Eve - Ashley's in trouble...

Description: Shortly after Eve has followed Nameless and infiltrated Taiyo high, Ashley (Eve's undercover name) gets called to the principal office. What trouble did she get herself into? Ashley certainly had no idea...

Someone had to watch over K9999 and make sure he wouldn't slaughter someone. They had the perfect plan, everything would go smoothly until they'll find the good opportunity to bring him back to headquarter... Ashley, the cheerleader, and Jason, the school Jock...

That's what J prime convinced Eve was right to do.

Convincing her had been easy, and the way he explained everything to her made it sound like it was the thing she had to do. She followed him, without an after thought, focusing on this simple task at hand. Once her objective was clear into her mind, taking decisions was much easier. Ashley and Jason split up for now, each taking turns to watch over Kei Kusanagi, also known as K9999.

To everyone else, those two seemed like two bullies who were relentlessly tracking down poor Kei, much to their disarray. Eve was not in her enviroment here, this whole... School thing was an alien experience to her, which led her to act a bit awkwardly from time to time.

Then suddenly, the new girl gets called into the principal office. Everyone stares at her, and whispers can be heard around the class. Ashley gives them a threatening glare though, ignoring the whispers in her back and she rises up from her seat, nose up a bit, almost snobbing everyone as she gingerly strides out of class.

She acted tough but that was a front.. And when she leaves class, Ashley becomes Eve momentarily and she bites her lips. Oh boy, what sort of trouble did she get into now? Eve's meek nature slowly comes back to the surface as she makes her way to the principal's office.

Somehow, this felt just as frightening as any moment she had to meet up with some of the higher ups in her organisation. She knocks lightly at the door, "Huh... Hum... Hello? Is this the principal's office?" She asks, slowly peeking in.

The door is pulled open by someone who might shock Eve; a beautiful female with silver hair, wearing a brown business ensemble with long skirt. She smiles down, with passing familiarity. Misty -- someone known to be high up within the NESTS Cartel. Ahead of even Foxy and Diana, the division leaders for handling projects and more prestigious scientists. Why on earth would she be here...?
"Principal Brown will see you now." Pulling open the door, Eve is then ushered inside, before Misty slinks out and slowly draws the door closed to once more settle at the receptionist desk. The first feeling is of an incredible presence; the room seems to be filled and bursting to the seems with a quiet, restrained energy, one that's far from unpleasant. The back of a man is facing the window, settled beside his desk. Long silver hair swirls about at waist length, either hand held together.
"...Ashley?" thrums a deep baritone. Turning to look, Eve wouldn't recognize the figure. No; Igniz is not someone who is seen. He is the revered God, spoken and whispered about, but she has never directly seen him a single time. But felt him... yes. And she remembers an ancient figure of similar skin and hair color, but... how many decades ago was that?
"I'm the temporary principal of Taiyo. ...And your handler for the present 'curriculum.'" She knows well enough what the Cartel's code words are, as if Misty hadn't been sufficient to hint towards things. "It seems the initial infiltration has been successful. Don't worry; you are not the only team, nor the only school, being investigated. ...Our goal is simple. Whatever genetic stock is present within these young scions is -- unique." A number of folders are dropped, one after another, as Igniz investigates the students.
"Misty has assembled a list of students to 'target'. Defeat them, record their combat data, and collect a genetic sample." He pulls out a small round object. It looks like a cellphone, but so does most sinister technology. Dialing in a five digit code, a tiny needle pokes out of the antenna. "Being subtle about the latter is preferable. Once we've analysed these unique schools, our researchers can begin looking for... ...well. What we're presently looking for is of little concern to you, isn't it?"
Two folders are flicked across the table. "Principally within Taiyo is one 'Sakura Kusanago' and 'Hinata Wakaba'. ...It is liable that whatever paradoxical catalyst resulted in certain individuals' strengths may be due to inclusion within the school system of this city. I presume you can handle this...? You are in charge of keeping... 'Kei' on a leash. I would prefer you to personally deal with them, if possible. His combat data would be... unreliable. And the moment his genetic defects manifest, the cover would be blown. He is more of a social experiment, truly. 'Jason' is merely a safeguard and to retrieve 'Kei' if things go to hell. You are the main thrust of our sword. There are troublesome agents within the school system, one of which is housed in Justice. The infiltration of the principals such as myself is a diversion. By the time they look at their feet, the operation should be completed."
Gathering up the folders, they are carefully placed back within the filing cabinets once more. "You are one of NESTS' oldest and most unique treasures... You are being allowed to stretch your wings at long last. This performance... will be indicative of whether this freedom was a mistake or not..."
A strange, ominous weight is to Igniz' words at that.

When the door opens, Ashley slowly lifts her gaze upward to look at the person who opened it. Her docile expression suddenly changes into a surprised one, her eyes widening as she notices her. Was it her...? No, it can't be, maybe just someone who looks like her. She blinks a few times and stands there, dumbfounded.
When Misty finally speaks, Ashley snaps out of it for a moment, "Yes ma'am," She answers without thinking. The girl takes a few uncertain steps inside. Her gaze follows Misty until she sits down and she averts her eyes away before she notices she was staring. Her hands remain folded in front of her skirt, squeezing one another nervously.
She stands there for a moment, unsure if Misty's presence shuold reassure her as to why she has been summoned here, and she wondered deep down if she did something that could have displeased Principal Brown.
Something chases those thoughts away : a shiver runs down her spine as she feels an overwhelming presence. It's a very particular feeling, one unlike any other... The sort of feeling that gives you goosebumps, something intangible tickling her senses. The girl meekly turns her head in the direction of the voice. She had never seen the man that stood before her, but this sensation was all too familiar and unique. She nods her head slowly, "Yes sir?" she says in a whimper.
Ashley was well aware of the true nature of the man in front of her. Yet, despite that, she kept her gaze low like she was about to get scolded. She didn't know why, but it felt like it was the only reason why he must have come here...
Until Ashley recognizes the special code he's using. She blinks and straightens up a bit, the fear turning into surprise as she looks up to him. She regains her composure, as well as her confidence, a smile slowly spreading on her lips as she realizes she wasn't going to get reprimanded for something.

Her posture totally changes in a matter of a few seconds : shoulder straight, beaming lightly, almost proudly. She keeps her eyes on the principal and listens carefully to everything he says, nodding to his instructions every now and then but not interrupting him.
Her smile grows even wider when Igniz gives her his trust. She nods eagerly, "I will not know rest until my task is complete -- I'll make sure no one suspects our presence or our intentions... I'll make sure to tell Jason to keep Kei on a tight leash,", Ashley takes a step closer to the table, to take the folders as well as the cellphone for the 'harvesting'.
She gives a cursorary glance at the various files in the folders and then looks up at Igniz, her eyes burning with determination, "Thank you sir! I.. I will make you proud, you will not regret this, I promise!" Ashley says. Failure was not an option, it never was.
"Shall I inform Jason about all of this, even if his purpose is only to watch over Kei?" Ashley asks.

"Jason is fully aware of the agenda." Igniz allows. "He is your commanding officer. You are simply the one being entrusted with the primary task in Taiyo. Anyone you believe to be a combative sample should be challenged, investigated, and genetic material gathered. It matters not how meek they are. Even weeds have a use, in the grand scheme of things... the ability to manifest chi is sufficient. Jason is primarily in charge of 'Operation T' with Kei. If you feel a combative force threatens the mission, then he is to be contacted."
Turning away to look back out the window, Igniz seems more curious than anything else. How long has it been, since he descended to Earth from his proverbial Olympus to stand amongst the mortals? Seeing the horizon, the streets, the yards...
Detestable. Within the orbital facility, his gaze was not so restricted. He saw the very universe itself, stretching to infinity, countless stars, universes, planets, all standing endless before him... what person would truly be content with something so mundane?
"Under no circumstances are you to interfere with my own operation here. I have no intentions of doing anything. Even if you were to die gutted two meters from me, I will not lift a finger. Is this understood...?"
Shifting his glance, there's a sudden intense weight. As if the very gravity began to press down upon Eve, creaking loudly as shadows darken and hiss in the corners of the room. Igniz' suit seems to shift, as if slightly out of focus; powerful holographics concealing the high end battle ensemble beneath...!

"Yes sir!" Eve replies with a nod. She takes not of everything he tells her, "You can count on me. Every potential subject will be investigated throughoutly," She bites her lips and adds, "I won't take unnecessary risks," For what purprose? Eve had no idea, nor could she truly fathom it. Though in the end, all of this is for the greater good.
While Igniz contemplates the streets, Eve stands still and waits for further instructions. She remains silent and just stares ahead, lost in her thoughts. When he speaks to her again, his intonation and the intense pressure she feels all over her body makes her cower somewhat. "Understood sir!" She replies with a soft pant, "You've never been here..." She quickly adds with a cough, trying to fight this mysterious force that seems to try to crush her down.

After a few moments, Igniz' sudden rush of energy vanishes. It's likely quite the relief, even if inexplicable. After all, Eve herself is no christmas turkey; her innate ability with energy is well beyond her ability to use it, but she would have felt like a tiny gnat in a great ocean for those moments... how many people within the Cartel would be capable of such a feat? Slowly striding around the desk, he comes to stand before the young girl, a slow and warm smile creasing his lips.
"Make me proud... and you will not regret it." A hand extends, placed gently upon her head. A great warmth seeming to surge through; contrasting the menace felt only moments earlier, to a warm, pleasant tingle, peaceful serenity blossoming out of his aura as if suddenly she felt lighter than air.
"Dismissed." he offers then, returning to his chair and settling down; then swiveling to face the large window, only hints of his silver locks visible from behind. Misty remains at the main desk, typing away without giving a look; even if more than a few students are glancing at the replacement to the once-homely and middle aged secretary who had been a staple for so many years!

When this strange energy vanishes, Eve's eyes widen and she gasps for air, coughing. It felt like she was drowning, struggling for air, caught in some powerful torrents and she was finally able to get a lungful of fresh air at long last. There was nothing that could explain what had just happened, but it just increased this fear and awe she felt toward this man.
Eve barely has the time to recover from this overwhelming sensation when Igniz places his hand on her head. The energy she feels surging through her is different than the one before : a soothing one that fills her with a warm sensation. While Eve is silent, the glee in her eyes speak more than her words could : she craves only this one thing, making him proud.
In the span of a dozen seconds, Eve had felt a fragment of his divine wrath and divine mercy. When he finally dismisses her, Eve nods her head slowly and she staggers backward, her head still light from the sensation, still a bit 'high' from this intoxicating feeling. He inspired both awe and fear in her.
Eve turns on her heels and slowly walks away, the folders and cellphone in her arms, clinging to them like her life. She spares a glance at Misty and stumbles upon the door, still light-headed.
It takes her a moment to try and shake it off, but after that, Eve finally leaves the principal office as Ashley.

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