Rocket - Metro Express: We'll Handle Your Packages Right

Description: Rocket is left sore but satisfied after her encounter with the Mountain at the club. She and Mimiru discuss the experience, along with the potential profitability of taking on multiple men at once. Fellow employee Todd, who has been overhearing the conversation, gets invited to watch the next time the two go back to the club. (Sexy Sidebar: this log came out to 69 lines after cleaning. Imagine how dirty it was -before- it was cleaned up.)

The thrill, the excitment, the rush of adrenaline. Mimiru had been able to see this in Rocket's eyes, how she enjoyed her experience despite the pain she might have felt fighting this man. Their evening passed by in a blurr, and Rocket was pumped and charged, ready for more but Mimiru had to hold her back.

First fighting experience, got to go slowly and enjoy it at first... Beside, she was eager to see what would happen a few days after all of this...

The weekend passes, both girls went on their seperated ways.

Monday seems to come definately too fast. Mimiru didn't have the chance to see Rocket early in the morning, but she's waiting in the Metro Express shipping room for her to arrive, "Heh! Girl! Congrats on your victory," Mimiru says, rolling in her direction. In both of her hands, Mimiru holds a bottle of beer, though definately a special home-brew of some sort, "A spicy kind just for you, made of hibiscus," Mimiru says with a grin, "Taste it," She offers, though she doesn't insist as she knows Rocket wasn't too keen on alcohol. There's a first for everything, right?

"How's your body feeling? Holding up and surviving?" Mimiru teases with a nudge.

It seems that her earlier reticence regarding getting a drink is forgotten as Rina takes the bottle from Mimiru. Or maybe it's just that her observational skills aren't keen enough to realise that it's alcohol that she's being offered. It's hard to tell with the girl. She holds the bottle up, turning it around for a moment.

"Huh. What's a hibisca?"

She shrugs, then brings the bottle to her lips, taking a sip and grimacing a little before she offers it back to Mimiru.

"Man, that is spicy. I'm feelin' alright, actually. My ass is still a little sore from the other night."

One of the other employees at the office, a guy in his twenties named Todd, nearly chokes on his coffee behind his desk. Rocket doesn't even seem to notice.

"I mean, that guy was huge. Really huge. I'm kinda surprised he didn't break me in half."

Meanwhile, Todd looks completely flustered as he fumbles with a package.

"A flower, apparently," Mimiru replies to Rocket with a shrug. She glances at her own bottle and says, "I like it -- it's supposed to be a red ale, but actually I think that kind of taste is the best sort if you want to learn the delicacy of a real brew," Mimiru says, buffing her chest proudly.

Unlike Rocket, Mimiru notices with a quick glance Todd's reaction. A tight smirk crosses Mimiru's lips and she decides to play along, even if Rocket's probably obvious to what's going on. "He was something, wasn't he? You certainly took it all like a champ for your first time. He barely lasted more than a few minutes,"

"You'll get used to it over time," Mimiru says as she leans her bottle over to tap Rocket's own, "To your first, because you'll never forget it," She adds with a wide smile, before taking a sip.

"By the way, the guys out there were quite impressed, if you want to go there again... There's some money to be made too, even more so if you're willing to take on two or three guys at the same time," Mimiru says with a nod.

Rocket slides over next to the desk Todd is sitting at on her skates, flashing him a brief smile in greeting before turning around and leaning back against the edge of the desktop. She rests one hand on the surface to keep herself propped up, while the other holds onto her beer, from which she takes a leisurely swig. She nods back at Mimiru.

"Man, I almost freaked out the first time that guy rammed me. That pole really hurt. I bet my eyes went all huge," she reminisces before tipping her bottle to her lips again. "It's a good thing I was slippery for him, or I really probably would've been feeling the pain."

Todd gives up on trying to properly sort the package that he's working on for the moment and just scoots closer to the desk, taking a deep breath before sipping from his coffee, his face red. Rocket glances over her shoulder at him, tilting her head.

"You okay?"

Todd just nods his head quickly, and the cyan-haired girl turns back to her friend.

"You think they were impressed, huh? I guess it might've been fun to watch, even if it was short." She taps her bottle against her chin thoughtfully. "I'm not sure if I could handle two or three guys like /that/ at once. Maybe if they weren't so big. I mean, if three guys like that teamed up on me I'd probably be screwed hard for sure. I don't think I'd be able to walk for a week."

She tilts her head a little to one side, then muses, "On the other hand, I wonder how many guys I could take on in a row, instead of all at once...? Do you think I could make a lot of money that way?"

This was almost too good to be true -- either Rocket knew it and was doing it on purpose, or life was giving Mimiru a big joke. The pink haired girl tries very hard not to burst into laughter, but when Rocket muses out loud and ponders how many she could take in a row, she can't help but laugh.

She leans her head back, laughing heartly, "Ahah, ah, Rocket... You're definately something," Mimiru says, lifting one hand up to wipe a tear. She glances up toward Todd and heaves a sigh of pleasure at his reaction.

She glances back to Rocket and smiles, taking another sip of her beer, "A lot of money. A lot of people would love to see you take on a few guys in row, know what I mean? Bing-bang-bam," Mimiru says, jerking her fist back and forth as if to express how rough it would be.

"Anyway, if you wanna give it another shot, they're always doing those things every friday night," Mimiru explains.

Rocket looks genuinely perplexed for a moment when Mimiru bursts out into laughter, but then shrugs her shoulders a little and smiles as she raises her drink to her lips for another swig. She swirls it in her mouth for a moment before swallowing.

"I guess I could always just take them as they come. One at a time, till I'm too tired and sore for more. That way I get a lot of practice, so I can handle even more the next time!" She licks the beer from her lips and smiles. "So, next Friday night then, huh? I guess I should do some practicing."

Todd, in the meanwhile, has just started to take another cautious drink from his coffee cup when Rocket glances over her shoulder at him with a bright grin. "Hey Todd! Wanna come with us Friday night? Just promise you won't tell anyone about what happens. I don't want my grandparents to know."

Todd sputters on his coffee for a moment, before his eyes taken on a blank look as they wait for his response...

The girl's smile only widens at Rocket's words. When Rocket turns around to face Todd, Mimiru grins and she approaches Rocket, putting her hands on the girl's shoulder, "Yeah... Rocket will need a /lot/ of practice, if you see what I mean," Mimiru says to Todd, giving him a little eye-brow wiggle along with a wicked smile.

Mimiru pulls away gently and she laughs again, taking another sip from her beer, "Anyway.. I'll look foward to it, Rocket," She says lifting her beer up to her. "I'll let you to your practice, ahah.. Hope you enjoyed the beer," She adds with a nod and slowly makes her way out.

Todd swallows nervously at Mimiru's words, his brow creasing a little as he looks from the retreating pink-haired girl up to Rocket as the girl sips the beer from her bottle. He stammers out, "Did you, uhh... need me to help you practice right now?"

Rocket turns her head, arching an eyebrow as she tilts the bottle back before chugging the rest of it, then smiles brightly. "Maybe later!" she chirps, setting the bottle down on the desk. "But first..."

She leans over the desk toward the man seated behind it, tantalizingly close. "Let me see your package..."

Then she reaches out and grabs the package he's holding in his lap, turns it over in her hands to check the shipping information on it, then stuffs it in her side bag.

"Yeah, I can take care of this one. See you later!" she says before skating out the door.

Once Rocket is out of sight, Mimiru can't help but have some fun over Todd, "Your... Package!" She says with a sultry tone toward Todd, flicking her tongue a bit. She laughs a bit and waves her hand dismissingly, "Ahah, poor Todd,"

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