Nameless - Goofus and Gallant

Description: Goofus Clone kills an orderly, and bites off the nose of another one while being forced to go in for diagnostics. Gallant Clone can walk to diagnostics unattended, and gets there early. Goofus Clone goes maverick in the middle of diagnostics, and threatens everything with fornification, death, and/or motorcycle riding. Gallant Clone gets his cake, and shares it. Don't be like Goofus Clone.

Antarctica was a secret place.

When you had frigid death being carried by howling winds, it was easy to keep secrets. To hide away sterile labratories deep under ice and stone. To dispose of failed experiments without the scrutiny of ignorant, outside forces. To create new life in ways that no man could possibly dream of. NESTS was always about life.

But only for those who deserved it.

Deep within the bunker buried within mountain, through the white-walled tube-like tunnels that weaved throughout the complex, there was the diagnostic room. Oh, there were rooms for experimenting. But this was a room for experiments. To test them, to probe them. To dissect their minds (metaphorically) for potential psychological issues, and dissect their bodies (often literally) to control any radical growths or physical deviances. Mistakes were often made outside the lab. And after proper diagnostics, they could be fixed back within the lab.

Or disposed of, as the case can be.

Diagnostic tables fills the white room. Each one had an amalgamation of tubes, syringes, and mechanical arms near them. Sometimes it was cheaper and more effective to test the subjects by hand. However, with certain... patients, it was safer to do so from the protective shell of the overlook high above, where a team of scientists waited. Around the room, several doorways were in place, most for humans, some for... larger and smaller experiments. Often times, the test subjects would need escorts into the room by the faceless security that were sometimes required to compel the more difficult subjects.

They were not required for the next subject.

The test subject doors open, as one of the experiments enters the room alone. The black and white-haired teenage was mostly naked, with only thermal bandages protecting his modesty, and a blue-white glove on his left hand. J-Prime. Project Zhe. The boy had his titles. But he had no name. He did not need a name. Names were for deviants, for disloyal subjects who wanted to seperate themselves from anything and everything that NESTS required. The boy sits obediently at one diagnostic tables. He expected a nurse to come in any moment, for his diagnostics to begin.

He never needed to be handled carefully by the scientists.

Unlike certain other test subjects, K9999 is not a fan of being poked at and tested on. By now it's pretty routine for them to have to go through the motions to drag him into this room.

First they had to actually surround his room with tranq weapons, and lethal ones for backups. They never tell him when a test day is coming up.

Then they burst into his room while he was sleeping and immediately jumped on him. Unfortunately one of the guards got a drill through the heart. Since only one life was lost, the fact that he was tranq'd and wrapped in a straight jacket of metallic bandages is considered a success.

When he bites someone's nose off, because the anesthetics haven't quite set in yet, they muzzle him and then carry the young adult off to the white room.

He's shoved in and his wrappings quickly fall off. He's sprayed with something that causes his clothing to absorb back into his body, other than the blue glove and a pair of red boxers.

The abomination looks groggy, walking up to one of the tables to lean on. Then he spots Nameless and just kind of yells, "Fuck you..."

The nameless teenager scowls.

Oh, normally he likes his other members of the clone family. The ones that were still in good standing, that is. The ones in bad standing were tragic pariahs that had to be either saved, or destroyed. But there was one member of his family that was not a pariah that was not in good standing with J Prime. A nasty, mean-spirited hellion who was, for some reason, not exterminated like all the other problematic experiments.

And that failure had been made to stumble in the same room he was in.

The teenager stares bitterly at his fellow clone, brow furrowed. He was hoping for a clean, efficient operation with a nice nurse, or even a technician. While they often were just as clinical as the machines, the chance for human interaction was always a treat for the clone. But if he was going to undergo diagnostics at the same time as K9999... It meant empty, invasive machines as a safety measure. Because K9999 could never control himself.

And that was a fact that Nameless was all too ready to bring him.

"What did you -do?!-" The teenager whispers drylyat his fellow clone. He glances up at the window, the scowl fading fast as he represses his displeasure at the arrange. He continues, voice still a low, harsh whisper. "I hope you didn't murder anyone on your way in here again. Don't you realize what that means when you screw up like that? Don't you care how much it affects us?" The nameless teenager grips the table tensely, glaring at his brother. J Prime didn't even know why he bothered.

He never cared.

"I only killed -one- guy, and I bit another guy's nose off. Not my fault they keep wanting to experiment and shit." K9999 reaches up and rips the muzzle from his face, his mouth currently covered in blood.

He looks up at the doctors and raises a hand, giving them the finger. "The fuck is your problem, anyway? You're just a piece of pretty meat with a dead girl for a glove to those guys. Calm your shit."

He seems to be recovered from his grogginess quite quickly, taking a seat on the table with his legs straddling it. "And I don't give a shit how it affects genetically inferior clones. You'll just get a drill through your heart when all of that sissy shit makes you fail a mission and they send me after you to cut your glove off and put a pillow over your head."

The nameless teenager trembles with rage.

"Just... one nose?" He sputters, looking back up at the scientists above. He tries to express apology for his brother in his face. He hopes the scientists could see his expression. And just like that, he turns back to K9999, unable to contain his contempt. "Those lesser clones are as much family as you and I! You don't give a... you just don't care about anyone except yourself!" J Prime seethes, gripping the table tighter. "And I never fail. Every action I take only serves to better all of NESTS. Unlike you, I actually make things better for everyone, instead of -screw around- like a los-"

There is a crunching sound.

The teenager's eyes go wide. Looking down at the table, his heart sinks as he stares at his gloves hand. Where he was once gripping, was now twisted metal. Turning bright red, the teenager turns back to his hellion brother. He had broken the table. This was incredibly embarrassing. Now he was 'at risk.' Any chance of having a technician or a nurse to take care of him was out the window now. As the glove shimmers, morphing to slide upwards on his arm, J Prime pounds his other fist on the table as he thrusts a finger at K9999.

"Look what you made me do!"

"I spat it out, they can put it back on. And clones aren't family, they're the mistakes that happened so I could happen. Like that one rogue clone I killed for his bitchin' motorcycle. They let me keep it as a reward." Mechanical arms suddenly reach down and grab K9999's gloved hand, then a long table covered in a clear glass box is automatically wheeled over to him.

The hand is shoved into it and smaller robotic hands built into the table itself begins to poke at it, causing small tentacles to begin spreading out from it as the glove expands and opens. "Look what -I- made you do? That how you talk to your glove girlfriend? At least I can own up to it when I kill people and punch holes in walls."

His arm expands even more, until it just looks like horrifying masses of flesh laying on the enclosed slab, slamming at the reinforced glass. "You're like a shitty Frozen reference. You're Elsa and I'm the hot one and you're too afraid of yourself to build a goddamned snowman. And no I'm not gonna build a snowman with you, just in case you thought I was reaching out. By the way I'm gonna kill you if my arm bursts out of this thing, but I think they finally figured out the proper strength for it."

K9999 was right, of course.

The nameless clone SHOULD own up to his own loss of control. But that would mean, at this point, at admitting that K9999 was right. Nothing was worse than admitting that the hellion was right about things. If there was a standard for clone behavior, K9999 was the inverse of it. But every word cut deep into the teenager.

But the nameless clone had his own tools to slice back with.

Another glass box comes down, parallel to K9999's own. Incomparison to the writhing tentacles of his brother's own flesh, J Prime was restrained. A pair of mechanical arms come, and carefully, removes the morphic glove. Delicately, the glass container is moved over the exposed arm, just as boils of crimson flame bursts forth. Under the glass, a pyre begins to build, burning hotter and hotter. Despite the intense pain, the teenager was watching K9999 bitterly, waiting for the right moment to follow up on.

"I've been hearing things about the performance reviews."

The performance reviews. Outside of the diagnostics, the clones superiors had different reviews of how well they are doing as assassins. Many categories were considered, with success just being one of them. "Krizalid told me that most of use were doing well. Of course, he is always comfortable talking with me. But it seems like once again, you are seriously underperforming again, K9999." Nameless smiles smugly, as he winces slightly from the conflagration roaring under the glass. "Your best hasn't even been reaching Krizalid's worst, from what I've heard. Of course, if you spent more time practicing instead of watching movies, maybe you would be able to reach Krizalid's barest minimums." He pauses a moment, before leaning over, whispering to his fellow clone.

"I heard you've been doing worse than even -K Prime-"

"Krizalid is a fucking inferior hack! You think I give a shit about your performance crap?! You think those people who only use you to figure out how to improve me thinks it means you're -better-? K'? K'?!" K9999 starts to yank at the glass box, then mechanical arms slam down into his chest and arms to hold him down.

"You're nothing but an insecure bastard dating his own glove! Your girlfriend was totally hot for me before the scientists killed her just to make you sad because you're a failure!" Even though he's held down, his eyes widen and the blue and red veins going down his face bulge quite aggressively, suddenly using TK to try and flip Nameless' table.

The nameless teenager had struck a nerve.

"Insecure? It sounds like you are projecting, brother." He says, trembling at the anger pouring in him. He lets it out in his arm; already it was nearly blackened to the bone. "And I know my love. I know her more than you ever will know her. If she even came close to you, you'd kill her like the animal you are." As the machines pin K9999 back, J Prime continues. "You are a child, K9999. You'll always be a pathetic manchild. While the rest of us grow up, you'll be nothing but a loser. If anyone is insecure here?" He turns his nose up at K9999.

"It's you."

And just like that, he is hurled aside.

The table is flipped, the nameless clone is sent hurtling away by the surge of psychic energy. Unlike the unstable K9999, he lacked any sort of telekinetic powers. And worse, he had even fewer resistences against them. The glass shatters, as the white room is cast by a heavy red light. A klaxon plays, as J Prime struggles back up. Gritting his teeth, he inhales fiercely. Hanging over where the table once stood, his glove was clutched in the mechanical hand still. Staring down at his burning arm, he focuses, forcing the bloodline flames to suppress. He had to control himself.

He couldn't allow himself to lose control.

"Love! That's not bullshit a clone is supposed to say! You don't have a soul, I don't have a soul, we don't know anything about love! Ha... ha... HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Growing up, being a loser, it's like you think you have a life or something!" The mechanical arms holding K9999 down are suddenly thrust away from him with telekinetic force, smashed up against the ceiling. Those will probably be upgraded later to avoid that happening again.

Then his arm starts to expand until it bursts from the glass, tentacles twitching and flailing as he drags his body and the arm closer and closer to Nameless. His eyes look absolutely demented, teeth showing like a feral predator. "The only life you've got is right here, with me, and you know what? I'm going to crush you, and consume you..." Tentacles begin creeping their way quite quickly toward Nameless, but then...

One of the scientists speaks up on the intercom. "That was all we needed. Thank you for your cooperation. The experiment was a success. Nameless will be given cake, K9999 will be given a picture of a beach."

The room fills with gas, and the next thing the two know, they're waking up in the same room, their gloves on perfectly fine, wrapped in metallic straps and power suppressing drugs pumped into them.

As K9999 wakes up, he stares over at Nameless, grunting, "Fuck your cake."

He was losing control

Not the nameless teenager, no. But K9999. He was turning into the wild animal that he was known for. As the psychotic teenager begins to boil out of control, J Prime makes his stand. Striding forward, he swipes his nearly burnt away hand. There wasn't enough time to reach his glove. He had to act now. Letting the fires build up, he stares down his crazed brother, expression stoic.

He would save the facility.

And he would die trying.

The Kusanagi fires begins to build, roaring alight as he lets it build. "I do not need a soul to help people, K9999. All I need for a life is a cause worth dying for. And right now, you are that cause. I will stop you, K9999. I won't let you take another lif-"

And then, the announcement for cake interrupts the nameless clone.

And he blacks out as the nerve agents fill the room.

J Prime wakes up groggily, strapped down, and being pumped full of sedative drugs. The teenager sighs painfully. This was the opposite of what his diagnostics were going to be. The teenager really, really hoped this wouldn't affect his performance review. If he started having negative tendancies on his reports, then Krizalid might feel ashamed about him. The worry fades as he wiggles his fingers, feeling the soothing touch of his glove.

At least she and him were together again.

For a brief moment, he had hoped that K9999 was dead. That fantasy is broken, as he hears that filthy grunt from his brother. Despite this, he turns up his nose, smugly responding with the fullest of self-assurance. "Not only am I going to enjoy my cake, but I am going to share my cake with all the other experiment."

"Except you, of course."

"They're about to let me out to explore the world on my own, because I haven't killed any unnecessary civilians on my missions." K9999 adds in his own smug manner. They seem to just be laying there, not being poked at, probably awaiting transition, or perhaps a continued experiment.

"I'll stretch my legs, go buy my own cake, maybe I'll smash a car window if it's late. And I'll get to ride my bitchin' motorcycle. You should ride your bitchin' motorcycle with me." He pauses, and follows up with, "Oh, right, you don't have a bitchin' motorcycle. Fuckin' loser."

"You mean you've finally stopped killing unnecessary civilians?"

That was the response from J Prime. The nameless teenager might have made more effort, but thanks to the chemicals flowing within him, he couldn't really muster much of any kind of emotion. And yet, the distainful tone continues from the weakened teenager as the guards cart them along. "I'm surprised you stopped killing your own teammates on missions. Finally learned to tell the difference between friend and foe? Besides, I am allowed to go on solo missions. So at best, you are just as good as me."

The teenager pauses.

"You know, I heard K' likes motorcycles too."

"Fuck K' and his stupid goddamned pretty boy glasses. Besides, if I don't kill my genetic freak teammates, they give me privileges." K9999 lays his head back and closes his eyes, looking more tired than anything right now. "I don't give a shit about civilians who don't get in the way, they already know they're inferior to me. I'm pretty sure it's instinct. Actually, I think I'm gonna go to high school and disguise and see what they do there. Maybe senpai will notice me, whatever the fuck that means."

He was tired.

Darkness was beginning to take over the nameless clone. He was exhausted from both the fight, and the drugs. And yet, he listens. He knew that his brother had... self-control issues. He didn't have to care about civilians. But he should. It affected their performance reviews when they caused too many civilians to die. And yet, if NESTS trusted him to fly solo, then what could J Prime do? Before he passes out, he hears K9999's plan to disguise himself and infilitrate a high school. And there, he gives his last word on the matter.



"Don't be afraid to build a motherfuckin' snowman." is the last thing K9999 says before he begins to drift off to sleep again, adding some words of wisdom.

The scientists will likely drop them off into their respective rooms after this, with cake and a picture of a beach.

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