Daigo - Daigo vs Makoto : Fight for Dominance over Gedo.

Description: A new girl has arrived in Gedo. Makoto Kato, who finds out that making her place in this school of delinquint is not an easy task. After beating up a dozens of the school students, the leader of Gedo High's gangs finally step in and demand this nonsense to stop... Alas, this cannot end well. Hear the tale of this epic battle that is now known amongst the Gedo Students as the 'Iron Man' battle.

The sun hangs low in the cloudy winter sky over Gedo High School as the day begins to move into its twilight hours. The bell releasing the students from their official obligations has only recently rung but the early onset of darkness as the year comes to a close is noticable. So is the cold.

Most of the students that have lingered to participate in the after-hours club activities are bound up tightly in thick jackets or long coats with accompanying sweatsuits to ward off the chill. The lack of a strong breeze keeps it from being a biting cold but the occasional burst of wind still rises up from time to time long enough to send a collective shiver through the masses.

Fortunately, the activities that go on here after class are just the sort of thing to ward off such weather. Several sections of the yard are filled with blocks of students in neat rows throwing punches and kicks in (mostly) coordinated succession as they go through their daily routines. Yet others can be seen making rounds along the rough running track that encircles the courtyard to the cadence of military-style jogging chants.

Strangely, however, the vast majority of the students appear to have created a large ring of bodies around the center of the huge open area, their attention focused on some sort of spectacle within. At its center, a young girl, perhaps in her mid-teens stands with her arms crossed over her traditional school uniform. No less than half a dozen bodies are sprawled out on the ground around in her various states of wear and tear, missing teeth and obvious dark bruises being the most common factor among them. The occasional groan of pain drifts up around her but the girl pays them no mind.

Makoto frowns sternly at the air infront of her, glaring at no one and everyone in particular. Few people seem willing to meet her gaze which only makes her frown harder. A simple sign mounted on a wooden pole is thrust into the ground beside her and it reads, in flowing flowery kanji:
Accepting All Comers!

Guess that explains the unconscious forms at her feet. Makoto looks around some more, spreading her glower around.

"What? Is that ALL who have the COURAGE to face me in HONORABLE combat? I thought this school was supposed to be filled with TOUGH guys."

The rumors have been spreading out like wild fire across Gedo -- of this new girl. This new student who had quite the character and had shown the place of some other guy in class. Not only that, but she was quite strong and had been showing up anyone who were looking her the wrong way just how mighty she was.

Along with many, many other less gentle ways to describe her from some guys who didn't like her guts. It wasn't the first girl who came in Gedo, after all, and generally those who came here were tough gals who were quite eager to make take their place.

The usual sort of trouble when an aggressive and troublesome student comes around. In the end though, it meant Daigo would have to keep an eye out to make sure this doesn't go out of hand. He generally doesn't interfer with those sort of things, knowing full well this was the law of Gedo and how the students ended up respecting each other.

All of the boys who were gathered around and fought were lying on the ground exhausted and bruised, while the others tried not to look at her in fright she might challenge them and kick their ass. They might have played tough on the outside, but after such display of strength, they rather laid low.

There's only one thing they seem to respect or fear more than Makoto's wrath though... And this thing slowly comes into view. A tall steadfast young man who wore proudly the long school jacket.

The circle of student was slowly enlarging, as if to allow Daigo to get in without even trying, or at least, those who were standing in between him and Makoto were quickly rushing away.

Daigo had been here in time to hear her shout her challenge to everyone, and he slowly strides in her direction, his eyes shifting from the many bruised boys who had been beaten down by her, and then over to the sign on the wooden pole.

His eyes finally rise up and rest on Makoto after a cursorary evaluation of the situation. "You're the new girl," Daigo states, his voice lacking the interrogative intonation to it.

The ripple of fresh commotion that accompanies the arrival of the school's resident bruiser and arguably the one in charge even more so than the teachers does not escape the girl's notice. She turns to face the section of the crowd that is parting like the Red Sea before Moses himself and her eyes narrow upon taking in the towering mountain that comes striding through the gap.

Even for a man, Daigo is a behemoth of a human being, all hard muscle and raw power beneath the loose jacket that struggles to contain his Olympian physique. But for a Japanese man? He's a figure straight out of the old myths and legends, an ogre that lost its horn somewhere along the way.

Makoto notes the way that everyone seems to pay deference to the lumbering student, her eyes darting back and forth a couple of times as they scatter around him. Her hard glower fades only a little when her gaze finally shifts back up to Daigo's face and she gives him a single curt nod in response.

"Makoto Kato, master of the Rindou-kan martial arts dojo!" she announces loudly, just incase anyone missed it the first twenty times she's said it today. "It is my sworn OATH to prove the SUPREMACY of my art over all others! Judging by the reactions of these COWARDS, you must be the one in charge here."

This behemoth of a man seems unphased by the display of strength Makoto had performed today. It was quite a feat, especially for a girl, to manage to single-handedly beatup so many of his boys in a consecutive manner and still ask for some more. Impressive was a small word to describe this exploit : Daigo recognized this, but little in his facial expression betrayed the astonishment he felt.

The man nods slowly to Makoto as she introduces herself, both to her name and to answer her question. The only reaction on his face comes from the way she weights her words when she treats the students coward. A mere disapproving frown and sort of twitch from his eyebrow.

"I think you have proven your point and had enough," Daigo simply answers with a serious no-nonsense intonation. As if to express his argument, he merely lifts one of his massive hand and performs a wide sweep of it to show the various students who had been beaten and bruised. They would heal and were taught an important lesson this day, and Daigo was certain Makoto had been able through this to gain the respect of most of them at least through sheer fright if not by her combat prowess.

He them glances to his left to the students, giving them a silent stare with a stern and harsh expression, then to the right to the other students. His brief glance meant everything : he had no intention to fight her. He turns on his heels, as if preparing to leave, but says one last thing, "I think you are mistaking courage and carelessness,"

That manages to get a response. Makoto's eyes open in surprise; she had expected to get a good fight out of the person who was obviously the top dog around here - only to be brushed off like a yapping puppy.

The shock on her face lasts only a fraction of a second, replaced with a blazing anger that flows through her entire body like lava. Her fists clench into tight balls of molten fury that turn her knuckles completely white in stark contrast to the building hue of pink and red in her face. The girl literally shakes with fury as she leans forward to take several stomping steps across the empty yard towads the man who turned his back on her.

"I will NOT be so rudely... DISMISSED! My honor will not SUFFER such an insult from a RUFFIAN like you!"

The space between the small girl and the lumbering mountain vanishes in a surprisingly short amount of time, her short legs working furiously to close the gap at an ever increasing pace, like a locomotive building up a head of steam.

"Turn and FACE ME! Or are you as COWARDLY as the rest of these PATHETIC hoodlums?!"

Everyone seemed just as shocked as Makoto about all of this. Most had hoped Daigo would have shown her what the students of Gedo were made of but alas, it seems the towering man did not wish to fight her like so many had done before.

His actions had the opposite effect of calming things down though : it just added fuel to the problem. Daigo only has the time to take a few steps away before Makoto shouts back at him. Most of the students were still bemuddled by what had just happened, unsure how to react but definately staying a good distance away from the two.

Makoto's screams are enough to halt his pace. Daigo slowly turns on his heels, his brows furrowed into a glare. "You want to fight me?" He inquires with a growl as he turns completely to face her.

Whether or not he'd agree to it, she seems like she'll be about to ram into him any second by the time he has turned around, "So be it!" He shouts to answer her challenge, bracing for impact, his mighty hands curling into imposing fists.

If the only thing she understands is the way of the fists and violence, so be it.

Daigo was fluent in fist-speak. He would have not accepted her free challenge, but now that she forces it upon him, he has no choice.

Makoto isn't a thug. Sure, she's quick to restort to her fists to display her might but she's never attacked anyone who didn't agree to a fight. She isn't the kind of person to sucker-punch someone from behind either, no matter how mad she might get. Honor is very important to her self-image and promoting herself to the world is what Mokoto is all about.

Now that Daigo has stepped up to the challenge, however, all the breaks are off. Something like intense satisfaction floats across the girl's features for a moment and she opens her mouth to let out a gruff cry of intense focus as all of the speed she's built up so far condenses into a flowing surge of energy throughout her body.

Makoto explodes into motion, her body turning into blur of color as she tears across the last few remaining feet between herself and the hulking brute. Her fist slams forward like a sledgehammer as the last moment and all of the kinetic energy that had built up around her focuses into that single thundering blow.

COMBATSYS: Makoto has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Makoto           0/-------/------=|

COMBATSYS: Daigo has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Daigo            0/-------/------=|=------\-------\0           Makoto

COMBATSYS: Daigo Toughs Out Makoto's Hayate!

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Daigo            0/-------/----===|===----\-------\0           Makoto

The shift in Makoto's speed while Daigo turned around did not go unnoticed by the hulking japense man. Honor was a rare thing amongst Gedo students and many of them wouldn't have second thought attacking someone sneakily from behind.

When Makoto rushes in Daigo's direction, he doesn't even bulge. His left foot is planted backward and he buffs his chest up, as if inviting her to strike. He lifts both of his massive arms up, hands wide open as if he's just about to greet her with a hug. Daigo doesn't move and allows her to smash her fist right into his abdomen.

The sheer impact and brute force of the blow causes Daigo's feet to slide a few inches backward, his muscles underneath his school jacket flexing. The behemoth man barely flinches from the impact, his valid eye wincing for a moment.

He meets her with a shout of his own, probably one to exteriorize a part of the pain he felt through her powerful blow but the way he stalwartly stood there and took her punch to his midsection and barely bulged was impressive.

Though reason why he opted to stay there becomes quite obvious though as his arms quickly wrap up around Makoto's body to try and get a hold of her by her thin (relatively speaking) waist. His massive hands try to hold her and use a part of the kinectic energy and velocity she had built up to hit him against her.

He suceeds to hold her, Makoto will be hurled upward rapidly by Daigo, throwing her above his head as he arches his back and suplexes with just as much might as Makoto used in her initial punch.

COMBATSYS: Daigo successfully hits Makoto with German Suplex.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Daigo            0/-------/---====|=======\=------\1           Makoto

The satisfying crunch of impact greets Makoto's outstretched fist as she drives her knuckles into flesh of the massive target that is Daigo. Missing was almost impossible at his size but, as she quickly realizes, he doesn't have to dodge to make a mockery of her attack.

Her mind flooded with adrenaline and the initial surge of sensation that comes from starting a fight she doesn't realize her mistake until it's too late. He hardened muscle where her fist has struck doesn't give way nearly as much as usual; infact it distinctly reminds her of punching a brick wall, except brick walls usually crack and break when she hits them. This one just got angry.

The girl moves to take a step back, hoping to withdraw out of the crushing grip coming her way but she's not built for that kind of speed. Makoto lets out a surprised grunt that is quickly followed by a muffled cry of pain as she is flipped over like a pancake and slammed onto the equally unyielding surface of the courtyard's pavement.

With the wind knocked cleanly out of her sails by the initial exchange, the karate girl staggers to her feet, both hands resting on her knees as she winces openly.

"H-holy crap... you're a tough one..." She grins, sucking in air. "This... is gonna be fun."

COMBATSYS: Makoto gains composure.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Daigo            0/-------/---====|=======\-------\0           Makoto

After Daigo literally threw himself to the ground to perform this move, the goliath slowly rises back to his feet. From the corner of his valid eye, he noticed his suplex had left Makoto staggered.

The display of strength and toughness Daigo had just done made the students surrounding them to boast and cheer for their leader. All of them encouraging their boss to teach Makoto a lesson and give her the lesson she deserved for beating senseless so many of them.

Daigo does not ignore his fellow students, but his undivided attention is on this fight. "It didn't have to come to this," Daigo comments, though he doubts he could have reasoned with her at this point. Fighting her would be the only way to end this without her feeling humiliated, no matter the outcome. Unlike her, he took no pleasure in this fight and did this out of necessity,

He was used to it. It was the way of Gedo High.

Daigo doesn't wait for her answer though and he hurls himself at her. His hand rises up behind him as he takes his swing throwing his punch right for her midsection.

COMBATSYS: Makoto interrupts Medium Punch from Daigo with Fukiage.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Daigo            0/-------/-======|=======\-------\1           Makoto

Makoto's good cheer evaporates quickly as the gruff gang leader chastises her yet again. She ignores the jeers and hoots of the student body gathered around them like a human wrestling ring. They don't exist to her right now. Just white noise. The only thing relevant is the fight.

"Don't PATRONIZE me!" Her fists ball up again but this time she relaxes her grip after a few moments, falling into a more traditional karate stance with her fingers outstretched into a loose claw just as Daigo comes flying at her.

Most people would flinch in the face of a 200 pound wall of muscle attempting to do anything vaguely threatening in their general direction, much less winding up for a haymaker punch. Makoto has a lot more bravery and a lot less sense than most people.

Sucking in a sharp breath, the stalwart girl plants both of her feet in a powerful horse stance and ducks. She doesn't have to bend down very far, what with the difference in height between them already forcing Daigo to aim low just to strike her in the head. His meaty fist whiffs through the air just above the teen and before he can even complete the motion her own shoots straight up into the base of his jaw, striking like a pneumatic piston as she lets out a fearless kiai.


When Makoto's fist connects with the base of his chin, blow is enough to knock back the towering man. Her technique and strength literally causes him to fly upward, a few inches over the ground.

He doesn't fall on his back though but he staggers back a few steps to maintain his balance. This clean hit has silenced most of the crowd who was obviously surprised at how this small girl had managed to make their massive leader bulge and even seemed to momentarly stun him for a second.

Daigo shakes his head slowly, regaining his composure, straightening his posture. He lifts one hand up to his lips as if to readjust his jaw. He turns his head to one sit and spit a bit of blood on the ground.

His lips curl into a smile and he admits, "You're very strong. I'm quite impressed," Though this time he doesn't try to dissuade her to continue this fight, he simply retaliates.

The hulking giant charges at Makoto once more, focusing his pain into his fist, causing cirmson flames to burst from his hand. He lunges at her, jumping in her direction his fist coming down at her.

It might seem like he wanted to slam her down at first, but that wasn't the case : he lands in front of her and smashes his fist against the ground, his weight and force causing the ground to shatter on impact, the flammes difused into the ground mometary and causing it to erupt into a geyser of flames and debris at Makoto meant to knock her back by the impact and shockwave of the blast.

COMBATSYS: Daigo successfully hits Makoto with Phoenix Fire.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Daigo            1/-------/=======|=======\=====--\1           Makoto


Pink bubblegum marks the arrival of one particular semi-student at Gedo High. And that student happens to be known throughout the student body as Edge. Any other name for him to be known by is banned and should anyone dare to say it right now, they will find themselves bleeding out before they even realized they've said anything. Granted, though, he's hardly paying attention to anything that's going on right now because he's walking with a victorious stride because he's just managed to obtain some crucial info to the Gedo cause.

"Masterfully done, Edge! Great job, Edge! Edge? You da' maaaaaaaan!" Edge is almost skipping as he makes his way to the courtyard and pauses. He reaches up to tap his chin. "Nah nah. All wrong. Too emotional. He's gonna' be more like--" Edge straightens his body up, stiff as ever and tries to look appropriately Daigo-ish. His voice lowers an octave or three and he plants a stoic expression on his face. Kind of. "Good. Pause. For. Dramatic. Effect. Job." Edge immediately breaks into a fit maddening giggles at his own impression. The fit even sending him down to the ground where he proceeds to roll back and forth with laughter.When he finally comes to a stop he notices the crowd that has gathered. "Whaaaaaaa?" Edge doesn't like it when something is going on and he doesn't know about it. He doesn't like it one bit. An immediate frown shows as he narrows his eyes. "Heeeeeey. I know those shoes." Edge pops his head up. "Daigo!"

With the quickness, Edge is up on his feet and running in the direction of the crowd and the fight that is going on. Within two steps he's drawn one of his blades. Another half-step and he's twirling a butterfly knife in his other hand. By the time that butterfly knife finishes opening up, he's got a third knife in his hands. "Move! Get the hell outta' the way! Bitch, I will cut you!" And some other choice phrases are said as Edge, quite literally, starts cutting his way through the crowd to get himself to the front so he can see what is going on. "... the hell?" Daigo is fighting some chick? What the hell?! Confusion sets in on Edge's face.

"Say uhhhhh, Boss?" Edge scratches the back of his neck with one of his blades. "Why is this bitch still breathin'?" Edge's frown of confusion doesn't budge. His mind cannot compute the fact that Daigo, his Boss, THE Daigo... actually looks like he might break a sweat. What.

Makoto maintains her posture for several seconds, fist thrust into the air as if in triumph. She soaks in the silence, basking in the unspoken but palpable feeling of awe she has inspired by landing such a blow. Only when Daigo manages to catch himself and compliments her does she finally drop back into her ready stance, a stern look on her face.

"Underestimate the Rindou-kan style at your PERIL!"

Despite her scowl, Makoto practically hums with excitement and energy. THIS is what she was looking for when she heard all those stories about Gedo High. A big tough gang boss to test herself against. If she can take him down then people will HAVE to take notice of her and give Rindou-kan its due.

Ofcourse, that part about taking him down might not be as easy as she'd first figured. Once again, Makoto reads in the incoming attack and attempts to scoot out of the path of destruction. This time, however, she actually succeeds at avoiding the hammer-blow that shatters the pavement. The resulting explosion of fire and stone, on the other hand, does a bang-up job of wrecking her in its place.

The girl lets out a baritone cry of surprise that is quickly cut off as flaming bits of concrete slam into her body in rapid-fire. The first one catches her square in the gut and she doubles over, her defenses worthless against such an expansive assault. One of the fiery meteors catches across the temple, snapping her head back and sending her sprawling to the ground as the flames finally die out.

It takes her a little longer to get up this time but rise she does. Makoto grits her teeth in frustration and pain, ignoring the sinking feeling in her stomach and the way the room seems to tilt at an odd angle for a few moments. A slender trickle of blood trails down the side of her face from an ugly scrape but she ignores it. Pain is transitory. Wounds heal faster than her pride.

"Nrgh... not done... yet... you big... GORILLA."

Edge's arrival registers somewhere in the back of her mind, categorizing him as a potential threat, but since he doesn't seem to be butting into their fight she ignores the bizarre underling for now. Makoto flexes, bringing both elbows in near her ribs as she gathers her fighting spirit to unleash yet another powerful attack. The girl rushes towards her opponent and brings her right hand up, preparing to drive the flat edge of her hand down on Daigo like hammer. It's a simple technique but one that relies on the raw power of her technique and bizarre strength.

The only question is that going to be effective on someone like him?

COMBATSYS: Daigo blocks Makoto's Oroshi.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Daigo            1/------=/=======|=======\=====--\1           Makoto

The torrents of flames and debris leave a cloud of dusts floating, the ashes from the impact slowly settling back down. Daigo is still kneeling on the ground, his fist at the center of the small crater caused by his blast.

Daigo slowly rises up, his eye resting on Makoto and assessing the injuries he had given her with his attack. His attention splits from Makoto to Edge for a moment though as he hears the blonde man's shouts through the crowd that gathered around him and Makoto.

He turns his head slightly to give Edge the stare but Daigo decides it is not enough : he lifts his arm up in Edge as if to block the path to Edge, "This is my fight," Daigo says calmly to him. What sort of leader would he be if he had to rely on others all the time? Makoto wanted an honorable fight and Daigo respected that. He would give her just what she wanted.

When he turns his face back to Makoto, she has managed to get back on her feet and she unleashes another swift and powerful strike. This time, Daigo moves his broad forearm in the path of the cleaving hand to block it before it strikes his body.

Daigo keeps his stance and turns on his heels, swinging his leg in a circular motion in wide sweeping arc. It was relatively slow, but the force his legs gained through the rotation of his body and leg just made it all the more devastating.

COMBATSYS: Makoto blocks Daigo's Phoenix Kick.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Daigo            1/------=/=======|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\1           Makoto

Makoto can't say anything while she's mid-yell and flying at the gang boss but his swift move to prevent interference in their fight raises her opinion of the guy a couple notches. Something of a self-styled defender of upright virtues, or atleast honorable ones, she'd automatically assumed that the people at Gedo were all as scummy and treacherous as the rumors suggest. Clearly, she'll have to reassess her views.

The girl's hand slams into Daigo's outstretched arm and she can feel it bite into his thick corded muscle but the large man stands firm against her strength and she is forced to retreat a little as he takes the opportunity to launch a counter attack.

The leg that comes at her might as well be a tree trunk; it certainly feels like one when it slams into the interlocked shield of her forearms. Oof. Those muscles aren't just for show. Makoto winces and digs her bare heels into the ground and impossibly she stands firm against the sheer mass of the much larger fighter, stopping him cold in his tracks. This also puts her in a very advantageous position to unleash quite possibly the most unapologetically brutal attack ever conceived.

Makoto opens her mouth and sucks in air as an almost tangible aura of fighting spirit surges to life around her. It swirls about her slender frame like a spiralling breeze that seems to touch only her and the loose folds of her school skirt and the long hachimachi tied about her neck flutter dramatically in the surging updraft.

Taking a single step forward, Makoto brings her left fist straight into Daigo's mid-section, aiming for the very exposed and obvious target of his groin. As with every other strike she throws this one carries with it the impact of a speeding bus and she follows it up with a trio of machine-gun jabs at his beefy brick-wall check before finally thrusting her fist up towards the granite edge of the gangster's jawline in a similar fashion as before.

COMBATSYS: Makoto successfully hits Daigo with Seichuusen Godanzuki.
- Power hit! -

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Daigo            1/---====/=======|>>>----\-------\0           Makoto


Daigo says, "@emit
The giant man barely has the time to get his leg down that Makoto's already rushing back at him. Daigo's reputation was not built around his incredible reflex and reactions but rather his uncanny resistance and mighty strength.

Alas, even the toughest of wall has its weakness, it's little crack and soft spot. It's Achilles' tendon. The shot to his groin dazes Daigo momentarly -- it doesn't even need to be a powerful one, the Gedo leader didn't have the time to shift his posture to shield his groin from the incoming impact and the blow obviously reasonates through Daigo's entire body.

At least, enough to make his knees buck slightly. The steadfast hulk seems to be wavering slightly from the first blow, and the rest of the rapid jabs against his chest causes him to stagger back, his guard broken, allowing Makoto to push him back and have him just where she wants.

The last uppercut against his jaw knocks Daigo back and causes him to step backward a few times not to lose his balance and fall back. She almost managed to make the stalwart Gedo Leader fall back from her flurry of blows. Which is quite a feat. Something she managed to do that few can actually brag about is make him groan in pain audibly.

He obviously felt that blow, and many of the students around them also seems to have felt the blow though through this mystic connection that seems to connect every man's genitalia when it comes to painful blows like that.

For a moment, the tall man almost seems like he's about to fall. No one would dare to shout 'timber' but it almost felt like it, until he manages to regain his senses, the accute pain in his groin leaving him momentarily.

That was a low blow. He frowns at Makoto. Then again, she was from Gedo, but a part of him did not expect her to use such tactics and moves. Looks like he was wrong.

Daigo bends his knees slightly, both elbows going back so his fists are beside his waist. He charges up for the next attack and rapidly lunges foward hurling his massive fist with astonishing speed straight for Makoto's face. He lets a loud shout escape his throat, this punch meant to daze her and stun her momentarly, break her guard just like her groin punch did with him.

If it succeeds, Daigo straightens himself up and prepares himself for the rest of the onslaught, taking a second to crack his knuckles and unleash the rest of his fury on her. He then goes into his own series of rapid jab punches from different directions, his fists igniting in flames after the first jab and then opts for a few kicks : a knee shot to her midsection, a roundhouse kick and a cleaving kick from (yes he seems to be that flexible). He then charges up one last punch and throws it right for Makoto's midsection to knock her back."

COMBATSYS: Makoto Toughs Out Daigo's Phoenix Fury!

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >                                ]
Daigo            0/-------/-------|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>-\1           Makoto

And there it was. Her ultimate technique.

Makoto once again dramatically holds her pose as the final blow rings out, her tiny fist blasting the massive mountain of flesh that is Gedo High's most powerful and respected member into a full retreating stumble. She doesn't smile. She doesn't even smirk, though /ancestors know/ she really feels like it right at this moment. That... was satisfying.

But then he recovers. Makoto visibly balks, taking a step back in shock as the large man fails to topple over. "W-wh... NO WAY!" No one has ever walked away from that - atleast not without a seriously weird gait. Not only is Daigo not walking funny, he's ALREADY COMING BACK AT HER AAAAH!!

Makoto feels a sensation stir within her as the apparently unstoppable thug barrels down upon her in an apparent outrage. A wise person would be afraid; Makoto... is mad.


The former flush of raw seething anger returns to the girl and her body begins to literally turn bright red as that powerful emotion flows into her fighting spirit. Daigo's monumental fist comes crashing in a moment later and hammers into her body with devastating force. The impact sends her reeling for a moment but she recovers with almost feral grace, sliding sideways around the punch to come at the large man even as he winds up for a follow-up strike.

What follows is nothing less than sheer display of impossible stubborness and iron-clad will. Makoto brings her fist around to strike at the exposed front of Daigo's torso, attempting to exchange the blow he's delivered to her with one of her own. Every strike that he gives, she returns in kind, emphasizing every last titanic punch with a relentless bellow of defiance.

Eventually, however, even her willpower begins to flag, her vitality to ebb from the sheer effort of slugging it out with the monster of a man before her. She gives one last tenacious grunt and levels a massive haymaker strike at him before collapsing as her strength gives out.

COMBATSYS: Makoto can no longer fight.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Daigo            0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Makoto dazes Daigo with Tanden Renki!

[                       \\\\\\\  <
Daigo            0/-------/----===|

There was only one word to describe what was going on before everyone's eyes.


All of the students were just staring, mouth agap. This was impossible. It was inconceivable that a woman would have stood her ground against Daigo and exchange, punch for punch, kick for kick with him through this onslaught.

This battle will be engraved in the annals of Gedo through the ages. The students who were not here to witness this would never believe this tale, and would forever regret having been somewhere else when this happened.

The crazy girl and the hulking leader of Gedo continued to kick the shit out of each other, all out on offense and carrying little for their well being. Like a pure test of resistance and vigor. Until one of them would fall to the other's might. Like real men fought it out.

Both of them shouts with every punch they give, as if their shouts would eventually make their opponent crumble... But eventually they break out from the constant punching. That last haymaker from Makoto knocks Daigo backward who takes a few steps back whobbling from the hit. His massive frame wavering back and forth.

The crowd holds its breath. Who will fall first...? Makoto is the first one to collapse, falling on her knees and then down on the ground. It felt like just a breeze would knock Daigo down as his head seems to spin.

Though after a moment of unsteady balancing, Daigo seems to slowly snap out of it. He is breathing hard, his body aching everywhere. He regains his composure and bites his lips, trying to ignore the pain. He had to stay steadfast, not to show any sign of weakness in front of his boys who relied on him. They needed a strong leader, after all.

The students all cheer when they see Daigo standing and recovering. Thanks to his long school jacket though, he could easily hide the bruises over his body. He moves his hand to casually wipe off some blood that came out from his mouth and Daigo stares at the unconscious form of Makoto for a moment.

Makoto has probably earned herself the respect of many students in Gedo (perhaps out of fear!) after what she has done. Some still seem to hold a grudge after what she did to them and while she's unconscious they use this opportunity to belittle her and say she got what she deserved, but Daigo represses those comments with a harsh disapproving glare.

"Edge," Daigo calls out with his loud and powerful voice. He glances around to see if he's there and he waves his hand up dismissingly, "Make everyone leave, it's over now," It was over but in the end, Daigo was still the king of the hill in Gedo.

The man strides in her direction and he kneels down to pick up her small form into his large hands. The way he carefully picks her up and doesn't let her there seems to show he has some form of respect toward the girl in some manner. A gesture the other members of the gang certainly notices.

Weird how such a small thing could be so full of energy and pack a punch like her? In his large arms she felt so small and frail. Time to bring her at the infirmary... And out of sight, so Daigo can also mend to his bruises.

Fortunately, Edge will be there to take care of dismissing everyone.

COMBATSYS: Daigo takes no action.

[                      \\\\\\\\  <
Daigo            0/-------/----===|

Makoto groans faintly as she's lifted into the arms of her opponent, which looks a lot like being scooped up by a bulldozer. She slumps into his grip weakly, eyes fluttering, and for a moment it looks like she might wake up. But then her arm shoots up, socking Daigo square in the cheek with a feeble punch and she passes out completely.

That one last outburst of energy seems to surprise the bulky man. He blinks, but doesn't react, until he feels his punch weakly grazing, touching his cheek. A shame Makoto is asleep, because Daigo's lips curl into a gentle and amused smile as he stares at her for a moment.

A rare sight indeed, alas none were there to witness this.

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