Nameless - For The Sake Of Panties

Description: Nameless, disguised as Jason, has successfully infiltrated Taiyo High. But as he meets his fellow members of the football team, they are highly skeptical of their new teammate. In order to prove himself to the others, 'Jason' is made to join his teammates on a late-night raid over at Seijyun High. Nameless has been prepared for many missions, but does he have what it takes to handle... a panty raid?

Jason did not know he was here.

Oh, he knew why he had pulled up beside the fence of Seijyun High. That was part of his cover. It was a long story. The short version was that the nameless clone, undercover as the persona of 'Jason,' had gone to Taiyo High as a sports star. However, as he met his fellow footballers, it was quickly obvious that he was not part of the other footballers. He had to prove himself as a footballer. And the only way he could prove himself as a footballer, it seemed, was to take part in a sacred ritual amongst other footballers. And of course, to secure his cover, he had no choice but to work with his fellow footballers on this ritual. But it did not make sense to him at all.

Why would they need to conduct a raid on Seijyun High?

The nameless teenager deftly crawls up the fence outside the all-girl school after the other three Taiyo footballers. He had driven them here in his shiny red convertable, and now, as he surpasses them in deft climbing, he easily vaults back down to the grass. Their target was the upperclassmen dormitories. Their target, well, was to raid them of necessary supplies, if he understood his companions carefully. As the other three finally reach the grass, Jason is silent. The leader, the quarterback of the team, begins to hand out the sacks. Why they needed sacks, was not important. Gripping his sack tightly, Jason bolts across the grounds, slipping between moonbeams and light to his goal.

Hopefully there would be no interference.

"Wait, where are you going?"

The quarterback calls out to the jersey-jacket wearing teenager, already rushing ahead. Jason stops, and turns, those cold eyes staring from underneath the black and white hair upon his head. The boy holds four masks, handing them around. "You gotta wear your disguise!" He states. The teenager rushes back, stopping suddenly as he reaches the mask. It shows a shiny, plastic face of some kind of king, with a rich brown beard, and an open-mouthed smile. Upon its crown, were the symbols, BK. Putting the mask on, he turns around, charging back to the dorms.

It must be the Taiyo Mascot.

The moonlight is a mystical thing in fall, and Sada Asai had gone for a leisurely and sedate walk out there, perhaps to inspire herself to write a poem or something. At least that's what she told the girls in her little cluster of the dormitory rooms, smiling and saying little things in French.

Once out of sight, she'd pulled out her iPhone and started streaming some of the more recent, horrible local wrestling promotions. This does mean she did end up leisurely and sedately walking around, of course - truth in advertising and all of that.

She had been concealed by a gazebo and its growth of wisteria, though, and she'd also been listening with an earbud, keeping her from giving away any real position. The faint glow of the screen easily mingled with moonbeams and the subtle tastefulness, until --

Sada's head lifts up as a voice speaks. They're calling back. Something about a disguise.

Men talking.

On the sacred precincts of Seijyun High...

Sada's eyes thin to venomous slits. She puts her phone down, turns off the screen --

And when that young man, Jason, comes running back, there's a girl there right in front of him.

Sada's eyes widen again.

"You must be a foolish king indeed to come here. Are you prepared?" she asks, her voice a little raspy. "To pay the price of what you've dared?" Oh, she thinks, he has friends. Uh oh.

Someone who was in his way.

The teenager stops dead, posture erect. Behind the eyeslits, the teenager stares. He begins to walk, circling around the girl who had stopped him. One of the guards of Seijyun High? It was a mere teenager, a student of the school. There was no alarm heard. He raises up his hand, motioning for the other three boys to move on ahead. He had to deal with the guard before she gave them away. He reaches towards his left hand, where a glove of blueish white is clad. He begins to pull it off...

And he stops.

High Schools boys don't use gloves of incredible power. Nor do they use Kusanagi fire. They use punches. Except against girls. He quickly releases his hand on his glove, and looks towards the girl, tilting his head. And he speaks, with a cool, terse tone

"I do not want to hurt you."

Sada looks at that glove.

The boy's trying to threaten her with one hand?

She has no idea, of course, what is up with the finer details there. From her position, a burglar paused and tried to pull off his glove - thought better of it - and then spoke in cool, calm words.

Sada raises her gaze to that masked face.

She smiles. "That's fine," she says. "But, I do."

She starts running forwards. It may take for her passing the 'King' and then pivoting around to loop an arm under his, then the other around his neck, for him to realize that VIOLENCE HAS BEGUN

COMBATSYS: Sada has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Sada             0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Nameless has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Sada             0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0         Nameless

COMBATSYS: Sada successfully hits Nameless with Cobra Clutch.
- Power hit! -

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Sada             0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0         Nameless

He didn't want to hurt her.

But it seemed like she had other plans.

Jason did not expect a mere commoner from Seijyun High to have so much spirit. But as she lashes out like a serpent, he only manages to lash out his right hand up to his neck. That is all he can muster, having been caught flat-footed, as he finds himself caught in the sleeper hold.


Gagging loudly under the mask, he tightens his hand into a fist, as he is kept in the girl's clutches. Jason writhes, struggling against it, but the damage was already done. He wasn't going to slip out of the grips. And even if he wanted to use his glove's powers... no. He wouldn't. He would not blow his cover. He would just have to rely on other techniques.

The hand to hand ones.

It was common knowledge that nobody could break out of a cobra clutch. But that wasn't going to fluster the nameless teenager. He was staying focused, staying calm, as his one hand keeps himself from going to sleep. He was still standing, refusing to take to the ground. He takes a deep breath in. And steadily, he begins to struggle, to use what little leverage he has against the girl's locking arm. Jason's power is surprising for his size; the entire teenager's body trembles as a surge of force comes. He tries to break free from the hold, and should he manage to break out, he will respond with an overhead elbow slam towards Sada's shoulder.

He did not want to destroy her face.

COMBATSYS: Sada parries Nameless' Medium Punch!!

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Sada             0/-------/-----==|=------\-------\0         Nameless

The good news for THE KING is that Sada lets go with one arm, which breaks the lethal grasp of the cobra clutch. He has a chance to survive to the end of this day!

The bad news is that Sada's hand whipped out instead, and -- caught...? his elbow. It's really more like 'half-assedly shoved it aside with the palm of her hand' but it still happened. It was quick and sharp.

Sada's breath smells weirdly like vinegar at this range even as Jason moves. "Hahaha, is this your power?!" She vaults upwards, using Jason's own arm as a pivot point -- to get behind him again, to climb up his back.

This is a great opportunity to throw her on the grass. That would be a good plan because Sada's plan is evidently to hook a foot around his neck and shove his head forwards to resume the theme for the evening, which would seem to be 'strangling'.

"Is this your honor mask? Maybe I'll rip it off once you're unconscious - or let your body be a mystery for the morning!" Sada gloats.

COMBATSYS: Nameless blocks Sada's Sadaplata EX.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Sada             0/-------/----===|==-----\-------\0         Nameless

At least he broke from the sleeper hold.

Ripping free from the grab, Jason pivots, slamming the elbow into... nothing. He is thrown off balanced, only the brief touch of the teenage girl telling him what is happening. Sweeping his leg forward, he regains his footing with blistering agility.

But he is just fast enough to feel the slithering on his back.

The girl was latching on his neck again. This time, though, both hands are on the move. Grabbing the leg, both limbs are brought to effect in stopping the strangulation. Leaning forwarding, the blue-white glove may feel impossibly cold against the girl's skin. Continuing to lean forward, the teenage boy gasps from under the mask.

"You smell like pickles?"

Struggling against the girl, the momentum changes. He was now springing himself upright, leaning backwards with a heave. The boy lets himself off his feet, as he tries to slam himself straight back. A reckless move, to be sure, but he could afford to be reckless. He needed the girl off him, in order to fight properly. And slamming her to the ground?

That should get her off.

COMBATSYS: Sada parries Nameless' Power Throw!!

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Sada             0/-------/---====|==-----\-------\0         Nameless

Sada is momentarily aghast as she's told she smells like pickles. Her face blanches. H-how...

Oh, she thinks, she's climbing over him and breathing heavily. That makes sense. The cool night air is keeping her from getting too hot, she thinks, before


There it goes.

Sada is thrown from Jason, the King, the nameless man's back, hitting the soil with a suitably imposing thwud and rolling away for a moment. She rises to her feet, evidently not harmed beyond some grass stains and her hair getting dishevelled.

The girl wipes her forehead with one hand.

Then she giggles.

The giggling starts high and goes on for about a second longer than it should. A little steam rises from her hand. "And you," she says, "smell like a loser."

Sada steps forwards and makes a flippant gesture of her hand as if she's flicking sweat forwards. This is exactly what she does. That acidic smell gets stronger, a faint whistling in the air -- and then, whether it be Jason's tender him-meats or the grass, there's a rippling crackle of pint-sized bursts and a lingering feeling of... something.

The seeping acidic feeling will come to a head in a little while, don't be too hasty.

COMBATSYS: Nameless blocks Sada's Glow Bomber EX.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Sada             0/-------/-----==|==-----\-------\0         Nameless

Jason hits the grass hard.

The teenager stares up to the night sky, face expressionless under that grinning mask. Swinging his legs around, he rolls back upright, moving with that same surprising agility. There was something simply too toxic about this girl. Everything about her was too caustic for his tastes. And yet, the nameless clone shows restraint.

"Do not."

Those two words are his response as he swings his ice-gloved hand in the air in front of him. The creeping corrosion barely has time to bite at his skin, before the aura of icy energy suppresses it. The air around him grows frightfully cold, consuming the acidic presence nearly completely. A hint of the chi powers that the teenager was constraining.

"Call me."

Was the next two words, as he rockets towards Sada. He was fast. Too fast. Diving upon the girl, he swings his left leg up and around rip-roaring power. He was done with niceness. He wasn't ready to let loose. But he was ready to slam his foot straight into Sada's face, as he snaps out the last two words.

"A loser!"

COMBATSYS: Sada parries Nameless' Shigure!!

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Sada             0/-------/---====|===----\-------\0         Nameless

"Oh, did I hit a nerve?" says Sada.

It's liberating to say that. She feels invincible, exultant. The decision to pursue this is one she never thinks she will regret. To pursue the art of fighting - to spread her suffering in the world...!

Her arms spread, some sweat glistening on her neck as she throws up her hands in a twisting posture. "I'm so terribly sorry!"

As the foot comes towards her she leaps up --

Jason has to recover from that. Sada descends, hardly even coming down on top of his incoming leading leg and leaning forwards. She feels wet and clammy, sweat already soaking through her shirt. That same sweat that hurt and stung. Where it touches skin it tingles uncomfortably.

Sada grins like a shark. "But now you've shown me your weakness --"

She aims to lace an arm around Jason's nearer limb, possibly in the moment where she can best be flung loose. After this she twists hard, to put backwards tension on his back -- and really, by EXTENSION (get it?) his abdomen! Her head goes down to try to press her forehead to his neck, which would normally be sort of weirdly romantic, but is actually just throwing more acid onto the fire (that is, in turn, composed of acid).

COMBATSYS: Nameless blocks Sada's Sparkling Abdominal Stretch EX.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Sada             0/-------/---====|===----\-------\0         Nameless

Jason did not believe she was sorry.

Still, it was obvious why the footballers wanted him to come along with the raid. These school children were... dangerous! As the boot to the head is evaded, he can feel the disgusting touch of her sopping wet body. Jason grimaces under the mask. "No. You have not hit any of my nerves." The teenager explains firmly. He could feel a rash coming on from touching her.

He might need to go to a NESTS doctor after this.

As she grips Jason's limb, he is twisted hard. But he does not bend. Body going tight against the winding grapple, he finally drives his foot down, regaining his balance. Her slime was caustic, especially this close. The acid energy that was pouring off her was now pouring near him.

But the energy is consumed again.

The overwhelming aura of cold comes, as the teenager writhes his fingers in the blue-white glove. Locked in a stalemate between extension, sparkles, and slime, he just holds his ground, his gloved hand tensing up tighter and tighter. "You have no... idea... what you are risking..." He begins, as the fingertips of his glove begins to penetrate the surface of the glove's palm.

The air around him becomes deathly hot.

COMBATSYS: Nameless charges his next attack!

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Sada             0/-------/---====|=====--\-------\0         Nameless

Sada actually has no idea what this would do to a human being. She is, slightly, disappointed to see that the mystery man's flesh isn't melting off her bones. She was hoping for huge, bloody welts. Still, he's hurting.

That's pretty good.

Sada pants for breath as she keeps pressing, her breath now smelling not so much of pickles as of uncapped baths of hydrochloric acid in the chemistry lab. There's a heat to it that isn't entirely natural, but Jason probably realizes this by now.

"What I'm risking?" she says, steam practically curling from her lips. She starts moving then, moving slim but uncomfortably strong arms around as she clambers towards Jason's back, planting a leg on the ground.

"From someone who broke into a girl's school, after dark, wearing a mask, carrying a sack? I think you should think about what you're risking. Whatever's coming off you -" It's getting cold, Sada thinks. What does that even mean? "isn't what's important here. What matters is that you're where you shouldn't be, in the territory of young girls who deserve to sleep without worrying about being raided by creeps in cheap plastic masks."

"And," Sada continues, voice lowering, "I have one more secret to tell you..."

Her spidering grip loosens for a fraction of a second. An opening, especially considering the sweat coming off her body. After that, though, it tightens, arms looping into a nelson and her full weight going into her knees, and from there down onto Jason's kidneys.

"The kuro burger... tastes like SHIT!"

COMBATSYS: Nameless blocks Sada's Sugar Hold.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Sada             0/-------/-------|======-\-------\0         Nameless

The heat only grows stronger.

Jason pulls his fingers from the glove. For a brief moment, a flash of light casts over the school grounds. The teenager's aura was heavy, and becoming intermingled with the caustic energies in the air. He did recognize whatever this girl was, it was not simply a schoolgirl.

And yet, he just holds his ground.

"I am not a creep." He insists, turning in tandem as the agile Sada makes her opening. Instead of kidneys meeting him, the two are face to face. One hand was on a single knee, the other, icy hand was planted firmly on her chest, right where her heart was. It would be so easy to kill her. And yet. That was not his purpose. He just continues, grunting as the other knee slams into his gut.

"And I do not know what a kuro burger is."

And with that, he gives a push.

He breaks free from the grapple. He transcends it. Dashing back, he is a blur as he charges forward again. The air around his distorts as the heat bursts forth. Exhaust bellows out as he rockets straight back, all within the same motion. Sada might not even have time to hit the ground, before the teenager's leg whistles through the air, screaming to down down into her shoulder... and send her cratering to the earth.

To show her what she was risking.

COMBATSYS: Nameless successfully hits Sada with Empowered Fierce Kick.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Sada             1/------=/=======|=====--\-------\0         Nameless

"Well then, why'd you wear the -"

Sada is pushed back before she can talk more smack about the King. She steps back a pace, raising her arms in an extremely mediocre and reflexive attempt at a block. She thinks better of it when the nameless man, bearing the face of the Burger King, charges in.

She ducks, to get out of the way.

It doesn't work.

Her shoulder disjoints with a loud POP as she's thrown down, BOUNCING off the turf and tumbling up nearly seven feet in the air, leaving a torn up divot and with a minor bruise at her temple, which was also impacted.

Sada's eyes tighten... She feels something give way in one eye. The pressure relief is strange and squirming and her vision smears slightly red. A thick streak of blood falls down in advance of Sada as she descends, following a different trajectory.

It hisses as it falls -

The streak of blood bursts. If her earlier droplets of sweat were like poppers or small squibs, painful but ignorable, this streak of the cruel girl's blood has the force of an illegal Mexican M-80 firecracker -- or a small grenade.

And, of course, it also hisses and stings where it touches.

Sada hits the ground, twitching. She is, apparently, not done - she's starting to rise, anyway.

COMBATSYS: Sada successfully hits Nameless with Haemolacria.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Sada             0/-------/------=|======-\-------\0         Nameless

He wore it because it was handed to him.

Jason unleashes the full force of the assassin arts into the girl's shoulder. She would survive it. The teenager was not looking to kill her. High schoolers did not kill high schoolers. He would cripple her, disable her as needed. Looking up into the air from the rebound of the strike, he is unphased under that mask. He barely even responds to the blood, indifferently trying to bat it aside.

And the caustic blood burns.

It hisses and bites, landing squarely on the high schooler's jacket. It eats through. He claws at it, using his gloved hand. The glove wanted to help. The glove wanted to sooth. But the fact was, it would look wrong. Crackling, he groans under the mask.

And he picks up speed.

He was moving as a blur, the acid sizzling his chest. As he closes in, the aura returns, this time an intense cold. Lunging in, takes to the air as Sada begins to rise. Hurling his ice gloved hand around into a frightening haymaker, he was making up for his delay by the caustic blood with reckless abandon, throwing a wild punch straight for...

Sada's shoulder again.

COMBATSYS: Sada dodges Nameless' Fierce Punch.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Sada             0/-------/------=|======-\-------\0         Nameless

If Sada knew this, she'd probably think: Of course. He didn't wear the [crown]... it has to be a set-up!

She doesn't.

She does know that he's coming right back for her even as she straightens up to her feet. Her blood runs cold, but now at least she's sweating bullets. Grass may be dying at her feet where it drips off her, this casual detail of fighting passion now of lethal importance.

That haymaker comes right for her shoulder. This time, Sada is able to turn out of the way - turn and try to use that overthrown punch's momentum against the nameless man! It's a simple, if classical, judo throw, only the judoka in this case is dipped in acid. "Jerk!!"

COMBATSYS: Nameless dodges Sada's Medium Throw.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Sada             0/-------/------=|======-\-------\0         Nameless

It may very well be a set up, at this point.

The teenager has no knowledge of the rest of his Taiyo High footballers. They may be successfully raiding. They may be having their own battles. But all that mattered was the fight between himself and this lass with the vinegary thighs. The blood on Jason's chest has already eaten through the clothing, and was tearing deep into his skin. It stung, for certain, and he was beginning to sting all over. Each blow was merely a cut, but he had endures nearly a thousand of them by now. He was being eaten away, piece by piece, drop by drop.

But he wasn't through.

As she lunges under his punch, she tries to get him into his grips. A Judo throw. He goes with his own momentum, letting himself be thrown into a tumble. Rolling away, he perks right up, clothing sizzling. He was earning his clothing damage, it seemed. But all that was damaged was the clothing.

And already, he was zooming straight for Sada

Charging with the speed worthy of a lineback footballer, he hurls himself right back at Sada. He was constantly placing the pressure on, constantly moving himself with blazing speed. Should he finally close in on the girl? He will place his iced glove hand on her good shoulder, to hold her in place. And with the other? Thrust it straight into the shoulder he injured before. He had made his weakness.

And now he was going to keep exploiting it.

COMBATSYS: Nameless successfully hits Sada with Aggressive Strike.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Sada             0/-------/---====|=======\-------\0         Nameless

The blow hits Sada in the shoulder, the injury already inflicted.

Now she screams.

It's loud; it's piercing; it's almost certainly going to attract attention. Even though she is only twisted to the side and staggered, she nonetheless shrieks as if she'd just been stabbed in the liver with a rusty blade. Having little else to throw forwards - so to speak - Sada brings one leg up, kicking at the side of the burning, freezing man's leg.

"A- asshole! I'll rip you open!" she pants.

COMBATSYS: Sada successfully hits Nameless with Light Kick.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Sada             0/-------/--=====|=======\-------\1         Nameless

She makes a mistake.

Screaming is a mistake around the nameless teenager. Not Jason. Jason might be shocked or embarassed by screaming. But the nameless teenager has instincts when it comes to screaming women. As she screams, the boy doesn't back down. This proves to be a bit of a mistake, as she successfully kicks him right in the leg. The force and speed is enough to make him stumble. But stumbling won't mean anything in a moment.

He pounces on her.

He doesn't leap. Just just moves. A flash step, a blink of the eye. His chest was still burning by that caustic soup. But now, the ice-gloved hand snaking forward, attempting to clamp the blue-white glove across her mouth. She might get a glimpse of the teenager's eyes, from behind the mask.

They are burning with murder.

COMBATSYS: Sada interrupts Combo Grapple from Nameless with Beat the Cheek.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Nameless         1/-----==/=======|

COMBATSYS: Sada can no longer fight.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Nameless         1/-----==/=======|

The hand goes over her mouth.

Up close, the caustic sweat from her body hisses against the glove. Being this close to her was uncomfortable in more ways than one. But those eyes just stare. A sheen of ice comes over the glove, as it begins to make a seal around the corners of her face.

Sada may begin to feel something from the glove growing.

Like an oozing tentacle, the ice from the glove begins to extend into Sada's mouth. The tendril begins to probe, sensing the insides. It expands, slithering its way between clenched teeth, behind to the tongue. And there, it takes hold. Gripping it, seizing it. The nameless teenager stares from behind the mask. And holding her tongue, he gives her an order, tone cold; absolute zero.

"Stop screaming."

A glove over her mouth. Sada's eye is still bleeding a little. Something moves inside -

Into her mouth --

Even as it grips the tongue, the acid spit in Sada's mouth boils. The accursed fluid may keep her from joining the exciting ranks of 'victims of de-tongueing', but for now she acts on half-reflexive pressure --

Her hand comes up to skid a slap over Nameless's cheek. The mask would have been enough to buffer the actual blow. The bursting hiss-FOOM of her burning sweat makes it a little more than that.

Her one unbloodied eye turns with incoherent, pained fury on that masked face.

Resistence comes.

The slap smashes across the mask. Combined with the acid, the mask breaks. Melting apart, it falls to pieces along the cracks, tumbling off his face. For a moment, he is exposed. Jason was there, to be seen, face utterly blank, eyes closing as the acid continues to scald his face red. He pulls his hand away from the mouth, the icy materials left to melt within. He places a hand on her good shoulder.

And he slams his fist into her gut.

Hand still latched on the girl's shoulder, he just tosses were away after the punch, hurling her aside. And he brings his icy hand to his face. Holding his own cheek with its soothing presence. For a moment, he had an opportunity for power. A chance to cast away his restraint. And he enjoyed the small release he had.

It shamed him.

Sada gurgles as she's punched, her mouth full of ice still; however, that blow seems to send her into a semi-conscious limp state, and she is easily thrown away. Laying in a heap near the gazebo, she dreams red and furious dreams, at least for the moment, and in time the blood oozing from her nose and her eye clot up. Her shoulder will be a little while longer.

The memory will take even longer yet. There will be no amnesia of this particular event.

He didn't want to hurt her like that.

Jason pulls the hand soothing hand away. She shouldn't have screamed. She was threatening the mission. She should have kept control of herself. The teenager stares at the remains of the mask. Idly, he hurls the sack to the ground. His chest was still burning. His entire body ached. And his lungs... his lungs were burning now. How much of that caustic body vapor was oozing into his body? Perhaps he was poisoned. The hand forces itself back, to hold his face.

The nameless teenager was not alone.

Shouting comes, as the alarms ring. The three boys are running towards Jason; there is only one limp bag amongst them. "RUN! RUN!" The quarterback barks, as the lights of the school start to illuminate the grounds. One of them looks at the stunned Sada... and mouths a curse. Jason just turns his back to his fellow footballers. And he runs to the fence, as the cries of the students and faculty rise to a chorus behind them.

He scales the fence before the other three even reach the fence.

He stands nearby, watching them quietly. He helps lift them up, giving them a boost from the other side, as a bag is hurled over. He throws them into the car, and hops in after. Turning the ignition over, the other three finally make, leaping into the car. And like that, Jason drives away. They made it. Barely. The quarterback chuckles, breathlessly. "Well. That was -awful-" He says, before grabbing the bag. "But we did it. Raid successful. Kinda." And with that, he opens the bag, pulling out one of the prizes. Jason glances in the rearview mirror at the trophy of their conquest. And then, he responds.

"Why do you have a pair of panties?"

COMBATSYS: Nameless has ended the fight here.

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