Sakura - Lunchtime Shenanigans at Taiyo!

Description: It's lunchtime. They have thirty minutes--and a bet. Loser buys curry. It's... /Curry Wars/.

The sun's burning bright on the Taiyo courtyard as Sakura Kasugano, animated and lively as usual, starts out towards the widest, flattest part--the part most coincidentally like a square. She hasn't been at Taiyo long but, it's been long enough that students all around are starting to gather. Sakura earned a quick reputation as a firecracker, likeable but prone to harebrained schemes and with somewhat poor impulse control--or as the kids like to say, 'she's fun to have around'.

"C'mon, Hina-chan! We've only got like 30 minutes of lunch left!!" she shouts, gaily. As she hits the wide-open part--framed by timber-lined boxes for the trees as well as flat benches for the students, who are standing and sitting around as Sakura's voice cuts clearly across the hubbub of the noon hour--she slows down a little, fishing her fighting gloves out of her pocket and fitting them on.

*punch punch* *Punch punch*

Fists slam into palms, and then she reaches up, settling her prized headband more firmly on her head. Mock-tauntingly, she points at Hinata, then thumbs downs, and grins. Thumbing her nose, she says, "Loser pays for the curry tonight!"

Of course, the bigger issue with Sakura is that she tends to come as part of a set around campus with Hinata Wakaba. It's her first year at Taiyo and she's already become rather well known as a bundle of endless energy. A lot of the sports teams have been taking advantage of the fact that she doesn't seem the least bit interested in choosing an after school club when they need an extra hand.

"I could use some curry on somebody else's yen, I'm feeling pretty hungry." Hinata grins as she follows her friend, moving with an energetic bounce that seems to be just a hair short of a skip. She grabs the straps on her arm-warmers and pulls them just a bit tighter. Hardly as professional as gloves, but right now she's more focused on spending money on new training DVDs than equipment.

She puts one hand on her shoulder and gives her arm an overdramatic whirl, apparently trying her best to look like the fighter's on TV loosening up, but with a bit too much enthusiasm. "I just got a new video in, so you won't even know what to expect from me this time, Sakura-chan!"

The hubbub increases. It's widely known that there are several fighters amongst the Taiyo populace--one could hardly miss Batsu with his aspirations of being a ninja, or Kyosuke with his cool style, but both Hinata and Sakura are rising stars amongst the student populace.

"Hey, it's Wakaba and Kasugano again!"

"Move over, I wanna see!"

"Think Horigome's gonna stop 'em this time?"

"Not if no one tells 'im!"

Sakura just laughs--not insultingly--at Hinata at the quip, then gives her a thumbs up, then raises her hands into the classic, Ryu-inspired Ansatsuken stance.

Out of nowhere, a breeze picks up, ruffling skirts, Sakura's especially, as something changes about her--still light, still happy, still Sakura, but... she's sharpened. She's paying attention. That smile is a touch less friendly and a touch more challenging.

"Well," she says, "Better come and get it, then!"

COMBATSYS: Sakura has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Sakura           0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Sakura takes no action.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Hinata           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0           Sakura

COMBATSYS: Hinata has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Hinata           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0           Sakura

The change with Hinata is somewhat less obvious. Whenever she's not moving or forced to stay in her seat, she's already bouncing slightly on her heels. The bounce starts to build slowly as she starts to work the other arm around in its socket, just as overwhelmingly energetic as the first. Given the fact that she never really stops moving, she may not even need to loosen up in the first place.

It doesn't really become obvious until suddenly she pulls both arms in front of her in a fighting posture and her bouncing settles into a neat rhythm and an overly excited grin starts to form on her face.

"Okay... ready... and..."

Without another word she goes charging forward, crossing the distance between her and her friend in moment with her hand drawn back behind her head.

"POWER... PUNCH!" She cries out as she sends her fist flying right forward Sakura's chest, completely failing to slow at all.

COMBATSYS: Hinata successfully hits Sakura with Strong Punch.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Hinata           0/-------/-------|===----\-------\0           Sakura

There's actually some wincing from the crowd as Sakura takes a full-force power punch right to the sternum. It... well...

It drops Sakura to her knees like a rock, a pained, choked-off yelp issuing as she drops. For a moment it looks like that might be it--a one-hit kill, rare even at Taiyo!

... then Sakura sucks in a huge breath in a massive gasp, and rises to her feet again, right hand up against her chest. "That... that was a good one, Hina-chan," grins Sakura, through the lingering tears of pain at the corners of her eyes, which disappear as she resumes her ready stance.

And then, of course, like any good friend, she seeks to return the favor--not with one big punch, but a quick series of two left jabs, advancing in on Hinata's position, followed by a sharp, jabbing right elbow.

COMBATSYS: Hinata dodges Sakura's Fierce Punch.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Hinata           0/-------/-------|===----\-------\0           Sakura

When Sakura goes down, Hinata doesn't respond for a bit. Obviously it's time for Sakura to get right up and throw and attack. And then she stays down for a bit longer. Eventually Hinata drops her guard and moves in closer to check on her friend.

"You alright, Sakura-chan?"

And there's the response she was looking for. "There we go. You don't want to go down too fast. That's boring!" Without anymore hesitation, Hinata's right back in her fighting stance, waiting for Sakura to throw a punch... but the bounce in her feet seems a bit more energetic than it was before...

The reason for it becomes fairly evident when as soon as Sakura comes flying in at her, Hinata suddenly jumps up into the air, curling into a ball as her flip takes her a good distance away... and somewhat awkwardly out of effective retaliation distance.

"Nice try, but you have to be quicker than that!" She shouts as she comes rushing back in, this time dropping as she goes sliding toward Sakura's legs.

COMBATSYS: Sakura dodges Hinata's Medium Kick.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Hinata           0/-------/-------|===----\-------\0           Sakura

"'course I'm alright, Hina-chan! One punch isn't gonna do me in!" Unless it's the punch of a god. Or maybe Akuma. She fades back from her stepping-in elbow quickly, not wanting to stay at overly close range for too long, and that extra half-step is just what she needs. There are definite murmurs from the crowd--it's a pretty exciting exchange so far, the two schoolgirls definitely at least -looking- like 'real fighters' as they play at this game.

Sakura sees Hinata coming, crouches, and jumps, pulling her legs up underneath her; she turns in midair, so she'll land facing Hinata. Of course Hinata has some momentum on her, so she needs to take a couple steps, which she does--full-out--before swinging her left leg around in a classic punt kick, this one--if aimed and timed properly--to land square in Hinata's back.

It might seem cowardly to attack from behind, but Sakura and Hinata know--a fighter takes any advantage they can get without acting dishonorably, and in this case, Hinata is the one who opened herself up to this particular line of attack...

COMBATSYS: Hinata blocks Sakura's Aggressive Strike.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Hinata           0/-------/-----==|===----\-------\0           Sakura

Okay, so the baseball slide didn't exactly work the way Hinata was intending it. She'd seen a kid at Natsu's school use that in a fight, and thought it might be a bit more interesting. It would probably work better if she was actually wearing pants and not covering her legs in dirt.

There's no real time to worry about that, though, and as Sakura comes flying in with a quick punch, it's all Hinata can do to whip up both arms to protect her head, doing her best to absorb the blow on her arm warmers.

"Almost had me, but you're not quite quick enough. Why do you try my...

She pauses as she seems to pause, coiling into position before throwing herself right at Sakura with a flurry of punches. "MACHINE GUN PUNCH!"

COMBATSYS: Sakura dodges Hinata's Fierce Punch.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Hinata           0/-------/-----==|===----\-------\0           Sakura

In the back of Sakura's head, she is hearing 'a-tatatatatatatatatatatatatata' in a high-pitched tone as Hinata throws that flurry of punches around. Someone in the audience notices it, too.

"Hey!! YOU STOLE THAT FROM LAST WEEK'S BATTLER GAPPI!!" A burst of laughter rolls after the indignant shout, and Sakura?

She's grinning pretty big... as she enacts the second half of that particular scene. Her own arms are a flurry, parrying around half the punches furiously, Sakura shifting her body to avoid the other half. The forward movement (on Hinata's part) and the backwards movement (on Sakura's) takes them back out to the middle of the impromptu arena square, and Sakura waits until Hinata's machine gun punch is out of bullets before she replies.

"That's pretty good! You know, lately I've been watching some Muay Thai matches on TV..." And, as if to prove it, she suddenly steps into Hinata's space again, balancing on her left leg as she snaps her right knee up in a quick jabbing knee kick for Hinata's tummy.

COMBATSYS: Sakura successfully hits Hinata with Light Kick.
- Power hit! -

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Hinata           0/-------/--=====|====---\-------\0           Sakura

Okay, so the downside of going crazy in an epic flurry of blows is that when you completely miss, you leave yourself a bit tired and slow. Also, completely open to having a knee suddenly jammed in your stomach... and when you're as light as Hinata, apparently that means you go flying up into the air.

The audience seems to appreciate the dramatics of it as the slightly smaller curl hits the ground with a thud and rolls a good distance away.

There's no time for drama, though, as Hinata's quick to pull herself back up to her feet, somehow still grinning despite being covered in grass stains. "That was pretty good, Sakura-chan... but I got something special in one of my latest training DVDs, and I figure now's the time to show you what it is."

And with that, Hinata holds her hands down at her side. Is she getting ready for a counter blow? At first its impossible to see, but a few blades of grass begin to dance between her hands moments before a small spark of chi forms. With that small spark, suddenly more glowing blue light begins to swirl in between the young fighter's hand, building larger and larger, letting her hands spread apart around it.


And suddenly its as large as a basketball, the crowd is stunned at the reveal of a new technique. Not a word goes up through the observers as Hinata thrusts her hands forward, sending it flying right at Sakura.


COMBATSYS: Sakura blocks Hinata's Kikou Shoutei.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Hinata           0/-------/-======|>>>>>--\-------\0           Sakura

"Too close--!" That isn't Sakura's voice, but one of the more analytical watchers out in the crowd. Sakura, however, tends to agree with his slightly panicked (he's a bit biased) voice and, instead of trying for something flashy or risky, she just covers up. The blast of energy sends even the covering Sakura backwards, her red-topped Chucks skidding on the courtyard stones, kicking up a wake of dust.

Heh. Sakura lowers her arms, bruised from the impact, and if anything is grinning even wider than Hinata. "That's pretty good," she says, again, complimenting her friend and doing so honestly.

"But you know, if there's anything I've learned... it's that there's nothing in this world like..." As she talks, she pulls her hands into her chest, the fingers arched into claws, and her own blue-light energy forms into her hands, springing into existence, crackles of lightning-like tendrils arcing to her hands.

"Like..." she continues, as she pours more of herself into the ball of energy--it intensifies, then explodes into a beachball-sized sphere.

"... the... HADOUUUUKEN!!!!" And on the first syllable of the last word, she -flings- her hands forward, unleashing that nearly torso-sized ball of energy straight for Hinata--as it goes, it shapes itself into a bullet, rippling as it flies.

COMBATSYS: Hinata blocks Sakura's Medium Hadouken.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Hinata           0/-------/<<<<<<<|>>>>>--\-------\0           Sakura

As Sakura starts to summon her own chi, Hinata's eyes go wide.

It's not fear or surprise, it's excitement. The whirlwind schoolgirl had been putting in quite a lot of training in her free time after Sakura had decided that she'd wanted to start training in martial arts. If it had turned out that she was that far ahead of her friend, it would have been boring.

As the chi comes flying in at her, Hinata doesn't have much time to do anything by wheel her arms up into a cross in front of her, once more absorbing a blow across her arm warmers.

"That's awesome, Sakura-chan! I knew you had what it took to get into it!"

Suddenly even more excited, she suddenly goes charging forward, crossing the distance with as much speed as she can. "But you can't think that a fireball is the whole thing." She announces as she wheels her leg around toward the side of Sakura's head.

COMBATSYS: Sakura dodges Hinata's Aggressive Strike.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Hinata           0/-------/<<<<<<<|>>>>>--\-------\0           Sakura

Sakura doesn't have time to be too proud of herself--and that's an important lesson in fighting. If you stop to admire your own cool, you're gonna get a boot to the head. Unnecessarily, the voice from earlier shouts, "Look out, Sakura-chan!!" Fortunately, Sakura is already looking--she fades back a half-step, bobs her head back and forth twice, then ducks under the high kick.

Now she -is- getting a little cocky, or at least playful, 'cause when she pops up, she pops up slightly off-axis to Hinata, throwing a wink and a thumbs up in the direction of her fan. But she wheels back around to Hinata again quickly enough, lunging forward once more--

--but not coming with a strike. Instead, she comes in low, arms out, looking to snag Hinata around the waist, and if she does, she'll quickly slip around to her back and attempt to, well, to suplex her. Okay, so she's been watching some puroresu too, but can you blame her? R. Mika is like, an -idol-. She even sets it up with a nice, hearty "DORYAA!!"--if she gets her grip on Hinata.

COMBATSYS: Hinata endures Sakura's Medium Throw.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Hinata           1/-----<</<<<<<<<|>>>>>>-\-------\0           Sakura

Sakura isn't the only one who's been watching wrestling; in fact, the two of them have talked about it plenty of times, so the moment Hinata feels her friend's arms wrapping around her midsection, she's got a pretty good idea of just what's about to happen... and simply goes as loose as she can, hitting the ground and immediately rolling back to her feet.

"Nice hit, Sakura-chan, but now you don't have time to deal with this!"

Suddenly Hinata goes surging forward, and for a moment it's as if she's about to restart the machine gun punch... until her arms suddenly catch on fire!

That's not the end of it, Hinata's fists go flying at incredible speed, not seeming to care so much about where they hit their target so much as that their target has no hope of escaping... Then as the final blow seems to go in, Hinata drops down, cocks her right arm down, and then goes flying right up with a spinning uppercut aimed at Sakura's jaw. "HORYAAAAAAAA!"

COMBATSYS: Sakura interrupts Hisshou Rengekiken EX from Hinata with Shou'ou Ken EX.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Hinata           0/-------/---====|>>>>>>>\>------\1           Sakura

Again, there's a shout from the crowd, someone else's voice this time. "C-CROSS COUNTER?!?" Sakura's cheek is deformed around Hinata's powered-up fist--but the impact, as terrific as it is, is arrested by Sakura's own right uppercut, flung at almost exactly the same time. It's a pose that, the noontime sun shining down upon the two combatants, will be *snap snap pop* immortalized in next week's newsletter.

Sakura hangs there for a moment before falling away, stumbling and nearly falling before catching her feet. Man, she's gonna be -totally- bruised up for English next period. And it's gonna be awesome. She's totally gonna spend all of the next period explaining where she got this hellacious shiner.

She's having the time of her -life- right now and it's only gonna get better. With that thought in mind, she bounces back to her ready stance, hands up, grin wide. It's just about time, isn't it? Just about...

And Hinata goes slamming into the ground, the shockwave as she goes flat on the ground is actually visible as it spreads out around the pair in the grass. For a moment it looks as if that's going to be it... but somehow Hinata manages to spring back up to her feet. Or at least push herself back up... she's looking a lot less energetic than she was before that.

"G...good one, Sakura-chan..." She winces a bit, reaching up to gently pat her swollen cheek. "I guess if I'm going to win this, I've got to try a lot harder, huh?"

She pauses for a moment, takes in a deep breath, then goes rushing forward as fast as she can, leaping into the air just before she gets to Sakura and this time its her legs that burst into flame! She's suddenly swinging around in a series of furious kicks, that, if she connect, are going to carry Sakura up with her!

COMBATSYS: Hinata successfully hits Sakura with Enbukyaku EX.
Glancing Blow

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Hinata           0/-------/--=====|>>>>>>>\>>-----\1           Sakura

She'll freely admit it--the last hit still has her a little woozy. So she actually, for a moment, sees -two- Hinatas coming at her, with flaming spinning legs. So she can be forgiven for being a half-second late on her dodge--she doesn't get caught in full but she takes a glancing blow that sends her stumbling backwards with a grunt of pain and a darker patch on the side of her face--a faux burn, as it were. Another thing to talk about next period...

"Alright... you wanna put on a show, Hina-chan? We'll put on a show!" So saying, she winds herself up, and then it's her turn to spin with a leg out. Flaming, no, but she's spinning like a top, and her outstretched leg promises some pain for sure.

It isn't perfect--it isn't close--but that's why she only calls it 'Shunpuu Kyaku'. It hasn't earned the 'Senpuu Kyaku' name yet, much less the 'Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku' name. But she's working on it! Trying her best, every day, as she does with just about everything she does.

COMBATSYS: Hinata dodges Sakura's Shunpuu Kyaku.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Hinata           0/-------/--=====|>>>>>--\-------\0           Sakura

Okay, that's a whole lot of spinning legs, and Hinata really doesn't want to be on the receiving end of what appears to be her friend's version of the technique she just used... This is about time where a fighter shows their stuff and does something really impressive to knock all those kicks aside and then throw a vicious punch or something!

...Instead Hinata just drops down onto the ground, curling up just under the height of Sakura's leg, letting it pass right over her with no serious repurcusions aside from the fact that it takes her awhile to get back up to her feet.

"...That's pretty impressive Sakura-chan, but if you're just going to copy the moves you see on TV, you're not going to get anywhere. The real way to victory... is to make your own moves!"

This is the part in an anime where speed lines would go flying up behind Hinata as she leaps up into the air across the field from Sakura and then starts whirling her legs in an incredible spin-kick. That's nowhere near Sakura...

Wait, is that one of Hinata's shoes flying right at the other schoolgirl's face?

COMBATSYS: Sakura overcomes Renkyakudan from Hinata with Small Hadouken EX.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Hinata           0/-------/--=====|>>>>>--\-------\0           Sakura

Sakura comes spinning to a halt as Hinata earns an appreciative 'oooooooooh' by leaping into the air and... hurling a shoe--shoe? at Sakura's face. Sakura, herself, sounds mildly indignant at Hinata. "Ryu-sama taught me that himself!!" Well... sort of. She did slip out and watch him in a fight and he used the Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku. It was as good as an hour's training with him! Oh, wait. Hinata just threw something at her.

A... shoe? Sakura doesn't have the time to think about it, she just reacts. A short, sharp kiai as she gathers power, white edged with blue and pure in one hand, and flings it along the line of attack.

The bolt of power--maybe a little smaller than a basketball--nonetheless seems to do for the shoe, or the shoe-like thing, and travels back along the path towards Hinata...

COMBATSYS: Sakura successfully hits Hinata with Small Hadouken EX.

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Hinata           0/-------/=======|>>>>>>>\-------\0           Sakura

Well... there goes Hinata's shoe.


Not that she's got much time to think about it as she suddenly takes a fireball to the face that manages to keep her suspended in the air for just a little bit longer before she hits the ground.

"...This isn't working as well as I thought it would. I guess I'll need to try working on that..."

Obviously this isn't time to give up on the fight, so Hinata pushes herself back up off the ground yet again. "Okay, Sakura-chan, well... let's see what you think of this!"

Suddenly Hinata goes hurtling forward, running as fast as she can, she's just meters from Sakura as... she falls out of her other shoe and goes flopping forward. For a moment it looks like she's going to faceplant, but somehow she tucks herself into a ball, keeps rolling forward toward Sakura, then pops back up on the other side with her right arm sheathed in flames as she launches a spinning uppercut right for Sakura's jaw. Maybe this time it will hit.


Well... there goes Hinata's shoe.


Not that she's got much time to think about it as she suddenly takes a fireball to the face that manages to keep her suspended in the air for just a little bit longer before she hits the ground.

"...This isn't working as well as I thought it would. I guess I'll need to try working on that..."

Obviously this isn't time to give up on the fight, so Hinata pushes herself back up off the ground yet again. "Okay, Sakura-chan, well... let's see what you think of this!"

Suddenly Hinata goes hurtling forward, running as fast as she can, she's just meters from Sakura as... she falls out of her other shoe and goes flopping forward. For a moment it looks like she's going to faceplant, but somehow she tucks herself into a ball, keeps rolling forward toward Sakura, then pops back up on the other side, right next to Sakura and suddenly throwing out a quick series of punches, followed by throwing both fists in front of her and... setting off a big burst of chi that seems to bloom right into the shape a sunflower.

COMBATSYS: Hinata successfully hits Sakura with Rengekiken.

[                        \\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Hinata           0/-------/------=|====---\-------\0           Sakura

Sakura wouldn't want to admit it, but she's getting on towards the end of her rope. Or at least, she thinks she is. The attempt to evade Hinata's fists proves futile; she's battered by the fists then hurled back by the sunflower of chi, arcing gracefully through the air but landing not-so-gracefully on her back. She doesn't get to her feet with the same pep as she did earlier--but she does get up.

"G-... good one, Hina-chan," says Sakura, shaking her head out. Her grin is a little diminished but only by fatigue and pain, not by any displeasure.

"Alright... if that's how it's gonna be..." Sakura sets herself, then dashes in to close with Hinata. She begins throwing attacks--mostly punches, short jabs and crosses, many feints, trying to settle Hinata into a rhythm--a rhythm that she suddenly breaks. The gasps from the audience are as much for the exposing of Sakura's crimson red bloomers as they are for the potential end of the fight as Sakura whips her body around, twisting her hips to bring her right leg up, around, and down for the crown of Hinata's head.

COMBATSYS: Hinata blocks Sakura's Flower Kick.

[                           \\\  < >  /////////                     ]
Hinata           0/-------/----===|=====--\-------\0           Sakura

This is the part of the fight where even Hinata is starting to run out of steam. Despite her usual apparently bottomless energy, she's straining to keep moving as Sakura starts to rush her down. She brings her arms up on either side of her, intercepting as many of the punches as she possibly can. Then the strike comes in, and Hinata just barely manages to throw up her arms to block it... but it knocks her down to her knees.

This is it... there's barely anything left in Hinata except this one last attempt.

The sunshine girl shifts one leg to her foot, then holds her fist down at her side, suddenly igniting it in flame as she launchers herself up in a spiralling uppercut aimed at her friend's jaw.


She manages that last shout as she reaches the pinnacle of her leap... then drops to the ground, spent.

COMBATSYS: Hinata can no longer fight.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  <
Sakura           0/-------/--=====|

COMBATSYS: Sakura dodges Hinata's Shouyouken.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  <
Sakura           0/-------/--=====|

The last exchange is pretty spectacular, visually speaking--after all, Hinata's still coming for Sakura like a little freight train on hellacious wheels, and Sakura's in real -real- close. It's actually a pretty close thing--Sakura leans back hard, hands flung out to either side for balance, and when Hinata comes down?

Sakura's there to make sure she doesn't hit too hard. And to help her back up. The crowd erupts into cheers, as Sakura pulls Hinata back up to her feet with a huge smile and takes Hinata's hands in hers and pumps them up and down once, in a modified fighter's clasp.

"That was a -great- fight, Hinata! You've really learned some great new techniques!! That correspondence course is really paying off!" With the fight over, the crowd's beginning to disperse, as Sakura goes and retrieves her bookbag, tugging her fighting gloves off.

"Hey Hina, we still on for the PRIDE Semis on Saturday night?"

COMBATSYS: Sakura has ended the fight here.

"You got lucky a few times there, Sakura... but I guess maybe I chose the wrong video to study for this fight." Hinata says, grinning despite looking fairly beaten after the intense fight. There are grass stains all over her uniform, and more than a few bruises adorning her body. Her legs could really use a wash.

"Of course we're still on. Hopefully Natsu will be able to make it this time. I don't think Gorin has any games this weekend."

Then there's a brief pause as she looks around the field.

"...Where are my shoes?"

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