Mimiru - Was it just a dream?

Description: [CUTSCENE] : Was it all just a dream? Mimiru awakens from what felt like the most vivid dream she's ever had. Alas, returning to reality takes its toll on her as there seems to have a drastic difference between the Mimiru of her dream and the Mimiru of the reality.

At long last Mimiru had found him : she had traveled the world, wandered aimlessly but she had finally found him. A part of her she had lost, the thing she needed to feel whole.

She felt this warmth inside of her, like nothing else in the world matter now. Time did not exist, nothing else existed.

"I have to go," Said the teenager, troubling their rest, "It is time for me to go. To do something right in my life," He rose and left Mimiru's embrace. He did not say it but his intonation meant good byes.

The boy slowly walks away. "No! Don't go! Don't leave me!" Mimiru shouts. She tries to run after him but no matter how fast she runs she never seems to catch up with him.

The boy was slowly leaving her, heading toward a vortex, black flame and crimson flames manifesting in his hands. He doesn't turn back, he doesn't seem to hear Mimiru's pleas.

"You don't have to do this!" Mimiru cries, her voice desperate, "You can't leave me! Now after I've found you! Jiro!!" She screams.

Mimiru suddenly bounches in her bed, straightening her back, her hands reaching out in front of her, trying to grasp something that didn't exist in vain. "Jiro!!" She screams in panic. Mimiru pants loudly, eyes wide, cold sweats in her back and over her face.

The bark of a worried dog is the only thing that allows her to snap out of it. It was just a dream. Just a dream... Yet it felt so real, so vivid. That part of her she thought she had found in her dream had been ripped away just as suddenly as her dream ended.

Mimiru presses her hands to her face, "Jiro," She whimpers, tears flooding uncontrolably from her eyes. The big bernese mountain dog that barked at her whimpers softly, worried about its master. It hops into the bed and forcefully presses itself against Mimiru, trying to recomfort her from this nightmare.

Mimiru slowly lies back down, her arms craddling and holding the dog tightly against her, face against his fur. This ephemeral dream was slowly fading from her memories, but it had reoponed an old wound. Mimiru sobs softly against the dog.

It was just a dream. He was dead. Truly dead, and would never come back. Maybe coming back to Southtown after so many years might have not been such a good idea after all...

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