Rocket - Metro City Roller Race: Rocket vs Mimiru!

Description: A relaxing day rollerblading at the park turns into something a bit more exciting as Rina "Rocket" O'Reilly and Mimiru meet for the first time.

With summer long gone by and autumn well underway, the days of good rollerblading weather are numbered - gone, even, some might say - but that doesn't stop Rina 'Rocket' O'Reilly from getting the most out of the time she has. It's a bit of a breezy day in Metro Park, and leaves crunch under the wheels of her rollerblades as she flies down one of the paved paths through the premises.

She's dressed for the cooler weather with a pair of wool leggings and a long-sleeved shirt under her shorts and t-shirt, and some kind of fusion of funk and hip-hop blares loudly from the headphones under the ballcap that she wears backwards on her head. She seems in a world of her own as she kicks up leaves with her passing, dodging narrowly past a lone pedestrian with a "'Scuse me!" before continuing on her way.

Every day is a good day for roller blading. Period. No exception. At least, in Mimiru's heart that's how it is, and how it always will be.

The girl was out in the park, in her rollerblade, though she was out there on a casual stroll. She held the leash of a large and imposing bernese mountain dog and he ran by Mimiru's side.

Little does Rocket knows but for some time, Mimiru has been following her -- barely but surely. It was good exercice for her dog, and Mimiru thought she was the only one out there at this time of the year doing roller blading. Guess she was wrong...

And Rocket's presence intrigued her.

The more she followed, the more she got to appreciate her talent in roller blading. Mimiru has her chance to catchup up with her some though, as Rocket has to manuver rapidly to avoid some lone pedestrian she must have seen at the last minute.

"Not too shabby!" Mimiru shouts. With a little rush of speed, Mimiru manages to catch up with her, her dog following behind her, held on a leash, "You don't see a lot of people rollerblading at this time of the year.." She almost screams, hoping to be louder than her music to get her attention.

It takes Mimiru catching up and shouting from nearly beside her to grab Rocket's attention over the sound of Phunk Junkeez blasting from her headset. She throws a glance over her shoulder, one of her eyebrows arching a little, as if confused by the fact that she's being addressed.


She gives the other girl a once-over before seeming to come to a decision. Pivoting on her skates to face Mimiru and kicking her feet a couple of times to maintain her momentum, Rocket starts skating backwards casually. She pulls her headphones down to rest around her neck, rubbing her ears a couple of times. Tilting her head a little to one side, she says, "Did somebody drop something? 'Cause it probably wasn't me this time." She pauses a moment before adding, "Unless it's money. I might've dropped some money." She eyes the dog a little suspiciously. "Your dog doesn't bite, does he?" All this while still skating in reverse, seemingly perfectly natural for the cyan-haired girl.

The pink haired lass' smile widens at Rocket's prowess. She knew how to recognize someone's talent when it came to sport and physical activity, and Mimiru inwardly flatters herself to see Rocket's ease to perform backward rolling and keeping up the pace. The way she confidently skates in such a manner just indicates Mimiru she might have found a rather rare gem...

Mimiru lifts her free hand up and waves casually at Rocket once she has her attention. The dog keeps on running, keeping up the pace. "Only bad people," Mimiru replies. She tilts her head to the side and says, "So, hopefully, you've got nothing to fear..."

Mimiru shakes her head and says, "I've been following you for a while, you've got some skills, girl..." Her smile widens into a little daring one and Mimiru says, "... And if you dare, I might have a little challenge for you,"

Rocket eyes the dog for a moment longer as she continues to roll backward. Reaching into the satchel she's been carrying over her shoulder, she pulls out a chocolate bar and starts to unwrap it.

"Cool! Obviously he won't be biting me, then, since I'm pretty much a saint," she says as her headphones burst into a seemingly unprovoked string of expletives. She clears her throat and continues, "So you've been keeping up with me for a while now? Not bad." She seems to perk up a little at the mention of a challenge. "I always dare. What's the challenge?" she asks as she takes a bite from her candy bar and chews.

Mimiru's smile widens at Rocket's reply, especially as she hears the faint noise of the headphones. "You could say not... Not in the creepy stalker sort of way, we just happened to be out for a stroll. Max loves the park," Mimiru explains.

"Alright then, listen up..." Mimiru says as she slows down to an halt. Hopefully, Rocket will turn around and come back to her so she can explain the dare. While she does, Mimiru rolls toward one of the bench in the park to tie up the leash of her dog there.

"A little race... But not any sort of race..." Mimiru says, lips curling into a wide grin, "You seem like a girl who can take a /real/ race... If you don't chicken out of it," Mimiru says. She licks her lips and says, "If I win, you give me that chocolate bar," Mimiru says. She then bows her head gently and says, "If you win, I'll admit you're the best rollerblader gal in Metro City... And a way to make a hundred bucks, how's that?"

Rocket tilts her head a little to the side, pausing mid chew as she glances down at the chocolate bar in her hands. She turns around again before circling back into a powerslide and coasting to a stop, then wraps the chocolate bar again and stuffs it into her bag.

"A hundred bucks, huh?" she asks before swallowing, gliding a little closer to the bench. "Is this your own hundred bucks you're betting? 'Cause I feel like you should know, most people that know me? Call me Rocket."

Despite the hint of reticence in her tone, the cyan-haired girl's eyes seem to glint a little at the talk of a 'real' race.

"Rocket, huh?" Mimiru asks, arching a brow, "A fitting nickname," She adds approvingly, a wide grin on her lips, "The name's Mimiru," She adds. She did not have a nickname of her own to share though, alas. The only one she had was part of her former life and this Mimiru posssessed none.

"Bucks that comes from an honest work," Mimiru replies, lifting both hands up as if to show she's innocent of any mischief.

"You know the city some, right?" Mimiru asks, arching a brow, "Very simple, we're going out of the park here..." The girl explains, "Going straight for the financial district, through the highway and around the new commercial center they're building..." Mimiru grins and says, "Gotta touch the bus stop 42 on the other side, and then come back here, passing by the bridge," Mimiru touches the park bench and says, "First one to touch the bench wins... Of course, you've got to be a good sport. No intentional tackling," Mimiru says.

She folds her arms against her chest, and the extends one hand toward Rocket, "Up for it, or you chicken out?" Mimiru asks.

The cyan-haired girl nods along with the instructions, twirling her braid as she considers the challenge. She lets it drop down her back once the explanation is done.

"I'm Rina," Rocket replies before clasping the hand that's extended toward her in her own for a moment before releasing it. "And that sounds like a sweet deal. I mean, this honest work thing sounds kinda sketchy, but chickening out? Pffft. Over what, a little traffic or something?" She rolls her eyes, then turns on her skates to align herself along the path leading past the beach toward the skyscrapers of the financial district.

"So, you wanna do the countdown? I'll be waiting for you back here." She reaches up to secure her headphones back over her ears, glancing over at Max and grinning. "Don't worry, I won't be gone long," she reassures the dog, reaching down to her MP3 player to switch the track to something a little faster as she turns her head toward Mimiru to watch for the signal.

Mimiru offers Rocket a shrug and she says, "You take whatever route necessary to get back here as fast as possible," Mimiru moves her hand and ruffles Max's furr. The dog is panting and sits down, "Just wait here boy, we'll be back soon," She says as well. The dog just stares at the two girl and waits there, obediently.

"Alright! Three! Two! One... Go!" Mimiru shouts with every word, making sure Rocket would actually hear it. Time to get serious and focus, give it her best to see if she can out-run this Rocket gal!

The moment Mimiru has given the shout, she dashes off, giving long stroke of her leg to give the most impulsion she can. Speeding up in the park was the easy part -- it had many curves, lots of leaves in the way and many persons but dodging them was easy, they could be seen ahead of time.

Mimiru weaves side-to-side around all of them, dashing off toward the path that leads to the beach.

And the moment that Mimiru finishes her count and gives the word 'Go,' Rocket takes off in a manner much akin to her namesake. Pumping her legs to pick up speed, her arms cutting through the air on either side of her, she nearly keeps pace with Mimiru, but hangs back a little behind the taller girl, using the path the pink-haired girl weaves amongst the park-goers along the trail to keep out of harm's way.

As the two girls reach the beach, a flight of concrete stairs leads down the path of the most direct route ahead. Rocket coils for a brief moment before hopping up onto the railing of the stairway, landing sideways with her wheels on either side of the rail and grinding her way down before jumping off onto the asphalt path along the beachfront. When a gaggle of elderly folk determined to enjoy the beach despite the autumn weather appear ahead of her, she yells out, "Move it!" before plowing straight through the pack, tucking herself down into a ball to avoid flailing arms of the geriatrics as they attempt to scatter. Miraculously, no one seems hurt, and Rina continues on her way, oblivious to the angry shouts of the offended as her headphones drown them out.

The pink haired lass takes the lead for the time being! She swiftly avoids the walkers in the park, marking a safe path for Rocket to follow after her. The first opportunity for her to get in the lead easily : the flight of concrete stairs they have to take.

Mimiru opts for the safe path, but the longer route : taking a small detour, the path for wheelchairs that does a wide turn back and forth before it reaches the asphalt path before.

By the time Mimiru goes down, she ends up having lost a lot of ground on Rocket. Mimiru's lips curl into a wide grin, "Damn right!" She says. Now this spice things up a bit!

Doubling her efforts, Mimiru tries to use her speed to cover her the lost ground, a few seconds after Rina. Mimiru rolls after Rocket, the elderly folks shaking their fists at her after, shouting angrily at the two kids who are performing this race. Luckily for Mimiru, Rocket is doing the ungrateful work of forcing everyone aside.

"Sorry!!" Mimiru shouts in joy and glee, heart beating, pounding in her chest. Yes, this was the sort of excitment Mimiru was craving and seeking. She waves her hand backward to the persons who jumped out of the path not to collide with Rocket.

The commotion is enough to draw the attention of other beachgoers, leading them to part to the sides of the path ahead as the two racers roll ahead. Seeing that the way forward is mostly clear, Rocket swings around to face back at Mimiru, grinning broadly and about to give a cheeky wave -and then her eyes go wide as the pink-haired girl blows past her.

"Oh, son of a bitch!"

The teenage skater hadn't counted on her opponent being fast enough to catch up already. Turning back to face forward, she starts pushing her legs furiously, driving herself faster and faster, the look on her face becoming one of concentration as she picks up speed, attempting to make up the lost ground. Hopping a set of low gates leading into the parking lot by the beach, she makes a beeline across the lot, jumping on the hood of a Porsche that happens to be in her way, scratching the shiny red paint job and setting off the car alarm. She doesn't even seem to notice the noise, carrying on through the parking lot and toward the road leading to the financial district.

Mimiru was fast -- crazy fast. It's a wonder how she manages to provide such impulsions and long stroke. After all, Rocket had been at it for most of her life, maybe even more than Mimiru and yet, with a few swings of her arms and legs in unisson, she managed to get an incredible acceleration and gained more velocity than Rocket. Was she more aerodynamic? Hard to tell... But Mimiru had her little secret...

"See you at the bench!" Mimiru shouts to Rocket as she flies pass her. Mimiru has a wide grin on her face. If she hadn't taunted her, she might have been able to keep her lead.

Mimiru focuses on ahead to make sure Rocket doesn't cut her ahead... And after a few seconds, when she glances over her shoulder, she notices Rocket had decided to take a little shortcut!

"Damn!" Mimiru grunts under her breath as she takes a sharp turn. She'll have to do something to catchup, or else things would look ugly for her.

For Rocket, it might feel like she has managed to loss Mimiru and that she's in the lead. She's nowhere to be seen and it feels that way... But once she manages to get on the road toward the financial district, Mimiru finally manages to catchup to her.

To gain more speed and go faster, Mimiru held on some cars into the road, switching from one to the other when she had the chance... "High speed ahead!" Mimiru shouts to Rocket as a car drives past Rocket with a Mimiru clinging on to its rear bumper. She lets go of it once she's managed to catchup with her, taking a swing to get back into the reserved spot for the bicycles and the pedestrians.

Rocket casts a sidelong glance at Mimiru as the sound of her shouting manages to reach her over the lyrics to 'All I Want' blasting in her ears. She flashes a grin at the tactic being used - grabbing a bumper to pick up speed is something she's done herself before - before turning her attention back ahead. She starts weaving to either side of the street lamps along the road, reaching a hand out to push herself off of each one as she passes it, building momentum while giving her legs a bit of a break.

As they come to a downhill stretch in the road, Rocket keeps to the sidewalk, using the momentum she's built up combined with gravity and, rather than coasting or slowing as the road ramps toward the busy highway, pumping her legs to pick up even more speed.

A chorus of honking horns rises from the highway as the girl flies recklessly into the traffic. She narrowly manages to thread her way between the cars in the first two lanes, then tucks down almost into a ball as the trailer of a truck trying madly to brake pulls in front of her. She manages to make it to the other side just as a van pulls up alongside the truck, and Rocket throws herself into the air, landing with her rear end on the hood and sliding across and off the road. She does take a bit of a spill onto her hands and knees, but luckily she's wearing kneepads and gloves, and she pushes herself back onto her wheels as if nothing happened.

A right turn would take her down the highway to the turn-off into the financial district, but ahead of her is a storm drain leading to the back alleys behind the skyscrapers. Opting to take what she believes to be a shortcut, she hopes the railing and skates down the side of the drain to pick her speed back up...

Unlike Rocket, once Mimiru goes down the hill she prefers to control her speed not to head into the highway too rapidly. This was the exciting part, after all, the one that required more than just skill, the part where the blood is pumping and the adrenaline rushing. Mimiru tries to keep her head cool and see the right opening from a distance...

The slight distraction slows her down enough to let Rocket zooms past her. Is she crazy?! Mimiru blinks a few moments, lifting her gaze up as she watches her roll down at full speed and trying to force herself through...

Mimiru's lips curl into a wide grin. It was the good kind of crazy. Hopefully she'll live through this!

Mimiru's crossing goes much more smoothly though, circling and dodging the incoming cars despite their high speed. It felt like she narrowly manages to avoid some of them as she crosses through, circling back a moment just to let a car pass and to let her move through afterward. Of course, it made quite a commotion... Both from her and Rocket, the cars honking at them and tires screeching loudly...

Mimiru wasn't too far from Rocket, trying to catchup up with her once they reach the Financial district with the skycrapper and slower traffic. The many alleys meant various possible paths and the two soon splits up in different path... The way to the bonus stop was near, and after that, returning to the park would prove to be amusing through the construction site of the new commercial center.

The concrete length of the empty storm drain gives Rocket a straight stretch to pick her speed back up on. She continues to propel herself forward, passing under a series of overhead bridges and counting the buildings up on the side of her as she goes. Once she's sure she's close to the nearest alley to Bus Stop 42, she angles herself up the side of the drain and puts in a burst of speed to carry her up the incline and into the air, grabbing onto the top of a chain fence leading into the alley and throwing herself over it.

She hits the ground rolling, barreling over a couple of garbage cans, causing a whole cooked turkey to spill out into the alley floor. Rocket doesn't have time to stop for a meal, though, and she breaks out of the alley, over the sidewalk and into a crosswalk just as the lights of the intersection are starting to turn, pushing off of the fenders of the cars waiting to move and dodging passersby in business suits on her way to the other side of the road.

With Stop 42 looming ahead on the road, Rina casts a glance both ways. She and Mimiru have gotten separated at this point, and she doesn't see the other girl yet, but she could be coming from a different angle...

Unfortunately for Mimiru, the girl had decided to go for the straight path but one that was crowded with a lot more by-standers than Rocket's own path. Her main strength in this race was her raw speed and agility to dodge them, but the sheer amouth there were forces her to circle, slows down, and maneuvers herself not to collide into anyone.

Lack of speed, she manages to go through the crowd though with minimal stunts or acrobatic feats, jumping from one side of the sidewalk to the other... When Rocket arrives at the bus stop, Mimiru is nowhere to be seen...

At least, if she takes a second or two, she'll see her at the distance. The people moving awkwardly in Mimiru's path, allowing her to pass through, the cursing at the girl grazing them as she passes by them.

Spotting Mimiru, Rocket takes a moment to give a thumb up and wink before turning to face back ahead - and finds herself on a collision course with a man facing the other way, holding his Blackberry to his ear with one hand and carrying a cup of coffee in the other, oblivious to his impending peril. Going too fast to go around, Rocket does the sensible thing - no, not slowing down, that would be lame! - and jumps up, planting her hands on the man shoulders and forcing him to bend forward as she leapfrogs over him, spilling hot coffee all over the sidewalk.

"Sorry, emergency!" she yells as she skates off, grabbing onto pole of the sign for stop 42 and swinging herself around, opting to turn down a different path for the return route - this one leading toward the construction site. With a bit of a lead and not much foot traffic in the direction of the project, she turns around and starts to coast backwards a bit, keeping an eye up toward the bus stop to make sure her cohort is keeping to the rules.

Unfortunately, paying so much attention to what Mimiru is up to causes her to not notice the fire hydrant coming up behind her, and she skates right into it, taking one of her legs out from under her and causing her to land on her butt, possibly giving Mimiru enough time to pull ahead while she collects herself.


This girl was quite something! Every time she had to pull off a stunt, Mimiru was there to witness it. She was not jealous of it : in fact, she was proud to witness it all. It just meant she was right about her.

Rocket had a little something more. Something most people didn't possess. Pushing through the crowd, Mimiru dashes off and manages to reach out for the bus sign, giving herself a swing a few seconds after Rocket. Fortunately, it was easier for her to follow after Rocket had made the path and most people moved out of the way. Mimiru follows the rules, and she's rushing after her...

Just in time to see Rocket having trouble with the fire hydrant as she goes toward the construction sit, "Never look behind, girl! Always foward!" Mimiru taunts, her smile growing full of determination as she gives all of the energy she has to make a spring to catch up with her.

Mimiru rolls pass Rocket as she manages to rise up and she waves her hand at her. The construction site was going to be something : lots of workers and noise, no one to actually move than away. Steel-pipes and wooden planks everywhere, as well as many other obstacles in the way!

Moving around of it? Nah! That'd be way too lame.

Dodging some workers, Mimiru ends up sliding into a long steel pipe that was barely big enough for her to fit in. She has to bend and kneel down almost completely so she can slide all the way through it. She pops back out at the opposite end, straightening up, alert...

Her heart was pounding. This was exciting. Just the sort of thing Mimiru was looking for.

Rocket manages to kip up to her feet with practiced ease, reorienting herself toward the construction area and kicking off quickly. Her grin fades into a look of determination. With Mimiru now in the lead, Rocket knows she'll need an extra effort to win that hundred bucks - and, more importantly, save her candy bar. Now in Mimiru's slipstream, she takes off in a blur, easily avoiding pedestrians and builders, pumping her legs to boost her speed, any soreness in her muscles overcome by adrenalin at this point.

The first obstacle in Rocket's path is a cement mixer unloading into a gap in the earth. She hops over the pooling cement easily, landing sideways on a steel girder and grinding along it before spinning and putting her skates atop the girder's surface to resume building up speed. She manages to keep her balance despite the narrow and nearly frictionless path.

Glancing to one side as she comes off the girder, Rocket spots Mimiru emerging from a nearby pipe, just in the lead. With a look of renewed focus, she turns her gaze back ahead and leans forward, stretching her arms behind her and concentrating. As she does, a blue glow starts to emanate from her palms as energy is gathered in them, before turning into jets of blue fire. The burning energy seems to propel her forward even faster, and while she only manages to maintain the burn for a few seconds, the boost to her speed is impressive, enough that as she hits a strip of sheet metal lying against a low wall at an angle, she launches into the air, pushing off the roof of a parked bulldozer and over the fence at the end of the construction yard.

And then Rocket is confronted with her worst nemesis - gravel. The path leading down to the park isn't paved, and despite her experience as a skater, she struggles to remain upright on the rocks and quickly diverts onto the grass to avoid getting them stuck in her wheels. It takes extra effort to move on the green, but it's not too much further before she's on one of the paved park paths, winding through the trees as she heads back toward the bench where they left Max. She doesn't even turn to see where Mimiru is at, instead focusing on her goal...

Rocket might be so focused on doing the last sprint that she hardly notices what happened -- shortly after Mimiru got out of the pipe, the deflagration that came with the sudden burst of energy caught Mimiru's attention. Her eyes turned away from the path ahead, to the side, to see Rocket's display of flames empowering her and giving her the acceleration she needed to make up the distance.

Mimiru's lips curl into a wide grin at the sight.This girl was definately more than meets the eye, as Mimiru expected.

Alas, the split moment she turned her gaze away to see Rocket's display of blue flames was enough for her to roll right into sets of chains that delimited the construction site. At her current speed, Mimiru ends up flipping over, end though she tries to catch herself up, she ends up falling rather painfully so. She tries to catch herself, but she's lost some precious second there and she's still dazed from that little slip, "Damn it..." She mutters.

Rocket can hear her goal growing closer. The big bernese mountain dog barking at the sight of the girl, tail wagging happily as he recognizes her and probably Mimiru who's trying to catchup behind. Unfortunately for Mimiru, it was too late for her to catchup now...

The sight of the dog and the empty bench causes a slight twitch of a grin to appear on Rina's face as she aims to close out the race, not slowing as she nears the designated finish point until she's next to the bench. At that point, she swings herself onto the seat, sliding across from one end to the other before lurching to a stop.

It's not clear clear whether an enthusiastic "Whew!" or a nearly breathless "Woo!" is her response to being the first to reach the bench, and she takes a few moments to catch her breath, pulling off her headphones and reaching down to hit the pause button on her MP3 player, leaving the park seeming abruptly more peaceful.

Turning her head to watch Mimiru's approach, she gives a grin, her cheeks a bit flushed from the exertion and the autumn air. The grin turns into a bit of grimace after a moment, and she shifts on her seat, reaching around behind herself to rub her backside.

"I have gotta stop landing on my ass," she laments with a sigh.

A couple of seconds later, Mimiru finally arrives. Even though she lost, she's not slowing down until she arrives at the bend, "Weee...." Mimiru says, panting. She doesn't completly stop though, she keeps on rolling in slowly circles around, back and forth, so she can catch her breath and slowly let her heart return to its normal rate.

She rests her hands on her knees, bent over as she continues to roll aimlessly. Max stays still and just stares at the two girl, as if he was used to those sort of thing. "Well... You truly deserve your nickname," Mimiru says after a moment.

She straightens herself up and offers Rocket a grin : Mimiru wasn't the sore loser type and she always enjoyed good sport. It had been a good competition, well worth it. Time for her to give Rocket what is due...

Mimiru gently bows her head, moving her hands to the side as she says, "You are, and always will be, the Queen of Blades," Mimiru says with a grin, "At least until I challenge you to another duel," She adds after a moment.

"Queen of Blades, huh?" The appellation gives Rocket a moment's pause, her dark brows knitting briefly before comprehension spreads across her features, along with a grin. "Right! That's a pretty sick title."

Leaning back on the bench and stretching out a bit, Rocket reaches into her satchel and pulls the chocolate bar from before back out, unwrapping it a bit lazily before taking a bite out of it and chewing.

"Sho, what'sh thish about a hundred bucksh?" she asks, mouth still half-full of chocolate. "That wash freakin' aweshome, by the way. Definitely the besht raysh I've had in a long time." She swallows before adding, "You been skating long?"

"Most of my life," Mimiru admits, lips curling into a wide grin. She had managed to catch her breath some now and she speaks more normally, "I've done all sort of sports in my youth... And now I use rollerblading for a living and I jog seldomly with my dog..." Mimiru says, ruffling's Max head idly.

Mimiru nods and folds her arms in front of her chest, "Don't worry, I haven't forgotten. You got time?" Mimiru asks, "I'll show you, it's not too far away from here, back in the financial district, you'll see... I'm sure you'll love it,"

"Yeah, sure, I got time," Rina remarks, pushing herself up off of the bench and stretching her arms over her head before stuffing what's left of her chocolate bar into her mouth and crumpling the wrapper into a ball before tossing it into a nearby garbage bin. She wipes her hands on her stockings as she swallows the last of the treat.

"I've been skating since I was like, three," she says as she moves over to pet the dog on the head in turn. "It's kind of what I do, I guess."

Smoothing down her clothes and adjusting the tilt of her cap, she adds, a hint of skepticism in her voice, "So the big money district, huh? Hopefully that guy with the coffee isn't still hanging around..."

Mimiru unfolds the the knot she did on the leash and takes it in her hand. The big dog leans in against the caress, still panting, tail wagging happily. Despite his size he definately seemed to be the most friendly dog out there.

"I hope for you!" Mimiru says with a wince, "Come on, let's get going..." The pink haired girl says, slowly skating off away.

It takes about ten minutes to get there : one of the building in the financial district. The two girls were taking their time though, which explains why it took longer.

This seemed like a shipping business : Metro Express. Mimiru glances over to Rocket, a wide grin on her lips. She opens up the door and doesn't bother with her roller blade, going in with them.

Once inside, the girls could easily see the four desks that made the office, a counter and computer that was used to serve the customers and various cardboard that showed various fees for deliveries and other things.

There was just one man in the front, a middle-aged man, perhaps around his forty, with grey hair. "What's up Franky?"

The old man frowns and glances at Mimiru, "Awww! It's just you. Aren't you on your day off?" The man says with a grumpy intonation. He seemed like he was overloaded, barely lifting his eyes up to greet Mimiru as he was filling in paperwork.

Mimiru grins and she pats Rocket's shoulder, "Still overloaded with packages and deliveries? I think I've got just what you need... This gal here is faster than I am... I present you Rocket, the mighty Queen of Blades, the only gal who outran Mimiru Kasagi,"

This alone is enough to get Franky's attention. He rises from his seat, adjusts his pant and slowly walks in their direction, "Really, huh?" He says, obviously surprised, "Welcome aboard then! You free to do some delivery now, that'd be really be life saving..."

Mimiru grins and she pats Rocket's shoulder, "Not me! My day off, no touch! Ahah, but Rocket can be on the case, right? I'm sure you can give her some job for a good hundred bucks Franky, right?"

Rocket glances back and forth between the pink-haired girl and the old man at the desk, her expression a bit incredulous. She tilts her head a little to one side, her eyebrows lifting a little.

"Wait... so you want me to like, deliver packages around the city and shit? Like some kind of mailperson on skates? And I get paid?"

She looks at Mimiru one more time, then at Franky as he approaches.

"That sounds..." she pauses for a moment, before breaking into a grin.

"Fucking awesome!"

She offers a hand out to her prospective employer.

"I mean, uh, that sounds swell, sir," she corrects herself awkwardly.

"I'm Rina O'Reilly, but most people call me Rocket."

Giving Rocket a shrug of her shoulder, Mimiru smiles and says, "Heh, I said I'd give you a way to make a hundred bucks easy, not that I'd give you a hundred buck," To defend herself about this.

However, it seems Rocket quite likes the other and Mimiru's smile widens even more, "Ahah, I knew you'd like that," Mimiru gives herself a push and she says, "We'll see ourselves around, Rocket," Mimiru says, giving a wave to the girl. It was her day off, after all, she had to use it wisely.

Franky grins and gives Rocket a hand-shake, "I'll show you around some and give you a few package to deliver... If you're still interested for more, we'll work a schedule for tomorrow and maybe the rest of the week, depending on how much available you are.." The man explains.

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