Rocket - Ready for Liftoff: Rocket's Fighting Debut

Description: A couple of weeks after Mimiru landed Rocket her new job as a courier, she lures the impressionable younger girl to a questionable underground club with promise of a new and exciting experience. And she ends up having one, thanks to a massive and muscular male partner. (don't worry, it's not as bad as it sounds)

Just as Mimiru promised, Rocket had the chance to make a hundred bucks. Much more than that actually. The couriers were paid by how effecient they were and how many deliveries they managed to do, but some deliveries had rankings as well. The higher the rank of a delivery, the higher the paid. It generally meant shorter delays, more stuff to deliver or various parameters to be careful about.

After her first few days, Mimiru gave Rocket a gift : a special cellphone. It wasn't particulary used for the phone purpose, but the GPS and maps integrated into it was the important component, as well as an easy way to contact Franky for 'on the spot' important delivery.

Apparently, this gift was Mimiru's old cellphone and she wanted to change. By the look of it, the cellphone's case was slightly used but it worked perfectly fine. Week passes and Rocket has plenty of opportunity to learn the ropes and get more job done. She meets Mimiru every now and then, when they come in to take their share of deliveries and they cross each other from time to time in the city, exchanging a casual wave as they're both on different runs.

One night though, Mimiru class out to Rocket at the end of their shift, "Yo, Rocket! Got any plans for tonight?" Mimiru asks with a wide, mischievous smile.

The new job has been good for Rocket - something to put all her excess energy into that also happens to involve doing what she loves most. She's been challenging herself to make her deliveries as quickly as possible, and it's mostly been keeping her out of trouble, for once. As for the money, it's mostly an added bonus, and who knows where it ends up once it's in the teen's possession?

"'Sup Mimi?" Rocket replies, turning to the other girl. She's got her usual ballcap-and-headphones combo on, but the phones are around her neck for the moment and the music's switched off, giving the girl's ears a rest. And, of course, she's on her rollerblades.

"I don't usually make plans," she admits, "I was just thinking about going down to the skate park on the way home. How 'bout you?"

Unlike Rocket, Mimiru had taken off her rollerblades. She was good with them, but she didn't share the same passion that Rocket had to it. The girl folds her arms in front of her chest and offers Rocket a grin, "That's the way I like -- living one day at a time,"

"Well! You've got something tonight then!" Mimiru says, beaming, "Time to celebrate your new job!" Mimiru moistens her lips and she says, "I would have taken you out for a beer but I'm not sure you've got the drinking age so..." Mimiru tilts her head to one side, as if assessing Rocket. She grins and leans in a bit closer, speaking in a whisper, "Take off your rollerblade, I'm gonna show you some of the 'underground Metro City'," She leans back with a smile, "Something you'll definately love, I'm sure..." She says, lifting one hand up to pat Rocket's shoulder.

Yep... If she was right, Mimiru was sure Rocket would love the thrill. "Meet me up outside in fifteen minutes with all your stuff, we're gonna have one hell of a night..."

"Oh, I'm not really much of a drinker," Rocket responds to Mimiru, scratching her neck beneath her braided ponytail. "At least, not after what happened last time." She gives a glance down toward the rollerblades on her feet. "I need to take my rollerblades off for this? What am I supposed to wear instead? Like... shoes or something?"

Rocket does have a pair of black hi-tops that she keeps in her satchel. The shoes look almost brand new, as if they've hardly been worn, if a little squashed from being stored and forgotten all the time. And when she emerges from the workplace into the night air to look for Mimiru a few minutes later, the shoes do little to make her stand out less compared to the rollerblades - the soles light up in rainbow colours as she walks.

"Alright Mimiru, I'm changed. Where're we goin', anyway?"

Mimiru waves her hand dismissingly and relies, "Just casual clothings, shoes will be perfect. You can bring your rollerblades on, if you want to use them to return home with them.." Mimiru grins to Rocket and nods to her, heading out of Metro Express...

Mimiru was waiting outside, hands in her jacket, staring up at the sky. When she hears her walk in, Mimiru glances over to Rocket. "Good.. You'll see. The secret parts of Metro City you've probably never heard of. The sort of place you've got to go if you want a good thrill... You got some money on ya?" Mimiru asks, casually.

The girl starts walking in the financial district. It was dark outside, but thanks to the many lights in the district it was easy for them to go around. "You know, if you drink moderately, alcohol can be good. I love micro-brewry and homemade beer. There's an excellent one brewed in Metro, a spicy red ale," Mimiru comments idly.

The two girls make their way in the city, Mimiru guiding Rocket, slowly heading for the darker parts of Metro City, in some dark alleys. An old abandonned building. A shady muscled guy was standing near a large door that had chains on it most of the time. Mimiru grins at hand and waves to him. He is looking leerly at Rocket, "It's okay, she's with me..." He tells her and pats his shoulder on the way in.

The building had some lights inside, but some halls were cast in dim-light. Cheers and loud shouts could be heard, even from outside. Just what was this place?

Mimiru grins and she glances over to Rocket, "You trust me?" She asks her. It might have been a little bit too late for that...

"Well, yeah, I've got some money, I guess..."

Rocket has heard rumours of all kinds of seedy underground establishments catering to various vices in Metro; mostly from vague and dubious claims made by her teenage friends of having gone to said establishments. Some kind of bragging. As for Rocket, her vice is speed; the thrill and the challenge of cruising the cityscape as fast as her blades can carry her. And so she really isn't sure what to expect - a rave, dog-fighting, drug den, an orgy? - and that uncertainty shows just a bit on her face as she looks around a bit wide-eyed at the dimly lit halls. When Mimiru asks if Rocket trusts her, though, the cyan-haired girl flashes a grin and a nod.

Whatever it is going on down here, it's probably against the rules - and that makes it sound like fun for Rina O'Reilly.

The look of it obviously made it sound illegal in some way. Was it really though? Mimiru grins and she reaches out for Rocket's hand and holds it. "Good," She simply replies as she guides her further into the halls. There were some arrows grossly painted on them to guide the girls into the building...

They were heading to a wide open spot, an open space on a large floor. The way it was built, the spot was a large square room that was about a two hundred feet on each side. The ceiling was high and, by the looks of it, there were spectators on the second floor as well. Lots of loud cheers and screams came from this room, and it was well lit unlike the rest of the halls.

Mimiru sneaks into the crowd, forcing her away through the lines of people and brings Rocket toward the edge of the fighting spot. The only thing that held everyone from going into the fighting space was many metallic pipes in the ground that formed a large circle with chains to keep people from crossing.

Once on the edge, two guys were fighting it out in the open space. Someone was clearly having a bad time though as one of them was holding a guy in a headlock and punching him relentlessly, "Ah, looks like they've already got started..." Mimiru says.

Rocket's green eyes remain wide as they emerge from the dark halls and into the better-lit area around the fighting circle. "Whoa," she remarks, her expression a bit star-struck at the gathering. The girl's diminuitive appearance - combined with a pair of very loud hi-tops - manage to draw the attention of a couple of club-goers as she works her way through the throng behind her pink-haired tour guide, but she manages to make it to the front mostly hassle-free for now. She plants her hands on one of the metal poles to push herself up on her toes and get a better view.

"Oh man! That dude's getting his ass handed to him!" she comments loudly, a broad smile forming on her lips as she spectates the match. "Is this a fight club?" she asks her cohort, not taking her eyes off of the action as the man in the headlock continues to receive a pummeling from his opponent.

There was some blood in the arena and while it seemed somewhat undergroundish, a few men were actually taking care of handling the fights. At this point, someone jumped in to actually stop the fight as the other man had obviously passed out from the beating he was getting. "And the winner!" He shouts, as he holds the bloody hand of the fighter and raises it up in the air.

The crowd was filled with diversity -- ranging from old teenagers all the way up to late twenties, most likely. Most looked like punks or street gang members. Odds are those fights weren't terribly legal.

Mimiru grins as she leans on the pole, a wide smile on her face, "Awesome, isn't it?" Mimiru asks. She nods to him and says, "You could say that. They accept all sort of challengers..." She tilts her head to one side and adds, "You want in?" She asks with a daring intonation in her voice. The same kind she had when she challenged her to a race before.

Rocket is still staring wide-eyedly at the winning contender's bloodied fist when Mimiru's question reaches her. She blinks a couple of times, looking over at the other girl, then back at the ring, down at the man on the ground, then over to the winner, before finally looking back at Mimiru. Her expression is a little bit puzzled.

"In? You mean like... do I want to make a bet? Or do you mean like, 'in' in? Do they just take volunteers or something?" She's not saying no, but seems a bit caught off-guard by the question. "I mean, like, I know how to take care of myself in a fight, but I've never been in a place like this before. What do you get for winning?" Her eyes trail back toward the ring inquisitively.

Mimiru moistens her lips as she spares a glance at the fighting ring and then back at Rocket. She leans over, closer to her and replies, "The thrill.. This most wonderful feeling in the world... The heart pumping, the feeling you're alive..." The girl grins a bit and she leans her head back, almost enthralled just at the thought, "The cheers of the crowd, their love, your place on the spotlight..." Mimiru says. Was their money on the stake? Most likely, considering the looks of this place and the reaction of the crowd.

With her mischievous grin, Mimiru grabs Rocket's hand and she says, "Come," She adds. Did they take anyone? Hard to know... Hopefully not! But maybe Mimiru knew the folks out there or had some connection... Perhaps it wasn't her fist time in those sort of underground fighting rings.

Mimiru guides Rocket toward a spot around the fighting ring. There were a few men who were taking care of business... The spot where all the bets were made and where they were preparing the challengers. "Yo!" Mimiru calls out to one of the man that seemed in charge. He glances over at Mimiru and glares at her with a 'the fuck you want' sort of gaze. "We want in,"

The men there glance at themselves, and then back at the girl and they just laugh a bit, "What? You serious lady?" The man asks, "With your frame, you gals won't last a minute..." Mimiru grins and she pats at Rocket, "My friend's here's gonna break that guy there in half," Mimiru says, pointing out to a tall brawny man at the distance. Unlike the other two, he seemed like a towering monster. Seven feet tall, ripped with muscles and a mohawk. He was lifting up some weights and showing off in the background.

Mimiru lets go of Rocket and she moves closer to the man. She whispers to him a few words, and Rocket might not see it but there's something subtle going on between the two before the man says, "Alright, you guys are going to be next... In ten minutes..."

Rocket allows herself to be pulled along in a bit of a whirlwind fashion by Mimiru, a big grin starting to appear on her face. This could be fun! It's a good chance to put the Kenpo training her grandfather gave her to the test, and a moment in the spotlight certainly isn't something she's averse to.

And then she sees her opponent.

"Holy shit!" she rasps out in a kind of stage whisper to Mimiru, giving a furtive tug on her sleeve. "That guy's a friggin' skyscraper! If you wanted to have me taken out, you could've just pushed me off the bridge or something! Is this 'cause you're salty about me beating you in that race? I thought it was just some friendly competition!"

Mimiru leans back when Rocket tugs her sleeve and hushers those things rapidly to her ears. Rocket sounded almost angry... Why would she? Mimiru blinks and she glances at her. Than she laughs heartly, "Ahahah! Come on, Rocket! Chill out, everything's going to be fine" Mimiru says almost dismissingly, lifting her hand up to give her a pat on the back.

"Alright, we got ten minutes... Plenty enough for what we need... You brought your rollerblades?" Mimiru asks, a wide smile on her lips.

The pink haired lass made it sound so casual, like this would be a stroll in the park. Either she was crazy or she truly believed in Rocket. What if she was wrong? Well... This might end up being one of the shortest friendship Mimiru had.

"Put them on and listen well..." Mimiru says, "Tall buff guys like that are slow as hell... and what's your strength? Speed. Roller-blading fighting, the crowd will love you, you'll make a blast..." Mimiru says with a wicked grin.

Rocket's mouth seems to be more concerned with the situation than the rest of her is. While she's spouting off about the situation, she isn't showing any of the other signs of panicking. Her breathing is even and her eyes are focused. In fact, after Mimiru reassures her that everything's going to be fine, she even flashes a little grin.

"Yeah, I can do that. I mean, the ring's a little small... you're sure nobody's gonna gimme shit about wearing my blades? I mean, like, they're allowed?" She's already found a spot to sit down on top of a chair near a wall and has her bag open, fishing the rollerblades out to put them on. The idea of having her skates on seems to make Rocket a lot more comfortable with the situation, and any worry she was showing before seems to have all but vanished now. She even hits the power button on her MP3 player, and soon the headphones around her neck are pumping out Bring the Noise by Public Enemy.

Mimiru gives a shrug, "Eh, Rollerblade's gonna be your thing," Beside, Mimiru has seen things happen much worse than someone wearing roller blades there. Though it's not really the right time to say that to Rocket.

Mimiru pats Rocket's shoulder and gestures for her to take off her music for a moment, to give her one last piece of advice, "That blue flame you did in our race?" Mimiru says, "It's the key to win this fight easy," The girl says with a wink. She gives her another pat on the shoulder and she strides away, leaving her the time to get reasy for this.. And probably to get some betting going on.

Once the ring was cleaned up, a few minutes later, and everything was ready for the next fight, a man finally comes in the middle of the ring with a microphone, "Alright! Ready for another massacre!? 'cause tonight, the Mountain's gonna crush a daring-do new challenger!" The man shouts to everyone. Looks like everyone loves the mountain or at least the display of brutality he does. With the cheers, the tall giant man strides in the ring going in one corner, lifting his arms up and shouting in victory for everyone, a daring shout for anyone to come and try to beat him.

"The challenger! Rocket, the Queeeeeen of Bladeees!" The man shouts as he points out in the opposite direction toward Rocket.

And on queue, Rocket skates into the ring, raising a hand to wave to the crowd. There's a pretty distinct murmur and a bit of laughter as the girl rolls once around the arena before powersliding to a stop opposite The Mountain and dropping into a fighting stance. She looks ridiculously out of place here, in her baseball cap and headphones and skate punk-style attire, but someone with a practiced eye might recognize the open-handed stance she's grooving to the music from her headphones in as a legitimate variant of Kenpo.

"Sup, bro? Nice hair," she remarks with a chipper tone, indicating the red crest on her opponent's head with a nod. "I take it you're a big fan of cocks or something?"

COMBATSYS: Rocket has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Rocket           0/-------/-------|

This man appeared to be quite a brute. Tall and buff, intimidating. He looked pumped and charged for this. He wore only a pair of jeans, his torso naked to expose his imposing musculature.

When he hears her remark, the punk arches a grow and growls, "What!? You little piece of a shit! I'm gonna show you!" This seems to enrage him and makes him go berserk. It was a girl, but he had no intention of going easy on her!

The growls and charges head on Rocket, attempting to tackle her hard and send her flying in the chains and the crowd. He is slow to start, but once he has taken his first few steps it feels like an unstoppable juggernaut is heading right on her.

COMBATSYS: The Mountain has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Rocket           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0     The Mountain

COMBATSYS: Rocket blocks The Mountain's Ramming Speed.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Rocket           0/-------/----===|-------\-------\0     The Mountain

The five-foot-and-a-quarter girl's eyes go wide as the much taller man starts rampaging toward her. It's an expected reaction - what's less expected is the speed with which the bigger brawler is approaching. Rather than skating out of the way or trying something fancy, she just gets her arms up as quick as she can, her elbow pads absorbing the brunt of the impact as she's pushed back on her skates into one of the poles.


Ducking down and slipping around the Mountain, she balls a fist and throws it at the man's prodigious back.

"I heard old guys could be sensitive about their hair, but jeez!"

If the blow connects, the impact should push her back on her blades as well, hopefully giving the girl a bit more breathing room...

COMBATSYS: Rocket successfully hits The Mountain with Medium Punch.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Rocket           0/-------/----===|==-----\-------\0     The Mountain

He was slow to accelerate but once he had managed to reach his top velocity it was an imposing wall that was rushing for Rocket and shoulder tackled her. Fortunately, she was able to absorb a part of the blow, but the force of impact and her roller blade knocked(rolled) her back.

He tried to slow down before he ran into the poles and chains, and this left him vulnerable. The punch against his back throws even further foward, making him stomps the ground helplessly as he tries to keep his balance but literally ends up slamming up against the crowd. Fortunately, the sheer number of people there manages to hold him and shove him back into the ring.

This just seems to make him angrier. He glares at Rocket at Rocket, "Come here you little punk! I'm going to crush you and rip you to pieces!"

He tries to counter her attack by rushing at her and making up the distance, to get his hands on her and punching her in the face.

COMBATSYS: Rocket dodges The Mountain's Fierce Punch.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Rocket           0/-------/----===|==-----\-------\0     The Mountain

This time, Rocket turns on her skates, bending her back so that the punch sails right past her face. Rather than pulling herself back upright, she completes the bend, flipping back into a handplant. And once inverted, she stalls for just a brief moment, a look of concentration passing over her face - although from this angle, no one can probably see it - before something probably unexpected happens.

The wheels of her skates seem to spark for a moment as she twists her legs in the air, before igniting with blue flame as she kicks them out, spinning them in a wide, blazing arc, aiming to strike the Mountain in a flaming flurry.

"Eat this!"

COMBATSYS: The Mountain blocks Rocket's Orbit Breaker.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Rocket           0/-------/-----==|====---\-------\0     The Mountain

The sudden display of blue flames cause shout from the crowd. This was a rare display but quite an impessive one. This was the sort of things the people wanted to see. The Mountain has just enough time to straighten himself up and prepare his defense when Rocket's legs spin right at him. His massive arms raise up to block the incoming blow but the flame leaves scorches on his forearms.

"No! YOu'll be the one eating rock!" The giant man shouts as he moves one of his hand to try and get a hold of Rocket's head. If he manages to catch her face, he uses his massive strength to impose himself on her and slam her down face first against the concrete.

COMBATSYS: Rocket blocks The Mountain's Faceplanter.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Rocket           0/-------/---====|===----\-------\0     The Mountain

As Rocket flips back up to a standing position, the heat from her skates fizzling on the concrete beneath her feet, she's caught off-guard by the giant hand coming down on top of her head. She flails her arms for a moment, slapping at the man's arm. When she realises that the effort is futile, she brings her arms back down beneath her, bending her knees as the Mountain slams her face-first toward the floor - luckily, her knee pads and elbow pads keep her face from actually colliding with the concrete.

Rolling over onto her back, she pushes away from the man, pulling her skates under her before rising again. Her eyes flash for a brief moment as she holds her arms to her sides with her hands open. Her hands start to glow blue for a moment before she puts the heels of her palms together with her arms extended.

"Suck it!"

As she yells, a burst of blue chi fire flies toward The Mountain. As it does, the force of the blast sends Rocket skidding backwards on her rollerblades, away from her opponent.

COMBATSYS: Rocket successfully hits The Mountain with Rocket Shot.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Rocket           0/-------/---====|=====--\-------\0     The Mountain

"Keep on the blue flammes!" The pink haired lass shouts frm the crowd at Rocket. Odds are, she probably won't understand her in the midst of the battle and all the cheers from the crowd but still...

This tactic seems quite effective apparently. The hulking man thought Rocket would stay down a bit longer but as she rolls around, he attempts to follow after her but the blast of blue flames knock him backward.

"Nyaaarggg!" He shouts in rage as he staggers back, knocked by the blow. He glares at the girl, still a bit destabilized by the whisking flames that licked his torso.

He lunges at her, going into a flurry of blows guided only by his rage. One punch after the other, with little accuracy but continously, again and again, each punch coming with a loud growl.

COMBATSYS: The Mountain successfully hit Rocket with Gaijin Smash.
Glancing Blow

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Rocket           0/-------/=======|=======\-------\0     The Mountain

Rocket skates backward, circling around the fighting pit as the Mountain rushes her. She manages to avoid punch after punch, ducking and leaning out of the way until one manages to smack her cleanly in the shoulder, sending her careening backward toward the chains at the edge of the ring. She catches herself on them, grimacing.

"Son of a bitch. That was a good one," she remarks before pushing off and rolling back toward The Mountain. This time she sweeps in low while attempting to hook an arm around one of the man's legs, intending to pull it out from under him and cause him to fall to the ground as she skates past.

COMBATSYS: The Mountain blocks Rocket's Medium Throw.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Rocket           0/-------/=======|=======\-------\1     The Mountain

"Stop moving you squirming bitch!" The mohawk man says in rage. He has managed to graze her and alas, only his last hit manages to smack her and send her flying. He growls and raises his arms in the air, victory, "Raaaaar!!" He shouts, to show his might to everyone.

The tall man was obviously panting from the exhaustation going into suck a relentless series of punch cost him, but still. When Rocket reaches out for him and gets a hold of his arm, he literally throws himself where Rocket brings him, rolling along the blow and managing to land properly and absorb a good part of the impact.

It allows him to rise back to his feat relative quickly, attempting to get a hold of Rocket's arms himself. If he suceeds, the man starts spinning around with her and performs a few swings before he hurls her off into the crowd, toward one of the steel pipe.

COMBATSYS: Rocket parries The Mountain's Strong Throw!

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Rocket           1/-------/=======|=======\-------\1     The Mountain

As the Mountain makes another grab for her, Rocket spots an opening. Pumping her legs with a sudden burst of speed, she ducks the man's arms, clasping her hands together and crooking her elbow as she flies in. Blue energy is already starting to emanate from between her hands as she drives her elbow toward the man's gut. If he doesn't manage to avoid it, she'll then attempt to grab one of his arms while he's still reeling and throw him over her shoulder to the concrete before aiming a conical gout of blue chi fire at him while he's down.

COMBATSYS: Rocket successfully hits The Mountain with Afterburner EX.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Rocket           1/------=/=======|=======\===----\1     The Mountain

The crowd was cheering for Rocket it would seem! Everyone shouting her name as she was getting quite a beating to this monstruous mountain of muscles. The empowered elbow shot to his guts seem to knock the wind out of him and Rocket has the chance to throw him over her shoulder relatively easily once he seems stunned by the blow.

He's not able to roll as well as last time and he lands with a loud *THUD* against the concrete, grunting in pain. The last sprays of blue flames at him makes him curl around and squirm on the ground from it as he tries to roll away from it.

He's scorched and panting, his body showing many marks of the flames and other bruises from the throws Rocket had performed. He glares at her and tries to lunge at her to get a hold of her, "I'm gonna break you in half!!" He shouts.

If he manages to get his hands on her, he'll lift her up in the air, above of his head for a moment, before hurling her down back on his knee for a devastating backbreaking shot.

COMBATSYS: Rocket blocks The Mountain's Backbreaker.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Rocket           1/----===/=======|-------\-------\0     The Mountain

Rocket has a big grin on her face as she rolls back from the man on the ground. He's probably not getting up after that one, right? Unfortunately, such a notion is mostly naivete on the teen's part, and the grin quickly disappears as the enraged fighter bellows at her. She's not sure what he says - between the noise from her headphones and the chanting from the crowd, she can't make out much of anything at the moment - but the intent is pretty clear.

When he lunges, she tries to skate aside, but he manages to grab hold of her, and lifting the hundred-or-so pound girl proves an easy feat for the Mountain. Rocket kicks her legs in the air, thrashing her arms.

"Hey, King Kong! Put me down - actually, this is kind of coo - whoa!"

And suddenly she's falling again. She twists her body in the air just enough that it's her hip that impacts the knee instead of the small of her back. It's probably bad enough that it'll bruise, but at least she isn't paralyzed.

She rolls away and onto her feet, holding one hand on her hip, but rather than a pained expression on her face, she just has a big, daring grin. The wheels of her skates start to glow faintly as she rolls them against the concrete.

"It's been fun fighting, but I think I'm ready to win now! It's time to blast off, motherfucker!"

With that, she charges toward the mohawked Mountain, the wheels of her skates sparking with blue energy as she comes in low, intending to hit the man low with her shoulder and use the momentum and a surge of strength to lift him up before spinning and slamming him to the ground. Once he's on the ground, she'll leap into air, clasping her hands together to fire a big blue blast of chi at the Mountain. The chi would send her spinning head over wheels higher into the air for a moment before she'd come crashing down with a fist aimed at her opponent's face, sped by the momentum of her fall...

At least, that's how the attack plays out in Rocket's head.

COMBATSYS: Rocket successfully hits The Mountain with Blast Off.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //                            ]
Rocket           0/-------/-----<<|=====--\-------\0     The Mountain

"Whu?! What!?" The Mountain shouts, "Come back here!!" It says as the girl slippery moves out of his grasp and manages to land well enough on his knees not to get broken in half. The man squirms as he tries to get a hold of her, but alas, she manages to slide away from his strong hands. As he rises back up to his feet.

The blast of energy makes her go blurring fast, too fast for him to react as she hits him on his legs and manages to lift him up the ground. The tall man flails as he's knocked back and crashes down. He groans and tries to recover, but only has the time to move his arms over his face to protect it from the flash of flames that engulfs him again and has him screaming loudly from it.

When the flame stops and he finally moves his arms aside though, Rocket falls down from the sky and smakes her first right into his face which hits the ground. She manages to get off from him and the man tries to rise to his feet again after the impact but ends up fully crashing down after, totally spent and knocked unconscious by that last powerful move.

The crowd remains silent at how 'fast' everything went, not believing their eyes what just happened. Silent except for one person that shouts, "Wooohooo! Rocket!! Only one minute flat!!" Mimiru shouts like some groupie in the stands. The crowd then explodes into cheers. This had to be one of the must brutal and amazing fight they had seen... With the underdog coming out as the winner.

COMBATSYS: The Mountain takes no action.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Rocket           0/-------/-----<<|

COMBATSYS: The Mountain can no longer fight.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Rocket           0/-------/-----<<|

After landing on top of the Mountain, Rocket rolls off onto the concrete, scooting back on the ground and shaking out the hand that she just knocked the big man out with and trying to catch her breath. When she sees him stir as if about to get up again, she kips right back up to her feet, though, raising her hands again and dropping back into her fighting stance. It proves an unnecessary measure - apparently, the Mountain is out cold. She looks around herself, tilting her head with a bit of a perplexed expression. Reaching down, she hits the stop button on her music player, then pulls her headphones down around her neck.

"Why's everybody so quiet?" she asks. "I won, right?"

And then the cheering erupts. Spotting Mimiru in the crowd, Rocket grins and raises a hand to wave excitedly.

"Hey Mimi! I think I beat him!"

And then she wobbles a little on her skates, grimacing and rubbing her hip sorely as the adrenalin starts to fade and the toll of the fight sets in.


COMBATSYS: Rocket has ended the fight here.

The man with the microphone comes in for Rocket's moment of glory, "And the winner of this match, the one who managed to overcome the dreadful Mountain of muscles.... Theeeee Rockeeeet!" The man shouts as he goes over to Rocket and holds her hand up in the air, presenting her to the rest of the crowd, giving her one last moment in the spotlight, giving her the opportunity to drown in the pleasure of the cheers, the excitment and everything, giving her one last rush of adrenaline.

With all the commotion and everyone around, it takes a little while before Rocket actually gets to see Mimiru again. She's waiting for her outside of the fighting ring though. "Heh! Rocket! You were awesome! See? I told ya, didn't I? I bet you loved it!" Mimiru says as she approaches her. She offers her a bottle of gatherade, a little something to refresh her. "Not too hurt?" She asks.

"I think I might need an ice pack when I get home," Rocket murmurs in reply to Mimiru, still rubbing her hip sorely, "and my shoulder's kinda sore, so that's probably gonna suck in the morning." She's quick to grin, though, taking the drink and chugging a long swig of it. "Nothing that couldn't've happened skating, though, so at least my grandparents probably won't kill me!"

Taking another swig from the Gatorade bottle, she finds her satchel and slings it over her shoulder. "That was friggin' awesome, though. How soon do you think I could do it again...?"

"You only live once, make sure you live for two," Mimiru says, lifting her hand up to pat Rocket's shoulder, "You... Should take it easy, I bet your body will hurt tomorrow, you'll be a mess, ahah..." She grins and says, "Enjoy the rest of the fight..."

Mimiru takes a step foward the fighting circle before she turns back to Rocket, "Oh, almost forgot..." She says, digging up into her pockets. She takes out some bills of money and hands them to Rocket, wincing at her, "Took what little money you had to bet on ya... Fortunately, seems like the 'odds' were against ya," Mimiru winces and says, "Here, your reward." She tells her, offering her the extra money. She pats her shoulder and adds, "Enjoy,"

Rocket blinks a couple of times as the money is offered to her. She reaches up, wiggling her fingers and hesitating for just a brief moment before snatching the bills and starting to count them.

"Whoa! You mean you used my money to bet on me in the fight?" She arches an eyebrow questioningly, then looks thoughtfully down at the bills. "Huh. Why didn't I think of that?" she muses, before adding, "Well, I guess it would have sucked if I had lost, ha ha. I might've been a little pissed if I got my ass handed to me and lost my money... but I didn't, so who gives a fuck, right"

As the announcer starts to laud the next contenders, Rocket glances over her shoulder at the ring before stuffing the money into her satchel and tugging on Mimiru's arm.

"C'mon, let's go watch the next one!"

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