Rainbow Mika - Rainbow Mika's Debut: Petey's Pork Buns

Description: It's the Petey's Pork Bun Annual Eating Contest 2014 and a surprising newcomer comes out on top. This is the perfect publicity opportunity for Rainbow Mika to announce her official debut in the fighting world!

Video opens on a large crowd in front of a stage with a big banner proclaiming "Petey's Pork Buns Annual Pork Bun Eating Contest" before cutting over to a man dressed in a referee polo shirt with a Petey's Pork Buns logo on the left breast.

"Hello everyone, I'm Nick Hart coming to you from the Petey's Pork Buns Annual Pork Bun Eating Contest in Southtown, Japan. This year became an interesting one after three time winner Sie Kensou dropped out of the contest after saying its time conflicted with an important Athena concert, leaving the field wide open for anyone to win."

The camera starts to cut over a rather mixed line up of individuals along the table as Nick continues. "Many were putting good money on two time runner up Frank 'the tank' Hasamiya to come out the victor with his iron gut, but we were in for a big surprise when a first time participant came out of nowhere to win, eating 73 pork buns, just 5 shy of the all time record set by Kensou two years ago! Let me present to you this year's champion..."

Nick's face wrinkles a bit in hesitation as he reads his card, but its an effective tension building pause all the same, "...Rainbow Mika!"

The camera cuts over to Rainbow Mika, clad in her intricate blue and white spandex, holding a small boombox on her shoulder that her hand is moving away from, as if just having hit the play button.

There's a brief pause as a the iconic intro to Rainbow Connection starts to play before she awkwardly fumbles with the boombox until electronic sounds of her theme start to play.

"That's right, I'm Rainbow Mika, and you probably haven't heard of me yet, but it won't be long before you know me as the greatest female wrestler to ever live!"

She moves to set the boombox down on the table behind her, at the same time grabbing the Petey's Pork Bun belt and holding it up over her head. "Today I demolished the competition in the world of professional eating, but I'm announcing my debut into the world of professional fighters! I've been training for seven years under one of the greatest legends of professional wrestling, Yoko Harmaggedon, and now I'm setting out on a world tour to take on any challenger in front of any crowd anywhere in the world!"

Mika whips her hand around, pointing at her own chest, the strike of her thumb causing a brief jiggle of her chest. "I'm not just one of those challengers who wants to show that they're the strongest or the toughest, I want the world to know that professional wrestling is the greastest fighting style in the world because we take on any challenge, and unlike so many other cowards we realize something important..."

Suddenly her finger points right at the camera, "You are the reason we fight! The crowd is the most important thing out there, and I refuse to leave a crowd dissapointed and bored! Your cheers push me to win! Your cheers push me to fight on! Your cheers will be heard all the way around the world!"


The video quite clearly cuts out just as the wrestler is thrusting her right arm up into the air, her shout ending abruptly as the video cuts to black.

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