Eve - Monster Truck! Enough Said. Read it.

Description: A casual school day in Taiyo when suddenly... A wild monster truck appears! Edge, undercover as 'officer Idun Givashit', comes to question some students in Taiyo about the panties thief. Poor Eve, undercover as 'Ashley', has a hard time dealing with him. Thankfully, Hinata arrives barely in time to save the day.

This new kind of freedom was almost intoxicating. It wasn't something Eve had the chance to taste in her years with this organisation and going out to meet other girls around her age who lived a different life and different reality than her felt awkward.

Things were a lot different in Taiyo than she had anticipated and she had to adjust her cover a bit : from what she had been told, most of the girls in highschool were cruels, hypocriticals, manipulatives... But that wasn't the case. The range of personality was very different and their chain of command was more entwined and complicated than NESTS' one.

Fortunately, Ashley Rouge (Eve's identity in Taioy) managed to make a few 'friends' after her transfer. More or less default friends though when she joined the cheerleading club. Ashley is having lunch on her own today. The girl was sitting under a tree on the campus, in plain sight. Many students were coming and going for lunch, on tables and other benches or going out for various activities and clubs.

Ashely had a very important task at hand and needed all her time to do this.

She had to understand how things worked with the girls in the club.

Ashley made a complicated diagram of the club's inner workings. Like a flow chart meant to tell who is who's boss and and who takes order from who... It was so complicated, it didn't look like a tree with many root, it seemed circular...

It was her fourth attempt at doing this. Was Kurumu above Ayame? Where was Ria and Aoi on the chart? Ashley grunts and rips her fifth attempt, "No, no, it's all wrong..."

Ashley heaves a sigh. She doesn't understand a thing. She lifts her gaze up and stares at the distance for a moment. The good thing is, she felt like she had a lot of times on her hand. Highschool students' life was so much easier than NESTS' one.

While all seems to be somewhat quiet on the Taiyo High home front, there's a good chance that it being so quiet is the reason that it won't continue to be that way. You see, when there's too much quiet to be had, there's always something lingering around the edges, waiting to break that quiet silence with reckless endangerment.

This time? It comes in the form of a monster truck. Wait, what?

That's right, the revving engine of a monster truck can be heard before it appears over the horizon. It catches a little bit of air before the huge tires smack into the ground, tearing up the grass and crunching through whatever objects seem to be in its path. And the damn thing is headed straight for the school's outside campus. Barreling through with ease, the monster truck swerves and comes to a halt, showing the big huge logo painted on on the side of the door: Taiyo High Student Security.

The engine gets turned off and the door kicked open. A lanky young man with high hair jumps out of the truck and lands down on the ground. A pair of mirrored sunglasses are on his face, while a Southtown Police Department detective badge hangs around his neck. Other than that, he's rocking a full on purple 'uniform' with pink high neck sweater and matching headband. His white boots take him over to the nearest table, where he hops up and whistles loudly to get everyone's attention.

"Hey! Pay attention, you delinquents!" Edge looks around to see if anybody's paying attention. They better be. "My name is Officer Idun Givashit! And I'm officially your worst damn nightmare! I'm a hall monitor with a badge!" Edge grabs at the badge hanging around his neck and holds it up for people to see. "Now Principal Nobody Cares sent me out here to talk to you idiots about crime and how much it pays! Because there has been a serious crime committed and he wants me to get to the bottom of it! And that's what I'm gonna' do! So unless you want to spend the rest of your school career in detention, I suggest you all form a line, right here in front of my truck..." Edge looks around and points at a student at random: AshlEve.

"Starting with YOU!"

What. In. The. Hell.

The loud noise of the monster truck gets the attention of the students who were enjoying their lunch time. It was definately not a common sight, and there's a little spread of panic amongst the students who tries to run away from the monster truck that skids through the grass, rams a bench and approaches the school.

This is enough to make Ashley snap out of her reverie, her eyes set on the monster truck that approaches dangerously. She rises up but doesn't move away as the monster truck brakes in the middle of the campus. Most students try to keep a safe distance from it, even if the vehicule's engines just stopped.

Edge's got everyone's attention. Everyone's staring at him and there's probably a person or two out there who just pissed themselves in sheer fright. Just like everyone else, Ashley stares at the man who shows out his badge and speaks. A lot of the students whisper to each other, more or less wondering who's this bozo and what he's talking about but...

Ashley blinks a few times as Edge points her out and she straightens herself up instinctively, "Yes sir!" She answers. Her body answers automatically. This was something she was used to, or at least, the way Edge was talking made him sound in a position of authority. He had the badge to prove it, after all... He was probably above all the other students out here... Who knows, Officer Idun Givashit is probably the Alpha student out here.

She listens up and walks over closer and lifts her chin up, arms resting on both side, "I... I'm a new student here, I have nothing to do with any crime!" She defends herself.

Officer Edge leaps from the table to the truck and makes it look easy. Which is always the best thing to do when you're trying to make a display of power. He lands with ease and props a white booted foot up on the edge of the truck. He's chewing on his pink bubblegum, smacking as he reaches up to pull down his mirrored aviators and just kind of stares at Ashley. "Eh?! What you sayin', girl?!" He gets back to smacking on that gum as he looks her over. Eye Frisking, obviously.

"Now you listen to me an' you listen good. Somebody 'round here done stole some panties. And you? You look like you still wearin' yours. So my productive reasoning tells me you done had somethin' to do with it." Edge pushes the sunglasses back up onto his face and tilts his head, smacking his gum as he attempts this interrogation. "Them girls over at Seijyun High? They callin' over here every ten minutes. They know it was somebody from here! And they gonna' press charges if I don't come up with some answers!" He pops his gum and leaps off the truck to make this entire conversation that much more intense.

"So. Let's cut the bullshit." Edge reaches up to adjust the chain that his stolen badge is hanging on. "WHERE ARE THE PANTIES?!?!" This has got to be the most unorthodox interrogation style a hall monitor has had to date. And this is only the first person being questioned! He's got a whole campus full of students to question!

Some people might not know this, but Taiyo High does not actually have school security that drives around in monster trucks with crazy badges. The hall monitors get a sash on their arm and that's about it. Students aren't even supposed to drive to campus, what with how the law in Japan doesn't allow individuals under the age of 18 to own and operate a car.

A lot of this doesn't add up... which is probably why when words starts to get around (in a mixture of everyone on campus being able to hear the vehicle and people running around talking about it) one of Taiyo High's more active individuals shows up on the scene: Hinata Wakaba.

"What are you doing showing up at our school shouting about panties, you Gedo creep?!" Hinata shouts out at Edge, apparently recognizing him... possibly from one of the times Gedo caused a brawl following an interschool activity.

By the time she's close enough to be seen properly, it's obvious she's staring daggers at Edge. "I don't know where you got this, but you're going to get off our school's property right now and stop causing a big mess! Just because nobody cares if you actually show up to your school doesn't mean you get to mess with our's!"

His intonation and behaviour made Ashley feel somewhat uneasy. The girl had no idea who he was, but his display of confidence made her submissive and docile side take over. She tries to avert her gaze away from his, out of habit and respect toward him.

"I've done nothing wrong sir!" Ashley replies to him. Ashley listens carefully to what he has to say but she doesn't quite understand all of his reasoning. However, she knows better than to question authority. "Yes sir! I still have my panties but..." She hesitates.

When the man shouts more at her and shows the badge, Ashley straightens herself up. Over all else, she hated to displease authority, no matter the form. It made her feel uneasy, feel sick. She jerks up a bit in surprise, her eyes widening, her cheeks blushing a bit, "I, I..." She seems confused, lost for a moment, before she finally blurts out an answer, "The football team! They.. They're the ones who got them! I don't know where they hide!"

When Hinata shows up, Ashley glances over at her and then back at Edge. She whimpers softly and cowers some. Oh boy, shouting at authority. Bad idea, bad idea, "I, huh... Really don't want trouble..." She whispers softly.

"Oh. Cool. Thanks!"

Wait, what? Officer Edge seems to be no longer angry. In fact, he seems to be as calm as ever. Which is completely and utterly different than the way he was just acting. Now that he's managed to get the information that he needed, there's no reason to keep up these appearances. And then, well, there's the fact that Hinata is showing up and busting his groove. So that's even more reason to cut the bullshit.

"Here!" Edge snatches off his sunglasses and tosses them at Hinata. He then goes into his pocket and snatches out the key screwdriver he was using to drive the monster truck. That gets tossed in Hinata's direction as well. "Chill!" He gives a dismissive flail of his hand at her and reaches up to smooth his hair up. In all of the jumping around and yelling, a few strands seem to have come out of place. His smoothing allows him to look his very best.

"You guys might wanna' do somethin' 'bout that truck." Edge is walking away from it, tucking away the badge he was wearing just moments ago. He needs to look like a normal student now. "I don't think its supposed to be on campus like that." He flashes a big grin and starts making his way in the direction that is away from both of these crazy females. He's got the intel he needed anyway.

The sudden assortment of items being throw to Hinata throws her a bit off the whole indignation thing as she attempts to adjust to the new situation. Most importantly, why the heck is she being given a weird screwdriver? It takes a good long look between the two discarded items before she decides that she doesn't actually care why they've been tossed in her direction

Both of them go right on the ground as that spark of outrage boils up inside the whirlwind schoolgirl. She's well known for being an incredibly friendly and upbeat part of the student body... she's also known for not taking kindly to people causing problems with that student body.

"You're the one who brought it here, broom head! You can't just show up on our campus causing all these problems." Oversize shoes stomp across the field as Hinata starts to chase after Edge. "So the first thing I expect you to do is apologize for coming around and terrorising people for no good reason. Then you're going to apologize for tearing up our grass," she motions toward the tread marks left behind by the oversized tires.

"Your other option," she starts, her tone simmering at the moment, "Is that I go to the nearest police officer and report you. And I'm pretty sure you're already on file from that time you tried to steal our mascot's uniform!"

Ashley blinks a few times as she straightens herself up a bit. The sudden shift in Edge's behavior makes her posture change slightly, her shoulders rising up somewhat. "Wait, what...?" She asks, dumbfounded. What had just happened now? Her eyes shift between Edge and then over to Hinata, confused.

Then it suddenly all becomes clear. This wasn't an Officer nor an hall monitor, "You're an imposter!" Ashley shouts, glaring at Edge. This was outrageous! How could he dare to imitate someone like this and abuse of his power like that! No one should do that!

She takes a step up behind Hinata, hands clenching into a fist. Her lips curl into a smile and she shouts behind the other girl, "Yeah! She's right!" She gets all excited over this, her anger mixed in all of this with how she got fooled by Edge.

Edge is outnumbered but he managed to get the information he needed. He can always come back another day and assault the football team. At least, he can come back with Daigo or something. And then they can make sure that everything that has happened to the panties is dealt with in a more serious manner.

"Nyaaaaaah!" Edge cracks a big ol' smile, running backwards and away from the campus, while flipping up both of his middle fingers at the girls that have decided that they want him off their property. "Gedo, bitches! Hahahahahaha!" Edge is cracking the hell up, loving the fact that he just pulled one over on these Taiyo idiots. The moment he gets enough space, he turns and starts with the making haste to get the hell out of here!

When Edge starts to book it, Hinata is willing to give it her all to chase after him. Maybe she would have even caught him if it weren't for the fact that he manages to get off of Taiyo property before the energetic girl can catch him... He's a huge annoyance, but it's not worth getting in trouble for leaving school property during the school day to catch him.

This leads to a far less energetic walk back to the school yard, which, by this point actually has a sizable amount of school faculty gathered around the monster truck attempting to figure out what's going on here.

Ashley follows after Hinata... Somewhat. She doesn't run after Edge like she does, but she does keep her attention focused on them. Ashley lowers her gaze and bites her lips as Hinata comes back in her direction, "Huh, hum... Am I in trouble?" She asks timidly, keeping her gaze low as if she felt she had done something horrible.

The question brings a look on confusion across Hinata's face. "Why would you be in trouble? You're not the one who drove an illegal vehicle onto campus during lunch break and started impersonating school officials."

A look goes toward all the teachers around the vehicle now, then over to the clearly uncomfortable Ashley. "...If you want, you don't have to go back over there. I know you said something about Jason being involved with the panty theft and..." She pauses, now awkwardly trapped between her desire to keep her school's reputation strong and her need to protect a new friend who doesn't know what to do. "Look, I know you probably still have feelings for Jason, but it's pretty obvious he's just an idiot. You won't get in trouble because he did something stupid."

Ashely blinks a few times, "Why?" She echoes, "Well, huh, well, I..." She gestures with her hands a little, her cheeks burning red with shame. She had been fooled so easily, she had left her guard down. This was unacceptable, "I just shouldn't have said anything, should have known, I don't know..."

Ashley lowers her gaze and heaves a sigh. What was done was done. Ashley's flushed cheeks turn a shade more crimson when Hinata talks about Jason, "Oh! No, no, it's not what you think..." She gestures her hands at Hinata and bites her lips, "It's... Hum, complicated..." She answers. Yeah, she heard many of the girls in the cheerleading club uses that.

The girl glances over the monster truck, then back at Hinata. Eager to chance the conversation, Ashley asks, "So... Hum.. What are you up to after school? Think you've got some time to show me about your fighting flames?" Ashley asks with a weak smile, punctuating her sentence with two punches beside her.

If there is one thing that Hinata didn't really understand about the other girls around the school, it was how they were so willing to declare relationships "complicated." If her friend Natsu was willing to even admit there were feelings between her and Shoma, she might well have used the same description. As far as the sunshine girl was concerned, you had feelings for someone or you didn't.

Regardless, she wasn't about to push the issue, having learned in middle school that it never really seemed to work out that well, and often made dealing with the other girls even more confusing.

"Well, Sakura, Natsu, and I are going to meet up sometime after school... but Natsu has volleyball practice, so I'll have some free time after school." Hinata puts on her best upbeat smile, trying to help move Ashley out of that uncomfortable space. "I could show you some of my moves, for sure."

"Really, you would?" Ashley asks, her lips curling into a wide smile, "Right on! That would be great! Thanks Hinata!" Ashley says, jumping up in joy. She grins and nods to Hinata, "I've been waiting to see it on display for so long! Huum, maybe introduce me to your friends? Perhaps they could help us with that tournament! I've had some great idea for it!" Ashley says.

Glancing over at the monster truck and the commotion, Ashley blushes and she adds, "I, huh... Think I'll get going, I wouldn't want to get another interrogation about what happened.." She admits to Hinata, "See you after class, Hinata!" Ashley calls out before she dashes off and tries to find some way to sneak back into school.

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