.. though the table might've been a bit much, neither fighter was -seriously- injured in the SLAMfest. Most would probably assume it was all staged.

Jira is currently for a stroll, in her usual outside relaxedwear. Tanktop, sweater tied around her waist, jeans belted in place, and her usual sneakers. She is casual enough not to stick out, but Gabriel isn't quite so much. Infact it is Gabriel's state of dress that garners Jira's attention, which is what gets the slightly younger woman curious to alter her path to intercept the quite obsessed ms. Kai. Jira's presence isn't hard to miss, at all. She isn't hiding her footsteps and her arms are held up, with hands folded up and resting just below her ponytail.

Remarkably, as Jira approaches Gabriel in a way that one should notice, toward you, without sneaking or anything. . Gabriel does not notice. Indeed she does not notice the looks she garners from passers by, and one pedestrian even pause to do the right thing and inquire what she is doing. She ignored him just like she is ignoring the looks, the approaching Jira, the way that Mr. Powell stares at the steering wheel to the dark sedan like he is questioning his life choices, the shattered existence he now lives where his wife divorced him, his children do not talk to him and will not accept his facebook friend requests, where he is stuck doing the bidding of Gabriel.

It should also be noted that these things are not as plug and play as Gabriel was led to believe. Cameras use all sorts of specialized things to set up and often require screws and screw drivers and none of this stuff did Gabriel bother to bring (nor would she know how to use them) so instead of doing a bang up job of setting these cameras up with brackets and mounts she sets them on flat surfaces and points them generally toward the Kasagi house. The thought process probably goes as follows:

Someone could easily steal these cameras. Who would steal cameras? They're recording, it isn't like you would get away with it. Therefore why bother securing them. And so she does not.

Jira is probably less than content, seeing Gabriel isn't noticing her. She takes it upon herself to politely shoo off gawkers and the inquisitive one and simply murmuring that it cannot be helped as her excuse for them to carry on their day. Jira flashes Powell an apolagetic look, then leans up against the car.

"So, Gabriel-san, do you require any assistance with setting up your.. A/V equipment?" she asks, keeping her brow raised. "I don't think they'll be too secure if you don't bolt them down or mount them, and unless there's some serious batteries and memory in there, I don't think they will last more than a few hours of filming." she notes from idle observation, offering a smile.

" . . . . . . " Gabriel says to Jira while totally not ignoring her and just working on her setting up of the cameras.

~I don't think they'll be too secure . . . ~

". . . . . " Still totally paying attention, just not looking at Jira or reacting to anything she says or does yet. One of her brows does start to twitch though. .

~ And unless you have a battery in them. . .

"Young miss," Gabriel says and turns to face Jira,
"These cameras are solar powered and do not need to be plugged in and they wirelessly send their signal so that they can be monitored by Mister Powell, my lawyer, remotely without my having to do anything. In fact the only reason I am setting them out is because he insisted that he would not participate in illegal activities. I do highly doubt any of these activities constitute illegality, but I will presume his knowledge to be correct since he is my lawyer." She folds her arms, presses her lips together and stares at Jira. Meanwhile a newspaper like a tumbleweed blows across the street.

It should be noted that while these cameras may well be solar powered, the solar cells do not appear to be part of the packaging, or Gabriel neglected to bring them, also she doesn't seem to be doing anything to set up the wireless camera controls since she is just setting them there and pointing them toward the house. A very perceptive person might theorize this is the doing of a certain Mister Powell who knew if he left it up to her to set up, someone not terribly technically literal, the cameras would never work in the first place. Then Gabriel recognizes Jira,

"Oh it is you Puppy." She says, 'softening' from a glare to more of a stoic indifference as she turns back toward the camera equipment.
"I am setting up this monitoring equipment to keep an eye on your cousin, I believe she maybe engaging in immoral activities and needs to be straightened out."

Jira holds her hands up at solar powered, retracting her statements and giving another glance at the cameras. She doesn't think solar panels look like the current surface of the cameras. And someone's being a very, very bad henchman for all they've sacrificed thusfar she assumes.

"You mean, Yoko-san? She's the only one that lives in -that- house now." she mentions. "Mimiru moved out at some point, I can't recall the date precisely. Is there anything I can help you with, Gabriel-san?" she adds with a warm, friendly smile.

Yoko.. Mimiru moved out and lives someplace else. These words hit like a slow motion train, complete with first Gabriel standing there and her hands dropping to her sides. Her eyes narrow at the house in thought, the words continue their crash through her brain doing maximum damage. She then snaps back into reality and then turns to Jira and looks like maybe she's angry. A glare, yes a glare, but this is quickly turned and cast at the back of Mister Powell's head. Sometimes you capture things with honey?

"Of course, but doesn't she visit her mother?" Gabriel asks, aghast, "If not I fear it is worse than I imagined," she confides in a lower voice.

"I would visit my parents more often if they were not both deceased." She adds as a casual aside as if this fact was something as simple as today being tuesday instead of monday (it's neither).

"Well that makes things a little more difficult for me," Gabriel continues, "The whole point of this venture was watching Mimiru to ensure she was behaving in an appropriate manner, but now I fear I will have to find her another way." She's staring at Jira as she says this, perhaps she thinks she is being too subtle but it is unlikely that anyone else thinks that.

Meanwhile another tumble newspaper finds it's way across the street. A bird nearby probably eavesdropping and perhaps a princess in disguise just waiting for a kiss- sweatdrops and then flies away. No getting turned back into a human for this princess in a bird. Or more likely just normal bird that decided to fly away for whatever reason birds fly.

Jira shrugs. "I myself haven't seen Yoko in awhile, so I do not know how often she visits. If you're worried about her behaving acceptably, Mimiru was always a polite and proper enough girl, more than I am. And I volunteer at the school as an assistant!" she comments, keeping a warm smile. She gives a slow nod in reply to Gabriel's castoff comment of the state of living in family, trying to keep atleast her friend's level of calm about it. Jira's arms come down and cross over her stomach while she tries to wonder what's really happening.

"Gabriel-san, I'd really enjoy a chance to sit and talk with you at some point. Catch up. It's been a long while since you graduated, and I was only a first year in Taiyo then. I liked your company then, when you visited, even if it was few times we actually held conversation."

Apparently too subtle. Gabriel busies herself putting things back into the backseat of the car because while she does have money to burn, she isn't actually burning it. Mister Powell meanwhile lifts his head and glances in the side view mirror to see what is going on. Escapade over, he can't seem to decide if he is relieved or not, but keeps his mouth shut and himself parked in the driver seat. After a moment of putting the cameras away and listening to Jira talk, Gabriel responds,

"You went to Taiyo when I was in school?" Apparently she doesn't remember Jira at all. Most of her visits were to watch Mimiru play basketball, but occasionally she went in recruitment drives for the Darkside Student Congress, which had branches in all of the schools. Gabriel distinctly recalled the Taiyo high one being especially full of slackers. She frowns and then looks over at Jira and takes a shot in the dark,
"You were on the Taiyo High School basketball team weren't you." She doesn't actually remember if Jira was or not, she just sort of guesses. All of the things put away she turns to Jira and decides some deception,

"I would like that, you could tell me what you have been up to too and perhaps where Mimiru is living so I could pay her a little visit later too." Yeah. . Reaaaaal smooth.

Jira seems relieved the film equipment was being packed away, giving a quiet sigh. Her eyes kept fixed on Gabriel, looking more than willing to help if need be, or asked to. But she nods in response to the first question.
"Yes, I was there. And no, my first year I was on the volleyball team.. later on that year, and thereafter, I went to tennis instead. And to be honest, Mimiru hasn't told me where she lives now, so I couldn't tell you where she resides." she offers a smile. "I'll happily agree to meet you somewhere so we can talk- I cannot imagine outside Yoko's house is a comfy spot to be actively conversing."

Not according to plan.

"So." Gabriel starts having gotten everyhing put into the car and turning to Jira with what is her attempt at looking friendly. It isn't maybe the most friendly because her voice as she tries to tinge it conversational ends up only being a measure from stoic. It's like baking if you halved the sugar and doubled the other ingredients. Still Gabriel doesn't seem to notice. She presses on,

"So you do not see very much of her then? That is a pity, your own cousin, perhaps we should work together and find her?" Gabriel offers, "We can sit down and catch up and then decide how we're going to meet Mimiru."

Jira quietly glances down as Gabriel starts, listening. She shakes her head at the first question, and provides a friendly smile at the second. "Sure, that sounds like a decent enough plan for now." she states, though is unsure how willing she is to track down her cousin on Gabriel's behalf. She feels a slight twinge of jealousy and mentally withdraws as her 'partner' attempts to rectify this. But it all comes off as her being quiet, or thoughtful, or perhaps embarassed.

"Excellent!" Gabriel says and doesn't smile. That lack of a smile despite what she says is the oddest part of what she just said. You really would expect someone who just said something was excellent to actually smile and seem happy about it, but Gabriel seems more business like. This seems to be an infection that she can't shake, as Gabriel does not for a moment shift her attitude on these things or her position, she just continues to look kind of stoic.

"So did you have any place in particular in mind? My Lawyer could take us there now if you like. The street is not a place to have a proper conversation afterall. " She flicks a glance around with disdain as if the street and those on it and the houses and the cars. . were all beneath her. Honestly it's a wonder anyone can stand her presence. We're looking at you, Jira.

Jira offers a nod to the 'excellent', but shakes her head as to where she'd like to go. "Maybe somewhere quiet, private? I'll let you decide where, I'm rather open." she says, giving a smile. "Lead on."

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